10 Facts About Us!

You know Tallene as a PCOS Dietitian helping thousands of Cysters manage their PCOS and lose weight. Sirak, her husband is a PCOS personal trainer and a supportive mister. But there is a lot more about us you don’t know!

This episode is going to be a little different Cysters, today we take your most requested personal questions about us and the podcast. We go over 10 Facts About Us and let you into our personal lives!

We talk about how we met each other as well as how Tallene told Sirak about her PCOS. You’ll even hear hilarious topics like “Who would survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?” & “Who has better style?”

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster and her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian, Husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. So what’s your dealer situation been like?

I mean, I’m putting on deodorant and CRM on my face and moisturizer and everything, but I’m not putting makeup on. Okay. That’s good. Yeah. I haven’t even notice that. But to me personally, I have not really been putting dirt on only if I shower. If I’m going to go outside, I’ll put it on. But if I’m going to be home,

there’s no point for me. And then I ended up spending a later, when I work out and I raised my arms, like I’m doing the Y MCA and I smell it. But besides that, I’m pretty happy. Yeah. It’s better. I work out about why, I’m sorry. That’s funny. You mentioned the makeup. I really haven’t noticed it’s a,

it’s better than you should just not put it on there again. I mean, that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe I’ve been putting on way too much makeup for no reason I would put on makeup and then I’d break out a little bit. But I was like, Ugh, you know, maybe that’s just hormonal, even though it wasn’t like cystic hormonal acne,

it was like small, you know, texture issues. And now I’m realizing, I think it’s just makeup in general, doing that to my skin. Maybe I just have really sensitive skin because without makeup, my skin is like glowing and you know, perfectly fine. GLW low in the low up is real with this quarantine. I put on a, you know,

foundation going to the market the other day. Cause it was like, okay, let me look like, you know, D Sam put together. Then I came back. I was breaking out. So your skin wasn’t used to it. I’m not into this anymore. It’s a thing you skin forgot how makeup was. And then once boom, you put it on.

It’s like, what is, I guess I’m just better off without you makeup better off without you already. Well, ladies, if you have, if you can tell from the start of this podcast, we’re going to make this episode of fun. One. We are basically just going to make this one about the podcast about us, about tying it me and just like 10 little facts or questions that we got from you guys.

We asked online on Instagram at PTUs start weight loss. Uh, what are some 10 things you guys want to know about it? Or what are some things you want to know about us? When we got the top 10 and put them together? Now we have a list. Yeah. Whenever you see those stickers on Instagram story, it’s usually for a podcast.

So let’s start with the first question. Yes. Number one. How do we meet? And how did you tell him, tell him about PCs. We met on Tinder Tinder. And so funny when you think about it in that way I Tinder. I know, I can’t believe that. I wonder if people are Tindering now that we’re corn, But I hear more now that it’s very hard to Tinder.

Like people are not, people are not able to go on serious dates as, as easy as it used to be a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s saturated change. Yeah. Bots. I think I hear, Oh, I don’t know why I hear these things. Are you doing these things? When people say when like, Oh, how did you tell him me?

And I’ll be like, Oh, through Tinder. I’m like, have you tried Tinder? Like, yeah. But Tinder is just not that thing. That’s what they want. Oh yeah. I mean, yeah. My friend has said that I do remember exactly where I was sitting when I swept. Right. I really, I was sitting on my sister’s blue velvet couch in our apartment in downtown LA there,

I was Tindering it up, you know, and looking for a husband though. I was just like trying to date. And then I saw your profile and you had linked it to Instagram. So then I stopped to talk to you on Instagram, found out you were Armenian because your name isn’t very Armenian. So I was like, uh, you know,

let me see what, what this is about. Cause you were cute. So I was like, okay, let’s see if he’s Armenian. Then you were, and I was like, Oh, such a story. And then like, people were commenting in Turkish. So I was like, Oh, Maddie’s Armenian from Turkey. Just like me. I have to give him a chance.

So then contracts. So then I switched. Right. And then you took me on a great date. Yeah. It was in Hollywood. I think the place was called, um, the church key it’s closed now, but that was a fun day. That day was so long too. I remember we like, we, we met at like eight,

eight 30 and like we left at like one or 2:00 PM. We just pretty long for a date. We went to dinner and then we were just like, we basically went to one bar and then went to get like, you know, uh, some sort of like after drinks and then desserts after we’re just like bouncing from spot to spot. It was,

it was good. It was a good time. I definitely enjoyed you. Enjoyed your time. What was your first impression? First impression was great. It was, uh, it was very fun. I dunno. I don’t remember details. I felt like your eyes were like, what really got me? You have like these puppy eyes. I felt like the way you looked at me,

you were like, You should take care of me. No crazy here. That’s certainly not the narrative, but that’s fine. You probably noticed my eyes because you couldn’t hear me. Cause you worried that Jeff, our first state. Yeah. I had just come back from Cancun, with my friends, for a bachelor party. And on the way back,

I don’t know if I had a flu or cold or something. Your ears hadn’t popped my ears. Like when we went up on the plant and went down, they stayed, didn’t pop in. Like I had just had this like almost like fluid, like thing in my ears and it didn’t go away for like two weeks. And, but like, it was,

yeah, it was hilarious. I remember like I heard a glass drop and I was like, did you read that glass shop? And Italian was like, that’s a forced time has happened. Have you heard the other ones? I was like, no. Yeah. That was interesting. Yeah. I was like, gosh, he’s a shy guy. He doesn’t,

you know, project his voice and see, you know, he’s really introvert. Oh no, I’m a maniac. The opposite of who you are. Alright. Oh, well, uh, the other part of the question was how did you tell me about PSUs? Um, on the date I told you I eat gluten and dairy free. So you ordered me a gluten free drink and then gold pineapple cup.

And later on down the line, you bought me a gold pineapple cup, which we have. And um, but I don’t think, did I tell you PCs on the first day, maybe, maybe I like glossed over it. Well, you told me it was my hormones During the date. You were a gluten dairy free so that like we had to,

Yeah, I may have elaborated on it. Yeah. But maybe you told me on the second day, like more about it. Like, but I think we handled it pretty well. I know. I think you handled it fine. You told me like the basic stuff. You should explain it. Yeah. I told you the basic stuff and I didn’t,

I had a pretty good hold of my PCs at that point in my life. Like my acne had just cleared before I had met you. Cause I figured out, you know, I really need to cut out dairy. I was like, partially cutting out dairy. No, I really had to cut it out. That really cleared my skin. I did laser facials.

That really helped. Anyways, by the time I met you, like I had it all pretty much together except the workout portion to figure it out together. Um, so then when I told you, it wasn’t really that crazy of a thing, but I imagine people who are listening, maybe they got diagnosed while being in a relationship or maybe they’re already married and they just realized.

Um, but in any case you should confidently approach it when you’re speaking with somebody about it because you know, you’ll figure it out. Like there are things out there that you can do. You have to be patient, it takes a lot of work sometimes to really investigate your health. Um, and I know we’re lucky that I figured it out before I met you.

Yeah. But was she going to the second fact right now, which is Tali piece Jewish journey, like since you’re talking about what you did baby, like, why don’t we talk about that? The second question to that came up in the questionnaire was what was tie-ins piece Jewish journey. Like It was long and it took like a long time to investigate my health and figure things out.

And um, you know, had I been with someone? Yes. I imagine it would have been difficult, especially because there wasn’t a lot of resources at the time when I was diagnosed, like online there wasn’t a lot of help, like in terms of Instagrams and stuff. Um, so I imagine it would have been challenging to be in a relationship at that time,

but yeah, it was like there were ups and like, you know, my skin was bad at one point. Then I had to figure that out. You know, by the time you figured it out, like a year goes by of like miserably living with terrible skin. Yeah. And, um, I had lost 30 pounds after going gluten and dairy free.

And the only reason why I went gluten and dairy free was because I went to naturopathic doctors instead of my gynecologist who was only prescribing me birth control. Is that who diagnosed you? Like, how were you diagnosed? Oh, I remember your sister. Yeah. And then I went to the hospital and they said, Oh, you have PCs. And it was just the most like,

and then I went to the gyno afterwards and she was like, okay, PCs. And she handed me birth control prescription. And I was like, I have so many questions and she didn’t answer any of them. Then I went to Google and it was like, cut carbs. And like, don’t eat anything, like work out more. So I did that and that certainly didn’t work.

And um, I had no concept of like a hormonal health at the time and what I could possibly do to help myself. So then I was like, okay, this guy knows aren’t going to help me. So I’m going to go to a naturopathic doctor that was also overwhelming because then they told me everything I needed to do at once. And I was like,

Oh my God, I’m in college. Like, how do you apply all of this? All of these supplements, gluten and dairy free, um, you know, don’t touch Polis, stick, everything organic. Like it’s crazy for a college student at that time, but I took it one second. Yeah. It’s like one of the hardest times to like,

I would say go through PSUs cause you’re trying to learn and go through life. And at the same time there’s a life changing event and he’s like, yeah, we should mention, we’re planning a future episode where we talk about peace U S and how that is for a college student or like any, you know, like in that age range are going through it.

And like when you’re going through life and try and deal with peace shows at the same time. So we’ll have that coming to you very soon. Yeah. But the best takeaway from that is I, I took it like one step at a time. I went and gluten and dairy free one bite at a time. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to like be perfect at,

it took like a whole year to get used to the gluten and dairy free lifestyle. Even then I was like, I can eat a little dairy and then, cause I don’t eat any gluten, but like I ate a little dairy for like a few years and I was breaking out really badly till I finally was like, no, that’s why my skin is freaking out.

Stop lying to yourself. Even with like the working out portion. Like you found that out like years later, how to yeah. How to better work out and stuff. So it all comes in time and going slow, like you said, and I’m glad you you’re able to figure it all out like that. Yeah. And it all comes back to,

you know, everything happens for a reason and now we’re here helping all these women not have to go through the 10 years struggle that I went through. Or if you already did, you can just Yeah, yeah. You know, inspire them. So it was all worth it. That’s great, babe. I love it. All right. Uh, let’s go to number three.

See doc, what do you do and how did you get involved with, uh, Talia and peace us weight loss? Tell us, babe. So, uh, I am actually a engineer. I work for a company that, uh, deals with making stuff for like nuclear power plants and stuff of that nature. So, um, I work as that as my daytime job and Tallinn and I like when we were dating and when we got married,

uh, we like we’re doing these workouts and we realized that like, or like Tallinn realized, Oh wait, why are you working out differently? Like this is, I’m not used to this slow weighted approach, like doing slow way to workouts with the weights and stuff like that. She was used to doing like, like going around, like running sprints,

like hit things like where you’re just going workout after workout. So, you know, through teaching her how to work out and seeing the results. And like we started to show that to others. I became a personal trainer and then I focused on, uh, PCO S helping women with PCRs and especially focusing on the personal training in that area. So through,

uh, learning and just working with Tallinn, like being honesty, like I’ll be come to be completely honest on the podcast. I’m more fulfilled doing this at any time. Like I’ve done with my engineering job. Like all these 10 years I worked there. This is more fulfilling in the last couple of years. So just want all of you to know that.

And because of that, that’s how I got involved in why I got involved basically. Yeah. And SciTech discovered his incredible ability of producing content. Yeah. Since we’ve gotten married. Totally. That’s like one of my favorite things. Yeah. You should see our set up right now. This whole podcast was his idea. I was not planning on doing a podcast until you were like,

you know, we should really like branch out and you know, do this thing. And it’s so out of my element, I want to take credit because you’re the reason this podcast is what it is. But it was my idea to do this podcast. Yeah. I would have never implemented this, Like buy the equipment and the equipment came one day and I was like,

babe, it’s sitting, we’re going to do it. We’re going to just set it up and we’re going to get going. But like, absolutely. They like, you’re just starting to show you are PCOS, weight loss. I mean, I know to me, you’re the star. That’s fine. No, but really I would have never like bought this microphone.

Like you see that got all like the great, The great thing about a good relationship is when you push each other out of there, but boundaries. Yeah. I just like looked at it as like, Oh, I know the text really passionate About that. Yeah. I know the tech stuff, you know, the whole, you know, compassion and all that jazz.

Alright. Uh, next one, number four. Uh, what are your favorite TV shows Tom? Well, this is a great question because I love to watch like, um, ki ki TV, like just the Wendy Williams show, the REO, keeping up with the trial match, Like real TV drama, you know, I don’t like real Housewives as much.

It like gives me anxiety with all the screaming and yelling for no reason. And there’s just like, to me, I haven’t really, I’m not into it that much, but the real I love. And they, they are like the best hope because it reminds me of the nineties and early two thousands, the hosts are like, Tamira Maori, Adrian.

Baylon like people that I used to watch on TV And we did go to the live show right in the front. Um, one of their, uh tomorrow’s I dunno. Yeah. His assistant was, um, she was a fan, you know, we were able to go and get a seat there and watch the show. Yeah. It was amazing.

I love the reel. And then the Kardashians of course, cause I’m Armenian Wendy Williams. I just think she’s funny. And the way she talks is like, so Right. And I hear this all the time from the other room. It’s just like, I hear like, did y’all hear that? And I’m like round of applause and Italians, like,

Okay, what’s your favorite show? I mean, I like, let’s just say I like higher quality shows. I just like stuff like, you know, like Sopranos or like the wire, like things like that. But then I love comedy, like Chappelle’s show and uh, silly stuff like workaholics or like my entire an hour watch monk as like, you know,

one of those like night time when we relax kind of shows like things like that. I don’t know. I’m not really too into reality TV shows or I love, I love for battalion hates horror so we can barely, we never watch horror. I sometimes try to like throw in a thriller with a little bit of horror. Like sneakingly sometimes it works,

but if it starts with like a really horrible scene, talions like, Oh hell no. That’s like rare. So I don’t know. That’s that’s perfect. I could barely get myself into monk, but now I’m obsessed. Yeah. It takes a minute. I mean it gets gross. Okay. Alright. Number five. This is a good one. I think a lot of sisters can relate.

Number five, is your family supportive? My family is a PR. Somebody said my family is pretty much eating gluten and dairy free too. So Tallinn that’s like directed towards you. And it’s about really like about peace us. And is your family supportive about that? Oh yeah. I mean, ever since I started bake, my mom was like cooking gluten and dairy free versions of different foods.

Um, which is, and my sister is now gluten and dairy free. And so is my mom. Um, my dad pretty much by default. You know, everyone was pretty supportive. They, there was like an adjustment period where, cause we eat a lot of traditional Armenian food. My mom was like in a state of shock that I wasn’t eating certain things and like offended at the same time,

but we moved past it. You know, I live, I just had to learn and understand why you were doing it. It wasn’t like directed towards her or her like cooking. Yeah. You have to just do, what’s good for you. And then everyone will see you, you know, lose weight or heal or your skin and this and that.

And then they’ll be like, Oh my gosh, she was right. We were wrong. And that’s it. You know, you don’t um, yeah, I understand. You know why somebody would ask this though? Like oftentimes it’s hard to push through and be good, you know, try a new diet, gluten and dairy free or, um, anything new when you live with somebody who’s not supportive or like bringing you down or making fun or,

um, doesn’t want to like cook accommodatingly, which is fine, then you’re going to have to do it yourself and um, take action for your, for your health. It doesn’t depend on other people. And I think I, we read something in the sticker that somebody had said there. Um, you know, what do you have you told your husband,

was he supportive? Was his family supportive? Like, you know, about the infertility risks and all, Not that part, but I was going to bring up the like the in-laws were they supportive? And I think in my case, they were like, my mom, I remember she made like gluten free, like, um, versions of some, like,

you know, Armenian foods and stuff. But like that’s not always H explained to them either One’s problem. Like if anyone is talking about it in a way that’s like offending you, I understand if you’re offended, but like it’s not their problem. Like it’s you, you know, it’s you taking care of your body? Like whether they like it or not,

they like that you’re gluten free, dairy free or not. Whether they’re judging you about the infertility risk of like having PCO S eh, like here, like we hear opinions. You see that guys never even thought about it because if you’re married to someone, you know, especially your spouse, like maybe, maybe you found out you had PCs after you got married.

And then you find out that the fertility is going to be an issue after you got married. If your spouse is not supporting you through this, you know, difficult time, which, you know, I don’t want to speak to boldly. Like I know, I understand that it can be difficult if like the spouse wants to have a child, but come on,

like, you have to be a team Separation. Or I like, it’s a, having a relationship is like keeping this, like this household together. And unfortunately if one side goes through something, the other side has to, you know, bring them back up and not like push them, push them back down worse. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So,

I mean, the, a question like bothered me when I read that on the sticker, like, how does CNN feel about PC? Get out of here? Like, I don’t care. What, like, I don’t care what anyone thinks of my piece. Yeah. Yeah. That’d be rude. No, I know what you’re saying. I know what you mean.

I know what you mean, but yeah, no, I totally agree with you. You should never care what anybody thinks about your own like symptoms, your own diagnosis. You’re doing what you can to help yourself. How dare anybody say, do one thing or the other, and that’s that period. Exactly. Period. That’s the end of the story.

You should never even consider their side of it. The world. No. Okay. I’m done. And tangent, Let’s move on to a little bit more fun. Subject number six, who dresses better? I love this question. Love it. Love it. I like to say me, but you are good too. I am more than could you just do with taller Dress is great,

but she goes for these, I’m going to close the window because there’s someone just, it sounds like they’re just whacking the tree. Well, I’m going to pick up from here as he closes the window. Okay. I have great style. Although sometimes I like to look trendy, which does often translate to cheap. Okay. If that’s not, you know,

the right way to say it, I’m not sure. Or I’ll just say half the times you buying new clothes is something that like you could wear once. And then the second time you were, everybody will know your word again. Cause it’s like something that’s like, so I like a statement sometimes. I mean, it’s fun. They’re like jumps as a pattern,

like subtle, you know, sort of like, cause the classier style, I’m not going to lie. It’s just sometimes My favorite, favorite part of the process. I think she enjoys it too. Like time will wear something and she’d be like, what do you think baby? And I’m like, I’ll actually, I will get involved and be like,

change that out and put this, tuck that out, tuck this back in. Do that. Like as in like your shirt, put this there and then He’s the Kanye to my kids. Exactly. I feel like a Kong Yeezy. I’m just like directing her. I’m like tuck your shirt in now. Okay. Let me see you turn around. Okay.

You’re good. And then like if sh You have elevated many and outfits, We went shopping together one time and I’m like, you got like four things that I found for you. I was like, man, this is, this is great. Like taking fashion advice from you or my sister or my mom, because it it’s like a new, fresh perspective.

I gravitate towards the same things. You know, see a better perspective. One might say a better perspective. I’m not saying I have the best style, but I like my style. And sometimes it’s annoying when you don’t let me or I mean, not let me, but like when you don’t support my truth, See bro, I’m not going to let you go into the wilderness and make a fool of yourself.

Okay. FYI, ladies, I wear what I want. Oh my gosh. Professionalism time coming at you. Okay. Next question. Alrighty. Uh, number seven, who would die first in a zombie apocalypse, man. Okay. I’m going to say me, you, but I will protect your ass so good. I would like put your arm over my shoulder and like put you in the car and we’d be out FYI.

My dream is a apocalypse. It’s such a shame that this coroner, I think obviously this crane thing, horrible, so horrible. But I’m just saying I’ve always, yeah. I’ve always been looking for like this catastrophic event one day. Like, you know, like a movie like San Andrea’s and like having the opportunity to like save my family. Oh my goodness.

Be the Dwayne Johnson, the rock of my life and this Corona nothing happens. And he can’t even do anything about it. It’s an invisible. So on breeds on you. I mean like, I don’t even know what to do here. I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean, I don’t mean to be insensitive. I’m sorry. But like,

I, I don’t mean that. I mean, you’re sick, done. Like, Oh no, I’m sorry. I can’t do anything. And you can’t even go outside your quarantine. You can’t do anything about it. It’s just, Oh, The only way to fight it is to stay at home. That’s not enough action for you. You’re the one that wants a zombie.

I need action. All right. Well I’m for sure. Dying in a zombie apocalypse before the zombie even kills me. I’m dead. So let’s face the fact. What’s something you’re proud of. Oh, I have fun. Well truce. Okay. Highlight of my life. Once upon a time I was doing meal prep for people, you know, just cooking healthy meals,

whatever it may be. Um, and I was reached out to, by somebody from college who is the assistant to somebody famous. And she asked me to cook for this famous person. And that famous person is Solange. And that means a lot to you because you are obsessed with Beyonce and you wrote the geek. You like swans too, but you got close to Beyonce.

It’s sister. You ever one sibling? Well, one sibling away. It was the highlight of my entire career slash life. Besides our wedding day cooking for salon angels. It’s amazing. It was the best thing that ever happened. So you can Was like, I literally threw myself on the ground and was like, Oh, M G Yeah. Yeah.

And that was, what about you? No, I’m just saying that was like a lot, like a while ago too. Like when you were beginning, like your career and like, you were like really doing these great things already. So like you’re good job with the whole pack. It was insane. I like refer to that in my mind sometimes when I feel stressed.

Like remember that time? Yeah. This happened. That’s when I like, remember that moment. I’m like, anything’s possible. Yep. Alrighty. Oh, for me, it’s just like, uh, what I’m proud of is like finding out like how creative I can be and like being able to make content with Tallinn and just like proud of like the God of engineering.

Yeah. Branching out of like something. Yeah, totally. We’ll say thank you for saying it for me, but yeah. That’s pretty much it. Like, if, feel like it’s not a guy talks. Okay. He doesn’t make a sentence. He just like picks up words that comes up. It’s like Scrabble, you’re playing the game. But yeah.

It’s pretty much like that. That’s what I’m proud of. I would say I’m proud of you for that. That’s amazing. Alrighty. What’s your aunt number nine. What’s your ongoing hobby calling and the crazy plant lady. Yeah. I was eight since moving in, right? Yeah. We have like one, two, three, four, five trees.

You weren’t like this before, man. I was never like this. Obviously. I don’t know what I got myself into. I don’t know what but get piece of you is you should’ve told me about this place before we were where we got together. I mean, you can’t have enough plants if you ask me seriously, if it goes with your space,

obviously you don’t want to like clutter up and like make everything look like a cluttered mess. But it just goes like those two trees on either side of that long mirror that just go this fig tree next to the couch. Like how could it not be there? Like, it’s just, I need plants everywhere. In fact, I was on Instagram earlier.

Oh my gosh, you’re going to go crazy when I tell you this. But this one girl, she had an Ivy plant and she had a shelf on her wall. So she put the Ivy plant on the shelf and then, you know, the, the Ivy was growing and she nailed the wall and like hooked the Ivy onto it so that it could just go all over the wall,

like grow all over the wall. So her living room wall was like covered in Ivy. And I was like, Oh my gosh, that’s so next level we have to do that. Look, if you hear me now, I’m happy for you. I’m going to try it in your bookmarks and all these things. I’m glad to be honest. And I like the plants because it brings some life into the gut to the apartment and it really makes it enjoyable.

Like, you know, when you’re inside, I already love our apartment because of all the daylight, but it’s just extra level. So it’s cool. It’s cool. But we’re at like 85% capacity when you’re sitting right now, It was living with us. I thought he was going to like pee everywhere because he have all these plants. I thought he’d think he was like in a yard.

True. Okay. What’s your hobby? Uh, my hobby, I would say guitar. I’ve been like learning the last a year, year and a half. And just trying to get better. It’s definitely two years. Two years. Thank you for reminding me. It’s been two now. Yeah. We’ve been married for one. And you were practicing before we got married.

Yeah. I’m still just getting better. I want to get like, I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t think I’m there yet. I really want to get good one day. Like be able to just like play good, good songs and stuff. I’m not there yet, but that’s like, my hobby really relaxes me. I love playing. It’s just like pretty enjoyable to me.

To me. You’re playing so good because I remember when you first started and you taught yourself how to play, you know, using an app that obviously would help you learn about chords and stuff. But like, I remember when you first started, you literally couldn’t even hold the gun. I’m going. Of course, nobody knows how to play guitar at first.

Yeah. But now you you’re so like talented compared to that day When you listened to rock and you know what, it sounds like you have a high standard. Like, I mean, I grew up listening to Nirvana. I grew up with sing to Alison chains. Like all these different album, these DS, like Greg guitar is pink Floyd. My as my favorite album.

I mean like you can’t, I mean, my favorite band it’s like, you can’t compete with these pupil. I play. I’m like, I can’t do it. Listen, but anyways, I love it. 30 minutes a day. Like, how are you supposed to play? Like Nirvana with a real, you know, a career. And then like working with me like 45 minutes a night.

Hopefully you have a chance to play guitar amongst all the other responsibilities you have relax. You’re great. Next. I apologize to everybody. Favorite quirk about each other. What’s yours. Mine is your animated dramatic reactions to things. The like for example, dinner, like if I make something really good, you’ll be like slapping the table and like screaming. It makes me excited.

It’s my favorite thing about you? The drama, the melodrama, the, or that’s not the right way to say the comedy. You bring the dramatic comedy. Okay. I’m glad I’m the comedic, comedic a portion of your life. I like that. I like making people smile. I like making people smile, slapping the table. And that’s I said,

my favorite thing to do though, is making people smile and always push you something to do too much. Sometimes he just takes the sisters. Don’t know like the limits I push it too is like, he Like T he’s at how much further can I push her? And like, I go to the point where like I’m hanging off and I’m like, barely on the edge.

I got tall, far off like Lego. Hi, my backup, bye Hill. Put things at the edge of the coffee table at the edge of the dinner table, just to like make me freak out that he’s going to spill it or that he wants to like make me laugh. Right. So he, he like puts the cup like halfway off the table one day it falls.

Okay. But he’ll look, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m like, what did you think was going to happen? He like takes it to the edge. Sorry. It was your fault. You shouldn’t have pushed me that far. You should have pulled back the cup. And it was my favorite Corker by you is like, so you’ll give like these looks and smiles to me.

Like, you know, like, like you’ll be like, like, like a little like, like a, My facial expression. Yeah. But like, you know, like if I’m like annoyed or something, I’m like, I’m like, like my head did I have a headache? And like you do, I’m like, like I get annoyed. But like,

if I’m like going to Google and you do me, she’s so cute. That’s why it’s a quirk. Right. I know I am pretty animated with my face. I’m glad I’m bringing your joy with it. Yeah. It just, I also can’t hide anything because my face is so animated. Like you can see if I’m sad, if I’m hiding something,

if I have a secret, like, You know, but we know each other so well, like you kind of know when the other person’s like annoyed with you or like, it’s not really happy with you, so you can, there’s no longer like acting. There’s a lot of texting Tell, like, for example, my sister, just by the way her eyes like are just like the so lightest,

um, squint or something. Like I know exactly her mood and like why, and what’s her problem and what happened? Like I know she’s pissed and Tom would know when I go home from work. Like if I’m like annoyed or not What happened? Nothing. Oh my gosh, what happened? Okay. Bonus. That was, that was 10 questions,

facts about us, but we’re going to do a bonus round. Cause it’s a pretty important one. Why we do this? Why we have a podcast, but why we have the whole, you know, this page and everything about PSUs and helping the sisters out there Helping a sister out. Why do we do this? Because I don’t want sisters to go through what I went through.

And I feel like there are too many things out there that are confusing, like resources out there that are confusing and misleading. Like Facebook chat forums, where everyone goes to complain and there’s no solutions there. Or like, you know, certain Instagram pages that are just overwhelming with facts. Um, I, I am into this because we produce content that people can follow it.

Like the simplicity of it all. There’s just so much you can do for PCs. And we start with gluten and dairy free. Like we start with one thing at a time and we, we don’t try to overwhelm our audience with the facts and everything we know as personal trainer and dietician. Like we don’t, um, spew all of that information at once.

We will feed it to you in a way that I would have liked to receive it when I was diagnosed. Yeah. That’s sweet. What about you? I mean, I’m really aligned with what you said, babe is like to help the scissors out there and liked to teach them what you learned through your process of making it easier for them. Because you know,

there’s no reason for all women out there to suffer and learn. Like they should just be able to learn from the get, go and not go through that phase of suffering. And it’s just, why, why, why would I keep on doing the same thing every day? Bringing you content and bringing information that’s like fun to learn from. And so you go in the right direction and like,

basically forget about your piece us one day. Cause you’re managing so well. Exactly. We love you lady. Yes, we do love you. So to end it, we’re going, gonna give a quick little shout out. We always like to do a win win of the week. A sister who was managing her piece us, and we’re going to read something from a review left on our podcast page.

So this review is from Maggie rod and she says these two are definitely a lighthouse for sisters with PCLs. Since I was 11, I had regular periods. I had gone from doctor to doctor and no one gave me a straight answer. It wasn’t until I was 29 that a doctor took the extra steps to confirm. I have PCOS on my gosh, but that was it.

I was only prescribing it for me on birth control and sent home. It wasn’t until I did an Instagram search that I found these two and the awesome advice on exercise, stress management and recipes. They have to offer my whole life. I felt like something was wrong with me. And these two give you the encouragement to live with PCLs and to take the fear of infertility away for the first time.

I feel hopeful. Sweet. Thank you. Thank you so much for the lovely review. We really appreciate it. Yeah, that means a lot to us because we just, we, we put a lot of time and effort and hearing it’s helping is like the number one reason we do it and it’s so motivating. So motivating to keep forward and that’s fills us with joy.

Yes. Makes us produce more content. Maggie go Maggie. Alrighty. That’s it. For this episode, we hope you liked it. This was just a fun one. Just for a second. We get a pause. Um, you know, all the information and learning. Let’s just have fun for a week. Let you guys know more about us,

but next week we’re back with it with another episode on PSUs and something you can learn about it. I’m not sure what that is just yet. We’ll see. I don’t want to keep you guys. Yeah. Thank you ladies. Thank you all. We’ll see you next week. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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