Should I Cut Out Sugar with PCOS?

How much sugar is okay? Can we consume fruit? On this episode, we talk all about sugar and it’s relationship with PCOS!

Awful cravings with PCOS are different than other peoples cravings…it’s driven by our hormones, so don’t feel like it’s all your fault!

You’ll learn about the effects sugar has on insulin resistance and the role it has on symptoms of PCOS.

We talk about fruit and how much is okay to consume in one day. Is natural sugar from fruit different? Tune in to find out!

What about artificial sweeteners? We discuss how artificial sweeteners can cause insulin levels to spike, making your cravings worse. You’ll learn whether you should stop taking them.

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Full Episode transcript:

Well, we, we don’t drink that. It has Oh my God. What’s going to happen to me. Nothing. It’s a supplement for women with PCOS. I mix it with water and it doesn’t taste like anything. Oh, that Saul’s a special blend of inositols and it helps heal. My cravings, regulate my period and improve my mood. So don’t actually drink it.

Oh my God. I’m getting a period. No, it just helps with blood sugar control for many women with PCOS, like me, insulin resistance is one of the root issues underneath all these awful symptoms. Here’s how it works. Bape. When we eat, it’s broken down into sugar and the lovely insulin hormone takes that and gives it to ourselves to get burned up.

But when our cells are resistant, insulin is left, floating around in the bloodstream, making us think we’re still hungry, leading to awful cravings, not just that insulin triggers high testosterone, which affects my period and my mood. So I’m not getting my period. No, babe. You’re not. But I am. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD SeaTac.

And I have been taking CBD and we are loving it. I’m holding the tincture right now. Pine, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that. Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCO is studies show it reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity,

reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum now to order and use the code. This sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of Natale and hold it for 30 seconds longer. While the sisters enjoy the show. Welcome to a sister and her mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage,

gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS is a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. Oh my gosh. How funny the turtles on a cookbook called incredible sugar-free bakes. Yeah. So you finally got your turtle, but I don’t see how the turtle and the book are related.

Podcast is about sugar. Oh yeah. If you’re not watching on YouTube, you should see right now we have this new planter and it’s a turtle, Not a real turtle, press turtle gold. One might say We put a secular in it and it’s super cute. I’m turning into the crazy plant lady Turning into the crazy plant husband. Who’s been infected by her wife and is now growing veins out of his brain.

Good. Well, because we can’t have a, you know, super extravagant one year anniversary on may 27. We’re going on a crazy plant lady extravaganza that I’m taking SeaTac on my day. Say, you take me out. Well, I’m taking you on this crazy plant lady road. So our anniversary is on the 27th of May. And basically as much as most of you know,

most of you are aware. We can’t go anywhere. Restaurants are shut down, no flights to anywhere. Basically hotels and trips are out the window. Yeah. Yeah. So we said, let’s make it, you know, let’s do something about this. Let’s make it special, unique. And maybe there’s many in your situation, but people in our situation right now,

hula Yeah. Fencing, weddings and stuff. I mean, there’s worse than like not having a special one you’re in. Yeah. Oh, of course. I mean, yeah. We could be not married like this. There’s my friend who was about to give me two of our friends was about to get married in the next couple of months and they postponed it,

which totally sucks. But Hey, you know, I gonna make the best of it. Yes, even. So anyways, we were going down the road of crazy plant lady and we took our bookshelf, put it outside and now we have more space to put more plans. Yeah. There’s basically now a bookshelf on the patio to put, guess what?

Plants not books called the plant shelf now Excited. I even Googled how to plant things properly. I’m sorry. I just want to shake this. Apparently when you’re making a beautiful arrangement of succulents, ladies, you have to have three different styles of plants. Apparently ones that drip down, you know, the ones that like cascade over the pot ones that fill the pot and then ones that stand out and are like showstopper.

So there’s three layers to this whole conundrum. Yeah. So yesterday we went shopping, we found a few, but they all seem to be filler ones. They don’t seem to be ones that drip out of the pods. So we need to continue on our quest for the perfect succulent. We have 12 days until the patio extravaganza in which we’re going to completely not completely.

We’re going to basically plant up the patio by adding like a, maybe a raised bed window boxes. Yeah. Balcony, string lights, settlements. Yeah. Right now it’s all about what can we get? Let’s get everything together. So on our anniversary, we’ll basically go wild planting stuff. And they, at least it’s a lot better than just sitting inside and watching TV or like basically just being sad that we can’t go out.

We’re doing something about it. And I hope everybody else is doing the same something similar. It could just be one flower plant makes me so happy. I was not a plant person before Mary tell him. But my, my, my dad was like straight up into gardening. I see it. Now it’s very relaxing, you know, potting a plant or transporting it and like seeing it grow,

taking care of it, it takes a lot of patience because you know, a, plant’s not going to make a change or grow like 10 inches in one day. It’s all about like, exactly. No, I just sweep that right in there. It’s like slowly but surely, you know, and then a year goes by and it’s like, you know,

our olive trees. Beautiful Bush. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you weren’t crazy with plants before we got married, but now look around, see Doug, we have five trees in an apartment of all things. Good. So yeah, by the time you guys, by the time you guys listen to this, we’ll probably already have redone the patio.

Cause we’re a couple of episodes ahead. You will see the results we’ll post the results after this episode is released. So you can see exactly what we did before and after and let us know if you liked it. Yeah. We even linked the plants that we got or like the names of the plants we got. So, you know, like what we did,

maybe you can do the same thing. Yes. Alright. Today’s episode is going to be amazing. Just like all the ones before, but this one, I love it. Personally. I love this topic, Pauline Passionate about this. Since the day we met, I’ve known about sugar and its affects for a while now for the last like six, seven years.

I’ve learned a lot about it even before Tallinn. So I’m looking very forward to today’s topic. Yeah. I mean, it’s especially a passionate topic for both of us because we both, at one point in our childhoods really loved, you know, And the topic is what was the exact topic. Oh, Sugar and how to develop a savory pallet and get through your sugar cravings.

Yeah. So, So you were saying, babe, basically as a kid, as a child, almost everybody was addicted to sugar, right? Yeah. And I love like candy Skittles. Like I lived for, I mean they really marketed it in the nineties so I can make it a staple in every child’s diet to eat like cereal that had sugar on.

I can’t even believe myself. I would eat cinnamon toast and the mere thought the amount of sugar and cinnamon toast crunch. And did you know, they even changed, I think the cinnamon toast crunch formula so that it has less sugar now because before it had so much sugar, Even like a psychologically, like we’re as a, as a kid, when we grow up,

like a candy is like a reward, right? Like a lot of times parents will be like, okay son, if you do this or okay, a daughter, if you do this, well, I’ll give you a piece of candy or whatever, you know, trigger, cheating, things like that. Like it’s like enveloped in our mind that whenever we either eat or whenever we do something good,

okay. We deserve some candy. Yeah. So it’s just really bad way of like psychologically engraving that in tour ahead. So that now we think, Oh, I need a piece of candy where I need dessert to kind of like reward myself. And if I don’t have it, then that means I am not living my life. Oh yeah. Living my life.

Yeah. That’s the eating candy and having dessert is like living your best life. And that’s so not true. Like it’s not The addictive, we’ll get into the details later. But like sugar is like, it’s like a drug it’s actually addicting your body. Like once it has a couple of times in a day and a couple of days it starts to develop a tendency to want it more just like,

like nicotine or caffeine where like your body wants that energy or that spike of insulin. It’s now craving the same exact thing. Yeah, exactly. And not to mention, you can, you can develop a Sabrie pallet. We’ll get into how and this one, It’s a savory pallet. Cause I don’t know what’s saver. Okay. So, you know,

there’s the different flavors that you can taste, sweet sour savory and so on. Yeah. And so if you eat a lot of sugar, you get used to eating sweets and that becomes your palette. Like just like, you know, different cultures love their cultural food because they’re used to that. And that’s how they have developed their pallet to get used to simple things or not to complex spices or whatever it may be.

And then some cultures like American culture is often more simpler. Like we’ve eat, feed our kids Cheerio’s and stuff. And then their palette doesn’t develop as much as maybe Indian diets because they have so much spices and stuff. And so anyways, you can develop the taste. My dad, my dad cannot eat anything that is complex in his eyes. The man will only eat fries or chicken breast or like grilled Armenian food.

But even anything that’s like crazy, like too much flavor. My dad will be like, no, I’m sorry. No, but that’s because in my opinion, and I have no idea if I’m right, he grew up with a more simpler diet back then in Turkey back back then they did not go to all these extravagant restaurants with all these different flavors from different countries,

the way we eat in America. Yeah. They ate gyro chicken, um, Shepard salad, which is cucumber tomato onion. Like he’s a similar palette. Yeah. Rice potatoes flavors. Yeah, exactly. So it’s not that he’s that picky. He’s just used to eating. That’s what I mean. Like it’s like, cause he developed it as he grew up as throughout his life,

the way he ate, he develops that power. So I get what you mean by the savory pallet. So you kind of have to push yourself to develop a savory pallet. And I think that we obviously have done that in our adulthood, through the childhood, like sugar craze phase, Speaking of which the Airheads remember exactly like a month ago, uh,

me and Italian cause of the Corona situation, we said, let’s go on a road trip. So we went, we went on like a six hour road trip up the coast of California and drove back. Like we didn’t really stop anywhere except for the beach anyways, on the way back get like four, three more hours in time was like, ah,

let’s get like an Arrowhead from the gas station. Cause we were getting guys like Aaron has the candy, raspberry Fruit, rice to love candy and years. And I literally was like, see like live a little. And I was like, what’s wrong with you? I like, I like connected eating candy to like living. Right. I told her I was actually negative at first.

I was like, babe, come. C’mon like, it’s like, it’s nothing in there. It’s disgusting. I don’t want it. But you know, she just wanted to have something because it’s a road trip and you’re like, there’s nothing wrong with having Ted you there’s something wrong Deandra. I can’t type you. One of those people sometimes Of course.

But I mean like there’s nothing wrong with having a piece of Tandy, like hearing good. Right? You should enjoy yourself. So I was like, let’s do it. But we ate, I take one bite. I felt like I ate that piece of plastic chairs. You know, the plastic chairs. I felt like I ate one of the legs of the plastic chair.

It just has sugar on top. That was the Tesa plastic to me. I couldn’t believe that used to be so delicious growing up. I would eat 10 pieces at once when I was like 12 or 13, the mini ones. And now I couldn’t even chew it. It was like sugar crystals melting in my mouth. And then the flavor was like,

not like it used to be eat it. It would explode in your mouth. None of that. It was like a headache. I only ate half of it. And then we threw the whole thing away. Like I couldn’t even like, unfortunately I, in fact almost convinced myself that like that was an expired candy and that’s why it was so disgusting.

But even when I thought about it, I mean the real reason is because we’ve spent so many years kind of like going away from that kind of like sugary stuff. Right. We do want to have candy like that anymore. And if we do, it’s like chocolate, something that actually has at least some sort of nutritional things to it besides just the sugar.

Right? Yeah. I know. It’s like dark chocolate. You have to get your palette usage. I don’t like it. No kid likes dark chocolate, no kid likes dark chocolate. Just have to force your palate and taste buds to get used to it. Which I think I did at one point when I was getting through the cravings of PCO S you know,

and, and going gluten and dairy free and taking a bus, all of these things, helping me get through the hormonal aspect of it. And then I started loving, um, fat, more like the fat on lamb chops, like salty, like, you know, salt on my steak. Like these types of things were more tasty to me than sugar.

And now like sugar, you know, sometimes I love it. Like great liquid free cookie. Fine. But that candy was disgusting. And like, I completely changed my taste buds And you didn’t even really try you. Weren’t like, okay, I’m going to stop eating. Can you just like naturally? Well, yeah, as I managed my S my cravings went away and then,

um, I did have to try to develop a savory pallet. And now let’s, we’ll get into that, but end of the, towards the end of how to develop a state really palette. But before that, we have to understand what’s going on. So there’s for sure a difference between PCOS cravings and regular, Oh, a hundred percent we should say right now,

if you get cravings on the regular, do not feel bad. There’s a reason you’re getting those cravings. And it’s not the same as the regular population without PSUs. Like you’re getting different cravings due to your piece. Us. Yeah, exactly. Like your insulin. If you’re insulin resistant, which 70% of us are, then we have insulin floating around in our bloodstream.

For example, if you eat a big meal or if you don’t eat and then you eat your meal, you have a bunch of insulin hormone, like in your bloodstream to store what you ate into your cells so that it can be burned and used up. Now, if your cells are resistant to insulin, then the insulin hormone is just left, floating in your bloodstream.

And you know, that’s when after, after a while, that can cause more cravings because the more insulin in your bloodstream, the more you want to eat sugar and stuff, because your body thinks that you need to eat more. So after you eat a big deal, big meal or something, or dinner or something, you want to eat a cookie because insulin is still in your bloodstream.

Cause your insulin resistance. And then you’re like, why am I hungry? I just eat, Hey, I could eat more. I could have a whole pile of cookies and a cake. Like I totally get it. I felt the same way. And so there’s a difference between hormonal cravings and just like another person who has cravings, who can just like resist something.

Like sometimes you really, really can’t resist. It’s crazy. These like, you know, and we have a whole episode on yeah. So of course there are things you can do. one thing I love helps with cravings in like 15 minutes, I feel better. Like, I feel like my insulin resistance, like being managed Susa, like on the spot.

Totally agree. It’s a big game changer for a lot of sisters who’ve taken a Vestal, helps with cravings, helping with instant resistance and a lot more. I mean, they even have it even goes into, um, when you treat her, uh, sorry, when you treat insulin resistance, now it’s going to help with, if you’re having hair loss and hair growth,

because now you’re helping your, uh, testosterone levels kind of look down. So it makes a big change. It makes a big change, not just for your diet, but also for your other symptoms that are, um, being affected due to your insulin. Yeah. And another thing that helps aside from us is just not consuming sugar, being aware of like what has sugar in it?

Swapping thing. Yeah. Yeah. And it doesn’t mean like, okay, I can’t, I can’t have food with any sugar. It just means being mindful of having something that doesn’t like, take a look at the label. If you see there’s been like 15 grams of added sugar than what you’re eating is it may not be a good thing. It may be processed.

Maybe it has a lot of additives. Maybe it’s just maybe the reason they’re adding so much sugar into it. Cause it doesn’t taste good. So, you know, like looked for a better brand. Like don’t, it doesn’t mean like, okay, Look at the label. If there’s three grams of sugar, then it’s bad. No, that’s not bad at all.

Just look for something that stands out as far as sugar goes. Yeah. So that might lead into the question of how much sugar can I have. Can I have fruit, you know, are artificial sweeteners. Okay. Like what do I do? Yes. And your recommendation, which a lot of people always ask and they’re like, what do you mean One piece of fruit a day?

Or like a handful of berries or, you know, it’s just something that fits in your hands. One hand of fruit. So maybe that’s one Apple, maybe a cup of berries, maybe a couple of strawberries, whatever. But the reason being is when you’re first managing your PCs in the beginning, it’s very important to keep your sugar low and fruit,

as many of you know, has natural sugar and it doesn’t matter natural or fake, whatever your body can react the same exact way. So you want to make sure, yeah. Even your fruit is not too much. So one fruit a day is important. That’s a good point because if you can see this incredible sugar-free bakes cookbook that our turtle secular is standard on,

it says sugar-free on a cookbook title, but it’s not. Sugar-free, they’ve replaced sugar, white cane sugar with dextrose, honey maple syrup. So when I bought this back in the day, when I wasn’t aware of like, you know, sugar and all the ins and outs and didn’t have access to the podcast episode, like I bought this cookbook, I’m like,

Oh, should I free? Like, this should be good for me. And then I’m like, dextrose, like that’s still sugar. Like my insulin blood sugar is still going to go up. Like, why did I just buy this? This does nothing for me. I thought it was a cookbook of like, I’m baking with like, I don’t know,

like maybe like Apple sauce and stuff, Which is a book like that. We’ll have to find something like that, but now you know exactly how to do it. So we don’t even need a book. Yeah. So this pointless cookbook is sitting here underneath And was, she mentioned like, yeah, like dextrose and honey, and those ones are probably healthier than sugar itself.

When you look at the, yeah. When you look at white sugar, like the compounds in it and how they can actually have, we’ll talk about what white sugar can lead to. But basically it doesn’t mean it can still raise your insulin, which is the importance here. Like it’s not just about, okay, white sugar causes this or let’s have this instead.

Even if you have normal sugar, it can still bump your insulin. So I’m very passionate about this. Like everyone’s mad at me because I’m saying stop eating honey and fruit. But like, So fructose, it’s been shown in studies that you can type of sugar. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry. So fructose. So there’s fructose and there’s sucrose. Yeah.

The predictors is the type that has fruits, natural sweeteners, honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, a Gavi. So this really like relates to the people listening. Yes. So it’s been shown in studies that you can actually cause PCs just by consuming fructose, a formal sugar found in honey and fruit. Here’s a great, interesting study here. One study took a group of mice and gave half of them high fructose corn syrup.

And within eight weeks, the mice develop polycystic ovaries, high androgens, and instantly levels for women with PCs. Fructose is quickly absorbed into your blood and perpetrates insulin resistance and thus symptoms of PSUs. Now that is very mind opening right there. First let’s look at that. They gave a group of mice, mice, a women mice. Yeah. They gave half of them fructose corn syrup.

And within eight weeks, those mice develop polycystic ovaries that blew my mind. And not just that. What does that look like on analysis over it? But not just that, not just that. They also developed high androgens, which are, you know, uh, which are to high testosterone, leading to hair loss, hair growth, acne hormones, insulin levels,

your stress hormones. So it’s not just weight gain, but it’s also, it’s also ovaries high androgens that and insulin levels that sugar itself can cause Blew my mind. Ladies, let that sink in. Let’s just take a moment. So it’s best to limit your intake of fruits and sweeteners. Even if you put like honey in your tea, try to cut that out.

And that leads to your next question in your head. What do I replace them with artificial sweeteners? And my answer to that is no, I’m sorry, but no, like again, you, we will tell you how to develop a system. The reason why is because your body. So when you have an artificial sweetener, man, there’s a door cream,

other room that keeps on creaking because of the window being open. I am about the big door open anyway. Okay. So artificial sweeteners when you’re, when you take it in your, your body, like it’s like your body says, Oh, we just received sugar because it, it tastes it, your brain literally thinks, Oh, that’s sweet because your body’s tasting it.

It doesn’t decipher the fact that it’s real sugar or not because it’s tasting it. That’s already a signal for the brain to start producing insulin. Yeah. And then when your body finds that there is no sugar for the insulin, cause it’s artificial sweeteners, then you have more creams. Exactly. And that’s exactly how artificial sweeteners don’t work for women with PCOS.

Is it tricks your body into creating insulin, but there’s actually no sugar for the insulin to attach. We even did a vote in the Instagram story polls. And I wanted to like prove my point. Um, and sisters said, so the question was, do artificial sweeteners help your cravings or make them worse? 22% sisters helps. 77% of sisters said that.

Right. It’s 22. Then there’s a 1% that was undecided. So we have 22% said artificial sweeteners helped them. But 77% said it made it worse. And a 1% they just said, Or Instagram has like some type of a glitch with their numbers. Yeah. Anyways, the engineer has spoken pink sickly, but, and I’ve seen it with patients too.

I’ve seen it there. They’re like, okay, like my cravings are getting better. And so on. I think I’m going to eat like artificial sweeteners. And that’ll like help me with the rest of my craving feeling. And then they’ll come back and there’ll be like, everything got worse, everything was reversed. I couldn’t stop eating. And I felt the same way.

I used to put those artificial sweeteners, like Stevia flavored, lemonade powder. It was like lemonade powder. I don’t know. I think minute maid made it or something. I don’t know. And it was pink lemonade. And I put in my water, this was in college. And I remember like I was in the, um, little, like area where everyone hangs out and I had terrible cravings.

I’m trying to go gluten and dairy free, see all these bagels. I want to eat them. And then I was like, I have this powder I bought and I put it in and I drink a bunch of water in this powder. And I had the biggest headache. I was like, so bloated from how much? I don’t know why. Oh,

I do know. I will tell you a story about why at the time. I didn’t know why I was so bloated. And then my cravings were so much worse. And, and then I was like, maybe it’s just me. And then I became a dietician looked around and all my patients. Yeah. And there’s a couple of studies about artificial sweeteners.

I should, we should mention before. But before I get into that, let’s say you have a protein powder and you’re not used to cutting out the sweets just yet, but a protein powder has Stevia in it. It should be okay. Because you’re trying to introduce protein into your diet to make it higher protein to carb ratio, but try to cut out the protein powders that have artificial artificial sweeteners as you,

as you slowly transition. Yeah. There’s one that Talon uses. It’s called, um, philosophy. Love, we highly recommend, but any other, um, protein powder Unflavored yeah. It’s a little chalky. Yeah. Basically look for anything that’s dairy and gluten free. And there’s a lot of hemp protein powders that do this and also just, um,

take a look for the artificial sweeteners. But, and if you’re like worried about the unflavored stuff, I mean, if you’re making a smoothie or a shake, then you probably don’t have to worry about it. Cause he just won’t taste at all. Anyways, you just taste your shape. So, alright. Um, so there’s a couple of studies out there on artificial sweeteners.

The first one I’m gonna mention year, uh, study shows, uh, artificial sweeteners, induce glucose intolerance by your gut bacteria, which directly contributes to how well you absorb your food. For example, how many carbs carbohydrates and calories you can actually absorb from your food are directly affected by artificial artificial sweeteners you actually took during that meal. So like Colleen was saying,

um, she was feeling bloated and like, she felt like she couldn’t digest. And it was like just weird Changing your gut bacteria and women with pieces already have a disrupted gut microbiome. So you might already struggle from food, sensitivities, deficiencies, IBS issues, bloating and so on. And the last thing you need is something like, make your gut weaker,

like artificial sweeteners. You talk about like, again, your gut biome is very important, not just for your like physical health, but also your mental health as you’re finding your gut biome and your, you know, neurons in your brain are connected. So it’s always good to make sure your gut biomes as being taken care of. Yeah. And you’re really doing that when you’re going gluten and dairy free and like eating,

you know, in a way that’s reducing inflammation. And because remember that episode about gluten, how I mentioned the lining of your stomach is held together by these tight junctions. And some people who are sensitive to gluten have this protein zonulin that’s released and makes that tight junction junction that holds your stomach to loosen up and then gluten gets through and so on. Yes.

And then like you mentioned earlier, there was, there is that study about artificial sweeteners causing insulin levels to spike when you eat it, cause your body thinks that you’re eating sugar and then that insulin floating in your bloodstream makes you have cravings. Yeah. Yeah. Cause your body again, when you take that artificial sweetener and your tongue tastes, it, it tastes like sugar to you.

Right. Million times sweeter than sugar. Yeah. But your brain is thinking the same thing. All it’s I’m tasting sugar. So it must be sure your brain doesn’t know that there’s a product out there that’s called artificial artificial sweetener. And that it’s actually not sugar and that your brain isn’t thinking, Oh, I don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t know that.

So think about that, which is natural. Yeah. It’s the same thing. So, um, yeah. And again, based on, based on what Tyne said, tricks your body into thinking that you ate sugar, so it creates more cravings. And then the more cravings you have, the more you want to eat the sweet stuff. So the more you want to eat a cookie or do more,

you want to add artificial sweeteners, sugar, honey, all that stuff. So it’s just like adding onto the, you know, your, um, cravings. Yeah. So how do we get our pallet to become a savory pallet? The first thing like we mentioned is avoiding sugar and you’ll eventually just lose your tolerance to it. So, you know,

of course, you’re going to say, what about my cravings and so on. That’s my next point, managing cravings, going gluten and dairy free. Maybe this will help. Um, of course dairy spikes, insulin levels, which makes you more craving and stuff. That’s what we’re like addicted to like cheese and sugar and this and that. So going gluten and dairy free taking girl basketball,

sleeping better Sleeping can have a huge impact because if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body basically doesn’t have enough energy. So your body has to compensate for that. How does it do that? It makes you more hungry because it wants energy because it’s not getting it through sleep. 30% more cravings if you have five hours of sleep missing from your week.

Yeah. Yeah. And if you guys remember, we had that podcast episode about sorry about, um, uh PCLs and how to get better sleep. And we talked about how people who don’t get enough sleep. Usually if they’re like getting five to six hours, they actually end up consuming more calories every single day. And that results to like thousands of calories more every,

every year. And that’s a result of not getting enough sleep because your body wants energy, but it’s not getting it naturally. So it’s like, okay, we need food, we need food. And then you have cravings for that reason. It sounds awful. Yeah. And then a third tip you can do to develop a savory pallet is experiment and find foods.

You love that aren’t sweet. Maybe, you know, like we all love that. Like, Oh, you put something sweet in your mouth and it tastes amazing. Right. Maybe find that thing. That’s not sugar, but maybe like, uh, like, like Ty mentioned earlier, when she eats lamb chops, now she loves that fatty piece of the land chop.

It’s very savory and it’s something she grew to like, I’m sure she didn’t always love it. I did. But then I didn’t. Cause I didn’t use to like the fat on the meat, but now I actually like it cause it’s like nice like taste to it. Yeah. I mean, I kind of liked it, but once I directed my attention towards things like that,

they started taking up more space in my mind, then the obsession with sugar. And then that’s part of developing a savory pallet, not to mention things, you know, experimenting in the kitchen. Like just the other day I made these popsicles made of strawberries lemon and um, Bazell and water. And then over acetone and I blended it up in the blender.

It was six popsicles. So I poured six of acetone packets in it. And then, you know, of course I said like one fruit a day or a handful of strawberries, I’m pretty sure that Popsicle is like less than a handful of strawberries. Um, and it, it, I experimented it and it turned out to be this delicious, um,

replacement for popsicles and sweet, you know, ice cream and stuff. I’m really interested with myself, you guys, somebody made it and posted it on the story that she’s like, Oh, I put, um, green tea in it instead of water. I’m like I had a special taste. I bet you can just freeze green tea in a vessel and you have ice cream base,

you know, Um, why not dairy free milk, coconut Milk. But there you go. You just replace ice cream with a, basically a healthy replacement. That’s also gonna help you with their cravings. I’m going to go nuts with this concept. Ladies, you’ll see it in the stories. I’m going to make ice cream with like berries and opacity I’ll mix in coconut cream,

whatnot. So going into that basically is try to experiment and find some foods that maybe you already love, but maybe you, if you add a couple of different things to it, Oh yeah. You know, dark chocolate that you really like from, you know, you know, um, where do they Swiss? Like Swiss dark chocolate, like some expensive,

like nice dark chocolate to get your mind off of sugar that you might find in granola and candy bars and whatnot. Yeah. So try to find, um, try to find a different interest that maybe your palate will like more than sugar, which I guarantee you will because your body tends to like things that are more nutrient dense once you’ve figured that out,

your body’s never gonna want sugar again, once your body realizes that all this and this has more to me, your body is going to be like, no, I don’t need that. Sugar has nothing beneficial for me. You just have to give your body both things and eventually get used to them. And then the final point you go, okay, fine.

Learn to savor your food, close your eyes while you eat, train your palette to taste all the flavors slowly. I do the same mistake a lot of times where I’m really hungry and I’ll just like so delicious that time has made. And I’ll just like April and I’ll just like go through it. And then I’m like, okay, I need a second plate.

But if I had probably gone through like at like to speak or something late, might’ve been enough, have some salad for a second and not just eat, you know, it makes a big difference. It does. And I’ve noticed that let’s say my blood sugar is low and I haven’t like eaten dinner or like we’ve had to wait at a restaurant for a long time and I’m just starving and stuff.

Um, okay. You sit down, the food came and now you’re going to go nuts. And um, basically keep in mind that it takes 15 minutes for what you’re eating to hit your bloodstream and like re you know, gain your blood sugar control and whatnot. So you sit down and you really Excel and in 15 minutes you eat your entire meal and then like,

you want to keep eating and you just can’t stop, like slow down, relax, you know, give yourself some time to absorb what you ate, get your blood sugar back up and like, then continue to eat, uh, you know, being mindful of how much your body wants and needs. And after I learned this, I actually noticed like,

because you know, when your blood sugar is low, you’re like dying. Okay. I’ve noticed like 15 minutes into the meal. I’m like back. Yeah. And just understand that, like understand that there is a 15 minute delay and it’s been shown that the stomach and like, your stomach will tell the brain it’s full a little bit later than it should,

because there’s a delay. There’s like, I don’t know the guy’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator Up to the brain basically. So because of that, there’s a 15 minute delay. So just try to understand that and try to slow that down, slow down that time. So maybe if like, just if you’re eating by, like in talking and like just kinda like trying to say really like the flavors your body will tell itself that it’s full a lot sooner than it would have if you ate,

like, you know, if you were trying to rush through it because you’re, you’re, you’re really hungry. So just try to wait that time, period. Yeah. And turn the TV off is one thing, light, a candle is another yeah. Your spouse or your family, or maybe your friend or if, and I know during these times,

a lot of us are quarantined. Hey, we can do a zoom call or a FaceTime call during dinner and maybe your friends and you eat dinner at the same time. Yeah. We did this, we did a couples date, me and Tallinn did it with my friend and his girlfriend. And we just did a double date via FaceTime. Yeah. I couldn’t like we were on the FaceTime for like three hours.

It was as if they were in our house. And another thing I want to give for that tip is, um, there’s like this little thing that I learned, I mentioned this before is that there’s like, we get a lot of mouth pleasure from eating sugary food. It’s like, you put the food in your mouth and like, there’s like this spike,

like almost like you’re yeah. Like a burst in your mouth. Right. And then your brain gets used to that feeling. It’s not even the fact that it’s like going down your throat and you like, you, you like being full on it is literally the mouth pleasure that you get from putting the thing, putting the cookie or the sugary thing into your mouth.

And like kind of understanding that. And the fact that like, it’s more like a instant, instant gratification rather than, um, filling up your nutritional needs or your, what you actually need. Then you kind of start to understand that, like, I don’t really need this. It’s just kind of making that, you know, mindset thing about, Oh,

this is just for mouth pleasure. I don’t really need this. Then you kind of like push it aside. Maybe not at first, but it’s slowly. Like, I that’s what somebody told me. And it kind of like helped me kind of stop eating sugar. So that’s why I want to you, It feeling informed about these types of things that are physiologically,

like happening, you know, the mouth pleasure or I’m absorbing things in 15 minutes, you know, keep these in your mind so that while you’re eating, you’re like, okay, I’m fine. I’m fine. These are all little things. Like, I love how you said that, baby. I love that. Like the mouth pleasure, the 15 minute delay,

the artificial sweeteners, tricking your brain. These are all little things that is not, there are tricks there, how your body’s actually working. Your body has its own nuances. So you just have to learn how your body is. And I promise you, once you learn that, you’ll see how you’re going to easily manipulate your body’s cravings. Not many plates,

but basically control it because you know how your body yeah. You know, how, and you know why your body is reacting a certain way. Exactly. Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Ladies, let us know how your development of a savory pallet is going. Yes. And so we always like to ask you sisters, how you’re basically managing your,

like the topic, right? Today’s topic is sugar. So we asked you sisters, how do you avoid sugar cravings? And we got some messages back. So we’ll read them right now. Why don’t you read the first couple of times? Okay. Songbird for justice says eating high protein meals and drinking a ton of water before I eat Very smart. That’s smart.

The water before eating is really smart. Cause it kind of, So dehydrated, then you’re hungrier and you have more cravings actually. Yeah. So make sure you’re hydrated. And then also, Well, I’m glad you mentioned that because we should have mentioned that earlier too. A lot of times when you’re dehydrated, your body is gets hungry because it’s seeking water and there is actually dairy and there’s actually water in food.

So your body will trick you into eating food because water has food in it too. Like a small percent, like some percentage. Yeah. And eating high protein, especially for breakfast is great for your blood sugar. I’ve been preaching this for so long ladies, 35 to 40 grams of protein. You want it nice and high because protein takes longer to absorb and digest and burn.

And so when you eat protein as opposed to carbs, which is quickly burned, um, you are staying fuller longer. You’re burning it. You know, it’s taking some time and you’re not having a blood sugar roller coaster, which is what causes a pump of insulin. Every time you eat something and overcompensating insulin levels causing cravings. Yeah. And a high protein diet will also help you,

um, kind of change your body’s composition into being a little bit more lean muscle. Cause it’s not having a lot more protein and kind of reducing the fat in the body. So it does, it does a lot. Cause the muscle picks up sugar from your bloodstream. Yeah. Alrighty. Next one. Sherry says I’ve had chocolate cravings, but with Avastin at all,

it has Please. Nice girl. Yeah. Yes. Westlaw really helps. And for chocolate, try to look for those dark chocolate ones that don’t have added sugar and milk chocolate and stuff like that. The dark chocolates usually are kind of like pure in the fact that they don’t have additives in there. Yeah. I recommend like trader Joe’s has that big,

big, big brick. Oh, I love that. It’s dairy free though. Check. Make sure it’s dairy free. Does Shen and DePaul and says I have a piece of dark chocolate. Great, good lay Rose 21 says, Oh acetone. Perfect. Great him all Shapira says I drink green tea. Great. One great one. Yeah. Make sure it’s decaf.

Just to, just to be sure. But yeah, green tea is great. It helps you get energy helps with cravings because it’s, you know, testosterone, Loren testosterone Cups a day. So good for he’s pumping. Huh? This username is pointing, becoming wiggly tough Sleep. And Avesta perfect. That is great sleep. So important Sleep. Yeah.

Sleep is good. Important for managing your cravings and vest all too. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. So that was basically, we’re going to have, we have a winner of the week, but that was like the topic about PCs and sugar and how much you’re supposed to consume and how to kind of reduce the cravings. Try to listen to the episode a couple more times to really understand the nuances,

the little details. It’s so much information it’s like worth listening to. Oh yeah. Always. I mean, when I have, when I listen to information podcasts, I usually listen to them like two or three times. Cause like, you know, it’s hard to like understand everything, Doing something probably while you’re listening, you know, driving or like cooking or something.

Yeah. Yeah. My fantasy football podcast, I listened to like two times each day really? Because I got a wind sun. Oh my gosh. Alrighty. Read the wind, babe. I was always thinking of winning as always. We always announced a win of the week, which is a sister who was managing her piece, us and losing weight like a boss and today’s winner is coming from here.

She says Tallinn. I just want to say a big, thank you for what you’ve done for me. I just had an appointment with one of my doctors and found out I’ve lost 27 pounds in three months. Wow. Great. I found you at the beginning of my journey and thanks to your advice. I started taking a vessel hall when gluten dairy free and gave up caffeine.

I finally feel like myself again for the first time in years, I’ve recently joined the sisterhood and started to see ducks workouts. Nice. And they’ve left me sore, but feeling so accomplished. You’re truly, truly the dynamic duo. All of us, all of us sisters need. Oh sweet. Thank you for those kind of words are so glad to help you because those resources,

like you mentioned the sisterhood, but like the tips that we give gluten dairy free and all the, you know, tips about caffeine free it’s to help you achieve the results that you want to achieve. And you really, you did all the work you listened to us, you applied it to your own daily life and you were able to take it out.

That’s not easy to do. And it takes a lot of patience and it takes a lot of like self compassion and yeah, we’re over here preaching all this advice, but you really took the time to do it, apply it. See what’s working for you. Um, and now look and analyze the body and see, um, if it’s giving you any benefit and then continuing to do it as you feel better.

Cause not everyone sees 27 pounds in three months, but you know, even if it was five pounds in three months and you feel a lot better, that’s a huge, Yeah, because it takes time for you to realize what’s happening and start to one by one. Cause we always say, don’t do all once. Right? It takes time. And you don’t even know if like,

if you should do this for that first, it’s about finding the root causes and figuring out the situation so congrats to you. But also congrats to the sisters. I listened to the podcast every week. Cause you are doing something to you are listening to a source where you can learn where you can apply what you learn. So you’re doing great. All of you,

all, everybody listening, congrats. In addition to this system from YouTube in no time. Yes. Alrighty. Well what are you guys going today for the rest of the day before we go off baby, we’re going to go to the part in places again and get some more stuff, More plants for the crazy plant lady. More window boxes to hang over our balcony.

Right? You need to pick them up today. Oh, I’m so excited. Alrighty. Thank you to everybody for listening as always, we will be back next week. With another episode, I have a sister and her Mister. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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