Anti-Inflammatory Kale Salad Recipe

I love a good kale salad, but they're on every restaurant menu these days.

It can get a little monotonous so it's nice to mix things up. Throw some turmeric roasted chickpeas on there and you'll have a nice vegetarian meal. I modified this recipe from pure wow!

- 15oz chickpeas

- 1 tsp turmeric

- 1 tsp garlic powder

- 1 tsp salt & pepper

- 1 large shallot

- 3 tbsp lemon juice

- 2 persimmons

- 5 tbsp olive oil

- 1 tsp crushed garlic

- 6 cups kale, chopped

- 1/2 cup dried apricot

- 3 tbsp pistachios 

1. Preheat oven to 400.

2. Combine chickpeas, salt, turmeric and garlic powder. Roast for 40 minutes.

3. Prepare dressing by whisking olive oil, lemon and crushed garlic. Mix well with chopped kale and add dried apricots and pistachios. 

4. Heat a pan with olive oil and saute chopped shallots. Top on salad.