Instructions AFTER receiving MRT Kit 

1. On the form in your food sensitivity kit, please fill in the following information. All other information can be left blank.

·       Patient Information section and Patient Medications

·       Select MRT profile: check box for MRT 170 (4 Blue Tops)

·       The local lab in CA will fill in the date and time that the draw was performed, etc.


2. Choose a location to bring kit and draw the blood, appointments are not required:


3. When calling a draw site, be sure to tell them “I need a blood draw for the MRT test and I am bringing a draw kit mailer with me.” If you need to, tell them “This is for a send out test with Oxford Biomedical Technologies.” You are not asking them to perform a blood test, only to draw blood and then ship it to Oxford for testing. The lab may have a blood draw fee.


4. Blood draw does not have to be fasting


5. Blood draw timing: Ideally, draw the blood after 12 noon local time, but if that’s not possible then that’s OK.


6. The lab will do this but... Make sure everything in the kit plus the attached paperwork goes back in the kit when it is shipped and that it goes out via the pre-paid FedEx mailer the same day it is drawn.


7. If you have additional questions of concerns, please contact myself (949-632-3118) or The MRT Client Services Department (1-888-669-5327)