Explaining PCOS to your loved ones

In this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we discuss how to approach talking about PCOS and being gluten & dairy free with family and friends, a topic that’s especially relevant during the holidays!

We answer questions submitted from other Cysters and read funny comments & DM’s from Instagram! We also share with you our recent dinner party, the foods we made, & how we were able to host a PCOS friendly evening without our guests even noticing!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician, Husband, engineer, MPC, personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. What’s up sisters?

Welcome to Buddy. We’re here. It’s episode two. Yes. We’re back. Thanks for listening. Yeah, guys, thank you for listening to episode one, w we really love the feedback. We appreciate all the good, the good, great comments you guys gave us. And we’re going to be going off now with our second episode. Taiwan should tell the sisters what we got going today.

So of all the lovely messages I received from all my sisters, I have been receiving a lot of messages, especially now that it’s the holidays DMS on Instagram from sisters telling me how hard it is to go gluten and dairy free because of the lack of support in their households, whether it’s from their families or their spouses, or their friends, husbands. Yeah.

Boyfriends, girlfriends, anybody like any close one loved one, you know, it’s a hard time. It’s a very hard for them to understand, you know, it feels like you’re alone, right? Yes. Sometimes when people don’t understand something, they kind of get dismissive about it. Oh, you don’t believe it. They’re like, no, that doesn’t make sense.

Or it’s nonsense what we’re going to dive deep into that and how you can deal with when you don’t get that support and how you can find support in the right people and in the right places. And also how you can lean on yourself, especially in a situation like this, where you’re changing your diet. You don’t necessarily have to change the people around you,

just yourself. And so really focusing on that is going to help you get further on your PCs journey. But beside that, we’ve got a couple of other fun topics, like some news regarding peace, yours health. We have, we’re going to go over news about PCs. You know why it’s causing it. I’m interested in DM questions that we got from last week and,

you know, really answer some popular questions. But first let’s talk about the great dinner that be through this. Oh, my good ness. So last weekend we had a pretty chill weekend up until Sunday where we’re like, you know, let’s invite some friends over and yeah. Cited to be adults and invite. We’ve been adults. We’ve been married for six months.

Now. I know we’ve been hosting a lot of dinner parties. It’s so fun. Yeah. I like it. And it really like, you can really create a different type of relationship with your friends when you’re in your own household. Because like, I dunno, like you slide the Kendall, make a nice dinner and like, instead of going out and doing,

you know, going to a bar or something, it’s a lot more intimate. Yeah. I mean, it’s a great time for everybody, especially if you’ve got the right food, the right atmosphere ambiance. But obviously the most important thing is having the right friends over. So luckily we’re good on that department, we have great friends and they came over Tallinn made a great appetizer.

I mean, first of all, okay, you’re coming to, you’re going to someone’s house. You want to have a nice dinner, a good time. When you go to that person’s house, are you expecting bacon-wrapped dates? Probably not. Right. Fresh out. Ty are baking dates on the table, ready for a person to eat it within five minutes.

They’re like, Oh, what a nice apartment. Oh my God. Bacon wrapped dates. Yeah. Immediately. You know what, though? Some of them had cheese in them stuffed in them and some of them didn’t and I just tried to make the dinner mostly gluten and dairy free, but like also with an option of people who want cheese. So,

But the final thing is we’re talking about later, we’re like, Oh wow. We just had a fully gluten and dairy free dinner. And nobody even realized it. Nobody thought about it. We’ll tell you guys when we had exactly. But literally nobody thought, Oh, we did this. How come there’s no bread? Or there’s no dessert that goes,

we had a complete dinner. We didn’t have every essential food in there. So what do we make? I mean, telling me 90% of it, I did some of the stirring, maybe some of the, The salting. He’s my salt, Wait, hold on. I did them. I did the meat and the marination Marinated the meat. But um,

yeah, the appetizers. So first I trick them into thinking that they’re not having a gluten and dairy free meal. So I have a cheese bladder out with gluten free crackers that you would think aren’t gluten-free anyways. And then I have the bacon wrapped dates. I know which ones have cheese in them. So me and my sister can eat it because she’s gluten and dairy free now.

And then like, which ones do have cheese. And so they would pick from there. Yeah. And so that was fine. And then, then we sat down and I had made Ratatouille, you know, the cute Disney movie. I made that dish in that movie, that French dish with like the zucchini and the tomato sauce. Yeah. But like,

I would say this time, the tomato sauce was a little different, you know, like I really liked the tomato sauce this time, but two weeks you put so much work into it. It’s just never ends up being the talk of the table because everything else has more excitingness to it. The Ratatouille is like zucchini. Right. So nobody respects it,

but they put so much work, went into it, Pull respect. It was beautiful. I put it on this cast iron and like, I put it in the center of the table, but I get it. It’s not like this crazy thing, but it doesn’t have to be crazy. Like people don’t always want everything to be. It’s just The bikini to be honest.

Oh, wow. Oh, look at this podcast amateur already on episode two, we have a phone call ladies and gentlemen, I might just tell you, I put my phone on silent and it is nowhere near me. Does this tell you about that? Okay. Yeah. So after the, um, after the Ratatouille, so I put that out and then I had sauteed Brussels sprouts.

Like everyone likes a crispy brussel sprout and I put a little bit of pomegranate molasses on it, like instead of balsamic vinegar and it just slayed. Okay. I mean, I saw Taita and then I put it in the oven, so it was extra crispy and burned up. So, and then I made, um, Hassleback potatoes, which is so easy.

You just slice, slice, slice, not all the way through the russet potatoes are like a really good serving of carbs. I feel like if you want it to batch, cook something for yourself for the week, like a carp for the week, I would make a bunch of recipes. Cause one is like a good setting F fiber fibers food. You can just have veggies,

make a lotta at a time for yourself. And it’s delicious. Just don’t go overboard with the olive oil. You know, you don’t want too much fat, but yeah, that’s good. No, I don’t obviously not fad screen, but like sometimes you put way too much olive oil cause you want that nice flavor, but it also makes it like too soggy Twitter.

I know that’s true. Some restaurants do that. And then we had some ribeye on the side, see, went ham on the grill. Yeah. Well we had a combination of ribeye for the people that want it, some, you know, fat in there or more fat in their steaks. And we had some sirloins that were a little bit more lean and uh,

yeah, they were great. I use the marination that had like a combination of, uh, garlic and some olive oil, oil sauce, salt and salt. Yeah. I always messed it up and yeah, it turned out great. Um, People loved it and I didn’t take one photo of the freaking dinner table. No Tyna was, she does a great food and she does.

She can’t take a picture of it. Where did God, like, I just get distracted. You have all these guests there. I showed you guys the process of me making it on my story. And then you can re watch the recordings and the sisterhood in the recipe section. But you can’t see our dinner table. That’s just one it’s all right.

We’ll have results for the other ones. It’s all good now. Yeah, it was a great dinner. We had a great time with the friends. So anyways, we did, I did tell, um, one of our guests, Christina, I told her why I was gluten and dairy free. Cause she asked and she’s like super open and accepting to these things.

But I mean, I thought that like, I feel every time I explain it to someone, I try to say it better so that it’s not as confusing or like it doesn’t throw them off where I don’t look like I’m, I don’t know what I’m talking about. So I like try to keep it simple. And I want to relay that to you guys because I’m sure like over the holidays or just,

you know, whenever you’re at a party or something and you’re not eating everything and somebody asks you why you’re gluten, why you’re not eating it, you can say like something. And if they really want to know details, you can talk about research. So for example, there is research out there about gluten triggering, this enzyme called zonulin in your stomach,

when you eat gluten and that zonulin causes the lining of your stomach to loosen up like the junctions that hold your stomach together, loosens up and causes bacteria and like food particles to get into your system, your bloodstream. And cause Do you want to explain that the first time to a person? Not the first time, but honestly she was so receptive to it and kept asking questions.

So I, I wanted to explain it to her and you know, when somebody is like either, you know, either recepted and super interested or maybe they’re like that doesn’t make any sense. Like there’s, you know, that’s a fad, you can say this to them and then they can be like, you know what? Okay. Like I see you,

you know? So anyways, so once those junctions are loose in your stomach, um, you have chronic inflammation that inflammation that gluten and dairy causes. I mean, you can cut to the chase. Like you can not tell them this on you and party and just say it causes inflammation and that makes you more insulin resistant and insulin is a hormone. And when your cells are insulin resistant,

that hormone insulin is floating around in your bloodstream, triggering high testosterone and all of these other symptoms. So that’s why the first line of approach that I try is going gluten and dairy free for at least a month. Yep. Well, okay. So let’s, I think this is a great, um, topic to jump from, to what we talked about earlier in the podcast is,

you know, explaining this to your loved ones and getting the, you know, the support that you need and the support that you deserve from them when you’re going through PSUs and the different symptoms. So I think first off Tallinn him, what you said right now is the reason you’re going gluten and dairy free and why it has such a big impact on the piece on piece us,

you know, like explaining what you just said to somebody is really difficult, especially the first or even the second time. And you know, like you just gotta simplify it right away. Like even me, like when you tell me about it, you gotta simplify the first time you’ll first tell them, you know, like when I first, uh, gluten dairy for me is leading to inflammation and causing these symptoms,

that’s kind of what PCO is, is like the basic picture for, for people like that. And then you, obviously you want to dwell into the details and explain to explain to them what we know, what it really entails. But Yeah, I mean, that was a pretty in depth explanation. And if you want to rewind and relisten and try to reenact how you’re going to say it to someone,

you can do that. Or you can just cut to the chase, like you said, and just be like, I have a lot of inflammation in my body and studies show that cutting out gluten and dairy is going to help with that. So I’m giving it a try. And for example, if you’ve done it for a while, you can say I’ve seen some great results and they’re,

I mean, people in my DMS are blowing it up because they are seeing great results. And I always post it in my stories. I don’t even care if I’m annoying people like in a post to everything. Yeah. So in your, in your experience, what’s your experience been with getting support for peace U us in your journey from when you first got diagnosed to the right now,

did you always have support from your loved ones or was it difficult getting it at first Of course, it’s difficult explaining it at first, but my mom was really active in coming with me to go to natural paths and they were all saying these naturopathic doctors were all saying, you need to start cutting out gluten and dairy. And my mom was, is like really involved in how we eat at home.

Like most Armenian moms, like you’re an Armenian mom too. And so they cook all of our meals and they’re, they really want to make like what we can eat, what we like and nurture us and put healthy food on the table. And so she was like really involved and she, you know, she swapped out the Bulger into Bouley and put Keene one stead and like,

and then she, she always made like gluten free pasta and like everyone would eat it or, you know, or she would make two separate one sometimes depending. And Cause my mom was like, it’s the opposite. When I tried to go with keto for a while. I mean, I did it for two months, but she was, she didn’t understand what carbs really were in.

Like every time, like she would try to substitute like rice, but like she would substitute it with something else. Like, like, like a bready thing that with completely has even more carbs. So like, it just like, I just could, at some point I was like, you know, I just can’t, I can’t explain to her every,

every dinner and argue with her. I’m like, I’ll just not do kilos until later in my life, The first time I went to your house for dinner, when we were dating, she was like really excited. And she made all of these things, like like this Armenian dessert, she made it gluten free, Full of sugar. Like Anything that was carbs.

She like turned it into gluten free for me Basically Bradfield cheese thing of that stuff like that. Well, no that’s is the sweet, um, like cookies that are trenched in sugar, but the bread filled with cheese, bird egg. This is like, um, I don’t know what, what would be considered, what it can compare to in English,

but that like, you cannot make things with certain filo dough, like certain dose, you cannot turn them into gluten free. So I’ve had to give them up and yeah, it was hard at first, like buck Lavon and stuff like that. So delicious. But I mean, don’t you think that like the pros outweigh the cons? Oh yeah. I can’t even have those things anymore.

I don’t even have peaches yet. I have, I hate sugar. So Italian noses. I have, I will not have anything with exit access, artificial sugar. Yeah. I just, I think it’s like the worst thing, obviously natural sugar I’m I totally understand. You know, like through fruit and other means, you know, I get, you have to have sugar,

but like chocolate, like snicker bars and Cokes and stuff like that. When I see people having it, I almost use it. Like I have to be respectful. Yeah. I mean, people have the right to like, of course, of course you have something that makes them happy, but you have to think the long term. Yeah. The longterm thing.

So for you, you had support from your mom from the, from the store. How about you like your dad or like your sister or people like that when you dated people? Like, did you, Um, so my mom was super supportive. My sister too, my dad too. Sometimes he would tease me, but like whatever, he’s just trying to make light of it.

So I’m not taking it so seriously. And then, um, actually it’s spearmint year, we ran out of green tea. Um, but in college people were like, Oh wow, you eat so healthy. And I’m just like, I’m just eating like chicken, rice and vegetables, like right now or tacos. Like, this is not a big deal,

you know, just cause I’m not having pizza. This is regular. But instead of having, you know, um, gluten, you know, bread or something, I’m having rice, like whatever The thing is, even if you’re eating gluten and dairy free doesn’t mean you can’t have a unhealthy diet. Right. People like people can still, you like a lot of best stuff out there,

but you still have to make selective decisions. Like, okay. Yeah. Even when you’re gluten and dairy free. Yeah. Avoid this avoid dad, just like anybody else. It’s not bad. Difficult to find something that’s unhealthy for you. That’s gluten, dairy free. I know there’s so many good like cookies and stuff out there, but yeah. And then that’s just the bottomless pit of wasting money.

So now you’re buying all of these snacks and chips and blah, blah, blah, and like spending like $50 more at the grocery store than you need to. Yeah. I mean, it was bean chips that showed that on her, on her IGT V on PCO is weight loss. Well, one they’re a little expensive, like for, for what you’re getting,

they’re delicious and they’re very nutritious. And like, I mean, when you eat them, you’re getting something that’s full of something. It’s not an empty chip. Like what you get with corn chips with like, you know, those Doritos or other stuff like that, you know, which are not that good, which are not good for you. But with these it’s full of beans and it’s at least giving you a protein and a little bit of carb and it’s something,

but like you can eat like two or three bags easily if you’re me. Cause it’s so freaking good and feel like for once you’re like, Oh my God, I can eat something like a Dorito bag and not feel that bad about it. You know? But like you can obviously get, get like a couple of couple thousand calories from just eating a couple bags of chips.

Not just that, like also just the money you spend on it. I realized like I bought so many, I bought like three or four bags once and we finished it in a week. And then I was like, I cannot buy four bags every single week. We need to tone it down. It’s not good to eat. Like after dinner, you know,

one of the things that we try to do is like not having anything after dinner, you know, kind of, yeah. I try to get full off of dinner and then like have some tea afterwards. Yeah. Just a tip for you guys for, for you girls and everybody listening out there, try to not eat after dinner. Cause you want to let your stomach rest digest so you can have a better sleep and just your whole metabolism and all of your insulin levels,

hormones overnight will be balanced and won’t be impacted by anything you eat before. Cause your, your body’s not working hard to digest instead. It’s repairing all the inflammation that your body’s trying to read. Yeah, Exactly. You’re giving yourself a break to regenerate yourself and also, um, eating at night. Like if you have cravings, consider what you ate throughout the day.

So maybe you didn’t have enough carbs at lunch. Maybe you just had this light salad. And then, you know, you’re having this big dinner, which you’re getting a surge of the insulin hormone. That’s going to store that big dinner for energy that you’re going to burn the next day or so on. And if you had a light meal at lunch and then a huge dinner,

you have like this huge influx of insulin. So even when you’re done storing your dinner as into yourself, you still have insulin floating around and maybe that’s why you’re still craving a cookie after dinner. And you’re like, Oh, I just ate this huge dinner. Why do I want to eat more? That’s why your insulin hormone. And if you have to have something,

obviously there are times where you’re just so hungry that you just like, you know, I have to have like a, just a one bite or two bites have something that’s, I’m not going to spike up your insulin. You know, don’t have like a piece of bread or something like that. Have, you know, like nuts, something that’s a high fat content.

So your body can slowly digest it. It doesn’t get a big impact for that moment or for those next couple of hours. Yeah. But let’s not get a, we’re getting a little off topic talking about the support. So you got a lot of support from your family, which is great. It sounds like your sister, your dad and your mom from the get,

go over understanding. But obviously not everybody gets that. I mean, is there something you would recommend, like, let’s say strictly for family members, what would you recommend for family members to explain to them or help them on this? Yeah. I mean, there were people who were like naysayers, okay. That were, that kind of made me feel bad or embarrassed for being gluten and dairy free.

Like we would, for example, family, friends, like we’d go out to dinner and I wouldn’t get a lot of the fluffy doughy, cheesy things that is in Armenian cuisine. And they’d be like, Oh, she’s so healthy. What is she doing? And I’m just like, leave me alone. Like, I’m fine. I’m full everything’s okay.

I’m just not eating one of these things, stuff. I swear to God. And so, but, Well, that’s a, that’s a, that’s a good example. Yeah. They really do. They sometimes they just don’t understand like it’s disrespectful then it’s yeah. And then it’s a whole conversation. The entire table is talking about it. And I’m just like,

what happened? Like get over this. I’m fine. That would make me pretty, pretty frustrated. I put like, you know what now? I’m I just like smile and nod and like laugh with them. If they’re, you know, laughing about how healthy I am or whatever they’re saying. And I just go with the flow because it’s not gonna like change my life.

I’m not going to change my diet because of what they’re saying. Or they’re laughing at me, I’m happy and that’s all that matters and they don’t get it. And I don’t feel like explaining it at the dinner table. And so let’s move on. They’re not, they’re not there when one you’re at the doctor’s office or two, when you’re feeling bloated or three,

when you have these side effects like acne or excess weight because of what you’re eating, you know, they’re not there. They don’t see what happens when you do certain things. They think, Oh, we just have one bite of this sugary dessert that’s full of friggin. Plus it has 60 grams of sugar. How about that? Let’s just take it,

you know, like Desserts, I mean, desserts are drenched in, sir. I can’t do it drenched. Buchla drench shaker for rejecting these things. I know I haven’t had one such a long time too. Just if it’s gluten and dairy free, I’ll take a bite just to be like, thank you because I know that. Yeah. Put it back.

That is tall instinct. She will take a bite and put things like I go in the pantry sometimes I’m like, you don’t want to meet a piece of, you know, like dark chocolate that we have there, whenever I’m feeling a little tired or something. It’s true. And I opened the frigging thing jar and there’s a half bitten chocolate almost every single time.

And it’s Tallinn like a fricking rabbit or maybe RET one night say goes in the goddamn pantry, grabs a chocolate. Sometimes, You know, the trader Joe’s chocolates. There’s like three different chocolates. I know In case this dark chocolate, Oh, this one is 60%. We do this. One’s 65% from, from, from this African country. That’s my favorite thing to do is to nibble on all the different flavors.

Well, if I have a rat problem or if I just have a person who can’t make up their mind, Um, yeah, I can’t make up my mind, especially with the C’s candies. Like when we first move into this apartment, people brought that as gifts to see’s candies chocolate. And I cut them all in half and I was like, bitch,

like bill in the pantry and sliced up and bit. And they’re discussing. I should just, I don’t you have, I taken them out and it’s been six months. They’re trash now. Okay then. Well, Any who, so, uh, rewind back to the dinner table where everyone’s smoking you. Yeah. Just stand your ground, smile, love and move on.

You have to be strong. You know, there’s a lot of things that are going to happen in your life and people are going to talk and they’re not going to understand you. And every single time, you know, you have to try your best to brush it off. And do you boo? Yes, Pretty much. So we’ve talked about support from family.

Uh, lastly, why don’t we talk about support from your loved one? What is your boyfriend, your husband, you know, your girlfriend, uh, what if the, they are not understanding what if let’s say from the first date? I mean, we talked about this in our introduction podcast, me and Tanya on the first day, she, she told me about her gluten sensitivity and um,

later on the dairy sensitivity and how it’s connected to piece us and so forth, You were super understanding about it and everything was fine. The starting point, We even had fun about it. That that evening I ordered some special drinks. I even talked about it with the weight, the waitress. And I asked, uh, you know, about what,

what can, what what’s gluten-free as far as, uh, drinks. So not, everyone’s going to be like that. Yeah. Yeah. It’s true. Especially if you’ve been with someone for so long and then you change your diet and they’re like, what are you doing? That’s such a fad. What are you doing? You know, maybe they’re not accepting or maybe they are because they’ve seen you struggle so much.

But some people are just like, see ya, Take it to the movies. And we’re going to get popcorn. And I want cheese on my popcorn. People get cheese on my bumper. Oh yeah. You can get like nacho powder. Like some, something like that. You know how they flavor it In this world, you can get cheated on popcorn.

And I want you to have my popcorn. And you’re like, I can’t, Oh, you have butter. Perfect. Yeah. Butter’s there. Yeah. So a and I want butter in my popcorn and you’re like, fuck, I can’t have butter. It’s gonna, you know, cause this and do that. And I will feel like, And then the guy’s like,

Ugh, get your shit. And then the whole movie I’m going to be like, there’s no butter in my popcorn. Oh my gosh, here’s what you do. And you’re going to sit at sleep in the couch and I’m going to be there. No, no, but here’s what you do. You say, Oh, okay. You can get better.

I’m going to get myself a popcorn. I don’t eat butter. It’s dairy. That’s it take responsibility for yourself. Don’t even ask them to do it for you or help you out. Whatever. If they step up to the plate and say, no, no, no, I just won’t get better. We’ll share it. That’s it fine if they don’t fine.

But you know, It’s all your fault that you have P stewards. You know, you didn’t do something to get pizzas, but you kind of have to, you know, take a little bit of, you know, what, I’ll just have my own, uh, popcorn gate, your own, you know, don’t even worry about it. That’s it.

I was going to make it easy for them to understand that I would go to restaurants with my friends and they would try to choose gluten and dairy free restaurant. That was so nice. But finally I was like, you guys stop, like, I can find something on any menu and make it gluten and dairy free. Yeah. Anything, it could be a salad.

It doesn’t matter. I’m going out with my friends. Like I’m not here for like a crazy dining experience and I don’t want to inconvenience people, you know? So I just try to like make it work and make people forget that I’m even gluten and dairy free. And then they get you almost forget it though. Yeah. Sometimes like, I don’t any time I,

everything about it is if we’re going to go into a tiny restaurant. Yeah. It’s hard. Like talk Suria. Yeah. That’s the only time where it comes to my mind, but almost it really time I’m like, I don’t even doubt it. Maybe Chinese food or something along those lines where I don’t think we’ll be able to find something that’s If my friends are like,

let’s get pizza, whatever. Um, or I’m going to meet them at a P they wouldn’t say let’s get pizza because they know me, but I would go to the restroom. I went to Italy. I have, I had my Naples pizza. That’s great. Uh, yeah, no, I love pizza. Um, I used to love pizza,

but had to give it up. And if I was going to meet my friends that had placed that only sells pizza, I wouldn’t go hungry. I would just go. Yeah. You know, I’d have something like a beef jerky in my car, you know, before I leave the house, I’d make sure I’m not starving. And then I would just go chill with them,

like have a glass of wine and act like that. Or maybe order a salad and move on. You know, it’s one meal. It’s not all of your meals. You’re not going to be miserable forever. Like it’s just one meal. Let it go. So I Think to recap regarding the loved ones, I think you got to going back to what we said earlier.

Start simple, but also take responsibility for, you know, just, um, yourself, your self and just, you know, get it for yourself, let them have their own thing. And in the future, maybe consider just switching it up. They’re making it easy for you. And you know, he’ll go from there. You’re telling her friends later on and me as well,

forget about it. And we’ll just do our thing and we just have fun. Yeah. So I think that that pretty much does it for, for support. And I think you guys just, just, just try to, you know, find the people that will support you and put you, put, you, put yourself around people that would normally support you.

And I think if you just, you know, And if they don’t try to explain yourself to them and if they don’t accept it, then you know what? Try not to talk about it with them and then change the subject. That’s it like this? You don’t, everyone is not going to understand your PCs lifestyle. This is all something for you.

You’re not doing it for someone else. And that’s all that matters. So let’s go over some of the DMS. Okay. Oh, this is a fun topic. Okay. So Tyler already got the paper out. She’s very into read the questions and everything. So yeah, it, The story, an Instagram story. And I asked people, what are people saying to you when you tell them that you want to eat gluten and dairy free?

Like, what are people’s reactions? Like in terms of negativity and some of the top answers are things like, so I have like a top list here. You’re eating nothing. Your life must be so boring. Okay. You know, what would you say to that? If someone you’re like, yeah, I’m gluten and he nothing. What a boring life.

But no, actually there’s a lot of delicious things that are gluten and dairy free for an answer. That’s true. Yeah. That one, I don’t think people really know what you can eat, right? Yeah. Maybe they just don’t know about Brussel sprouts Bacon. I want to go down the line. I mean, we don’t eat this that much,

but French fries. Right? Uh, baked potatoes. That’s right. Big potato sweet potatoes. Rice Curry chicken. Yum. White rice. If you want to Brown rice tacos. We’ve got beans. Rice Beans, green tomatoes. Potatoes. Yeah. I’m Sam Next. What’s the next one that people see. Okay. Alternatives are too hard to find in too expensive.

It’s a waste of your money. Okay. Okay. It’s my money. True. And yet it’s my money. Okay. Um, alternatives are too hard to find. Well, there’s plenty of alternatives. You don’t even need to buy alternative 15 years ago when people did a normal, honestly, you don’t even need to buy like gluten free pasta. You don’t like,

you can just have rice. You can have potatoes. You don’t have to even spend the extra dime on gluten free items. Am I right? For most things? Yes. It is a little bit expensive sometimes. But like, again, it’s your money and it’s not like a used to be before. It’s a lot cheaper and you can easily find it now.

Yeah. So then, um, let’s see. One girl said, one sister said, they say it’s too hard and I’m struggling to make different meals for everyone in my family. So some people have to cook for their kids, for their husband, for themselves. The kids eat differently. The husband eats differently. They want to include in there. I don’t know about you personally,

but I feel like with this one, maybe you should just cook those things for those people, let them eat what they would normally eat. And you just don’t need those things Sometimes. Oh, you mean like cook them, whatever they want and you don’t need it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s hard to cook like three different meals and you know,

sometimes you can’t force them to eat what you’re eating, but you can make certain things like taco night, we can all eat corn tortilla or, or they could have flour and you can have corn things that choose meals that like won’t affect them. If you, um, modify it for yourself, You don’t want to take away stuff or they’re going to be like,

Hey, where’s all the breads. Yeah. Yeah. What’s this almond milk. I don’t think a lot of men Want to drink all that. Yeah. Or like, at least that I can understand it right away. Yeah. It’s true. So yeah. Tacos tacos are a good example. You can make soups that are gluten and dairy free stews.

You can make like Curry chicken with rice. This is one of my favorite meals. That’s oftentimes gluten and dairy free. If you find the right sauce. So you can, uh, find something where like they can put cheese on it, but you don’t. And it’s still a great meal that everyone can share. Just takes a few steps of planning before the meal.

Alright. What’s the next one. You’re not allergic to wheat and dairy, stop being silly. It’s just a fad. Okay. Again, somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, But you know, this is a lifestyle change. You try and do this for six months to a year and then be like, okay, I’m good. Now I’m going to go back to eating whatever the hell I want,

because everything is no lifestyle change. Take the, Do something good for yourself. Right. Once you make the switches, you never even think about it. Yeah. Once you get used to it, right. Hutch fad. We know what’s a fed chart. Like the Atkins diet, even the keto diet, a lot of these things are just feds.

I mean, keto diet is great, but yeah, for some people, but it’s not meant to be something you do 24 seven for the rest of your life. Yeah. It has its benefits. It mean I don’t Like this. The fact like, come on, just let people do what they want to do. It’s a fad because maybe it works for some people and everyone wants to try it and see if it works for them.

That’s why they’re yeah. It’s a fad or whatever. Anyways. They think I’m crazy. And I’m overreacting. Okay. Well I think they’re crazy. And they’re overreacting to food. Like you’re being so dramatic. Just eat it. It’s pizza. We’re all eating it. We all the next one, we grew up eating this stuff. What the heck does gluten and dairy have to do with your weight loss?

Okay. Okay. Again, people, not everyone gets it. They don’t, maybe they don’t even want to learn. You can’t talk to them about zonulin. Like they just don’t want to hear it. Fine. Fine. Move on. It’s all in your head, but you love food. Um, what would you eat? dot.dot relatives. Think I’m relatives.

Think I’m too snobby for their food because I only eat what I bring to gatherings. Oh, that’s interesting. Like people take offense because you’re not eating the food they made. That can be a little annoying. Is it? Oh, here comes Janet with our casserole and her Tupperware full of brussel sprouts and asparagus. And I could see how that’s annoying,

but Like get over it. It’s not your problem. But I guess like someone’s hosting you and they’re making this beautiful meal and they want you to enjoy it. No, what I would recommend, I recommend just eat a lot before you go. And like, just try to nibble on whatever you can find over there And then dairy free. Yeah. Well bring it.

If you’re, if you’re going to someone’s house, it’s appropriate to bring a dish. If you want to Put a protein bar in your pocket, go to the bathroom, eat it and come out. Not before I have done that before nobody knew it happened anyways. The solution to that, just be really nice and gracious about it and think them and explain to them as many times as you have to.

And that’s it. I mean, and then walk away from it being like, okay, I did my best. And if they don’t respect my decision, that’s not my problem. That’s it. Sure. So the next question I asked in my stories, I asked what foods have gluten and dairy that you struggled to make PCs friendly or give up. So I’m going to help you with these.

So there’s lasagna. You can make it with gluten-free pea pot stuff and, um, dairy free ricotta, or, you know, it’s not gonna taste the same. So this is something that you might have to just like, Oh True. But you know, honestly, trader Joe’s has so many good gluten free pastas that I love even more than regular pasta.

They taste so good. I’m not saying this for the podcast. I love them. I would rather have those ones unless I’m in Italy, They’re oftentimes higher in protein. True and more nutritious and better for your stomach too. What else is there? Pizza. They have gluten and dairy pizza. You’re not going to be able to have dominant. I mean,

I’m sorry. You’re not going to be able to have that delicious Domino’s pizza. It’s not have pizza, but it’s fine. There’s so many other things you can have. Okay. Stuffing for Thanksgiving, you can certainly use gluten and dairy. I mean, gluten free bread for that and make your stuffing or like call the host and be like, Hey,

can I make the stuff? And then there’s fish and chips. Um, yeah, efficient chips. You can make it with gluten free flour. It’s not going to taste the same, but you can still make it with gluten free bread. One time we made fried chicken with gluten free flour for the cup for cup gluten free flour. I remember at my parents’ house when we were dating and we would have those cooking nights.

You’d come over and cook. Oh yeah. Did you make in fried chicken? Right? We did a gluten free. It was good, but I believe made it, I think it was too moist. Oh my gosh. It was so good. No, I know It was good, but it was a little too. It had to be like a little bit more.

Try to write a little bit more dry and crispy. It was a little moist, but I remember that. That was great. That was a, that was a great dinner. I remember The sisterhood. Okay. So then we have rice and Curry dishes, definitely racist. Glenferrie lots of curries are gluten free, dairy, free Mac and cheese. There’s a diet version of it.

Oh, I love this Mac and cheese. It’s so good at whole farts and whole foods. It’s so good. I love it guys. I highly recommend it. I think Amazon has it too. They sell like a packet or something. Uh it’s so good. Yeah. Yes. You can get like, I love Mac and cheese, but obviously I avoid it cause it’s a little bit too,

uh, too much carbs and, and dairy, but this one, no dairy free, gluten free. It’s so good. You can. Yeah. It’s a great supplement for any dinner, obviously with yeah. For the side. Just look into it. Okay. And then yogurt. SACS. Definitely. There’s dairy free yogurt. Yeah. Yeah. But just be careful with the flavored yogurts because a lot of those have sugar and they’re just full of artificial flavors and stuff.

You can add your own berries on it. Yeah. Try to look for like, I think Greek yogurt is supposed to be good. No, no, that’s right. That’s there. It’s a common question. Get the, get the Brad kite Hill almond yogurt. I highly recommend, I use that to mix up with some, uh, ziegel crumbs for me.

Not for Tallinn. Yeah. His EQL is also not gluten free a lot of people, But it’s great. Um, for people who don’t have Goodman sensitivity because it’s very low in the, uh, inflammatory inflammatory compounds, Inflammatory compounds. Okay. So that wraps up a, of the questions that you guys had. I mean, not questions, but issues that you were venting to me on Instagram story and the meals that you do.

A lot of the comments that we got out for the podcast last week, you know what w a lot of these questions, a lot of things you want, you guys want understand, sir, I just want to go through the wins. One of the best wins this week before we wrap this up, wrap it up on a positive. Yeah. So this sister,

she did great this month, she times and talk about everything she did, but this is, I would say the sister of the week. That’s nice. Um, uh, Nika that, I just want to say that Woo. She messaged me. She said, I just wanted to say your tips and tricks have helped me so much. I enjoy being a part of the sisterhood and reading your articles.

My periods literally went back to normal one month after going gluten and dairy free. And I have baby hairs growing back into that’s crazy. I do still have some fallout, but it’s much less than what it used to be. Thank you telling heart heart. That is so good to hear. That’s a job. And we’d love to hear the steps she took and like the little wins she had just to get here.

You don’t, you know, just, that must be such a good thing when you, when you see those baby hairs coming out, because I know the ones on the side of here. Yeah. Because I know exactly what she’s talking about. You know, like, like not me personally, but I have Tyna has told me in the plays and stuff.

Like, it’s amazing. It’s when you see that coming out, it’s like this joy you get, and you never thought hair would give you joy like that. So hard to get your hair to start growing back and look at this. Other clients have told me this too. They get so excited here is like a really sensitive subject. Yeah. So this is great.

If you want to be featured in the winds, DME, tell me how you’re doing. And I’d love to talk about you to yours. You’re all such an inspiration. That’s right, guys. All right. Thanks Listening. I hope you enjoy these tangents. We went on and I hope you step into the next dinner party with confidence and grace. That’s all right,

guys. I hope you enjoyed it. This is episode two, a sister and her mr. Was signing out. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye bye. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of S from Sage one,

Colden alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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