Common Household Hormone Disruptors

Let's talk about the 7 top hormone disruptors that may be laying around the house, in our car, or just generally in our environment.

#1 Car air fresheners.

They are toxic and we need to throw them out. They're just cheap fragrances that cause stress to your body. Your car is like a closed box and the last thing you need to do is keep breathing in those toxins.

#2 LED lights

Swap out all of your LED lights for red party lights it's gonna change the way you sleep. You're gonna sleep deeper, it's great for your hormones, your circadian rhythm. So basically if you're looking at blue lights from your cell phone screen or your computer screen or the light that's coming from your light bulbs, it's really going to affect your eyes and your circadian rhythm and in turn how well you sleep.

#3 Bath bombs

Make sure that you are not taking a bath with bath bombs swap them out for essential oils or dried roses. Bath bombs are filled with chemicals, toxins, dyes, and synthetics (even the ones from Lush).

#4 Table salt

Switch from table salt to pink salt because it's more natural and it's not made in a factory where there's lots of toxins that can be absorbed into the salt.

#5 Scented candles

Ditch your scented candles and Glade plugins right now. Throw them away, your lungs are a detox organ so if you're breathing in synthetic fragrances you're constantly adding stress to your lungs  and your whole body. Here we are trying to reduce stress and inflammation so we can manage PCOS.

#6 Dryer sheets

Throw away those dryer sheets they are just coating your clothes with chemicals that are cancer-causing and endocrine disruptors. You can just swap it out for a wool ball it'll do the same thing.

#7 Fabric softener

Replace your fabric softener with vinegar I promise it won't smell and you'll stop bathing your clothes in chemicals that are toxic and being absorbed by your body!

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