Gluten & Dairy Free for PCOS

Have you tried going gluten & dairy free to manage your PCOS? On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we uncover the research behind gluten and dairy & how it links to the symptoms of PCOS.

Tallene has been gluten and dairy free for 10 years and has been teaching the lifestyle to Cysters out there to finally lose weight with PCOS! Not only did Tallene completely overcome her PCOS but she also lost 30 pounds in the process. This episode will show the science and research behind why going gluten and dairy free is one of the best solutions for PCOS!

We often focus on the number that the scale shows and forget all the hard work we put into our journey. This was a topic among Cysters that we discussed and even read the conversation that our ladies had.

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on your mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician. See doc husband, engineer, MPC, us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

Sister, sister, sister, Welcome to episode seven, everybody. Welcome today. We’re going to talk about why going gluten and dairy free really helps with peace joy. Yes. And why you should try it for at least four weeks to see if it can help transform your symptoms too. That’s right. And times when I talk about her sister, my actual sister,

that’s what I want you to tell them right now. My sister actual sister SISD or Arlene, Not her Instagram sisters. This is a real sister. They’re the same. Yes. Arlene, her name rhymes with my name Tallinn. And, um, she’s actually getting off of the birth control pill. She got off as of today and is officially trying to rebalance her hormones naturally.

Um, eventually she wants to have babies not soon though. And she just wants to make sure that her hormones are balanced. Look at him. He’s fixing my mic again anyways. So I gave her access to my course and she started with week one, so exciting. We went to the grocery store today. I showed it all on the stories. Um,

yeah, we were, it was cute. We were shopping. We were going through the grocery list. She already had some stuff and you know, it was easy because everything was set up. Like, you know, all of the produce in one section, all of the dairy in another. So as we were like roaming around those easy to get everything at once,

that’s fine. Yeah. It was like a 30 minute escapade to get like a week’s worth of groceries. And it was actually again the whole week. Yeah, yeah. The whole week. So I’m excited. I’m going to show you guys, um, show my sister, his videos of her cooking and I’ll go over to her house. She lives across the street and like help her.

And this’ll be so fun to watch her on her journey of, cause she really wants to lose some weight and it’s been really hard for her because of birth control. And like I’ve seen her do everything she possibly could to lose weight, but the scale wouldn’t budge, it was like so hard for her. Um, and I really think it’s because of her hormones.

So this is going to be great. She’s going to get in control of her body and feel a lot better. And everyone will watch because we’re a public these things. Yeah. I think your sister has tried doing like the other diets before, like doing the keto diet, which was a little bit, a little successful that yeah. But I don’t think she’s really tried going the gluten dairy free diet,

but that’s Yeah, she felt good, but she still couldn’t lose weight because I swear it’s because of the birth control. Yeah. It’s tricky because doctors just push it to you when you’re like 15 years old, you’re just going into like period into this, you know, like you’re learning so much and the doctor’s like take this and you trust him because you’re broken.

But like you trust him cause he’s a doctor you think, Oh, he knows. Or she like, you think they know exactly what they’re talking about and you just trust them. You take it. And now you’re stuck with it for 10 years. Sister took it for 14 years and I remember the doctors just like handed it to her like, Oh,

okay. Irregular periods. Here you go. Cause she has PCOS too. Um, and she just like handed her birth control. And now 14 years later she went to the same guy. No one was like, okay, like I’m having trouble losing weight. I want to get off. Eventually. I want to have kids. And the guy knows like,

well, your ovaries are probably not functioning anymore because of the birth control. So when you want to have kids come back and we’ll put you on all kinds of other medication. And my sister was so traumatized. She the same person that gave her the birth, I was like, don’t you have the audacity to like lay that on a patient without warning them.

When you’re giving the pill to them 14 years before at 16 years old, you give them no information. Yes. 16 years later they’re like, you might be at your, your ovaries are broken, so. Okay, bye. Oh my God. It’s horrible. It’s okay though. She’ll be fine. She’s going to take opacity tall. She’s going to go gluten and dairy free and she will be totally fine in my hands.

So help me, God. So the topic of today’s podcast episode is going to be why going gluten and dairy free for peace us is really one of the best solutions. You heard us talk about, talk about it just earlier with Tallinn and her sister, it’s been really successful in Coleen’s path and now her sister’s path that she’s starting, but like let’s not even forget all the sisters that we’ve heard about from the sisterhood and from like Instagram and just like all around the world.

That’s like really being, having a success story with it. So today we’re just going to really dig into like why like scientifically from like, uh, journals and um, research articles based off of studies. Why that is? Why going gluten? Dairy free. Yeah. What the heck is going on when you eat gluten and dairy and how’s it even affecting your PCRs?

So first it starts with inflammation. Yeah. That’s the number one thing like period with anything with anything guys is inflammation. Forget. First of all, let’s just forget about for a moment for this next minute. Forget about peace. Us prayed about gluten and dairy. What is inflammation? Inflammation is the number one. Cause basically of disease of death,

of anything. Yeah. All of the things Yeah. All of those bad things basically are caused by inflammation. And that’s basically the underlying cause of death and aging. So what is inflammation? Inflammation is basically when your immune system is responding to like an invader, a foreign molecule that you’re eating or stress that’s being caused in your body, your adrenal glands,

pumping stress hormones. And so these proteins and cytokines are released in your body to help you combat any inflammation in anything that’s causing stress in your body. And that inflammation happens and that should go away. But if you’re constantly eating inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy, then you’re constantly inflamed. Then when you’re constantly inflamed, you get things like insulin resistance, thyroid issues,

like SeaTac said, like all of these different diseases can develop because of constantly being in a state of inflammation. Yeah. So people who take supplements, people who changed their diets and exercise and take care of themselves are less likely to develop these auto-immune issues because they’re keeping their inflammation down. Yeah. So like certain things, um, for gluten and dairy,

like especially some like some specific foods can really create inflammation in your body. And like this episode we’re like right now, we’re gonna really go into why gluten and dairy both trigger it, trigger it. Women with S have 96% higher C reactive protein, which is an inflammatory marker, which means that like now we are 96% more inflamed. Like I Double by the way,

when they, when you hear a hundred percent, that means double the normal population. So 96%, you’re almost double the likelihood of having inflammation and inflammatory response. That’s a lot. I remember my numbers were like six times higher than what they should have been. So you were, that means you were 600%. Yeah, it was bad. Yeah. I was really bloated and like swollen.

You could just tell in my face. Um, and the doctor said it was because I was overweight, but women with PCs can be leaned too and still have inflammation. So it really doesn’t have to, like, it’s not just in people who are overweight, like it’s for anyone with PCLs. So, And people use the thing that was only because of being overweight like that.

You would get all this inflammation, but now the studies are showing that the high C reactive protein, isn’t a woman who are also lean and overweight. So both, both, um, you know, both spectrums are suffering from, you know, higher, the higher C reactive protein. So that’s the root issue. That’s where it starts. And then other things branch out.

Yeah. Because the inflamed cells, they can make insulin resistance a lot worse. And then all the PCRs, um, symptoms get worse. Exactly. So when you eat dairy, it’s one of the, it’s like, yeah, let’s start with dairy. Dairy has insulin, like growth factor, which mimics insulin when you eat it. And then you have more insulin in your body,

which bombards yourselves, which are already inflamed and insulin resistant makes it even worse, causing more inflammation. Yeah. And so there you go. When you have insulin resistance, it’s not so good for you. Yeah. And then there’s even a science behind it. So back in the sixties, when milk was being produced and people were drinking milk, he used to have,

what’s called the eight to Cassin in it. This was a lot easier for people to digest and drink. However, they believed there was a genetic mutation maybe due to the, you know, growth, um, mass production. And now the cows today are producing a one Kaz casing. So the research shows the Reese recent studies show that this Awan Casin creates a highly inflammatory reaction in the body.

And this can create a result in many things like thyroid problems, being overweight and like having like reaction through like acne and just like your insulin resistance is all over the place. Because like Tallinn mentioned, when you drink dairy, it’s creating, it’s creating this insulin in your body And then triggering higher testosterone. And then so goes the PCLs rollercoaster. Yeah.

So like, we’ve heard a lot of people like who have a high, uh, uh, negative reaction to dairy and they have either thyroid issues or maybe like, they have a lot of acne. And even sometimes they just like, they completely go off dairy and all of those things just disappear. And like, these are just anecdotal stories, but we even have like re research studies showing like why dairy and inflammation?

Like they correlate In hand. Yeah. So many people see, so good. So such good results in their skin when they cut out dairy. It’s incredible. And then what were you telling me about gluten earlier and how like the, the molecule has changed? Yeah. So like, like we mentioned with dairy, like the casing with gluten, so like this also links to mass production.

So back back in the days when they were doing a lot of farming, it wasn’t this higher PO population that we have today. So the wheat stocks, they were a little bit weaker, not as tall, you know, and they didn’t produce as much, um, you know, wheat, however, today through a genetic mutation, they made these stocks much stronger,

taller, and they’re not effective so that they don’t get affected by weather and, you know, bad conditions. So what does this do though? Like stronger wheat, our bodies have not evolved, have not adapted fast enough to digest this. You know, it takes hundreds of thousands and thousands, maybe millions of years for your body to adapt and get used to a certain environmental changes.

So when you, all of a sudden you don’t change what wheat is like, and your body’s not able to digest it, then you know, like it, it’s not able to digest it. And it causes inflammation. Your body thinks that there’s a foreign body attacking it while you’re trying to digest bread, basically. Right. So like, obviously it’s not that it’s not as exaggerated,

maybe when you’re eating certain things, but some, uh, some foods really with like, with gluten really cause inflammation. Yeah. And some people have worst worth reactions than others. Like not everyone is gluten sensitive of course, but you would never know that until you cut it out for four weeks, at least to see what your reaction is, then you’ll know if you’re sensitive.

And basically when you’re eating it, it releases this hormone called zonulin. And that like opens up the junctions that hold your stomach together and lets out like particles and proteins into your bloodstream that causes chronic inflammation. And then here we go again on this like various wheel of inflammation that leads to insulin resistance and like all of the other issues with PCO S and not to mention like bloating,

Oh my gosh, the worst, one of the worst symptoms. And, uh, for women with PCOS, it’s like being feeling like your gut is just like bloated and like hanging up and then fatigue as well. Yeah. You know, what’s funny. So, so two things, I was going to say, one of them yesterday, I felt really bloated.

And one thing me and Tina talked about it, this just came to my mind right now. One thing we Anton had been talking about is like, I’m actually gluten and dairy free, like 90 to 95% of the time. Obviously I don’t have peace jurors, but through being with Tallinn. And I like without even trying I’m gluten, dairy free. However,

yesterday at work, they brought in lunch for this meeting we had, and they brought in like these like chicken burritos, like, and it was actually looked pretty healthy. It was from El Pollo Loco and it was catered and it was good, but the bread was gluten. And I wonder if that’s why I was bloated. Yeah. I mean, I didn’t want to say anything,

but Yeah. I actually noticed today, Oh, you’re not bloated like yesterday. I was like, yeah, sure. It look different. Yeah. After like digesting it, but you were a bit bloated yesterday. Yeah. That’s crazy. Because now it’s been like seven months that we’ve been married and you’ve been eating fully gluten and dairy free except like the occasional sandwich You’re on bread.

Yeah. With the sourdough bread. Yeah. The only thing I was gonna say is, and this is where I guess GMOs and just this mass production King of dangerous is it really helps obviously when you have such a large population, like not just in America, but everywhere around the world, you have to do things to food to help make sure you yeah.

To feed people. And, but that also comes with negative side effects. Like with, like we mentioned with, with weeds and with cows and with milk and you know, even meat these days, like, like you should be eating meat as very important, um, uh, things in it, but About vegan. Sorry, if you were going down that conversation,

That’s a whole nother topic, but yeah. Like you should be, well, yeah. Like there’s like a whole debate about why like, or going, uh, going vegan and why Jack’s very opinionated about, Yeah, I am, but I won’t be too vocal about it right now. But like number one, you should eat me and you can’t replace the protein you get from meat because MEA provides the complete amino acid profile that you don’t get from,

you know, vegetables. Like even if you eat all the vegetables you want and match the protein gram amounts, you’re still not gonna get the same amino acid profile, no matter what you do. And what are amino acids, that’s the essential building blocks of protein, which is muscle and everything, the cells in your body. So if you’re not, if you don’t have the,

everything you need to build the essential building blocks of your life, do you think going vegan is a good idea or do you think you’re going to be working at the most efficient manner? No, you’re not. There are some grains and calm food combinations that provide enough of the amino acids you need. But so Keane was one of them, but it’s a carb like with PCs,

you can’t just be eating only carbs. Even if it’s a high protein carb, like the ratio is off for a lot of people. And then it makes it so much harder to lose weight. Yeah. I’ve had so many clients, like a handful of clients that chose to be vegan. I said, okay, you want to do it? There’s nothing I can do about it.

You’ve been vegan your whole life. But now we have to meticulously monitor how much of everything that you’re eating, because carbs are such an issue with going vegan. Yeah. A lot of times they will replace, you know, like a protein meal with basically carbs. And, but the thing is like, I understand why like a part of being vegan is healthy because you’re eating a lot of vegetables.

You’re getting a lot of good fiber. And I don’t think that you should be eating dominantly meat. And you don’t think that this either w w what we think is you should eat a balanced diet, meat and vegetables, you know? No one’s saying, go ahead and do the carnivore diets or anything like that. Just be balanced. And that’s like,

really the most important thing we’ve been, we’ve been, our humans are basically on the Wars. Right. We both things. And that’s just how we become today. I think. And like the whole thing I said about the proteins not being equal, like, it’s not just that, like, there’s a of different, you know, things that it’s just,

just because you match it by eating a vegetable doesn’t mean you get the same content. Yeah. It’s hard to create the same amino acid profile that meat has when you’re eating And you could replace it. But like now, like to do it right, you have to also replace B12. So you either get either a, B, 12 shots or like take the supplement.

So now you’re talking about all these supplements you have to take. So I thought this whole thing was about being natural and stuff, and you’re not being natural. If you have to take all these supplements, are you telling me back in the days when you’re saying people used to be vegan, we just took supplements. No, like there’s a reason why we eat meat is,

and we evolve to be like this. Exactly. I don’t recommend it for PCs, but for some people it’s worked for them. And so go ahead. And there’s other diets that have worked for some people that I also don’t agree with because they’re not sustainable, like whole 30 or KIDO. And that’s why going gluten and dairy free. I feel like is one of the best routes because it,

first of all, it targets everything. It needs to target that that’s an issue for women with PCOS. And second of all, it’s easier to follow because it’s, it turns into a lifestyle like ask anyone that has gone gluten and dairy free for enough time to get used to it. Like maybe a month, they feel better. They don’t care that they’re missing out on some dairy,

some gluten cake, ice cream, whatever, because they feel so good and it’s just not worth it anymore. And so then it’s just, I’ve done it for like seven years. No more than seven. I’ve done it for like 10 years now. And I can’t even tell the difference. That’s fine. You know? And, and like, when you do a keto diet or any of these like Atkins,

like these, these things are, I know like people say fat fat, obviously you could like the cute a dye and it could be really good for you for like four or five months and lose a lot of weight. That’s not a fat. You really made a change. Good for you. However, can you do this for the rest of your life?

Is this something sustainable? Probably not. Because you want to enjoy a pizza once in a while, or you want to eat this or that. Well, gluten and dairy free is a lot different than that because gluten therapy is a lifestyle change. You can still enjoy many of the things you enjoy today. You just have to replace some of the ingredients.

You create new versions, you have fun with it. And you don’t, you just maintain to at 95, 99% of the time for the rest of your life, it’s a lifestyle change. And like, you’ll be happy by it so that you don’t, you’re not going to feel like you have to go back. Like, I don’t think I’ve heard Tallinn one day telling me,

Oh my God, I’m craving a pizza right now. Never because she enjoys what she eats. And she enjoys her body. Like the way it feels. It’s like you, I remember when I had PCLs and how, like you said, your body doesn’t feel good. Like all the time, it doesn’t feel good. Do you inflamed? But Teague’s,

um, bloated, um, you don’t know what to eat because your weight is so out of control. Like even when you’re eating healthy, it’s out of control. And it just like, overall is all you think about like your weight, what are you eating? What are you doing? My hormones. Like, that’s all you think about for a long time,

for like years, until you figure out what will work for balancing your hormones. And for me and many other women, it’s been going gluten and dairy free. And now I, I don’t think about my weight at all. I never weigh myself. I feel fine. My mood is fine. My skin is fine. I really agree. It’s like,

not even there, here, I really liked that. You don’t look at the scale because I never look at the scale either. And the reason why is you don’t need to look at this number. You don’t need to look at a number and judge yourself by this time. First of all, that that number can be deceptive. It can be, you can be working out,

building muscle looking great. However, the number is maybe looks the same because you’re getting rid of all this fat, but you don’t know that maybe like muscle weighs heavier than fat. So when you’re replacing fat with muscle, you might, it might still show the same number. Like you don’t have to let the scale get in the way. Don’t let it determine your mood.

It’s so hard, but like some people are, you know, scissors, we’re weighing ourselves all the time, desperate and trying to lose weight. And it just ruins your mood. And one of the best advice, pieces of advice I can have for you is that like, during this journey of losing weight, don’t ever feel to try as hard as possible to fill yourself up with positive thoughts and positive body image.

And even when you look in the mirror, it just like throw the positive comments around. Because if you are speaking negatively to yourself, how are you going to continue doing this? Like somebody messaged in the sisterhood where you can find more support. And she said, I was doing the workouts. And I was looking at myself in the mirror. And I felt like,

Ugh, like this, this is never going to work for you. And nothing ever works for you. You’re just like, you’re always going to be this way. Like, why are you even trying? I totally get that because you can be true with the pieces. You try so hard, nothing happens, but like, try to get out of that mindset and start thinking like,

I’m jus I’m doing my best. Like if this doesn’t work, I’m going to try something else. Like, let’s go gluten and dairy free. Let’s try something new. Maybe this will work like positive, open minded. That’s the number one cultural thing at the gym is when you see somebody trying, just being inside the gym, you give them number one,

respect. Nobody ever thinks anything of you just know that at the gym, anywhere like that, we give you number one, respect for trying. So and here to just try your best. And that’s all that matters. Focus on feeling good. Like you did the workout. You feel strong. Maybe you didn’t lose 10 pounds after one workout fine. But like,

you feel good. Your, your mind is getting clearer. You’re less fatigued. You’re um, you’re eating well. And people are enjoying the foods. You’re eating. Just like, keep the positivity going. And don’t fixate on the scale. And don’t fixate on that. You’re not the ideal weight that you want to be yet. And your doctor is saying,

go lose weight and all of this, just forget all of that negativity and be open minded and try something new going gluten and dairy free. Did we talk about leptin Leptin? We didn’t talk about that. 12 to close off the gluten portion. So leptin is your fat thermostat. Yes. It tells your body how much fat you have in it says,

okay, let’s speed up the metabolism or let’s slow it down. Yeah. Depends on how much flats fats in your blood. Yeah, but what gluten does is it reduces that fat thermostat by like 50%. So now, like your body is not able to adjust its metabolism and therefore it’s not spending the calories or the energy efficiently. So maybe you’re now left holding that weight or holding that,

holding that food in your body. Yeah, exactly great summary being. Yeah. Well, I mean, I was waiting for you to like add an order to No, no, you know what you’re talking. It’s your fat thermostat. Yes. And speaking on that will, this won’t be the only episode we’ll talk about gluten dairy is the first one,

but you know, in the future, we’ll have many episodes every, every, a couple of months, just to give you a brief overview overview, give you more research. Cause like this is like changing more and more like, it’s, it used to be that this, this gluten dairy research wasn’t that prominent maybe like 10, 20 years ago. But now like we’re hearing a lot of sisters tell us that their doctors and like their,

their OB GYN is like, they’re telling them, Oh, like, yeah, actually going gluten dairy to help you. And like really started to hear these Endocrinologist thyroid doctor, Even the live the other day. I think, um, yes, somebody from Canada, either Vancouver or Toronto, they said their, their doctor was promoting the going gluten, dairy free for peace us.

And then we shouted them out the doctor’s name. So hopefully whoever’s in that area. They heard that they heard that IgE live and they can get that name. It’s amazing how it’s spreading and I’m so happy. And that’s why, if you don’t like your doctor find a new one because there’s certainly someone out there that understands yeah. Stuck. Yeah. Don’t get stuck with a bad doctor.

Like just go find the doctor that works for you. Obviously don’t just find a doctor that isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear, but find a doctor that has a open mind about solving your PCOS. Yeah. Amen. So some the more common questions I get about going gluten and dairy free is, um, you know, is gluten sensitivity a real thing?

Like how do I know if I’m gluten sensitive? What’s, you know, what’s the difference between celiac and gluten sensitivity? And the thing is celiac disease is an autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivity means like inflammation is going on in your body. And so these are two different things and people react to alpha gliadin when they are tested for celiac disease, but that’s not the only thing that needs to be tested when you’re testing for gluten sensitivity,

there’s other proteins in gluten that can be tested and you can get, you can get a Cyrex array, three tests, and that’s like $300 or something, but, and you can test for like all the different proteins in gluten, but I would rather just go gluten and dairy free for four weeks and like, see what happens and lose some weight and just like,

it’s free. And you know what I mean? You don’t need to take a test. Totally. Yeah. These tests are available there. They’re a little bit expensive, but they’re available. If you want to really like check out officially how your body is and if you’re maybe have celiac disease, but like time mentioned going, like changing her diet a little bit,

your lifestyle a little bit, it goes a long way before you have to like, stick a needle in your body and test for something like, but I do think in the longterm probably testing for something like this and just checking off a box. I wish I did that just to see how sensitive I was. But now it’s too late. I think like,

cause I’ve been gluten free. I don’t think at all, um, show any right. Well, it goes into our next question. Like can I another, um, prominent question is can I make myself gluten intolerant by cutting it out? No, and I don’t think so. It may, you know, cause you to feel bloated, but that’s because you’ve been bloated before you just didn’t feel it because you’re so used to that bloated feeling from eating gluten all the time,

you know, but then you cut it out, that feeling goes away and then you eat it. That feeling comes back and you’re like, wait, what’s this feeling about? So that’s the only thing is you’re going to feel those things that you ignored in the past. Exactly. There is no scientific evidence that you can make yourself gluten sensitive by cutting it out.

Yeah, of course. Yeah. All right. And a good book for people like that are really interested in like the research behind all this and like really want to get into it is called grain brain does surprising truth where I should start that again. Grain brain. The surprising truth about wheat carbs and sugar, your brains, silent killers. Good book.

I know it sounds interesting. This is a quote from the book. Oh, I want to read it. Okay. The quote from the book is over the last 40 years, people have become addicted to gluten Perlmutter’s. Narrative goes in combination with carbs. Gluten’s influence on our diets explains why we get dementia, dementia. I just said, let me start that sentence again.

In combination with carbs, gluten’s influence on our diets explains why we get dementia and every other common neurologic problem inflammation is the cornerstone of Alzheimer’s disease. And Parkinson’s multiple superheroes is all of the neurodegenerative diseases are really predicated on inflammation who knew, wow. First of all, who knew it was so hard for me to read. I’m actually a really good reader and it was just hard.

But like we just talked about this earlier. The inflammation causing pretty much every, like all these negative things in the body, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s multiple sclerosis. So that’s why we want to reduce inflammation and like having gluten and dairy and that’s something you’re going to have every day. Imagine you reduce that, you cut that out and the impact it can have.

Also speaking of research scientists, I would really like to promote her name is dr. Rhonda Patrick. And she’s actually one of the PR people that I was falling before I met before I met Tallinn who promoted, uh, going gluten dairy free. And it wasn’t about PSUs. That’s why I was really into it. And when I met Tali and it was like,

Oh wow. So she really, uh, provides a lot of research and she does some of this research herself and her website. And I’m sure if you just Google it, Google her name and put gluten dairy, you’ll be able to find a lot of stuff. So we’re not linked to her in any way. I just personally liked her a lot.

Awesome. Everything she talks about is so interesting. Yeah. Her YouTube channel. Yeah. I think she has a YouTube channel too. And we also want to mention the win of the week. There are many wins, many sisters who do great. We like to pick one so that we could shout out on the podcast telling you want to shout her out.

Sure. Jerry custodian, from the sisterhood, she was also featured on Friday and the sisterhood for her accomplishments. We like to feature our sisters in there. Um, and she says, so she posted her before and after. And we, you know, put a little article together for her. She says, I really don’t enjoy sharing the picture on the left,

but here is my progress. I started my piece of this journey with telling in September, 2019, after being miserable at my heaviest weight in April, 2019, since September, I am down about 12 pounds and seven inches no longer bloated. And my acne is way more under control. Future peaks coming. I’m still not 100% gluten and dairy free, but I’m taking all the necessary steps,

vitamins. So I can’t wait to see the results when I am 100% on track with everything. Some inspo for my other sisters is this, it just takes time. Don’t give up then. So love this message. It, yeah, it takes time. Don’t give up. Oh, I just want to say with all due respect, I think Jerry,

you look hot in both pictures. Yes. So keep going. Good job. Um, so then a sister messaged her back. I mean, messaged this article and started a conversation. She said, Sharon Shope. She says, I’m so proud of you. I have been interrupt this week. The numbers on the scale, aren’t moving in the direction that I want them to be moving,

but my tummy is looking flatter than it has in weeks. I truly needed your post heart. So Jerry responded to this and I really want everyone to listen to this. I thought it was a great advice. She says, that’s why I like to do measurements to a small tape measure on Amazon is inexpensive. And you can have a friend or husband help you.

My scale usually barely moved until now. So it barely moved. So this, so seeing the inches move definitely helps. I was actually the same weight I am now two years ago, but five more inches packed on. So it’s definitely not about the number because muscle weighs more than fat. Keep pushing. And not just that, it’s not about that.

It’s also, especially in the beginning, a lot of sisters lose weight quickly, especially in the beginning, but some sisters don’t see the scale move, but they see they’re there. They’re losing inches. They’re like, my stomach feels flatter my skin, this and that. But the scale, the scale, the scale, and the thing is that means that you’re doing something great for your hormones and your inflammation is really going down.

And if you hang in there, like she says, until now she says she didn’t see the scale, move. The scale will start moving like this before and after picture looks like she lost way more than 12 pounds. But she’s saying she only lost him. Not only, but like she lost 12 pounds. It looks way more than that because it’s a lot of inflammation and then muscle,

um, Yeah, your body, your body is retaining a lot of water sometimes to fight this inflammation. So you can just like, look a little bit bloated, like time mention just because of it. So, I mean, good job, Jerry. I think we can all look at you for inspiration, not just for honestly losing weight because you like,

you tried this going gluten, dairy free. It’s something new to you. And I know you saw results. So great job. And we got one more submission from Instagram that we’re going to read. This one is from Julian Jasmin 19. Thank you for your comment. This one says, I have followed your suggestions for almost a month now. And I got my period in the first month.

It’s been five years that I’ve had periods only once every three months, but this gluten and dairy free plus low intensity workouts have worked wonders for me. I have also lost nine pounds in this month alone. Just want to thank you for all the work you are doing before your suggestions. I was doing high intensity workouts at the gym for almost five months and didn’t lose any weight.

I almost took a three to four month break from my job and moving home because I felt so helpless. But then I stumbled upon your page and I thought of giving it a last try. And it worked, thank you for spreading the right knowledge for PCs. Amazing, amazing. Those last couple sentences, like really, really hits home because like she was on her last like step and she said,

I stumbled upon your page and thought of giving it a last try. That last try, really speaks to people at the right time. So many people are like, are at that stage where they tried so many things like making this change, doing this. And now they’re just like, okay, you know what? I’m going to go to the doctor and just go on the pill or do whatever he says,

I’ve tried everything else. And just her trying this going gluten dairy free. And it really worked for her. Like that’s amazing. Yeah. And she was working, she says high intensity workouts at the gym for almost five months and didn’t lose any weight. Yeah. See, that gets the thing we’ve been talking about on, on the Instagram and like trying to show videos that like,

that’s not productive for PSUs. You don’t have to do that Seriously. Unchained yourself from the treadmill. My favorite quote. That’s true. Yeah. And it’s, it’s great that you try the slow workouts and now you’re able to like basically lose weight. So great job. And then before we close off this episode two, we should just mention like, just related to this comment,

current course we’re providing has low intensity workouts that are basically designed for PCs so that you aren’t, you know, uh, ramping up your stress hormones or cortisol levels. And you’re basically able to reduce the stress in your body. Yeah. I mean, along with going gluten and dairy free, which also reduces stress in your body, cause inflammation is stress.

Your workouts can also produce stress. And so it seems like this, a fellow sister who was working out, like she says high intensity workouts, um, for almost five months and didn’t lose any weight, clearly had a lot of stress in her body. And so these low intensity workouts that we have in the course are just doing incredible wonder as to your hormones.

Yeah. And I’m sure many of you are like saying, how do I start? I don’t know how to, like, what, what, how much should I do? That’s the thing like, we’ve kind of given you the numbers, everything, how many times a week you’re going to work out at home. You could do at the gym too,

if you want, but we’ve designed it so that it’s perfectly suitable for home. And we tell you how many sets, how many reps and how to do it with instruction, videos of me showing Tallinn so that you can basically picture yourself learning with her. And that’s really the thing we want to teach you. We don’t want to just show you. And that’s where I believe this course really can,

can help you. And along with the workout time can kind of explain. We have a whole meal plan. Exactly. There’s a four week meal prep program to help you figure out, I mean to follow you, don’t have to figure anything out, just follow the grocery list and the meal plan. And you’ll save so much time and so much money on buying gluten and dairy free foods.

Instead of buying like these specialty foods, you’re cooking from home, gluten and dairy free by using, you know, whole foods. And it’s just a step by step plan with video tutorials. That really helps you dive into the gluten and dairy free diet without feeling intimidated. If you don’t know how to eat gluten and dairy free, if you don’t know how to cook,

I show you exactly how, and it’s all, step-by-step just like the workouts as well. So if you’re overwhelmed and you know, you’re like this fellow sister who is at her like last step, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do next. She’s, you know, nothing has worked and she doesn’t want to try anymore. If you can relate to that,

then I highly encourage you to just try this one. Last thing, go gluten and dairy free and change up your workouts. Cause it’s been incredible for so many systems. That’s right. Yeah. So if you want more information, check out tie-ins Instagram page. It’s also the, there’s a link in the description of this podcast episode, but yeah, tine and me.

We are at a sister and her mr. And at PCO start weight loss. You can also always visit our website PGOs weight And thank you for listening to this episode. We’ll be back next week with episode eight. Can’t wait. Bye bye. Bye. Hey, if you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to check out our upcoming course meal,

prep and workout for PCs, weight loss. We’ve got four weeks worth of video content that will help you learn to cook our quick gluten and dairy free recipes, and also feel great with our PCs friendly workouts. Learn to live the PCs lifestyle and lose weight with our guidance and help link in the description.

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