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Empowering women with PCOS to take control
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What’s your PCOS Type?

Feeling confused and disheartened by your diagnosis? Perhaps your doctor didn’t answer your questions about where to start. Discovering your PCOS Type is the first step toward regaining control of your health! Take our customized quiz (don’t worry, there are no wrong answers) to better understand what you can do to regain control of your PCOS!

Meet Your main cyster

Hi. I’m Tallene, and I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 18. I remember kickboxing twice a day and not losing a single pound; being miserable and moody from cutting calories and carbs with no results; and desperately asking my doctor for more information on how to manage my diagnosis—just to hear that birth control was my only option. (Wrong!) Frustrated by the lack of information out there, I spent the next ten years learning everything I could about the disorder. I became a registered dietitian, went gluten and dairy free, and met and married a very cute PCOS personal trainer (hi Sirak!). Together, we’ve distilled my decade of learning the hard way into an easy, supportive program, so you can skip the struggle and regain control of your health and happiness right now.

*Wait, what’s a Cyster? Cyster is my term for a woman with PCOS who has dedicated herself to investigating her health and reversing her PCOS. The Cysterhood is growing every

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Lose weight with our PCOS Weight Loss

Lose weight with our PCOS Weight Loss




Learn to manage your PCOS by eating gluten and dairy free and doing PCOS-friendly workouts with this pair of four-week plan, including step-by-step workout and meal prep videos; gluten and dairy-free recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and tips to help you successfully shift your lifestyle, lose weight and regain control of your health.

The Meal Prep + Workout Course can be taken together or separately depending where you are in your PCOS journey—we’re flexible so you can be, too.



Commit to your health with a membership program including a 5 Stage Success Path to PCOS Weight Loss; a deep dive into your PCOS Type; rotating gluten and dairy free recipes and PCOS friendly workouts; a supportive Facebook group; two live Zoom calls per month; and monthly challenges to keep you on track and fired up. Earn points every step of the way to trade in for PCOS-friendly perks like meal prep kits, yoga kits and more.

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HEY cyster,

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We got you! Here’s some tips and tricks on staying focused on your diagnosis.


    How to Find & Treat Your PCOS Type

    We are kicking off the new year with our PCOS weight loss masterclass on finding & treating your PCOS type!