Lower Testosterone

Testosterone is important because it builds our bones and supports our metabolism. We need a little bit of testosterone, just not so much. Sometimes when you have PCOS, you’re really sensitive to androgens, and testosterone is an androgen hormone. Our hair starts falling out or growing on our face. These are things caused by high androgen hormones, usually high testosterone. 

#1 Cut out inflammatory foods

Specifically, gluten and dairy. Inflammation can cause the testosterone receptors in our cells to become sensitive and that’s when we start breaking out. 85% of women with PCOS have gluten sensitivity, so it’s important to try cutting it out and see how you feel. Gluten increases the zonulin hormone in your gut which causes lesions in your gut lining and allows food to pass through, into your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your body. 

#2 Make sure your stress hormones aren't high.

That means to really address what is releasing the stress hormones in your body. Are you drinking coffee? Is there a lot of sugar in your diet? Another thing that increases stress hormones is over exercising. High androgen hormones make you feel like you're constantly chasing an adrenaline rush. If that's the case that's another sign of having high testosterone. You have to take one step back, take a deep breath and maybe don't go to cycling class or when you go try not to push yourself too hard. For more help and support in healing your PCOS and lowering your stress hormones, join The Cysterhood for exclusive tips and resources.

# 3 Address is insulin resistance.

Insulin can trigger your ovaries to over produce testosterone. So be sure to cut out foods like dates and honey and eating too many fruits. I know, I'm sorry, but we can't have that many fruits. It's healthy for most people but for women with PCOS we have to be careful.