PCOS Myths Debunked + We’re Moving to Barcelona!

What was the first PCOS myth you believed and later found out to be untrue? In this episode, we’re going to debunk the most common PCOS myths to take the confusion out of your journey!

We also answer your questions in our PCOS Q&A, play Guess this Food, and talk about our upcoming move to Barcelona!

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Full Episode transcript:

I know. I Know, but should it be in a singer? Start the episode. That’s cool. Doctor. my own hands. And, I’m holding a microphone like Beyonce on a stage. It’s true. It sounds normal, right? Yeah. All right. Well, sisters, our houses falling apart. It’s falling apart. We’re moving in literally three days.

We’re not ready to Barcelona. Suitcases are wide open Or podcast. Studio is done. It’s crumbled. We’re roofing. Yes. We’re recording in the living room. Dining table, holding microphones. It’s almost like we’ve gone back at two years or three years when we first started the podcast, but Oh, that was on the couch. Oh, geez. Listening right now.

Remember when we would record the YouTube video On the couch? On the Couch? Yeah. Oh my gosh. How fun? That was back when we had video episodes and then we just got, the audio only is too much work. I have to be honest. It was so much work. It really Unnecessary work. All right. So why don’t we talk a little bit about this Barcelona trip?

I mean, you don’t hear an echo rate. I almost like I hear a little echo, but I always hear my voice a Little bit, but anyway, but yeah, in three days we’re flying off. We’re not like traveling and coming back, we’re moving to Barcelona in just three days. Quick, quick Vacation. Oh, the same kindergarten party Pack all your shit,

put everything in a suitcase and create another nest in Barcelona. That’s basically what we’re doing. I mean, thankfully we have so much people supporting us. Like for example, we have both our parents who are helping us store our like clothing and stuff that we’re not taking, helping us, helping us store like boxes and boxes of stuff. You would think in this tiny apartment.

There’s not a lot to pack. I mean, there was a lot to pay. It has taken me weeks and weeks. And I, I highly, if you like to clean out your house, I highly suggest emptying an entire room. Not just going through your closet, whatever. Literally Marie Kondo style, take everything out, take it all out,

lay it on your bed and put it back into the closet. Do you understand what I’m saying? Sisters? You have no idea. The feeling of realizing, like I am putting this item back into my closet because I want to wear it. That is what the narration your head. And if you’re not going to wear it, or if you’re not going to use it,

your body, literally won’t put it back in the closet and you’d be surprised. The heap of things that you end up donating. Yeah. Well, what I’m looking at is, okay, I haven’t worn this thing in a year, so obviously I’m not going to take it to Barcelona and why would I even keep it anymore? That’s like my rule now,

Like multiple years. Oh yeah. I have so many things I haven’t worn. Like COVID like, we didn’t really go out. You know, I get it. But like I have shirts that I see every single day that I’m like, no, no, every day, 365 days out of the, I say no, no, no. And I’m like,

why do I even have this shirt? If I’m always saying no, Exactly. It’s just cluttering and taking up space. Nothing. I hate more than clutter. I agree. I will say this podcast episode is so therapeutic right now because I was like really welled up before we started. We’re like three days late. We’ve been like, we’ve been so busy with packing that we were supposed to record this like two days ago.

But every day was so packed. Every day was so busy. We were like, we’ve had to postpone and postpone. And we were finally recording three days before we go. So the next episode, when you’re the next episode, that’s going to be one word in Barcelona. So stay tuned for that sisters. Next week’s episode. You’ll hear how we’re doing in Barcelona because we’ll be there for about three days when we record that one,

Even suggested recording it like at a park or some outdoor space. Cool. With that blur quote on an airplane, we’ll record on the train we’ll record. When we’re going through the apps, Switzerland, Zurich stay tuned. Sisters. We’ll take you a long are. Yeah. And just to, because we’re talking about this on Instagram and a lot of people thought,

oh, like, you’re not going to be posting on Instagram anymore, or are you going to like, go away? Are you going to disappear, et cetera? No, we’re going to do everything. We’re not going to bars soon as a vacation. Kidding me. This is very huge sisters. I mean, it’s for us too, but it’s very you and that content.

Yeah. We’re literally going to Barcelona to work there, to live our life as we normally do in California. But now we’re just going to be traveling as we do the same thing we always do. And it gives us new content to create like how to eat out when you’re in Yeah. New stories in the beginning of our podcast. Right? Imagine things are going to say right now,

we’re talking about packing and thank you for listening to this Next week. We’ll be talking about how we spend one hour at the grocery store, trying to find gluten-free flour, who knows it’s going to be really fun. So stay tuned and watch us on Instagram piece. Start weight loss, watch stories. Cause that’s where we’ll be posting everything that we’re doing.

So with that, let’s jump into what we’re here for, which is PCs and learning more about it. So the first thing we’re going to start off with is actually everyone’s new favorite game, including talions Tyne loves this game. She always wants to start off the podcast with it. And that is, guess this. Wow. So if you’re new, this is a game where I me see Doug,

I chose a really good piece, us friendly food. It could be an ingredient. It could be as simple as a drink or a spice or even just almonds, anything. And it’s normally a really good piece. Us friendly food that we love to make a staple. And we dive deeper into it once Tallinn guesses it correctly. So tine, I’m going to give you some hints.

I’m going to start off with some really hard ones. And it’s up to you. You can give your guests, you have one guest, you can lock in your guests anytime you want, but once you lock in your guests, you can’t change it. When I read the rest of the hints hit it, Jack. Okay. I always like to start off with some history,

with anything. I give some history. If you remember the avocado one, the first hint is it was first used as a dye and then later for its supposed properties in folk medicine. So it was like a, like a coloring agent. If you want, if you want to say it like that, if you give your guests, you have to lock it and you can change it at once.

I give you the five minutes, but the earlier you get the bigger points you get imaginary, just to be sure. All right, this next one is it can be used as a paste, as a home remedy for sunburn and is also an ingredient in many commercial sunscreens, all dive deeper into it. It’s used as a coloring agent in dairy free cheese,

butter, and other foods, as well as real cheese. It’s also used in skin creams, soaps foundation, and a set to give a glow to the complex. Yeah. Okay. Tumor. Really? You can’t get multiple guesses. I’m sorry. One Guest at a time. Okay. Let’s continue If you think it’s sink. Good sink. Even though I already made the anxiety,

but okay. Let’s continue. It has benefits against depression, brain health aging, as well as arthritis Sounds too good to be true. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and it also supports liver. Detoxification. All of these are so good for PCs by the way now, and then this last hint, it should make it pretty clear to you has a warm bitter black pepper like flavor and earthy mustard like aroma,

the Hell, black pepper. Is it Red pepper? No. And it’s commonly used in something called a golden milk. Come on, tine. You already said it. Black pepper. You already said it. Tumeric, Tumeric, tumeric in sunscreen. Well, Is this some of the information that I found online? I mean, I’m sure it’s not all sunscreen,

but like, you know, some of the natural ones, I’m sure they put it, but that’s what it said online. Interestingly, it’s also used as a coloring agent in cheese butter and some foods That is interesting. Well, that’s good to know. I mean, a lot of dairy free cheeses have weird coloring dyes in them. So I mean,

there are some like biolife that are good. I feel like their ingredients are really good. I don’t know if they use tumeric, but they use like natural ingredients to create their Jeez. Yeah. And there’s actually something really interesting about tumeric that I want to mention. One of the reasons why I brought it up, that it’s not the tumeric that provides all of these benefits.

It’s secure cumin. That’s found in the tumeric. So this is really important. It’s a cure. Cumin, C U R C U M I N. Curcumin. That’s what all these benefits come from. So when you buy tumeric, look at the label and the label should say 95% concentration of cure cumin. If you get it like that, then you’re getting the good stuff.

But of course there are a lot of companies who will in order to sell it for cheaper, bring the cost down, et cetera. They filter out the cure cumin or their processing is a lot more harsh where removes a cure. Cumin. Don’t get those ones. You already get the ones. I mean, if you really want the benefits, you should get the ones that has the curcumin 95% in it.

I remember when we were dating and you would make me, you would get that like really high quality tumeric and make me like cook it with black pepper. It’s called the golden milk recipe. Yeah. Do you remember that? Did you like it? Yeah, it was strong, but like, I remember you would take shots. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Should I give the recipe? Okay. Well, if you, so if you really want to incorporate tumeric with the curcumin that I mentioned, and again, the benefits are amazing and flooring inflammation and so much more. Now one little, I should say, like warning, this is not going to taste good. It’s like every time I would take a shot of this,

it was just like, you gotta take a shot as if you’re drinking. Like Volcker’s something kind of worse. So to make golden milk, I honestly, I just first suggested just Google it. And like, you’ll find a bunch of like Pinterest ones, YouTube that like show you how to make it. But to put it really simply the most simplest recipe I can give you.

Cause there’s a lot of like, adoptations out there, you use a little bit of like coconut milk, you get like a teaspoon or like one teaspoon of tumeric. Make sure it’s the curcumin one. And then you throw in some black pepper, not the black pepper. The reason people use black pepper is that it actually makes what you’re having more bioavailable.

In fact, if you look at a lot of supplements, you’ll see that if you look in the back, it has something called bio pairing by a pairing is a trademarked version of black pepper that people add to supplements in order to make them more bioavailable. So basically black pepper tumeric and the coconut milk, you combine them. And then it creates like this almost like,

like a peanut buttery texture, like thick paste. And I think you also can heat up the coconut milk. So it’s like a little bit warm and it makes it all come together. So highly recommend looking it up online too, if you want to see a full version. Cool. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi toll and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible.

I see those kinds of messages on a lot. How does that even happen? Versatile helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol.

This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup,

so I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making, you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive.

It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also, it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. All right,

babe, why don’t we jump into our next portion, which is our Q and a. So we took some questions from Instagram, at pizzeria about weight loss. We basically looked at your common sisters. So if you want to submit your question, just post a comment on our page and we’ll read them. So Taiwan should go ahead and start. Sasha sashimi says on one of our,

we posted a video of like chia seed pudding. She says, what dairy for yogurt are you using? And what granola? So the dairy for yogurt, I usually use coconut yogurt. And then when it comes to granola, I like purely Elizabeth. But also like if you don’t find that, just take a look at the granola section, select a few of the gluten-free ones that you think look good,

and then flip it over, look at the nutrition label and choose the one with the lowest amount of sugar. And that is how I select my gluten free dairy free granola. Yeah. Whichever one is lowest in sugar. And as long as I like the flavor, it’s good. I like purely Elizabeth. Yeah. With on sugar. Yeah. So now you’re a coconut yogurt person.

And before you went, yeah. Cool. And if you want to see the posts where we made a Cissy pudding, just go to again, Instagram, PCO start weight loss. If you look at her feet, you’ll see that breakfast one. All right. Question for you from Dumler could goes, even if we eat healthily, can some symptoms so persist,

I’m being to myself on listening to myself a lot and I’m like, oh no, this shouldn’t happen. Even though I’m eating healthy. Well, you know, there’s no one size fits situation for PCs. Like even if you’re eating healthy, even if you’re eating gluten and dairy free, sometimes you know that that’s not enough. Sometimes we need the help of supplements.

Sometimes we need to modify our diet to make it specific to ourselves. You know, everyone has a different carb tolerance, for example. And even though you’re eating gluten and dairy free, you might be having too many carbs, just turned away from the mic to talk, but you might be eating too many carbs. And that makes a huge difference in your cravings and your mood and your fatigue and everything.

So it’s just multifaceted. That’s why in the sisterhood, our membership, we have the five stage success path. And that’s where we cover all the components that typically affect women with PCOS are symptoms. And, you know, you can modify your diet in a personalized way based on the information you learn in there. Okay. All right. Next question is from Kofi 26.

She asks what are some good snacks for movie night? And I think she asked us because we had a post about you falling asleep during movie night. Cause you know, like the adrenal fatigue hits you, but some good snacks for movie night fields. No doubt. What about this? Oh yeah. We have those Mexican wedding cookies from CIT. They’re so good.

Yeah. They like sprinkled them with a teensy bit of salt and that it like makes your taste buds explode every time you eat it. Yeah. Yeah. We just had one cookie each before for this party. Yes. Highly recommend this again. Those they’re called Mexican wedding cookies from and no doubt. Beanfields nacho chips. Gluten-free dairy-free made a beans full of protein,

full of fiber. I’ll Tell you one thing. We’re not going to find in Spain that’s Beanfields Chips. Chips are so much better. I feel like, remember we went to Italy and then we went to select to a corner store just to get some snacks for the room. And then we found like these aisle of chips and they were like, these really different kinds of flavors,

but not even flavored. They were like real to chips was just the case that you were eating a potato. Yes, It was delicious. They really have better chips in Europe, in America. Not that waiting. We’re going to eat chips all day. What else? Any other good snacks you like for movie night? All Right. Good snacks. Gosh,

What do we eat? What do we get? What, what are we eating when we, Some dairy free ice cream is fun. Like so delicious has great ice cream on a stick type of things. And then, you know, I, Which cookies, the one you put into the oven, like sweet Lauren, And those are delicious. You would never know the difference.

Yeah. I like to bake like two cookies and just like eat them together. Yeah. You know, with Seadog the two of us I don’t want to make all 12. Do you know what I mean? Like now I have 12 cookies. I’m going to eat one every day just to speak to that’s it. Yeah. And also in the sisterhood,

just a shout out to the sisterhood. We have a whole pantry. Oh, gluten free section. You can find that like all, Oh my gosh. Yes. There’s this new like strawberry pudding dessert recipe. And it’s amazing to me. Okay. Next and last question is from Mallacoota 10 D could beat. I hope I said that. Right. Is that how you would read that?

My law school Maluka Tyndale could be sure. She says, how about gluten-free pasta? Is this okay? Gluten-free pasta is, you know, wonderful. It is gluten-free yeah. I like to choose the one ingredient ones where it’s just chickpeas. That’s it? Or just jeans. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I prefer chickpeas are being things like that instead of the rice based ones.

Just because those ones have more protein. Yup. And it’s good to keep it. My, I think the reason is the reason that sister might be asking us is in general, like, just because the pasta is gluten free doesn’t mean that it’s just like outright healthy, right? Not always because it’s still about knowing how many carbs is right for you day to day.

It’s about eating a moderation. So just because something is also gluten free doesn’t mean like pasta is just going to be outright healthy a hundred percent of the time. So it’s also good to keep that in mind. Yeah. It doesn’t mean like zero calories or like, you know, it’s just a free for all eat the whole thing. You want to understand your carp tolerance,

like I said earlier, so even though something’s gluten free, there are other components that affect the, your ability to lose weight with PCOS. Totally Cool. All right. So there’s today’s main topic is going to be the top myths of PCs. So the top myths so hard for me to say these words myths associated. Yes. That’s what makes it hard for me.

So we’re going to start with our first myth and we’re going to basically break them down for you, just so you know, what’s, what’s the exact truth. What you should believe, what you shouldn’t believe and that way it makes it easier for you when you go to your next doctor’s office or the next time you’re talking to somebody, or if just someone,

if next time someone is giving you some nonsense information. So the first myth is you have to have polycystic ovaries to have PCs. So even though a lot of sisters have cysts in their ovaries, it doesn’t mean that you have to have this to have. Yeah. It’s just one out of the three symptoms that you need. What are they see duck?

You always see them on the live. Cause I always forget like one of them You don’t all right. Well the two out of three. So the first one is this, oh, cysts in your ovaries. The second one is irregular periods. And the third one is hyperandrogenism, which means elevated male hormones. Don’t like testosterone. So you just need two out of three.

So if you don’t have the ovaries, but you still have the regular periods and the hyperandrogenism, then you can still have a piece of us. Yeah. Sometimes people will go to the doctor, the doctor does an ultrasound. Oh, you don’t have SIS. So you don’t have PCOS. And they just like, oh your symptoms or whatever. They like dismiss you.

I mean, even your lab work can look normal and you can still have like awful symptoms of insulin resistance and high testosterone and things like this. Cause maybe you’re normal, but you’re like in the higher range of it, you know what I mean? That’s why functional medicine so much better. It’s very specific. Okay. Very a lab test. Make sure that it’s a functional lab test.

All right. All right. The second one is you can’t get pregnant. If you have PCO S LIS is completely untrue and people often get traumatized as soon as they get diagnosed, because this is the next thing their doctor says, oh, it’s going to be hard for you to get pregnant. Oh, you should get pregnant right now. Oh, you should get married really fast to get pregnant right now so that you can have kids.

It’s going to be hard. No, I mean, maybe my answer is maybe it depends how well you manage your PCLs and how much you prioritize your hormone health until you decide to get pregnant. So what foods are you eating? What type of exercise are you doing? Are you taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally? These all have an impact on your fertility,

specifically your level of inflammation and your blood sugar control have a huge impact on your egg, quality, and oscillation and things like that. That’s why opacity tall. We always talk about it. It’s great for ed quality ovulation, you know, overall hormonal health for women with PCOS. And then, you know, a lot of people take it, get pregnant.

So that’s what Exactly right. All right. So our next myth, third myth is kind of related to the first one. If your menstrual cycle is regular, that means you have PCs. I mean, just like we talked about with the first myth, there’s three symptoms and you have to have two out of three to be officially diagnosed from a doctors.

So if you don’t have irregular periods, you can still have ovarian cysts and the hyperandrogenism, which would still qualify as piscivorous of course an exam by a doctor can make it official. So shout out to the girls who are struggling to get their period and just not having it for like months and months or even years and years. Yeah. Keep investigating your health.

Don’t just let it go get some blood work done. Really understand your hormonal rhythms. Yeah. And we know hundreds, if not thousands of sisters who were able to do the periods back, even after having them for six months or more. So, I mean, I screenshot everything. Yeah. My phone has an album of thousands of photos of sisters saying,

oh good. And dairy-free I took her, I saw, I tried your method. I joined the sister. I got my bare yet. They’re like crying of happiness, which I totally get. I did too, because I didn’t have mine for like a year. Yeah. All right. So myth, if you’re not looking to get pregnant, you don’t have to worry about PCFS.

This is Such an important, I Could just fall out of my effing chair. What kind of piece of advice is this? But it’s So common. Yeah. Hormone health matters. Whether or not you want to get pregnant, whether or not anything, your hormonal health facts, your brain health, your bone health, your mood, your weight, everything,

your, your susceptibility to like cancers and diabetes and high blood pressure and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So with that being said, you have to pray. I don’t like to like say all the, all of the things that could happen with PCs. I feel like that’s very negative and depressing. I like to focus on what we can do right now.

And that is managed PCRs and not just ignore it just because you don’t want to get pregnant. I a hundred percent agree. And it’s like, time, just say like, there’s so many components. Like you may not want to get pregnant, but you can still feel a certain way that you want to reverse and you want to change. You want to feel better.

Should we suffer? You’re just going to sit there and suffer and feel bloated and have cystic acne and all of these things just because you don’t want to get pregnant. So whatever deal with it. Oh my God. People make me sick. These doctors make me sick. All right. The next myth is everyone with PCs is obese or overweight. Now,

even though weight gain can be a common symptom of peace us. We all know that that’s not where everyone with peaches, you know, struggles with. So there’s of course, something known as lean piece us as well, which I believe Italian, correct me if I’m wrong. 20% of women with PCO has have Yeah. And 80% are overweight or obese.

Yeah. So as we just said, PCs can come in many different, you know, symptoms, many different struggles. So it doesn’t always have to be waking and it can also be, Yeah. A lot of women get really pushed aside and dismissed because they’re not overweight. And so don’t let them do that to you because you could have blood sugar issues that are affecting your period and your oblation,

so many different things. Yeah. And we got a lot of requests about this on our YouTube channel, especially, which is why we made a specific channel about lean us on our YouTube channel, which please feel free. Feel free to go ahead and check out. It’s a piece of us, weight loss on YouTube and for anyone else too, if you want to watch any of our YouTube videos,

you can find so many great ones, PCs, weight, loss tips, as well as lean piece, yours as well as grocery halls and all that kind of stuff. Really fun stuff on our YouTube channel. Before we go on to our next myth, let’s do a little break here and go to our wins of the week. Favorite Let’s hit it too.

Leeka says, I just want to say that it’s been a little more than two weeks that I have started falling the gluten and dairy free diet. And I’m already noticing the results. My acne is gone. I don’t feel bloated anymore. And I have lost two kilograms, which is like five pounds. The only thing that I am struggling with is my hair loss.

Can anybody suggest something? Well, first of all, that’s wonderful, Amazing job Dzaleka and Second of all, you know, there’s multiple components to losing your hair. It could be so many different things, high testosterone, high androgens that eventually can be resolved with lifestyle and diet change and supplements. So I do suggest getting some blood work done, make sure that your thyroid is doing okay because that can be a leading cause of hair loss as well.

And see if your stress hormones are out of whack. And if that’s the case, then you want to focus more on your adrenal health. Or if your insulin is out of whack, you want to focus on your blood sugar. Then I can go on the 20 minute tension about that. Or you can join the sisterhood. And we talk all about,

Yeah, I think as time said, too, I highly recommend doing the lab blood test to see what the culprit is. So you can focus on that. And one thing to note too, with hair loss or even facial hair as well, it is very possible to reverse. It only issue is that it can take a little bit longer. So about six to 12 months is the average time spent to reverse those symptoms.

But it is completely possible. We’ve seen sisters do it. In fact, we have, I’ll never forget a sister named Fatina who sent us a picture of her scalp. And then months later after our tips, she sent, she sent us another picture or like a, an update where she said, oh my God, my hair is growing back. My baby hairs are coming back.

I’m so happy. And like She had baby hairs on her forehead. Yeah. So it just know that it’s very possible that it just takes some time. And as you work more and more on it, it just gets more and more. I’m starting to come back more and more cool. Charlotte shin. I wanted to celebrate a win today. I got my period after six months and I’m less tired.

And to have more motivation, I want to say thank you to this amazing group as they’re so supportive. Amazing. Oh, we were just talking about sisters who hadn’t gone their periods for like years or more. So here’s an excellent proof, Charlotte. Yeah. Awesome. Very happy for You, Charlotte. You want to read The next one? Sure.

Again, from the sisterhood is Corliss Corliss says, hi, I’m totally new to the sisterhood. And I’m still in the process of learning how to make my gluten and dairy free buys. I want to come here and share how excited I was to know that I can still buy Chipola. We just ate there yesterday. Not sure if I’m the only Chipotle over here,

but it just makes me so happy to know. I can still have their red, hot sauce and barbecue with a small amount of rice. Yes. Heck yeah. Is it barbecue or the Barbara core? Was that what it is? I thought it was a type was I said barbecue. I think it’s one Of the meats. Yeah, that’s amazing.

We had Chipola yesterday. Well late, you know what I get at Chipola I get the salad and I don’t get the rice. I get beans as my carbs and I get the chicken and the Quock and the tomato salsa and the fajita vegetables. And it’s so Good. Eat it every day. I could eat Chipotle every day or a pokey bowl. I got you.

And this is the two things that tine always orders either when I’m not home. For some reason, tine loves to order when I’m at home. I don’t blame you because you don’t have to, you don’t want to cook, Not going to cook for myself. If you’re not here, I feel have More love for yourself. I do. I do.

I cook all the time, but it’s like, we never eat out. And it’s my chance to get the thing that you don’t like, which is foci. Yeah. Cool. Well, I like a combo. Coreless love you’re so enjoying poli and love that. You’re enjoying a certain yes. Next one. Go for it. Linnie says sharing a win for this week.

See, I just thought it was funny because see doc, every time he tells me to go for it, he’s like pointing at, be like game show host. No, I’m just trying to like keep it up so that there’s no like big pauses. The camera man, like pans over to the other side of the stage shows I can hit it.

Yeah. Cause if I don’t do that, I’m tight. I’m sorry if I don’t do that, you’ll just sit there all quiet and wait for me to do something. Cause I know, but I’m just trying to take turns. I’m trying to give you some Linnie aside, says sharing a win for this week since going gluten and dairy free for almost four months.

Now I was a bit hesitant to go out with friends when invited to go out to a restaurant. I didn’t want to make a fuss on meal selections. However, I was able to swap a few things out, landed with this amazing dish and a paradise mocktail. Ooh. That’s great. Look at the salmon. Do you think It’s like smoked salmon,

like salad? Yes. Looks bomb. It looks really good. Shout out to Linney. And she got a mocktail which looks delicious as well. Looks like it’s like pineapple flavor or something. I will say to this day, I have not gone to a restaurant and not been able to find something. Yeah. It’s so common. Now. In fact,

I forgot where I read that. Oh, it was on Robin hood that like state, like it was on their newsletter. They were talking about how the new trend for like Walmart and all these new companies are dairy free products. So it’s good news for us. Give me a pound right here. True. We shifted everything Ever. Scissors who are who’s,

who still may want to have like a cocktail or anything like that. We recommend like Tito’s vodka is a really good gluten-free vodka as well as like to kill things. Opt out of alcohol snaps for you. Because I think Dr. Phyllis scourge in her book, she goes avoid alcohol. Like the plague. I mean, we don’t have to be that aggressive,

but we get where she’s coming from. We agree like alcohol identification. I agree. A hundred percent. I honestly agree. A hundred percent on doing anything for us with PCOS. And that is my opinion slash facts. All right. I respect their respect by their going back to how I had to point to, to, to the next part. Just want to talk about how sometimes talent can be.

So what is the word like not Can’t read the room. Yes. Pauline is a horrible room reader. Here’s what I mean. Imagine like you for carrying something heavy and you’re trying to walk outside and the doors closed. She’ll like, look at you and not realize that you need someone to open the door and like, things like that all the time.

It’s just hilarious. Like I’ll be carried, like put the things in my hands and like, she won’t even like take one thing. Like, it’s just funny. I’m sorry. I’m just disappointed. I take one thing. All right. Let’s continue. Let’s continue with our PCs myth. We just have a couple lifts. I just have a delayed response to them.

I really do. And I will say another thing whenever I’m in like a Pilates class or something, and the teacher like says what the next move is and that she does it and everyone does it. As soon as she says it, I’m always the last one to do the movement. Like first I have to see other people doing it and then copy them.

Like I can’t just like, listen and like do it. Do you understand what I’m saying? I have like a delayed, like, oh, okay. That’s what the You’re on? Like a broadcasting delay. Yeah. I’m loading buffering. Buffering. I’ve always been like this. I Accept myself for who you are. You Better stuck with me. Oh,

see, we’ll leave you in Barstow. Okay. Next. All right. Next myth is you need an ultrasound to be diagnosed with PSUs. Didn’t we say this? Oh no. He’s in a very insist. Yeah. So if you don’t have an ultrasound, but you have the facial hair, acne, the symptoms, irregular periods, then you can still be diagnosed with PCOS.

I would encourage you to get an ultrasound. That’s good to know. What’s what’s happening with your ovaries so that you can see the progress as it gets better when you change your diet and lifestyle. And you know that like things are working for you. So I wouldn’t skip that part. I would insist on getting the ultrasound. In fact, I get an ultrasound every year just to make sure all my ducks are in a row.

Yes. And it just means that basically, if a doctor gives you an ultrasound and the ultrasound is quote unquote clean, it doesn’t mean like tie-in said, the other two symptoms are there. So there you can still be diagnosed. Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t mean that if you had SIS and they went away that that’s not a good thing. I’m just trying to talk about people who were,

who are getting diagnosed. Next women with PCs can lose weight. Like anyone else that is not true. That is not true at all. That is really oversimplified. And you know, maybe calorie counting works for other people who don’t have metabolic dysfunction. And that’s fine if that works for them and they want to do that. But with us, it’s a little more complex.

We have to go at weight loss with a metabolism perspective. We want to manage our metabolism and focus on insulin and cortisol and make sure that, you know, there’s so many things I can go on a whole tangent about that. But my point is we need to focus on metabolism while other people might focus on calorie counting and like working out more for us that could completely not work.

Yes. Yeah. Ms. Studies have showed star like when people starve themselves in the east, my below certain amount of calories that their metabolism literally slows down in order to maintain some in order to maintain mass. So, yep. Cool. Next myth. You’ll know for sure. If you have PCs now, this is a really good one too, because a lot of sisters go undiagnosed for years and years and years,

or even they don’t even know that they have PCs. They just think it’s very normal. Yeah. Sometimes you just don’t know. Sometimes you just think that these symptoms are normal. Like you said, and you, you can’t really like self sometimes going to the doctor is the best way to get diagnosed so that you can really see like what the ultrasound is,

what your labs are to get a clear diagnosis. And if you think that you have PCs and your doctor is gaslighting, you’re not listening to your symptoms, then you can find a different doctor. Yeah. By the way, I went, when I went to the Barbara today to get my haircut and you know, like, like now we eat anywhere you go,

the second conversation starts, Barcelona just comes up obviously. Right. So what are you up to? What’s new. So she asked me that and like I explained to her like, oh, it’s for our work. And we were going to go work there. And basically she asked me about, or what do you, what do you do? And like I explained about you and I explained about PCs.

Oh yeah. Like I think my friend from Virginia has that inject. She didn’t know she had it for like 10 years. And now she just recently realized that she has it. I was like, and I told her how that it’s like very common. So it’s like, it’s perfectly in line with this myth as well. Yeah. A lot of people have that situation.

They just suffer for years and years, they get diagnosed at like 30, when they’ve been dealing with the same symptoms that like 18. Totally. I wonder if her friend knows us. And then when she tells her friend this, this and this, I talked to someone with a PCs. Is that it she’ll be like, Well, I told her,

she probably knows us to an end before I left. She like said, oh, can I see your Instagram so I can follow it. So, all right. So we have two more myths. Why don’t we finish it off with these two Medscape? I thought you said minutes when he said, okay, How dare you? Okay. Third, Don’t forget what that sister said.

We’re out, we’re alive with a fellow sister on Instagram. And she said, what’d she say, shit, am I speaking? Has gotten better? See, I just messed up Because she was a speech therapist. Like she went to school for speech therapy and communications. Yeah. And I asked her speech therapist and she’s a communications major. I believe.

I, I don’t wanna get that wrong. But she mentioned that she noticed in the last two years of the podcast that my English and my speaking has gotten better. So shout out to your sister. Thank you for that. And there you go, Tony. That’s true. Can you put on my mic? Let’s get to it. All right. Go for it.

Every woman with PCPs should go on the birth control pill. No, this is not true. Make it stop. Shouldn’t even be a myth. This doesn’t treat PCO S it covers it like a band-aid they’re synthetic chemicals that mimic your hormones. I can go on for a tangent again on the subject alone, but you know who it should go on birth control.

I was like, put the mic to your mouth. The whole women who are really, really struggling with their symptoms or who decide that, you know what? I don’t want to deal with this right now. And they take the birth control pill. You know that like, if that’s your choice, then that’s fine. That is your choice. But being pushed the pill with no idea of like,

what else you can do, maybe, maybe you maybe you’ll try. You’d rather try something else. But it’s treated like the only solution. Listen, it’s the only solution your doctor can give you, but it’s not the only solution for PCs who said, doctors know all the solutions and all things doctors know whatever’s in their toolbox, in their medical toolbox,

they perform surgeries. They prescribe drugs. They are helpful in a lot of it. Of course, a lot of instances. But that doesn’t mean what they say is the only thing that goes. Do you know what I mean? There’s acupuncturists, there’s naturopathic doctors. There’s, gynecologist’s like Dr. Phyllis Gershwin, SEDI, functional medicine who know every who have all the tools in their toolkit.

Yeah. So when they look at you, they don’t just say birth control. They’re like, well, there’s 20 things. Let me see which one suits you best. Yeah. In fact, for anyone who wants to learn more about birth control, I highly highly recommend go to last week’s episode with Dr. Phyllis scourge. Listen to that episode, because I think for about 20,

30 minutes, she talks about birth control the pros, the cons so much more. So listen to last week’s episode, if you really want to learn more about it, I’m telling you If more doctors said, join the sisterhood. As soon as they diagnose their patients, instead of take birth control, we would really be in a better place right now.

We would, we, as in the PCU S P women as a whole. Absolutely. Yeah. The whole community. Yeah. All right. So the last myth, and I think there’s a great myth to end on is S is a life sentence for feeling bad. And we want to let you know, after hearing all these myths, but also after experiencing,

I’m sure of the number of symptoms you’ve experienced sister, that it’s not a life sentence. You don’t have to feel bad, or you don’t have to feel like you have no hope. No. In fact, we had somebody on our podcasts that said that PCLs he like compared it to like people with different bone structures and nose shapes. Like everyone is different.

Okay. Everyone’s hormonal rhythm can be different too. Everyone’s genetics are different. Everyone is different a little bit. And you just have to change your lifestyle so that it’s not this conventional thing that someone told you to do change it. So that it’s something that suits your body so that you don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life so that you can do the things that make you feel good,

you know, so that you don’t feel bad for the rest of your life, with these symptoms. Right. And I mean, that doesn’t mean do miserable thing. I’m not saying cut calories so you can lose weight. I’m saying try something that makes you feel. But if you choose to go gluten debut, try a recipe that you really, like.

I just said this on stories today. Just because you’re gluten dairy free doesn’t mean you have to be miserable and restricted for the rest of your life. Maybe for a period of time, you have to do it really well. But then later, maybe you could try a little, see how you feel, maybe continue a gluten and dairy free, but continue to like learning how to cook and make a lifestyle out of it.

Yeah. I totally agree. All right, sisters, that’s it. How are you, how are you feeling? You ready to play This time? Next week? Monday, we’re going to be in Barcelona. Yeah. Well, we’re recording this episode. There was this therapeutic for you. I feel much better. Yeah. Don’t you? What is it about podcasting that’s or like even going live?

I think it was just talking better afterwards. Yeah. It was just talking, talking to the sisters, but now we’re going to go to our neighbors. We’re going to our neighbors tonight for like our farewell, like cocktail hour with them. It feels weird to be like, okay, well, no, it just feels weird to like, be mingling with neighbors.

Like we’re like, I know, I feel bad. I feel like Convenience. I just feel like we’re, we’re growing people. Like, you know, like, you know, like, like it’s adulting. Yeah. We’re adulting. It’s exactly what to say. Yeah. That’s true. We have a nice community Here. Yeah, we do. We’ll miss them.

Yes. It’s history as well. I mean, as much as I’d like to stay in chat more. We’ll talk to you at the next step. Yes. We will take care. Everyone. We’ll talk to you from Barcelona next week. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site,

where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle pollutant, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again. Ah,


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