5 Reasons You’re Doing Everything Right & Still Not Losing Weight with PCOS

5 Reasons You’re Doing Everything Right & Still Not Losing Weight with PCOS

Have you been trying everything to lose weight with PCOS but still not seeing the results you deserve?

There are underlying reasons why women with PCOS struggle to lose weight and in today’s episode, we will help you avoid these common issues. 

You’ll learn:

– How to keep your body out of starvation mode

– How stress and sleep play a factor in PCOS weight loss

– Common hormonal imbalances

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Full Episode transcript:

Eating too little can actually put your body in starvation mode and make you wanna hang onto everything that you’re eating. And this can also happen because your body is like high in cortisol. And when you’re creating that stressful environment by eating too little, I mean it’s as if you’re in a famine, right? And that’s what it is with P C O S.

Like you’re in fight or flight mode and you’re just contributing to that experience by not eating enough. Drs. So I became a dietician. Welcome back to your home nation to, I’m so happy to be home. Don’t get me wrong, traveling was an amazing experience, but I am very pleased with the comfort of my own home. Yeah. Somebody before we left actually was my dentist.

He’s like, Aren’t you gonna miss the creature comforts? I was like, Who cares? I’m gonna go travel the world. As it turns out, I do miss the little things. Yeah. You end up missing like the consistent schedule or like just waking up with a closet that you’ve had that’s organized The bed. Familiar bed. Yeah. Number one.

But like when you brush your teeth, you don’t have to get it out of a toilet true bag. Instead you have a whole drawer where everything has been placed. The shower has your P C O S friendly, eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner attitude. Seriously, I use the attitude one and ever since February I’ve just been using like random things that yeah, whatever the hotel has or this and that because it’s just too heavy for the luggage for no reason I had to give up my shampoo.

So with all that said, we’re basic, as you can tell, we’re back to our home state of California near LA and it’s been great to be back. And we had one last, as you’ve experienced our last eight months of traveling, we’ve had hilarious travel stories of like, you know, where we like missed a flight and had to drive somewhere in six hours.

Like we had some crazy stories. But to cap it off with this last flight back home, we had a connecting flight. And the connecting flight, we realized that the original flight goes to the wrong airport and the connecting flight is at a different airport in the same sit. Hey, Two hours away. It turned out totally fine cause There was a six hour layover.

So we like, we barely, Yeah. Like we got lucky. But it was definitely my mistake and very typical of me because I’m not very good at booking flights and showing up at the correct airports and things like this. Yeah. Not super detail oriented in this way. So we, this is probably the third time I’ve made a crazy mistake when it comes to life’s freak.

Forgive you. But when the lady told us that we were going to the wrong airport, I was like, where are we going? Like what did I do? Are we going to the wrong side of the country? Like what’s going on? Like where are we? Luckily it was only two hours away so we, we basically got there and and took a taxi to the airport.

But you know, like you don’t want to miss that flight home cuz then you have to wait another 12 hours to just to get home, you know? So plus I booked the only flight that didn’t have any connections. It was just 14 hours. Yeah. You know, so it was like really important that we don’t miss it. And as we’re going through all this,

we launched Overfit Metabolism Plus. So like as we were going through this we launched the supplement line which would mean like we should have maybe waited a week after so that we got home and everything was comfortable but you know, we just couldn’t wait. It’s PCs Awareness Month. We really wanted to launch this thing for September and it happened. So people are so happy that that they’ve been able to pre-order.

Of course it won ship out until October 3rd. But how you feel about this time is I feel like people are really excited. I mean the website crashed. Are you kidding Me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t you remember like we launched it and the website crashed. Yes. The first 100 sisters received ovasitol and then we learned that our developer made a mistake with the emails.

Yes. I dunno if it was a developer ordered because the website crashed but, But the first 325 people who ordered got OAL got a free three month supply of oal. Well here’s the thing, they got the email that they’ve won. Yeah. So we had a dilemma. So we, we were told by the developer, okay we accidentally sent the email to an extra 200 people.

So that’s 300 people basically got the email. So we were thinking, okay, like we cannot disappoint the people, we can’t disappoint the people and not give them the ol that they thought they won. Honestly we had like a whole like whole, the whole team sat down Me Andt and the Developers. The developers and the logics. Yeah. And mix ol.

Yeah. And we were like what do we do? We don’t wanna send them an email and say that they actually didn’t win cuz that would be so disappointing. Yeah. And we were thinking about like what we should do and some people said like, Oh you should send the email and just say they didn’t win and give offer something else. And then some people were like,

you know, do what you think is right. And we were like, it just doesn’t sit well with us to not provide Ava when the disappointment in receiving an email that says Nevermind you didn’t win Ova is like too much. For sure We’re not gonna let that happen. Yeah. Sleep at night to know that 225 people, extra people who who got that email are gonna be disappointed when they read that they didn’t actually get the ovasitol.

So yeah. We decided that we’re going to ship them out. Yeah. Alright. 325 people you’re listening and you got vasal just so you know, this is what happened. We hope you enjoy it. Please email us in three months after taking it for three months. Of course. And exactly And we had to buy these extra vassals and this is something we were just willing to do because we were,

we just cared so much Yeah. About giving people what they were promised. So we, we just went ahead and bought those AOLs, thankfully their logics really helped out. Helped us out with getting all those together and doing something that really worked for us. So yeah, it ended up being the first 300 and so, and a few more people who got the Avast giveaway instead of the 100 And you know what that’s happy PCOS awareness month.

Exactly. Exactly. Be Better. So after you receive your supplements, including the O vasal and you take them and you know you’re on top of your supplement game for three months, please email us, tell us how you feel, tell us what’s going on with your energy, your period, your weight loss journey. We wanna hear all about it because you know this launch was really exciting for us.

Yeah. And we’re so happy that so many people got AOL and our supplements. Yes. Did you hear about that sister who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings finally regulate their periods ululate and improve their egged quality. Each packet of ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myin, acetol and de chiro Inositol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking OVASITOL can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warm me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it. You got it boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Well let’s move on to our main topic of today’s episode,

which is something that we feel a lot of people can relate to. We just got a recent voicemail about this on our hotline, but guess what? I updated my phone and I lost all the voicemails that I had saved. But the voicemail was basically from a sister who was talking about how she’s doing everything she possibly can, eating really healthy, working out really hard,

managing her stress and she’s still not able to see the process in losing weight. So there are so many different reasons why you might not be seeing weight loss results with P C O S and we’re gonna go through them in this podcast episode and I hope this makes you feel a little bit more seen and heard and comfortable on the p c weight loss journey because it is not straightforward.

You know, most people don’t instantly start losing weight, sometimes it takes a bit of time and speaking of time, that is the first thing will go over one of the reasons why it’s harder to lose weight. Well the first point is that like weight loss is not a linear process. So when it comes to the time it takes to lose weight with P C O S,

it’s not like if you’re looking at a chart and it’s a straight line that goes up, you know there’s gonna be ups and downs. It’s more like a staircase where you’re gonna see progress in one week and then you might see a little bit going backwards and next week or two and then progress more after then. So it’s not this linear process where you go where you shoot straight up in terms of losing weight with P C O S,

it’s more like a up and down approach where you get to your ultimate goal but it takes a bit more time than you know, originally anticipated. Yeah and there’s a lot of reasons to this. Like there are so many factors that go into P C O S weight loss and sometimes you’re like layering on new habits, you know, so maybe you started going gluten free and your symptoms got better and then you started dairy free and then you lost a pound or two and then you started those slow weighted workouts and then you continued.

It doesn’t mean like just cuz you did one thing next week you’re gonna be down two pounds. Sometimes it takes time to get used to these new habits and then eventually you start seeing the scale go down as your hormones balance, as your symptoms get better, you know, and then your metabolism starts moving. Yeah. And that’s the goal with all of the pieces of advice that we give in the sisterhood in our podcast with our supplements and everything like this is all about healing the metabolism and that doesn’t happen overnight.

Yeah, I mean it takes time for, for example like your, your metabolism rate, the water retention, inflammation, insulin resistance, all of that to improve it takes time. And if you’re looking to improve any of those, we always highly recommend looking back at our previous episodes we have episodes about how to burn more calories, how to improve insulin sensitivity,

all that stuff. Just look at our previous episodes to get more and more information. So that’s basically the time perspective. Like you have to remember how, how long it can take to get to get to your goals and it’s possible. So the first topic we want to bring up is cuz everybody you know focuses on really eating healthy or going on a strict diet basically restricting themselves.

And the first point that might be holding you back is that you might be actually eating too little. Yeah, eating too little can actually put your body in starvation mode and make you wanna hang onto everything that you’re eating. And this can also happen because your body is like high in cortisol and when you’re creating that stressful environment by eating too little, I mean it’s as if you’re in a famine,

right? And that’s what it is with P C O S. Like you’re in fight or flight mode and you’re just contributing to that experience by not eating enough. And so I remember like eating special K cereal for lunch, the sugar because back in the day, you know, that was the diet trend and I thought that I was gonna lose weight by just having a bowl of cereal for lunch and you know,

obviously it was not enough calories and it was terrible for me because it was dairy in the milk. Yeah. And gluten and the cereal and whatnot. But anyways, my point is I was like starving. I was working out so hard eating special case cereal on some crazy diet and not losing any weight And so it’s tough. That is not healing your metabolism.

Yeah. The next point that we want to cover is that you may also be retaining water. So there are hormonal changes that occur around your menstrual cycle. Even when you’re taking medication or even when you have too much inflammation, your, your body retains water for all these different kinds of situations. For example, even like consuming too much salt or having certain,

certain types of processed foods. So these are things you know you wanna be aware of. Of course if you’re experiencing swelling or a lot of water retention. Couple things we recommend, one of them is like magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to LO to reduce water intake, improve swelling, lower inflammation, of course heat pads on the areas that are experiencing water retention and of course drinking plenty of water cuz it might sound kind of like the wrong take,

but actually drinking a lot of water will help your body reduce. Flush it out. Yeah, flush it out so you don’t have so much water retention because the water retention in many cases happens because your body needs water and because water intake is too low, it’s holding on to all a lot of it. I also wanna add that the reason why women with P C O S tend to retain so much water and feel puffy and the chest and the body and the face and everything is because of having high levels of inflammation.

And this can be from the food choices that we’re making, the ingredients that we’re choosing. And this can just be because for some reason P C O S women tend to have a lot of inflammation. One of the reasons why we came out with the supplements that we did in our metabolism plus bundle is because they fight inflammation like curcumin, which comes from RIC and coq 10.

These are really potent antioxidants. And this is really important with the P C O S weight loss journey because the more inflammation you have, the more water you retain and puffy you feel and it’s harder to lose weight and your metabolism doesn’t work properly and these supplements and also changing your diet, the goal is to help reduce the inflammation, stop retaining this water and get your cells to work properly and metabolize the food that you’re eating.

Yes. And what were you, what topic were you talking about right now? Water attention. Oh, okay. I’m I I Was looking just skip Her up. I was looking at the rest of the information and then I I lost you and I thought you were talking about your under other topic so I’m sorry. All right. The next one is that you might not be getting enough sleep at night.

Studies show that if you skip out on just a few hours of sleep cumulatively within a week you are less likely to have insulin sensitivity. The it reduces Your, It reduces Sensitivity like by a law actually. Oh yeah, exactly. Yeah, of course. Like consistent bad sleep schedule is is of course not good. But even one night can affect your insulin resistance the next day.

The next day. Exactly. So sleep is really important and especially even for stress hormones, like if you’re not getting a quality eight hour period of rest at night, you’re then the next day you’re stress hormones are gonna be all out of whack. And when you have high cortisol what happens? We gain weight in the midsection. And that leads me to our next one.

You’re under a lot of stress. Yeah, stress is a cycle between inflammation too. So like inflammation, when you have a lot more inflammation, your body releases more cortisol to fight that inflammation and then you end up having a lot more stress. So, and we, we know what stress AKA your cortisol hormone does, it stimulates your fat and carbohydrate metabolism creating a surge of energy in your body.

But while it’s, this is important for like an energy or for survival situations, it like elevated cortisol levels for long periods of time can cause just cravings for sweet like fatty foods, salty foods, all these kinds of things. So you don’t wanna have excess stress or cortisol in your body. Of course this also can cause your body to produce more testosterone and things like that.

Androgen levels. Yeah, exactly. I mean you, it goes hand in hand like weight loss and your P C O S symptoms. So for example, if you have a lot of stress it can promote high testosterone and facial hair, acne, hair loss like CAC was saying. It can also make us gain weight. And part of the process of P C O S weight loss,

like we said in the beginning is taking your time because as you reduce your stress hormones and you get them under control again, yes, the first thing you might see is that your acne clears up or you know, symptoms like facial hair start to reduce. Maybe the next symptom that you see get better is losing weight. So it does take time and is definitely worth investing energy in.

And the next one is having chronically high insulin. Now this is one I’m really passionate about because women with P C O S, 80% of us have insulin resistance. And this is a huge factor in P C O S weight gain. Now that doesn’t mean everyone with insulin resistance gains weight because some people have lean P C O S and insulin resistance, but many people with high insulin levels gain insulin resistance,

gain weight and it’s really hard to lose weight. High insulin blocks fat burning, remember that? So that means the different things that contribute to having high insulin is making your metabolism not function properly and you’re not able to burn fat. And so what are these things? Like we said with sleep it’s really important to get enough sleep or else you’re more insulin resistant the next day it’s important to manage your stress hormones.

Reducing inflammation is huge. Again, going gluten and dairy free. The supplements we recommend reduce inflammation, help insulin resistance and ultimately weight loss because if insulin is high it’s gonna block fat burning. So we want it to come back down to normal. And then another thing that I think is really important is that having high insulin levels can often be from snacking and grazing throughout the day.

That’s why in the sisterhood we always talk about breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a snack in between lunch and dinner or a snack in between breakfast and lunch or both. Now it’s really important that you’re not just like grazing throughout the day and having a light breakfast and then a snacks all up until lunch. And this takes away from your opportunity of having a window of fasting within your day and those fasting periods between lunch and your next snack and your next snack and your next dinner.

These fasting periods are really important because insulin levels come back down and when they’re down we’re we’re burning fat where metabolism is moving and the things that we ate are being burned. So it’s really important to have those breaks in between your day where you’re not just like raising and snacking and eating random things. So meals should be filling, you know, protein, carb,

fiber, fat, We’ve balanced all the meals in the sisterhood for a reason in a certain way so that you’re not snacking all day long. You know, I love our combination of, of strengths when it comes to spurting awareness about P C O S, You’re a dietician, you like your master of nutrition when it comes to like knowing how to, how to like eat or set your diet around P C O S and then here comes some points from your P C O S personal trainer Yes.

About how your, your workouts and how that can actually be contributing to maybe not seeing the results that you’re looking for. Hit it. Thank You. So first thing is a common thing. So again, these topics are all about like what can be holding you back when it seems like you’re doing everything for P C O S. But of course sometimes you may be thinking you’re doing what’s best for P C O S,

for example, working out as hard as possible and eating less and hoping that that causes weight loss. So that’s actually one thing that can hold you back is the working out as hard as possible. Many times when sisters work out day after day hours and hours, but that’s gonna cause a high cortisol, a surgery of your cortisol hormone like we were talking about earlier.

This is gonna be very counterproductive in, you know, improving P C s symptoms and losing weight. That high cortisol is gonna lead to weight gain in the midsection. It can cause anxiety, it can cause you not to recover in time and now your body’s under state of stress consistently making you feel like basically like you’re in, you’re in a famine so your body doesn’t react well to this.

It creates, you know, it lowers your metabolism, it wants you to conserve energy. So all know, like doing intense workouts for a lot of people may not be beneficial for P C s. Now if it’s working for you, if you’re doing really intense workouts going for runs and seeing the results that you’re looking for, then you should continue for it.

But if not, maybe think of reducing your runs to about 30 minutes at a time. Doing more of a strength training workouts where you have adequate rests in between sets and you’re giving a break or a day in between your workout sessions til your body recover. And if you all learn more about working out for P C os, again I recommend checking out our previous episodes as well where you can learn more.

And one last tidbit about working out for P C O S, especially when you’re doing strength training. We always recommend doing slowly to workouts, which is a form of strength training made to basically make sure that you don’t produce excess amounts of of cortisol. It’s basically low intensity. So when you’re doing strength training, what can happen is in the beginning because you’re developing muscle,

it may seem that the scale is higher. And the reason for this is that the same volume of muscle will weigh more than the same volume of fat, basically. Meaning muscle weighs more than fat. So when you’re gaining lean muscle and maybe not burning fat as fast in the early stages, which is totally normal, it may seem like the scale’s growing up,

but in fact you’re just starting up that that engine, you’re starting up your metabolism because the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism even when you’re not working out. So thinking about the long game right there when you’re doing strength training in the first couple weeks it may seem, or in the first month or so, it may seem like you’re gaining weight,

but in reality it’s just more muscle. Very good babe to cover it. And then of course if, if you wanna mention these telling like of course these are some main reasons why you may not be losing weight with P C O S or what’s holding you back, but there, there may be some other underlying health issues that you may not be aware of.

So if you’ve committed to lifestyle changes and you know you’re really like understanding metabolism and P C O S and really implementing it the best way that you can, but you’re still not seeing results, then I highly suggest that you get some extensive blood work done with a naturopathic doctor who has studied functional medicine and have them look at your thyroid levels, your adrenal hormone levels,

your insulin levels, things like this to really discover like what the root issues are. And maybe you really need to focus on those. So let’s say you figure out that your thyroid is in struggle city, like the lifestyle changes you’re making are probably great for your thyroid if you’re following, you know, our method. But you might need some extra support,

whether that’s medication or that’s supplementation or just some guidance from a functional doctor who can really tell you some other information regarding your your thyroid. I think it’s important to dig deep and not give up and not just accept, you know, sometimes doctors and even dieticians can be so negative and say like, Oh well this is just how it is, you know,

you’re gonna have to eat like a bird. And I think that is such a stupid way of thinking. I literally think it’s hold ’em out. No, I think it’s so lazy. You have no concept of metabolism if that’s how you’re speaking with your patient. And I’m not surprised because doctors don’t really study metabolism or nutrition. But anyways, I’m just saying like,

don’t let it get to you. Whoever is saying that to you has no idea what they’re talking about. Get some lab work done, work with a functional doctor, discover what the root issues are and really nail them and get them under control because you know everything that you’re doing is not going to waste. Like it’s probably good for you and you just need to layer on a few other things.

Don’t give up. Absolutely. You said it’s so good babe. And if you’re looking for talking about like lab tests and getting your, your lab results done to get more information, we always recommend the lab kits that’s in our, on our Instagram. If you go to our highlight on Instagram called lab kit, you’ll find one there and we have a voucher for two to help out.

So check out that on our Instagram. And then lastly, before we go, let’s not forget about one of our favorite parts about of the podcast, the wins of the week. These are sisters who are managing their symptoms, showing Ps, who BS is and just basically, you know, taking it one step at a time. Our first win is from Melissa.

She says, Hey sisters, I have a win that will hopefully encourage someone after getting off birth control three years ago. My period has been wreaking havoc on me at several times over the years I’ve bled for 60 plus days at a time all the doctors wanted was to put me back on birth control. Fast forward to joining the sisterhood two months ago, I slowly started switching a gluten dairy free and coffee free.

I got my period last week and, and I was sad because I had a trip this week. However, it felt different with this period. I’m happy to say for the first time in three years I got a period that stopped after seven days. My normal cycle pre Cs, I was nervous it would just come back two days later. But it hasn’t.

I hope this is the beginning of healing my P c s because it’s been a hard journey for me. Yay. Good for you. I love that. I’m so proud of you. Look, you joined the sisterhood, you went gluten and dairy free, you removed coffee from your diet, you started implementing lifestyle changes and you know your period is like a report card Yeah.

Of what you’ve been doing to see if it’s been working or not. And clearly it has. Yes. The seven period going away in seven days, that’s, you know, that’s really healthy and excellent. If you can get that cycle within 28 to I believe 33 days, 35. 35, I’m sorry, 35 days. And then that’s a really good area as well.

Like yeah. You Know, So proud of you. Great progress. Great, great job. Next is China Sine she says Hi sisters. So I am still trying to make sense of what is happening inside my body, but I went gluten and dairy free exactly a week ago. Granted my weight fluctuates, but this morning I saw a number on the scale that I have not seen in years.

Despite consistent exercise, portion control and eating healthy foods. I also am sleeping well. And throughout the night, waking up early my whole life I have been a chronic night owl and full of energy without coffee. Question mark, exclamation point. Is it possible that gluten and dairy sensitivity was causing my sleep problems? Yes. And making it challenging to control my weight?

Absolutely. Could it really be that simple and that fast? I love you reading that. Is this really the missing link that has caused me to not feel good in my body all these years? Is this how time reads a book? I am absolutely speechless. It feels like a dream. Like it’s too good to be true. How can this be real?

This cannot be real. You know what, China, it is real. And I know exactly how you feel. The state of shock. This is why I say try it for 30 days and see how you feel. Like honestly, so many people on Instagram, I see, you know, people like bashing gluten and dairy free, this and that.

And I’m just like, you have no idea until you try it for 30 days and see how you feel. Absolutely. It could be the reason why everything else you’re doing is not working. Do you know what I mean? And I love how anytime someone says, Oh, like gluten, dairy free, blah blah, blah, blah for P. And then you’ll see the comments.

Everyone’s like, I went gin dairy free and I feel best has ever for P C O S i’s all the comments are like saying, I don’t think you, I don’t think you, you know what you’re talking about. These people who post anti glutenin and dairy free posts can’t keep up with their comments because everyone’s like, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I Know. And they ended up, they ended up closing comments for The post. It’s just like ridiculous I guess. Anyways, China, I’m so happy for you. Welcome to the sisterhood and I hope your p s weight loss journey just continues to be this wonderful for you. I’m so happy to hear that you found what’s working for you. So you’re such an inspiration.

Go. You Absolutely go China, you got this. All right, that is everything for today. Just a remind, remind to everyone. If you wanna go ahead and order our A Metabolism plus bundle, just head over to ova fit.org. Ovafit.org. Just check, check out our website there you can find more information and if you wanna access blogs,

join the scissor hood and get basically more information about your P C O S, just go to our website, pcos weight loss.org. You can join the scissor hood there. Get access to our so many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vegan vegetarians, and They’re all balanced to help reduce inflammation. They’re gluten and dairy free. Yeah and they’re great for insulin sensitivity.

Yeah. You know, sometimes I have trouble saying the sisterhood cause I’m trying to say like the way it’s spelled with the C Y S T E R sisterhood, which is hard, but I have to sit like Sister Sisterhood. Sisterhood. S I S T R, Sisterhood. You’ve said it enough times Babe. By the way, now that the supplement launch is done,

now we’re on the cusp of the app launching. Just stay tuned. Y’all stay tuned. We’re also taste, we’re gonna start taste testing protein powders. Not, not that we’re gonna launch that like immediately or anything. Not for like six months. I don’t think there’s a Lot Happening. Too much happening. Yeah, we’re dealing with like manufacturing issues and like trying to get things,

everything lined up. So, oh my God, I can’t even imagine getting these protein powders in time. Nine times soon. All right, well now you know what’s going on on the back end. We’ll give you all more information next weekend stuff too, as we know more. But everyone, thank you so much for listening to today’s episode. We love you.

We hope you have a great weekend. We’ll be back next time with another episode. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCOS lifestyle, pollutant and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.


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