LIVE EPISODE: Adrenal Fatigue, Inositol, Cardio Workouts for PCOS

A Cyster & Her Mister is back with a special episode! Tune in to hear this live recording of our podcast as we talk PCOS & answer fan questions!

On today’s podcast, we explain Adrenal Fatigue and the different PCOS types including symptoms and natural treatments.

You’ll also learn our recommended cardio workouts for PCOS as well as suggested inositol doses based on studies!

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Full Episode transcript:

How much in all-stars should one take what’s the dosage. So when you look at the research studies, what they use in the research studies was a NASSA tall with a 40 to one ratio of Mio and de Cairo, and also tall. They use that and they use 4,000 milligrams of it daily. So that’s 2000 milligrams in the morning and then 2000 milligrams in the evening,

preferably with breakfast and then dinner. So if you’re looking at the studies, that’s what dosages they use. Dr.<inaudible> my own hands and stem naturally<inaudible> But this is the calm before the storm. What story? The moment before we go live, They may leave the country. Oh, that too. But for the listeners who are listening on the court,

you have a recording on the podcast right now, but Let me bring some energy. So we’re about to go library now on, on the gram, on tick-tock we’re going to do basically a live assistant and her Mr. Episode and today’s episode, we’re just going to take in questions from the other sisters. Kind of see what’s going on in the community and just say,

have a, like a fun time, you know, time you have set up a tripod in such a weird angle. That is Not, it was fine. Thank you. Right. Okay. Well, I’m sorry then. Okay, Well just start this podcast because the listeners are listening and waiting. Okay. Alright. I’m ready. I’m pressing the button now.

We’re gonna go live. Okay, cool. Here we go. Oh gosh. Hello everybody. Hello sisters. We Are live on a Friday for the podcast. It’s been a minute since we’ve done a live episode, It has been quite a minute. We’re going to answer your PCLs questions. We’re going to chit chat and then if you want to listen to this live again,

head over to our podcasts. Hello podcast listeners. We are here. Hello to everybody in the IgG live hello to Pamela. Hello to its extreme. Layla. What’s up to jazz. John V Ruchi hello to everybody Ola to the Comea. Let us those sisters, if you have tried anything new gluten dairy free, maybe going on Obasi tol. Tell us about your journey in the comments below.

I’d love to hear about it. Yes. And go, go ahead and start asking you answer your questions. We’ll get started with answering them on this slide and just we’ll just have a, like, we always do have our normal Instagram life. First question from an imperfect Sufi. How much in NASTAR should one take what’s the dosage? So when you look at the research studies,

what they use in the research studies was a not-so tall with a 40 to one ratio of Mio and de Cairo, and also tall. They use that and they use 4,000 milligrams of it daily. So that’s 2000 milligrams in the morning and then 2000 milligrams in the evening, preferably with breakfast and then dinner. So if you’re looking at the studies, that’s what those judges that they use.

Yes. At a 40 to one ratio of Mio and de Cairo and ASA tall. That’s why we suggest Obasanjo and it’s linked in the description. Yes. Question from Vaswani. How can we find PCs symptoms? So just look in the mirror. Sometimes it shows up physically where you have cystic acne, hair loss, facial hair, bloating, sometimes skin issues.

And then it can also manifest as irregular periods, moodiness, you know, these are some signs and symptoms. So in order to be diagnosed with PCLs, you need to out of the three symptoms, you need to have ovarian cysts, or you could also not have ovarian cysts and have the other two symptoms where you have facial hair, acne and hyperandrogenism and irregular periods.

So not everyone with PCs has ovarian cysts, but if you do have them and you have hyperandrogenism or irregular periods, then you would be diagnosed. Let us know in the comments, if you’re new to our account, if you’re a new follower or if you’ve been newly diagnosed with PSUs, let us know in the comments. We love to introduce ourselves. If you don’t know us,

as well as other people. And we love to just introduce, She had come that said, I love kite hill dairy free yogurt. Yes, me too. I love to have it. Especially in a smoothie actually today we made a Seibel’s for breakfast. Yeah, I guess I can’t call it an disciple because it wasn’t a site. It was just strawberry,

half a banana, each, some dairy free yogurt to make it nice and thick. Some almond butter, chia seeds, kale. And I smoothed it up in the blender and then sprinkled on some granola. And it was just like an assignable except without honey, except without, you know, pineapple and like sweeter fruits like that. So making them at home is definitely a good idea.

Cause then you can control how much sugar is going into it. Yeah. All right. Question is what cardio workouts do you recommend for PCs is a great question. So when it comes to cardio thing that we recommend avoiding is running for hours and hours and run running and doing basically sprints for long periods of time. What happens when you run for like an hour or longer,

is that your body naturally dumps sugar into your bloodstream to use for energy? However, when you have insulin resistance, which 80% of sisters have, what happens is burning that sugar doesn’t turn into energy and instead it gets stored as fat. So because of that, what we want to do is avoid running for really long periods of time. And instead of running for about 30, 45 minutes,

max at a steady pace, almost like you’re on cruise control. This is also great for keeping our cortisol hormone, your stress, hormone low, and overall just, it’s a, it’s a great way to improve insulin sensitivity and improve metabolism. And it’s just a great stress reducer as well. All right. Well said, one might say Said, bill,

Thank you. Let’s see what the next question is. This has been helping a lot. I thought I was going crazy. You’re not going crazy. We are here for You. Yes. I saw someone say, why us? And then talk about like what she can ask, seeing what she can do for her hair loss. So I’m going to answer your first question,

why us? So PCLs is actually something that use, it has been around for thousands of years and it used to actually benefit women where they would have slight PCLs and that would stop them from having more babies during a time of famine or warfare because their reproduction would kind of slow down because of that. As a result, it would also give them a little bit of more testosterone,

which would allow them to fight or flee the, you know, famine or warfare that they were in, for example. And so it was actually a survival mechanism to have PCs back then. And now PCOM is so exaggerated because of our environment. It’s not like it used to be where it was something that would actually help women survive. Now it’s kind of out of control,

given the amount of toxins in our environment, in our food, the inflammation that our food is causing us, the lack of micronutrients that our food is absorbing from soil, multiple factors, our lifestyle, you know, having to, you know, live a certain lifestyle. That’s not conducive of good cortisol levels and staring at our screens at night, especially.

And so all of these things together, exacerbate PCOS just throws us off, completely throws our blood sugar off, throws our stress hormones off and turns it into this mess that it is now that’s causing us to lose hair and just way too much testosterone. Whereas before it was just a little bit of testosterone that was actually helpful. Actually, a lot of women in the Olympics have PCO S and so that bit of extra tests,

toss, thrown really gives you an edge in your strength. And so, but you have to hone in on it. And it takes a lot of effort to do that because when you have way too high testosterone, it actually works against you. And so going back to your next question of your hair issue, so that can have to do with having high testosterone,

high androgen male hormones, and that can cause your hair to fall out and facial hair to grow. And there’s a lot you can do about it, starting with managing blood sugar, because unmanaged blood sugar triggers that issue and working out so hard, you know, cycling classes, this, that it can push up your stress hormones. It can make it harder for your androgen levels.

And so this can in combination with inflammatory foods, create inflammation at the root of your hair and your hair can fall out. And then it takes months and months to grow back. And it’s quite a challenging thing, but you can certainly grow it back. And it just takes time and consistency. Very well set time. I went On all kinds of directions with that response.

You take an X question. Okay. A question from Sammy, how long should we give over a stall to show results? Any benchmark times? So honestly we would give at least three months for Avast at hall. And the reason why is the reason why all Vasquez tall comes in as supply of three months? I think tie-in says this a lot better,

but basically three months is how long it takes for your follicle to release an egg, right? Yes. For the egg to mature develop and oscillation to occur. So that’s why I like that three month process is almost like a cycle that you want Avast all to like help you get through. And then in three months, usually at least in three months,

you will see a lot of the benefits or should Yes. Well, I forgot the mic. Yeah. You have to create a environment. That’s, you know, a well-balanced well-managed insulin levels low in Flint inflammation, this type of environment for the egg to actually develop an opulate properly. And it’s really important because it takes three months to really change the picture of your ovaries.

Yes. Y’all are amazing just to do your PCs workout on YouTube. Oh, nice. Thank you. Official gringa. Yes. That’s a, if you go to YouTube and just type piece us weight loss, you’ll find our channel and we have a couple of workouts there that you can try. And if you like it, then you can get the whole library for the whole month in the sisterhood as well.

So yeah. Check it out if you really, if you really want to see how those workouts are, Can’t wait for our app to come out. It’s going to have a workout player where you can take your phone to the gym or in your living room, whatever, and see the movement and then like click next. And then at times 62nd rest.

And then, oh my gosh. All right. Here’s a, another big question. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking a bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making,

you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive. It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also, it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant.

Their logics is prenatal. Their natal court is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. I’m not going to say tough cause I know you can answer this really well, but it’s another big question from Diana. Can you explain adrenal fatigue and inflammatory PCs and how to manage those versus the insulin resistance.

One that maybe sisters in the comments let us know, are you the adrenal fatigue, the inflammatory, or the insulin resistance, but telling how do we manage these? So let’s say you have insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue. Well to manage insulin resistance, you have to manage your blood sugar. And oftentimes that includes lowering your carbon take a little bit, but you also have to be really careful because if you have adrenal fatigue at the same time,

you don’t want to lower your carbs too much, where you’re stressing your body out, making it harder to lose weight and manage your symptoms and your blood sugar can be on a roller coaster. You have to discover your carb tolerance when it comes to having both of those at the same time. What have you, if you have just adrenal fatigue and inflammation,

like without the instant resistance, Well, then I wouldn’t start with carbs. I would actually start with making sure you are getting in eight hours of quality sleep. And that might involve a of daytime changes changes during your daytime routine. So getting in a slow weighted workout instead of intense workout that keeps your cortisol high all day and then making sure you’re cutting out caffeine.

So your stress hormones aren’t high all the time, Especially after like 12 through three o’clock you don’t want to have caffeine again. Yeah. Yes. And making sure that you’re taking something maybe like CBD or melatonin at night to get yourself to a good place where you can have some quality sleep. Yes. All right. Let’s continue on. Oh, I see Taleesha says adrenal fatigue.

Our warrior says insulin resistance and fatigue tonight says I’m a combo of all. Ashley says, I feel like I’m all of those jaws has insulin resistance. So yeah, you can definitely be a combination of a different piece of us types. You can have all four, but the one thing too is you can also have a PCs type and not have it in the future.

For example, you can have adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, and inflammation. And then eventually, you know, if you, if you reverse your symptoms, you can not have adrenal fatigue anymore and only have insulin resistance and inflammation. And then eventually reduce those as well. Yes, Sammy girl says, yeah, go ahead. There’s going to be an app.

I’m so excited. Can’t wait for the app. We’re very excited. Oh, we are so excited. I wish we could show it to you, but it’s not. We showed a beta to the sisterhood. We had a live call last week. So we did a while we’re on the live call. We had videos. So we like showed our phone with the app and it’s obviously not done yet.

So it was still beta version. So once we have like a very close version, maybe we’ll do we’ll show one on here. Yes. Okay. Monisha says, love you guys. Thank you for all you do for us sisters. All thank him. And he show, we love you too. And yeah, it’s our passion to keep helping. Okay.

Let’s go to some questions here. Who is a good question from Harry? Do you recommend a calcium supplement to replace dairy free lifestyle? I recommend chia seeds. They have one serving has more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries. Synnex Sean is dice to tick tock. I know I put my leg up and realized tuk-tuks on the left side. Just saw my whole file over there.

Yes. So I would put chia seeds in all your dairy free products. I mean, depending on what you’re making, but if it’s like a smoothie with dairy free milk, definitely add the chia seeds. If it’s yogurt parfait or something, throw on the chia seeds, To be honest with you, don’t like you don’t need dairy for calcium because calcium is already found in so many different natural foods it’s found in nuts.

It’s found in greens like spinach it’s found in chia seeds, a lot of different dairy-free milks have vitamin D added to them. They’re just like, sorry, not vitamin D sorry. I’m gonna say calcium. Sorry. I’m going to say calcium. We don’t really feel like when you go dairy free, it causes a calcium deficiency. We actually feel like that’s not the case at all.

In fact, I think if people are depending on milk for their calcium, I think that’s really where The problem Problem may lie. Because like, you know, like how much milk are you having day to day to get your calcium and like, and so forth. So that would be that I guess. Yes. Is caffeine good for PCO? S Ooh,

Ooh. What a question? Well, no, it’s not good for PCs, but if you are drinking caffeine as a crutch, and this is your means of having energy throughout the day, then it’s definitely a call for concern because why aren’t you producing natural energy is the question you should be asking yourself. And this has to come down to hormones and circadian rhythm.

Are you supporting your body by making sure you’re getting that eight hours of quality sleep? And again, I don’t mean just getting to bed eight hours before you have to wake up. I mean, everything you’re doing throughout the day to keep your cortisol where it needs to be so that you can get quality sleep so that your stress hormones aren’t so high. Once you get to bed where you’re like wide awake and you just can’t,

you know, so it’s really important to manage that and cutting out caffeine tapering out off of it slowly is an ideal way to start, because it’s just contributing to the cycle of fatigue. It’s just making you more tired. It’s just creating more stress hormones, making it harder for them to come back down so you can get quality sleep. And the cycle continues.

Tell us about your caffeine journey. Well, I took a lab test and when it’s the same lab test that you can find in the description of this podcast, but I take the lab test and basically found out that I had really high cortisol throughout the day. And especially later in the evening, and I used to drink a lot of coffee and maybe like three,

four cups a day. And I definitely like, like use it as a crutch. And then I realized, you know, a while this lab tests, the result was a little bit of an eye-opener. It got me worried. So I completely cut off caffeine. It was super hard, especially the first couple of weeks, you know, like you don’t have that spurt of energy.

You don’t have that crutch. It was difficult. But eventually after a couple of months, it felt like completely normal. Like, I don’t need it. I don’t need to have some sort of like, cause at the end of the day, coffee is artificial to our body. Like we don’t, we weren’t born with caffeine in our blood. Right.

So I kind of reset my body and I didn’t drink it for about six months, almost a year. And now basically what I do is like, I may or may not have one coffee a day and only in the morning, if it’s 9:00 AM, I may have one cup of coffee, but then that’s it. Like, I won’t have another one,

especially if it’s like after 12, that’s kind of the same route that I would just suggest taking is like completely cut caffeine out. And then if you want to only re-introduce like one cup and see how that goes for you. Yes. Someone says, are we ever going to get<inaudible> in the UK? You can have it delivered to you. You just go down to the FAQ section.

You will see options for international shipping. Yeah. How long will y’all be traveling this time? Oh, so if y’all know, we’re actually flying tomorrow to Istanbul, to Turkey. We’re we’re Armenian, but we have a lot of like Armenian family. That’s also in Turkey. So we want to visit them. We also want to see around the city,

so we’re going there tomorrow. And then we’re going to be basically traveling for the next three months. So we’re going to go to like Turkey. We’re going to go to, to Italy and do some more once we have a plan, but basically like three months more. And then I think we’re going to be done. Yes. Let us know where you suggest we go after.

mid-September like, what, what, What is the good Weather September? You Know, where should we go? I’m thinking like Peru, I’m thinking we just stay in Turkey in like the south. I dunno. We’ll see. Let’s see. Okay. Okay. What do you what to do with the really high testosterone? If I don’t like birth control?

Really good question. So tell us, where’s this, where’s the high testosterone coming from and like, what can you do to reduce it? So I, testosterone comes from, you know, multiple things that mainly if you’re insulin resistant, high insulin levels trigger high testosterone in the ovaries. And so when that happens, you know, the testosterone creates an environment where you have ovarian cysts,

irregular periods, shovel, obviating, and then facial hair acne, and all of these symptoms can happen. So to manage to SaaS drone, I would start with managing insulin resistance and to manage insulin resistance. I’m not just talking about lowering your carbs, I’m talking about everything. So reducing inflammatory foods, going gluten and dairy free to try and see if it that’s going to help with your blood sugar management,

also eating, you know, three meals throughout the day. And one snack, making sure your meals are balanced with protein, carbs, fiber, and fat. There’s so many things involved with managing insulin resistance. It’s not as simple as cutting out your carbs, completely taking it. One step at a time is ideal. I would start with trying to go gluten and dairy free to see how that helps with your inflammation.

And then I would start layering on the other things like discovering your carp tolerance and, you know, meanwhile, you can take over us anytime it’s supportive, it’s helpful. But for, I could go on for an whole podcast episode about insulin resistance and I’m not going to, I will say that in the sisterhood, we have something called the five steps to PCRs weight loss.

And if what I’m saying right now is like, kind of going over your head or it’s getting overwhelming, or you want to grab a paper and pencil and write everything down. If you go into the sisterhood, I’ve broken it down in a really simplified, straightforward way in the five steps to PCs, weight loss. I talk about the PCs types in step one,

I talk about what you can do for them. I talk about going gluten and dairy free and step two and three. And they talk about discovering your carb tolerance and step four and see doc talks about working out in step five. So there’s so much to know. And if you take it one step at a time, hence the five steps to be Suez,

weight loss, you know, it’s a lot more helpful. Alright question. Thank you for that explanation type question from Crow. I have almost all the symptoms, but my lab always comes out fine. What should I do? Great question. A very common, very common situation happens to a lot of PCs women. You go to your doctor, they do your lab work.

And even though you’re feeling all these symptoms and not feeling like yourself, they just tell you your lab results. Look fine, go home, come back. When you have more, more of a serious issue, obviously having to a lot of people and it’s, it’s horrible. So what’s happening. Well, the one thing is, first thing you want to know is what kind of a lab tests are you doing?

Are you doing a conventional lab tests or a functional lab tests? The difference between a conventional and a functional lab test is huge conventional lab tests. They look at a wider range of lab results as being acceptable. So for example, if you’re getting blood work done, a conventional may say, oh, if your blood work for something is between one through 10,

then you’re healthy, but functional looks at a much more specific range, basically shortens that window. So that you’re really being a lot more sensitive to your body’s blood levels, hormones that much more. So you want to get a functional blood test, which is going to really look more specifically at, at a higher detail if I want to say, right.

So yeah. Make sure your, your, your lab test is functional and dye may hopefully help you with finding more answers to your, to your situation. The doctors always tell me to come back when you’re trying to conceive, this is really common. I don’t want to get into how bad I think that is right now, but I will say that you are responsible for your own health and leaning on your doctor for every answer and every,

you know, as if you couldn’t figure something out yourself is not ideal in a lot of situations. I think it’s really important to investigate your health speak with multiple doctors. There’s gynecologists, there’s endocrine specialists. There are naturopathic doctors who studied functional medicine, there’s gynecologist who studied functional medicine. I personally go that route because I prefer managing PCs and hormonal conditions with diet and lifestyle approach and your average,

or, you know, mainstream, conventional gynecologist is not going to do that. And you just have to realize that that is not what they do. And if you want that, you have to go to a different doctor. And, and that doesn’t mean the gynecologist doesn’t have a place in your PCs journey. It’s there. They certainly do. You want to get an ultrasound?

You want to discuss your options. If your symptoms are so terrible and unmanageable, and maybe going on birth control, temporary Leigh is something you want to do. That’s who you would talk to, but that’s not who you would talk to. If you want it to reverse and heal your PCs symptoms, you would go to somebody who has actually reversed PCOS.

And that would be maybe a functional doctor or a dietician like more or somebody who has studied natural medicine. Yes. Thank you to Lynn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Before we continue, let’s look at this question here about us. So I guess let’s do, let’s do a little introduction about, about us for any sister who is new,

who may be either started following us recently, or maybe started listening to this podcast recently, who are we, who is PCs, weight loss. Who’s tying in Sodexo time. Tell us about yourself. Sure. I see a question here. She says, this is my first time hearing about carb tolerance. I’ll look into that. Yes. It is something that people don’t talk about enough,

but we teach that in the sisterhood, our membership program. So going into introducing myself, I’m a registered dietician. And when it comes to eating for peace, cos you know, I highly suggest trying to go gluten and dairy free for 30 days to see how you feel. And then a multiple multitude of other things like balancing your plate, discovering your carb tolerance and so on.

And so Cedric and I have designed, designed the sisterhood experience. And of course, while you’re forgetting your journey to Italian was diagnosed with PCs. About 10 years ago, you had a ovarian cyst rupture and you rushed to the emergency room, correct? Yes. Tonya was just told to be put on birth control, come back when she wants to get pregnant and to basically just work as much as possible.

So tie-in did that. She tried to go on birth control. It actually caused her to gain weight, a shoe and Kickbox scene, but that also caused her to have fatigue and anxiety. In fact, we’ve shared some pictures of talons kickboxing in the past and then her falling asleep basically at school while going through all that situation. So after gaining about 30 pounds and kind of being really sick of her situation T I don’t know why I’m explaining about you as if like I’m like Morgan Morgan Freeman explaining like narrating.

Someone’s like a story in a, in a movie, you know, Morgan Freeman. He always like, Oh yeah, that’s true. So, okay. I’ll just continue. And then, so basically tie-in said I’m done with all this as she went to a naturopathic doctor and a gynecologist by the name of Dr. Fields scourge and Dr. Nirvana, both of who really helped tie,

not with giving her actual natural remedies, including diet and lifestyle gluten dairy-free taking in our star supplements. Basically all the things that, that we talk about now, Tallinn was introduced to, by these two doctors and in many other resources and basically use that information to lose 30 pounds in the next year, lower her stress hormones naturally reverse all her SIS. Like all her sisters were naturally gone without surgery,

all from just these natural changes. And basically we’ve created this sisterhood. And when I say we like tally and started the sisterhood first, I’m not going to take any credit for that. I did join later on and I, and I am amplified it. Yes, Actually it was on a third-party platform before you joined, before we collaborated on it. And then we created our own platform.

Now we’re creating an app for it. So it’s always a constant evolution It’s constantly evolving. Yes. So basically we, a lot of times experience a lot of the knowledge and research that she gathered from doctors and gynecologists along the way is how we created the sisterhood is how we basically help you and help many others on Instagram. YouTube, take talk on Pinterest on our blog,

on our website. Like basically all this content that we make daily is to spread that information. Yes, That was good. That Was good. All Right. So, Well, we should talk about gluten and dairy. I see a lot of questions. I saw someone who said, sure, what’s your go-to snack when you’re craving dairy. Good question.

So I don’t crave dairy anymore because dairy is actually addicting. So the more you eat it, the more you crave it, if you’re starting to go dairy free, of course you’re going to crave it because you’re trying to kick that addiction to dairy. Actually, there was an article in the New York times that talks about how dairy is as addicting as drugs,

Which drug, What Was said. Yeah, Something like that. Anyways, what was I saying? Oh, so if you’re craving dairy, I would suggest having something like guacamole or hummus, some type of healthy fat that can give you that satisfying feeling that that cheese does because cheese is fat. So when you eat it and you’re hungry and it’s satisfying feeling,

right? So I like to have some guacamole. You can even put nutritional yeast in it, which has this chattery flavor, and that will kick it up a notch. You can put nutritional yeast in your eggs, in your pasta salad, kale salad. Oh, it tastes so good. Anything to give it that cheddar flavor. And it’s natural nutritional yeast.

It’s not like an artificial dairy substitute. Yeah. And when it comes to the artificial dairy substitutes, I don’t suggest having them all the time, but to use them as a crutch, as you transition is probably a good idea. All right. Sans fashion says y’all helped me so much since I started falling. You’re both very helpful and supportive with us.

PCO women going through the struggles, love you guys. Knowledge is good. We love you. Tucson’s fashion. You know what? We are going to send you a three-month supply of acid hall. Congratulations, sons’ fashion. You are our today’s giveaway winner on the side, we are going to send you a basketball and we appreciate your very kind words. And everybody else has kind of words y’all are the best We could give away over our to everyone we would.

So we always do. We give away multiple Avast stalls, like almost every live, almost every podcast episode. So like whatever we can do to help spread around. I just feel like a lot of drama would be resolved if doctors could suggest Sovos natal as soon as you’re diagnosed with PCOS. Yes. But in the meantime, you can go on Instagram and find us screaming and yelling and jumping up and down,

making crazy tick talks about it. Yes, Exactly. All right. Last couple of questions. Mithra is vitamin D omega three supplement. Good for peace. Yes, absolutely. Honestly, both those supplements are great, great additions to your daily regimen. Of course, you can check with your doctor to know if it’s right for you, dosage levels, et cetera,

but does the FYI to the Schwab, when our supplement line drops in about a month and a half, they will have vitamin D and omega-3 bundled together to gather Actually the vitamin D is in the multivitamin. Yes, but that just makes it easier. Cause you don’t want to be swallowing a hundred pills. It’s in the multivitamin that we’ve designed. And the fish oil is one of the purest there’s tumeric as well,

which is also extremely potent. It’s really hard to find supplements that are what they claim to be. And also that are absorbable. Sometimes you’ll see something that says like 300 milligrams of tumeric, but you’ll only absorb like 15%. So the one that we chose that has what’s it called in it versus orb technology or no, that’s the cookie 10. The tumeric has Treme pure Term appear in it.

So anyways, it makes it a hundred percent absorbable. So you’re getting everything that you should be getting, But just, just a little sneak peek of the supplement line. The way it’s going to be is that it’s going to be a box full of all the supplements that you would need for PCs, meaning everything that Started tablets. It’s a starter kit for your PCs,

where it has not just like, like, we don’t want you to have to decide between, should I get omega threes? Should I get vitamin D should I get curcumin? Like, should we get like, which one should I start with? Oops. Like, which supplement should I start with? Instead, we’re going to do it where you can just get everything in one kit and basically have a whole starter kit to start managing and reversing your PCs.

So it’s going to be everything that’s been researched, Supplements, All the base supplements that have been researched, backed by studies with PCs. So everything that’s PCs and researched back is all in this box. So stay tuned, stay tuned. We’re excited. Yes. All right, sisters, this was so much fun. It was I’m happy. We got to chat.

I hope we answered some of your questions that were on your mind. Yeah. And now we have to pack and oh, what a cute comment. You two are such a power couple. I really appreciate all the arts I G reels and just the husband, wife, chemistry, vibes, and science so much in fun knowledge. You two know at me have shared and created.

Oh, you’re so welcome. That is so sweet. Thank you so much. I am mower. We got to do a good, thank you So Much for that amazing comment. We are sending you’ll have as tall as More Of an opera at this point.<inaudible> yeah. I’ll take that title. Right? Let’s pack these bags. Let’s go to Turkey.

Yes. We love y’all have a great weekend. Enjoy it with your friends and your family. And we’ll be back next week from Europe, basically, I guess. And yeah, we’ll talk to you then Talk to you soon. Sisters, if you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site,

where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one called and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCOS lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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