5 Things I Can’t Live Without for PCOS!

What are some things Tallene couldn’t live without for her PCOS? On this episode, you’ll hear Tallene’s personal daily regimen including diet, lifestyle, supplements, and so much more!

You’ll learn about what are the “must” supplements that Tallene takes including her nightly routine and sleep schedule!

We go over diet, lifestyle, and how gluten & dairy free can impact the day to day symptoms.

We asked YOU, “What are your 3 things you couldn’t live without to help manage PCOS?” Tune in to hear us read your answers on the podcast!

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Full Episode transcript:

Hey Cysters. And welcome to the show. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD. And I have been taking CBD and we are loving. I’m holding the tincture right now. Pauline, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that. Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCO is studies show it reduces cortisol,

improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum cbd.com now to order and use the code. This sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of Natale and hold it for 30 seconds longer. While the sisters enjoy the show. Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast, where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage,

gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian. And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. I feel like I owe an apology to all the Cyster out there. You know what I’m talking about? Tallene the other day, uh, there was a sister who tagged us and they shared,

um, her herself, uh, watching the podcast basically on YouTube. And I was like, Oh, this is so cool. I love seeing that. And I was looking at the video. She was recording and I was watching myself and I was only wearing socks in the video and I was rubbing my feet and I was so embarrassed. I was like,

I put the pillow on my head in the bedroom. I was just like, Oh, why No one even noticed Therefore I have moved to only wearing shoes for the podcast. I am never going to be with socks only, you know? No, flip-flops either. Cause I don’t, I’m not like that. It’s going to be shoes only. And that’s that?

Oh my God. Okay. I am sorry for rubbing my socks the other episode. And I’m pretty sure I’ve done it on other episodes. I’m embarrassed. I don’t know who to blame, who to blame that yourself. Maybe my assistant. So like that’s what politicians do. My assistant was anyway. Anyways, what else is new in our lives? It was our anniversary.

You an anniversary gift. Yes. Tallinn got me like this, um, producer chair, basically. You don’t like those chairs out like producers or directors sit on on the set of some sort of studio and it’s, it was a cool thought. I liked it, but I’ve custom. It said my name on it. See dark with PCO as weight loss.

And then it says producer, which was really cool. I liked it. I mean, at first I was like, I mean, I’m not going to really use this. We don’t have a, in the apartment. This is going to go in the closet. But you know what? The thoughts, the thought is what counts. And however, I sat on it and then as I got up,

I don’t know if it was me, but the thing basically fell apart. I thought I was going to die for a second. Snapped off, like the wood snapped off. Just like crackled all over the floor. I mean, it looked so nice. It was, it wasn’t like cheap ruin that I bought. It looked so nice on the website.

And then all you had to do was get up from the chair and the thing broke into a thousand pieces. And I sent a picture to the company. I mean, not to say anything about it, but Wayfair is usually great. But sometimes from Wayfair, They’re basically not everything, but like our office stuff. Yeah. But anyways, it could,

you know, it could happen. I dunno. Yeah. So Coast’s my gift. You got me this other great gift mug. If you’re seeing it on the podcast, it says you’re the best FN producer. Keep that shit up. I appreciate that. Yeah. Cause you drink coffee. I support you in your coffee, drinking habit. And you support me in my tea calf life.

Right. That’s straight. And if you’re wondering, I am the, I am a personal piece Joe’s trainer. But I also, the other thing I love doing with Tanya is producing the content that you guys see, which is mostly the videos and stuff like that. I edit those and it’s like, I love doing it, which is why this producer name is like,

I’m so proud of it. It’s so fitting. Yeah. Sets up all the equipment. He buys all the equipment. He makes sure that everything looks aesthetically on brand. And I just sit here and watch it happen. Well, you’re the star of the show. I’m just preparing the tools that you need to shine. Yeah. Speaking of things that we need to shine this podcast episode is about things I couldn’t live without for PCO S yes.

And the first thing is we were really so first into it, I’m sorry. You should explain what these are. Things that we personally actually No, because it’s about me now. You, Can you explain what this episode’s about? Okay. I mean, you’re woven into the things that I need and cannot live without for PCOS. So yes, like episodes basically about what I need for PCOS.

And also we asked you in the stickers on Instagram story, what you, what three things you feel you need to manage your PCOS effectively and what you like couldn’t live without. So it gets juicy. Yes. Now, can we begin with the first one? I guess I wasn’t that happy with that explanation, but The first it is one thing I can’t live without is you.

Well, thank you. I wasn’t seeing one coming. I’m sweating. Totally supportive. Why are you wearing the sweater? Sweatpants socks. So Charlotte, aesthetically. Nice. And then the temperature Rose 10 degrees in the last 30 minutes, it seems okay. I’m interrupting Supportive partner. So the reason why this is super important to me is because there are two points of view with like a supportive partner.

You could either have a supportive partner, which is super helpful, or you could have kind of an unsupportive partner and decide to do this piece, us journey alone, which works as well for some people that, that also like is one point of view. And I’m not trying to make you feel bad if in case like, that’s your position. But I personally love to have a supportive partner because then I feel like I’m not doing something weird by eating gluten and dairy free and so on.

So having a supportive partner for me or supportive people around myself is really important while managing PCLs. And that goes, as far as your doctor, your friend, group, anyone like support is super important. It also helps you be more confident with what you’re doing. And also be more like, like for example, we’ll talk about, you know, taglines nightly routines later,

but basically we do some of that stuff together, which kind of helps Tallinn to almost always do it every night because like we do it together sometimes. So it’s like a, it’s like a pushing motivator to kind of make sure that your self care is being done every night. Yeah. And that being said, like PCO S is really, um, reliant on self care,

just so many components, like the diet, the supplements, the workouts, this and that. And so when you’re, um, surrounding yourself with people or a partner or friends who also find, find value in that, it gets easier for you to function. Yeah. I remember being in college and people would think like, you know, it’s people you don’t know yet.

Right. It’s like your freshman year in college, people thought I was crazy for like the way I was eating and like living my life because that’s not how they were used to doing it. And that’s okay. But like, I also felt like an outcast Because that’s why it helps to have a partner on your side to kind of push you in that direction.

Or like, usually you don’t feel, Yeah, I like support. But as you mentioned, like not everybody is like that. Right. Some people like to just, you know, kind of take independent, take care of themselves and you know, they like to maybe talk about it with a supportive partner or maybe not, you know, it’s just,

everybody has their own way, how they grew up, how they, you know, got used to kind of taking care of themselves. So just, yeah, it doesn’t mean you have to, it’s just like, this is one way that we, or Tallinn manages or PCs. Because even in our other episode about how to discuss PCs with your partner,

we say how like, you know, even if they’re not supportive, maybe later they will be like, you just have to do your thing and then maybe they’ll come around. Yeah. So, I mean, I’m an advocate for like either having a supportive partner or not. I would rather have one. Yeah, no. I just realized you were wearing like short shorts and I’m wearing sweatpants and a sweater.

And like, people must be like, where, where are they living? Like, is it hot or cold? Just cloudy. But it’s cloudy. June gloom. Never heard of such a thing. You’ve never heard. I haven’t heard June gloom before, but I guess is June gloom because it’s cloudy rained this morning, but it’s hot. It’s hot.

Yeah. That’s June gloom. The sky is so great. Like it’s blending in with the gray apartments outside, I guess next time I’ll be the one wearing shorts. Okay. Alrighty. What is the next thing you couldn’t live without Our nightly wines down? I mean, sometimes I get a little lazy because it’s just a lot of components there. We have CBD,

we have the tea, you know, reading a book I like to do now. I like to do a micro derm skin roller to exfoliate. And like, you know, I can tell a difference in my skin. Yeah. What other things. And then you do the, that, that one. And then you do the other one after the regular roller,

The cold. These are like, if, if I did it every single night, all of these things, I would be really happy, but I do that most nights, I feel like you probably don’t even have to do each one every single night. Maybe you can combine like three of them for one night, the next night do another two and then like switch them around.

As long as you have a window of time, like 15 minutes, 30 minutes to do something at night to wind down. I mean, for us, it’s like the last two hours of the day hopefully are winding down. Yeah. And also you don’t have to like kind of like stop what you’re doing and wind down. Maybe you’re watching TV at night.

That’s a perfect opportunity for you to do like the micro drumming or maybe the Jade rolling. Like any of that stuff, you could do it while you’re watching TV at night. Or if you’re reading a book like Tallinn mentioned and any of that stuff, I find it really difficult to wind down at night. Like last night when you’re so stimulated from work and whatever,

let’s say you had a busy day, everything was go, go go. It’s hard to stop at night and less that we were trying to do it. And we like couldn’t. Yeah. Well, that was why though. Cause last night, so this morning actually they were recording this this morning. We saw an update, a preview of the new sisterhood as some of you know,

we’ve been mentioning this on our Instagram lives and stuff, but we are in the stages of completely kind of like redesigning the sisterhood. So it’s on our platform. It’s on our website, completely customized for all of you. And it looks so nice this morning and like, we’re really happy about it. Obviously. There’s still some work left. You know,

we were expecting a couple more weeks to go, but like last night we were so excited. We were just talking about it. What if it’s not good? What if we don’t like here? What does she do something wrong? You know, it’s still all in our head and it just goes to show, you just have to kind of keep that self care routine going every night just to like reduce that anxiety,

anxiety, just being excited. Yeah. But it took a lot of effort, but I got to say like, we did it, but we meditated. We did our like Wim Hoff meditation. And then we got buried in our phones and then we got ourselves out of our phones. Then you started playing the guitar. I read my book and then,

you know, there was peace on earth. Pink was fine. Yeah. Um, okay. So that’s the second one. The third one are supplements, supplements. I couldn’t live without, of course we talk about them all the time. Obatala CBD. These are super important components to my PCs health, especially Obasi tall for period regulation. I don’t take it all the time now because everything’s going smoothly.

But I have extra on hand just in case. Yeah, Yeah. For a basketball, it comes with a three month supply. So usually that’s how long it takes to balance your hormones and heal your body. But you know, yeah. Gesture ongoing and relate. In some cases you may need to take it a little bit longer, but like what tie in does is she has a,

basically a bag and anytime she feels like something is off or she needs to just take it, she takes it. So it’s like a kind of like a watch your body gauge how you’re feeling and take it. If you need to, after those three months are done After a while, you can really self assess and realize what is happening with your body.

Like, am I not ovulating? Am I bloated and water retention? Like my acne and this and that. Okay. Something’s off. Like, let me think, what am I typically struggling with? Yeah. For me, it’s insulin resistance. So I’ll take over acetone. Yeah. As you meant. Yes. CBD was great. You were mentioned like Yeah.

To relax. See SeaTac feeds it to me at night. It’s part of our nightly routine supportive partner. Time gets a little lazy with the CBD. So I just have to kind of take it to her, put it in her mouth then. Okay. You’re done kind of a thing. But she even has like the CBD moisturizer for like her, her skin routine.

Right. It’s pretty cool too, because it’s not just moisturizing your skin, but it helps fight inflammation. That’s going to happen on your skin, which would help with acne. Yeah. So love it. Yeah. These are two, like I can’t live without products for sure. Tell them the supplements that you chase me around with and forced me to take care of it.

Um, I should preclude by saying we do have a whole episode on the best supplements for PCs. So check that episode out. Cause we talk about your PCs type and which supplements are good for each type. But in general, some supplements that I would recommend are like, um, you know, like a multivitamin, the one that we take is called,

uh, pure encapsulation. Uh, one other vitamin or another supplement that we recommend is fish oil as well as vitamin D because a lot of women with PCOS are low in vitamin D and a lot of people in general in the United States because we spend a lot of time inside like an office or even right now during quarantine, your insight. So vitamin D is very important for your body immune system and also for like mental,

like depression, mental health and things like that. Uh, as well as, um, there’s also liver support supplement that we take, it’s called Gaya G a I a. And that one is, as I mentioned is for liver support and we don’t take that one every day. I feel like we take it like every other day or so. And then,

um, there’s like we have coconut oil, it’s like an antiviral kind of a pill. It helps with just, you know, boosting your immune system. And, um, probiotics are great, Like a couple. And then he gives it to me and then like brings water and then hassles. Yeah. Like I don’t take them all at once. Every single day.

I like to kind of switch them out. Like one day I’ll take a multivitamin with the fish oil. And then the next day I might take the liver supplement with like vitamin D and things like that. But it all depends on your case. I mean, maybe your levels are low for certain nutrients. You might want to do look into that to know which ones you should take every day.

Right. But yeah, for supplements, those are all the ones that we recommend. But like at night, the ones that time uses are usually like a basketball with dinner and CBD after dinner to it to kind of help you calm down and pretty much get rid of any cravings you’re going to have before you. Yeah. Oh, last thought you mean the cravings?

Yeah, definitely. Okay. Definitely. So the fourth one is meditation. Oh yeah. And this can be added to your nightly ritual too, but obviously you can do this any time in a day. Right. Meditation now is like the hot thing to do because of COVID. Everyone is like trying to keep calm and meditate. So all these meditation apps were like offering free trials.

I don’t know if they still are. They are so great. Yeah. Like even though it’s like, maybe it’s trending right now or like, it started trending like a year ago, but they really do work. Yeah. We started doing it a while ago before COVID and we noticed that like in any situation that was stressful with work, you know,

and if you get anxious, like your mind more easily goes to your happy place or like a more calm place and you can approach things more calmly if you have like a routine of meditating. And so we’re like, what is this? Like an even in the app, this is Headspace. Remember how in the beginning of the meditation, the guy’s talking and he’s like,

imagine the sky and like the clouds. And like, sometimes there are clouds and sometimes they’re not clouds, but the sky is always there. And like, you know, there’s always peace. Like, yeah, You got to imagine like, maybe you right now, your life is cloudy. And you want to imagine clearing that up to a blue sky.

And like, just imagining that and doing that practice in your head, it almost like does the whole thing of clearing your head and making you like kind of relieve the stress at that moment? Yeah. So even if there’s there’s clouds, the sky is still there. Yeah. So then I look this up, apparently it’s called the blue sky method or the color blue,

and I like copied and pasted this little paragraph that I found on, um, on Google about this, because I was like, Oh my gosh, this is the thing that we’re experiencing from meditation. Um, and this website said in the Buddhist tradition, there is the concept of blue sky mind. It’s the calm and clear mind. That is always a part of us.

Just hidden somewhere by thoughts, mind, noise, emotions, and anxiety. When we meditate, we help clear all the noise and stuff away so that our mind and our awareness expands to find the peacefulness of blue sky mind in this mindfulness practice called color blue. We set an intention to open our awareness for all manner of blue in our daily life. There will be the obvious instances like the sky above us,

but also look out for the subtle appearances, the sheets on your bed, the flower on a bottle of shampoo, the birds chirping. And when you become aware of blue, you’re being mindful. It’s true. Intuitive. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a good, yeah. Good, mindful, um, thing to do. And like it’s, your brain is like a muscle of its own.

So like maybe your throughout your Workday, or maybe when you’re at home, you’re getting easily flustered or you’re getting frustrated by things happening maybe with your PCs or other things in your personal life. Well, it may be that we just need to strengthen our mind a little bit. Like that’s how I was like in the past. Maybe I might get frustrated a little bit earlier,

but then after I like was meditating for after a month or two, I realized that man, I’m not getting frustrated anymore. Or I’m not really easily getting agitated by these small things. That meant my brain was a little stronger. Like I strengthened my brain and your thinking is actually better. It’s like, it’s not like this, this imagination thing getting better.

It’s like, it’s real muscle in your, in your head getting better. So you’re more mindful, less stress in your body. And just in general, you’re happier. Yeah. You’re better at doing day to day activities without getting flustered. Yeah. So the other day I went on Canva, this design website and I designed a 90 day meditation calendar for us.

And it says 90 day meditation assist gender Mister, and then, you know, boxes like 30 pink boxes that are green boxes, 30 big boxes. And now we’re like checking them off and trying to get every single day checked off so far, we’re on like a seven day street. Yeah. Yeah. And we’ll share this the week that we released this episode,

we’ll share that on the AIG so you can see exactly what we do. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll give it to you to download. Yeah. But yeah, it’s a good idea. But like anybody can make this, we just basically did a 90 day calendar. And as you go, you just check Mark each and this is a good way. It’s a good way to make sure you’re staying on track of your goal,

which is doing meditation for 90 days straight. It’s so easy to fall off meditation. I mean, you’ll do it for like a week. You’ll love it. Then you’ll stop for a month and then you’ll be stressed and you’ll be like, what should I do meditation? Do it for a week, fall off again. So that’s what I was like,

we need to make this a thing Also. Like it’s not like a, hat’s not half an hour. We’re like, it’s 10 minutes. Like, like for example, we like to use Headspace, which is 10 minute sessions. You could go longer if you want. There’s also another thing that we use, it’s called the Wim Hof method. That’s w I M and then the second word is Hoff,

H O F F H. If you just Google that, you’ll find it. He also has his own app. It’s free. And basically the whole point is to just, it’s like a breathing exercise put into like a meditation practice. It’s a little bit more interactive. So you can kind of like, um, keep up with the Angelina 10 minutes Physically feel relaxed afterwards because of the breathing aspect of it.

As, as when we did that. Yeah. We almost fell asleep. It was nine o’clock. So imagine like, if you had sleeping problems, all you have to do is breathe yourself to sleep. So yeah, that one is a very important thing that I could not live without while managing PCs. Yeah. Then started, we just recommend maybe today,

go ahead and do a 10 minute meditation. Maybe just do one for five days in a row and see how you feel. We promise you. You’re gonna, you’re gonna notice a difference. Yes. Alright. Well next one. Uh, the next one is, uh, is a big one. I bet you can guess this one. Lady’s eating gluten and dairy free.

Yeah. I could not be managing my PCOS if it wasn’t for this dietary change that I’ve made, honestly, like if I fall off the wagon, which I never fall off the wagon with gluten, because I feel like I’d gain weight exponentially. But if I fall off the wagon with dairy and my skin starts breaking out, I’m just like, Ugh,

A little cheese. Got you. Like, I see you eating like a slice of cheddar cheese on your omelet. I’m like, you know what? I’m just going to have one and see like two days later, cysts on my face. I wish you could eat it. You know? Like, I want you to taste the cheese. But unfortunately we just,

I feel like right now we just leave it for like special events or like, you won’t be on vacation if you want, if you want to Italy, obviously you’re going to try some, you know, burrata or whatever, but like To start shopping for dairy free cheese alternatives, because they don’t typically do that. I just like cut it out and ignore that I’m not eating cheese,

but for the sake of the audience, I want to start trying different dairy free cheeses and like reviewing them forever. Cause I feel like people are wondering, yeah. There’s like data. There’s other brands. I don’t know. Oh, there’s whole foods brand that we tried. One time was really good. We did remember we did that thing. We did like on Instagram stories,

Tallinn, like she made pizza, a tube, two different pizzas, one had dairy and one had dairy free cheese. And then I told her, Hey, don’t tell me which one is, which just cut me a slice of each. And then I tasted each one, not knowing which one was, which, which one. And I actually said,

this one’s dairy. And it ended up being a dairy free one. But you know why? Because it was more delicious. It was like so much more rich and had more flavor that like, this has to be cheese, but it was not, it was actually the dairy free whole foods, brand cheese. And I wasn’t impressed. It was cheesy.

It was like a Lastic, like cheese. It like melted in your mouth. No, but like, you know, she’s like peanut side, like yeah. That’s what it did. Like it looked exactly like cheese. Yeah. In fact, I put too much because I was trying to like compensate anyways. It was great. Oh yeah. We have podcast episodes.

Like I think we have two there’s, one called gluten and dairy free. And then there’s another one called is gluten necessary or is it a fad? Listen to those episodes to really know the details about why we recommend going gluten dairy free. But of course it is one of Tomlin’s essentials. Like without it, as you mentioned, yeah. It even affects my mood.

Like if I’m not, you know, watching my, the way I eat and I eat gluten and dairy, I will start getting aggravated. And I’ve seen a lot of my patients tell me the same thing after a while when they’ve cut it out and they feel great. And then they add it back in to see how they feel. They’ll be like,

I just, I have like an anger management problem when I eat gluten that’s the insulin or is it, I think it’s inflammation. I just think that like, you know, you start retaining water, you start getting feeling more inflamed your skin. I felt like I was exploding out of my skin. Like when I was eating gluten, especially like, I just felt puffier.

And like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know if it showed, but like, that’s how I felt and I was moody and like in a terrible mood. And so yeah, food can affect your mood and I am a victim of this and a lot of my patients have said the same thing. Yeah. And yeah, like we’ve talked about it in the past that gluten and dairy has been shown to have a direct impact on insulin levels.

And if you’re instant resistance, that’s why we record it could really help with that as far as also inflammation and so many other things. I, that, like I mentioned, listen to those episodes to know all the details. Yes. Yeah. We can go on for hours so much. Yeah. Okay. All right. And the next one, I really liked this one,

actually weights, weights, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance cables, any sort of thing that can basically act as weights. It can even be a book or an object in your house. Eight pound weights specifically. I’ve always had available. No matter if we were living together at my house, It’s not just like having this around the house. It’s like for workouts,

we mean, we’re just talking about, Oh yeah, we love weights. Just having a weight inside the house helps. No, If you’re not ready to do weight training exercises, just buy it and put it there. And like when you’re ready pick it up because there’s a huge difference in how I felt, at least with when I wasn’t doing weighted training.

And when I was just doing cardio and when I was doing like walking to love, like walking a lot, cause it was relaxing for me. But then I wasn’t doing weights. This was after I gave up kickboxing, kickboxing was awful. Then I was like, I’m just gonna walk and relax. Okay. That was great. But also my blood sugar was out of control because my insulin resistance was out of control because I was not doing weights.

Yeah. And your cortisol levels were higher inflammation. Yeah. So specifically before wedding planning, like around that time. Cause I was like so busy that I couldn’t, I couldn’t even imagine trying something new and doing like weights, especially cause we weren’t living together. Yeah. And I remember we did our first workout together at the gym and you’re kind of surprised cause I was,

I was like, okay, we’re going to use these dumbbells. Okay. You do the one set. Now we arrest for 60 seconds and you’re like, wait, aren’t I supposed to like move up and down or run around while I wait or should I be doing another workout? Like, like a hit workout. I like, no, no, no,

no we’re going, we’re going to do four or five workouts, three sets each. And we’re going to rest 60 seconds between each set. That’s that simple life changing. There’s no complicated. Like do 20 seconds of this and then go do 10 seconds of that and then go to this other room to do some job. No, no, no, no.

Just grabbing it simple. Grab the weights. We’re not going heavy either. It’s all about finding like eight, 10 pounds and going slow. Cause that’s, what’s gonna make the muscles work. And really, I feel like it really works. It really did. It really did. I was on a blood sugar roller coaster when I jumped off that wagon.

And then I jumped right back on when we got married. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. I mean, I even saw like, like results. I mean obviously like, I, I, you don’t need to lose weight or anything, but I felt like you were, you were, you were like more lean muscle and just like more, like more functional and it just,

it just seemed you were more healthy. Yeah. Yeah. In every way. Yeah. In every way my mood, because you know, when your blood sugar drops, you get like aggravated You have fatigue. Yeah. You didn’t have fatigue in the mornings. I remember you had told me you will go running or like doing an exercise. And the next day in the morning you would feel like crap.

And then it took you like two hours to get out of that foggy like feeling. But now it seems you never get that. Yeah. Never. Never. Okay. All right. Uh, Oh, we didn’t mention in the routines. We also love to include some teas. You know like green tea, especially at night. Yeah, yeah. At night,

like these are And see that drinks it with me bliss. Because why would he drink caffeine at night? Yeah, Exactly. But yeah. Decaf of course for PCs, but like Tallinn, she loves green tea. A spearmint tea helps to lower testosterone, uh, Rose sip tea, helping with adrenal fatigue. These are all great things, including your nightly routine.

When you’re chilling at night, watching TV, sip on some hot tea and you know, relax. Yeah. Let’s read what you guys responded to my question about what are your three things you couldn’t live without to help manage PCs. So I, let me pull it up. Some of you responded some hilarious comments. Someone said, you guys, you guys have taught me so much working hard to manage it.

And you guys have taught me so much. I’m so grateful for you. That’s cute. Thank you, Abby. And then, uh, Sara said chickpeas, chickpeas are great high protein, high carbs. So you can’t only eat chickpeas, but they’re great. Good snack yet. Yeah, we have what’s that brand called software on road. Yes. Frown road has chickpeas as snacks.

This, they basically like cook chickpeas with flavorings on them. So it’s not like You can make it yourself. Oh my gosh. I should do this on Instagram. Buy a can of chickpeas. Drain it. Season it, spice it, cook it in the oven for like, I dunno, 10 minutes or something. I’ll look it up. I’ll do this great snack.

Okay. Um, what’s somebody says top three things. green tea mindful moments. I think she means the blue sky method And keeping her probably keeping her mental health, you know, going, going through like being mindful. Yeah. Yeah. That’s great. Great. Someone says Daya cheese, tomatoes, lemon, water, Bush tomatoes. That’s funny.

Okay. Let’s see. Jay jazzy says probiotic, a razor and spearmint tea Razor like cause of hair. Oh yeah. Well see, that’s like kind of the things you have to do while you’re maintaining the diet and lifestyle. So in the long run you want to, Yeah, that’s great. Some of those chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, Someone said,

Stacey’s like, you’re right now my new obsession, reading her posts, all that. You know what, if I, if I, if I was a, if I was a girl that I was just diagnosed with PCOS, I would just scroll through their feed. Cause they’re so informative and so many good things to learn from and interactive, like all those fun videos to learn from.

There’s a reason that we make those tech talk videos or like funny videos is because piece us doesn’t have to be so negative, negative. And like, you know, like distraught and like making you feel bad. No, it’s about having fun too and living a happy life. That’s why we do all those fun videos. That’s right. And going into that,

someone says Norway, Keck says workouts and I’ll figured this out attitude and wholesome food. I like that. Amen. Attitude is like, well, how tiny is? I feel like you’re, you’re great with that, babe. The only way to think or else then why like, are we just going to sit here suffering? No, let’s figure this thing out.

Okay. We got someone being sarcastic who said fast food and Coke that we don’t recommend. Uh, someone says Tallinn Avesta decaf, green tea. That’s cute. Someone says, Oh, milk CBD lotion, lavender tea. That’s great. Milk is good. We personally drink ripple milk, which is pea protein milk. But of course, oat milk is great too.

Just make sure it’s unsweetened. Someone says cinnamon, dark chocolate and music love that. This is a fun way to reflect on things that are making you feel really good. So that you’re being more mindful of incorporating them into your life. Like if you like music cinnamon, I like this one by supportive husband, cauliflower, rice. And he pack.

Yeah. He pack is good for inflammation in different areas or pain cramps, supportive husband. That’s great. Shout out to all the supportive husbands and I love cauliflower cauliflower, rice. That’s she said, yeah. Oh yeah. Low carb or zero carb, Right? Yes. Uh, Becca said the sisterhood and UNC. Doug are my family. Aw.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She said you and Sierra and my family. I’m sorry. That’s that’s awesome. Thank you Baker. That’s so sweet. And I do recognize you from the sisterhood too. Oh really? We are so excited for everyone to try the new sisterhood. Yeah. It’ll be out in a couple of weeks, but it’s still,

it’s still great right now. It’s just, we’re trying to make it our own and you’ll see a and then some Misty said fish oil, licorice and ginger. That’s good. Licorice is I can’t do the licorice roots. Oh shoot. That’s right. I knew it was something, but it is candy too. Uh, Catherine said you guys, Oh,

that’s cute. Yeah. Someone says one vegan cheese tubing and she’s three vegan. That’s okay. We love reading those. We love reading those stickers. When we asked, when we asked that question on Instagram, Tallinn is usually trying to, you know, see what people think so we can read them on the podcast. If you randomly see me asking a question on Instagram story it’s for the podcast.

Yeah. And we do respond to it on IgG tube, you know? So yeah. Sometimes it’s a great, great thing to interact with. So moving along to the win of this week. Yes. This is a sister who’s been managing her PCs and losing weight. So we always like to read someone who’s been, you want to give it a read?

BIM? Sure. I’ll read it. Okay. Uh, this comes from Alexis and she says, Hey, Tali, just want to thank you so much for all the information support and positivity you provide for sisters everywhere. I love your page so much wanted to let you know. I have been eating gluten dairy free since about November and had been talking Avastin doll for about almost two months.

Oh, I’m sorry. Had been taking about stall for about almost two months. I have lost a bunch of weight as well as inches. My energy levels are so much higher. My skin is clear and I just found out that my sisters are gone. Just wanted to share the good news and thank you for everything. I actually recently moved. And so I just tried a new gynecologist and she didn’t believe that I had PSUs.

Wow. That is beautiful. Great job, Alexis. We love hearing that and going through all that and then seeing that your cysts are gone or disappearing is like that feeling of great. I’ll never know this because I don’t have his shoes, but I’m sure, babe, when you, when that happened to you, how happy you must have felt. Okay.

I believe it was possible. Yeah. I was like, she’s like, wait, you don’t have cysts anymore. And I was like, wait, is that a thing? Are you sure? And then I realized patients as well, their SIS were also disappearing. And I was like, okay, this is working. Yeah. So for, for some people,

it takes longer for Alexis here. It sounds like it took her two months of like really consistent behavior, life, lifestyle change. But for some people, it takes longer for me, it took like a year. Yeah. It can take a year, maybe more. It’s all about the consistency and how much you do it. And it can take longer.

But sisters, we just want you to know it can be done. You can reverse the symptoms. It is possible to, you know, make the, make the CIS disappear and things like that. It’s really, you know, be like, we hope this motivates you because that’s why we read these to show that like what can be done with your piece of us?

Yes. Stay optimistic. Keep that attitude. What was it that she said in the story? You know, I know that I’ll figure it out. I will figure it out. Figure it out attitude. Yeah. I love that. This is a great end to a podcast. I seriously hope you’re motivated. I feel like we should re we should read a win of the week at the beginning.

And then when at the end people will love it. We’ll see. We’ll ask the sisters if that’s what they would like to hear. Cause it’s so motivating. Let us know. Whoo. Alright. So what do we got for the rest of the day? We’re going to make some new videos for the sisterhood. We’re going to maybe go out for a drive since it’s Friday,

today. The house little. Yeah. Well, you know, water, the plants. I’m looking at a rugala growing right now, outside. Yeah. We hope everybody is doing good and managing their piece of us. And that’s it for us guys. Thanks so much for joining us. See you next week. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCLs from Sage one, Colden alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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