Alcohol & PCOS: Everything you need to know!

With the holidays around the corner, alcohol is something that’s always passed around…so in this episode, we provide all the details on how alcohol affects PCOS & how to best consume it!

You’ll learn both the pros and cons of alcohol as well as what drinks we prefer with the least side effects!

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Full Episode transcript:

Essentially, whenever you have a drink, your sleep is negatively impacted, but it depends how severely from person to person. But when it comes to PCOS, you really want to take your sleep seriously. So if it’s negatively impacted by alcohol, you know, we’re just flaring up PCs symptoms the next day. That’s one thing that’s like a big myth is that all like alcohol will help you fall asleep.

Yes. It can help you fall asleep and kind of like lose consciousness. But it’s actually not going to give you a good quality sleep because research has shown that whenever you drink alcohol, your REM sleep is drastically affected. my own hands. And with the other stem naturally Yeah. I drank way too much protein for this podcast and now nauseous,

but like six groups in it. Why are You doing That? Because recently I switched out my dairy protein, not recently, it’s been like two months. I switched out the whey protein. I was drinking to hemp cause you know, dairy a lot of reasons with dairy and I’ve been drinking whey protein for so long that I felt like, okay, maybe it’s not good for me to drink the same thing for so long.

And who’s listening who has tried hemp protein. I’m sure. You know, it does not mix well with water, especially if there’s no flavor. When I put it into my morning smoothie, it tastes just fine. But when I drink it just by itself, just in water and I add on drinking, I chug it. Cause it’s so You need to talk,

you, you need to stop This the only way I can get my protein, I feel nauseous. Speaking of beverages. Oh yeah. So yeah. Today we’re going to talk about alcohol and peace. S booze, booze, booze it up. Gin and juice. Yes. Gin and juice. For those that know already, we do like alcohol posts around the holidays.

Usually every year. It’s the second year doing this podcast, but we did one last year around December too. And it seems like it’s like the most important time of the year to discuss it. Just because Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, all Traveling family. Yeah. All the different holidays. There’s always going to be booze around booth and today you’ll learn how you can still drink alcohol.

And there’s just a couple pointers that you want to be aware of before, you know, before deep diving, before deep diving, before those shots For chugging beer upside down at your next family. Yeah. But before we do get started on that, we do have a little fun announcement. We are moving, moving. That’s right. We’re getting everything,

emptying our apartment and moving, oh my, where are we’re moving time. We’re so tired. And I decided that we like to kind of live abroad for a year. We don’t really know where. So starting in January, we want to possibly move to Barcelona. If everything with the COVID is clear who want to move to Barcelona for like a couple months?

January. Yeah. And the January. And then where do we want to go after that baby? And then was it Switzerland for a few months? And then it would be summer. So maybe somewhere nice for the summer. Yeah. Maybe like Greece or south of France, Just working from abroad and showing all of the gluten and dairy free foods in the world on Instagram.

Yeah. And we were thinking Australia maybe in October because that’s when it’s like, it’s one of the best times to go is during October and yeah. And then, and the year, maybe back here, celebrating Christmas again and then going back to our normal life for the whole year. Very scheduled programming. Yeah. But scissors, if you live in Barcelona or you live,

I mean anywhere outside of us, please let us know how it is there. Just because of COVID it seems like it’s very unclear the travel restrictions or how, you know, like each city is doing, like, we’re very aware where we live, but we don’t know how it is where We don’t want to end up somewhere and then be put in a difficult situation on a trip that we thought would be fun.

Like Austin, then he couldn’t remember when we went, We just don’t want to be locked in the whole time. That’s the thing we want. We want to make sure that it’s the closest clear and we’re there and we can actually enjoy this city for those couple of months and not be locked in. Exactly. So if Barcelona doesn’t work out, maybe Miami.

Exactly. So feel free to DM us, let us know if you want us to visit where you live and maybe we’ll come visit you. Yeah. Yeah. We’re thinking of like, if it’s a really sister central place would do like get togethers in that city, like a Meetup International tour. Oh, Oh my God. So cool. See doc,

are you going to be okay throughout this episode? Yes. Just that hemp protein turning away from the mic and releasing it as you like to say, All right, let’s get into it. So what is Booz doing to PCO S Before we launch into all the reasons why Booz isn’t that great for PCOS? I do want to say I’m not anti-alcohol. It is the holidays.

You got To live your life. You drank wine last night during dinner. I Did. Did I finish it? No, but yeah. So I’m the biggest alcohol waste? No, I, I tend to finish years afterwards. It’s okay. First and foremost, alcohol is made up of ethanol and ethanol is a natural toxin that your body has to break down and get rid of literally has no benefit for the human body.

It’s literally you’re Toxin. And that’s what our call is made of. You said, oh, interesting. I had no, I mean, I knew ethanol was part of alcohol, but another you to natural toxin. Okay. That’s why you feel so sick afterwards because you’re literally intoxicating yourself. I always feel sick the next day. No matter how much I drink my body,

isn’t able to flush it and I just feel horrible. Exactly. And then someone might argue, you know, it has resveratrol in it. You’ve heard of that before how they say that’s an answer. Yeah. It’s antioxidant it’s found in red wine. Oh, drink red wine. It’s good for antioxidant benefits. Yeah. Yes. It’s an antioxidant. Well,

I mean, you need a lot to get that antioxidant. I read that you need like $300. Yeah. So in order to get the adequate amounts of reserve, a trial that’s found in red wine to have the actual benefits shown in studies, just like tying said, you would need 300 plus glasses of wine to get that actual benefit. Instead of drinking all that,

you can just take the pill, you know, like not, not the birth control pill. What I mean by the pill is there’s reserve a trawl supplement pills. You can just take instead, I’ll call. It’s also broken down by your liver. And there’s an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. And depending on what your genes are, that’s how much or how well your alcohol dehydrogenase works.

So some people can’t tolerate alcohol as much as others. So if that enzyme isn’t working as properly as someone else, you might not have the same tolerance. And I feel like, and I don’t know this for sure, but like, I, I feel like ever since I hit 30 alcohol just makes me feel worse. Like I actually can’t digest. Well,

it’s possible that you said dehydrogenase, dehydrogenase, maybe over time as you get older, that it’s not as maybe active or just not as efficient in breaking down alcohol. Yeah. Wouldn’t you say the same about your alcohol intake over the years? Well, I did like a 23andme test and it actually said in there that I’m not able, or I’m likely to not be able to flush alcohol.

Wow. So I think as I’m getting older, I’m seeing them more and more where like, I’ll just literally have like three or four shots on a night. Not that much, you know, the next day I’ll just feel like horrible, like stomach and nausea and stuff like that. Just from like three or four shots, which is not like a lot.

I’m not saying it’s little, but it’s, That’s so interesting. I wonder if it tested the enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase positively got to look into that. But essentially whenever you have a drink, your sleep is negatively impacted, but it depends how severely from person to person. But when it comes to PCLs, you really want to take your sleep seriously. So if it’s negatively impacted by alcohol,

you know, we’re just flaring up PCs symptoms the next. Yeah. And that’s one thing that’s a big myth is that all like alcohol will help you fall asleep. Yes. It can help you fall asleep and kind of like lose consciousness. But it’s actually not going to give you a good quality sleep because research has shown that whenever you drink alcohol, your REM sleep is drastically affected.

And what ends up happening is your body gets less of that good REM sleep. Therefore, when you wake up the next day, you feel more tired. Even if you slept a little bit longer or you feel like you slept deeper, your call will actually prevent your body from going into REM sleep. That’s honestly the worst feeling, waking up after eight full hours of sleep and not feeling rested because you had light sleep.

You weren’t fully in REM or you were waking up a lot. Like alcohol makes you wake up a lot at night, Fragments, your sleep. So you ended up waking up a couple of times during the night Sounds miserable. So, yeah, like I said, anything that affects your sleep is going to affect your PCOS symptoms and less than five hours of sleep missing a week can reduce your insulin sensitivity by up to 30% and makes you crave carbs more.

The next day 30% is a lot. Yeah. That’s like if you’re sleeping 10 hours that you’re losing three hours for sleeping a hundred hours, you just lost 30 hours of sleep. Yeah. And now you’re craving and like snacking all day, the next day, that sounds really miserable. That the less the losing sleep it’s a catalyst for all the other symptoms. and also it makes you inflamed 10 nights of sleeping for only four hours increases inflammatory markers five times.

Imagine getting four hours of sleep, 10 days in a row, I think, And fall apart. I know now I almost want to be like, can, no one is doing that, but I’m sure a lot of people are suffering either just not being able to sleep or maybe we have a really, really tight work schedule. Maybe your work in the evenings.

Yeah. It’s possible that your only True, like if you have kids, if you have to drive in traffic and wake up really early, you know, you kind of sacrifice your sleep and you don’t realize what that could be doing for your health and your PCLs symptoms. Yeah. And as we talked about before, lack of sleep also triggers high cortisol by up to 45%,

up to two days after. And so let’s say you have like two glasses of wine, you go to sleep and your REM sleep is significantly affected. Your cortisol levels are still 45% higher. Two days later, that’s pretty significant. Isn’t that going to affect like ovulation periods, anxiety, mood. Yeah, Exactly. 45% higher. Yeah. Two days later,

you already forgot you even drank or what you did two nights before. Yeah. And you’re wondering why, you know, your mood is different. You’re anxious. You have cravings, your sleep is being affected and all of that. And like, look, we’ve been through these first five kind of like informational tips here. Don’t be scared. We’re not trying to scare you off of alcohol.

I feel like we’ve just said like straight out five things that are bad about alcohol, but these kinds of things also apply to a lot of people, even with that piece us. So yeah. Just keep listening. Don’t worry. We’ll give you our tips on how you can drink alcohol too. Don’t scared off. Exactly. I just want to reiterate what CX said.

Yes. Don’t be scared off, but just keep your ears open and listen. Because when the holidays come up and you’re thinking of having several drinks now, you know what, how you will feel like afterwards and why it’s happening and what’s happening with your symptoms. Yeah. But maybe you maybe you’ll be moderate and have just like one glass or two, Just something to be aware of.

You know, no matter how old you are, maybe you’re in college and you’re in your prime years of drinking. You know, just be aware if you’re not feeling good, if your symptoms are not feeling right for you, then this could be one of the reasons why and something to look into. And maybe you’re older, 30 years old and maybe you have a glass of wine or two every single night and you don’t feel good the next day,

but you don’t know why this could be the reason why we’re not trying to make you stop. We’re just trying to be aware. So you can make those minor adjustments throughout your week to help you feel better. Exactly. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot.

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it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. You know, a lot of women with PCOS, we have liver problems. Our livers are in struggle city because of insulin resistance.

And as you know, 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. So if we’re drinking alcohol, it’s really going to make our liver even more sluggish. And the liver it’s where the glucose is stored, where the sugar is stored. So if we have trouble with insulin, then we can get nonalcoholic, fatty liver disease. And then when you drink alcohol,

it can make that even worse. So women with PCOS, we have double the risk of getting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to women without PCLs. And that can lead to liver failure. And if you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, they say you should avoid alcohol together. Like if you actually have been diagnosed with it. Yeah. I was actually reading PCOS SOS,

and she said, avoid it like the plague And PCO S S O S. She says, for all PCs women at all, body weights, even a small amount of alcohol consumption, even one drink per week is associated with a dramatic increase in fatty liver disease. Alcohol also increases hyperandrogenism. Right? So for those suffering, from, you know, facial hair or hair loss,

acne, things of that nature that’s hyperandrogenism. So it could also be linked to alcohol consumption. Yeah. And it’s, you know, like you said, to your point earlier, it’s not uncommon to drink like one or to be told that it’s okay to drink one or two glasses of wine a night or something like that. But when you put into consideration hyperandrogenism and how long it takes to reverse that and how you have to be consistent with all these lifestyle changes to reverse it.

Yeah. Alcohol has an impact on that and drinking every single day could definitely be contributing. Yeah. And also in the books, a funny quote, she says is, do you know what’s worse than foregoing a glass of wine, a liver transplant. I love how blunt she Is in the bio. This is a PCs SOS by Dr. Phyllis scourge.

Amazing, amazing gynecologist. And doctor, we highly recommend her book. It’s choose to be talions gynecologist as well. And I think she also does like virtuals, if I’m not mistaken. Yeah. I forgot to. If you find her website online, amazing person, she’s fabulous. She’s done a lot of research and she just lays it down. She’s just very direct.

Like, she’s not going to be like, oh, you like alcohol too bad. Like, she’s actually like, try to make you feel better. Just going to tell you straight up. No, just don’t drink it. You know, That’s what she did. When I went in for my appointment, she gave me a lot of information, very direct.

And I went home and I was like, oh my God, like, where do I start? What do I do? You know? Yeah. But yeah, just one second. Yeah. And then, oh, just going back to the liver as well. So we all know that the liver is especially important for women with PSUs, considering insulin resistance and such.

So we highly recommend if you need help with your liver health taking like a liver supplement, we know a great one from, they can order from Amazon, from Gaia, G a I a it’s called liver support. Highly recommended. We can put a link in the, in the description to help out. But yeah, we highly recommend a liver supplement as well.

Helps you go to the Bathroom to, oh yeah, For sure. I love a liver supplement. I remember in the beginning of my PCs journey when I was first learning how to reverse it, and I was working with Dr. Nirvana, she gave me a liver supplement and it was life-changing. Yeah. So hi, Lisa. Yeah. I try to take one,

like, or I try to take two pills every other day or so, especially when I feel like I eat like a really heavy meal that night I’ll take one. It kind of helps the next day. Yeah. Did you take one last night? That’s good. Awesome. So, and then last but not least, one of the most important effects of alcohol is on our fertility.

Yeah. I mean, not only for women, but also for men, I read that five beers per week can reduce sperm, quality significantly. I did not know that Five beers a week. It’s not that much. I mean, I’m lucky. I don’t, I’m not really a drinker. Like I’ll drink like maybe one or two drinks in a week,

but that’s really good too. I have no idea. Yeah. It also affects of course, female egg quality. And you know, I’m not anti-alcohol, but if you’re trying to conceive, you want to consider this for both parties, not being like totally anti-alcohol you got to live your life, but think about it. Are you trying to conceive, you know,

do you have hyperandrogenism, do you already struggle with sleep? Do you have inflammation then consider, Did you, did you ever date anyone that like was drinking a lot? You felt like It was like a major word, but you’re like, I couldn’t date this person anymore. I actually, no, no. Well, I mean, it was college,

so everyone was like, over-drinking whenever there was an opportunity, but no, I didn’t. Did you? I don’t think so. I dated a girl who like, who smoked weed too much. And she was kind of like a little bit annoying to be around. Not that there’s anything wrong with weed itself, but just like, she was just like,

always like smoking always like wants me to smoke and always was like tired because of it. You know what I mean? Because of that. But that was like the only time I had like a situation with like a dating someone and like, you know, substance, if you want to call it that Well, depend on substances to bring out certain, like,

to re so for example, to relax at night, a glass of wine to relax that night, you know, it’s not uncommon for that to become like a regular thing for some people. Totally. Totally. And yeah. You want to consider, if you have PCOS, how do you replace that? What do you replace that with? So you have a relaxing night.

Yeah. Instead I feel like we need to do an episode about PCOS and marijuana and Mary Jane. I don’t know. Like I see like sometimes questions come through comments on lives and stuff like that about weed and stuff. And like, I don’t, we don’t really know how to perfectly answer because there’s not a lot of research about PCs and weed. I mean,

there’s no research about PQS period. So I that’s why we don’t generally like give a answer. However, I think Dr. Fuse Gersh did like ch I forgot talked it about Our podcasts. Yeah. And I believe she said something about weed and how, or THC specifically and how it can affect fertility if I’m not mistaken. Yeah. But then she mentioned how CBD can be good for your health.

Yes. She said, she said a lot of great things about CBD, but THC part, I think she was saying how it may affect for three that episode, by the way, listeners, sisters, if you go to our podcast feed, look for Dr. Fewless scourge. It’s called how to reverse piece us with Dr. Field scourge. It’s one of our longer episodes,

but it’s like the most science that we’ve ever had on an episode. Like she went off on the side, The book on the, you could transcribe the episode and make a book out of it. Yeah, absolutely. It looks, we highly recommend listening to that episode if you want to learn. And we talk about THC and CBD on that episode,

but you know what we’re going to, we’re going to look into making an episode about weed itself and piece us. I think it’s a good idea. That is such a good, Because I’m sure, you know, with PCOS, you have symptoms of anxiety and stress, you know, Read might help or who knows. Well, exactly. Like what is it like,

does it help numb the anxiety or does it make it all worse? Yeah. The thing is, everyone has a different reaction to it. From what I’ve heard. Like for some people it can relax them and then for others it can make them more paranoid. Yeah. And then it also depends on your experience. So, yeah, Exactly. So speaking of relaxing SeaTac,

let’s talk about some of the ways that you can substitute alcohol, like instead of drinking wine at night, what can you do to relax instead, before we move on to the DMS and talking about gluten-free drinks, Just can’t we just talked about weeks. I had to put that in there. Alright. I dunno. Let’s think about it. Definitely. Like if you’re trying to relax,

I mean, I don’t want to be like the old boring Sally and be like, meditation is great, but it really is like, meditating is great at night. Really helps relax your mind, but also maybe drinking like a hot tea. Sometimes we’re just like used to the mechanism of picking up a drink and sipping on it. Like, like a couple of ones.

So instead of wine, what about if you got spearmint tea, like a hot spearmint tea, that’s decaf, it’s going to help lower your testosterone levels and it’s gonna help you feel relaxed or cam Milton. Yeah. Or, you know, and of course that does replace the act of drinking something. But what about the feeling of relaxation that the wine is giving like that temporary feeling?

How do we replace it for me? For me? Yeah. For me, like getting lost out of my like anxiety and just like getting centered at night. It’s reading a book. Oh yeah. It’s doing hot yoga. Like before I sleep, like 20 minutes of yoga, putting it on the TV, something that will kind of distract me. And then knitting center me,

I used to do yeah. The wall Banging, but I never called threading. Or what is that called? Called crocheting. Crocheting. Macro. You know, you started that shit. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for getting a little Curt cursing you, but you started that shit like six months into our marriage. And for the last two years, a year and a half,

it’s been staying like that in the living room wall, half Done half, I would even call it a quarter. Should I Remove it? Because when I remove it, the Wall is, that’s the only reason it’s there because it’s such an empty white wall. We need something there, but too late, I’ve found, I know if I found something to replace it,

I would replace it. But it’s been the same way for like the last year and six months. And So it annoys me too, when I look at it, I mean, whatever, but I just don’t want to buy something. So anyways, that macro weeping didn’t work, but Yeah, keeping you busy. Or like, for me, I play guitar at night.

To me, that’s like a great way for me to relax or something. All of the things we listed are much more productive and beneficial for your PCs, then the glass of wine. Yeah. And as we said earlier, like, we’re not trying to say cut out wine or cut out alcohol completely. So let’s talk about some alcohol options that you can drink that are not as,

let’s just say bad as others maybe, or are lower in sugar, gluten and dairy free and gluten. A few, of course, that’s one thing to be concerned because a lot of alcohol does have gluten in it with the wheat and other ingredients. So I think one thing we should mention is if you’re looking for like a cocktail, like a mixed drink,

let’s say you’re drinking tequila or vodka. A great option for a mixed drink is like a mixing with club soda. So a vodka soda is a great option because soda doesn’t have any gluten in it and it doesn’t have any added sugars. The problem is if you get vodka, tonic, tonic has a lot of sugar about like 30 grams of sugar in a cup of tonic.

So you want to forego a tonic and go more for the soda. And if you’re thinking, what kind of vodka a lot of vodka has gluten in it, one that we like very, very popular brand is called Titos T I T O Tito’s vodka. And that’s completely gluten-free. And I think they even like sell like a huge jug at like Costco or something.

Yeah. We have one from the femme two years ago and it’s still in the closet or in the pantry. Kitchen is so small and that’s literally taking up so much space in one of the cabinets. I can’t believe we didn’t just throw it away. Who’s drinking or give it to the neighbors. And every time my guy friends come over, you know,

you know, David, So I like tequila. I used to like tequila, sunrise till I realized how much juice was in that, the orange juice, the cranberry juice it’s too much. So I do what you said. I asked for the club soda, squeeze of lime. Perfect. What’s also good. Is if you like a certain juice, you can get the concentrate.

So like, I really like sour cherry, you know, the Greek or Turkish sour, cherry. They have sour cherry concentrate and it has sugar in it, but a few drops goes a long way. So you can mix that in. That sounds good. That sounds very good. And another tip is when you’re at a restaurant or a bar, let’s say you will,

you want a certain kind of drink, but you don’t want the syrup and all that kind of stuff in it. You can just ask for the skinny version. That’s like the verbiage that’s used in the biz. If you want to say at bars or restaurants, you just say, let’s just say, you’re having a skinny Mart. You just say skinny margarita.

And that way they don’t put any of the syrups and they just put the natural stuff in there only. Yeah, exactly. Cool. So we’re not done yet. We asked all the sisters on Instagram, what’s your favorite gluten-free alcoholic drink. And if that’s something you want to participate in the future, go follow us on Instagram at P C O S dot weight loss.

So what’s your favorite gluten-free alcoholic drink? What’s our first answer be. And he says loyal cocktails, vodka and diet, cranberry loyal Cocktails. Is that Like, I’ve never heard that. Yeah. Vodka and diet cranberry. So about the cranberry of course, cranberry does cranberry. I like sugar and stuff in it. Or like, I mean the cranberry juice does,

you can get cranberry concentrate, which also does, but not as much. It’s like not added sugar. It’s like the natural concentrated sugar. Oh Yeah. Yeah. But that’s not a bad option considering all the other options out there. And yeah, next one is from Stacy Carlson. She says mixed apple cider with apple pie whiskey. Wow. What,

what? Woo. Apple pie Whiskey. That’s interesting is whiskey gluten-free Well, I read that some are and some aren’t you just have to ask, but then like you’re at a busy bar, you know? And like it’s loud. And sometimes it’s hard to ask, but I guess if you’re at a restaurant or if you’re buying it yourself, like at your house,

I know You’re paying, you could ask anything you want, You know, awkward. It is to scream at aloud bar is, And he doesn’t hear you. And he doesn’t even know what gluten is. It’s like, I don’t, I don’t know. All right, next one is Paige. She says tequila, soda, water, and extra lime.

There you go. It looks like one of Tallinn friends here, extra lime. You guys should go on like some sort of Vegas party. Rachel says just wine. Wine is gluten free, dairy free. It’s perfect. Yeah. Wine is still a good option when you choose to drink. So nothing wrong with wine either. If you’re A lot of sugar,

I will say that. Yeah, it does. Cause you know, it is derived from grapes and such. So it’s going to have more sugar than compared to vodka. Let’s say Yes, vodka, you know, alcohol is still going to affect your liver. So okay. It didn’t have sugar, but it’s still gonna affect the sugar or something. Yeah.

So it’s just, you know, I don’t like when people say like, oh, well wine has sugar and like tequila doesn’t so I’m going to have tequila. Both are going to do something to you. Pick the one you want have fun. All right. Let’s not lights ourselves. Okay. Truda NAMS. Ella says sugar-free tonic and gin. Ooh Sugar-free there You go.

Jen. And sugar-free Tawny Janey juice. And then the last one is Courtney page. She says tequila, soda, water with lime, another great one. That’s nice. Love it. So that’s all the DMS that we got. And before we go to the winds of the week, we do have a question from the hotline. If you’re new, we have a hotline that you can call into and leave your voicemail or your text message.

The phone number is one eight, three three, ask PCO S 1 8 3 3 a S K P C O S. You can call and leave a voicemail that we like to play on the podcast. Or you can leave a text message on that number and we’ll read it. So today we’re going to do a text message. It is hello. I had a question with Novasol doses.

They recommend taking it 12 hours apart. So if I want to do intermittent fasting will taking Avastin natal break my fast. Thank you. What’s your thoughts? Vape. I feel like if you’re going to fast and you want to take your old Vestal, you have to eat with it. In my opinion, I mean, my blood sugar would drop and I would pass out.

Like if I had something like that on an empty, empty stomach after hours and hours of not eating. So that’s me. It doesn’t say on the packaging, like only eat with food. It doesn’t say that, but I’m saying it from experience. Like, I don’t like the feeling of taking it without food because it helps you metabolize what you’re eating and digest it and break it down.

And if you’re not eating anything, I don’t know. Yeah. That’s usually our number one. Suggestion is take it with a meal just because it might drop your blood sugar too low. If you do take it on an empty stomach. So to answer that Susan’s question, it sounds like you wouldn’t recommend it. No, I recommend it. I would suggest having your breakfast and having it with it.

Yeah, totally. And for those wondering what Avastin is, it’s a natural inositol supplement. It’s actually one of the most researched supplements out there for PCOS. And it can help with treating insulin resistance and getting to the root issues of PCs. It can also help with air quality, oblation, period regularity, and much more. So if that’s something you’d like to try,

we have a link in the description with a 15% off code. All right. So let’s go to the winds of the week. These are sisters who are managing their PCs, thriving with peace. She was losing weight and feeling better than ever. So we like to pick one or two winners every single week from either the sisterhood or Instagram and looks like today.

Our first winner Rosie is from the sisterhood, Says truly enjoying the vegetarian options in the sisterhood. This fall season. My energy is high. My skin is radiant. My belly fat is gone. My mood is stable and my cravings are gone too. Can’t believe I achieved all this in as little as two months. I’m living my best life. Thank you.

Tallinn Ciroc and all you sisters. Wow. Amazing Rosie. And she included. Yeah, it does. And she a picture in her post on Facebook, on the sisterhood group, she included a picture of the recipe from the sisterhood butternut squash soup with the soup actually in front of the screen. So yeah. So I’m looking at a picture of the computer screen where the recipe is and her bowl of soup.

That looks exactly like the image on the Yeah, exactly. So that’s amazing. Rosie really love the picture there. And I’m so happy that she’s feeling better. Her skin is radiant. She’s losing weight. Mood is stable, cravings, all that. Like we’re so happy to be able to help your sister. And you saw all the credit goes to you seriously Love this.

All right. All right. Next one comes from Instagram and we do only have, I only have like the screenshot of the message. I CA I don’t see her name, but in the Instagram image, it looks like it’s a sister holding her hands up, both her hands up. Like it’s a touchdown with pink words above her hats. Yeah. Like a neon sign.

So if that’s your sister, we’re reading our message right now. All right. She says, I have recommended your podcast and profile to all of my PCs friends. I am down seven pounds in two weeks feeling amazing and so grateful to have found this platform changing women’s lives daily. She says five weeks, no dairy or gluten M loving my basketball. Thanks for changing the game during this journey with PCOS.

Wow. So happy to read that and hear that. That’s an amazing, that’s amazing. And thank you for suggesting us to your friends. At the end of the day, our whole purpose is to make sitters IQ feel better with PCs, feel amazing and feel happy. So to hear that you’re achieving that, that makes her dreams come true Down seven pounds in two weeks.

Whenever I see stuff like that, I’m like, wow. You know, a lot of times with PCOS, you can’t even lose one pound, no matter how hard you try. And then you hear that and it’s like, oh, I’m so happy for you. Yeah, totally awesome. So, yeah, that’s today’s episode. It is, Don’t forget to DMS.

If you’re in Barcelona, tell us how it is there. Yeah. DMS, if you’re anywhere in Europe and you want us to come to your country. Yeah, Totally. I think we should do some Instagram stories about this to get people’s opinions about it. Yeah. That’s what we need to do. Well, thanks everyone. And if you wanna listen to any other podcast episode,

feel free to check out the feed. We have a lot of episodes about birth control, hair loss, treating insulin resistance and so much more. So if you want to keep learning, check out the rest of the episode, Talk to you soon, sisters. Bye-bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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