6 Gluten-free favorites for your Pantry

Hey cysters, today I'm gonna go over my favorite six ingredients that I keep in my pantry so that going gluten free is not that difficult. If you have inflammation, going gluten free will be a big benefit for you. 

#1 Pamela's flour 

My first favorite staple is Pamela’s flour because it has a mixture of almond flour which makes it nice and soft so that when I cook with it. It doesn't have that grainy mealy taste that some gluten-free flours have. 

#2 Siete Tortillas

My next favorite ingredient to always have is tortillas. You can make a taco out of anything. Siete foods have great tortillas, I love the one made of cassava and chia. 

#3 Quinoa 

My next favorite ingredient is quinoa, this is a great addition to salad. Make sure that you add some carbs to your lunch if you're having a salad because if you don't then you might have cravings later. 

#4 Trader Joe’s gluten-free bagels

My fourth favorite ingredient are bagels, gluten-free blueberry bagels. You can find them at Trader Joe's. 

#5 Lentil pasta 

Speaking of Trader Joe's there's this delicious gluten free lentil pasta that's great for women with PCOS because it's high in protein. You want to pair your carbs with protein to slow down the spike in blood sugar that you get when you eat carbs. When you slow that blood sugar spike down you prevent insulin from triggering high testosterone which causes PCOS symptoms. 

#6 Pumpkin pancakes

My final favorite ingredient are pumpkin pancakes! It's seasonal, so get a lot and keep it in your pantry. So those are my six favorite gluten-free ingredients that I always keep in my pantry.

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