Hi cyster!

I'm Tallene

I am a fellow PCOS cyster and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am living proof that you can overcome PCOS and lose weight naturally, by going gluten free and dairy free.

At the time when I needed help ten years ago, I felt helpless, overweight and I didn’t have control over my body. Doctors forced me to go on birth control but I was determined to find my own solution. I lost 30 pounds naturally!


I want to share all that I have learned throughout my process of healing, with you. I turned PCOS into my passion, helping thousands of women lose ten pounds, thirty pounds, fifty pounds, get their period back, become fertile and keep the weight off with confidence!

I now live in Newport Beach with my husband Sirak, who is also my PCOS personal trainer. Together we inspire you to find a supportive community that can help you lose weight and live your best life with PCOS.