Gluten Free: Fad or Necessary for PCOS?

Is Gluten-Free a fad or is it necessary for women with PCOS? In this episode we talk about the benefits of the gluten free diet but also go over the potential drawbacks brought up by others.

Do people end up eating more processed grain products with a gluten free lifestyle? Does a gluten free diet increase the risk for Vitamin B deficiencies? Does gluten free actually help with PCOS weight loss?

These are the kinds of questions and statements we review and reveal the science and truth behind whether a gluten free lifestyle can be beneficial for women with PCOS.

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster and her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow Cyster and registered dietician And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make peace us a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

A lot of filming tasing in it. I like Tom cruise up in here, Honestly, now that we are stuck at home because of self quarantining, we are trying to do a whole bunch of content creation. Yeah. Trying to see what sisters want. And we’re trying to do exactly that. Yeah. To have all this time to brainstorm. Yeah.

Today I made videos on like for the scissor hood on how to form role, I made another one for posture tying. You did like an amazing Q and a, The Q and a, and now we’re recording a podcast and we’re going to do some tick-tock videos, which are turning out to be so funny. Okay. Oh yeah. We hope you’re liking to take tug.

We do. I watched them over and over again and they’re my own ours. They’re like watching somebody else acting like it’s something new each time I watch it. Yeah. If you don’t know, tick, go to tick tock, PCR, start weight loss. You’ll find us. And there’s some funny tick talks between me and tying in like our personal daily routines and stuff we’re doing.

It’s just to give you a different glimpse of, you know, our life. But we just did an IgG life like grid literally 30 minutes before. Yeah. We did an IgG live to kind of talk about different stuff. I answered some questions, you know where you’re doing some giveaways. We hope you’re following that. I think this whole week we gave away a different self care.

Yes. All about self care and taking care of yourself while you’re stuck at home. And just taking this time to work on PCO S losing weight, feeling good, your skin, your hair. It’s an important thing. This is the time when we’re all stuck at home to really work on yourself. You don’t want to be, you know, just Netflix and chill.

That’s okay. Like you can still do that, but like, make sure When you’re faced with the Jade roller at the same time. Yeah. Or like you did something during the day so that now you can, you deserve the Netflix and chill however long you want. So it’s just like, kind of like a rewarding reward, some kind of a thing,

you know, You’re so disciplined. Honestly, if it wasn’t for you and yourself, discipline, I feel like at this point of self quarantining, after however many weeks it’s been, I would have fallen apart. It’s funny you say that because at nights you’re like, come to bed. I’m just like, no, I need to hang upside down. I need to,

yeah. I need to stretch it. You can barely get myself to do a Jade roller. Yeah. Just like, yeah. Make me want to sacrifice one or two just to come into bed sooner. He feels bad. I mean, no, but yeah, it’s great to be with someone who has this, this much. Self-discipline Due to your J rolling.

Pretty much putting your Jade roller in the fridge, like a weirdo. Like I see next to the beef. Oh, look at Jade roller. At least you have the decency to put it on like a paper towel. You know, I try, I’m also doing, um, Mac roomy, like an old lady. Just kidding. It’s not an old Hippie version of knitting.

I would say a hippy knitting kind of thing. I love it. It’s so beautiful. It’s on the wall right next to us in the living room. It’s cool. It’s actually, doesn’t look bad at all. It’s cool. I’m sure as you do more, it’s going to be like a cool, really cool design too. It’s just that I feel low in energy by the end of the day,

because I’ve been in the same room and I haven’t been stimulated and I’ve just created and created and worked. That’s the problem. That is the PR. So we have to like, we’re going to work out tonight. Of course. SeaTac is the discipline champion. OpenAir workout. Of course. But that’s the problem. It’s like, even if you’re being super,

super productive, but you’re still stuck inside. Unfortunately we don’t have like a house house. We’re going to have like a backyard and a front yard. So we could do things outside. We have like a, basically like an apartment. So we’re stuck in an area, you know, or like a condo. So we can’t really go out and just like do it outside or it’ll be on the street.

Yeah. Hopefully you live in a house where you have a backyard. At least you can do some of your daily activities in the backyard. Enjoy the outside weather. Yeah. Yeah. We’ve been going on short walks, but usually after we record podcasts, we go to dinner afterwards and I look forward to it. No more. We go to dinner before the podcast,

but not anymore. They are so funny before we go on with the podcast and finished this area. But yesterday we’re like, okay, let’s go. We drove to like, to basically to the pier at first, we’re going to go outside and like, and like walk and just enjoy. But then we’re like, man, this is way too cold.

It was cold. And too many people around you. Don’t like, it’s, even if you’re doing six feet, whatever, this is in short social distancing day, we all should be doing. It’s just like, there’s so many people around. I just don’t want, we didn’t want to do it. So we just, we parked the car kind of,

kind of illegally and to like basically face the appeared with the sun. And we just like sat inside. And we even had like a minor like, meeting, just like we had our laptops and talked about some stuff, Different location than the kitchen table. Exactly. And like, it was a different thing. We enjoyed it. Yeah. I loved it.

Yeah. Let’s try to like find some people. Yeah. Just don’t be outside. Don’t be, don’t be in danger and like go near 20 people. But you know, try to figure out, find a way to at least go outside, enjoy the sun, go back inside all, all the name of it. Kind of. I’m sorry to interrupt you,

but we’re also running out of vegetables and I’m really excited to finally go to the grocery store again. Cause I’ve been trying not to go next. We have snacks. I am having issues at nights. You don’t have chips. Like They obviously ran out. We haven’t gone back in such a long time. The bean Beanfields And it’s I know, I realize it’s not that we ate them a lot.

It’s just that like a little bit with your dinner to like add a touch to it or, um, like a cookie, like nothing. That’s how we went, baby. I think it was with three weeks ago when the whole shebang bang Meat and cans, beans, vegetables. We don’t have snacks. We’re running out of dairy needs her chips. Like you need something.

You need something to add a little bit of sprinkle. You can’t just eat a cupcake. Lee’s you need a little bit of spark. A cupcake is sparkle. I would kill. For words. Can’t even describe sprinkles. The colorful spring. What are they called? Yes. You need the sprinkles on top anyways. We hope we didn’t make you want to just go outside and get a bunch of snacks.

Yeah. We’re not trying to say, you know, live off of snacks while you’re stuck pointing. It’s just fun. Sometimes you need something. We’re all. Yeah. We’re all trying a little bit like a very healthy life. And we’re trying to, you know, make sure we limit anything, but you need like, you know, some bean chips here or there,

you need some guac and chips. You need things Guac. Those aren’t even good. The world is truly coming to an end. Yeah. All of this and moderation at the right times. It really helps. You just helps you like get through nights when you’re watching Kevian so it makes you happier. So, you know, we all need that. That’s why we’re not,

we never say restrict your calories or restrict, get everything out. That’s fun. Now you can have fun. It’s just about being smart, implementing it the correct way, which is the perfect. I didn’t even plan this. This is the perfect transition to today’s episode. So today’s episode is all about gluten. Is it a fad? Is it necessary?

We talk about the different research that’s been done out there and what people are saying and what actually the real science shows us and why. Um, it’s not being implemented correctly for some people and how you can do that. We did a bit of investigation after we found this study on potential drawbacks of going gluten free. And you know, I looked into what those drawbacks were,

what we’ll go over them. And I have my alternatives. We have our suggestions to prevent these drawbacks that we’ll be going over. Yeah. So between 2004 and 2011, the market for gluten free products grew at an annual rate of 28%. That’s pretty drastic. And I actually remember that in 2010, um, I went gluten. I was starting to go gluten and dairy free and I was working at a gluten and dairy free grocery store.

And this was before like whole foods boomed with their gluten and dairy free products. Um, and they’re like gorgeous gluten and dairy free aisle that they have now. Um, and I worked at a store that only sold gluten and dairy free foods. And this is because it just boomed this. I can, I totally felt that annual rate of 28% growth for a gluten free product.

And I would actually say, I think at some point for some companies, it was like more like a fad thing where they were just trying to say, Oh, try this thing as a gluten free. It was still cookies. It was still something that’s high in sugar, but they were trying to, yeah, they were trying to trick people by saying gluten free to make them think that it’s healthy.

Yeah. And I, I would tell people that I was going gluten free and one girl said, Oh, gluten free. So zero calories. And that’s, that’s how I was like, Oh my God. Well the fallacies, yeah. We, that’s not what you should be eating. Nothing. You should eat. It should be zero calories. Unless it’s like a celery or something that basically has zero calories.

Like one of those greens. Yeah. It’s not, but they were marketing it like that. And it was causing the gluten free diet to sound like it was a fad when in fact, so many people would come into that grocery store called the bite market that I used to work at. And it’s closed now because obviously there are so many major companies doing gluten and dairy for like whole foods.

Um, but so many people would come in and share their story with me about how their health and life completely reversed after going gluten and dairy free. And at that time, everyone was like, it’s a fad, it’s a fad. And I was like, literally in the thick of it, the cashier at that grocery store talking to all of the customers and like learning about their journey.

And it was incredible. This has been very enlightening. He learned a lot. Yeah, I did. It was a very major experience and no one can convince me that gluten-free is a fan. Yeah. So I’ll let you, um, Tyrone kind of like talk about this one right here. So one of the things that people say is that, um,

and some of the things that like, like one study that we found, it said one of the potential drawbacks of going gluten free people end up eating more processed grain products when gluten free like breads cereals, cookies, crackers, which are lower in fiber Irin, zinc, potassium, Irin, and trace minerals. So this was the statement. Tallinn. Would you like to state my statement?

Yes. You’re on the road. Okay. Well, okay. It makes sense. Like if somebody, um, swapped their gluten products for breads cereals, cookies and crackers. Yeah. It’s going to be low in fiber and all kinds of nutrients because it’s bread cereals, cookies and crackers. So I would say, wouldn’t you say, whoever already bases their diet on breads cereals cookies,

and probably, and does probably have a bad, you know, um, nutritional, nutritional deficiency. They’re probably unhealthy because if you’re basing your diet on breads cereals, cookies and crackers, You’re going to have lower fiber intake. Iron. Yeah. Yeah. So this is already, in my opinion, like a, like a weak argument with this because you’re using something that’s already not good for you and saying,

Oh, the gluten free option makes is like this. Well, it’s not good for you anyways. So I’m sorry to interrupt your bid. Why don’t you Okay. We’re complaining about not having cookies, chips and snacks in her house, but seriously you need a bite of it. Yeah, of course. Like we said, that’s okay, but it’s okay to have a gluten free,

uh, you know, chips, bean chips or whatever. We’re not saying don’t do that. It’s just like, you don’t base your diet on that. It’s not something you say, Oh, did I have enough of that today? No, it’s something you say, Oh, let me have a little bit today of that. Let me have some tomorrow.

So I urge you to replace gluten free foods with nutrient dense alternatives. So that includes greens like OUAB, buckwheat, Millay, Molet, Millay, sorghum, things like that. You know, um, almond flour is a great alternative to bake with. Um, I mean, depending on what you’re baking, if you like baking there, there’s different flowers that you can use with different nutritional values than regular flour.

Like you can use buckwheat flour, tapioca, flour, um, um, almond flour, um, cassava root flour. And because there are so many different flowers, there’s a variety of nutrients you can get from each of those different types of flowers. If you learn how to use them in your kitchen, rather than always reaching for all purpose flour, which can be enriched with nutrients.

But it’s like, we’re so used to that as a staple that we forget, or we don’t even know that there are other things that you can use to Like a great example you had was wall versus regular pasta. Can you, so it was saying in this study, how gluten free options, they have less, you know, of these nutrients and,

um, you know, I want you to talk about how keenwah versus regular pasta, like how that’s actually not the case with that. Yeah. So like you said, right. You know, they’re complaining that gluten-free alternatives don’t have these nutrients, but keenwah when you compare it to pasta, it has the same amount of carbs. It has the same amount of protein.

It has same amount of calories and it even has more fiber than regular pasta. I see no deficiency. I mean, I think what it says five grams of fiber for keenwah, whereas regular pasta has two and a half grams right there. The fiber level is double for keenwah. So to show you a gluten free option is actually better. Yeah. Great for blood sugar.

And even like, when you look at the rate duration shows it’s higher in protein and fiber compared compared to the carbs versus a regular pasta. So your Mac, your macro levels, your ratios are much better than eating regular. And when you know this information, you can choose products that contain keenwah. So there’s crackers like Mary’s crackers. I think that has keenwa flax seed in it.

And it’s like a nutrient dense Cracker that you can choose wisely because now, you know, now you know that going gluten free, you know, you don’t have to get, um, rice crackers. Like you should get something a little more nutrient dense and then boom, this study completely is not, um, valid for you. So don’t be misled by my point.

And the whole point of this podcast, don’t be misled by the information out there, really investigate how you’re going to make this work for you. And, you know, keenwah is a great example. And it also has more iron than regular pasta. It has 2.7, six milligrams, Like four, almost five times that amount of iron and pasta, which is 0.6

milligrams and 118 milligrams of magnesium in keenwah versus pasta, which has 10 milligrams. That’s great for your hormones. Yeah. It’s so important. Magnesium makes you feel good. Makes your muscles relax. Yeah. So don’t, so again, right there, as we mentioned, basically the whole, like that idea that gluten free options have less nutrients or a process,

all that jazz, it’s not true when you’re actually picking the right food. You’re actually eating healthy food to live the proper lifestyle change. You’re not eating crackers and cookies. Like we said, that’s not what you’re, you should be basing her diet on The base of your diet should be a variety of healthy gluten free grains. Like I mentioned, keenwah buckwheat millet.

Um, there’s plenty of others. There’s there’s rice. That’s not bad. There’s corn. These are all carbs that you can. Yeah. And keenwah contains all the nine essential amino acids. So it makes it a complete protein, complete protein, which, um, pasta doesn’t have, you know, amino acids is what repairs and creates new cells and more cells and repairs your body.

So you need those amino acids. So Keene was a good option. Great option. Isn’t Q1 natural. I mean just natural grain. I mean where’s pasta and you kinda have to make it your sole process thing. Right. That’s true. Yeah. And it’s four to five. It’s not naturally that nutritious. There you go. So the second point,

yeah. Going gluten free increases the risk for vitamin B deficiencies because whole wheat has B vitamins in it that you would miss out on according to this study. Yeah. Um, Not necessarily, Well, okay. So whole wheat does contain B vitamins and it contains nutrients, but that’s not to say if you swapped whole wheat with gluten free, um, versions of carbs that you wouldn’t get your B vitamins,

for example, buckwheat has a plethora of B vitamins in it and it has in it. So you’re taking, Avesta the natural version of a Vestal buckwheat, not saying replace it, but I’m just saying there’s an Osstell in buckwheat. Yeah. And actually gluten contains phytates, which is an anti nutrient that can block mineral absorption. So gluten in itself contains something that actually,

uh, prohibits your, your, your, your body from Sensitive to, if you have celiac disease. And if you’re sensitive to gluten, then it inhibits your ability to absorb nutrients, including vitamin B12 and gluten containing foods are notoriously low in vitamins and minerals compared to other gluten free grains. If you, if you think of it that way, you know,

I mean, of course there’s gluten free. Well, yeah. I said gluten-free green. So technically keenwah or something has a bunch of vitamins in it. So I was thinking of corn, which is like, not as nutritious as a gluten free grain. Yeah. But like whole foods like spinach and almonds come loaded with naturally occurring nutrients, whereas breads pastas and other processed gluten containing foods contain small amounts of cheap fortified nutrients.

Right. So we always encourage Yeah. With whole foods, with the grains, with the healthy fats, almonds, lots of vegetables, and you can totally substitute all of those nutrients that you might be missing from wheat, whole wheat with a healthy, balanced diet. You’re not going to become deficient in anything. Yeah. Like Tallinn said, like buckwheat is a great option.

It’s high in and also tall. It’s a beeline, which has to be vitamin it’s great for insulin. So we’ll just, yeah. One serving has more protein quality than pasta. And it’s been shown to benefit blood sugar, heart, heart health inflammation, like cancer prevention because of the fiber and plant compounds. So you gain so much more benefit versus like whole wheat,

like the vitamins or nutrients you would get from that. Especially if it contains gluten, which is even adding more to the fire with inflammation and causing the symptoms of that’s causing weight, gain, weight, plateau, you know, adrenal fatigue, instant resistance, all these symptoms of PCOS that can be linked to. Yeah. They can be LinkedIn. You wouldn’t know,

unless you cut it out for at least four weeks to figure out how you feel after cutting it out and adding it back in. Yeah. Um, and that’s why I don’t think it’s a fit cause for some people it’s so beneficial and you can’t partially do it. Like you, can’t kind of be gluten free and like eat light on the gluten, but still eat it and then say it didn’t work.

Like you have to go all in for a month to really see if it’s going to make a difference. Yeah. That doesn’t mean you have to just do it and like do it and do that at once. Slowly incorporate it. We always say try it one day at a time where like, like I said, in the past, maybe you’re going to first start with your breads.

Okay. Starting now, I’m only going to have gluten free bread. And then like, meaning your breads are only gluten free. And then maybe another day you’re saying, okay, no more, uh, pasta that has a gluten, I’m going to replace that with gluten free pasta, like bulk pasta. And then you add a more stuff. And then eventually you’re at a point where that you’re completely gluten free,

like telling it took her almost a year to fully adapt, to fully incorporate the diet along with other lifestyle changes. At that point, everything started to like change transform. And for those of you who haven’t tried buckwheat noodles, it is like the only thing on the shelves, in the pasta section of whole foods. And nobody understands how wonderful it is.

I can’t even believe that. Like, because it’s not something that people are familiar with. You can make soups with it. You can cut up some, um, cucumbers and marinate them in like soy sauce and white rice vinegar and make like this great, like so lunch or like noodle, um, cold side salad thing. It’s just, it’s so versatile and delicious.

It’s so good. It has a nutty flavor. Okay. I’m done. This is not a podcast That heard this much about like in an hour or something. Okay. I just wanted to say that. Cause a lot of people don’t know what buckwheat is. Okay. What’s the fair thing. All right. The third thing that we found was in the study.

Yeah. Gluten-free doesn’t help weight loss. Hmm. Now we want, before we go into the anecdotal evidence that we have from, if you follow Tallinn, PCO style, weight loss, you’ve seen all the transformations, people who completely manage your symptoms and they were able to lose weight with PSUs. Okay. You’re not losing a single pond, their whole life.

Yeah. All that. They were trying to lose weight. And unfortunately, no matter what they did, it just didn’t help because they had all this inflammation that was causing these issues that led to weight plateauing gain. So you can see those testimonials. But before we get into those or talk about those, let’s talk about it. It says gluten free doesn’t help.

Weight loss will in you start Leptin, leptin, okay. People leptin is the hormone that tells us whether we’re hungry or we’re full. And when eat gluten, it makes our leptin hormone weaker and causes leptin resistance in our bodies. And that makes us not able to gauge how much we should be eating. And you may feel like you want to eat all the time.

And I do a lot of polls about this on Instagram story. And a lot of people are like, yes, that’s me. I feel like I want to eat all the time. I’m hungry all the time. That could be because you have leptin resistance. And I even had a patient who had some, she had a very severe case of PCOS and she was highly sensitive to gluten and dairy.

And she was cutting out her carbs and exercising a lot and you know, eating salad all day and like gluten and dairy here and there. And then when she went gluten and dairy free and ate 2000 calories, she lost so much weight. And she’s like, I feel so good. I’m not hungry all the time. Um, I don’t eat more than I have to.

Like, I just feel satisfied after my meals for once in my life. Um, although she was restricting before then she was binge eating and she was like still hungry after binge-eating. It was this whole rollercoaster that she targeted by going gluten and dairy free and healing that underlying issue of leptin resistance and her body not having the proper hunger and fullness hormones. And not just that gluten has lectins and lectins with a C,

they bind to insulin receptors and they create insulin resistance and trigger leptin resistance. So what that means is when you have insulin resistance, your cells, aren’t able to burn what you’re eating and what you’re eating ends up storing as fat because your cells are resistant to the insulin hormone. That’s trying to give them the food that you’re eating. So, um, my point insulin resistance can lead to weight gain.

And so gluten can trigger more, you know, aggressive insulin resistance raises your blood sugar, leptin resistance. And also, um, most gluten containing carbs can raise your blood sugar because they’re not as high in fiber as gluten free carbs and then insulin resistance. Yeah. Then you store fat. Unfortunately instead of losing weight, it does the opposite you store fat.

So also, um, great explanation to me, but I’d love it to continue on with your amazing explanation. I’ll continue to hear gluten risom, uh, resembles your thyroid. So when your immune antibodies tag gluten for removal, they also trigger antibodies against your thyroid. In other words, you increase your chances for autoimmune disease. When you constantly eat gluten,

according to one study people with the most common type of thyroid disease have 12 times the rate of gluten intolerance as the general population does. So those struggling with their weight should consider a gluten free diet along with the assessment, their thyroid status And thyroid issues are an underlying issue for PCs. A lot of women have hypothyroidism and they have PCOS. You know,

that’s their type of PCOS and several doctors. In fact, the one that I refer to for my patients who have thyroid issues tell their patients to go gluten and dairy free specifically gluten free and dairy free. Yeah. I’m just going to say gluten and dairy for you. Well, yeah. Let’s not worry about dairy. Yeah. Because it, it can affect your immune system.

It can affect your thyroid, your blood sugar, which also affects your thyroid. And like, like you mentioned, people with thyroid issues are 12 times higher to have gluten intolerances. So with their initials, you it’s so hard to lose weight. So why not try going gluten free? I mean, to me, and based on that study and what we’re reading here,

if you have thyroid issues, it’s even more reason. Maybe you should give it a try and see if it is writing for you because it might be your body is really, um, you know, reacting to gluten in a negative way. So just try and see if for you, if that works. Right. So we went over everything in this study.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s three things in the study that I liked. There was pointing out about gluten and gluten free and we want to yeah, True. I’m going to do a whole podcast episode, To be honest, that’s the thing with a lot of studies and why anybody has to be careful when they see a study is even if it’s a study that says gluten free is great.

Look at that study and see what they’re doing. Because like, in this case, they’re saying that gluten free is actually, um, can be bad for these reasons, but they were using bad logic as, um, so if they’re using it technically they’re right, because they’re using bad logic, they’re saying, Oh yeah, if you eat gluten free crackers and you know,

just pasta and that’s all you eat. Exactly. Which is why we’re saying like, look at the study first, if their logic is based on something that’s not, you know, right. Then the whole story doesn’t really make sense. Yeah. I mean, if you can flip and flop with the study, then these like bold statements don’t make any sense and have no valid validity.

Like you can, they can kind of be right. But then they can totally be wrong Right. Based on their, based on what they are Clear. Yeah. Yeah. So we’re here to clarify it. And I also did a poll on Instagram story because I wanted to see what our followers are doing now. Many of you may be new followers,

so maybe you’re not familiar with like how to go gluten and dairy free. But, um, what, what were you going to say? I was gonna say a perfect study would have been okay. How is somebody with a gluten free diet that is eating the right stuff? You know, everything that we mentioned earlier, pairing the foods correctly, versus someone who’s doing the same exact thing,

except it’s with gluten, you compare those two. And then we have a perfect study for women with PSUs, especially. Yes. Again, this is for women with PCOM. So it’s really important that we do this one day. You know, it’s very important. This information is out there and kumbaya let’s go on to the sticker. You had, you were explain My point.

So I was, I did the sticker and I wanted to see what our followers were doing. And many of our followers are probably new. So they probably voted a certain way because they’re not familiar yet with how to transition to gluten and dairy free. But the question was when you went gluten-free did you a replace it with gluten free cookies, chips, crackers,

or be replaced it with nutrient dense, gluten free grains like keenwah. And the answer was 85 people said, cookies, chips, crackers, and 130 people said healthy, gluten free grains. I think we did a number. It was like 35% to 65%, 65% that said they ate the, you know, uh grain-free or, Um, nutrient dense greens,

Dense option. 35% said the cookies and cream. I wish that number was a little bit lower. It was, but maybe the listeners are a different pool of people. And they’re probably 100% eating nutrient dense foods because he listened to us. Oh course. And unfortunately, a lot of times, you know, um, we’ll see, uh, messages that come in of,

um, sisters who are trying, and they say that they’re not seeing results right away. And, um, and then once we talk to them and we investigate, we find out that all, they were actually eating too many cookies and too many crackers or things that were saying that we’re gluten free. But in fact they were, but in fact, they were high,

you know, high sugar and processed foods. Exactly what we were talking about here. So those are maybe the people who were in that 35% range who didn’t know exactly how to apply it correctly, which is totally fine, which is why we’re here to help. Yeah. And you might have really bad cravings and maybe that’s why you want to eat gluten and dairy,

you know, dairy free crackers. Cause he’s in chips. Yeah. It’s your body that wants a sugar because you’re probably limiting your carbs. That’s I’m not saying limit your carbs. You were saying, eat gluten free grains that are carbs like, Oh quick, you know, or Millette or, um, what’s it called? Um, you can have rice,

you can have corn, like these are, you know, and pair them with beans and protein and fat like avocado or hummus or whatever, so that you feel full and satisfied after a meal. Don’t replace those carbs with gluten free chips, because we said go gluten free. So that will really help accelerate and help your PCOS weight loss journey. Yeah.

Should we move on to the win this week? Yes. Alright. Uh, our, when it’s a DM on Instagram comes from, I won’t read the full username for privacy, but uh, her first name is Nora. And uh, in November she says, after doing some research, I went to my doctor to ask if I may have peace was I was suffering from anxiety and depression.

My periods were highly irregular and it was almost impossible for me to lose weight. After labs were done to doctor confirmed that I had pieced us and gave me the simplest diet. You can imagine nothing else, no explanation for my anxiety, depression, not much information of what happened to my body because of PCs or anything. I was so confused and got even more depressed a month ago after falling you for a while,

I started eating gluten dairy free. I’ve lost nine pounds without exercising it and feel better than ever. I said, yeah, amazing girl, good job. She says, I subscribed onto the sisterhood and plan to start doing the workouts. Do you share there also, I love you. You’re so down to earth and clear with everything you say and fun,

you guys make me laugh. I’m 28 years old. I was at 217 pounds and nomad to a weight in grad school. That is such a good, you know, process of progress. Like we’re so happy for you Seriously. And nine pounds is a big deal, especially when we have PCLs and struggled so long to even be able to lose weight.

Yeah. Cause losing that just shows that nine pounds, especially with that exercise shows that you just, you’re starting to reverse those symptoms. That’s causing the weight. It’s naturally, you’re naturally healing your body causing you to just naturally And you’re feeling better. And that is so important. Yeah. And that doctor forget that doctor. He didn’t help you enough.

I hope that. Yeah, exactly. We hope you were able to find someone more informed and that’s like the, the sad and like worst part is when you have a bad doctor puts you down, you don’t feel as confident. You don’t want to proceed with, you know, trying to solve your piece of us. Cause you don’t have enough information.

Don’t let that deter you to anybody listening. If you just got diagnosed and the doctor or whoever, OB GYN, whoever it was, didn’t give you enough information. Don’t let that deter you from finding it out. Keep investigating. You know, I love it. That’s my new saying. You have a lot of things. You also have one about,

um, flying out of the, this quarantine, like a butterfly from a cocoon. I have a kumbaya one. Is this stuff out there? Yeah. Keeping it fun. Keeping it short. I, it scrape, but thank you so much ladies, but really it’s quarantine. This is the current teenage. We’re all going to get out of it together.

We’re going to come out of this strong and we’re going to look back at these days when we’re talking to our great, great, great grandchildren. Cause we’ll be living forever with the technology out there. We’ll be telling them you going to know the quarantine. Well, we were stuck at home working. It’s not that bad. It we’re going to go.

Yeah. We’re going to go work out right now. Do our homework out in the living room. Eat dinner, eat dinner, macro we’ve play guitar and watch a show. Oh my gosh. The Kardashians are on tonight. Oh my goodness. Thanks ladies. Bye everybody. Take care. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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