My Favorite Skincare Products

Today I'm gonna go over my five favorite skincare products. Start with the EWG Healthy Living app which is where I look up all of my products before purchasing them to make sure that they're rated hormone healthy and don't have a lot of toxins in them. 

#1 Drunk Elephant Jelly 

Let's start with my face wash Drunk Elephant Jelly it takes off all of my makeup so well and on the EWG Healthy Living app it's rated 2! 

#2 Lena Wild Green Tea face mask 

Sometimes after I wash my face I like to do a face mask and the mask I like to use is Lena Wild Green Tea face mask. Mix this powder with some water and slather it all over your face. Let dry for 10 minutes and it’ll really helps heal cystic acne because a lot of research shows that green tea impacts your testosterone levels, but when we treat our skin topically with green tea, as well, it can help with cystic acne. 

#3 @healthyskinglows spray 

Speaking of green tea let's talk about this brown liquid that I spray all over my face every night. Sarah Sumac who made the @healthyskinglows course has a guide that shows you how to create this liquid to help heal cystic acne.

#4 Lena Wilde bloom oil 

After I do that, I put on a serum that keeps my skin moist and it doesn't make me break out. This serum is the Lena Wilde bloom oil and it has lots of ingredients in it that helps treat cystic acne. 

#5 Mad Hippie Vitamin C

Moving on to brighten all the acne scars that have ruined my face for years, I use Mad Hippie Vitamin C and this isn’t very strong. It's really important not to strip your skin of its oils because the oils are what are picking up dirt from your face and making sure that you don't break out, so the more we wash our face and strip our oils, the more acne we're actually going to get so you have to let your skin heal itself.

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