3 Tips for PCOS Weight Loss

Let me give you my top 3 tips for PCOS weight loss…

#1 Make sure your blood sugar is balanced all day

How do you do that?  For breakfast have lots of protein, 30-40 grams. Have 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between.  Exercise, but not any type of exercise, weight-bearing exercises. Squats are the best because your thigh muscle is the biggest muscle in your body, so when you work that muscle it picks up all the sugar in your bloodstream and burns it for energy. Whereas when you go on a run, you end up dumping sugar into your bloodstream for energy to use during that run. But because we have PCOS and most of us are insulin resistant, we can’t burn that sugar as well as other people. 

#2 Go gluten free for at least three months

Then add it back in and see how you feel. If it’s causing bloating and indigestion then it’s not for you. But test it out take it out of your diet for 3 months and see how you feel. Melissa Diane Smith from Going Against the Grain states that 85% of women with PCOS have gluten sensitivity. Gluten is found in bread and pasta and is very easy to swap out. 

#3 Go dairy free for at least three months 

If you add it back in and you feel bloating and indigestion, then it means that you're sensitive to that too. The main problem with dairy is that it contains a hormone called insulin-like growth factor in it. The last thing that women with PCOS need is more insulin in our bodies. It mimics insulin, which increases our cells insulin resistance. The more insulin resistant we are, the more sugar and carbs go ahead and store themselves as fat and we end up gaining weight when we're not even eating anything.

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