PCOS Party with Friends!

Two friends with PCOS join us on the podcast today!

Tallene’s sister Arlene as well as her friend Liana come on the podcast to talk all about their PCOS experience and journey.

We bring up funny stories, behind the scenes that you’ve never heard about A Cyster & Her Mister, and much more!

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Full Episode transcript:

I guess we’re going to have to do that after then tea flavor. Relax already. I feel so relaxed. I know. And I’m so glad that I got one. Okay. I just had the herbal tea from the acupuncturist. We’ve been running around all morning. So this is necessary. It’s lowering. Well, I feel like Leanna would find this hilarious.

So I went, when we went to the acupuncture is like a second or third week. I was telling him that like, oh, I did like a hormone test, whatever. And my testosterone was like slightly lower than where it should be for my age. Right. So I told him, I explained it to him and then like gets quiet and he gets really close to me.

Like I’m laying down. He like, he like sits right next to me and just like, looks at me. He’s like, how’s this For the listeners. He put his fist up with his arm up in one leg. How’s this signifying what can only be known as, I’m sorry at bombs. This is going to say biologically and erect penis, you know,

Fist up like this. That’s like the nicest way he could say. English isn’t his first language. So I don’t think he has the vocabulary to like say, you know, in the correct. Yeah. Older, you know, he’s older. He’s from, you know, whatever he’s from South Korea and like,

basically doesn’t know English as well, but he’s still a great doctor besides the point. And they even went like, is it like this? Or is it like, is it like this? Or is it God? Is this sister is in the room Real quick. Yeah. The funniest thing is we went to dinner at my parents’ house afterwards, like the day after or something and see that told us like,

and like cracking up. My mom is like crying, laughing. How is it like that fall off? Yeah. I only brought up cause he gave me like a herbal tea. That’s supposed to like help with whatever, like natural, like naturally help, lower stress help with like Tufts draw Shaun, that kind of stuff. Yeah. So it was just funny.

That’s all I got. Was it spearmint tea? I don’t think so. He gave me like a bags of herbal tea with no label. No nothing. When I asked him what it is, it’s natural and where it’s natural To clarify. I have no issues in that area. So I clarify, I was like, No, man, I have no problems there.

And I just get tired at night. That’s my Struggle with fatigue. Yeah. So It’s good. It’s good. I’m drinking twice a day. Morning and night. It’s good. Yeah. I would say that ever since you quit coffee started this tea thing and the supplements and all of this, your energy is improving. Thanks. Yeah. And except for today,

because he had to take a magnesium supplement with lunch and it’s so interesting. How like 15 minutes later, boom, Immediately 15 minutes. I was like, I started to yarn and stuff. He relaxes your body. I take it too. I take it one at lunch and two at dinner. So that’s how like I have to lie down. Let’s get started with that actually is a perfect segue into the lab kit.

You took Arlene. So we should just introduce everyone. Hello sisters, welcome to a new episode. There’s a little bit different than most episodes that we do. As you can tell, we actually have two guests today in the studio, PCs, weight loss studio. And one of them is Arlene tine, sister and another is another very close friend Leanna.

And they bought that piece USA and gone through different experiences. And we’re just going to have a very fun conversation today and just talking about, you know, chill stuff like acupuncture, like supplements, that kind of stuff. Yeah. How we deal with our PCLs. Yeah, exactly. So Tom, why don’t you explain how Arlene took the lab kit and like the results and like what happened afterwards?

And then we can get into it. So we came across this great company equal life and they have a lab kit. That’s a complete hormone and metabolic panel test. And so it tests for your thyroid insulin cortisol, all of the factors that contribute to the root causes of PCLs and it tests for estrogen testosterone. And it looks at functional ranges. So it’s not just conventional ranges,

it’s specific. And that is what helps people really get down to the root issues and figure out what they need to do and what the issues are. And so we gave this test to Arlene, Arlene took this test and everything was all like Hilter Skelter, except insulin. All over the place. And we should clarify that Arlene just got off her birth control six months before and was going through like a lot of difficulty.

Yeah. More than that. Yeah. Before I pass the mic to you, I just want to say that Arlene was taking a basketball and going gluten and dairy free and your insulin levels were perfection. Arlene hit it. I couldn’t do anything. Like I couldn’t target the other issues. Yeah. Okay. So I would say, and summer of 2019,

I decided to go gluten and dairy free after I had a really bad allergic reaction to what we think were peanuts and like something I ate. And I already, like, I already know that I have a really bad like immune reaction to certain allergens. And one of the things that my doctor was saying, and obviously like Thailand’s been telling me to go gluten and dairy free or limit gluten and dairy from my diet.

And one of the things my doctor also told me is like, yeah, gluten and dairy free will help your body reduce inflammation altogether so that when you have these allergic reactions, it won’t be as bad of a response. And in addition to like all these other like benefits that it’s going to have. So like that really put me like, yeah, it’s really over the edge.

And it like got me to make that change. So since like summer of 2019, I’ve been gluten and dairy free. And then I went off birth control in January of 2020. So it’s been a long time now it’s been a year and a half, I guess. And I wasn’t having a regular menstrual cycle and my mood was all over the place and it was just a mess.

Like Colleen can attest lots of meltdowns. Yeah. And then she like had me take the lab kit and oh. And she was having me take the Avastin tol. Yeah. Which was helping with your moods. That really was. And so when I took the lab kit, since I had been taking Labassa tol for so long, my insulin was really good.

But then everything else was still like all over the place. Right. It’s hard after birth control to get everything back under control because you’re, you have estrogen dominance afterwards, your testosterone can be high. The pill can trigger and exacerbate all the PCs underlying issues. And my God, it could take a long time to heal that naturally. And sometimes you need supplements,

like push you in the right direction. Yeah. So after you had the 30 minute call after you took the lab tests and they told you what supplements to take, I mean, tell us your results. So I had this call with them, they explain the lab kit, and then they told me what supplements I’m supposed to take. And it only took about like two or three weeks for me to start seeing a difference.

And the first thing that changed was my mood swings. I wasn’t having mood swings anymore. I felt like really stable and like relaxed. Like I felt like things that would throw me over the edge before I was just fine. And the second month I noticed that my cellulite was lessening and these are all like cellulite in like the places where women typically have like trouble.

And so like, it was on my butt. It was on my thighs. And no matter how much I worked out, I couldn’t get rid of it. But suddenly it started melting away after, after taking these supplements, consensus, cause it’s estrogen dominance can really make you hold weight in your lower body and create cellulite, Plethora of pills to take to the take.

I take a lot right now and I’m okay with it. I’m comfortable taking them all And then she never be able to do it. I’m pretty disciplined about it. And you lose track once in a while I saw her pillbox. There’s like 20 in there. Yeah. I got intimidated when I saw it. I’m just constantly like gulping them down. Yeah.

Oh. And then the, the major like improvement that I knew it was, it was helping was my period. Cause when I got off birth control, my period was all over the place. Like sometimes it was 35 days. Sometimes it was 40 or 45 days. It was just like, it was completely irregular and always swing in one direction or another.

And it was never below like 35 days if something happened that I got stressed out about, it would just take longer for the period to come. So once I started taking the supplements, that range started decreasing. So I had had like a 42 day period before I started the supplements. That was the last one. And then I took the supplement. I had like a 34 day one,

then a 32 day one, then a 30 day one. And the last one was a 28 day period, which was like the first time in my life that I’ve ever had a 28 day period without birth control. So I feel like that is like something to, to like be happy about. That’s just a sign that not just that is improving, but the insights are improving and now you’re going to take another test.

Did you order the next one? I haven’t last night I have to take it. So I’m going to take another test is the same test. I’m going to take it again to see where I’m at, like three or four months later now. Yeah. So this is great. How has it already been three or four months? It’s been at least three months.

I think it’s been four months. Yeah. Yeah. And the supplement recommendations they give us like for three month period and then see where you’re after. Yeah. So interesting. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi toll and finally got her period after a year of not having one And credible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot.

How does that even happen? Well, Obasanjo helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. Awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it And check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

Reb. Let’s a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD. Sure. Hey sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety, sleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued.

Now, open your mouth please. So I can give you a serving now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum cbd.com and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% of, can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. Is that like the norm? It usually takes three months for something to it’s for women.

So after Sirak did his test, I said, how long does it take for men to see results? And she’s like 24 hours or like 10 days max, because apparently men’s cycle is a 24 hour cycle. They don’t go through what we go through in a 28 day period of time. You know, our estrogen is here and then our estrogen is there.

And that’s our cycle Time for that to actually regulate to all the different cycles. Yeah. Crazy 24 hours. Yeah. 24 hours. I’m all good. And I’m all like fixed, but it’s like, I can feel the effects of it starting within 24 hours according to Whereas Arlene, the first month, I don’t know if you felt that much the first week,

at least like you were bloated. Like, I don’t know. Well actually the first two weeks, first week, for sure. I felt like I was detoxing. Like, you know, when you go into like a, like a really intense detox, you get headaches, you get tired. Cause your body’s like do like working really hard to make some changes.

Yeah. So I definitely felt that for the first week, maybe the second week as well, telling you remember, we went to the grocery store and I was falling asleep, like walking through the parking lot. I’m like, I cannot stand. She’s like, wow. Okay. That happened to me the first week to taking the supplements. Super tired,

fatigued. And Like it’s pulling you to the ground. Yeah. I felt that way too. Yeah. But I think it’s just, again, it’s just a detox as normal part of the Yeah. And you two worked out two together. Right? We heard desert a crazy workout with the trainer. How did that go? It was good. So I got my trainer.

How, when did you get married? October? Yeah, October 20. I hired a trainer three months before Arlene’s wedding because I was like, I want to look good. I want to wear this stress, blah, blah, blah. So I like set a goal. I’m like, I’m gonna lose 20 pounds in three months. Real it’s doable.

It’s not like 20 pounds in 10 days. You know what I mean? And so I hired a friend of mine. Who’s a trainer, but he’s a football coach. So he’s used to dealing with like linebackers running backs, like defensive, like big guys, flipping tires, balls labs, all that stuff. And so I hired him and like I lost enough weight for the wedding.

It was good. And I continued on with him after that. And he’s been my trainers since. So it’s been about two years now, but one thing I noticed with the workouts, they were so intense. And with him, it was all about like the mindset and like you gotta push yourself and like, you got to push your body to see what you can do.

That’s where, that’s where the magic happens. Right. It’s that whole mantra. And it’s like, he would try to like, not dumb it down for me, but he would try to like make it relatable for me. So he’d be like Leanna, the team’s waiting on you. Who’s the team, your body, The most cliche things you could possibly say It worked though.

Like it motivated me and it pushed me. Like, that’s what he’s there for, you know? But it got to a point where early on, at least I would say the first year, like I was noticing like after workouts, like I’d be talking to our lean and like, I would just start crying out of nowhere or I would get like these big mood swings after a workout or like within a couple hours of finishing a workout,

it got to a point where I was like, okay, this has to be my PS P P S my PCO. I was like, it has to be my hormones, like my stress hormones. Like they’re out of whack. I’m not used to doing this much cardio, this much reps, like an hour straight workout. Yeah. And so I kind of had a talk with my trainer and I was just like,

look from what Tallinn tells me. Like, I need to do slow weighted workouts and I need to have to increase the rest time in between. Cause I told him, I was like, I don’t feel good after my workout. Like I’m tired. Yeah. I’m losing weight. Yeah. But like my mood swings were just insane. It wasn’t like the good kind of time.

No, it was like I’m falling apart. Kind of. Yeah. It’s like, I would almost feel like I was having like an anxiety attack after the workout. Like I would sit in my car and I would try to calm myself down and I couldn’t. Yeah. Cortisol like super Hard. So wow. You do your workouts in the afternoon. And I remember you telling me,

like I can’t sleep through the night. I like having anxiety at night. I’m having like a breakdown because you would think the opposite. Right. You would think like, I’m going to do this workout and then I’m going to sleep like a baby. And it was, yeah. And it was the complete opposite for me. So I told him like earlier this year,

when we started back up after COVID, I was just like, I need low impact cardio. I need less intense. Like we can do the reps. We can do the higher weights, all that, the strength training. But when it comes to cardio, I was like, I cannot like, I can’t go back to the mood swings and feeling that way again.

And he lit, I mean, it’s been great since like he listens like that. It’s so important to find a trainer. That’s going to listen to what your are and like create a plan specifically for you. It’s not just like a cookie cutter. Okay. We’re going to do three rounds. This is what you’re doing. You know what I mean?

Yeah. I’ve always mentioned that too. It’s like, if it’s a good trainer, they will always listen to adjust to workouts. And if they’re being like, if they’re getting frustrated with your requests and being like, no, I’m not going to change it. This is the way you’re going to lose weight, et cetera. Then it’s like, you need to buy a new chair.

The fact that he changes. Yeah. And instead of like, when I first told him that, instead of saying like, you’re giving me excuses. Cause I mean, let’s not giving excuses to not school work out, but like he listened and he was like, okay, like this is a legit concern. Like you have PCOS. We don’t want to like mess up with your stress.

Yeah, exactly, exactly. Posts. We have so many funny rules. You can just be like, look. And when I compare the workouts, we do a lot of the same things. Yeah. I did the, so I did the workout with her this morning and I felt like I was doing a workout with you guys. Almost like I,

we weren’t lifting weights, but we were doing, we were using our own body weight. And then we would, we would do a certain amount of reps and then take some long breaks in between. And I felt like I got a workout in, but it wasn’t like, I just wasn’t like winded after. Yeah. It’s like a meditative process almost when you work out that way,

you you’re, you know, you’re improving your metabolism and then afterwards you’re relaxed and it’s perfect. Repeat cos It’s just funny to me that you’re your training. You mentioned to us before the podcast, he trains like football pro football players, like NFL players. So he does like pro football players get this good to any good. And he comes over to you.

All right. There’s a piece of yours from the workout. It’s still like he’s in that football mode. So he’ll still like show up and he’ll be like, all right, this is what wrong. He’s not aggressive. But like, he’ll say like no excuses, like his, his thing is, he’ll say it’s hard, but it’s fair. in my mind.

It’s hard. It’s going to be a hard workout, but it’s fair. We’re still going slow. We’re not going to raise this stuff. It’s hard, but it’s fair. Or he’ll always go ahead. He was like, you guys got to put in the work, listen, the mailman had to go to work today. had to go to work.

You gotta go to ours. The Starbucks employees went to work today. So it’s time to put in work, but it’s always mailman. First mailman had to go to work today. So you got to go to work today. Yes. The first person to wake up as a mailman. I mean the mailwoman, you know, That’s so funny, but it’s just,

it’s nice to like have someone on your team. You know what I mean? Like that’s supportive and motivating, but like understands. I’m not just giving you an excuse. This is real. Like my mood swings are crazy. If I work, like if you have me run a fricking mile, I’m going to be crying after. I specifically totally Hannah,

like don’t make him do it or don’t have him make us do like suicides, like back and forth or like running laps around the field or anything like that. Cause I just like, I can’t handle it. Yeah. Lately I know you have an Instagram account where you show like your workouts workout journey. I do. So it’s at bad gal. Lely underscore gets fed B a D G a L L I L I underscore gets fit and I post all my workouts that I do with my trainer on there.

And that’s another funny thing is like we only filmed the last set. He’s like, he won’t film, like the first set where it’s like easy and I’m not like drenched in sweat because I sweat very easily. And it’s very clear in the videos, but he like, he’s like, no, we’re going to show the last set. Like they got to show the work.

They got to see the work. They got to see the struggle. They got to see the. Oh, he’s so good. I like that. He adjusted. But also the way he like motivates you is like very like a lot of metaphors is what I’m seeing. It’s like the sky should be a, like a scholar. Yeah. Or like a comedian he’s like motivate.

He’s almost like a pit bull pit bull. This the rapper he’s so like funny and like fun. But he has this like mentor side to him where he just throws out like, oh, I turned my life from negative to pot. Yeah. They want people says before every song starts. It’s like the rust of riches here. How many lakes? Extra riches.

Let’s go. It’s just like that. It’s like comedic. It’s entertaining. But at the same time, I get a good workout in. And like I post the workouts cause I wanna motivate other people. And like, it’s great. I like it. I love it. And it shows by the way, it shows that she’s putting in the work.

And, and I feel like, I feel like if I have to post a workout, I have to do the exercise. Yeah. Or like, he’ll still here, I’m spilling tea. But not that kind of, you know, that’s us to you actual to you drink, spill the tea on what other us friendly lifestyle changes that you incorporate into your life.

So you’ve got the workouts down. You’ve told your trainer what you need. Thank God they’re onboard with you. What are some other ways throughout the day that you’re managing your PCLs like at work? Are you keeping your stress levels low? I am. So I meditate more now. Wow. So like, if I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, I have an app.

I forgot what it’s called, but it’s literally like, you can do a five minute meditation, 10 minute. There’s like different versions of what you’re meditating for. Yeah. It’s great. So I’ll for like five to 10 minutes just to like keep those emails into check. Yeah. Oh, basketball’s another big one. I was on Metformin. I’ve literally been on Metformin.

I was diagnosed with PCOS like 12 years ago. Oh. So I was taking Metformin for like 10 years. Oh my gosh. And then I switched to Avastin at all. It’s better. In my opinion, like I don’t get the upset stomach. Like, what’s that commercial where it’s like upset stomach. I’m like, God. We should sing that.

And then, oh, tall. Don’t have like a little XL jingle, but that’s how I would feel on Metformin. Wow. And then I switched to the Avast, the tall. And now I think I’m going to switch to the spearmint. It’s good. T that’s the one that we’re drinking right now. Yeah. It’s like cold pressed tea free.

No plastic teabags. I love is great. Yeah. Link in the description. Text it to you. It’s a swipe up. How do you guys feel about us with our Instagram and all this stuff? Like I love it. We’re really are number one, fans. Like I’m telling my actual sister and I see her all the time, but I also tune in to all of her content because it’s just,

I find my sister and her husband. Very entertaining. Yeah. It’s not even just that, like, your content is so great. And it’s like, you don’t dumb it down, but like, you speak to us, keep it simple and it’s easy to follow and it’s not using all these big medical terms and terminology and all that. It’s just,

you’re, you’re giving us the toolbox and everything that we need in it. Basset all the supplements, the T you know, lab, the workouts, the sisterhood. It’s like all the tools in one school. It feels like it’s like from one girl to another, like just reaching out and helping, you know, it feels really personal. And, and girls,

girls mean we are, this is all true. Yeah. Arlene was the first person to actually witness someone, recognizing us to we’re at the beach. And it was us three Arlene Tallinn and me were eating Chipotle on the sand. And then a girl with her family was walking by I’m in a bikini she’s she’s strolling on the promenade with like a baby in a cute dress,

whatever her parents or her husband, her parents, God, half naked. I hate that. Okay. Continue. She goes, Oh, I’m like, why I like lifted my towel away. And then she started talking and talking about like how she knows it from Instagram and stuff. Meanwhile, I’m like so surprised. I have a chip in my hand,

I have that. I’ve just dipped into the guacamole and I’m holding a chip in, midair it with my mouth, a jar, like I’m scared. I’m frozen. I’m like, have we just been recognized as that? It felt so. Just like, couldn’t handle it. It was, it was funny. Are there instruments? Do you remember? She was one of,

she was, she was a client one-on-one client and she had like, she, you helped her with her PCOM and she got a baby and that’s the stroller. Yeah. And then something full circle really was. Yeah, it was so like, I was like half naked in my brain Haney. I didn’t just like, I was horrible, but it was so nice to witness.

It was so I just want to say she recognized me on my tattoos. And then you was you. Yeah, I was That’s the key because this happened at the beach again, because this happened and you went to park the car and then this girl came up to me and she was like, oh, aren’t you assist your honor, Mr. Like,

podcast BCUs weight-loss. And I was like, oh my God, my husband’s coming back. No, one’s going to believe me. She was like, I just saw your husband. I’m like, that’s it again with your tattoos? That’s the key to everything. And also Arlene being there too. Cause she was going to get there in like five, 10 minutes.

So I feel like anytime you’re you’re witness to it. You’re you’re like close to being there. You are within our vicinity. It’s a better chance of what was being right here. That’s true. Because then they see all the way do I make it more recognizable? You’re on my story sometimes. And you’re my sister. And we look the same and sound the same.

So people might just think you’re meat. Are people going to get confused between our houses on this podcast? But a lot of people say, Tallinn sounds like Courtney Kardashians. So maybe they think you sound like Chloe or maybe the other one, Kim, Kim, the other ones. Arlene’s more peppy like Kim. And you’re more mellow. Like maybe, but sometimes me and Arlene really have the same boys because sometimes we’ll call each other and we’ll both say hello at the same time and hear each other,

say hello. And then think that the phone is like echoing and then pause. And then we’ll be like, hello, true sisters. I didn’t hear it from you. So I’ll like, you’ll be talking or you’ll be like laughing in the other room. And I’d be like, I like go back to like the hyping you guys up. Oh,

like a year ago I was just like call Arlene randomly. And I would be like, oh my gosh, I was on Instagram. And I saw that talions page was like almost to 250,000 followers. Like I would tell her all the milestones I’m like, did you see today? They get 300. I’m so proud of the, I remember when I worked at fresh ology,

which was this meal delivery company, I was the nutritionist. And I brought you food one day to your apartment because you lived right by, we had a gluten and dairy free meal. And that’s when you told me you had PCs two. And at that time I didn’t realize how common it was. And I was so surprised. And I was like,

oh my God, that was a lot. Do that was like 10 years. No, no. More than 10. At least lived in LA for eight years. It was like, so it’s like six or seven years ago. Wow. Yeah. So do crazy. One out of 10 women has it. And in some countries, one out of five,

it’s like twenty-five percent or like 10%, basically. So many people are struggling with inflammation and insulin resistance and stress hormones. And then still being told to like work out more and do all these faces Immediately. Or do this Metformin like this, be thrown, like take this, take that kind of stuff. I can’t wait until all the women of the world know about,

No, forget about us until they know about like, what’s really going on with peace USA. What? That they have more options that it’s not all limited to just doing one or the other. Yeah. And you’ll regulate. No it’s about healing, metabolic dysfunction. And then as a result, you’ll end up losing the weight. Yeah. I’m seeing the same song for years now.

Yeah. Tele has been singing this song for awhile. Yeah. Now we’re a choir. I remember when we went to Armenia. Oh, and you like packed RX bars luggage. And I was just like, what is this girl doing? Like, she brought her own snacks. They’re all healthy. Do you remember this? That was like, when I first met you too.

And I just remember we got in the room and you opened your luck and you were just like, like you got to have like a healthy sex where in another country, you never know. Yeah, no, you have to, you can always rely on honestly it was a one month trip and I really packed one month of Chocolate chip. I remember you can always count on me for a snack.

Let me explain one of the most unconventional moments that I whipped out a steak sandwich for SeaTac in the limo on our way to Arlene’s wedding. Okay. I’m fully dressed in this like gown. I have my Chanel bag. Cedex next to me. Arlene’s on the other side, my wedding dress or wedding dress. And I knew this would happen because we were getting ready in the morning.

And there was all this food out. Nobody was eating because everyone was just, you know, getting ready, taking pictures, whatever, not like, not worried about eating whatever. And I looked at that steak and I looked at that tortilla and I was like, CX, not going to eat this right now, but here’s what I’ll do. And I put it in a Ziploc bag.

I put it in my Chanel bag, sat in that limo. And when SITA grumbled, the second, the car took off to go to LA that he’s hungry. I whipped that tortilla out, laid it on my lap of my gown. And I filled it with that steak. She empty the Ziploc bag of steak into it, rolled it up, wrapped it in a paper towel.

And I said here, and my friend, Megan was like, oh my God. And he told Megan a valuable lesson that you got to feed your husband. Or it’s like, not feeding a dog. Like if you don’t feed your dog, he starts to get like a bad boy. Mommy’s bad boy. Like a good boy. You guys missed a fish that Leanna just put up.

Oh my God. Don’t play with me. And not queen you always even funeral. I shipped I don’t remember if it was like a peach or like just a tomato. We were somewhere in like one of the villages. And I just remember you whipped out a vegetable. Never seen before.just hold on one second. Telling has also dressed the part for Halloween because one here,

I don’t know if you sisters know this, but Tallinn was a kale salad for Halloween. And she wore it like this little pair of shorts and this little bra. And she put kale all over her bra. And then she put a real tale on this bra. And then she put, she got tomatoes on the pulled up. She got tomatoes on the fine and put it in her hair. she went to like a college like Halloween party as it’s like a sexy kale salad.

You guys that was intentional in case she got a hun hungry. She needed to like, without it to me though, That’s exactly what you did. Then you want, wanted to snack for you while you were Walking with the motive behind it, walking snack. Hey, I should do that again. If we go to like a Halloween party, just ball out.

Where’d this like crazy dress or something a hundred percent have moms like, oh wait on day up. Or all vegetables. If you get like The frilly kale. Yeah, God, please make a broad of like pumpkin, pumpkin possibilities are, make Halloween a thing, like a piece of food. I feel like we would all just, you know,

people can suggest people can make suggestions for you. What should Tali be for Halloween PCLs theme? You could have like a, like a gluten free bread as like a bra. So each time each piece of toast goes on one boob and on other boots tied together by a buckwheat noodle. Oh, get a skirt. And you glue a bunch of Millette pumpkin seed bra.

I’m just grilled tomato seeds in grandma cracker. I was like a walking cracker, just wipes, cheese on me grabbing. So some of these, these are reminded me also of like the, like the, the new shampoos and conditioners that we have. Or like even the laundry machine. Cause it’s like, it’s just like the malaria. If you put like Malia,

it’s going to start falling apart. Right? Like the laundry detergents, we have it. Doesn’t do the job just right. Have you guys tried any of these things? Like I’ve tried some of the hormone friendly stuff. I feel like it doesn’t get like super clean. At least it’s not toxic. Yeah. Like let me show my sock mystery. The sock right here.

I spilled tea or whatever on the sock, like two weeks ago, stains. All my sock. Nothing comes out. I know. It’s like, you got to wash it. Come out. I know I got back up Fragrance free. So it doesn’t have as much chemicals in it. Right now. I’m using seventh generation. Is it working?

I like it. Yeah. I mean so far so good. Non scented. It’s cleaning. I like the shampoos and conditioners that we have there, like hormone friendly or whatever. And they do the job. I mean, I don’t have crazy hair. Like you guys, I just have regular hair. The one that, the one I was using dried my hair out a little bit.

So I switched. I’m happy with attitude and I’m never going to change it. Cause I’m so sick of changing all my products. It’s called find the right one. Yeah, I get it on Amazon. That’s the one that dried my hair out. But I already have, I have to kind of dryers textures. So such oily hair. Yeah. So it’s probably perfect for you.

It is. Yeah. By the way, there’s every woman like blow out their hair every single morning. I do mine at night. I do my shower. It doesn’t get all messed up. When you actually looks so good in the morning. I don’t have to do my hair if I do like a full, nice blowout at night. Yeah. Same.

Like if I, if I do a really blowout right after I shower, then that hair stays for like days this hair that you see, we can work out in it tomorrow and I’ll be okay. I’ll probably won’t wash it till Sunday. Did you wash it today? I washed it too. That’s why it looks a little slow going to be the test.

Will her hair survive? My trainer Lee’s workout. That’s going to be the test with Arlene. It’ll look better afterwards. I just put like a little dry shampoo and it’s like Motsa yeah. What bothers me is the smell when you iron your hair. Yeah. Yeah. Like when you do the irony thing, it smells like when I burned my leg Harris to mess with you,

I get like a lighter and I be like, watch me tight. I like started burning my leg just to torture my wife. Right. Simple answer. But it doesn’t look Every day. Like when I light the candle, Be like, look, Tallinn burn is, are trying to reduce the cortisol levels here and get back up. But it smells like the same thing in the mornings.

When you do it, your hair with that irony, it does yet. You want to get close to you? I smoke. It’s burnt hair. No, I haven’t shut my hair slicked up in a bun because yesterday I didn’t wash my hair because I am tired. See that tired from filming and tired from working vacation needs a vacation. I don’t even care If you like shower or not.

I just say it like, oh, hairs like freshly washed, smelling. Like Shamsher like that realistic. But is he realistic? Can we really expect dry shampoo needs to just be a staple sometimes every day, every, every day. How you get volume? That’s how you build texture. Great learning new things on this podcast. All right, sisters,

thank you for having us again. Let’s do it again. Once a month or something like sisters, Spearmint tea. We should do a YouTube video and it should be Q and a style with them and like quizzing them on PCLs. And if you would be fun game show, style, game show. And we went, can we win like a 90 day supply? if you get the answer wrong,

you take a shot of spearmint tea or something. Or like whatever winner winner winner gets to burn the hair on That’s a good idea, but we’d love to have you guys back and it’d be really fun to do this like multiple times and Talk about other things. This is great. Y’all are naturals to Give me all day. All right. And then we’ll,

we’ll put both your Instagram handles in the episode. Descriptions of any sisters listening. You want to contact me? I know you want to contact Arlene, ask them any question you want me to get hooked up with Leanna’s personal trainer. He’s really good. Like I said, I trained with him today and that was fun. Yeah, for sure. Aussies in the LA area,

ladies doing PCs friendly workouts. Yes. And then he switches over to NFL players. I should see like host a PCO S workout for anyone like a group of us. We get all the sisters together. The 20 person workout. People be like driving by the park. Like what’s going on there? Is there an army of women just working on Next to the NFL,

but that’s also going to happen when see that? Does it host something like that? Like a popup workout, pop up class a pop-up like hanging out. Well, you should get all the sisters the greatest Sotalol together. I thought about like doing something like that. But COVID obviously like really screwed our plans last two years, but we’re on the cusp of doing something like it.

I’m going to travel next year. But after that we’ll be back. And I am sure there will be plenty of interested in doing a group work. That would be So fun. Yeah, for sure. And if you just do it outdoors, oh my God. It’ll be one of those arena workouts. Like you see people on stage and it’s like,

yeah, people Brittany spirits, like a neon orange top on he’s like, let’s go. Yes. You know what? We’re laughing right now. But I think that’s going to happen. Yeah. A hundred percent. I see it happening. I always used to tell him, I always knew Sierra would be a perfect in front of a crowd, you know,

on our wedding day when Sierra gave the wedding, his wedding speech was the first day I learned that he is a public speaker because obviously what opportunity did you like with me? We were in front of an audience. Right. So I can totally see you on the stage with the headband. I told you when I was like six, seven, I would go into my mom’s bedroom,

like lock the door and I would get into a jewelry box, put jewelry on my hands. I get it. I get it. You’re like those scarves that women put around their, around their neck as like, oh, I’m in, I’m in a convertible. That kind of scarf I put like around my head, like, and I would like stand on my bed and sing to lay on her bed and sing to like this tarragon.

Who’s like a famous singer in Turkey, but I would like be singing like a pop star as a seven year old. Oh my God. I don’t know. Apparently. I mean, your dreams have come true. Like no one’s stopping you from doing any of that. And I expect it will be about women’s periods and women’s health, but Hey,

I’ll take it Singing one song. You’re singing another It’s even better. I’m actually helping people instead of like just being an entertainer, you know, it comes with its own. We help bars. All right, sisters until next time. Yes. So fun. We love you. Sisters love all the sisters. We love Tallinn and Sirak. We love you too.

Lovely. I love Leanna. All of you. Yeah. You guys are all snuggled together because you’re sharing one mic. It’s a very cozy environment right Now. It is awesome. Well, thank you everyone for listening. Thank you to Arlene and Leanna for being here. We’ll be back next week with another great episode until then talk to you soon. You enjoyed listening to this podcast.

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