Breakfast Recipes by Registered Dietitian in Orange County


4 Reasons You Should Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that seems to be far too easy to skip, leaving us sometimes desperately famished by the time lunch comes around.

Having a complete and balanced breakfast can be equally as difficult to accomplish when you’re in a rush to get out and start your day. Here are a list of reasons that may convince you to set aside some time to prepare breakfast. 

1. Breakfast literally means to "break- fast." You just fasted for several hours while you slept, your body needs to be refueled. Breakfast restores glucose levels and helps our brain function in the mornings. Studies show that eating breakfast can improve concentration and mood (no one needs to start their day hangry!).

2. It keeps your metabolism moving! Sometimes clients don’t want to eat breakfast because they feel that it causes them to get hungry, they would rather just save the calories. However, this does quite the opposite. Feeling hungry means that your metabolism is working and now you need to feed it so that it keeps working and doesn’t slow down.

3. When we skip meals, our gut releases hormones that can steer our thoughts towards sugary foods. This is because by the time we feel famished, our bodies are begging for quick fuel (glucose-a simple sugar).  We all know by now that studies have shown that eating breakfast can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

 4. Your breakfast should be balanced and include healthy sources of protein, carbohydrates, & fat to keep you feeling full throughout the day and prevent you from snacking after dinner. If you prefer reaching for cereal which tends to be carbohydrate heavy, try to choose products that are low in sugar, less than 10g, and high in protein, more than 10 grams.