Einkorn Pancakes for Gluten Sensitivityv

I have a gluten sensitivity but I can eat Einkorn flour with no problems.

So these pancakes are the fluffiest, thickest and most delicious pancakes ever made...or am I just saying that because I haven't had anything fluffy and delicious since I adopted the gluten-free diet five years ago?...Anyways, they're made with einkorn!

Einkorn is actually one of the original wheats that man ate back in the days before mass agriculture. When mankind started farming, there were two major types of wheat being cultivated: einkorn and emmer. Man decided to continue cultivating and hybridizing emmer wheat and pretty much forgot about einkorn. This is pretty similar to how orange carrots became mass produced and purple, white, and yellow carrots became a rarity. 

The wheat we eat today is emmer and it is called "polyploidy," which means that two different wheats were hybridized and the result was a strain of wheat with twice as many chromosomes as it's individual parent. Because this strain continually was hybridized to produce more productive plants, the resulting wheat became unlike its parent plants. Now, the wheat contains proteins that have never been digested by humans.

Some people believe that the hybridized wheat developed in 1960 to solve world hunger problems by producing a higher yield, although, I did learn in school that the world hunger problems have little to do with yield and a lot to do with food transportation. In any case, the development of this wheat strain is to blame for the massive modern development of celiac disease and wheat intolerance. 

The proteins in einkorn wheat are different than the overproduced emmer wheat because it has never been hybridized. In fact, it has barely been developed for 9000 years. Modern einkorn is almost identical to the grains found in the stomach of the oldest known human mummy...Otzi the ice man!

Einkorn is a better source of calcium, protein, phosphorous, zinc, and the antioxidant lutein than regular wheat. 

But let's focus on the bigger picture...

there’s evidence that the proteins in einkorn are less toxic to those with wheat intolerance (not celiac disease)

 ...so I can eat it!


Lemon Einkorn Pancakes with Goat Cheese

 Einkorn Flour |  1 cup
Lemon zest |  1 lemon
Baking soda |  1/2 tsp
Salt |  1/2 tsp
Sugar |  2 tbsp
Eggs |  2 whole
Almond milk |  1 cup
Vanilla |  1/2 tsp
Butter |  2 tbsp
Goat cheese | 4 tbsp
Honey | 2 tsp
Lemon Juice | 2 tbsp


1.  Combine all the dry ingredients, flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, lemon zest.

2. Add all the wet ingredients, eggs, lemon juice, almond milk, vanilla, and butter.

3. Mix ingredients and start making your pancakes!

4. Serve with side of goat cheese and honey.