#4 – His & Hers PCOS Friendly Meals

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about PCOS friendly meals that are delicious and fun for both people in a relationship. It’s good for both partners to know how to cook, even if it’s a little. We go into our process and how we do it together!

If a cyster is letting PCOS get her down, then the partner has to step up a little bit, and vice versa. What can he do & what you would you tell him to do to help you?

We also dive into Instagram DM questions and discuss your personal requests on the podcast. Last but not least, we announce the Cyster of the Week with her latest wins managing her PCOS!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free! http://bit.ly/The-Cysterhood 

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