How to Manage PCOS in College

Having PCOS while attending college can feel like you’re singled out. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to feel that way with today’s episode…How to Manage PCOS in College!

You’ll learn different tips to manage your PCOS in college like navigating the cafeteria, shopping on a budget, and more!

Tallene also talks about her own experience in college and the struggles she had adjusting to PCOS while attending. Listen to how she turned it around and even created a new health club for her university!

We asked cysters what they struggled the most in college and what tips they had for college students! Tune in to hear us read the answers live on the podcast!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster and Her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun and your life.

So we’re starting this podcast right now. We should warn you that currently we have somebody on our patio that is tearing out wood, replacing wood, basically for termites or something. And it’s kinda loud. It’s kind of loud and it’s kind of distracting. There’s literally a man like standing on the side, like on the thing he’s standing on the, The standing on the balcony rails.

Yeah. On the left side is basically what it’s like one story it’s okay. But he’ll live. He’s like gluing on something. So like, I think just an hour ago, we’re about to start the podcast and all of a sudden they just start tearing out the wood, hammering it. It’s almost like they’re hammering it. Like yeah. Try to do that purchase now sort of sound alike.

But, um, but you know, it’s the whole community, I guess the whole community that all the patios there’s like replacing all the wood and stuff. Thankfully, we don’t have to do the tempting or anything like that. That would be a little, I don’t even know how you would do that right now in convenient, especially right now. But you know,

it’s pretty hilarious or sorry, if you guys hearing noises, if the, if you hear any hammering, I’ll try to cut it out later. Oh God. He just jumped off the patio and he can see us record to see the sensor. Both. You can see us record. So it’s like, what is he thinking of us? So that’s a little fun start by the way,

just to think I got my haircut. Okay. You guys are seeing my hair for the last couple of weeks. It was crazy. And I finally got a cut and I just want to say, I hate it. I love, I had to go to a barber. I’ve never been to and cut without a mirror. He had, he couldn’t use a mirror cause we were in some,

you know, some random place and he cut it and just, he cut it too short. I told him just clean up by my ears and stuff. Cause I wanted it long and wanting to slick it back. And the guy it’s almost like he just didn’t hear me. Or he was like, Oh, I know what to do. I know what’s better for you.

I just want you to know if you’re listening to this, you don’t know what’s route from eat. Dare you. How dare you. I feel like that girl that talked about global warming, you, He came home, literally offended that his hair was cut completely. Not what he wanted it to be like as if he just wasn’t listening to whatsoever. I mean,

it still looks great. The guy’s a great barber. Yeah. And I still don’t think it’s like, it’s not my level. Okay. That’s all I’m going to say. And I just didn’t want it. You know what? You have the roots in your head and it’s just going to grow back. You’re going to be fine. It’s going to be okay.

I think we should move on from this. Alrighty, wherever great episode this week though, all jokes aside a great episode this week. And it is for basically college students, four sisters. And uh, for, for ladies who are basically, you know, going through a piece of us, but also in college, basically freshmen, sophomore, junior,

it doesn’t matter. But going through college and just trying to navigate through all this and it can be any age range to like, honestly, I don’t think this necessarily is like about just from, you know, 18 to 22 or whatever. It’s a busy lifestyle. Yeah. And then busy lifestyle. I can relate to this. Yeah. But often when you go to college,

it’s your first time on your own. And so you’re now you’re in charge of your wellbeing and nobody’s hovering over you or telling you when to eat or what to eat and stuff. And you’re covered with temptation. You’re just surrounded by temptation. Yeah. The cafeteria has like a whole display of cookies. Like every time you walk in and out of it,

you’re supposed to stop Every night. You were like, people are trying to party alcohol, taco bell and all of this, basically every day you’d go through, drive-throughs trying to get a dollar dollar menu stuff. Like everybody just trying to eat on a budget from fast food. And it’s just, Everyone has a great metabolism except us sisters with Vizio. We’re like,

why can’t we eat? Like our friends. Yeah. Yeah. So there’s a lot of different, like different degrees of difficulty in college. So just the temptations with food and drinking. And I think you have to think about studying and like being prepared for school. I add stress. So now you have like another thing to worry about in addition to us too,

My sister wants told me, you can only have two out of the three being one, sleep, two, studying three social life, pick two, you can’t have the third one. So obviously I always picked the setting and then it would either be social life or taking care of myself, sleeping on time and stuff like that. So I had to choose between the two,

but you can, you can’t have all three. Like you can’t have eight hours of sleep, you know, go out and party at the same time and study. Yeah. It is difficult to do all three at once. Some people do it, but usually those people don’t get a lot of sleep they’re on like four or five hours sleep schedule. So it’s a lot more difficult,

but it’s, it’s a thing. It really depends on what you’re doing in college too. And what your goals are, you know, if you’re there to party party. And if you’re to study studying, like Either way, you have to take care of yourself, especially if you have PCO S yeah. I remember I couldn’t pay attention in class and pick up the information because I was so like fatigued and my symptoms,

foggy brain and things like that. So when I was in class, like I didn’t even pay attention. So then I’d have to study so much more like in the library and spent hours and hours, like reading material on forcing it down my brain. When, you know, if I just had taken care of myself, I could have just been in a better mental space to learn.

And one of the naturopathic doctors, I was like testing out a few in the beginning, had told me that he’s like, you need to stop studying. You need to put everything down. You need to relax. Well, yeah, speaking on that, we should say, college is still to have fun, right? It’s not about just stress. And like we were saying,

you should manage your peace PCs just so you can enjoy your college life better. You know, you can still go partying with your friends. You don’t, but you just know how to, you know, what to drink and what to avoid and what not pay attention the next day. Yeah, exactly. And so you don’t feel like that bad that night or that morning when you’re hung over or something because you’re inflamed it’s because you’re recovering better.

So you can enjoy it better the next time. Or you can enjoy your day better with your friends or That’s how I felt after I started eating gluten and dairy for you. I started enjoying everything better. I like woke up from a nap. I felt like my brain was like in a cloud. And then, you know, I would choose like gluten free alcohol if I was going to drink.

And I would do all of these things that we’re going to talk about in this episode, like packing my own lunch and things like that, making it gluten and dairy free, I could function optimally. Yes. We have a lot of tips and we’re going to get into that. And so just be, be two ladies. We have a lot coming for you right now,

but, uh, to start a one, uh, one, um, uh, fun, I guess, fun tip or fun fact is that Tallinn started a club in college for basically going gluten free and like spreading living, um, spreading like this healthy living in our college. Because at that time her college didn’t have all the different, Yeah. They didn’t have a health clubs,

they didn’t have a nutrition major or a health club. So I started the nutrition major and because they had the classes, they just didn’t have like a vote. Yeah. Someone needs to come in and like design it. Yeah. And, you know, look at other schools that have a nutrition major and then make ours. So I had to like submit forms and stuff.

And then I started the nutrition club called healthy me OSI. And we will post a picture of some of the signage that we had made back then. Yeah. I mean, Tali that was there. Those are the times businesses, first name weight loss. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. And that’s, you know, I, it was there to help students learn about the healthier options on campus.

Not necessarily like have everyone gluten and dairy free, like me, but I wanted to feel supported. So I started a health club and the health club was about teaching people how to find healthier options and like really take charge of their health in college during this time. And you made like flyers for the thing. Right? Cafeteria, I made a flyer called navigating the cafeteria because it’s Did it kind of like what kind of information that it happened And you know what,

I really pulled from it while we made, I thought of this podcast episode, but it was, yeah. The flyers like went in the front of the cafeteria and I talked about how, like, even if you don’t see something healthy in the cafeteria, you can, you can ask the guy at the grill to grill you a plain chicken. And,

um, you can navigate the situation. You know, it’s a cafeteria with a bunch of options. You don’t have to eat the unhealthy stuff. You could ask them to make things your way. Sometimes even if they’re like annoyed that you ask them, like, you know, to go out of their window, make you a grilled chicken or something. Yeah.

They they’re there to work. Like, you know what I mean? I need to be good in dairy free so people should cooperate. Yeah, sure. I mean, there’s, there’s available ingredients here and there just have to put them together and it’s there. It’s all right in front of you. We just have to put them together, but we’ll get there.

We have very, we have very good tips for navigating the cafeteria, but, um, I shouldn’t launch into it because I remember the way our cafeteria was set up. So I was reflecting on that earlier and I know everyone’s school cafeteria is different, but, um, I’m sure that you can relate to what I’m about to say. So our first topic is going to be basically navigating the cafeteria,

how to navigate the cap cafeteria time. I want to just start Our cafeteria and maybe, you know, if you’re not in college and you work somewhere that has a cafeteria, you can relate to this. We had a section for Asian food. We had a section for Mexican style food. We had, you know, all these different sections and I would eat first.

I love like Chinese food back then, you know? And so I’d go to the Asian section, but then I started realizing like their sauces and stuff had a lot of wheat and, you know, um, flour and sugar. And I had like a stomachache afterwards. And I was like, you can’t eat this everyday. Like it’s like a Friday night with friends type of food and they put it in the cafeteria and here I am like thinking I can eat it every day.

Yeah. So then I was like, okay, I’m going to avoid this, forget this section, except for the rice. Like, if I needed rice, I would go there and just get the rice. And then they had the Mexican food section, which is generally healthy. Um, except, you know, obviously avoid the sour cream and cheese,

if you’re a dairy free and then you can eat the gluten free, like corn tortilla, things like that. Yeah. So that was to so adaptable Change the proteins. And you can still have like, like if you have tacos, just change out the proteins every other day or whatever. And then it’s always delicious. Yeah. The salad section is obviously great to,

um, of course when we say salad, we don’t mean like zero carbs. So maybe like throw on some corn or rice or something on there. Okay. Should we have some protein, like chicken, chickens and great with salad? Exactly. So that’s easy to the salad section. Then there’s a sandwich section and here, you know, you run into some problems,

like, do they have gluten free bread? Probably not. So I would bring my own, I would literally put it in my backpack. That’s not that hard either. Yeah. Cause you get that loaf or not to look the big bag and then just take two or three slices. Put it in your bag in a napkin or ziplock bag. Just like a grandma would do the bill on it.

STEM to make it gluten-free for you and just give them the bread. Yeah. Yeah. You just get the ingredients, put it between boom. Like it’s really take the initiative. Yeah. Don’t feel bad. Feel bad. Someone makes a face who cares. Does it sound like it would be very difficult if someone asked you to just do that? Like just put,

Oh, just use the bread instead. You’d be like, no, I’ll be happy to register. Just stick. Think of it that way. Like, don’t feel shy or like you’re being bothersome. You’re just looking out for yourself. Yeah. And part of being in college, it’s like, he is learning your own voice and like standing up for yourself.

And this is a practice of that. And that’s life moving forward. Like you have to be insistent on what is good for you and politely, Correct? Yeah. And like going forward, like with relationships and with your career and marriage and just even like future, like when you get a house, like it’s always about you to, you know, put yourself first sometimes.

Yeah. Or just like makers you’ll make your voice heard so that everyone is aware and then everybody’s happy. And as a, as it goes along. Yeah. And then one of the, um, biggest struggles was the cookie counter, the center of the cafeteria or something like that. A dessert section, which is soft freshly baked cookies. And I’m like,

I ate a healthy meal. I don’t feel like eating a cookie, but I’m smelling it and I’m seeing it. And now I want one that was a struggle. And of course cravings and stuff like that, you know, but it was okay. Like I eventually, you know, you eat it a few times and then you kind of like get out of the habit of eating it and then you stop yourself because it’s not good for you,

you know it. And just because it’s there, you don’t have to eat it. So eat something, feel satisfied and just leave the cafeteria. I pass the dessert section so annoying that they even have that there. Um, and then my last tip, just asking the guy at the grill to make you like a plain grilled chicken, if you really can’t find anything in the cafeteria,

but I’m sure you can find something, You know, what’s one thing that, um, I heard one day one and it really like stuck in my head was like, Oh, like you eat something that you want to have a cookie after, even though you’re full. The only reason you’re doing that is for something called like mouth pleasure, meaning like,

you know, when you bite it and that feeling in your mouth and it feels so good. And like, that’s really the only thing you’re going for because you don’t really want it like nutritionally or like, you know, you’re not really hungry, but like once you like realize, Oh, it’s just, I’m going for pleasure. And then you just like,

kind of remove that. Then it’s easier to kind of like, not crave it or like not want it. I don’t know. It was easier for me to like, not want it after like just realizing, Oh, I’m just like, it’s mouth pleasure. I don’t actually want, yeah. If that makes sense. Nugget of information to keep in your mind when you see the cookie and you’re like,

do I really want that? Or is it just cause it’s soft and chewy? Yeah, exactly. Was you have to think a lot of these companies, they perfected that like, like chips, like when you eat chips, like potato chips from laser, those companies, they had like scientists or like these, like these laboratories where they make sure the perfect amount of crispness when people bite it,

like gives them like, you know, it makes them happy and makes them want to eat more. Like they have all these things. Cause they know what Working for a company that tested product. Yeah. It was like a focus group company. So we just have like different different companies would send us their products. And then we would just invite people in,

have them taste tested, and then they would give us a, um, thing. But it was like, I was like 16 years old. I was one making calls and like getting people to come taste testings and stuff, the Christina’s and the exactly And perfect the Oreo or like whatever the Stuff like that. Yeah. But it was unfortunate. I never really got to eat or taste those.

You would think we have so much, but they would always have surplus of like Campbell soup chicken for whatever reason. Then they give those away to us. That’s so fun. Yeah. Alright. Our second topic, second topic that we’re going to give tips on is shopping on a budget while in college. So you’re in college, I’m sure you’re on a budget.

Um, and I was reflecting on this and it’s different for every stage of college. Like in the beginning we had dorms and then in those dorms we had mini fridges. If we were lucky. And then later we moved to Optional. Can anybody bring in a mini fridge if they want it to? I guess, yeah. It depends on the, I would highly recommend that.

So you have fresh food available to you. Yeah. You can bring it from home or go get it from grocery market because that’s so much cheaper than keeping on going to a cafeteria. If you’re paying for food there. Sure. Food from the cafeteria, if we would pay in the beginning, when you walk in, then it’s all you can eat.

So I grab an extra sandwich for later, you know, Couple of words in that person. Mini-fridge yeah. You know, you can keep protein powder, which is great for your high protein breakfast to help with insulin resistance. You can keep nuts your own nut misks, you know, with not so many like dried fruits and stuff like that, sugary things you can make your own.

So you can have that as a snack in between classes, you can have like a bowl of fruit, one fruit a day is great. You could even have your dairy free milk in there, or eggs are great. Highly recommend like boiling, like maybe 12 eggs or 10 eggs in like a wholesale bunch just boiling. Otherwise it will say like bowling in bulk so that you can just eat them whenever you want any morning for like a whole week.

You don’t have to do it every single morning. Yeah, exactly. Oh my gosh. It’s so funny that you said that because now I just remember when I was in college before I like knew how to cook and like function a kitchen, you know, functioning and kitchen. I would make a boil dag every morning while I was like showering, it would boil.

And then I had my routine and, and then like I kept over boiling it and like, sometimes I would forget about it and the water would like boil up and then the egg would like burn and explode. And my mom’s like, why don’t you just boil like six eggs? What are you doing? I was like, Oh, There you go.

Yeah, mom tips Molly’s comes handy. She’s years and years of experience, she’s been in three. She used to make me like meatballs and I’d put it in my freezer and rice and I would cook it and put it in my freezer and just think, you know, later when I moved in an apartment and had a freezer and fridge, um, I would just have like a bunch of ready,

cooked things. So if I didn’t feel like making something complicated, um, I would just take it out of the freezer or I would always have sandwiched ingredients and like throw together my own sandwich because you can’t trust what you’re eating out and it gets expensive. If you keep eating out, like you have to learn how to make simple things in your own kitchen.

It takes 10 minutes, like PO pulled together a gluten and dairy free sandwich. Great option. Yeah. And just one you want to say, uh, we always get questions about protein powder taglines. One of the times favorite protein powders is philosophy love, and it’s great. Yeah. It’s I think, I think it has like protein in addition to that is like super foods with cacao and other like Ashwagandha things to like help you relax and stress management And it’s gluten dairy free,

which is what we recommend obviously for protein powders. And there’s also other ones like, just look for like hemp protein powder that is always gluten dairy free or, and just in general, like just when you want to, when you want a protein powder, make sure it’s dairy free. Cause most of them have dairy in it And make sure it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners in it.

I don’t recommend that for PCOS. Yes. Yes. It makes your cravings. Yes. I mean, among that too, like I personally look for like those, you know, those ingredients, like Akisol faint potassium or like things like that. Like those long, if you have them for longterm can be bad for you. And a website I recommend is lab

It kind of gives you a ranking of supplements based on category and tells you if they have like those bad ingredients or something. So I highly recommend just to figure out quality of supplements. Yeah. Okay. That’s a great insight because I feel like everyone gets a question Mark, when we say protein powder. Yeah. Honestly I, every time I need a supplement,

I go to and they had different categories. So I’ll go to like protein or official. And then I go there and they have quality rankings from one through 50. And I just always get that something in the top five. Perfect. It’s that way I know I’m getting something that’s good, but because it’s your body. Alright. Third tip third tip,

pack your own lunch and snacks. Okay. That kind of comes from shopping on a budget, goes into third tip, pack your own lunch and snack. So when you go to grocery store and you get like the stuff from their slot cheaper, or if you go to cafeteria and you get them bulk, you take it home. Now you’re saving money.

And then you can pack that for your lunch between classes. Do you have a long break? You really want to go and get like a hamburger and then like fuel like, Oh hamburger or taco bell or whatever. Cause I’m on. Every campus is basically a trio of fast food restaurants because they know that’s their best customers. You know, students who are,

who need to save money, we totally get it in the best way as much money making your own lunch. Exactly. And you know what? I have so many cute pictures of, cause I was really into this at that point when I went gluten and dairy free, like after freshman year and I had my own kitchen and everything. Yeah. I had,

you know, I would make like my lunch. I would make a bunch of snacks. Um, I would pack it in my backpack and I would like take a picture. And Instagram had like, just come out back then and I would post it and stuff. And I still have those pictures of like cut up apples and like nuts in a Ziploc and like a sandwich.

Oh my gosh. And I had a juicer and I would go nuts with the juicer. Um, and I would obviously make like low sugar juices and posters drink them in wine glasses in my apartment. We should post all of these. When we released the pocket on the podcast page, check out a sister on her, mr. Instagram, and we’ll put it there and a piece you have start weight loss.

Of course. That’s funny. Okay. Forrest tip and very important. It goes back to a very recent episode. Prioritize sleep. Yeah. This is hard. It’s one of the pillars. The three pillars that I mentioned, sleep, socialize and study choose two. One of them should be. Yeah. And how much sleep is needed? Seven to nine hours.

So try to get a minimum at least just try to get seven hours. If it’s possible. If you can get eight, nine is better, but seven is really what you need minimum. Yeah. Sometimes, you know, if you feel like sleep is out of the question because you have to study and stuff like that’s fine. There’s a few nights obviously going to stay up late.

But main like most of the time, if you have structure in your day and you know your schedule for school, you know, your study schedule, then you have to make a sleep schedule too. Cause it’s so important. So you can pay attention and study for less hours because you’re already focused because you slept. Yeah. Sleep is really important. And I just want to say I,

from my experience, I had like seven years of my life where I slept maybe like five to six hours on the weekdays for work. Cause I was working and school and three hour drive every day. So I just want to say, when you don’t sleep, it basically limits everything in your body. It limits your mental functions. You can’t think better.

You can’t function as well. That’s why you’re not able to problem solve better when you have less than adequate sleep and then your body recovers a lot less. So now your body, like when it comes to recovering your nails, your skin, your face, like acne, all these things that is trying to recover, it’s not doing as good. Cause it doesn’t have fuel.

It goes into metabolism. Your metabolism slows down. So Your brain function, the stuff you learned the day before has not like settled into your mind because you haven’t slept While you sleep while you sleep, your brain actually does like indexing. What it does is it grabs information from your whole day and it indexes, it puts it into places where you remember it,

you know, the important things and whatnot. Your brain is like a smart like that. But when you don’t get enough sleep, it doesn’t do it like enough. Right. It doesn’t have enough time. So now you’re able to you’re forgetting things and all that stuff. I was there. I was a zombie for like seven years long time. And then now much better,

Especially during corn. Never. Yeah. Yeah. Very, very important guys sleep. Yeah. I remember. I would feel like what I studied the day before I could review and know so much better the next day, if I slept good. If I had my protein breakfast, like I just felt like a sharper person and I did better in school at,

and it’s funny. Cause like the first couple of years of college, I was like really struggling to pull. B’s struggling. Like nobody else in my classes because I couldn’t focus and I wasn’t taking care of myself. And then once I started really putting like my PCs as a priority, cause you get diagnosed and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I really have to focus on this school.

Got better as a result, including my health. Yeah. It becomes more fun, more enjoyable. You’re in a better mood. You’re not tired. You’re just enjoying stuff. More Studying as much spending hours, rereading sentences. Anyway, this weight, when you sleep better, you go to class, you actually get the information better. So you don’t have to study as much.

And you’re going to remember it the next day because you slept good. So it’s all like this fifth Tip cut back the alcohol. This is a harder one for college. Well, I mean you have to choose, is it your PCs and your health or you’re going to have fun and drive your health into the ground. There’s ways we can navigate through this because we know what the college I’ll call it.

Sometimes you want to do it right? You want to drink? You want to have fun. So if you have to, I mean there’s options. There’s the vodka, which there are gluten free options. Not all vodka is gluten free. The one that we know is gluten free is Tito’s and I think that’s pretty much available everywhere now. And a Tito’s T I T O Tito’s is gluten-free because it’s made from potatoes.

And that one’s delicious. By the way I re recommend if you’re going to have it, how do looks like a, you know, soda? So it’s no sugar in the soda. And basically the only sugar you’re getting is from the alcohol. But even that when you have too much, it naturally becomes sugar in your body, which is why alcohol,

you know, leads to, you know, issues that when you, you can gain weight and stuff, if you have too much and not to mention liver, The liver is already struggling to detox hormones. And if you have insulin resistance, fat accumulates around your liver, you get fatty liver and the poor bowel movements and constipation, stuff like that. So yeah.

Drinking will make your liver even more sluggish and like further drive hormonal imbalances. Yes. There’s tequila. Tequila is gluten free. I love tequila sunrise because I knew it was gluten free. Every time I went out to get or Perseco Yeah, like champagne is Champion’s gluten-free but again, that’s just, it becomes sugar. So as a wine, gluten free,

you can drink those. But like it’s all a moderation. If you drink it every day, like even one cup of day, if you drink it everyday can have a negative effect because every single day your body is feeling the sugar and inflammation. I think it’s fine to have it on the weekends in moderation. Cause you’re in college. You’re going to have fun.

Yeah. And so I used to order tequila, sunrise, but then I realized how much sugar was in it. Oh really? It’s bad enough that it’s alcohol and I’m adding like juice. So then I made tequila and club soda with lime juice and it was totally fine. And I was like, okay, what’s the big deal. It’s like, you know,

less sugar. I’m still drinking. I’m holding my drink. Yeah. Personally. That’s what I always do. I always mix whatever with soda because soda soda is basically water soda, which no sugar, no nothing. And you mixing with the vodka. That’s what I usually do. Focus soda. That, that way I’m not adding access sugars, you know,

try to keep it as low as possible while I get my groove on him. But also Meshan beer is not gluten free. That’s what most, I’m sorry. I know. We all drank beer. Yeah. Yeah. Ciders within free. It’s a little sweet, but you know, I actually low cider, but yeah. That’s the thing that we play.

What is it? Beer pong. Beer pong. Right? That’s what it’s called. Oh my God. It’s such a long time. So, and usually that’s all you drink is beer. So maybe if you have a friend by you. Yeah. I would do that dumping out. See if you can replace it with cider. I dunno. Or like see if you can find it.

I don’t know. Maybe there are some gluten free beer options, Google it. Maybe there’s some like one brand or two brands that are very low or maybe have none. I’m not, I’m not aware of any study. I want to play some champagne pong on our patio. That’s even, that’s fancy. That’s a fancy beer pong. Yeah. When all this Corona thing queers up,

we’re having some friends over him playing champagne pong. And speaking of that, that goes into our next category, which is have a stress management routine. Yeah. In college. That’s like the one thing people don’t think of is self care, stress management, taking care of your, Especially if you’re like Taipei studying, trying to be successful. The law you’re like,

forget that. And I would feel guilty if I was like reading a magazine or like watching a show because yeah, anytime you feel guilty because you’re like in school and you feel like every hour of the day should be spent studying. So you can be successful. Cause it’s so competitive. But you know, you’re not going to be able to focus every hour of the day.

Like you have to relax, you have to do other things. I used to go salsa dancing five times a week, night. And then I would try to, you know, I don’t know. I, I liked to read like magazines and watch the Kardashians as a stress management. Yeah. You do like that, that you like to read those mantra wellness magazines and do the two Now I do.

Yeah. But back then I would talk to friends. I would just make my friend, Megan, Megan, hope you’re listening. We would talk so much. It was like therapy. We would talk all the time. So find a way to manage your stress. Maybe it’s like, I don’t know, like doing like a face mask or something. Right.

Or maybe doing your face mask. But you know, I just thought, well, what do girls do to take care of them? So I was like face mask and kneels. And what else? Like putting their heel hairs and those red krill things. And um, uh, what else, what else putting like avocado oil on your own bulls. Yeah.

Working, working out a stress management. Yeah. That was another thing that I would overdo obviously in college and sure. Many of you have heard me say this. I would like kick box every single day or like try to run. That was the beginning of college when I was trying to lose weight and didn’t know the ways of S but they have on campus,

like yoga classes, you don’t even have to pay for it. It’s like half a strategy. You can take those. A lot of college campuses have a lot of free. Uh, it’s a considered student health, healthcare or something, Or like playing a sport, like volleyball or something that obviously doesn’t require you like running long distance and stuff. That can be fun and relaxing.

I feel like most schools have a gym now. And usually those gyms have certain classes that are, could be very helpful, like yoga and stuff. Even like, I remember when I was back in college, I had like a yoga one unit class that I took. So it was very good. So yeah. Try to try to find some thing to help you take care of yourself.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Um, call it’s a college campus. They have social circles, they have clubs, something other than studying. And other than drinking that will make you feel like you’re nourishing your spirit. Yeah. We asked the question to you to use sisters. We said, you know about college. What was the exact question? What are you struggling with most in college?

You know, in terms of managing your health, we’ll just stick you’re on Instagram. Yes. And these were the responses we got. Lynn shale says maintaining a healthy lifestyle, studying and social life. Well, you know, you gotta that, like I said, you have to choose two out of the three. She literally listed all three. So maybe a little bit of each trying to balance the three,

trying to do something. Yeah. Try to go after the tips we just said, Sometimes you have more of a social life and you take care of yourself less. And then sometimes you have, you have to take care of yourself and not have as much of a social life balance. The two, but always stay, Uh, Ashley. Yeah, exactly.

You always study. Cause you will, you will, you will have a social life after college. You will have a social side of the college prioritize studying if you can. And then just social life will be there no matter what we promise you. So Ashley says meal planning, exercise without having enough time also no money. Yeah. Being on a budget.

Yeah. Yeah. So as we said about being on a budget meal planning, try to get some extra food from the cafeteria, try to grocery shop as much as you can to save money there. And then a lot of schools have free gyms now and not enough time, but maybe you can like fit in just 30 minutes. All you need to Learning treadmill,

doing some weights for 30 minutes. Something like that. Yeah. Like if you guys know our, our workout routines, it’s always 30 minutes. Sometimes you do a 45 minutes if we want to push it, but you don’t need more than that. Try to fit that in every other day. Yeah. Three to four times. Okay. 23. Oh,

working out. Yeah. I’ll Schneider 23. When my friends ordered dominoes at 1:00 AM. Oh man. Yeah. The struggle is real. This was a Domino’s has a gluten free option. But not that, not that you should eat Domino’s at 1:00 AM. That’s like the worst time to eat it because you’re about to sleep. You don’t want to eat right before.

What can I say? Like every so often you got to have some fun And you want to have you enjoy yourself because you’re all having fun. Hey it’s college go it all the time. That’s when it’s a problem. Yeah. There’s no one. No, no one to say no. And just that way, when you say yes, it feels more delicious.

Yeah. Think about it. When you have pizza every day, does it taste as delicious as when you have it once a week or once every two, three weeks. Bella M cases, stress eating. Oh yeah. I used to eat cereal a lot when I was stressed back then. But anyways, find a way to manage your stress so that you can study better,

learn better and not be as stressed about school. A brunette abroad says drinking culture and parties love them. But no, it’s bad for PCFS. Well, you can still party and you can babysit a drink. That’s my solution. Yeah. Tyler’s the worst drinker. Cause she has like no tolerance. If she drinks one cup, she’s like, Woo.

But uh, but I mean, vodka soda, if you can, like we said, just sticking to non sugary drinks and free alcohol and free alcohol and trying to stick it only for the weekends. If you can, you know, just try to take controller about it. Don’t feel peer pressured into anything. It’s it’s your life and nobody can do it.

Oh my God. Don’t feel pressure. That’s the only thing don’t feel pressured. Only do it. If you want to do it and try to keep it for the weekends. Alrighty. says the canteen has no S friendly food, cooking and exercising during, uh, all the schoolwork is hard. Yeah. Well, I mean, there has to be something piece you as friendly,

Look for staples like rice and proteins look for like maybe that Brown rice, even white rice and moderation, maybe some meats, some chicken salad. They have to have these things all day. Like, I mean, they have to, it’s a cafeteria to have like crappy burgers, just get the burger, take out the book, take out the buns,

get some letters and wrap the, you know, try to adapt. It don’t feel like you’re stuck with it and be like, how can I work with this? And then go from there and then see if you have any grocery stores near you that you can like, you know, maybe, um, go and like, you’ll save a lot more money than you think.

Trust us. Like it’s gross. Grocery markets are not just for adults. We promise you it’s for people of all ages and you can save money. And then Dharma, Milos says listening to my body and not forcing myself to get things done. That is something we will always struggle. Yeah. I showed that to this day, working too late. Yeah.

It’s you gotta know when to stop, when to shut off the lights seven, if that 7:00 PM for you six, eight, nine for us. Sometimes it’s too late. Yeah. But you want to find that limit and just say after that that’s yeah. Yeah. You can’t study through the night and expect that like everything you learned is going to give you an eight.

Like you actually, you have to sleep. So think like, okay. If I stopped sitting now and then I sleep, you know, am I more likely to perform better? Yes. Okay. I need to stop now because studying more is not going to make you perform better if you’re not sleeping. True. All right. We also asked another question.

Yeah. Tips for college students and we let the sisters submit their tips. So these were some of them. The first one was Fiza two, five, three. She said prepare meals on weekends. Great idea. Prep it on the weekends. So the whole week, next week you have it ready? Whenever you want to go. That’s like boiling the eggs,

right? Yeah, exactly. Yep. A DAMA meal Milos. She suggested try finding support a supportive social circle can make a huge difference. Yeah. Good friends. And sometimes it’s hard. Okay. Given like circumstances, whatever they may be. But you know, try to take classes you enjoy with, you know, something that will engage your mind and make you feel happy.

And yeah. And honestly, if you have good friends, they’ll always understand. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. If you trust your friends, trust me, they will, they will understand your situation. It says don’t give up, be easy on yourself. Every day is a new day. Beautiful love that. Very inspirational. And we hope he has always remembered that.

That was a great tip by Al Schneider. Nadia says, uh, find easy and affordable recipes, batch a batch cook on Sunday to avoid bad food. Hmm. Yeah. It goes along what we were saying, right? Looking mega rep Poot says focus on healing yourself. It’s not that difficult when you find your way. Yes. Yes. Gluten and dairy free.

After a while you figure, you know how to navigate the cafeteria, you know, where you can eat on campus and what foods you buy when you grocery shop. And it’s not that hard now you’re used to it. So just stick to it, find your way. And it’ll be so much easier Will take time. You’ll find there’ll be some growing pain,

but it’s all about finding that perfect synergy. And then from there, you just, Right. Chloe Johnson says plan out as much as you can. It keeps you on track and easier to manage. So true. Yeah. Everything was in my planner the other day, Jack asked me why I keep putting every detail in our calendar, our joint calendar.

I’m like, it has to be there. It takes haircut type 30 PM. Okay. You have to put this in there. Yeah. What if I forget and planned something at five 30 with you? Oh, Rina says the earlier you start treating PSUs properly, the better changing habits is difficult. That’s true. The longer you do something, the longer you keep a bad habit,

the harder it’s going to be to stop it. Cause that’s like, it’s more cemented into your, uh, basically your head Putting it off. You’re like, nah, I’m college. I’m not going to care about PCs. Okay, fine. So then college is that no, I’m busy. I have this and that. And then eventually you’re like,

Oh my gosh, what did I do? It’s been 10 years. And I haven’t looked at myself and done anything for my health. So a couple here, Aubrey Says always take time to meditate and help your stress. Don’t forget self care. Yes. Beautiful tip. The meditate is so one of the self care tips we said earlier, stress management,

we highly, highly recommend doing meditations and they are absolutely free. Um, obviously there’s like those paid apps, calm Headspace, but you can find free ones on YouTube and on Instagram we promise you, so please do them. They will really help with your stress. I highly recommend they’ll help you go to sleep too. Brett says gluten-free is manageable on a budget.

Be open to different ideas. Your health is important to succeed in school. I couldn’t have said it better myself, girlfriend. Yeah. It’s not just studying, going to books and keeping on doing the same, like studying, studying it’s also your health is going to contribute to you doing good. So yeah. Open to different ideas. Like, like,

um, for example, okay, everyone’s eating pizza or everyone’s drinking beer. Like it doesn’t mean that you have to do what everyone else is doing. Like do something different, bring your own cider, you know, whatever finds a solution. So that’s now for college MPS us. We hope that was, you know, very helpful. The tips, the other,

um, you know, helpful information that we gave and from the sisters too. So try, listen to those podcasts a couple of times so we could get, you know, uh, absorb the information and yeah. Now also, you know, share with your friends who are in college and it’s very helpful for them to also understand what you’re going through,

but also maybe they may, they may be going through to who knows, like the thing is they don’t have a lot of, um, a lot of helpful information can be, you know, learn just by sharing, by sharing. I would have loved to listen to this episode if I was in college, just thinking, yeah. Discussing this in a social circle can be huge.

Even in a classroom or with your friends while you’re just chilling, like validating, it’s validating and like have a fun discussion. Like, you know, you don’t have to feel like you’re ashamed or anything. It’s just about going with it. So to end off, we always, always want to shout out to our sisters like a winner of the week.

And today we have two, one of the weeks, two sisters who are managing their piece us like about, I chose one that I thought it was pretty funny. Cause it was like all caps. Okay. I’ll read the first one. She goes, yo, Well, I, I love that. I just picture her like she’s broken the door.

Like yo, Because I cut out dairy, gluten and refined sugars. I went from 177 pounds to one 58 pounds in just a matter of weeks. I haven’t been this little in ages crying. His grain is heart, heart, heart, great. Haley Beth. I was like, I was like, yo, all cabs. So proud of you and good job.

Just, you know, it’s all you, you’re the one that’s applying the methods. We’re just here to help you learn. And you’re the one that’s going, making the changes. Good job. 20 pounds in just a few like a month or so probably a few weeks. You know how hard it is to lose weight with pizzas. And then if you lose 20 pounds,

it’s like, Oh my gosh. Yeah. That’s why everyone should try and dairy free. Yes. Next one is from Coco. She said, I think she sent us a video too. Yeah. She said getting my exercise of the day again, I went gluten free and I bought a versatile and I have completed the month and have lost 10 pounds because of your knowledge.

I know so much now. Yay. Thanks forever. Welcome poco and good job. And we’re you don’t eat. You’re doing the workout. You show us in the video and like again, putting the work in, just doing the changes. That’s so good. One losing one to two pounds a week is ideal. Yeah. So five to 10 pounds a month,

Pat yourself on the back. Consistent longterm. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not going to the, weight’s not just going to come right back. Did it slowly. And w one thing is to like to mention, as she went on Avast to talk, she went gluten, dairy free. She exercised correctly. It’s all about combining these different pillars. It’s not just going gluten,

dairy free because you can eat that food. Gluten dairy free. You can eat French fries. You can eat hamburgers. It’s not going to be sustainable. But if you gluten, dairy, free eating healthy food, exercising correctly. Yeah. And eating. If you’re going to have junk food, eating the gluten and dairy for you, not like as your main staple,

but still like To mitigate it. Yeah. Avast at all. And just, um, you know, all these different things that you, you figure out. Let me just mention a gluten and dairy free burger is not bad. I didn’t mean it to mean as bad. I mean, if you have all the time, I want one right now.

Yeah. It’s not bad at all. It’s just, I was just trying to think, like, Let’s just get gluten free, like a box of Oreos and say that I’m on the gluten free diet. Yeah. So I hope this was inspiring sisters. I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode cause we enjoyed chatting with you. Yes. So that’s it for this episode,

but we’ll be back soon next week with another great one coming to you. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCLs from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle,

gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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