Is The Low-Carb Diet Right For You?

If you've been considering starting the ketogenic diet but haven't been able to develop a delicious meal plan to stick to... you've found the right page! For more information on why keto is beneficial for your long term health, take a look at this post.

If you feel like keto is a bit much for you and you want to go the low carb route, there's nothing wrong with that. There are countless benefits to cutting out refined carbohydrates from your diet, including these and many more.

  1. Increased cognition and enhanced memory in adults. Studies have shown that the high fat diet increases stability of neurons in the brain and up-regulates brain mitochondria.

  2. Research has shown that ketone bodies produced on a high fat diet decreases tumor cells and prolongs survival of cancer. Cancer cells are unable to effectively use ketone bodies for energy.

  3. A high fat diet helps keep blood pressure in check and lowers triglyceride levels. The consumption of excess carbohydrates is actually the key driver of increasing triglycerides.