How I Managed PCOS Naturally

My name is Tallene, I'm a Registered Dietitian and I have PCOS! I say this with excitement because I'm going to help you get through your PCOS and learn to manage your symptoms because I've been there and I've been able to manage my symptoms to the point where now I don't have any more ovarian cysts. 

I've been able to lose all the weight and I feel great. I want to tell you a bit about my journey. It all started when I had a ruptured ovarian cyst that made me rush to Urgent Care, followed by a visit to the gynecologist office. She told me that my ovaries were covered in cysts, I should just lose weight, take some birth control, take some Metformin, and that’s going to be my life.

Well guess what? I didn't do any of those and I went a whole year with no period and my weight spiralled out of control.

The truth was that the only solution was to change my diet and lifestyle. Which I didn't know how to do, because there I was doing all this high intensity cardio, stressing out from school, not realizing how many carbs I was having. Seeing everybody else lose weight when they tried and I was just blooning out of control and I had no idea why. I really dove into this subject and it turned me into a dietitian. 

There are four types of PCOS: insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, and thyroid issues. I had the first three.

Kickboxing was making my adrenal fatigue worse even though I was burning calories like crazy. Insulin resistance, eating too many carbs. I also have inflammation, eating all this gluten and dairy I had no idea that it was harming my body. Once I cut out gluten and dairy, I changed my exercise to yoga, I let go of all of that stress and I started seeing some results. PCOS looks different on everyone, so it’s important to treat yourself as an individual and do what's best for you. For more help and support in healing your PCOS naturally join The Cysterhood for exclusive tips and resources.