Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex hormonal condition associated with inflammation. Nutrition is a major component in combatting side-effects of this chronic illness. This includes weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 


Weight Loss

Through one-on-one counseling sessions, you will learn how to eat more mindfully and while using evidence-based research, you will relieve yourself of the confusion about what you should and shouldn't eat. 



Keeping your blood sugar balanced throughout the day can be a challenge but learning about portion sizes and food choices will help you stay on track. Learn how you can manage your diabetes through proper nutrition and healthcare.



Whether you are training for your next triathlon or play sports in school, keeping your body well-nourished plays an important role in performance and long-term health. 



If your diet is causing you discomfort and you may be reaching for the Pepcid more than you would like, it's time for a change. Proper nutrition is a major component to prevent potentially damaging your esophagus any further.



It is not uncommon for women of all ages to struggle with their weight as a result of hormonal imbalances or body image issues. Sign up for one-on-one counseling sessions where you can learn what foods are best for you and freely discuss your relationship with food.



Leaky gut, celiac disease, pancreatitis, Chron's disease, and cirrhosis are some GI disorders that people are struggling with. Learn how to eat what is best for your body and relieve yourself of uncomfortable symptoms.



While there is a major emotional component to healing an eating disorder, learning how to have a healthy relationship with food is an important component to recovery. Individuals with eating disorders may have an extensive knowledge about food, however applying the correct information is what will make the difference. 



Uncover which foods you may be sensitive to with a food sensitivity test. Afterwards, we will be able to eliminate foods from your diet accordingly and create a meal plan appropriate for you.



If you find that you are gaining or losing weight without any control and your thyroid disease diagnosis is paired with another autoimmune disease, it would benefit you immensely to speak with a nutritionist. This will allow you to change the factors that you do have control over.



Diet can play a major role in reducing your risk of heart disease, however many people may find it difficult to change their eating habits. Discuss healthy ways to incorporate delicious and flavorful meals into your life, while reducing your risk for further progression of heart disease.



Each week, I have the honor of watching my clients transform into healthier, happier people. Whether it’s the scale moving, or the smallest bit of progress, we celebrate the change.


she lost 37 lbs with pcos

I loved working with this client because I got to see her transform into a fierce, confident woman. Once she applied all the tips and techniques, she saw how her old habits were making the PCOS worse. She took it one day at a time and as each pound shed, she saw her PCOS symptoms reversing. It took her 6 months. Some weeks, her weight would consistently stay the same, while others it would drop down 1 or 2 pounds. No matter what the scale said, we celebrated every bit of progress during her sessions, and that’s how she was able to make all these changes a consistent part of her lifestyle.

It took some time and patience, and with the right protocol for her type of PCOS, she is able to see and feel the results. Now, she has had all the guidance and tools she needs to go off and continue her weight loss journey on her own.


her ovarian cysts Disappeared

I am so proud of my client for being so committed and consistent to her regimen. After working together for just three months, she visited the gyno to get another ultra sound for a cyst she was about to have removed. The gyno told her that the cyst had disappeared completely within the past three months and she didn’t need the surgery at all.

It was an amazing transformation as I watched my client take control of her life by losing the stubborn weight and getting her hormones balanced again. It wasn’t easy, as she was already a vegetarian and cutting out dairy and gluten was making her diet very restrictive. Nevertheless, we were able to make a personalized meal plan with plenty of protein and she was able to see results in no time.


she got her period back

She came in feeling like she was doing everything right, eating a vegetarian diet and doing yoga all the time. It sounds healthy, so what could be the problem? PCOS is a delicate syndrome, where following the book just won’t cut it.

During each session, we were able to pinpoint what diet and lifestyle changes needed to be reevaluated. She stopped over exacerbating herself with yoga every day of the week and made some pivotal changes in her diet to reduce her insulin resistance. Before she knew it, her period was back!


she lost 50 lbs

I can remember her telling me during our first session, she could not understand why she had all these things going for her in her life and she still couldn’t get a grip on her weight. After cycling in and out of diets, she finally got the guidance that she needed to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

She no longer used food as an emotional crutch. She no longer cut back on carbs just to get quick results. She knew good eating habits from bad and didn’t let anyones judgement or unsolicited advice affect her. Each week, I got to coach her and watch as her self confidence grew and she transformed. It was amazing!


her cystic acne cleared up

She got to see first hand how food can transform your skin. After cutting out gluten and dairy, she immediately started to see the inflammation in her body go down. She was coming in with no make-up by her second session!

She learned that inflammation in the body contributes to acne. In the hair follicle, we have the sebaceous gland, which makes oil. The androgens stimulate it to overproduce oil. When it becomes blocked by a hair or inflammation that blocks the pore, that causes cystic acne or regular acne.


keto resolved her ibs

After just one week of adopting the Ketogenic diet under my supervision, she was able to see vast improvements. No more headaches, IBS, sleepless nights or sugar cravings. Keto worked wonders for her, and changed her life. Some may consider it a fad diet, but with the guidance of a Registered Dietitian, this can be part of a lifestyle. Once she wants to stop doing keto, she can cycle in and out of it, or simply adopt a healthy diet and keep the weight off.