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Helping women with PCOS lose weight and feel in control of their body, gluten & dairy.

I’m a registered dietitian with PCOS and I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight

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“Your tips and tricks have helped me so much! I enjoy being part of the Cysterhood and reading your articles! Thank you Tallene!”
– Cysterhood member




Move through the stages of PCOS, from Stage 1, being confused and alone at the doctors office to Stage 5, managing PCOS like it’s nothing, gluten and dairy free.  This monthly membership is designed so you stay on track to PCOS Weight Loss. 


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What's your

PCOS Type?

Discover your PCOS type so that you can manage PCOS and finally lose weight.


How to Find & Treat Your PCOS Type

We are kicking off the new year with our PCOS weight loss masterclass on finding & treating your PCOS type!