10 days through Switzerland (What I ate for PCOS!)

Does a road trip & eating PCOS friendly sound intimidating, maybe even impossible?

In this episode,we break down our 10 day road trip through Switzerland and how I (Tallene) managed to eat gluten & dairy free for my PCOS!

Hint: It wasn’t all perfect but we show you the ins and outs of preparing ahead of time and doing the best with what the road trip offers…including adjustments to traditional foods we experienced along the way.

You can even use our itinerary for your future road trip if you ever decide to visit Switzerland!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free.

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Full Episode transcript:

That’s a wrap. That’s a wrap. I’m sorry. I was in the English mood to Lynn. Well, we’re in England. I feel like I’m playing the wrong national Anthem when this episode is about Switzerland. Yes. But, but we are in London. So I had to give the respects of the queen. Yes. Dr.<inaudible> I hope everyone’s doing well.

Welcome to another podcast episode. Another episode of a sister and her Mister today, we’re going to talk all about states. You know, what, what are we going to talk about today At Switzerland In Switzerland? Not England you fool. I told you to play Swiss music. Well, that’s fine. What is the Swiss national Anthem? Let’s play it.

Let’s play real quick. Let’s see. Switzerland national Anthem. Let’s go. Here we go. Say HD gene. Today’s episode is about what I ate in Switzerland. Let’s start from the top. All right. Sorry for all the national Anthem playing, but it’s fun. We have fun on this podcast or else it just gets International might as well. Exactly.

Well they’ve I guess let’s, let’s kick it off with what we usually do a little Q and a wins of the week, and then we’ll get into what you ate in a date. Okay. First question is from Jodi Merissa and she asks, is it just spearmint tea or any other mentee that helps with lowering testosterone and all the other benefits that we mentioned on that Instagram post the other day,

I’ve read that green tea helps with lowering testosterone as well. But spearmint tea is the key here. Not just any mint tea, it’s literally spearmint. Cause I used to think mint is okay too. But then I did a little research realized it’s all about the spearmint. Nice. Okay. That’s good to know. All right. Question from YouTube. This one is coming from<inaudible>.

She has high sisters. I am not sure if I would get or replan this while you’re getting a reply sister. She says, however, I want to know for how long we can take Avast natal. Is it just three months or forever? Thanks in events. This is a very common question that we w get when it comes to our basketball. As you know,

that’s one of our favorite supplements for PCs and insulin resistance and Ty, why don’t you let us know how long It comes in a three months supply. So you could take it for three months, but you could also take it for six months, 12 months. It depends how insulin resistant you are and you don’t have to take it forever. You take it as long as you feel like you need it.

If you have cravings, if you have signs of insulin resistance, if you’re trying to lose weight and insulin resistance is getting in the way, then yeah, you can still take it. You can take it as long as you want. I personally have it on hand in case I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon. I need a little assistance. Maybe I’m having cravings it’s before my period,

something like that. So I always have it available. How long did you take it consistently before you got to the point where you didn’t feel like he had to take it every day? Probably three months. Three months? Yeah. That is good. Actually six, to be honest, So, okay. We’ll say three to six months. Yeah. Awesome.

Thank you, babe. And then the last question is from Sarah Cook 1 9, 6, she asks about a workout tip video that we had on Instagram. Her question is what do you mean by steady state? Cardio does a circuits class count. And how slowly should I be doing the weights as I tend to do them too quickly? I great question. So when it comes to steady state cardio,

what that means is basically running as if you’re on cruise control. So you’re running at a steady pace. So you’re just jogging. You’re not sprinting. You’re not, you’re not like sprinting for 10 seconds. And then, and then slowing down and sprinting again for 10 seconds. Instead you’re running at a steady pace almost as if your, your body is on cruise control.

That’s the term steady state cardio. Now a circuits class. It really depends on the kind of circuits class it is and the type of chorea that you’re doing during then. But in terms of how slowly should I be doing the weights as I tend to do them too quickly. That’s a really good question. So when you’re working out, it’s really important to control how you’re moving the weights.

Now a common mistake is when you drop the weights down really quickly, there’s a mistake that I used to make all the time when I first started work out. And the mistake here is that when you drop the weights down too quickly, maybe you’re doing a bicep curl and on the way down, you just drop it down. You’re letting gravity do all the work,

which basically takes the work away from the muscles. But you can make the workout two times more effective. If you go down slowly and let the muscles control the way on the down, because now your, your muscles are activated on the way up and on the way down, therefore making the workout even more effective. Interesting. Yes. All right, moving right along time,

very giveaway. We are picking a random winner from the podcast reviews. SciTech hit it. Who’s the winner. This time, This week’s winner is Zeff alien. She says, my face love this piece. You as duo right here, been listening following for years and found all all through them, which is a life changer. I am so grateful to have stumbled across their teachings for so many reasons.

Their tips, knowledge and recipes are amazing. And they’re funny. And down to earth. Nature is a cherry on top. See the whole national Anthem stuff. That’s a down to earth nature right there. And she says, I especially love how Tallinn demonstrates how to eat a balanced and PCs friendly diet with simple, healthy ingredients. Definitely a must follow if you have PCs.

Oh, that’s so sweet. So sweet. Thank you so much, Elliott. And since you mentioned, Novasol, that’s exactly what we’ll give away for this week’s winner. You will get a three months supply of Avast natal, make sure to contact us at hello at PCO, us weight loss.org. And we will get you in touch with some of acetone.

Woo. Yeah. Everybody else stay tuned. We’ll be announcing a winner every single week again next week. Yes. All right, baby. On that note, let’s go to our sister wins of the week. Yes, Amanda Vogel. She says I made the Mongolian beef and broccoli for dinner and it smelled so good that I didn’t take a picture. And I was starving because I was starving.

Both me and my husband had to split the last serving because it was so amazingly delicious, totally making it once or twice a week. And didn’t take long at all. Oh my gosh. We love Mongolian. We were actually talking about a yesterday while we were at a Thai restaurant. I wish I had the Mongolian beef here, Honestly. And you know,

the sister had recipes. They’re always quick and easy. So even your favorites, like Mongolian beef, like it shouldn’t take so long. Who has the time to like sit there and do all these things for an hour and a half every night. No quick and easy. I used to make that one. Yeah. And every single month we add more and more recipes to the,

to the sisterhood. So it’s an ever expanding library, which is what makes it really great. All right. Next one is from Emily Jones from the sisterhood. She says, I posted the other day about being sick and felt like I derailed. Although I’m changing my mindset about that now, because it’s just life and this is a lifestyle I love that she says,

but I have a winter to share. So even though I felt like I did horrible the last month I kept taking supplements and y’all, everything is still good. And I lost another four pounds. That means since January, I have now lost 22 pounds. Wow. I still have a ways to go, but I’m so excited about this. And on top of it all,

I’m feeling amazing. Keep up the work girls, we got this. Oh my God. I’m so happy for you. That’s and that’s so inspirational because I’m sure a lot of people, when they’re going through the month, going through the days after days, you may feel like, oh, I’m not doing as good. Or maybe you’re not keeping up with the consistency that you maybe imagine in your brain.

Like, I feel like we all have that perfectionist mindset where like, if we feel like we’re not perfect that we’re not doing the right thing, but Emily just goes to show like consistency and focusing on the lifestyle is the right mindset to have. And by doing that, she’s doing amazing. Like taking the supplements. She, she lost another four pounds and now she’s up to 22 pounds.

So great job, Emily. We’re so happy for you Focusing on lifestyle. Amazing. Yeah. Taylor Mercedes says going into week two, all of these delicious meals have been gluten and dairy free. I even found a gluten dairy free cheesecake at Walmart. So exciting. I’m doing it sisters and it feels so good. I have been pushing myself to do the workouts Monday,

Wednesday, and Friday, and finally got my Avesta to finish off the week with a hi, to help more with the cravings and hormone balance. That’s great. And she posted some photos of her meals, her breakfast for Tata, lunch and dinner. And I just love how she is sticking to it. You go girl Taylor week to look at you.

It was a great, great win. As we go into a Tallinn eats or what time? Eight in Switzerland kind of showing what other sisters are eating throughout the day. It looks like she has an amazing day of eating. You want to break down what Taylor has on her plate over here? And she has a frittata and then something that looks like Mongolian beef.

Yeah. And then a burrito for dinner or something and, and a high protein waffle for another breakfast. Some rice with chicken and vegetables over here. Great and spell. Love it. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot.

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But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup, so I don’t drink it. You got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

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it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. Okay. Crew, crew cuckoo. Cool. What did I eat in Switzerland? Was everybody must be wondering what the terminate Switzerland was a 10 day extravaganza of going from one place to the next,

every other day. Basically like we’d get to two days later, we’re leaving Zurich, you know, so it was a lot of hip hop and around, and it’s different than Spain where we were able to like, get comfortable and like find our favorite cafes and like continuously go to the healthy spots that we were used to now in Switzerland, it was hopping around in a lot of like just being flexible and trying new things.

And I mean, I want to say like, I couldn’t exactly follow the, you know, eat the vegetables that I wanted to eat. Right. Like everything was gluten and dairy free, but it wasn’t the balance that I wanted. So I felt kind of like heavy and like, like a lot of potatoes on my plate. Like what, you know what I mean?

Yeah. And keep in mind, this was like a very difficult trip. Not because Switzerland is difficult, but it was a 10 day road trip where we went to eight different cities in 10 days. So that makes it even more difficult. And I guess before we get into the details, like, since you were talking about, you couldn’t have a balanced plate,

what is your perfect piece us plate? That would be ideal. I like one half my plate is vegetables. A fourth is protein and a fourth is carbs. And I like T my vegetables first Mo mainly. And you know, and then the protein with it and the carbs. Wow. Excuse the construction. Yeah. That is construction. That’s not more,

it says If they’re in the apartment. Yeah. So anyways, I love That. Sweet. Okay. Now we’re, Let’s wait for that. Let’s wait for this gas to pass through a quick, Okay. Whatever. So what was I saying? I like to start with the vegetables. I think it’s better for blood. I know it’s better for blood sugar control.

If you don’t like eat your carbs first. So I eat the veggies and protein first and then the carbs towards the end of my meal. But in Switzerland, a lot of the meals, it was just carbs and a sausage like literally meatballs, mashed potatoes roti, and a, For anyone that doesn’t know in Switzerland, a very traditional dish is called.

I think it’s called roasty, which is basically, I think maybe you said it right. Maybe it’s roasty where it’s basically like hash Browns, kind of like potatoes, hash Browns with usually like a cracked egg on top or some sort of cheese on top and some bacon as well. Those are all optional. But the base layer is basically like, kinda like a hash Browns to put it in simpler terms.

But of course there’s a little bit different than that. Yeah. Which is of course I very high carb for you when that’s like the main cause it’s like, So, so I didn’t eat it. You know what I mean? And then I was like, okay, I’m hungry. And I feel like weird. Cause all they had was like a sausage and some potatoes and I’m not full,

but I don’t want to keep eating potatoes. Like what do I do here? You know? Yeah. So we started in Zurich. So let’s start from Zurich. We went to a cafe as soon as we got there, we didn’t do a lot of research. We were just hungry with actually the hotel that we were going to stay at was a place where people were quarantining for COVID and we had like a little fiasco cause we had to switch hotels and demand a refund and like the whole nine yards and like walk with six luggages to a new hotel and we were hungry and tired and we just didn’t do any research and went to a cafe.

It was like, whatever. I always find something gluten and dairy free. How hard could it be? But there was literally nothing gluten and dairy free at this cafe. Yeah. Literally, except for the beef tartare, which who’s complaining, it’s beef tartare. But like I wasn’t in the mood for beef, Raw meat. Here’s Rami. Here’s like a big pile of Rami and a salad,

which is great. Yeah. So I was like, all right, time, be flexible, whatever eight, eight. It was delicious. You didn’t really get your carbs with that meal. No Carbs. Yeah. But that’s fine. It could be a low carb. I’ll be fine. Make for the rest of the day maybe. Yeah. Yeah.

So that was okay. But like, you know, these types of things, you’re traveling and like you can’t control everything and you’re tired and like, you don’t want to do all this research and like find a hotel and it’s raining outside. You just want to go somewhere. I mean a restaurant and you just want to go somewhere. So these kinds of things happened a lot because we were traveling and I’m in Zurich.

I also had Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. Remember that pub thing. We went to one time. Oh the, oh, what was that? Please call. I forgot. It was a really cool hip place. Yeah. It was like, like you walk and it’s all like these young people and I’m calling young. I hope we’re young still, but basically like you walk in and it’s,

it’s like a cafe, but it’s very like social cafe and everybody’s Sat gamut. Yeah. People were playing backgammon. People were playing like there’s like monopoly people who were like all in different like bench seats. It’s a really cool place. Like it’s meant for people to just come together and talk and chill. But yeah, we walked in there and yeah.

We’re just, what did you see on the menu? Yeah. So I got meatballs, mashed potatoes and veggies. And when I tell you the platelets, perfect. Half the plate was vet cheese and like a fourth meatballs and a fourth mashed potatoes. I’m not even kidding. It was so, and I even like asked for more vegetables. I got excited.

Cause I was like finally, And it took like 20 minutes because I guess we didn’t realize the vegetables were fresh. Like we thought like maybe had like, you know, like a bulk amount of vegetables that had been like sauteed, but no, like it took another 20 minutes because I guess they were making it from scratch. That was great. So then from Zurich we went to Lucerne.

It was snowing. It was romantic. I felt like we were in a snow globe. Remember? Yeah. It was beautiful. It was our plan by the way, the Perfect setting. What? The snow? Yeah. Like the weather. It’s not supposed to snow it April in Switzerland. Yeah. Yeah. It was the perfect setting for an amazing meal.

We had one night. Well, the first night that we were there, we went to a restaurant right by the hotel. Gosh, do you remember the name of this one with the music? Oh man. No way. Cause it was like some, It was a competition Swiss name and a German name. And I there’s no way I can like,

remember that I ordered something that was like bone broth with vegetables, boiled inside a big piece of bone marrow, like juicy bone marrow. I loved bone marrow Dinner And then like two wieners sticking out of the plate. Like they’re like big, too big for the weight, but that was great vegetables. It had potatoes And I love bone broth and the collagen,

all of that. So that was a great meal and Lucerne and musicians came and had a great time. That was amazing. Cause they, this restaurant doesn’t usually have musicians come and play. But this day they had this like professional group who was supposed to go to an event. But before they went to the event, they came to this restaurant one to get drunk and two to practice and warm up before the actual professional event.

So if you were watching us on stories, you probably saw this and these people were amazing. Like there are like six people in the band, some were playing saxophone. There’s a guy on the drums. There was a guy with like the, what is the thing that you shake the Tangerine Tambourine, Tambourine, Tangerine, tambourine. And like they were singing like Swiss music.

They were singing American. They’re playing go, Johnny go-go go. And there was the most authentic experience I’ve ever had in my life. I will never forget that night. Absolutely. And the bond brother is all just in the snow outside. It was great. You had a great time. So again, like with hopping around here and there and not being in the same place for long enough to like get comfortable,

like yes, it can get frustrating because I was eating like unbalanced meals or things that I wasn’t in the mood for. But at the same time we were coming across amazing experiences like this restaurant, this bone broth soup, you know, like with the annoying comes the good. Yeah. So then from Lucerne, we went to burn and I didn’t find much in burn.

I’m not gonna lie. We got a lot of room service. Do you remember? Yeah, because I Got like a minestrone soup. You got a burger twice, two nights in a row. Remember? I know, I guess w we couldn’t really go out that many nights and burn. Cause we were just like catching up with Work basically. And we just had to kind of stay in a little bit.

Yeah. But I do remember going out for lunch one day and having steak tartare again. Cause they had nothing that was going to dairy-free and the way I think at this point I was kind of like losing it and the waiter brought the food and I looked at it, I kind of frowned cause I was like, oh, there’s no one in this.

It’s like a big pile of beet, no vegetable. This one had like one asparagus chopped up next to it and no carb. And who’s complaining, it’s a steak tartare, like obviously, but like I was hungry, you know, I know. And you didn’t feel like you didn’t stick targets are at all. Because again, this was at the Rosen garden,

which is like the famous garden and burn because it’s like up in the Hills. So you see the whole view of burn and the menu. Unfortunately I had didn’t really have it had pasta and linguini, all those kinds of like obviously doughy stuff. And then the only thing that I guess tion and Possibly order was, Yeah. I mean, I love steak tartare,

but I thought it would come with like a salad. Like something was like one asparagus. Yeah. It was a struggle. It was a struggle. So then from Bern we went to Grindelwald and we drove past this amazing restaurant called pier 17. Oh my God. That was the best restaurant in all of Switzerland. For me, It was, they had basically like a vegan.

I mean, it’s, it wasn’t vegan. They had meat too, but they had great options. It was healthy. It was vegetable-based. My plate was just like all vegetables and like smoked salmon on a bagel. But the bagel wasn’t gluten-free but whatever, like the smoked salmon was delicious. They chopped it up and mixed it with steamed carrots. But it wasn’t just like the preparation.

It was the ingredients themselves. Since there’s, when I tell you this place, the ingredients, I have never tasted a tomato, a tomato, this good, a lettuce does good. Like every single thing they had, there was like the most delicious, more standard thing. Like it was more standard ingredient, but it was just the most delicious way of that thing I’ve ever tasted in my whole freaking life.

And I think because this was in the town of foun, thorn is right in between Grindelwald and Barron at a small town. And my theory is everything was locally grown in this town because when you’re driving through, you can see sheep into Hills. You can see like these vineyards and I, my, my theory is France nearby. Yeah. And like,

I think everything is local with no like long shipping, no transportation. And I will never forget this was the best place I’ve ate. One of the best places in all my life in terms of the ingredients, not even what I ate, I ate a bagel sandwich with a salad and like every bite it was, It was so Stimulating. It was,

and the view of the lake, we were like on a dock on the lake. What’s the Lake’s name Lake. Oh, okay. Yeah. And for anyone who is interested, if you do go, it’s called pier 17. I will tell you right now you will not regret it And get everything. Get a decaf latte with oat milk, which is what I got.

Get the smoothie, get the salad, get the salmon, smoked salmon bagel that I got, they chopped up the smoked salmon and then they chopped up steamed carrots and then they mixed it. So it’s not like fishy. Do you know what I’m saying? So they like mixed it with this vegetable. It’s just so good. We even went back there,

like it was a 30 minute drive away and we went back there to eat again. Cause it was, I even put that smoked salmon recipe for the sisterhood. Like I put it on the list to make it Nice. So then from pier 17, we went to, I mean, we went out, we went to Thun, we did all things And then we were in yeah.

We’re in Greenwald. Yeah. Just wanted to clarify. I don’t think that they had, that Was a hard, it was it. W w what did you say? That was a hardest place to eat? Yeah. Like there was nowhere to eat. Where did, what did we eat? Did we eat anything? I think Lebanese. Yeah. It was Lebanese.

Yeah. But We got like gyro. Yeah. Basically gyro. But the hard thing about Greenwald, remember when we went to the breakfast shop and Greenwald, and it was like, it’s, the wall is basically like a small mountain town. Right. So everything you can imagine, there’s no like fresh food. Everything has been like shipped there and you can’t grow food.

There it’s like a mountain town. It’s basically where people go to ski and snowboard because there was nothing else. Besides Your hashbrown, your roadie thing. Still frozen. Yeah. I got roasty. Cause I thought, okay, Rosie is a basic in this country. And I got in, it was like, you can tell there was a frozen potatoes that were thawed and microwaved and it was not fully thought out.

Cause it was like half frozen as I was eating it. Yeah. Yeah. But we had no choice. You know, like here we are, we’re going to like spend the day gallivanting going up mountain teeth lease or whatever. Like we were going to do all the things. Oh no, that was so certain we were going to do something. Oh,

we saw the caves. We didn’t have time to lollygag. We just had to eat and go, you know? So it was one of those situations. So again, with the highs come, the lows and that was Grindle. And then on our way to Genova from Grindelwald we went to the chocolate factory. Absolutely delicious. Apparently in Switzerland. The reason why their chocolate is so good.

One of the reasons is because they don’t use milk powder, they use actual milk. And I was like, all right, we’re here. I’m going to eat it. I’m not going to not eat. Yeah. We’re a chocolate factory chocolate. You can try some other chocolates on the dark chocolate. I mean like, No, I ate the milk chocolate.

I was like, I was having a Yolo moment. I mean Switzerland at a chocolate factory. Yeah. Right. Anyone who’s listening, if you want to do that, you should do it. It’s it’s about consistency. Not about perfection. That’s like a number one lesson here. Like four pieces of milk. Shock. Yeah. We, I split it with you too.

Cause we did a tour. Yeah. We did a whole tour. And at the end of the tour, they take you to this room where there’s like, oh, a whole egg, every chocolate you want to try out. It’s like, here you go. Try whatever you want to try it. We tried our best not to do, but we tried almost all of them.

It was like, but like not like the whole thing. It was like little tiny pieces. So you just take like one square and then me and Tom would like put the skirt and have, please try. Like, I like that one. I don’t like that one. And then we took a picture of each one. And then like when we went to the gift shop,

we just basically bought like six boxes for a family to buy as gifts and the one box for ourselves, of course. But it was an amazing experience. It was amazing. And I’m not going to even like think twice that I had dairy or sugar or whatever, because whatever it was so Good. It’s about consistency. So anyways, so what, what were you saying?

The chocolate factory. It was so much fun. There’s a bunch of chocolate in the luggage. I stole a few pieces, not stole, but like sampling. I like took it, put it in my purse anyways. And then we went to Montreux, which I loved mantra reminded me of the south of France. So beautiful. The flowers, everything.

And we didn’t stop to eat here, but I was pretty hungry. So what we did was we were walking and we saw this like sushi spots to go sushi spot. And I was like, oh perfect. Super easy. So we just got some sushi and that was filling enough to take us to the rest of the drive to Jennifer. So then in Genova we had some gyro that was delicious.

We had some Japanese food that was delicious. We found some good spots there. And we also, well, Cedar tried fondue. Cause like I had been wanting to try fondue the whole time in Switzerland. And obviously like it’s all dairy. It’s basically melted cheese. It’s not something that I would order because if they don’t just give you like a bite sized,

fondue, they give you bring you like a bucket of fondue with like potatoes and breads, eat it with. And I, I CA I don’t wanna eat that much. So luckily Not sharing it with anyone like other people Would. Yeah, exactly. Usually people like share at the whole table, but at this one restaurant, I S I told the guy,

Hey, like my wife, isn’t going to really eat it. Is there like a small portion. So he brought a half portion, which was nice. And you tried it? Yeah. I had a couple bites. Yeah. I had to we’re in Switzerland. Have you ever had fondue before? No, I don’t think so. I don’t remember.

Unless it, I vaguely remember being a kid and it was at a wedding once, but I don’t think I’ve ever had It. So how did you like that? One bite or one or two bites? It Was good. It didn’t like blow me out of the water or anything. It’s totally normal, But she’s always fun. It’s too. I didn’t,

I personally didn’t like, feel like it was anything extraordinary if I, if I was back in Switzerland, I w I will not order it Again. It’s one of those one time things. Yeah. I feel like it was missing something like it was missing like some, yeah. A kick. Yeah. It was like to like black and not disrespect to any Swiss people.

I’m not trying. I’m just letting you know at this one place. That’s how it was no disrespect. Yeah. So that was that. That’s our trip trip. Yeah. Genova. And then when we came to England, The one thing in general, though, for anyone who’s thinking of traveling to Switzerland, it’s totally doable to be good in there,

free and follow. Some of the things that we talk about, I would say Jennifer was the easiest place to eat because they had the most diverse selections of different types of restaurants. Like Genova is basically like a melting pot of restaurants. It feels like there’s Japanese. There’s a lot of middle Eastern food. There’s a lot of like French. There’s a lot of burger joints,

et cetera, et cetera. The second easiest was probably Zurich. Then Lucerne burn. We didn’t really travel through the city too much to give you an accurate one. But the hardest was definitely Grindelwald basically up in the mountains. So if you’re going to go to Grindelwald, you want to be prepared? Yeah. We had snacks the whole time before we left Spain,

I brought a Ziploc bag of carrots just so we can save and green beans so we could have some vegetables and then a bag of nuts. But then we finished it by the end of the 10 days. And we were kind of falling apart in Genova. So we went to meet gross. We found some stuff. We have some hilarious for. We have photos of everything we talked about.

And I guess the day you hear this, we will go ahead and post it on Instagram, PCA, start weight loss. So be sure to check out our Instagram piece, start weight loss. If you don’t follow us there, we’re going to post pictures of the gyros. There’s a picture of me eating the fondue with this long fork. It comes with this really long fork,

which makes it really fun to eat. We Should have bought those long forks. I know. Why didn’t we do that? I mean, because we’re never going to eat fondue. That’s why Even have pictures of us at the, at the chocolate factory. This is really fun for some really fun photos. It’s your steak tartare. Oh yeah. From Bern.

Yeah. So any, any other final conclusions you want to give before we end the podcast In conclusion, this was very fun. Yeah. And like I said, there’s highs and lows of doing a trip like this, where you’re hopping around everywhere. Maybe I could have been even more prepared with my snacks if I was coming from like a whole, like my actual home,

you know, like if we were leaving Newport beach and going to Switzerland for 10 days, I probably would have prepared differently with like more snacks. And I didn’t have enough Ziploc bags in Spain. Like I, there was like limited things that I could do and bring with us so that could have buffered a little bit, but it was great. I loved it.

I agree. So I guess that is today’s episode talking about what Tallinn ate in Switzerland and let me stay tuned in the coming weeks. We’ll do a England version of London version right now. We’re in London for another week or so. And then we’re going to go to west York Shire and stay in the countryside where there are sheep. We’re so excited for the Sheep.

That’s the only reason I’m excited is the sheep actually In the reviews. It said the sheep think that their dogs. Yeah. Which I’m so excited because I love dogs and I’ve been wanting a dog for like ever since like my dog passed away. It’s been this place in my heart. That’s been empty. That can’t be filled. Okay. Okay. We have a meeting.

We have a meeting with the supplement company manufacturers. Yes. So exciting for anyone who’s wondering supplement company is underway. We’re getting started. We’re getting really close to now the NSF testing where the NSF, if you don’t know, is a third party agency that basically helps the quality checks and does the testing of ingredients to make sure that they’re 100% accurate. And the whole manufacturing process is perfectly,

basically clean and sustainable. We’re getting ready to start that process, which is the most important thing. Because as you know, it’s not just about what supplements you’re choosing, but it’s also about the quality and degrade of that supplement and how that really affects the effectiveness of that supplement. Yeah. Exciting 10 minutes. Let’s roll. All right, Let’s go.

Bye. Everybody. Have a great weekend. We’ll talk to you next week. See you soon. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of<inaudible> from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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