PCOS Breakups & Makeups

How has PCOS affected your relationship? We get deep on this episode and talk about PCOS breakups and makeups. From supportive stories to ones where the boyfriend just didn’t quite understand, we go through the experience of Cysters with their stories including our tips and advice to help you get through it ladies!

We even discuss our break-or-make point in our relationship… listen to the hilarious and thrilling story that set our future in motion!

We asked and you answered! We read your answers to our recent question on Instagram related to PCOS & your relationship!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician, Husband, engineer, MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. Welcome ladies.

So it’s six. Hi everybody. We hope you had a great happy new years is how you say great. Happy. We hope you had a happy new year’s right. That’s right. I think it sounds like we’re having a stroke in this introduction, but we’re going to go with it because we really had a hard time with it. The like introductions.

We’re just going to go with this Strongly. We get strong around the five, 10 minute Mark. But to build that momentum, it’s kind of hard. It takes a minute, but I hope you started 20, 20 strong. You like that transition right there. That’s right. That’s it. That’s good. We’re getting ready. So we just launched the course,

the four week meal prep and workout plan a workout course. We hope you all like it. I mean, we’ve had some great feedback so far. We want all of you to start the year off. Right. And so that’s why we launched on January 1st. The second, the clock struck midnight. I turned the thing on and I posted something and everyone started enrolling.

And so far we’ve had such great feedback. We’re so happy with this. Yeah. Yeah, it was. It’s been great. So check out the description of the podcast. If you want to know more and as always, you can always reach Tyne and me at her Instagram piece start weight loss Or a sister in her, mr. Uh, Instagram.

Yep. That’s right. So before we move on to our big topic, I have a couple topics to talk about as well. What is your new year’s resolution? Okay. For me? Well, I don’t usually do news resolutions. I typically like, just try to do it any time of the year. Just like push myself. But I told myself 2020,

which by the way, we love this number 2020. That’s a great number. Adds up to 40 or four, depending on how you do it. Uh, my new year’s resolution is to meditate more. I love to meditate like using an app or myself, but like, I just can’t get myself to do it every day. I usually skip two or three days,

but what I really want to do is do it every day, 10 minutes. Cause like, I feel like when I do it two or three days in a row, I noticed this huge difference in my mood. And like, do we, I think it, my decisions, I don’t know. I just, like, I feel so much better doing Your approach to everything is much more calm and intentional rather than frazzled and overwhelmed,

which it’s easy to get present and overwhelmed when you’re like working all day and then working all night. That’s the reason, that’s the reason why meditation works is like, we’re all working either school or work or both, or like w w you have a family with kids, a husband, or like, just like all like all these different factors and like,

your brain is all over the place sometimes. So you have to just like, sometimes stop, make your brain not thinking that’s the way I think meditation works. It just makes you not think at all Fringe, like 15 minutes, your brain just like rests. So it’s so hard for a beginner to stop your brain. Like when does your brain stop working?

You’re always thinking, always thinking, Even when you’re like in the shower, you’re thinking of like the weirdest thing you’re going to eat at night. Sure. Yeah. Is always what’s for dinner. Well, we think that way, and that’s why we always have amazing dinners. I can’t complain. Well, what’s your nutrition. We shouldn’t be Mine is to track my weights at the gym.

Cause I see you doing it. And you’ve been doing it for like four years now and yeah. Weights and reps. I want to write it down. I want to see how I’m doing and see my improvements with it just so I can like get stronger and improve. So I’m not using the same weights. Yeah. And it’s not even always about getting stronger.

Like for me, the reason I like to track what I’m doing is to see like what I’m doing. Like how many repetitions can I do with this workout? And like, it’s, it’s not always about getting stronger. Like I mentioned, it’s about sometimes like getting leaner and getting the results you want as far as like, you know, conditioning goes.

So like doing the workouts and getting what you want and making sure you’re improving is always like really important to just always maintain what you have. It’s amazing to think of when I first started working out with you and how much I couldn’t do and now how much I’m doing. Like, I mean, and if I wrote it down, it would be even more amazing.

So that’s why I’m going to start writing it down. That’s good. Yeah. I think one of the reasons why is because like you, I remember the way you use like two weeks prior and I was like, Oh, why don’t you now do that same way, but do a couple more reps and see if we can like, kind of get more out of it.

And you’re like, Oh, I was actually done more. So yeah. Like it’s all about just like testing herself, not just for like, you want results. Like obviously you want results, but you also want to like mentally challenge yourself. And when you’re doing you succeed, you feel better. And if not, you just that’s all right. You’re just next time.

Try it again. I sometimes I can’t do the same way. Try. I can’t do the same amount of repetitions, but that’s okay. Next day or next week I try again. And if I get it that time, it feels even better because it feels like you got knocked down and you got back. Yeah, exactly. Like you’re not over pushing yourself on days that you’re tired.

Yeah. But like on days when you do have the energy, you push yourself and you improve and you’re excited about it. That’s a great approach. Yeah. Oftentimes people override how they feel and they overexercise. Cause they feel like they have to, to lose weight with the PCOM. And that’s not what I’m saying. You know what? By like tracking weights,

of course that’s never what I’m ever saying. I highly recommend you. Don’t overexercise that’s true. So Six times mic placement. So if her mic sounds better it’s because I fixed it and she was not aware where my doing this. If you notice sometimes that my mic is a little bit louder is because I always place it perfectly in front of my mouth. Yeah.

If you, if you watch the YouTube, you can see me do that. So I mean, the reason why my mic is like, this is because I like to turn it on and look at you while I’m talking and then yeah. But I would rather have decisions hear you clearly so that they don’t think I’m purposefully lowering your volume and you might have,

Oh my goodness. I mean, let’s just, let’s be honest. I am the editor of this easily do that. It’s funny. I had to turn your volume up all the way. Highest. Every time I edit because of the placement of the mic. I’m soft-spoken. Yeah. So I apologize to everybody. If that, if, if, sometimes it sounds is silent,

it seems louder than her sometimes. So I’m like, okay, we have a really fun podcast today. The topic is makeups and breakups with peace, us Peep it’s breakups and makeups because first you have to break up and then you’ll make up. Well, I thought I was keeping them separately. Maybe you make up and then you break up with somebody else.

I don’t know. Um, yeah. Well, I asked a bunch of questions in my, I mean, I asked the question in my Instagram story and I got a bunch of answers and we’ll go over those DMS later, but it seems like this is a pretty common issue with PCOS, obviously, because it can really take over your life. What,

with all of the symptoms, hair grow, facial hair, growth, hair, head, hair, loss, weight, gain acne, all of these things. And you know, body image issues come up, especially in relationships like you want support. But what if the guy is like still young and him, you know, he doesn’t really know what Pecos is and what the heck you’re going through.

And he’s not really there for you. And oftentimes relationships fall apart because of PCO S and it’s so frustrating. And so I have some stories, some messages from sisters and the sisterhood about their experience with this. Yeah. It really is difficult. I can totally imagine because you’re so self aware of how you look, especially to the person that you, that you love the most.

And Matt, it’s like heartbreaking when, like the person you love the most feel like the same way, but you are to them. It’s just, it’s tough. And especially because when you’re in a relationship, you want to feel feminine. And U S like takes that away from you and you don’t feel feminine and yeah, it’s not your fault. And you’re oftentimes the beginning when you’re like still learning how to manage it and all the symptoms are happening and you have no idea what to do.

It like takes over your life because you really don’t know what, how to heal it. What the heck is going on. Yeah. It’s, it’s a very hard thing to go through. Yes. So do you want to read this message from a sister in the sisterhood who had an experience with her boyfriend and, um, they ended up, well,

read it first and yeah. We’ll see how they ended up. Well, here we go. Hey sisters, I need some advice. I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years now. My weight has fluctuations and recently I’ve been the heaviest. I’ve been in a long time and it’s been hard to get out of that. Rut. I have been rapid rapidly losing weight,

going gluten and dairy free strictly, but I mess up sometimes and go back, go back up. My libido has been decreasing. My boyfriend told me yesterday that he cheated on me with a coworker in October. Most people would say to leave him, but at the same time, I can’t help, but feel how much time we have vested in each other.

These five years, I told him it could have been avoided. If he would have just foreclosed his feelings. He struggles with this. He’s fed up with my body fluctuations and rightfully so. I told him I’m willing to work through this if you once. But my mom says, I should just let him go. Has anyone else experienced this? Or just a lack of libido during their journey.

So that’s tough. That is a heartbreaking story to hear. Uh, but there was So many comments on this post in the sisterhood and so much support and love going out to her because you know, it can go either way. Like it could work out. You could go to therapy, you couldn’t do all of the things. Try to see eye to eye or finish the story.

Life update. I’ve lost 36 pounds. And I’m at the lowest. I’ve been in two years. My boyfriend and I are officially done. He doesn’t see eye to eye with me on future plans. And cheating was just the opening of a whole lot of issues, such as not being fully honest and communicative, communicative, thank thankful for you all and all your support and advice.

Wow. Okay. I’m sorry. Leave. Cause I was about to like go off on this guy and be like, who is this guy? Getting out, kick him out, trust him ever again. But I held it back and was like, kind of looking at Tyler. Like, is he still with, and then I read that life update.

I didn’t even know. I’m so happy for her, but good job honestly, though, sometimes you can work it out. I’m not because there’s people, there are sisters out there who work it out, you talk it out, you explain PCOS to them and all of these things. But you know what I do believe that if the guy at, after a certain age,

especially if he cannot stick around during your toughest times, then the future does not look bright because there’s going to be some tough times in your life. That’s true. And it’s how it works. Yeah. Peace, yours is something serious enough. It’s about you and your body. And if your, if your loved one, isn’t taking that series and instead is like trying to do something in spite of you,

you should not be with that person. And I feel like that’s just going to translate to other things in your relationship. So just like telling said, like trying to find support from other people, From somebody who wants to understand even leave, like then there was a message in this thread about somebody who had experienced this and the guy cheated on her and then they worked it out and they worked it out because he wanted to understand PCLs and help her and like work through all of the,

in there they were young. And so I can see that happening, but you know that it’s, it’s pretty eyeopening. And there’s so many other DMS that I get sometimes about women. And we’ll read these later about women who like get a divorce because the guy wants to have kids. And she can’t, and she can’t seem to like manage her PCs and things are out of control.

And instead of supporting her and figuring it out, he wants a divorce. That’s really sad. And that’s the reality of it because some women are afraid to talk about it with the guy, because they’re afraid that he might run away. Once she says she might have fertility issues. Yeah. I can see that because you’re kind of revealing just thinking about yourself as vulnerable.

And if the guy just vacate you after that, I mean, it’s just like, it’s horrible. Like this guy just up, up, up and leaves because of that. Instead of like trying to help her and like, in a lot of ways you can reverse this by going through the necessary steps. So like, why would you even leave right away instead work through it.

Yeah. But it’s a good thing that they do because I’m just saying like, it, it takes that type of obstacle to prove what type of person, a person. Yeah. Sometimes, or sometimes our relationship needs an obstacle like that, where like you’re close to it or you don’t like us right. With the keys on the mountain. Oh my gosh.

Should we tell them that story? I’ve never told them that story, but I mean, okay, let’s do. And this story that either made us, Oh, that either made us or broke us. Yeah. This is the, this is definitely the story that made us. So Tallinn was wasn’t Colorado for her. Um, I’m already called like a residency,

her dietetic internship, which she had to do in order to get her dietician license. And she was assigned in Colorado, which was kind of devastating for us because we had just been dating for like maybe six to eight months. Yeah. I told you on the first date, remember, Oh yeah. Tom told me about this on the first date. And she,

and I kind of like, she expected me to be shocked and appalled. Yeah. Cause I told another guy on our first date. He never called me back Instead. I was like, Oh, okay. That’s interesting. No, you said we can work it out. So yeah. This was like an hour interview. That’s fine. That that’s cool.

It’s not going to be, that’s not like a, even close to a make or break for me personally. Yeah. I mean, to me, I was like, well, we have six, six months basically. Let’s see how this is. And like I knew by like the first month, by the end of the first month that you know,

I’m willing to. Yeah, Nope. We only had two or three months before I went to Colorado. Yeah. Oh wow. Okay. So basically it was winter time. Time was in Colorado and I was visiting her. I visited her in like maybe December, January, and it was snowing. And we decided while I was visiting to go camping or not camping,

hiking in a mountain in the snow. So we drove up there, we parked the car in this area, you know where there were, there was a lot of stole, but we could park, we go in the snow, we frolic have fun Frolic. That’s what we were doing. Got out of the car to frolic and snow. Cause we’re such Californians.

He’s drove up a mountain. We’re not used to snow. Yeah. We’re like let’s frolic. We drove and drove and drove past Ranch’s we didn’t even know where we were going. We had no connection with just kept driving. It was like amazing view. It was totally fine. And yeah, we w we made it some way. We went, walked into snow,

over forest, like a forest full of snow where that like the trees were halfway covered their height. That’s how deep it was. It was dangerous. Yeah. You could have for sure. Drown if like no idea. What if you didn’t know that there was a hole and you just felt You were jumping around, you jumped off of like jumping. And then I was like,

well, what if the snow’s deeper than we think So? Oh God, we have such. Yeah. We had such a fun time when we got back to the car. Well, I guess it’s time to go back home. All this jumping around. I don’t have the keys in my pocket, Tommy. Where’s the keys? There’s the keys in your,

in your, uh, jacket. Oh, let me check. No, no, all the cars open. Okay. But the keys aren’t in here, We lost the keys. Ladies. We lost in the snow. He dug around the car, nothing in the car. Picture of him digging through the, Yeah. I had to go into the store afterwards going through basically retracing.

Every single step we took that day. It was a disaster. And then do you want to continue or should I continue? I’m getting stressed. So there were loggers come. There was one logger. Let me see. There was one last lager coming down the mountain and by law Grameen people who chopped down tall trees. Yeah. Look at eight. He had an 18,

18 Wheeler truck coming down the mountain, Ran towards the truck, flailing my arms to stop him. Yeah. As I was digging in the snow, in the background And CDX digging in the snow, I chase after this truck and he stopped and he got out of the car. He’s like, what happened? And I was like, hi, sir.

It’s like a lumber Jack. Okay. And it’s like, we lost our keys in the snow like this. And I had to explain the whole thing. Can you help us? He’s like, okay, let me help you find the keys. Well, yeah, the guy came out, he got out the truck and like, we asked him, can we take a go on the truck with Jen?

Just take us down. So we could call for, you know, a AAA. Cause we have no service at all up on this mountain. And like, he comes out and I’m already like, okay, this guy is four and a half times, man. I am. Cause he’s driving an 18 Wheeler. I’m convinced we’re going to die. And the guy’s like,

well, let me help you look for the keys. I’m like, really? He’s like, yeah, let’s just look for it. I’m like, okay. But like, it’s literally like two football yards of snow. We were around like we’ve walked around. We have ever found them seriously. So we look, we look and we have pictures. Oh wow.

Okay. We’re going to post the pictures. And when we post the podcast, I took a picture of the truck too. We have the picture of everything. Basically that whole day, the truck, me and the guy looking in the snow, the keys Talia were just filming us. Basically. I thought it was not funny at all, but I knew we would make it out alive and laugh about it one day.

So I just like snapped the photo. Yeah. So we never found it. We never found the keys and we’ll finally, the guy was like, okay, let’s just leave your car here. And I’ll take you down. We get an 18 Wheeler truck. And like, it’s a very old truck. And the inside is just his seat and another seat.

It sounded like a bench. And I sit and time sits on top of, on top of me. And we just started going down this mountain. No seatbelts, I think, Oh yeah, no seatbelts. But honestly the guy was so nice. Like no complaints. He took us all the way down. It was like a half an hour drive all the way down the mountain We’re going to do without him.

He said he was the last lager coming to. Wow. Yeah, that’s true. I forgot About that. He was the last guy coming down and it was like 6:00 PM or like four or 5:00 PM when he came down. So it was about to get dark pretty soon, Dropped us off at a gas station where we got those like hand warmer jelly things that I put in like your boots.

Cause your feet are so cold. Cause you weren’t wearing proper snow boots. And when you were digging in the snow, your feet got away. That’s right. My, my feet got wet. Cause I was digging in the snow and my, we had to walk like two miles from the gas station to a restaurant. It’s the only restaurant in the small town.

Yeah. And when we got, because so our cell phones were still not working. We got to the restaurant and we called AAA, we called AAA and we ordered food. Gluten free buns. I just remember that too. It was it in a small town where there’s only two restaurants. There’s one restaurant that has gluten free buns. I was F I was like,

we’re fine. No need to complain anymore. Do they have, yeah, For sure. The owner of that restaurant is gluten free person because there’s no other reason. Reason. Yeah. It’s not that there’s like anything wrong with a small town. It’s just like, you wouldn’t expect like, you know, no, you don’t even find that available. Exactly.

Exactly. My point. Yeah. Everywhere. You don’t find that. Totally. So, so that was amazing. Yeah. And then we called AAA while we were eating and it took them like four hours to come because for whatever reason, the first time it didn’t work, we had to call back and they were like, Oh, we never send someone,

never send somebody after three hours. And then they send somebody again after two, two hours. And finally we’re able to go to our car. The guy put it onto his, onto his trailer, hook this, hook this on the trailer and took us down the mountain with the car and all the way back to the apartment. And this was the All day.

This was how our day went from terror because we thought we were going to be stuck on the top of a mountain with no civilization or surveys. The funny thing was when the AAA guy picked us up from the restaurant and took us up the mountain, it was taking so long to get to the car that the guy started getting suspicious. He was like,

is there really a car up there? Well, I expected no eggs. Just expected him to ask at some point. Cause I was like, I know it’s really far up there. I don’t know I was on such. I had such an adrenaline rush when we lost the keys. And I realized there was no civilization. Yes. That after we like got to that restaurant and that gluten-free button came,

I was like high off of that feeling that happens after an adrenaline rush. Like you so relax. And like when the AAA guys, AAA guy took us back home Tallinn, luckily had a key in our spare key in our apartment. We had to call a locksmith to open the apartment, obviously. Cause we lost the car keys with the apartment key on there.

But so why was this day? Our make or break point? Yeah, because we didn’t fight argue or even like talk For dropping the keys in the snow. Hold on. For whatever reason the rumor is that I dropped the keys. However, that’s never been proven in a court of law. Therefore, your honor, your honor, there’s no objection.

There’s no evidence that’s been presented and I will not. I mean, accidents happen. I’m not blaming you, but you did lose the keys. And he’d said this story at our wedding and I didn’t know you were going to say, I didn’t even know what your wedding speeches nor did. I know what an eloquent public speaker you were. And I stood there and I was like,

Oh my God. Oh my God. He’s telling the story like, and everyone was cracking up. I know. Well, I had to kind of make it quicker. But, And you said something like who in this crowd of like how many, 250 people at our wedding would have like killed their husband for this type of business. I was like nine that nine out of 10 women here would have buried their husbands on top of that,

man. Yeah. But so like that was our maker big point. And I think that kind of like showcases a couple of things. One, not blaming each other, like it’s not your fault. They got piece of us. Yeah. You don’t, you shouldn’t get any blame for it too. Like just taking the right steps to fix the situation.

Like both, both the guy and the girl or whatever, like you’re doing the right things to go get the goal you want to achieve Hail the lager to stop, run away, Find somebody that’s driving. That’s it like, that’s just, or like you like call somebody down. Like, that’s just an example of what we did that day. You could do something similar with your PCs or anything.

You may be like going through and like any, any, anything you take from that story, I guess just try to apply it in your life. If that makes sense. At the end of the day, if, if the relationship doesn’t work out and he doesn’t want to deal with your PCO S and it’s a problem for him and he wants to end this,

or you want to end it cause he cheated. Then I just want you to know that you shouldn’t feel bad. I know you shouldn’t say that to someone don’t feel bad, but really don’t feel bad because it shouldn’t work out. Then, then that guy is not right for you. And if it wasn’t PCOM, it’s going to be some other issue in your life that he’s going to have to walk out on because he doesn’t want to deal with it.

And that’s his problem. That’s it. It’s his problem. It’s not yours. You do you. And try to be the best version of yourself that you can, and like pick yourself up, join the sisterhood and manage your peace cos with all of us. And that’s exactly this girl is doing and she is doing a great job. I’m not going to name any names,

but she’s very active in the community. That’s right. Great job girl. We’ve got an inspiring story From a sister and her boyfriend. She posted one of the many gifts. My amazing boyfriend got me for my birthday. A bunch of gluten and dairy free snacks. And then she posted a picture of all these cool snacks. Oh, Like a gift basket.

Yeah. That’s pretty cool idea. Yeah. She says truly grateful to have an amazing boyfriend. That 100% supports me. I love that. That’s what I’m talking. Yeah. Obviously your boyfriend’s not gonna just keep on buying your snacks. That’s the only way he supports you, but it’s a great gesture for him to show you his that’s lovely. Yeah.

And like, I guarantee you, the love have at least half, those times half are snakes. Don’t tell her. Okay. She’s right next to me anyways. But it’s amazing. So some of the DMS that I received from sisters who responded to the question I had in my stories today about how has PCOS affected their relationship. They are saying that,

so, okay. So the first sister says, lack of understanding and patience with my symptoms, Lucy 76. So yeah. I mean, Lack of understand the impatience with symptoms. He doesn’t know what PCO S is. And then he’s not going to have patients with your symptoms. Cause he just doesn’t get what’s going on. Like it’s easy to label it as a quote unquote lazy fat girl condition.

And I have some great, great letter board out of that on Instagram that a lot of sisters commented on because they feel like people think that it’s a lazy fat girl condition and yeah, You shouldn’t have to explain it like you’re defending yourself. Yeah. You should just be able to explain it to somebody and then they can understand and be supportive of you or not.

And then if you’re not, Yeah, totally. I agree. Like if, if this is something they’re not willing to really understand after you really trying then, I mean, it’s going to translate to other things in you. Yeah. It’s just going to translate into other things. Yep. So you don’t have to repeat what I just said. I already said.

So we’ve got some, uh, another one from Megan, she says low sex drive and I’m in my early twenties Sad face. So this is common with PCO S and I’ve received some messages about this, a lot of messages about this, not some, and it just comes as a side effect of PCLs when you’re not managing your symptoms. Well, and with time you can balance your hormones and feel like yourself again.

So don’t think that it’s always going to be like this. You have to take some time to slow down your day, slow down that like, you know, um, adrenaline that you’re you get with PCLs I dunno. How do you explain that? That like really like rushed feeling. Yeah. And like, you’re constantly having to do something throughout the day,

really like getting, you know, Meditating will definitely help with slowing you down a bit and reprioritizing the things that are really important with balancing your hormones. Yeah. And try to see, like, I guess suggestion would be, try to see why maybe you’re having those issues with the libido, besides the piece as if it’s, you know, really to sleep,

if you’re tired or if maybe like, like Tallinn said rush throughout the day. So like, by the time it’s nighttime, but I just don’t. Yeah. Birth control, like, like The side effect of that. Cause it stops you from ovulating. Yeah. Yeah. It can be a lot of different links to it, but also it changes.

It happened really fast. So like when you take a basketball and other things to help you don’t expect, like you’re going to wake up in one or two days and everything’s gonna be normal. It’s like a process where like you eventually get there and you realize slowly like, Oh wow, I’m starting to feel better. Yeah. That’s why they send you over Bossa tall in a three month supply supplement,

like in a bag of a three month supply of a Vesta, because that is how long it takes to get your hormones to and your you yourself to ovulate. Again, Our dog is sleep running in the other side of the couch. He just pairing her nose. So he stops, the whole couch was shaking. He was running like a marathon, slow workouts.

We said, So anyways, Megan, my solution, try to try to ovulate, but like do what you can to balance your hormones so that you oblate again so that you feel like yourself again. Yeah. Okay. And this one’s intense. The next one. What were you saying? And no pressure. Don’t rush. Take your time with this proper steps and try to,

you know, everyday get the right wind. So you eventually reach your goal. What’s this one? Excellent. Monisha says, I feel worthless because I’m losing hair. I’m gaining weight and I have acne. So I think we covered this a little bit earlier, but the body image issue, you can’t look for comfort in the guy that, you know,

like you really want a guy. That’s not, you cannot look for him to fill you up with body positivity. You have to do that yourself before you meet him. You need to work on yourself, whatever it takes. If it’s therapy, if it’s meditation, if it’s, you know, setting small goals, um, to manage your PCLs like one step at a time and gratitude journal,

whatever it takes for you to bring potty body positivity into your life. And then everything will fall into place. The right guy will come. Instead of that guy, who’s who might take advantage of you because of your weaknesses. Yeah. And I think is, um, don’t like your, your own self worth. Like don’t put that on somebody else’s values.

Like that’s on, based on your values, you don’t need to feel beautiful because of these physical, physical appearances or, you know, like obviously sometimes you want to like look great and you know, I’m sure you look great. Like all all uses out there. You, all of you look great, but you know, at the end of the day,

you want to manage your symptoms better and be happier about the way you’re feeling mentally. And I think the physical part comes with that. Yeah. I agree. That’s some great advice, babe. I’m going to make you an honorary sister. We’ve been talking about the spot enough that we can really do that. We have to, we have to talk with them.

What if you joined the sisterhood, what do you think? Join, make an account. Join the sisterhood and hop in there every once in a while and say some nice encouraging words. Just like you’ve been doing can whole episode. We have to ask this. We have to do a poll on Instagram. Oh my gosh. Should I should see that?

Join the sisterhood and be our honorary sisters. Obviously I don’t have peace. However, I feel I am an ambassador. Okay. I’m an ambassador to peace. U us as of lately, you know, I’ve been really been involved with creating content with Tali making this podcast. But if I could be a Sue honorary sister, I say, we let him,

ladies, what do you think? I mean, I’d be happy to kind of like comment in the sisterhood and be like, Hey, if you guys have workout tips related to like your peace Jewess workouts or just anything, Or be that positive supportive male energy in, you know, sister Full of sisters who want to like, you know, be in like popping in once a week,

maybe once a week, do a Q and a or something like that. Cause I want to give you all a place where you can all feel comfortable and I don’t want to just come in and like, you know, what’s going on. I’d rather just I’ll come in once a week. Do maybe a Q and a or something like that where you guys can ask me workout questions or something,

Respond to some of the questions in the chat form. Everyone will be like, Oh my God, it’s SeaTac. Do that once a week. And just kind of do that. But you know, you guys had a soul, you think though, but yeah, once a week is I think a good idea. Right? Okay. I think Two,

yeah, Win of the week. Something we love doing, this is where we select a sister. Um, that’s been really managing her peace GOs and kind of like chewing PCs was really Right. Anna award. This one goes out to you. She says I’ve been 85% gluten and dairy free for two months. And I’m down 10 pounds. I’m really working on that last bit.

Mainly cheese telling and SeaTac. Thank you for creating this whole program and using your platform to help women. I visited a U specialized OB GYN and all they did was try to put me on Metformin and birth control. I have learned so much more from your community than any doctor. Thanks so much seriously. That is so sweet. I’m touched by your message.

I appreciate it. So much Comments, comments I read because we do this for you all. And when we read things like that, it makes it all like just even more worth it, but great job, Anna. And We’re so proud of you. She’s been down 10 pounds to go on gluten dairy free for two months. And like we said earlier,

or, and she’s was, she said she was doing an 85%, which, which obviously you don’t have to be always perfect. It’s all about consistency and laying out those like train tracks to make sure that like you’re, you know, building like a strong, Took me a year to figure it all out to really be consistent. So 85% and down 10 pounds.

That’s fine. Yeah. Keep it up sister. We hope you continue and let us know your future success. Yes. Yeah. So I think about ends episode six. This is a really fun one. I like one of the funniest ones we’ve done. I mean, they’ve all been from it. This one, I hope you enjoyed the story of SeaTac losing the keys in the snow so that you see it the best.

Alright. Thank you so much for listening ladies. Thank you all. See you guys next time. Bye. Hi. Hey. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to check out our upcoming course meal, prep and workout for PCs, weight loss. We’ve got four weeks worth of video content that will help you learn to cook our quick gluten and dairy free recipes,

and also feel great with our PCs friendly workouts. Learn to live the PCs lifestyle and lose weight with our guidance and help link in the description.

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