3 Tips to Keep Managing PCOS

We’re going to go over three scenarios that are very common when you're trying to be gluten and dairy free and manage PCOS symptoms.

Scenario 1: You don’t see results right away. 

Sometimes it takes a few months to really see the weight start dropping and this may be because we don't know exactly how many carbs your body needs, even though you are following the diet perfecetly. We may have to lower carbs a little bit, change your exercise a little bit, take out some beauty products and swap them for hormone friendly beauty products. There's always something that you can do that can improve your PCOS.

Scenario 2: Women feel like they have to do everything perfectly. 

I remember when I started going gluten and dairy free it took me a year to do it really well and consistently. There are all types of obstacles that you have to go through a few times before really adopting the PCOS lifestyle. So don’t be hard on yourself while you're trying to go through these because you have to leave room for mistakes so that you don't end up quitting. You want to just relax do the best that you can and make yourself some small attainable goals.

Scenario 3: Women feel very uncomfortable in their bodies. 

Some things that you can do to get your mind out of this negative headspace is to go on a walk, meditate, read a book, do a face mask. There's so many different things that you can do, but it's difficult to stop and do them when you're in that negative headspace. So remember to break that cycle and try to get yourself up and motivated to do something that will make your mind feel better. All these symptoms will eventually go away, so continue taking care of yourself and making yourself feel better because that's what's gonna get you to that point. For more help and support in healing your PCOS naturally join The Cysterhood for exclusive tips and resources.