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Turkey Stuffed Bell Pepper

Turkey Stuffed Bell Pepper

This is a lean rendition of the "dolma" that my mom makes with beef. I used turkey instead!

Quick and Easy Breakfast Egg Bake

I'm always in a rush in the mornings so I like to prepare breakfast in advance, that way I have no excuse for skipping! If you’re considering skipping, you might want to check out this blog post about why breakfast is important and how it keeps your metabolism moving.

Meal prepping can be overwhelming, and you may not want to eat leftovers, but this recipe can be heated up and taste just as delicious! You could even store it in the freezer and save it for next month.

This recipe is a great example of a balanced breakfast because it includes healthy fats, protein and carbs.

The quinoa is high in protein but also adds 10g of carbs, the eggs are your protein and the cheese is your fat. Combining these three macronutrients is important because it will keep you satisfied until your next meal. 

Snacking on only carbs will spike your blood sugar and make you hungrier. food combining will keep you satisfied. 

It can also be modified by adding a bit of fiber with vegetables, such as bell peppers or zucchini. You could mix it up with cilantro, black beans and cotija cheese to give it a different flavor. In any case, you'll never have to wake up early to make breakfast again! Just pop them in the oven and you’ll be good to go for a week. These can even be used as a grab and go 200 calorie snack to help you stay satisfied before your next meal.

Be sure to purchase this muffin tin, which holds 6 large muffins! 


Quinoa & Egg Bake

Eggs | 12 whole
Quinoa | 1 cup cooked (replace with sausage if doing Keto)
Daiya Dairy Free Mozzarella | 12 tbsp Salt & Pepper | 1 tsp Oregano | 3 tsp
Canned Diced Tomatoes | 6 tbsp


1. Set oven at 350 F. 
2. Cook quinoa in 2 cups of water.
3. Mix eggs, salt, pepper, tomatoes, mozzarella, and quinoa. Add to muffin tins. Top with oregano.
4. Bake for 30 minutes and let cool.

1 muffin . 220 calories. 9g carbohydrates. 13g fat. 15g protein.