8 Steps to Controlling PCOS Cravings!

Sometimes it feels like our cravings are controlling us…trust me as someone with a shared hormonal disorder, I’ve been there!

In this episode, we give you our top tips to reduce cravings with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, so that you don’t have to fight your cravings for the rest of your life and instead, focus on healing them!

You’ll learn about diet & lifestyle changes you can start today including supplements, exercises, and more! We also give you the low down on artificial sweeteners, sleep, and gluten’s impact on cravings, and how to manage those pesky insulin levels! What are you waiting for Cysters? Click play!

And for those of you who are super interested in this topic, read on! We’re going to quickly break down 8 steps to controlling PCOS cravings. Not only to provide additional content for you but to ensure you have a handy resource available when those intense PCOS cravings kick in. Let’s dive right in!

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8 Steps To Controlling PCOS Cravings

Go gluten-free.

When it comes to dealing with PCOS cravings, going gluten-free is a great first step. A gluten-free diet will reduce overall carb consumption, thus reducing sugar consumption and sugar cravings. This isn’t to say all carbs are bad. In fact, complex carbs (which digest slower) are great for women with PCOS. It’s those gluten-filled simple carbs that are best avoided.

Believe us Cysters, we know going gluten-free is no easy task. But making this change to your diet will not only reduce sugar intake, it will also help you lose weight with PCOS and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Start by identifying which foods in your diet contain gluten. Then, phase them out and replace them with a healthier alternative.

Don’t mask your cravings.

PCOS cravings can be very INTENSE. Those of us who chronically deal with this symptom can attest to just how strong these cravings can get. With that being said, it can be tempting to try to mask your carbohydrate cravings with sweet-tasting food items, like fruit and artificial sugars. Unfortunately, fruit still contains plenty of sugar and artificial sweeteners still trigger insulin release. So, these are not viable options for your blood sugar levels.

Instead of giving in to food cravings, work to reduce them. Rather than continuously masking your cravings, it’s more important to face the issue head-on and focus on forming new healthy habits – like eating a healthy diet with minimal sugary foods. While you can still incorporate fruit into your diet, it’s never a good idea to overeat sweet fruit in order to mask your cravings.

Identify your trigger foods.

Whether you have PCOS or not, consuming sugary foods only makes you want to consume more sugary foods. We see this in our daily lives with soda, bread, candy, and so on. Once you have one, it’s hard to stop. This can quickly become a downward spiral of overeating, binge eating, and weight gain. So, as a Cyster, it’s a good idea to identify your trigger foods early and avoid consuming them altogether so that you can regulate your blood sugar. Then over time, consuming less sugar will reduce these sugar cravings.

Manage stress.

Stress is one of the most common causes of food cravings, and even more so if you’re a Cyster. So, learning to manage your stress levels can greatly reduce the amount of food cravings you have. Not to mention, stress management can also assist with menstrual regularity, overall mental health, and weight loss. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to manage stress.

Stress management strategies include: exercising and/or lifting weights, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, meditating, journaling, practicing self-care, and connecting with others. It’s also important to mention that not all stress is mental. Stress can come in physical forms as well, such as eating inflammatory foods. So, it’s important to manage both mental and physical stress.

Lift weights.

Physical activity is key to managing all the symptoms of PCOS, both physical and mental. Since PCOS cravings often stem from stress, lifting weights and exercising is a great way to reduce stress and thus reduce cravings. It’s also a key step in any PCOS weight loss journey and works to build insulin sensitivity and improve mood. Try to perform a minimum of 30 minutes – 1 hour of physical activity each day. If you’re unsure about how to get into a good exercise routine, start with these exercises for PCOS.

Get your 8 hours of sleep.

Again, since stress is the main reason those diagnosed with PCOS experience food cravings, getting plenty of sleep can help reduce and even prevent these cravings. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night can not only reduce stress, thus reducing food cravings. But it can also improve overall mental health and moodiness, and assist with weight loss.

Avoid eating one huge meal.

When we eat large meals, the body produces a large jolt of insulin. And because insulin is an appetite stimulant, large meals can lead to intense cravings afterward. Instead of consuming a large meal, opt for several smaller meals throughout the day. And, don’t skip meals. This will reduce cravings and binge eating, and improve overall mood throughout the day. Be sure to keep to your meal plan and stock up on these pantry must-haves for PCOS nutrition.

Talk to your doctor about Ovasitol.

Finally, if managing this symptom naturally just isn’t working for you, we highly recommend talking to your doctor about Ovasitol. For Cysters like us, Ovasitol can drastically reduce sugar cravings. As well as improve insulin sensitivity, restore hormone balance, and improve ovulation and egg quality. While you’re there, don’t forget to also ask your doctor these other important questions about PCOS.

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Full Episode transcript:

How about Abby? What’s up sisters. We love you. We’re recording. Oh, are you serious? You tricked me electric Chair. How’s it going? Scissors. Welcome to the new episode of the podcast today. We’re going to talk about how to control PCO as cravings so much more on the way, but quick announcement. Our fellow friend and singer producer of our intro song keys has won a record deal.

So Exciting. I’m sure you saw us talk about it on Instagram stories, but she even came on our live and sing the PCLs song for us. She did like a concert on our lives. She’s so amazing. I’m so happy for her. You know, it’s so hard to like, get your name out there in the music industry. I can’t even imagine.

And she won this competition for live ex live and you know, now she has a record deal and she’s just going to shoot up to the sky and her amazing boyfriend. I almost said husband, Mr. Mr. He produced the songs. And so it’s just awesome. Yeah. If you don’t know on Instagram that I guess there was a competition. Whoever got the most votes,

they want a record deal, as well as some prize money and keys was one of only like eight people in line for the competition. You know, like they, they pretty much eliminated like hundreds of people, thousands of people to get down to the last eight. And then the winner was basically going to be decided upon the number of votes we corralled on Instagram on Instagram stories.

So we corralled the sisters. I mean, key’s of course has her own fandom, but we tried to support her as much as possible. She’s the intro. I know so Many people DM the same voted too. I mean, it was just so nice to see everyone. Yeah. We had like a giveaway, like whoever votes, we’re Going to get,

pick one winner for the sisterhood and stuff like that. So thank you to everyone who did vote for keys. And we’re so happy for her congrats to case we hope this contract and everything brings you, everything you ever wanted. Yeah. And more PCLs songs for our sister. Be like an album. Can you imagine? Yeah, it’d be pretty good.

Each song Is about a different subject. One’s about cravings. One’s about birth control or Like it’s like a pink Floyd album where it’s like a big story, the whole album. And as you’re going through each song, you’re going through until you get to the end, learning how To work out, this, that, and then the end, the last one is like,

you put my love on top. Yeah. But if you know how pink Floyd albums work, they’re like a cycle. So they start over again. Meaning in that same cycle, over and over. It’s like a symbolism of life. So we don’t want to do that with it. I want to do that anyway. That was it Not necessary. We don’t need to go back to square one ever Anyway,

for those wondering why I have the pink tattoo, it’s not for pink. The singer it’s for pink Floyd. They changed my life with their music. Long time ago, I have multiple pink Floyd tattoos. So if you see me on Instagram with a pink tattoo across my chest, it’s software pink singer. Although I do love her. She’s great. It’s worth,

my Mom played. It was pink. The singer because she doesn’t know How many people say that. You know, people will look at me at the beach sometimes and like, just have like a little smirk. And I’m just like these people. Yeah. That’s so funny. These millennials Will, you know what the other day, I don’t know if we talked about this on the podcast,

how someone actually saw Us while we were at, because she saw your tattoos. That’s true. Like brown hair. Okay. And she like put it together. Yeah. It was the funniest thing. We actually got recognized at the beach while we’re eating with Italian sister Was literally the chip And he, he like, he literally Froze with the chip next to his mouth open with his mouth open.

And I had to do all the talking I’m like get up and like Mouth agape. Like I was just like staring. I was like, what’s happening right now? Is this where have we been recognized? That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was eating that chip. And I would just pause in that very moment, just staring at the girl, staring at Tallinn.

And it was the girl had her child. I don’t want to say her name or anything because of privacy. But she had her child, it was a baby. And she was seeing how her baby actually benefited from gluten dairy free because her baby unfortunately had alopecia and nothing was working. And she actually, because of her journey, she made her made to be gluten dairy free.

And it actually reverse all the alopecia symptoms. I mean, she said it was helping. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So shout out to her, shout out to her baby. If you guys are listening and her husband too, she had her husband, no family. And I was like in a bikini, it was sorry. Honestly. I was like,

okay. It was awkward for her whole family. Like, like a nice attire, nice Attire, like strolling along the beach. And we’re laying out in a bikini and with my tattoos, I’m like, I don’t know a lot of everyone’s different, but like, I feel like I’m more conservative. Like I don’t like to just like post bikini pictures of myself,

you know, even when we do before and afters, like I like when, you know, I make sure that people are addressed or whatever, that’s just my taste. So then I got like really embarrassed that day. God don’t look at me, husbands dressed. Everyone’s like strolling Around. No, your sister was there. So we have proof That we got recognized.

Yeah. Anyways, so let’s move on to the main point of this episode, which is how to control or the steps to controlling cravings with PCs. As we all know, cravings can be one of the biggest pain points of PSUs, mainly because of insulin resistance. We know that 80% of sisters, but there’s a lot more to it. We’re going to help break it down.

So, You know, we, haven’t done an episode on craving since episode three of the podcast. This Is episode 70 episodes until, until now, but there’s been more after sitters. I’ve heard this. I Mean, I just, we, I feel like we talk about it, but we didn’t do like another episode of that. We need to be like every 10 episodes needs to be about craving.

So many people struggle with it. I mean, we haven’t done an update, The birth control episode, we haven’t done an update to the Metformin episode. We Need to do we share those updates. It’s been only, Only one episode of those. So a lot coming soon then. Yeah. So, well with cravings, you know, I asked the audience sisters out there on Instagram,

what it feels like in their own words to have cravings. Yeah. And some of their responses included. And this is from before I had asked the way before they said our cravings are controlling us. I feel like my cravings are controlling. I’m always thinking about food. My cravings seem to be unstoppable. It’s like a monster that took over me. It’s like having a demon inside of me pushing me to eat.

And these are words from other sisters that we’ve like basically gathered these responses from. So yeah, it’s just, I mean, having PCs cravings is so much more different than just craving. Like anyone else craving something like a PCLs craving is truly what they’re explaining, like a monster taking over you. Like, you want to start crying because you just want to eat everything.

And like, you can’t control yourself and it’s like, it gives you like a headache, just like, think about it. And I remember what that was like, it was like aggravating and You can’t even move on to what you want to do. Like maybe you’re working, maybe you’re studying. Maybe you’re just trying to move on with your day. And you can’t because all you can think of is these cravings and you can’t focus on that.

You’re Truly in starvation mode. Like your metabolism is truly suffering when you have PCOS. And like, imagine somebody who hasn’t eaten for like a week or something, you know, that type of like hunger and cravings that they get. That’s what a woman with PCOS who’s, who’s in starvation mode is feeling in that moment when they see cake, you know,

for sure. For sure. So let’s talk about what are the reasons behind this. So we’ll talk about a lot of times about insulin resistance and how 80% of women have a, sorry, 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance, but let’s break it down. Like we always do. Tallinn is a master of explaining insulin resistance. So everybody get your notes out or maybe you’ve heard it before,

maybe memorize it. Ty, why don’t you tell us what insulin resistance is? All right. Insulin Resistance is what happens when your cells have been bombarded by the hormone insulin too much. Now it can also be a genetic thing. It can be passed down. Genetically, if your mom or grandma or people in your family had diabetes or insulin resistance, it can be passed down to you.

And when we have insulin resistance, given the correct lifestyle and diet circumstances, it can trigger S symptoms. So what happens is that insulin hormone is, you know, grabbing the sugar in your bloodstream when you eat and giving it to yourself. So your yourselves can burn it for energy. And then when that, when you have like too much insulin pumping into your bloodstream,

eventually your cells lock and they become resistant to that insulin. And what happens is they, they don’t get that sugar from your bloodstream to burn, burn up. And the insulin goes to your ovaries, triggering high testosterone, that sugar that’s not being burned up, ends up storing as fat around your organs. Specifically, your liver, fatty liver disease happens non alcoholic,

fatty liver disease. Many sisters have this when they’re insulin resistant. Now sometimes, you know, women gained weight when they’re insulin resistant. Sometimes they don’t. That doesn’t mean you’re not insulin resistant. If you have lean piece, cos you could still have fatty liver, you could still have insulin resistance. So some of the symptoms are weight gain, especially around the midsection,

including, you know, feeling moody because your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster like it’s staying high and then it’s crushing. And then when it crashes, you crave more sugary things. When you create more sugary things, you release more insulin and then the more insulin you have, your cells become more resistant to it. And so the cycle continues and it’s just a mess.

And that high testosterone that it’s triggering can make so many PCs symptoms worse, like your mood, hair loss, facial hair, acne, again, weight gain. You know, let me go back to mood because when you have high testosterone, you just feel like stressed and aggravated. So insulin resistance, blood sugar control is so key to PCO S symptom management and weight loss.

If, if you gain weight from it, it’s just so important to tackle this. And that’s what we want to talk about with this episode, tackling the insulin resistance because that’s going to help you control your cravings. And there are so many ways to do this. You should just start with one. I’m not saying all of these at once tomorrow, but take notes,

you know, or, or listen, and think of which one you want to start with and make a small goal to start with one of these management techniques for insulin resistance, because it’s really going to help with your cravings. Yeah. I love it. Amazing explanation. I don’t know how you even breathe throughout that explanation. You must be. I don’t even know.

Yeah. Yes. Water please. But just to move, move from times amazing explanation to the tips that she mentioned right now. You hear about that sister who took opacity tall and finally got her period after a year of not having them incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Subtle helps with healing,

insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCFS sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So Awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink It. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off yours.

All right, babe. Let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some peer spectrum CBD. Sure. Hey sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all.

Now Open your mouth please. So I can give you a serving. Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum cbd.com and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% off. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. So the tips to reduce cravings with PCUSA even when you have instant resistance and more.

So the first one is going gluten free. Now there’s a whole lot of benefits from going gluten and dairy free. But one of the specific reasons that going gluten-free really helps is that it increases your leptin hormone sensitivity, or I’m sorry. I should say it reduces, did I rate increases on, oh wait. You know what it is? I think glucosamine.

Yeah. Well, gluten itself can reduce the sensitivity of your leptin hormone by 50%. Now, what does that mean? Your leptin hormone is basically your fat thermostat. What it does is it gauges how much fat is in your bloodstream. And according to that, it will increase or decrease your metabolism. But what happens when you have gluten is that it makes the leptin hormone,

hormone not work as efficiently. It makes it less sensitive. Basically it’s imagine a device that’s not able to read the temperature. You know, it’s not able to read the fat levels in the, in the blood causing your metabolism levels to be either up or down and not where it should be. And that basically will lead your body to crave more food because you don’t feel full,

full your body. Doesn’t realize there’s enough fat in the blood cells or in the blood. And therefore it doesn’t adjust the metabolism accordingly, accordingly leaving you to feel more harm. Right? I mean, I’ve had patients who have said extra going gluten-free specifically. They ended up eating less calories, but feeling more full because when they were eating gluten, they had a leptin resistance.

So then it made them want to eat more and more because they never felt full and they just like kept eating. Yeah. So I’ve seen it firsthand and I mean, it’s happened to me, but yeah, all of these things are so you can speak up on it, but I’ve really seen it firsthand. It’s amazing that you can feel fuller by eating less.

Absolutely. Yeah. You want to get the next step? Okay. So the next tip is to have one fruit a day when you’re starting out to manage your insulin resistance. Let me explain. So a lot of times when we have sugar cravings, we have awful cravings and we want to eat something healthy instead of sweet. So we turn to, to fruit.

Now that being said, I have done this before turning to fruit. I literally would have like four pieces of fruit as a snack with like nothing else, because I was craving sugar. I was, it was sweet. And I knew that it was healthy and nutritious and fruit is wonderful for you, but actually it is, it still has sugar in it.

So it’s important not to replace the things that you’re craving with a whole bunch of fruit. Like I remember like we’re Armenian so fruit after dinner as a snack, cut up some fruit. Force-feed everybody. Yeah. A buffet of fruit on a beautiful platter and you just eat it, eat it, eat it because it’s healthy and it’s so nutritious. But you know what,

when you have blood sugar issues, it’s important to focus on reducing your sugar intake, whether it’s fruit, chocolate, candy, whatever. So that being said, you can still have some proof, pair it with some almonds, something to help slow your digestion of the sugar in the fruit. You know, the fruit has fiber in it. Anyways, you can also choose low glycemic fruits like berries,

which are great for blood sugar control. And that can help with your sweet craving in that moment without making it worse by causing a blood sugar spike. Yeah. Wow. Well, I’m good. Okay. Right. Next step is. You guys have heard us talk about this many times, but all basketballs, natural supplement it’s made of in also talls and it helps back to get,

it helps to help heal your insulin resistance Stoli naturally over time and can be something great to pair it with a diet and lifestyle. So basketball is something you take once in the morning with a meal and other time and evening with a meal and it will really help to regulate your blood sugar levels so that you don’t feel really hungry, like 31 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour after your meal.

And so if you’re interested, we had the link in the description where you can go and use our discount code to get 15% off of actually memorized the discount code. So 9 2 6, 600. Wow. I want to mention something about Avastar. Yeah. Sometimes even when you do certain things to help with your insulin resistance, like w w everything that we’re about to mention,

you know, sometimes you still need an extra boost of help, like from a supplement because genetically your makeup is really the driving force behind this. So there’s a 40 to one ratio of Mio and de Cairo nostril that should be in ourselves that helps ourselves, you know, pick up the sugar in our bloodstream. And if we, you don’t have the correct ratio,

you can be insulin resistant and a lot of women with PCOS struggle with this. Right. So yes, of course, with diet and lifestyle changes, you can help this. You can boost your metabolism and everything, but also taking the OBA Saul supplement, which is that 40 to one ratio can be super helpful. And for me works within 15 minutes of taking it because it’s literally getting down to the actual problem that’s in myself,

you know? So it’s great. In addition to everything that we’re saying. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. All Right. Next one. I’ll let Ty and explain this to think about what you ate that day and why it’s triggering craving. Okay. Well, have you ever like skipped breakfast or had a light breakfast or just fruit for breakfast? Like a fruit smoothie.

Yeah. And then you’ll feel hungry like an hour later or something. Exactly. You know, when you’re hungry like that, you want to reflect, like, did I have enough protein for breakfast? What did I eat that day? These are all important factors thing. Did I have carbs with my lunch? Did I, did I just have salad with no carbs?

Maybe that’s why you’re craving a cookie. Two hours later. Balance is key. So these are important components, you know? And then next thing, you know, you’re craving sweets because all you ate was lettuce for lunch. Yeah, absolutely. As I mentioned, like, look over your day, like, why you think or feeling with the hungry,

did you have 30 to 40 grams of protein? Like we suggest for your, for your breakfast? Or did you have way too little, same thing for lunch? What do you feel like you had like, try to break it down at the end of the day and then try to point out, okay, this for sure. This didn’t help me for sure.

This didn’t help me. Maybe I had too many carbs. Maybe we had two little carbs, you know, all these things. Yeah. I th I feel this one, I stopped working out. Like if I, I then I’m insulin resistant. Okay, perfect. Perfect. Transition to the next tip, which is lifting weights. So I’ll, I’ll kind of explain here why lifting weights helps,

but basically when you do a weighted workouts, for example, doing thigh workouts, now I say tie workouts, because like your legs are the biggest muscles in your body. So when you do tie workouts, it actually helps to pick up the sugars in your bloodstream, therefore helping with your insulin resistance, it actually makes you more sensitive to insulin. So doing tight workouts,

w why we mentioned thyre workouts, that the biggest muscle, therefore can have the biggest impact on helping to pick up those sugars in your bloodstream and helping with the insulin resistance. Now, another thing that why lifting weights can be more helpful is that if you’re basing your workouts on doing long intense runs, you may actually be making your insulin resistance worse. So what happens when you go on long intensive runs is that your body dumps a lot of sugar into your bloodstream.

Now this is normal, but when you have insulin resistance, instead of using that sugar for energy, burning it for energy, it stores it as fat. And instead you may end up gaining weight or weight plateau. So basically lifting weights can help your body become more sensitive to insulin. Reducing the intensive runs can help as well. Yeah. Yeah. I also want to mention something that I read about with insulin resistance.

If you snack too many times throughout the day, you’re constantly pumping insulin hormone into your bloodstream, and you don’t always want to do that because it will bombard yourselves, like I said, and make them more insulin resistance. So my next point is making sure that you’re not eating too many times in the day. So I typically have breakfast, lunch dinner,

and then one snack in between lunch and dinner. Cause it’s a long period between 12 and like seven. So that’s a great point. And I’ve seen a huge difference in my own body by doing that instead of grazing. Well, I just pulled up a study, a small studies show that people who lifted weights for a 60 to 90 minutes felt less hungry than those who didn’t work out.

In fact, a good workout could suppress your appetite for as long as two hours afterward. Searchie very generic statement there, but basically, I mean, so true. It makes me not want to snack and graze. Yeah. You know, I feel, I feel stronger and I don’t feel like I’m constantly eating because of the, the weights. But if I run game over like running long Runs.

Yeah, yeah. Like if you’re running for 20 to 30 minutes at a steady, steady pace, that should be okay for your insulin resistance for most people. And it should be okay. But if you’re going longer than 30 minutes, you know, like you’re going to like 45 minutes or one hour, that’s when you’re going to see a lot of those impacts happening,

you know, to insulin resistance, to the stress hormones and such. So, you know, keeping it 30 minutes or less and doing a steady pace where you’re controlling your heart rate, your breathing, that’s where you want to be. Like, ideally I used To run for like miles, like five miles an hour and a half, you know, just running,

running on that treadmill. And then I was just, I could eat anything afterwards. I was so hungry. I literally like pastries, bagels, whatever. Like there was no stopping me. I was so hungry because of how it pumps sugar into your bloodstream. So you can burn it during the run. But when you’re insulin resistant, you literally can’t burn it.

And then, you know, now we’re on a blood sugar roller coaster and we’re having all these cravings. So weight training for the win it’ll help you stop snacking. Yeah. All right. Next one is sleep getting eight hours of sleep. Very crucial. I mean, there’s so many benefits of sleep, not just for, you know, cravings, but for other reasons as well,

inflammation, stress, you know, recovery. But as far as cravings go, as far as insulin resistance score, sleep can have a big impact. Huge. If you’re missing around five hours of sleep in total for the week, you can become 30% more insulin resistant. I read this study and I was like, wow, like missing sleep can make you have cravings working Less effectively.

And in almost every way and insulin managing insulin is one of them. It’s it’s big. It does. I mean, to put it in layman’s terms, it does a shittier job than when you got the eight hours of sleep. Yeah. It’s so true because when you wake up, your melatonin should be low. Your cortisol should be high. And these are the signals for your pancreas to release insulin so that your insulin sensitive and ready to eat your breakfast.

But then if you’re not getting enough sleep, those hormones, aren’t going through their cycle and they’re not higher, low when they need to be. And it’s just a mess for your insulin sensitivity for the whole day. So eight hours of sleep, big one, and then next one is managing stress. Now you may be like, what does stress have to do with insulin?

They’re not stresses, extend stress. Stress is external, you know? And so how they connected, but no, it was like a big, big factor here. You know, stress can lead to more inflammation, leads to more insulin resistance. Can you explain that process? High cortisol Can trigger a high blood sugar, right? Like when you’re running away from the lion,

if you will, the stressor, your blood sugar goes up. So if you’re scared, if you’re constantly anxious, you know, you’re at work, there’s so many things happening school, this, that like, whatever it is, you’re constantly at high blood sugar. And that can trigger obviously insulin resistance and cravings and all of these things. Yeah. You know,

just the anxiety itself, like not being able to management manage it can cause so many blood sugar problems and just, I get an anxiety or like a panicky feeling. My whole body like heats up. I start sweating. My heart rate is beating so fast. I mean, if I had instant resistance, I know for a fact I would be like suffering.

If I, when I had those, when I had those, you didn’t work out to compensate. So definitely stress a big one. And then next tip is, don’t eat one huge meal because this will lead to a surge of insulin. Yeah. So when you have one big meal, well, let me explain when you have nothing for a long time,

and then you have one big meal, your pancreas is going to pump out all this insulin to store that big, big meal that you just had. And then your insulin levels are going to end up being high because of insulin resistance. Right? So then now we have this huge bombardment of insulin to yourselves because you ate, you know, this big meal and because you’re already insulin resistant,

it’s just going to make all of that so much worse. So I do not suggest starving all day and then having a huge dinner if you’re insulin resistant, in fact, you’re most insulin sensitive in the morning. So having a bigger breakfast and then, you know, medium-size or lighter meals for lunch and dinner is more ideal. So that’s why it’s not ideal to have a huge meal,

especially at the end of the day. Like if you’re going to have it, have it when you’re super insulin sensitive, which is the mornings. Yes. That’s Why I don’t like those. Like all mad diets, one meal a day diet. It sounds pretty crazy. I mean, it may work for some people because of the fast thing, but I don’t think it works for women who have PSUs and especially insulin resistance.

If your metabolism was all the way up, like if you, if you were that metabolically strong, maybe you could handle just like fasting, super restrictive fasting. Some people can really handle it. Okay. People may be, it may be okay for them. It depends On your body and your situation, your metabolism. But if you’re already struggling with your metabolic health,

you already are in survival mode because of the anxiety is triggering blood sugar issues. You’re running instead of lifting weights, like doc mentioned, like then, you know, an OMAD diet, one meal a day, it’s just going to stress you out more. Yeah. So Yeah. So those are all the main tips that we have, but we’re not done yet.

Sisters. We asked you for your tips on managing cravings on Instagram. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, we’re at PCO S dot weight loss. And our podcast page is a sister and her. Mr. So we asked this question on piece, us weight loss. The question was, share your tips on managing cravings. And the first response was from Alana Costa.

She says controlling carb and sugar intake. That’s the one that’s really good. One Eating too many carbs. Yeah. Because that can make you, or too Little to like basically finding your carb tolerance, which we can help you w which we can help you do in a sisterhood. We have a whole stage where you can find your carb tolerance, but in general,

finding what we mean in general is just finding the range of carbs. That’s going to be right for you in a given day. Not too little, not too much. It doesn’t have to be as strict number. It’s just like, for example, having a range. Oh, like for me, 90 to a hundred grams of carbs is great. So you say you try to stay close to that range.

It’s not an exact science, as long as you stay like close to that range, you know, what’s right for you, then you feel great. So that’s what we’re talking about. And of course, lowering sugar intake as well as Alana said, Okay, Nancy says getting better sleep for sure. If I’m, you know, if you don’t get enough sleep,

you’re going to have cravings. Yup. Too much. Kate says, oh, basketball. And of course we just talked about, about Scott earlier. We had a lot of, yeah. We had a lot of responses like that, but too much caters of basketball and yeah, we couldn’t, we couldn’t agree. More. Tara Taryn Brar says eliminating gluten helped the most or else I craved food.

Like crazy. Sounds like you had leptin resistance while eating gluten. Yeah. I mentioned, you know, leptin, I’m sorry. Gluten leading to can also lead to inflammation can cause more stress and Cosmo and resistance. So all these things are like cycles. Yeah. You just don’t know if you’re a sensitive to it until you cut it out. Yeah.

Carl’s McDonald’s says, oh, basketball. I know you preach all the time, but it works. Not life says Avastin and balanced meals together. That’s the deli, the combo girl Combined bounced meals with Avastin hall done. Boom, boom. Yay. Yes. McCafe says water and snacks hand. Oh yeah. I’m With you. I mean, if your blood sugar is really always on the roller coaster ride,

definitely keep the snacks in your bag, which is what I would do when I was super insulin resistant. Especially on wedding planning. When I, for some reason stopped working out what a bad idea that was. I had to have a protein bar in my purse. Like I literally could not pull it together. I mean, even on our honeymoon, remember I brought so many protein bars and things.

Cause I was like, I can’t handle not having food when I need it. Like, I literally think I’m going to pass. I get the anxiety, like the whole thing. Yeah. If you’re wondering what protein bars we like, we just, we usually just go for the RX bars. Cause they’re like, they have the cleanest ingredients. They had like high natural sugars,

which is not too bad. If you break them In half. I also get beef jerky, like low sugar, like yeah. Thank you. Okay. Continuing, we have a couple more here. Serotonin says vital proteins, collagen peptide powder has helped me Curt my cravings. Yeah. Protein, protein itself. That’s huge wonders. It helps to stabilize stabilize blood sugar levels and helps for your body to slowly digest the food Stoli absorb it.

So you don’t have to like have that rush command. Afro DDA rose says going low carb having two main meals and stopping snacking as often because that triggers insulin resistance. That’s exactly what’s up. Yeah. Like sometimes you can snack too much and you don’t realize, you know how Much. Yeah. So That’s great for her, for her two main meals and snacking a bit less often And going low carb.

Yeah. It sounds like you might be more insulin resistant than most. So going on a low carb diet in combination with all these things might be the answer for you or sounds like it’s the answer for you again, everyone’s insulin resistance ranges from very insulin resistant to a little insulin resistant and you might have to do more than another person to manage yours or less than another person to manage yours.

But either way, wherever you are on the insulin resistance spectrum, it can still trigger PCOS symptoms and you still have to take it seriously. Yeah, absolutely. My thoughts. So Those are all the tips from you sisters. Thank you so much for all your DMS and sharing your tips with us and with other fellow sisters as well. Now, before we go,

we have our favorite part of the podcast where we share fellow wins from other sisters who are managing their peace PCOM, managing their symptoms, losing weight and so much more. So we have our first sister here. Her name is and she sent this message to us on Instagram. She said, Tallinn exclamation point, oh my God. I cannot believe you replied well on this is on DMS.

And just so everyone knows reply to like 99.9% of DMS. So we’re always there if you have any questions, but she says tally and exclamation point. Oh my God, I cannot believe you replied. I want to tell you, I have been gluten dairy free for about two weeks now. And it’s honestly amazing. Thank you so much for all the suggestions and tips.

I’m a big fan of all those Insta reels encouraging us every day. Ah, thank you, Massey. And we’re so happy to help you. That’s so awesome. Great job on your, on your progress going gluten dairy free and just feeling better. That’s what it’s all about. Exciting. Tanu in the DMS says, oh, thank you so much.

Ma’am I lost my 13 pounds of weight in just two months with the help of gluten and dairy free. I regularly do six kilometer walks and my daily household chores. And I am so happy. And thank you so much. You’re doing great work. Mostly women don’t aren’t aware about proper diet and lifestyle changes, but you help us. We all love you.

Oh, that’s a seed. Thank you Tanya for that. So it’s saying she lost 13 pounds. That’s amazing in two months too. Wow. That’s great progress. I mean, we talk about losing one to two pounds a week as a sustainable approach in 13 pounds in two months, it was along those lines. Great job. Great job, Tom.

I hope this helps. And you don’t feel as alone on your PCs journey and these awful cravings. Absolutely. So if, if you want to listen to Case’s music, you can find her on Instagram at Keyes, K E N underscore. Is that or is there more, I thought it Was used it. No, no. It’s keys music. K E S M U S I C underscore.

Yes. So go and make sure to follow her there. She’s the one that has produced the intro song for us with her producer boyfriend. And she’s the one that got a record deal late very recently. So we love to support her, but thank you everyone for listening to us, we’ll be back next to, with another great episode until then pose on Instagram.

Make sure to follow, subscribe to our podcast, leave a review if you liked it and we’ll be back. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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