Should I try Intermittent Fasting for PCOS Weight Loss?

PCOS Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Have you wondered whether intermittent fasting can work with PCOS and losing weight?

In this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about intermittent fasting and if it can be helpful for women with PCOS to lose weight, relieve symptoms, and reduce their risk of long-term complications like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

As a hormonal disorder, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is associated with a host of symptoms caused by high levels of androgens (otherwise known as male hormones). One of the most common symptoms is infrequent menstrual cycles, which can impact fertility. Other symptoms include excess facial hair growth, acne, and weight gain! 

Another common symptom is insulin resistance, which is when the cells in the muscles, fat and liver don’t respond as they should to insulin—the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. 

As insulin resistance develops, the body overcompensates by producing more insulin. High insulin levels can cause excessive hunger, even after eating a meal. Excess insulin caused by insulin resistance leads to weight gain, particularly around the midsection. This can lead to long-term risk factors, such as insulin-resistant diabetes and higher blood pressure. 

Not all PCOS Cysters are overweight or obese, but sustainable weight loss can help those who are. However, “eat less and exercise” isn’t helpful advice for women trying to lose weight with PCOS. Over-exercising and restrictive eating can destabilize blood sugar levels, which is a big no-no when trying to manage insulin resistance and lose weight.

So, what options are there for Cysters trying to lose weight or follow a PCOS-friendly diet

What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting and PCOS

Intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating, can be done in multiple ranges of hours. We go over the different ranges of time for fasting and how that can impact your PCOS and weight loss! But, I recommend a 12-hour eating window for best results. Any more than that, and you may send you into “survival mode,” where your body packs on pounds out of fear of starvation. (I know, dramatic, right?) 

A 12-hour fast can be helpful for women with PCOS, because it encourages healthy circadian rhythms. One of the main symptoms of PCOS is fatigue, and part of this comes from unusual circadian rhythms! Sleeping enough, avoiding coffee, and eating at the right times can also help! If you avoid eating right before bed, your body can digest and recover from eating while you sleep, so you can wake up refreshed! This is better than eating before bed, when your body is still working through it the next morning, making you feel TIRED. 

So, intermittent fasting can help you maintain your circadian rhythms to actually improve metabolic health and hormone balance. This can have an insulin sensitizing effect to help you with maintaining a healthy weight and improving your PCOS symptoms! Just ensure you are still following a PCOS diet, because the types of foods you consume in that eating window can make or break your fast. 

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for PCOS 

Research shows that Cysters can actually benefit from intermittent fasting in a lot of ways. Here’s what the studies say, fasting can . . . 

  • Make for easier weight loss
  • Increase menstrual regularity 
  • Lower androgen levels 
  • Improve insulin sensitivity 
  • Relieve inflammation 

PCOS Intermittent Fasting Tips

  • Don’t fast for longer than 14 hours 
  • Maintain a PCOS-friendly diet 
  • Promote proper circadian rhythms by avoiding caffeine, getting enough sleep, and spending time in nature 
  • Listen to your body, it’ll tell you if it’s working for you
  • Don’t attempt if you’re pregnant or have other medical conditions 
  • If you get hungry outside of your window, pick something high in healthy fats and/or protein. (Sirak and I love nuts or Beanfields chips!) 
Intermittent fasting can be an effective way to lose weight for women with PCOS!

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s body is different—even those of us with PCOS all experience different problems and symptoms. That means not every solution will work for every person. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from our community on IG about whether fasting did or didn’t work for them. 

Intermittent fasting has worked for many women with PCOS, so it may be worth a shot for you as well! You won’t know until you try. Download The Cysterhood app, join our community, and get access to tons of PCOS recipes and content to help support you on your healing journey. No matter what works for you, we’re here to help you find solutions, lose weight, and live symptom-free with PCOS!

Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster on her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

Looks like tying. You’ve joined the Jean brigade last week. I was the one wearing jeans. You’re calling me crazy. Now you’ve got the ripped jeans out. I know it’s only because I went online, shopping and bought this really cute sweater that I’m wearing. If anyone’s watching the No today, wasn’t it. He showed it to me today. How do you like this,

babe? They’re having all of these quarantine sales I’m into it. It’s good. He looked great. Pulled it together, ladies, just for you, we’re wearing jeans Like we’ve been talking about it’s tough quarantine. I’m making sure you’re like, not just stuck in the house and feeling like you’re in your pajamas all day long. Yeah. I mean, when we go out on our daily walks during lunch and we kind of got to make sure that we’re on looking to this disheveled,

I do go on those daily walks in my pajama pants. Pants are black and they don’t look like pajama pants. They are. Yeah. Today. I think it was a little bit on the disheveled side for you, baby. You’re you’re wearing those really thin sweat pants and they’re just like flapping in the wind, like rubber bands. I pulled it together for the podcast.

That’s true. Well, welcome. Welcome everybody. To this episode, I have a sister and her Mister today, we’re going to be talking about PCs and intermittent fasting. So many people have been asking you about this very common topic. And it’s a good topic too, that we’ll get into. But first, first we’ll do a little Q and a.

Yeah, we, before we started this podcast, we were on Instagram and we asked, um, any questions that you guys might’ve had that we’re going to cover now on the podcast. Um, so one question is lactose free dairy, which is good for PCs question Mark. So yeah, it’s not just about lactose. I think she means, is it like toast or is it the dairy?

Yeah, exactly. So the lactose is that that lactose hormone is an issue for a lot of people, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about dairy in itself is, and that’s what causes the inflammation. Yeah. There’s casing and dairy converts into CAISO Morphin. Some of us don’t detox that very well and it, cause yeah, Toast is an enzyme,

correct? Like it’s a issue with digesting. Lactose is a protein that we don’t have an enzyme called lactase to digest, but yet basically we can’t digest it cause it’s bleeding and everything, but that’s different than the effect that dairy has on DCOS. Like also I want to mention spiking our insulin and that’s huge because if you have insulin resistance and every time you eat dairy,

every time you eat, you know, it can cause problems. So shout out to cath for that question. Next question, Coco Velazco says, is it possible to explain why probiotics are good for you? What are the benefits? Yeah, so probiotics promote gut health. And basically we have, um, a level of good bacteria in our stomach that,

um, you know, compensates for the bad bacteria in our stomach and helps digest food. And uh, it’s what kind of like, you know, it helps with bloating and things of that nature. And there’s a lot of studies now showing that actually, uh, probiotics are, or gut health is linked to mental health. And they’re finding a lot of neurons in the gut,

which they believe, you know, you know, you know that saying that like, if you eat healthy or if you eat good, you feel better. Well, they’re actually saying that there might be a real thing to that because you know, there’s actually like neurons in the gut that can affect how you feel in the brain. Yeah. Yeah. It’s incredible.

Yeah. See, always chases me down and gives me all of my supplements by the handful every day. Ever since this quarantine started. Yeah. Okay. Because I get, and then I’m like, Ugh. I mean, it’s kinda like pulling teeth. I feel like you’re a little like a toddler. I have to be honest. It’s like, I’m giving vegetables to a kid here.

I bring it sometimes. And you’re like, and then one day you even take you. And I was like, how come you didn’t take it? You like, you gave me water. Well, I’m going to bring you there. The whole kitchen sink with life here, lady. Can I leave? Just take it, get your own water maybe.

Well, at least Obasi tall. Doesn’t taste like anything. Yeah. So I like my regimen. This is not like PCO specific. This is just my regimen. I go with a multivitamin and then I do like rotations throughout the week. I like to take, to deliver health supplement. And then another day I’ll take the coconut, like two pills of coconut oil.

Um, and then another different day I’ll take a dose of vitamin D and also like another different day. I’ll take fish oil. So I don’t take those all in the same day. I feel like that may be a little too much. I like to rotate them out to kind of think, you know, but that’s my thing. And every day I get a new handful with different colored pills in it.

When we’re all 140, you’ll be thanking me. One piece here is weight loss is still alive at 140 It, because of all the vitamins I gave you. Next question. How do I know that cysts are starting to decrease or their symptoms? Well, I get an ultrasound once a year to make sure that I don’t have any ovarian cysts and everything’s clear.

Um, I have a doctor who’s okay with that. Some doctors aren’t. So it’s good to like find the doctor. Who’s going to allow you to come in for an ultrasound just to see the progress of your SIS. Um, and they can certainly disappear altogether after a while. Um, I, it depends on the person. It could take three months.

It could take six, 12, whatever of consistency and diet change on lifestyle change. Yeah. I’ve seen it myself. I don’t know if there’s been a study, but I’ve seen it myself. I’m like several people, including myself, Sometimes personal stories are like the best. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let’s see. How many more should we take?

Um, loved your video on here. Citizen. What would your advice be on shaving the face? Ooh, use a clean razor. See drunk. Do you want to answer this one Was shaving the face. I’m not sure. I mean, I use a different razor, but I was going to say, look, we just talked about electrolysis and laser on the last six episode.

Right. So that’s a good, really, a good route for, you know, It would be really helpful. Um, I typically use a clean razor, you know, every couple weeks or whatever. And just like, I don’t know, I don’t use cream or anything. I just like make sure that everything’s all cleaned up. You know, I’ve also heard that,

I don’t know if the, beyond the pink tax, how they used to tax all feminine products because they were packaged for basically females. They used to be something like that. I don’t know if they got rid of that, but if, but I remember reading something that said like, Oh, um, like male products, like shaving razors, or are like,

just as good as the female products for, for like, you know, ladies to use. And like, there’s no reason for women to be paying of stupid pink tax, which is so sexist. You’re telling me that we pay a tax and guys don’t Well, I don’t know if that’s still like real. I think they may have gotten rid of that.

Let’s Google it real quick, but why don’t you Okay. While you look that up, should I press Yeah. Precede? Yes. Okay. So that, I think that covers a Q and a right, The Q and a, and we do lots of Q and A’s throughout the week. So stay tuned on our Instagram page. But for now this podcast episode is going to cover all your questions about intermittent fasting and how,

you know, what I realized when I was doing my research on this is that a woman, a woman with PCOS should always be fasting to a certain extent in order to keep a strong circadian rhythm. And what that means is not a super restrictive fast, but rather a 12 hour fast. So PCOS women in general, need to work on strengthening your circadian rhythm or else you’re in a constant state of fatigue.

So what does that mean sleeping on time, like between 11 and seven and making sure you’re not drinking coffee and making sure that you, um, are eating at the right times and, and also fasting for 12 hours. And that’s going to make sure that the right hormones are pumping at the right times throughout the day, and you have a strong metabolism.

And so that’s typically the issue with PCs. We don’t have very strong metabolisms because our hormones are all off. Our circadian rhythm is off. Um, we’re in a state of jet lag and fatigue because of it’s so intermittent fasting or not, not, we’ll talk about intermittent fasting in a bit, but just like a 12 hour fast can be enough to help get that under control Sedaka staring at me.

And I feel like he found the man to the speed. Very interesting. I must, I must have to say so the pink tax is not a literal tax, but it is actually a actually real, so I’m going to read what it says here. The pink tax refers to the extra amount of money women pay for specific products or services sometimes you’ll see or hear it referred to as price discrimination or gender pricing frequently,

especially when it comes to personal care products. There’s no difference between the male version and the female version apart from different prices. The classic example is those cheap razors for sale of most drug stores, no fancy moisturizing tip, no rush free titanium, just a single blade. The men’s version is blue. The woman’s version is pink. That’s the only difference the color,

but inevitably the woman’s version is more expensive than the men’s, but examples of ballet and plenty of them costs women a lot more than a few cents in the drugstore. Okay. I’m going to stop there, but basically they’re saying that female products are sometimes costs a bit more just for color, maybe costs, it costs a little more to make the female products.

Cause it’s a different color, a different Interesting. And nobody would ever think to like grab a men’s razor and compare it to men’s razor. Yeah. From what I’ve heard is that like man’s razor, it’s like the same thing. You forget this, like whatever type or just maybe try that out. And if you pay less, you pay less cares what color it is.

Yeah. I mean, I like the pink. Yeah, sure. It’s just ridiculous that they would make that cost more. You know? I mean, I don’t know. There’s more women out in the world. So these now I think it’s 51 to 49% or something like that. I don’t know With all the statistics and numbers. See that Okay.

Back to the topic of the podcast. Okay. And so, like I was saying about circadian rhythm and strengthening that, um, with a 12 hour fast, if you can create a routine out of that, that would be great. We’re going to talk about a more restrictive, fast later on in this podcast episode. Not it’s not for everyone, but for now what I’m saying about a 12 hour fast can virtually work for everyone unless pregnant or have a health condition.

Um, and it will help with strengthening your circadian rhythm because on the, during the time that you’re eating for 12 hours, you’re burning the sugar that, that food turns into the body’s working. Right. And then the time that you’re not eating, you’re burning fat, your body is just, you know, work functioning to burn fat. So you’re strengthening your metabolism.

Yeah. And also when you’re not eating or I’m sorry, when you’re not digesting food, the body has now energy to use it to repair and recover. So when you’re sleeping, if you were to eat right before sleeping, your body now has a digester and spend energy on that during sleep. Whereas it could have spent that energy recovering getting rid of the inflammation.

And that’s why, like they say, intermittent fasting is good for that reason too. Yeah. It gives you time to rejuvenate and heal and studies show that it helps prevent cancer. And it has a plethora of benefits to it. That’s the reducing inflammation part. Cause inflammation is one of the reasons of causes of cancer And, and auto immune diseases. And so studies show that one of the benefits is that fasting can really help with auto immune disease symptom reversals.

So PCO S yeah. Um, it lowers your blood sugar. It improves insulin levels and insulin resistance, which is wonderful because 70% of us are struggling with insulin resistance. And the more we do for this, the better it will be for us. Like the more it will heal. So it doesn’t just go, come down to car. I know we leave the doctor’s office thinking like carbs.

We need to stop eating carbs. But the truth is if we fast, if we cut out coffee, if we strengthen the circadian rhythm that is going to help with insulin resistance too. So again, a 12 hour fast is all it takes just changing the times that you eat and squeezing it. It’s not hard. We eat at nine. And then our last meal is at eight.

I mean, latest, Latest 8:00 PM. Usually 7:00 PM. We eat dinner and yeah. And like, if we don’t eat until nine, that’s pretty much two hours. The thing is many times, you know, it’s like 10:00 PM, 11:00 PM. We’re watching TV. It’s like re like maybe before we go to sleep, you get a little hungry. You want to have like,

maybe a handful of nuts or maybe some sort of like snack. Yeah. Like our bean field chips, chips. I know we always see being their sponsor, but they really not that I have never paid a dime. They have sent us features of where we haven’t even received those in a while because of the pandemic. But we’re still getting them from whole foods.

Yeah. We got like 12 bags, just like stash just in case. But like, that’s the, that’s the part that’s the hardest in my pink dinner is easy. If you eat it at six, seven. Yeah. If to avoid, so that’s the area you want to make sure that dinner is like, perfect. I’m not perfect, but you want a portion of right.

You want to make the pairing. Correct. So that you don’t get those cravings at 10 or 11. Like you’re having a little bit of carbs with your dinner, so you’re not craving. Yeah. And if you, if you must like, like sometimes we have it, we have a snack at 10. Yeah. Try and make that snack protein and fat based so that it’s not going to be hard for your body to digest it.

And it won’t be like this quick burn off that sugar. Yeah, exactly. But if you can, if you really want to buckle down a 12 hour fast is generally safe for most sisters. And if you feel that craving at night, like we do sometimes for chips after a few times of really, um, trying to, um, practice self-discipline and not,

you’ll just get used to it a hundred percent. It’s really important to push yourself a little bit in that aspect. We’re all about doing like intuitive things, not pushing yourself too hard, but for this like an 11 o’clock chip session, that’s something you should push yourself, not to do and focus on eating maybe more during the 12 hour period that you are eating so that you’re not hungry.

It feels so different though. When I don’t have that snack at 10, when I don’t, I feel so much better when I wake up less bloated, I feel like you have more energy. Like my body just like, was able to have a full night of sleep, just not worrying about digesting food. Right. That’s true. And then you don’t feel full when you’re laying in bed Like a Friday or Saturday night,

you know, when it’s like, work is done or something, and you watch your movies. So, you know, we just like eat a chipper to pop and then eat it. I’m not trying to act like an angel here, but like, I’m not really hungry at that time, but you bring it out and then it tastes so good. And like,

how do I stop? Yeah. You know, practicing a little bit of restriction at night can go a long way. If you tend to have cravings at night, think of what you’re eating throughout the day. And also think about, um, other ways to strengthen your hormonal function. So you don’t get that hunger ping at night, right? Like,

think about it. It’s your circadian rhythm. That’s off. If you’re hungry that late at night. So strengthening it is really important. And like making sure that you’re getting the right amount of sleep can also help with your hunger pains and insulin resistance. Excellent. I think restart that. I was moving towards Mike and I, you should look at the camera a little bit because if you haven’t noticed everybody we’ve changed the camera up a little bit,

give a little angle. So if you forget to look at the camera and not in the middle. Yeah. Okay. So as I was saying, ladies, if you are having hunger pains at night, consider thinking of why your circadian rhythm is often why your hormones are telling you you’re hungry at 11 o’clock, you know, like, did you sleep enough the night before?

Did you eat at the right times throughout the day? Did you have enough calories? Did you have caffeine that day? You know, all of these things affect, like, did you have sugar? Did you have too many carbs reflect on this? So that the next night your hormonal balance is a lot stronger. Your circadian rhythm is a lot stronger and those cravings go away.

But if you give in and you eat the chips, it’s a lot harder to like, reverse this issue. So it takes some wheelchair. Totally. And it’s totally one step at a time. Don’t like, Oh yeah, I’m never having snacks again. After dinner, you can totally like reduce it. Maybe you had like, you know, two handfuls one night and you have one handful of nuts or chips or anything in that case,

anything that’s pieced you as friendly. You just kind of reduce it into one that you’re like, I don’t really want anything I’m like craving it. And boom, boom, kumbaya Kumbaya. So you could try this for a month, right? Do the 12 hour fast, get in the habit of it. If you want, you can do a 13 hour fast and just do that for another month and see how it feels to like shrink that eating window a little bit more just by one hour.

Maybe it will really help with insulin resistance. Maybe you’ll feel even better. Try it for a month, see how you feel the next month. You can try a 14 hour fast, but that is getting restrictive. Like for that, I don’t recommend it for women, especially it could affect your periods. So don’t do it every single day. So if you wanted to do a 14 hour fast,

you would do that for like two days. Yeah. I mean, you’re almost going to have to start yourself a little bit in the morning to do something 14 hours or more. I’ve heard people doing 16 hours, which is, I think on the more, uh, extreme scale, but I mean, some, some do much more, don’t get me wrong,

but 16 hours or 14 hours to like, you have to kind of start yourself for maybe two or three hours in the morning to meet that criteria or eat dinner very early, but then you’re going to, for sure. Get a little hungry before sleeping. Yeah. It’s interesting. But what, you know, for most women with PCOS, it’s like not the same as other people.

Like we can’t be that restricted, but some people can’t and won’t get into the five, two diet. You can try it if it helps with weight loss and insulin resistance. But in general, like I said, 12 hours is great. I’ve done. Um, I’ve eaten between like nine and five o’clock when I was working at this meal delivery service company,

I was a nutritionist making the gluten and dairy premium plans and story of my life, getting them for free and eating them for free. And they were like gourmet food that they would give us. And I would eat it between nine and five. So what is that? Nine hours of eating and then that’s um, what’s it 15 hours of fasting. So for me that did not work.

I lasted like three days and I was dying and I was like, I can’t fast. And then I didn’t know at the time that, that was just too much for a woman with PCOS to do like regularly. Like I seriously tried to make a lifestyle out of that. Oh, one thing I want to be super clean and eat nine to five forever.

And it was too. Yeah, I could you, were you starving every day at night? Yeah, I was starving. Yes. And then in the mornings I was like having hypoglycemia. I couldn’t eat till nine, The worst person to have that. Like whenever I’m with you and like you’re hungry for like an hour. And then you start to act like you’re about to faint.

Like you’re going to disappear. Like gravity is working to suck your energy. No, I have specific eating times. This is why I walk around with a protein bar in my purse Person is always like a trough of snacks and the lights I remind you of our wedding day. My sister’s wedding day. You said you were hungry and the limo, how a steak sandwich.

I know I gotta have my bag diner bag. I had a steak sandwich in there for you. Okay. Don’t complain about hangry attacks when I’ve been there for you every time you’ve had one. Okay. So now let’s talk about the juicy stuff. Five to intermittent fasting. This is when five days a week, you’re eating 1800 calories or 2000 calories like a large amount.

Then two days out of the week, you eat 500 calories. I mean, it’s a little crazy, but this is what they say that someone with PSUs can do to help lose weight. It’s not for everyone. I’ve read it in several books about PCs that like, this is one of the fasting methods that could work because you’re eating 500 calories. And then on two of the days out of the week,

of course they’re not consecutive days, but then like you’re eating a lot of calories after those, that 500 calorie day so that your body doesn’t think you’re in starvation mode because that’s important. Like once you’re in starvation mode, it’s not good for your metabolism. So you trick your body by eating 2000 calories the next day. Um, so yeah, I’m not a fan of course,

but if you wanted to try something more restrictive, you could try it. If you have insulin resistance, it could help. If you have insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue, it could be a little bit harmful. You just have to gauge it yourself. And perhaps on the days that you’re eating 500 calories, you would have smaller meals throughout the day, maybe three meals,

instead of like just breakfast, just dinner, you’d have a high protein breakfast, a little lunch, a little dinner, and like, make sure you get all your calories within that day. And like lots of fiber to keep you full and like choose fats and proteins instead of carbs. Um, and of course I don’t work out on the days that you have 500 calories.

Oh yeah, for sure. Cause you’re going to get really lightheaded on those days and you’re not going to have enough food and nutrients to recover. So just a walk is fine, but even that’s going to tire you out, like more than normal problems. Yeah. I don’t see this working for me, but if it’s for you ladies, this is one method.

That’s just that To me, doesn’t seem sustainable to like, okay, every day or every week, I’m going to be on this five day schedule. And then for two days out of the week, I’m on this, um, strict calorie restrictive. But you know, if, if that’s something that works for you, you like it. If it works for your body,

that’s totally okay. Yeah. I’ve read, you know, for women with PCs, it could work and you could try it out. And remember if you’re doing all of this or any of this like time restricted eating, like 12 hour fasting or this five to intermittent fasting, always keep in mind that, that doesn’t throw everything else out the window. Like you still have to do what’s best for you.

If it’s eating gluten and dairy free. If it’s eating, if it’s not drinking coffee, if it’s, you know, whatever, like sleeping on tea, all of these things count as you are fasting. Yeah. I’m glad that you said that. Cause there’s no like one aspect of a diet like intermittent fasting. And that’s the solution. It’s about what’s in that diet because you need the proper protein fats and carb ratios to make sure that intermittent fasting works along with the lifestyle,

along with the additional supplements you have to take to manage your symptoms or else it’s, you know, I wish it was just intermittent fasting. I wish that, yeah, I wish that was the only thing you’ll know. You have to take stuff like maybe the past to talk, maybe you have to take salt, Paul metal, maybe you have to take no liver,

adrenal support. Like there’s all these different things. So Yeah. You’re and you’re in the process of like understanding your body and what it needs and what type of PCOS you have and all of the components to that. So it’s all about strengthening your circadian rhythm. Like I said earlier, like just making sure that your hormone, the right hormones are pumping at the right times throughout the day.

Um, and that’s why I have like a really strong wind down routine. I always post about it on Instagram story. Like I’m Jade rolling my face. I’m reading. I’m trying to chill because it’s important to lower cortisol at night From Italians, Mike Stan. She has this magazine that comes in pretty much every month. It’s Susie on purpose, but I’m just going to show it.

It’s called mantra wellness is this free magazine living perfect. $12. Okay. But basically the magazine, it has like all these cool, like fill in the mental health practices for you to kind of like kind of fill out quizzes. I mean, again, not a sponsor, not an addict, nothing like that. I’m just bringing it up. But I just saw it and Tallinn every night.

Yeah. Tallinn every night reads these questions to me as I play the guitar and she’ll be like, so where are you? Three things you want your, you know, happy for today. And like, stuff like that, like they kind of like ask you and like the kind of things they make you do is that it makes you happy because you’re talking out loud.

Are you thinking you’re being grateful for things that you’re happy for? So it’s cool thing. So doing something like that is great too. Yeah. This magazine it’s called mantra wellness. If you want to get it every quarter of the year, they send it like every three months. And for example, this page is called how to retrain your brain for positivity.

And then there’s like five points and it’s like gorgeously laid out on this beautifully artistic page. And it says like, be aware of your thoughts. And then it talks about that. And I’ll like, read it out loud to see Doug and like ask him all the questions, annoying him while he’s trying to play the guitar. So anyways, have a strong winds down routine to lower your cortisol.

So you sleep better. So you have better hormonal balance throughout the day. And while you do intermittent fasting and all of these other components, you strengthen your circadian rhythm. Yeah. So I did a little sticker on Instagram story and I asked everyone, have you tried intermittent fasting? And how was it? And we got a lot of varying responses from sisters who probably didn’t know the information that we just spewed on this podcast before they started intermittent fasting.

Cause oftentimes just like Google it. And they’re like, Oh, let me try. You know? But then what we said was like very specific to PCs. And I certainly didn’t know it at the time when I was training here in intermittent fasting and it didn’t work for me. So a lot of these sisters can relate. Do you want to read it,

babe? Sure. So the first one, uh, again, the question was, have you tried intermittent fasting and how was it? Uh, first one is I’m loving. It really helps curve my cravings and no more midnight snacks. Okay. There you go. We were talking about those snacks and that’s really a big, Yeah. She probably had like a lot of willpower and then,

you know, that craving goes away. Cause her circadian rhythm is Yes. A lot. Another person lost some weight, but hypoglycemia had me shook, so I had to stop. So yeah, there’s the, she may have done too much like possibly yeah. 14, 16, maybe too long. So yeah, that’s one of the side effects right there.

Hypoglycemia. It’s helping me be more conscious of what I eat and stop random snacking. Love it. Great. It was good for me. I have facet 14 hours instead of 16 and I felt good. Oh, there you go. It’s almost like she listened to this podcast, but yeah, 14 hours. That’s like a good sweet spot. 12 is the sweet spot.

I’m sorry. 16 is like the max like tested twice a week. You have an early dinner. Yeah, that’s good. Okay. Uh, the other, another one is it’s I’m sorry. Uh, my weight didn’t move and I was tired and hungry all the time. Yeah. That’s that may be because, um, possibly your diet, if you weren’t portioning or if you want me to be balancing the meals correctly or it just,

maybe the intermittent fasting wasn’t right for you. I mean, Yeah. Or yeah, you were fasting for too long, probably other components. Maybe if you did 12 hours instead of 14 or may have gone a little bit better, but it depends. There’s so many factors, Maybe a bigger issue in your diet was the foods that you’re choosing. Like if maybe you were eating gluten and dairy at the time,

maybe that was a bigger issue for you then what time you were eating. Right. So all of these components can affect your weight loss journey. You just have to figure out which ones are going to help and which ones are going to harm. Yeah. And it sounds like perhaps you, you could try going gluten and dairy free and seeing if that’s going to help.

Yeah. A really hungry all the time, less energy. So yeah, that’s a common side effect. If you know, if it’s not right for you, if not done correctly, like we mentioned earlier, uh, another other said gain weight on it. This may be from starvation mode and doing the really restrictive Is like cut completely to zero. So that now you’re just gaining weight instead of yeah.

You’re just like sticking to everything you eat instead of burning it. Yeah. Uh, another sister said I’m doing it now. Love it. Combined with dairy and gluten free. I feel so much better. Again. We mentioned combining the different things that work for you, intermittent fasting, if that works for you. Boom. And I are combining that with gluten dairy free boom.

It’s like two different like things combining to make you experiential feel better if they’re working for you. Exactly. What’s that word? You say, babe? Shizam no kumbaya. Boo-yah what was that word? Oh my God. No, you forgot it. Oh my goodness. Okay. Let’s move on before my brain phrase, uh, amazing kumbaya kumbaya. How can I forget my trademark phrase?

Okay. Alrighty. Uh, next person amazing. Feel more energized and sleeping. Better lost weight too. Great job. That’s good. It’s working, uh, another sister. Oh God. Very tiring and stressful. So it goes into maybe not eating enough during the day or fasting too long. Maybe not right for the type of piece of us. But what is the stressful part,

babe? Is that just Pumping stress hormones? Because you’re being so restrictive and who knows like where you drinking caffeine, this and that. There’s so many components. Yeah. The other one is the same thing. And uh, someone said I do 16 to eight. I’m not sure what that means. 16, 16 hours fast. Combined with gluten dairy free.

I’m down 38 pounds. Wow. Great job. So 16 hours a little bit on the really extreme scale for a piece of us. But if you can do it, if you can do it, if it’s working great job, if you have no adrenals, you should combine it with gluten dairy free too. So she’s combining it with something. So it’s not like one or the others that like the absolute that’s what you do.

Like she’s combining, I’m sure she’s doing something else too. And in addition to these two, like she sounds like she has it under control. Okay, cool. I love DM. So I think Now we’re covering that covers the topic of intermittent fasting. We gave you some information. We gave you how you can do it if you want to try it.

And we just gave you some personal messages from sisters, who’ve done it. Who’s seen how now they’ve personally, it’s been successful for them. How it’s not been. Maybe you can kind of avoid those mistakes and see if it’s truly something that could work for you. Exactly. Obama running for all that. So I just had like a politician, like a Barack Obama running for office.

And that concludes our message. Yeah. Intermittent fasting. All right. On to the last part of our podcast. Like we always do. We like to mention a sister who’s been managing piece. She was like a mouse losing weight and just, you know, handling everything on her own, through the sisterhood, through, you know, through Ty and I on Instagram and just kind of doing her thing.

I’ll read this one. Yes. This is from a sister in the sisterhood, our membership program. She says, Hey Tallinn. I joined the sister last night. After coming across your page two months ago, I was so excited. And could couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the love you spread in the community too excited. I couldn’t sleep till 3:00 AM.

I’m not kidding. And now I’m so sleepy. Oh my gosh go. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m super excited for this journey. All this while I thought I cannot manage PCs. But after joining the sisterhood for some odd reason, I’m a hundred percent sure I can do it with you guys. I was telling my very supportive husband,

Oh my gosh, how cute, how much I appreciate your support, but I just need that push that go. And it’s not going to, I mean, that it’s going to be all right from someone who went through the exact same situation. Hence the sisterhood coming from a country where we are on a real tight budget. Um, the monthly membership is something I really appreciate and value.

It means a lot to me. I don’t know how to thank you guys for all this positivity and motivation. Amazing first, thank you for all those kind words. I mean, when you say we can sleep til 3:00 AM, it makes me so happy. Cause I haven’t yet been on like a website that you really liked or like a service and you just couldn’t get off that and knowing that we can provide something like that to,

to you and all the sisters like makes me really, I know that makes me so happy. Yeah. We’re like actually producing the content you want to hear. Yeah. You can always DMS and ask us for podcast episode recommendations. Yeah. And thank you Hummel. That’s one part of her username. I don’t want to read the full thing for privacy,

but thank you him all for your message. We appreciate that so much. You can always message us in the scissor whenever you need hub. Yes. But before we go, I should mention about the sisterhood and about, um, give the giveaways have been doing so last week we did a giveaway. Anybody who left a review on the podcast, we did a giveaway of,

um, giving a free weekend, a sisterhood. If you miss that, um, don’t worry. We’ll do that again. But this week we’re doing another giveaway where we are giving away green tea mask from where was it big? Um, this is Lena Wilde’s green tea face mask that we’re going to give away to whoever reposts, I mean, posts a picture of themselves taking Obasanjo posted.

Of course. So tag us so we can see. Or if you just bought of basketball, you can just do a screenshot and post that too on your stories and tag us. And you can still be considered to win this green tea mask, which is very cool because it’s made by the person who makes it like she’s very like independent and all the,

everything is like very high It’s like made for hormonal acne. Yes. And this is a time that some product that times when using again, not a sponsor, not an ad, it’s just telling, got in touch with her and was like, Hey, I want to give it away. Yeah. I love the ingredients on her serum and her face mask and everything.

She’s so sweet. She sent me some, all this time. I was buying it. All right. But yeah. That’s like our giveaways giveaways all around every week. Yeah. That’s what we’d said. Like after a week with the quarantine, we’re like, you know, we gotta just help make sure everybody is at least doing something to take care of themselves and not letting this get to them because it’s very easy to lose our like good habits.

So every week, yeah, every week we’re going to do a giveaway about self care one we did about CBD. We did a candle. We did sisterhood. We’ve done so many ones this week. It will be green tea. Yes. Thank you so much for listening. Yes. Thanks everybody. And take her. We’ll be back again next week.

If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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