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Why We all Need to Invest in Cooking Classes (Orange County)

I have seen exceptional growth in clients who sign up for cooking classes. Not only does it speed up their progress with weight loss and health, but it also gets them to enjoy stepping into the kitchen without being intimidated anymore.

Benefits of Learning How to Cook

  1. Becoming more familiar with how to put together ingredients so you can meal prep on a whim!

  2. Trying new 30 minute meals that could become your family's new favorites! You will be getting an exclusive eCookbook with access to over 85 healthy recipes.

  3. Saving money by not eating out or buying pre-packaged meals.

  4. Getting yourself out of the cycle of cooking the same recipes over and over.

  5. If your significant other is not as skilled in the kitchen, this would be a fun opportunity for him or her to learn with you and get more confident with cooking.

Clients are able to become more familiar with new ingredients and how to use them by creating quick and easy recipes.

Take for example a simple Greek tsatziki dip that you don't have to be a chef and you don't have to be Greek to make! It's packed with probiotics and made with ingredients you could find in your refrigerator and pantry any day of the week. 


If you feel like you need to start with the basics, the first class will involve learning how to chop a variety of vegetables.

You'll be making a fabulous zoodle soup from my eCookbook that I will provide exclusively for you. This will help you get started on handling the kitchen knife safely, something that is very intimidating for most people who avoid getting in the kitchen! 


Some clients find themselves cooking the same dishes over and over again because they simply can not figure out an easy way to prepare vegetables that may be unfamiliar.

Take cabbage for example, it is not exactly a vegetable that most people cook with regularly, but it can be dressed up into a delicious salad that lasts up to three days!

Season it with some salt, lemon, tahini and olive oil. You will soon give eating healthy a new twist in your house. No more boring chicken and steamed broccoli! It's time for some variety and flavor.

Increase Gut Bacteria, Registered Dietitian in Orange County

Truth: you can have low levels of gut bacteria even if you've been taking probiotics for years.

We live in a world where digestive issues are becoming more problematic and also, the new normal. As someone who has been working with clients who have a multitude of digestive issues  — bloating, poor absorption of nutrients, food intolerances, H. pylori, the list goes on — I know a thing or two about digestion both personally and professionally. Poor digestion can be caused by many factors that affect gut bacteria, including a poor diet (i.e. lack of whole foods, fiber, nutrients), repeated and frequent use of antibiotics and some prescription medications, stress, genetics, and underlying medical issues.

Until recently, scientists believed that taking probiotics was the best way to increase the levels of healthy gut bacteria. Yes, it is a magical pill filled with little bacteria that has the ability to regulate your gut health, however...

recent research has shown that while probiotics have numerous benefits, they don’t quantitatively increase beneficial gut microbes over the long term.

If not probiotics, then what does?


We have enzymes in our gut to break down large molecules, such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. That does not happen with fiber. Instead, it passes through our stomach, drawing out waste, and remains completely intact before entering the colon, where it becomes “food” for the beneficial microorganisms that live there. 

Studies have shown that fiber has the incredible ability to increase levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Fiber is a “prebiotic,” which is defined as a nutrient that is not digestible by humans but that increases the levels of beneficial gut bacteria.

So, if you have low levels of beneficial bacteria, don’t forget to include fiber/prebiotics in your strategy, along with your probiotics.

They support each other: the probiotics are the beneficial bacteria themselves, and the prebiotics are the food these bacteria need to thrive.

Nutritionist in Orange County for Inflammation

Mankind has known the classical symptoms of inflammation for hundreds of years, which include redness, pain and swelling, but what about the symptoms that result from chronic inflammation?

Emerging literature suggests that inflammation operates as a much more sophisticated system than ever thought. At the cellular level, the food that we eat can trigger inflammatory mediators, which result in symptoms not short of the following:



What is inflammation?

Inflammation is considered as an ‘adaptive response’ to any harmful effect threatening the integrity of the cellular homeostasis, an example being food. The longer this response persists, the more damaging the consequences.

What is the mechanism?

Activation of pathogen-specific receptors induces the production of  inflammatory mediators such as cytokines. 

These mediators accelerate the progression of inflammation  by modifying the vascular endothelial cell's permeability. Prostaglandins are produced as a result. These are hormones that can contribute to pain and are primarily responsible for the onset of symptoms through their effects on the central nervous system. 

Drugs, such as Aspirin, block prostaglandins to reduce pain, but you may be able to lower inflammation with some simple dietary changes as well.



After drawing blood, the test measures the amount of mediators released when incubated with an individual food, additive or chemical. Released mediators produce physiologic effects leading to the symptoms listed above. The results of the mediator release test will determine which foods cause the most inflammatory response. By eliminating these foods, the chronic disease that resulted from the inflammation will cease it's symptoms.

Antigen (pathogenic food/chemical/additive) is consumed --> activates cells, lymphocytes/basophils/neutrophils--> rather than being tolerated, T-cells react to antigen--> mediator release of cytokines/histamine/prostaglandins--> various symptoms arise

Healthy Weight-Loss Habits by Nutritionist in Orange County

Healthy Weight-Loss Habits by Nutritionist in Orange County

Nutritionist located in Orange County providing nutrition coaching, cooking classes, grocery store tours and food sensitivity testing. Dietitian specializing in anti-inflammatory diets including the ketogenic diet, gluten-free diet and dairy-free diet. Experience in nutrition coaching for weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), lupus, Crohn's, thyroid and eating disorders.