How to Break the All-or-Nothing Mentality with PCOS!

How many times have you thought, “I ate so badly this weekend, what should I do to detox?” So many of us are all-or-nothing people who try to live up to unrealistic standards!

On this episode, we help you break the all-or-nothing mentality and help you approach PCOS with less restrictive goals and a better frame of mind!

You’ll learn the 3 steps to breaking the All-or-Nothing mentality, how to reframe your thoughts, setting approachable goals, and how to be more positive throughout your PCOS journey!

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Full Episode transcript:

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please. So I can give you a serving. Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10%. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. Welcome to a sister and your mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage,

gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician and I’m Seadog husband, engineer, MPCs personal trainer. We’re going to make peace. You as a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. Three, two, and a one Welcome sisters to another episode of the podcast. Welcome ladies. I am currently staring at myself on the TV.

Yeah, well, let’s just see. Good old Seadog has updated the podcast studio. So now the camera’s connected to the TV. So we go watch ourselves the whole time as we’re recording the podcast. This is so fun. This is so legit. You guys, I can’t watch us on YouTube to see. Yeah. Don’t, let’s not get distracted by watching her.

So I feel like I’m looking at my knee now because I noticed when we do our podcast, I wear shorts sometimes because it’s so hot right now. And like all I put my leg up and then like, it’s happening right now. I can see on the TV, like my shorts sometimes are too short and it’s showing a little bit too much thigh.

And I want people to know that’s not what the show is about. We’re not about showing skin. We’re about empowering. I’m sure nobody minds everyone’s enjoying your thigh. I could see the thigh to short ratio and just be aware of what’s showing. And what’s not. That is so funny. Alrighty, welcome sisters to another episode of the podcast today, we’re going to have a great topic as always.

It’s going to talk about the all or nothing mentality. I know it’s a very common thing, not just with PCRs, of course, but I feel like in life too, we get into this habit of either all or nothing. Meaning I have to completely get on board with whatever my goal is, or it means I’m not doing anything to achieve that.

Right. I brought this up to SciTech earlier, before we started this podcast, I was like, you know, reviewing what I wanted to say about my personal experience with all or nothing. And I was like, what’s your experience, babe? And he said, my life is all or nothing, I guess. Yeah, for me it is, let’s start with your soapy.

Like, what was your experience with the all or nothing mentality and piece us and yeah, like that whole, Yeah, basically, you know, in the beginning of the PCLs journey, I was really excited to like reverse PCA. You know, what do I do? Everyone’s saying low carb. Okay. Let’s do keto running every day on the treadmill to burn those calories and lose weight.

And I really had an all or nothing mindset and it was really stressful and I didn’t do a very good job of sticking to it. And then it was very disappointing. So I was like, my mom would say like, you’re fighting with the food. Like just eat it, you know, or donate it, like what’s going on? Like, what is this horrible,

like emotional feeling you’re developing around food. And so I had an experience with all or nothing. So by the time I came to the point where I decided to be gluten and dairy free, I was out of that all or nothing mindset. And I was a little more relaxed. And I was like, you know what? I’m exhausted from all of this.

And I’m going to do this in a more listening to my body type of way, One or two things that happened that made you realize what you were doing was wrong and that like, you needed to just go one step at a time. Yeah. Basically like it was the experiences before going gluten and dairy free that taught me, you know, that I was doing it wrong.

Like I would eat cereal for example. And that was obviously all carbs. But then I was like, but it says weight loss on the box, like it’s special case cereal. And so I was like, should I eat it? Should I not eat it? And then I’d eat like one little piece at a time, like a bird. Cause you know,

like I, I just didn’t know if I should or how much I should have. And it, it just like I’m hungry, you know? And it was miserable. So going gluten and dairy free, I was like enough of this miserableness let me just slowly swap foods out, you know, one meal at a time, try it out, see how I feel.

And then I saw these great positive effects. And after a year of slowly swapping things and making choices that were gluten and dairy free, I was like, okay, I can do this. And now it’s like 99.9% of the time gluten and dairy free. Yeah. And just to touch on that, I mean, it sounds like you were basically like putting yourself in this habit of thinking you’re failing or you’re doing that.

You’re basically because you’re not able to achieve this all or nothing. You’re failing, which is obviously not the case because it takes time to get to like, to that state, to whatever you want to do. Like either going gluten, dairy free or perhaps, you know, like maybe you want to do a keto diet or maybe you want to do something else.

Like a lot of these, sometimes the trick is that you like want to get in on it right away with no, like Exactly. And then you just feel like a failure and then you give up and it doesn’t really work at all, you know? Yeah. I don’t know. Have you had an all or nothing experience As I mentioned to you before the pot goes,

my whole life is like all or nothing. It’s like Fantasy football, all or nothing. All five fantasy football leagues or All five or nothing to come to a ride home all about that’s it. And you can tell us, you can ask Talia, like every Sunday it’s like, how’s fantasy going, baby. She’s like scared to ask. I’m like,

well, I’m winning in three, but not the other day. You make it sound like you’re always losing football, but you’re not, You know, if I’m truly good at Italian, I’ll beat him all fine. Oh my gosh. That’s a great example. Oh, such a good example. Way to all or nothing. I mean, for me,

like I’m joking a little bit here, but it’s half true. Like I really want to win in all five of my fantasy football leagues. And it’s like the same thing with like obviously PSUs and fantasy or at the same thing. Absolutely. But it’s the same process of like the mental thought. Yeah. The mental thought is there and I’m sure many of you scissors have thought the same thing.

It’s like, I’m either going to lose all this weight in this next month or whatever and, or, or it’s, that’s it, that’s all that’s about. But obviously like that’s looking way too short term and it’s something about the long-term effects and how much easier it actually is when you look at it over a long-term period versus, you know, like,

like, like your tech, the time is running down. Yeah, exactly. So we have some great tips for you not to worry sisters, but I just want you to think about it. Do you have an all or nothing mindset? You know, sometimes we’re not even aware of it because we’re so passionate about trying to reverse PCO. S yeah.

So if you’ve ever thought some of these, then perhaps you have bumped into the all or nothing mindset I ate so badly this week. What do I do to detox? All of this? I’m happy you said this one. Cause that word detox is such a triggering word. And honestly, sisters, if you don’t know that it’s commonly used as like a tactic,

like a marketing tactic, let’s just say like, Oh, it’s seven day detox diet, or let’s do Apple cider vinegar to detox your body. It’s like all these things supposedly to detox you, it makes the person think that all, like, if I do this, it’s going to clean me out. And it’s never that simple and that easy. Like,

for example, when you do, when you go on like a gluten dairy free diet, there is a detox process, but it’s not like this three-day thing where you like detox And everything’s clean and reversed and all or nothing Good. Yeah. Like it takes time to like, you know, help the body and like all those things. So like, whenever you hear like a seven day detox,

just, just think like, don’t think so short-term and think of like, how is this really going to help me with my health? And like, like time said, like I ate so badly this weekend, what should I do to detox? Like avoid those thoughts because it’s just makes a negative Connotation around this lifestyle that should be, you know, all encompassing and long-term versus a three-day detox.

And then we’re back to our old eating habits. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Another one I gave into eating gluten and dairy might as well continue and start over tomorrow. Just like eat gluten dairy all day long. Yeah. And this one is very important to say, because we always talk about consistency versus perfection. Yeah. So like a lot of sisters,

you know, I know you want to like, just like get on that path of like improvement with peace is so like, when you hear about our recommendation with gluten dairy free, you think I’m just going to jump in and then like, if you can’t do it, it’s like, Oh, I feel where that’s just that you just, you just started at such a pace that was hard for yourself.

You were at a disadvantage disadvantage. Yeah, exactly. Another one I’m such a failure I gave and I caved and gave into my sugar cravings might as well have it all, you know? And then you dive into the pantry and you take out all dried fruit and all of the sugary sweet things because who even cares, you know? And then you just feel that I feel like a failure,

like starting with that sentence is totally going to stop you from improving at all, because you’re not a failure just because you had some sugar, this is a lifestyle. Once again, like you can have some sugar and you can have a little bit of gluten or whatever your body can tolerate. You can do whatever you want. But once you start labeling yourself negatively,

then you start to embody that. And then you start doing things that feed into that label that you labeled yourself. And then you completely just fulfill what’s it called? Fulfilling your there’s a word in psychology. Like when you think of your self a certain way and prophecy, prophecy. That’s exactly the word. Yeah. Well, I am a genius, but like that’s,

it’s so good. You said that the sentence, because, so like, let’s say it’s, let’s just say like this in this sentence, I caved into my sugar cravings might as well have more. So let’s just say it’s evening. And let’s just say you felt like having a cookie or something and you feel guilty about it. Right. And like,

there’s that thought in your head? Oh, I’m just going to eat more because this day’s already over. Well, there’s a little bit of a, you know, like a little bit of a win if you were to actually be like, you know, I hate this cookie. And even though like, I feel a little bit down on myself, I’m going to stop right now and use this as a way to be like,

Oh, look, I stopped myself from having more because I I’m gaining more, more and more control over my cravings. If you do. Like, thinking like that, that pause in that positive approach will really help you feel more positive about the experience so that when you say, okay, you know what? I had a one cookie I’m totally happy with that delicious.

You’re like, Oh, that’s a big winner right there tomorrow. I’m going to be even on a great, greater store. Exactly. Right. Cause it’s not like if you eat all of this right now, this night, that tomorrow is a fresh start because whatever you eat in that evening, if you keep on, like, let’s see having more sweets is going to contribute to more issues.

And next day it’s not like the next day, it’s all race. And you can start from the beginning not to put pressure. If that does happen, don’t worry. It’s okay. You can still get back on it. But it’s just like, think of it like that. Like don’t think of it as if I have all this all start fresh tomorrow.

It’s more like, how can I use this as a small win to help me motivate myself? I like that. Just rephrasing the situation in your head. So it doesn’t turn into, I’m a failure. And it’s like, I enjoyed this. Okay. I’m good. Whereas my old basketball, why do I have cravings? Let me think. Yeah.

And it’s really about the mental approach, because a lot like this is actually discussed in psychology since you brought up Tallinn, is that a lot of times, like this is a very common thing that humans do is we put it in our heads. That it’s super difficult. So for example, I’m just going to throw out something random here for lawyers. There’s a bar exam,

right? And it’s very commonly known that the bar exam is super hard, very hard to do. So if you know this in your head, this mentality of it’s super hard, it’s impossible to pass in certain States and blah, blah, blah. You’re going to go into that test and the studying super stressed out. You’re going to think that it’s really hard for you to do this.

Almost say it’s impossible. Maybe you’re not. You’re going to think that you’re not good enough. All of these things are not true. Whereas if you were going, if you were to go into it more positively, like, like saying, Oh, I don’t know what the stats are, but let’s just say three quarters of all lawyers passes, exam bushes,

majority, or, you know, my cousin was a lawyer passed his exam the first time. Like if you think of the, if you think of a more positive approach that a lot of lawyers pass this exam, and that’s going to tell you, Oh, if all these people pass, why 10 iPads? Oh, I got this thing. So it’s not that it’s difficult.

It’s more like the mentality that you’re going into this with. And times four rings. It’s only like the 48 50. It’s an alarm to say post it’s 12 o’clock. I like that example though, about the lawyers going into tests and having studied and being completely prepared, but then convincing yourself that you’re not prepared. And then you fail because you can your mind wasn’t right.

Yeah. Just cause just cause you’ve heard from so many people it’s so hard. It’s so hard. Yeah. Yeah. Nope. Someone even asked that on the live earlier, like fertility, you know, so many women are struggling with fertility. Should I be worried? Why are we jumping onto that wagon? Like there are all these solutions we haven’t tried yet.

All of these things that are really helpful for our symptoms before we even want to get pregnant. You know, why should we jump into that? Just because you read about it on Google, that’s, you know, women with PCOS struggle with the fertility doesn’t mean that’s going to be true for you. Yeah, exactly. Anyway, so yes, many of us are struggling with an all or nothing mindset.

I mean, who could live up to these unrealistic standards? A hundred percent of the time being perfectly gluten and dairy-free perfectly low carb, no sugar whatsoever. It’s just a mentality that doesn’t work long-term yeah. And you remember, there’s no one in this world. That’s perfect. Including my wife. Oh my God. Oh really dare you. Well, that’s perfect with anything with their personality,

with their diet, with anything nobody’s nobody is perfect. Since there’s just always remember that if you have it like an, like an idol, some maybe someone you really look up to maybe a family member, maybe a celebrity, maybe someone, whoever it is just know that that person is not perfect. What you see on TV or when you see that person or whatever is just only what you see.

You don’t know what they’re going through in their personal life and all that. So that being said, you’re perfect. Just the way you are. That’s all the imperfection. Okay. Look for it. Just like over overdoing me right there. No, I just had to say that. Cause he said, no, one’s perfect, but you know what sister?

Yeah. Yeah. You’re perfect. Tie-ins complete. Right. And I always say, no, one’s perfect. So you don’t have to like put yourself on the pedestal next to someone. You know, my English is not so good. Okay. So we’re going to go into now the three steps to breaking the all or nothing, mentality, how to break those chains so that you’re not limited mentally or physically by these,

you know, by this mentality. Okay. The first tip I got is don’t do anything too drastic, too fast, set, realistic expectations for yourself and share them with someone who’s supportive like a partner or a friend, you know, anyone who’s around you that’s really cheering you on and not judging you through the journey because the last thing you need is someone judging you.

Because now you’re trying not to judge yourself. You know what I’m saying? When someone’s like feeding that into your brain, it’s not very helpful. So basically if you’re like thinking of it this way, some people want to go completely gluten and dairy free all at once. Okay. Then you kind of feel like a failure. If you haven’t, you can try doing gluten-free first.

You can try just doing breakfast. Gluten-free first. These are small wins and it’s something to celebrate and something to be proud of for yourself. Instead of being like, Oh, I didn’t eat gluten free at lunch and screw it. The rest of the day is ruined. And then, you know, having this defeat defeatist type of mentality about it, you know,

you want to just celebrate even the smallest wins. Cause that’s going to push you in the right direction. One little step at a time. And I think it’s just really important, not only for us to be positive, but also for the supportive people around us, to, for us to be aware of them so that we stay in that positive mindset.

So whether or not you have someone supportive in your life, you know, you have the sisterhood, you have, you know, us in the sisterhood cheering you on our Instagram page is full of positivity, you know, and all these good vibes, just keeping your eyes on these types of positive things will push you in the right direction. And just shifting your attention from anyone who’s being negative about it and saying that you’re not doing good enough or like,

have you lost weight yet? Or like, you know, jumping down your throat, if you have a piece of cheese or something, you know, like you don’t want that in your life. Yeah, exactly. SciTech just did an Instagram story. Yeah, I was listening, but I just did an Instagram story of the podcast, you know, just showing you talking a little bit showing behind the scenes,

but that was great. But I really, I listened to what you were saying. I completely agree. It’s just like put yourself around people like that. Someone commented on one of the stickers I did the other day and said that her mom was asking her every single day, if she lost weight yet, if she lost weight yet. And it’s like putting her down and you know,

this isn’t like an unusual problem for people to have when like loved ones really want to see you succeed, but then they’re kind of like suffocating you about it. So I it’s just a mindset thing again, like shifting your attention towards the positivity, you know, we’re bringing that to you as much as possible and just enveloping yourself in that. Yeah. So I guess way to look in expand that is when you’re going gluten dairy free,

is it like, do you go the glue? You go like all at once, do you go completely gluten free? Like I said earlier, while we were doing this while you were doing Instagram stories Distracted, I’m sorry. I heard everything. Except that part, I guess Doing gluten Davy, one step at a time, starting with breakfast and then moving on,

moving forward and not feeling defeated. If you don’t need a gluten-free lunch, just always patting yourself on the back. Now the second chip is embarrassed. It’s hard to multitask. There’s so much content to be created. We’ve already done so much today. My brain is fried and it’s only 12, so true. Okay. All right. Next one. Our second tip,

reframing your all or nothing thoughts. So I gave some, I wrote down some examples of all or nothing thoughts and how we can reframe it. But do you want to read the first one? Sure. So the first thought is I can’t have any gluten or dairy anymore if I want to reverse my PSUs. Okay. So we can rephrase this because this sounds a little bit restrictive.

It sounds really suffocating and it’s very all or nothing. Like what if gluten and dairy free? Wasn’t the end all be all for you and you don’t reverse your PCs, but he kind of helped a little, you’re not going to stick to it because it didn’t meet up to your expectations. Yes. And if, and if you let’s say you don’t stick to it and you feel like it’s not right for you,

you feel like there’s something wrong with you that it’s not working for you because you put up all this pressure that you have to do this. Exactly. So I like to rephrase this with, I’m going to try to slowly shift my lifestyle toward eating gluten and dairy free to see if it is right for my body. If it doesn’t feel right for me mentally or physically,

I can stop. There are other ways to help my PCO S I’ll give this a shot. This is open-minded. Yeah, this is not all or nothing. This is relaxed. Take a deep breath, smell the roses. Okay. We have another example. The next one is I can’t have any carbs because I have and I have to lose weight to get pregnant.

Yeah. That’s super restrictive on your soul. The mentality, the thoughts, while you’re saying I’m not gonna have any carbs. And then you’re putting that pressure that by not having any carbs, I’m going to get pregnant, which obviously it’s. I mean, although it can help some people with the low lowering the carbs to help with the fertility. It’s like,

you, you shouldn’t make that connection because that’s like, if I don’t do it, then I’m not getting pregnant. Therefore it’s my fault that I didn’t do it. Yeah. And then imagine the pressure like you really want to get pregnancy is a very sensitive subject. And you’ve failed with your expectations. You haven’t met, you know, like this is just a lot of stress you’re putting on your body.

So one way you can rephrase that is by saying, I’m going to find an amount of carbs that feels right for my body and doesn’t make me feel fatigued. Or, and then that can help with my fertility in the future. That’s it. Great. Leave it at that. Okay. We got a third one. All right. I have to work out five times a week or else I’ll never lose weight with peace.

U S Oh, this one I can definitely chime in on is like, like there’s no amount of times you have to work out a week to lose weight. Nobody made like a bylaw, like guideline that says this equals that. And that goes to anything in this world. It’s really about. It’s like your diet and lifestyle. That lifestyle includes working out.

It’s how you put these two together. You know, synergistically, if that’s the word is, is like, is how it’s going to help you. So like, Collin’s approach here. She, she put here, I already worked out a few times this week and I’m not feeling it today. Today I’m fatigue. I didn’t get enough. Sleep. School was stressful.

I feel like doing some breath work and going on a light walk instead. See, that’s perfect because we’re, that’s where we’re talking about the diet and lifestyle. Synergy is like that. You don’t want to just work out maximum amount of times that you possibly can in a week to maximize your results, because that is not right for everyone. Like, especially for women with peaches,

you don’t want to just over like, keep on working out every single day. Really boosting those stress levels. Those cortisol levels really like impacting a recovery by continuously working out every day without taking a break. And then that’s where like the diet and lifestyle synergy comes. You want to make sure your lifestyle AKA, like your work, your workouts to are a balance with your diet so that everything just works together beautifully.

Yeah. I love the way you just explained that it allows you to just naturally do whatever’s going to be right for your body, whether it’s working out or it’s going, I mean, doing a weighted workout or going on a light walk, you’re doing something that’s helping you and not forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Yes. Are you looking for your pen pen?

Well, I don’t have it. All right. Tip number three. Don’t beat yourself up about it. So there’s going to be a moment when you have some gluten and dairy, you eat a slice of cake. You want some sugar in your life, like whatever it is, you know, someone brings donuts to the office and you want some, you know,

living your best life. You get some the more, like we said earlier that you beat yourself up about it. The less likely you are to make good choices for yourself. If you want to donut, then that’s a good choice for your soul in that moment. Yeah. If you, if that is, what’s going to make you feel better, who’s to tell you not to eat it.

We highly encourage you to eat things that are great for your piece, us gluten and dairy free and so on. But sometimes you’re a human being and you feel like having a donut, like, I don’t think it’s to be super restrictive with yourself. I’ve come to a point personally where I would not eat the donut because I really like feeling good. And when I’m gluten and dairy free,

I feel really good. I’m not bloated. My skin is great, this and that. So it just doesn’t even appeal to me anymore. And that’s where I’m at in my life. But if you know, if you’re not there yet, or if, or maybe if it’s something else, I don’t particularly like donuts, if it’s something else that I really like,

like an Oreo or like ice cream, ice cream or something, then I’ll be like, you know what? I’m just going to have a little, cause it’s going to make me happy right now. Yeah. And like the way you got there was having this more positive mentality, not being all or nothing. So like, like time was mentioning how,

like, when she, she, she sees a donut, she doesn’t really want it. It doesn’t appeal to her. And I can honestly say the same thing about myself. Like when I see a Coca-Cola Pepsi soda, I really like, it has no appeal. I don’t even want to sip it. Like it gives me, I have no desire,

but I didn’t get there in one day. I used to drink two Coke cans a day when I was like 16, 17, when I was a young teenager and I was playing, I had no idea even knowing back then lady. So I was like 16, 15 years old, drinking, Coke, cans, whatever. Like, I didn’t know anything about health,

whatever. And then slowly over time, as I learned through my twenties, you know, like the w like how Coca-Cola impacts you, the sugars in there and other stuff I slowly was like, okay, I’m drinking less drinking less to the point where I was drinking nothing. And now, like I mentioned, I haven’t had one in like a couple of years,

I would say. And again, scissors, that’s not through this all or nothing where I was like, I’m never having a Coke again. It wasn’t that it was literally like, okay, you don’t want to solely stop this. And I slowly was like, I don’t like this. And that’s really how I got It tastes good anymore. I don’t feel good after this.

And then you can naturally just avoid it. Yeah. But you know, like you said, if it’s ice cream, like just the other day, SciTech was like, let’s get a little bit of ice cream. You thought it was sorbet where it didn’t have any dairy in it. And I knew that it had dairy in it, but I was like,

whatever, we’ll share a little cup. And like, it tastes good. I’ll just have a little bit Like four or five bites. Yeah. Had Some acne during the next week. But that’s the risk I took, but you know, no reason to beat myself up about it living my life. Yeah. These are great tips, babe. All right.

So, I mean, we went through our main tips, but we’re not going to stop there. So like, if you feel like possibly you’re like, you’re alone in how you’re feeling about, Oh, like when I slip up, I’m messing up or perhaps like, you’re, you’re you’re you feel like only you’re thinking all or nothing. So we asked this question in the community and the peace Jewish community on our Instagram page piece to start weight loss,

to see how everybody else feels. Just so that we can all feel like we’re in the same boat here, because it’s very common to think all or nothing. Yes. So we asked the question that we asked on our Instagram was what is your thought process when you accidentally slip, slip up? When it comes to peace, when it comes to the PCO is diet and lifestyle changes.

Should I start with the first answer? Yeah. Being James says tomorrow is a new day. Yeah. That’s a great positive approach. And it is true. Tomorrow is a new day and it’s not like, whatever you do today is gonna make tomorrow like cloudy or like side, as long as you just have a new mentality, Start over as soon as you want.

Yep. Ashley Toledo says, I’ll do better. Next time. I love that. Yeah. Mandy Maloney says I beat myself up and throw in the towel on the whole day. Yeah. That’s a common thing for a lot of people, a lot of sisters to feel this way. And we just want to say, we hope listening to this podcast kind of helps you to like,

not think that way, just because it’s like, don’t beat yourself up sisters. Cause it’s not your fault. Like this is a hormonal problem. It’s a, it’s a metabolic disorder. Is this something that’s out of your control and you’re doing your best to control it. Yeah, exactly. It starts out of your control, but you can control it,

but it’s hard to figure out how and amidst all of it. We’re going to crave things and eat things and whatnot. And then, you know, beat yourself up about it and throw in the towel and this and that. Once you wrap your head around what’s happening, hormonally, like SciTech said, you won’t beat yourself up as much because you’re like,

you know what? This is just my insulin. Exactly. Alrighty. All right, Next person is RM George. She says, I automatically think I took 10 steps back. And all the work I did prior to is trash. I worry about waking period, facial hair in, it causes a lot of anxiety because I’m type a and rule follower. I’m learning to give myself grace.

I like the ending to this. I’m learning to give myself. Yeah. And it sounds like, you know, like she’s a type a, which I believe, I dunno, what does a type a and type B personality, Because when you’re like very diligent at things and everything is a little bit perfectionist, you know, and everything just has to be all or nothing type thing.

So like, yeah, like that perfect perfectionist mentality, which I personally have myself. A lot of times I’m too perfectionist when it comes to like a lot of things that I do. And I end up wasting a lot of time because I’m spending too much time on it. But Stressing yourself out over something. Yeah. Like this podcast, you guys have no idea.

The amount of hours, extra hours, like unnecessary hours, I’ve spent editing the audio on this podcast to make it sound as crisp and high quality as possible Round of applause for CX editing skills, everyone. So unnecessary. Like honestly though, cause it still sounds good, but I will spend the extra hour or two just to make it super nice. Well,

there’s always a positive to that. I got to say, if it wasn’t for your like perfectionist mentality would have, we would have never bought like great Mike’s like this or figured out how to connect the computer to the TV like this or this lighting situation. You know, You mean the camera to the TV because it’s very easy to connect that computer. I don’t want people to think that I’m that like behind them.

So, so going back to, to RMS message here where she said, I actually, I liked what you said there, like sometimes that perfectionism can help you or like there’s a positive to it. So like, it sounds like RM, George says, you know, I’m type a, well, you know, first be proud of being a type a and that how it has helped you so many times.

And in this instance she says, I automatically think I took 10 steps back. And all the work I did prior to is trash. Well, is it because let’s talk, let’s think about it. You did. Let’s just say you were going on a gluten dairy, free diet. Let’s just say for a couple of weeks and you’re single all these improvements with acne and with the,

let’s say her loss or fatigue so much improvement. And then let’s say you eat one meal that you feel is not good. Do you really think all that is trash? No, because you took so much, there’s so much progress that happens with like that acne healing, the hair loss reversing. Those are signs that your body is improving. So one meal isn’t going to just erase all of that.

Yeah. Think of the bigger picture. Look at all of your wins and then notice how much more wins there are then moments that you, you know, lose control and will you give into your cravings or whatever. There are probably way more wins than that. One moment that disappointed you. If you focus on that negative, you’re going to take 10 steps back and you’re going to throw everything in the trash and you’re not going to continue to take care of yourself.

And you’re just going to label yourself and you know, one type of way. And that’s it. Yeah, Exactly. Alrighty. Next message. Was from sailor moon. She says today I ate a whole bag of Keene watch chips. It’s okay to mess up. Just do better tomorrow. I love that. Very positive. I chose keen watches right there.

Yeah. That’s how I would look at it. It’s like Doritos or like, you know, something where it’s like a lot of empty calories. I mean, maybe it’s, it’s more carbs than you probably can handle, you know, a whole bag. I don’t know how big the bag is, but it was keen watch ups. You’re making one.

At least it was good. And for you’re making one step, You know, I feel this myself, cause I, we eat bean field chips, which is basically chips made out of beans and I feel so much better when I eat Beanfields compared to what’s it called? Like Doritos or something like that. So like to me, even though like, I feel like all mad,

I eat too much to me. I still feel a lot better than if I had ate like Doritos or something like that. Yeah, totally. Yep. All right. Before we go on to the winds of the week where we pick basically a sister who is managing her piece, us taking a huge step or you know, there’s a lot of sweet whatever her goals are.

And we basically read them on the podcast this week. We have to, but before we get there, I actually wanted to read a message from the piece us hotline. So if you don’t know, we actually have a hotline where you can call in and leave a voicemail that we’ll go ahead and play on this podcast and people will hear your voice and we’ll answer your question directly.

We, you can also leave a text message on the hotline. And today we’re going to actually read a text message. The text message came from anonymous and she asked what is more important to start with diet or working out when it comes to peace. You us great question. I think this is like, honestly I think this, this question would relate not just a piece us,

but also to like almost everyone who’s trying to lose weight. And, and when it comes to diet and working out, they go hand in hand. Honestly, the most important thing to start out with is diet. Because if you’re working out and working out, let’s say three to four times a week, there’s only so much that it will help if your diet is not good.

So it’s really important to get the diet down first and then incorporating the workouts to make sure you’re getting the results that you want. Because if you’re not doing the diet and you’re just doing the workouts, you’re not gonna really see, see that those results. But you know, if you just do diet without the working out, you’ll actually see results over a long period of time.

You know? So like that just goes to show you without working out, you can still lose weight, which is why diet is the most important. So Yeah. Diet and lifestyle will heal your metabolism and that will help you lose weight. And so we’ll working out, but it’s not like working out a lot. It’s not like a matter of burning calories while you work out and then you lose weight.

It’s about healing, your metabolism. Yeah, exactly. I wanted to read a little email that I received the other day. Cause I feel like it really pertains to this podcast episode. Okay, great. So one sister emailed me and she said, hello, I’ve been gluten and dairy free for two and a half months. And haven’t noticed much of a change yet.

Besides 13 pounds lost. I’ve been taking CBD for a month and a half and it’s helped with my anxiety, but I just haven’t seen a lot of other changes. Like some of the other sisters share, maybe my body just needs more time. Okay. I, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. So I read this and I was like 13 pounds.

That’s not nothing. This is yes. Just to give you, give yourself a big Pat on the back. That’s great progress. A whole paragraph response. I’m glad you did. Excellent. What are you saying there again, like don’t compare yourself to somebody else. You don’t know what they’re going through. You don’t know what their goals were. You don’t know like anything,

basically not that person what they’re doing. So yeah, No of your mindset, because if you don’t recognize your wins, for example, losing 13 pounds in two, if you don’t see that as a win. And if you’re thinking that you’re doing something wrong and you’re disappointed in your body, how are you going to continue on this journey? You know,

like sometimes we just want everything to reverse and just work out. And you know, two months is a long time of consistency. Like that’s a big deal, you know? And of course you expect major results from that, no matter what type of results you get, even if it’s 13 pounds loss, but your other symptoms haven’t improved quite yet. That’s something to celebrate.

If you want to continue on this journey. And I just, this was like a really meaningful email to me. I did like an Instagram story about it too. And a lot of sisters, like 96% voted that they think the same way. And it’s really important for this podcast episode to air because people need to hear that every little win is going to push you in a right direction towards reversing PCs.

You have to celebrate all of them. Yeah. And if you don’t, you just, how are you going to continue? I absolutely agree. Absolutely agree. So I’m planning to just got that off my chest at AA and you have to get it off your chest. You really have to say I had to. No, it’s a beautiful message. I am so happy.

You opened that email up because you did mention on your Instagram yesterday and it’s like should be heard by more people as much people as possible that like it’s great progress. Like don’t compare yourself to somebody who’s maybe further down the road with different, with different goals. Like no person is equal to each other when it comes to their goals and what they want and so many things,

so. Right. Beautiful message. Okay. All right. Let’s go to the wins. Celebrate. Let’s celebrate some wins. And of course these wins. Aren’t always about weight loss either. They’re always a diff everyone has different goals. Some people have goals for hair loss for acne. And we love to just celebrate anybody who has taken a step or is seeing the results they want to see.

That’s right. The first winner is Bettina from Instagram. Oh yeah. This sister is from Instagram. She, her name is Bettina Ruth. She says during quarantine, I learned to cook more. I started being mindful about my eating habits and lost 20 pounds over the span of five months. I avoid dairy and gluten most of the time. But since I still live with my family,

it’s inevitable. It’s inevitable. Sometimes. Thank you for continuously posting helpful tips. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there losing 20 pounds seems like a small win, but I never even dreamed that I would be able to do it again. Thank you. I love that. Great job Bettina. And I do wanna say losing 20 pounds is not small wins.

It’s it’s like a very big goal that you’ve passed achieved. Like don’t don’t what is that word where you like, kind of like you’re yeah. You’re downplaying your wind, which is dope sister, because it’s great that even if it was 10 pounds or five pounds or one pound, when you feel good. Yeah. That’s a win. That’s the most important.

And I love how, like she says, I avoid gluten dairy most of the time, but since I still live with my family, it’s inevitable. I can not say inevitable. We’re going back to the all or nothing mentality. Right? Like this sister was not able to, you know, be, be completely gluten, dairy free, maybe. Cause she didn’t want to,

or in this case, cause they’re a family and that’s okay. And she was still able to lose the weight instead able to improve. And that’s just should be like motivating to others who like, maybe can’t go fully into it. It’s not, it doesn’t mean if you don’t go fully into the, you won’t see results. This is a great example of one person.

Exactly. All right, the next one, Next one is from the sisterhood and type punch, whatever. Sure. This is from Hillary Patterson. She wrote this in the Facebook chat forum. She writes, I have been managing my PCs for years and I have been at a healthy weight for a while now after two weeks gluten-free and dairy-free I lost four pounds without even trying.

I’ve been eating a hundred grams of carbs a day for a decade. But this new gluten and dairy free lifestyle is the only time that I have felt full and satisfied. My cravings have vanished. Gluten dairy free is so simple and it feels like magic. I am sleeping better. I am happier. And I feel so in control of my body, Hillary.

I love that. Yeah. I just love the feeling so control of your body. I know. I mean four pounds is great, but you know, all these great improvements in your symptoms and just feeling in your body is even better. Honestly. It’s just so good to hear that. I love hearing when people are feeling better versus just like obviously like losing weight if that’s your goal.

Yeah. A hundred percent. But yeah, But it sounds like she was at like a ideal weight anyways. Yeah. Because really the most important thing is feeling better about yourself. If that’s through losing weight or if that’s through other means we’re always here for you. Yeah, exactly. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. What a great episode. We hope scissors.

You enjoy that. You know why it’s important to not think about the all or nothing mentality and it’s important to like one like have supportive people around you. That’s not going to like put you down, but also like support yourself. Yeah, exactly. Be your own cheerleader. Celebrate every little win. Always Pat yourself on the back. You’re doing a great job,

sweetie. Yes. That’s Chris Jenner would say, Yeah, what does the Lord? I don’t know what his Lord districts, I want to know. I don’t know his go-to phrase. I don’t watch Kardashians, but I love Scott. We’ll figure it out and we’ll use it on the next episode. We’ll do that. All right, sisters, make sure you’re following us on Instagram.

PCO start weight loss. Cause we have our daily tips and so much more there as well as subscribing to our YouTube channel where we’ll be posting more and more videos. And That is the end of this episode, I think. Yes. Stay tuned. Sisters. More content to come. Yes. Talk to you guys next week. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, Where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of CCOs from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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