How we
can help

A roadmap to reversing PCOS
losing weight
and taking BACK control of
your body


Commit to reversing your symptoms with a monthly
program designed to help you
successfully shift your lifestyle and
regain control
of your PCOS.

  • A Five-stage Success Path to PCOS Weight
    Loss to help you
    understand your PCOS Type,
    how to go gluten and dairy free,
    what your carb
    tolerance is, and how to work out for PCOS
  • Rotating recipes that can be customized based
    on your
    specific carb tolerance
  • Four new 45-minute whole-body workouts
    each month
  • Monthly hour-long Zoom Accountability session
    to identify
    goals and Monthly hour-long Zoom
    Q&A session
  • Access to a supportive and engaged private
    Facebook group
  • Monthly challenges including a three-day
    meal prep or
    workout challenge on the first
    of every month

Your membership also gives you the

opportunity to earn points every step
of the
way which can be tallied and traded in
PCOS prizes like yoga kits, meal
prep kits and



These courses can be taken together or

separately each depending where you are

in your PCOS journey. We’re flexible

so you can be, too.

4 week

meal prep +


Learn to manage your PCOS by eating gluten
and dairy free
and doing PCOS friendly workouts
with the help of this 4-week
plan designed to
kickstart your journey to PCOS weight loss.

  • Four custom workouts per week, each
    including four step-by-step
    videos with tips on
    form and outlined sets and reps
  • Gluten and dairy-free recipes for breakfast,
    lunch and dinner
    (plus tips on how to use your
  • Step-by-step meal prep videos for each recipe