Did you know up to 80% of women with PCOS have daytime fatigue due to sleep disturbances?

On this episode, we discuss the impact sleep has on PCOS including weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and what you can do to improve your sleep starting today!

You’ll learn:

– Supplements to improve sleep

– Things that trigger poor sleep

– How to get better sleep

– Best time to sleep and wake-up

– How workouts can impact your sleep

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Full Episode transcript:

Well welcome Cysters to our brand new, almost complete Cadillac escalate studio. I don’t know. I don’t know why I said Cadillac escalate. I have to like add some exactly. Yeah. I mean, we have these new shelves Stools. Don’t forget. We’ve got no stools. The table’s higher. We’re more aligned with the neon sign. We had the white shows before.

If you’re wondering why we replaced the white shelves where I don’t know, they were so heavy and not well built that they were sagging off the wall. Like a grandmother’s boobs. I don’t know what else, how else to describe it? I mean, honestly, all the things on the shelves were like slipping off of them and I seriously thought they were gonna fall in the middle of a podcast recording.

So we had To change. So hello to you all on the YouTube, a YouTube video, please give us a thumbs up. If you liked this new studio, or if you have any tips or comments about it, feel free to comment it in the YouTube video below in the comment section. But with that being said, we are going to today talk all about sleep,

peace us, and how they affect each other. Before then, though, I feel like this is a great opportunity to, I dunno, we talked about this for like five minutes on an Instagram live, but when I ever told a story of our time in Texas and you’re like, oh, Texas sounds amazing. It is amazing place. But we went there when the storm of the century happened,

we went there on a vacation to go into the eye of the storm. Exactly. We thought we were going on a vacation. We flew straight into the eye of the storm sisters. And we, I mean, I have to say, I did check the weather. It said cold. It said snow. I was not anticipating what I saw, but you know,

people make mistakes. It’s okay. I mean, we both made a mistake. We, the funny thing is we got there over the weekend before. And by the way, if you’re wondering the winter storm in Texas, just look it up. If you’re outside of the United States or if you’re in the United States and you don’t know what happened, basically, Texas experienced the worst storm that they’ve ever gotten in the last hundred years and basically power,

power, power outages, and half the state people didn’t have food, very bad stuff that was happening. But with that being said, we got there on a Saturday where everything was totally fine that day. The first day we got there, everything was totally fine. And what we did was, and I highly recommend this to anyone. When we got there,

we went to a grocery market. I think we went to like a whole foods or, and we got just like basic grocery stuff so that we didn’t have to go out to eat all the time so we could eat breakfast or lunch at home and, you know, just have some stuff to eat where we were staying. Now the next day, when I say the storm hit,

I mean the storming hit, Texas froze. It froze. Like we looked outside the window and everything was covered in like white snow. And it looked beautiful. And I think at first everybody was like enjoying it, like, oh, this is wonderful. Beautiful. And then the power went out in like half the state. Yeah. And we’re actually really lucky because our apartment,

the place we’re staying, I guess was like fairly new and it was in downtown and it didn’t, it wasn’t affected, but half the state didn’t have power. So what, what this meant was that grocery stores and restaurants had to shut down for like four days Straight, basically the whole trip. Yeah. So that means if you couldn’t go to a grocery store to get food or water,

you couldn’t go to restaurants to get food. And basically people were stuck with nothing. Like we were hearing horror stories that people were like stuck in their home. People were using their car as a heater, heating stores and whatnot. So Sad. I mean, pipes were bursting. Well, you saw these crazy Tik TOK videos of like ceilings, imploding,

exploding, and just like water gushing out. We were so lucky to have water and electricity and food. Honestly, Homes were like destroyed. There’s like so many, like there’s huge electricity bills. But anyway, while we were there, obviously there were nights where we were like, all right, we can go out to dinner. We have half a gluten and dairy repeats alert.

Let’s like, you know, a little bit. And we would actually go out during the day to look for water because they had like a warning center that if you’re going to drink the tap water, you need to boil it for two minutes straight in order to drink it safely. So it was crazy. But by the last two days, somewhat half the stuff opened up and like,

but really it was like anywhere that opened up, they had half the amount of services available. Cause all their food and like perishable items went to waste because there was no power. But yeah, we thought that was it. All right. Our vacation is over. We’re going to go straight home. Warm was over basically Fine. Yeah. That’s fine,

babe. It couldn’t have gotten any worse. Could it literally, I feel like the trip in Texas was like a, the first bad thing that happened. And for us, the way back was a second bad thing to happen. Like I dunno which one was worse because, so we get to the airport at 8:00 AM. Our flight is at 10 30, 10 30. So we get there at eight.

We’re pretty early immediately when we get there, our flight gets delayed to 1130. I’m like, okay, whatever, it’s fine. One hour. And then 1230, like, okay. And then it becomes one 30 and we realize that we’re going to miss the connection connecting flight. So we’re like, okay, this is ridiculous. Let’s go talk to somebody.

And we talk and we’re able to find the flight at 4:00 PM. So now imagine you’re at the airport since 8:00 AM waiting until 4:00 PM, but not let sound for your one thing too. Everything was closed at the airport. There was not, I want to get coffee sisters. I’m not joking there. Wasn’t a single coffee shop open. I went to a Starbucks.

They’re like, we’re closed. We have no coffee. We have no coffee. I’m like, what the hell is going on? And it’s all because of the storm. Yeah. I’m eating chips for lunch. Yeah. Yeah. I remember you were doing stories. Like I can’t believe I’m eating it. Like I got like all these things on like not really getting my protein and things like that.

So, and then, so the flight gets in four o’clock. So get on This plane that the lady said there would be no delays because the plane was already there. You know, it’s not like flying in from a storm. Yes, exactly. And It’s supposed to go to Phoenix where we have a connecting flight to our home city in LA and Newport beach.

And what ended up happening is we’d get on the, we get on the plane and what happens if we get on The, we sit on that plane for a good one hour and a half On our, like there, what the pilot said was 10 minutes, 10 minutes. She said, and then we missed the connection from Phoenix to California. Yeah.

We missed all the connections. It was the last connection we missed it. We got to Phoenix. What were you going to say? Because Because of the one hour delay, the connecting flight in Phoenix. Yeah. Wasn’t this. Yeah. So when we landed in Phoenix, there was one last flight left to LA and we only had half an hour to make that flight.

Did we have half an hour? It was boarding when we landed Boarding when we landed. But they told us like, you can try to get there. Yeah. Yeah. The lady told us to run to be 28, which was apparently the other side of the aircraft. And when I tell you, see duck led a pack of LA people who were running towards this terminal.

I’m not even joking. He had the carry on in hand running as if he was playing football, like running down a field, just running A mask on and luggage behind me, 20 People from going to LA trying to get on the same plane. And I’m like running too. But I don’t know. I’m not good at running puts the mask. And I was like having this like cough issue with like the postnasal drip from the heater being on like no need for the details.

But basically, basically we ran all the way to that terminal. And I was hacking a lung and SciTech was trying to get us on the plane and the guy couldn’t get us on. And he said, you have to go to customer service, Go to customer service. That’s a different area. So now we have to run to a different location. Yes.

And I go there And I’m literally losing a lung. Tallinn is coughing so hard at this point. You think she’s about to pass along or something? I don’t know what it’s like going on. And we get there. We get to the customer service and poor old Nancy. She definitely got the bad end of it. But we get there and Nancy tells me right away.

Oh, that flights book. No. She tells me that flights oversold. First of all, how do you oversell the plane? Why did that guy tell me to go to customer service? If the plane was oversold, I want to know the truth. Why don’t we call him up? And then Nancy tells us, oh, I’m sorry, we can’t do anything.

We can give you a voucher for, for a hotel and you can take a flight tomorrow morning. I was like, forget that we’re getting a rental car and we’re driving five hours to couldn’t Even fight him. Cause I was in the middle of a cough attack. I was like, yeah. The funniest part is I was like, I Was like telling the woman.

I was like, look at my wife. She’s coughing. She’s Dying right now because you guys made us run. She’s having An asthma attack. And then the lady’s like, can’t do anything. Does she want a wheelchair? She offered a wheelchair. And I was like, wheelchair. I think Sierra can, we’ll be. And the luggage at the same time.

So we rented a car. Yeah. We rented a car and drove five and a half hours to, to our home at 9:00 PM. After spending almost like 13, 14 hours traveling in and out for dinner. Delicious got home At 3:00 AM, took a shower, threw ourselves in bed and tried to forget it all in the past. That was pretty much it.

But yeah, that was our story of our, of our trip. I think it could have been worse. It could have been, it’s been much worse. The people Of Texas are wonderful. So welcoming, so helpful. So nice. Just be really like we’re taking care of each other in this horrible Time. People were so polite there, there,

when we were in line waiting for it to get some food, they were like other people handing out like bananas and other food, like water to help people who couldn’t like, you know, wait. And it was, the people were, anytime you asked a question, the person answering would be like genuinely interested in answering your question. So yeah, very different.

Obviously every, every region in the country in the world is different, but we love Texas. Hopefully the next time we go, the weather will be better. So that was a long story. We’re sorry for anyone listening, who is like, I thought this was going to be about sleep, but we’re going to make it all about sleep now. So to start off,

please tell us PCOS and sleep and how they affect each other. Okay. Let’s get into it, sisters. If you’re struggling with sleep, this is the episode that you need to be listening to. So women with PCOS, we are twice as likely as non PCRs women to struggle with sleep disturbances and 80% of us have accompanying daytime fatigue. So raise your hand.

If you feel fatigued all the time throughout the day, even after eight hours of sleep. Yeah. This is a very common, yeah, I hear about it a lot. Every time we post about it, the comments are going nuts about sleep and fatigue. So sleep problems are part of the pathophysiology of PCLs. And because of our low levels of tests of estrogen,

of estrogen hours, whole sleep and wake cycle shifts later, and we become night owls. And then we wake up feeling groggy and sleep deprived. So being sleep deprived leads to not only fatigue, but also mood changes, increased hunger, decreases in insulin sensitivity, having more carb cravings and weight gain. Ultimately. So I mean, think about that. If those are things you’re struggling with and you’re not sleeping well,

the sleep should be one of the most important parts of your PCO S management, better sleep, better lifestyle, diet exercise. So it’s like three things, diet, exercise, sleep super important. So the first thing that sleep, that lack of sleep does is make you gain weight. And so let’s talk about the three reasons why this happens. Well,

the first reason is you release more insulin leading to insulin resistance and storing sugar as fat. So that’s the first thing that can happen when there’s a lack of sleep, You become more insulin resistant. I actually read somewhere that having as much as five hours less sleep per week can make you 30% more insulin resistant hours In a week, five hours. That’s crazy like one hour or less than one hour per night.

Exactly. It makes a difference. Yeah. Your cortisol also causes you to store more fat and makes you more hungry. So if you’re, so we’re going to get into melatonin and cortisol and how that works. But basically if you’re having cortisol, dysregulation, which triggers sleep problems, then that’s going to make you store more, but specifically in your stomach area.

Yeah. And thirdly, Your body becomes more leptin resistant, meaning that your body can hear the quote unquote, I feel full signal. So your leptin hormone is a hormone. That’s called the quote, unquote, your fat thermostat. It reads how much fat is in your bloodstream and will adjust your metabolism accordingly. It also lets you know, that you’re full.

So when you’re not having enough sleep, this leptin hormone becomes a less sensitive meaning it’s not able to gauge the differences of fat in your bloodstream. Therefore not able to give you the full signal and not able to adjust your metabolism accordingly. Exactly. So look at the hormonal impact that your sleep has and think about prioritizing this. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one.

Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Versatile helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So Awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink It. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

All right, babe, let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD. Sure. Hey, sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all.

Now open your Mouth please. So I can give you a serving. Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% off. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. What time do you sleep? What time do we sleep? Hello? I mean,

we get to bed around like 11, 15, 11 30, and then we fall asleep within like 10, 15 minutes, I would say. So like 11. Yeah, 11 30, 11 45. Sometimes we’re up. We’re not perfect. Definitely. We’re not perfect. Sometimes it’s 12, but Hey, we all have our own different schedules. You Know, if I go to sleep at 11,

I feel so good in the morning. I know. But basically our bodies are designed for us to get ready to sleep when the sun goes down. So we should ideally go to sleep around 10:00 PM and get between seven and eight hours of sleep and then wake up at six. Okay. That’s so interesting. And I have to say like when we went camping and we didn’t have electronics and things like that,

bothering us and like signaling light or keeping us awake. When we went camping at six, when the sun went down, I was like, okay, like now what do we do? You know, like, I guess we’re just going to chill a little and then sleep at like nothing. And we got more tired too, because yeah. The stimulation for our eyes.

Yeah. I mean, one day say when your body and your eyes see and like feel the sun going down. Yeah. That starts a whole Genesis of hormones in your body and to help you fall asleep. And of course, when you don’t have screened, there’s plenty of studies showing when you’re looking at a screen it’s affecting your melatonin production. So I definitely agree.

It was like, I remember it was like 8:00 PM, completely dark. We looked at each other. I’m like, I feel like it’s totally okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And it was so cold that I was like, let’s get in this tent. We went to Joshua tree in winter when it was like 20 degrees at night, we just have a track Record of going to the wrong.

Yeah. Oh, well. So if you’re naturally a night owl, like some people claim to be like night owls. They stay up until three in the morning, but they’re really ignoring their natural circadian rhythm and putting their health at risk, to be honest. So, you know, you have to consider like why you’re sleeping at 3:00 AM. Like, what are the lifestyle factors that are affecting your ability to sleep earlier?

And don’t just say like I’m a night owl, You know, I have to be honest. My whole life had been a night owl even now. Like I do great when I stay up late on the weekends, like playing video games when times of sleep and stuff, I’m like all kinds of stuff. I can, I can play some video games,

but you know, I know myself, like anytime I sleep later than like on the weekend, anytime I sleep later than like one or two, it just affects the next day. Big time. Especially during the week, if I sleep later than 12, it always affects my day. You’re not, you’re Not a night owl. You just like to be awake at night.

And like, you know, doing your self care things like whatever they may be or things that you like, like watching a movie, playing your video games, whatever that like you wouldn’t do with me. It’s not that you like can’t sleep. Do some people are wired differently. Some people are wired to be more night hours, but you can always reverse the,

your mindset and like, you know, your tendencies, your habit. Yeah. Like there are key hormones that regulate your sleep, like melatonin and cortisol. And you can actually, you know, do certain lifestyle changes to trigger them sooner and make them melatonin more at night. Things Like this. Yeah. Because melatonin and cortisol are the two key hormones to your circadian rhythm to your sleep cycles so much more so.

Yeah. So let’s start with melatonin. So this rises at night to induce sleep and drops in the morning when we wake up it’s asleep hormone and a powerful antioxidant at the same time, because it scavenges your body at night for free radicals. That would cause inflammation. Melatonin is actually one of the recommended supplements for COVID COVID prevention. And if you have COVID because it really helps with your immune system,

reducing inflammation and obviously helping you sleep, which is going to only improve your Immune system. Exactly. You think that women with PCs would have low melatonin because women with PCOS are twice as likely to suffer from sleep problems. But we actually have high melatonin, one theory as to why is because our melatonin receptors, like our estrogen receptors are damaged and function suboptimally.

So that is one reason why they think that we struggle with sleep. It’s not because not having melatonin it’s because of the receptor sites for the melatonin hormone. Isn’t it? Yeah. So your body is producing more to compensate for that. It almost sounds a bit like insulin resistance, right? Yeah. When your cells become insulin resistant. So as a result,

your body creates more insulin. And that just adds on to the exactly. And you know, I got this information from Dr. Phyllis scourge and TCOs SOS because she talks a lot about circadian rhythms and eating to the beat and living to the beat of your rhythm, your natural circadian rhythm. And so she talks about sleep and melatonin women with PCOS in that book a lot.

So That’d be dope. That’d be, that’d be sometimes you hear a song, take doctors. I swear. I saw your face. I’m like, what is he about to do yet? Just like mischievous face. I am. I live in Ms. Shoes space. Forget it. So although women with PCOS have abnormally high levels of melatonin in our blood,

we have abnormally low levels in our ovaries where melatonin promotes healthy eggs, Corn and promotes healthy eggs. Yeah. So it’s pretty interesting. And there’s actually a melatonin, melatonin supplements have had been shown to work for a woman with PSUs. And as time was mentioned, it doesn’t only help you sleep better. But as we just mentioned, also improves the health of your ovaries increases estrogen levels and improves proclivity in one study,

a woman who took two milligrams of melatonin for six months, menstruated more regularly had improved egg, quality, and experienced a reduction in testosterone. Amazing, great improvements. And if there’s anybody interested in taking melatonin, we’ll put a link in the podcast description where you can purchase one. And the one that we like personally is from Theralogix the same company that makes all basketball.

And we liked our melatonin. It’s NSF certified, meaning it’s been third party verified for accuracy and labeling. And of course, if you have any other melatonin supplements that you like, feel free to go for those too. So just, it’s just that one that we like personally, and we have a code that gives you 15% off. Yes. Dr.

Phyllis scourge actually says melatonin supplements for women with PCOS who struggle with sleep work very effectively. So despite the issue with receptor sites or estrogen, things like this, it can still work very effectively. So it’s worth a TRIBE. Yeah, absolutely. So then we have cortisol the stress hormone. So it’s not necessarily like a bad hormone, obviously, but women with PCs have typically have abnormally elevated cortisol levels.

So this makes us feel anxious and easily overwhelmed and hungry. So, you know, if you feel hungry all the time, it could be because of your cortisol levels and how it’s like dysregulated in women with. So not only that, it affects our sleep, it’s produced by the adrenals and starts to rise in the morning. So it should peak around the time we wake up and then it activates us.

It stimulates us, makes us feel hungrier in the morning, elevates our blood sugar, things like this. Yeah. It’s so important to have breakfast, to get your cortisol levels moderated throughout the day. If you skip your breakfast, it’s going to stay high. So it, and I know this because from experience, like if I don’t have a good breakfast,

it doesn’t have enough protein in it. I really do feel anxious throughout the day. Like I just feel like I don’t have it together. I am like, you know, hyper sensitive. I feel it in my blood, my blood sugar is probably low and my cortisol is probably high. So skipping breakfast can be really harmful for your cortisol and can make you feel like,

you know, anxious and not energetic in the morning. It makes sense too, because you know, your body is expecting some sort of energy resource. Some, some fuels, some food when you wake up in the morning and when you’re not having that, you’re depriving your body. You’re, you’re putting your body into a state of famine, state of stress restriction,

restriction stress. You’re only adding to the stress because now your body’s like, oh, I don’t have enough food to eat cortisol levels. Exactly. And it can lead to metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, weight gain diabetes. Yeah. It’s endless. We really have to make sure our cortisol is regulated. Yeah. Yeah. It starts in the morning with your breakfast and exactly.

Again, another reason as everywhere, everybody likes to say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is one of the reasons why. Yeah. Okay. So, right. So many women with PCs also struggled with sleep apnea. So aside from like melatonin and cortisol, dysregulation sleep apnea is a thing experts say that women with PCs are at higher risk of sleep disturbances,

like sleep apnea because of insulin resistance. Wow. Yeah. That insulin resistance is triggering it. Yeah. And We’ve talked about it in the past, how insulin resistance can lead you to wake up in the middle of the night because you want to sh a drop in blood sugar and make a heart to false. Exactly. And that’s going to be one of our tips at the end when we talk about how to sleep better and making sure that you eat before you sleep.

So you don’t have that drop in blood sugar. Yeah. It’s very serious. Cause it’s, it’s waking up at several times at night because of the lack of oxygen disrupting the normal phases of sleep, increasing inflammation. And then you don’t get the restorative functions of sleep, which is obviously one of the most important aspects of that. So if you think you have sleep apnea though,

please sisters, make sure you go to the doctor and they will have you do a sleep study to check the severity of the sleep apnea and, and other ways to treat it exactly. Now what triggers poor sleep? I’m sure most scissors probably already know a couple of the reasons, but obviously watching television or looking at your cell phone too late at night,

you know, obviously everyone has a different, different habits at night and what they like to do. But I think a general rule of thumb is maybe turning off like televisions or cell phones after 10:00 PM is maybe even earlier, but you know, you know, your nighttime routine the best and what can work for you. Cause people like to watch shows at night,

like, you know, your favorite shows you eat your dinner. That’s what we like to do. We like to watch modern family or like, you know, even like, look at our phones, like a YouTube video or something. But like, you know, we like, we even both of us have to do better in this like of like finding ways to turn off the screens,

especially the cell phone app before 10 or something. But I got something we haven’t been doing good, but yeah, it is what it is. We’ll get better at it. I’m sure sisters, if you’re trying to get better at it, just go with it slowly and I’m sure you’ll be able to get better at it slowly too. Yeah. I do feel like 9:00 PM is a good time to shut the TV off.

Like we watch our shows a couple of episodes of modern family, 9, 9 30, and then I like shower and you play the guitar re read a book. I feel like if I stuck to that, I would feel really good about It. Even with me playing guitar, I use an iPad. I use an iPad to play the guitar. So I’m still looking at a screen.

Is it on night shift? Yeah. What is that going to do compared to just being off, but that’s why. Yeah. Yeah. That’s where I use that blue light glasses to like kind of help, especially at night. But no, maybe I should turn it off. Not as much as I need to. Right. Yeah. I wear my eyepatch See,

doc has an eyepatch you guys. Okay. Tell me, just explain real quick. So my left eye is weaker than my right eye. Like it’s like, I think my left eye is like 16 out of 20 and my right eye is like 19 out of 20 or something. And as a result, my left eye, like I can, I,

it gets like weaker as I’m looking at something and I can feel my right eye being the dominant eye. And I sometimes I can even feel my left eye getting a little bit lazy. So based on my research, I found out that you can actually improve the other eye by wearing eyepatch on the other end. So let’s say your left eye is weak.

So you put an eyepatch on the right eye. So now it causes the left eye to become stronger. Of course this is just like, this is like web MD research that I did for my eye issue. And it seems like most resources are saying the same thing. It Is so funny. You guys see like has an eyepatch and then he puts his bootleg glasses and then he puts his air pod on his head and he’s like,

how many more things can I have on my head? It really, it really does feel like that, but I feel it’s actually helped me. It really helped the first couple of weeks with my left eye. I really felt like a lot better. I wouldn’t feel it like, you know, moving around when I’m like staring at something. That’s good.

And so, but yeah, if you have an issue like that, talk to your doctor first, like don’t just, you know, don’t just listen to me when it comes to your eye issues. Okay. Okay. All right. All right. Eating late at night, also a trigger that’s clash. We have this problem. We used to eat at like 9:00 PM.

Now it’s like 8, 7 30. Okay. You know, ever Since I got Invisalign and I have to brush my teeth after dinner, I don’t snack as much as I used to at late at night. But yeah, eating too late at night will obviously trigger insulin resistance as well and make it harder for your body to focus on rest restorative functions while you’re sleeping.

Because now it has to focus on sleep. I’m sorry, on digestion. Yeah. Also some people, they have lower blood sugar levels and before they sleep, they benefit from having Dr. Jolene brighten talks about this, like a college in and their tea or some type of healthy, fat, high protein to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the night.

So everyone’s different, you know, if you’re like really hungry at night, like truly like you feel this feeling, maybe you would benefit. Yeah. We, you know, when we whip up the chips, it’s not because we’re like starving or anything. We don’t like feel hungry. It just tastes good. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just like, oh,

we’re watching TV late at night. Let’s have a little snack, but yeah, we’ll improve there too. We’ll see. Help. Okay. Now, one thing to note about the TV is that sleeping with the TV on puts us in an insulin resistant state all night long and leads to inflammation. The body doesn’t produce enough melatonin, especially in the gut.

And that leads to an unhealthy gut microbiome. Now it makes sense. If you think about it, you know, you’re sleeping. Th th the light from the TV is hitting your body. Your body’s not confused. It thinks it’s nighttime, but there’s light hitting it and can lead to these issues. And the same thing, the blue light from coming from,

you know, cell phones and things, computer screens, it suppresses the melatonin and stimulates cortisol because your body can perceive it as sunlight or just light in general. Yeah. So those screens, Man. Oh yeah. So how are we going to sleep better? Well, here are tips. Yes. So first one, I’ll start with the first one and all that tie and go after is improving your sleep hygiene,

meaning not eating or drinking alcohol close to bed. Bedtime. Of course, the eating one will be specific to your insulin resistant state and then avoiding caffeine, avoiding caffeine, especially after like 3:00 PM or so, or like 2:00 PM, because it’s going to stay in your body for six to 10 hours. We have an episode about caffeine. I highly suggest you listen to that episode.

If you have, if you’re wondering if caffeine is something that you need to cut out. Yeah. A bit. Why don’t you continue to next set of points? I need to make sure I’ve charged a laptop before it turns Off my Lord run. Okay. So the next tip is winding down at night to drop your cortisol levels. So, you know,

we talk about, we just gave some tips on how we shouldn’t stimulator eyes and so on, but also a nightly wind down is super important. Like I personally feel that reading my book, taking my CBD, you know, journaling, sometimes I love reading magazines. Sidak playing the guitar. We have a routine at night that we try to stick to and do,

you know, as consistently as possible at the right time of the night, you know, we’re not like staring at screens until we decide to go to bed. And this has really helped us with feeling rejuvenated the next morning. And that’s why it’s so important. It’s not just like what it’s doing in the moment. It’s also the next day. Like,

I feel better that I took care of myself the night before. And I feel when I wake up, like, I’m ready to start the day I’m organized and prepared. I just feel more confident because I took time for myself a couple hours the night before. And it means a lot to me and you, and I can tell, like, when we work really late or we have to do something,

we have other priorities and we don’t have our self-care evening. It just like we kind of fall apart the next day. Yeah. It builds up over time. It’s like that buildup of burnout. Yeah. And it doesn’t have to be like reading a book. Some people don’t have time for this. They have kids, they have to fold laundry. They have to do these things.

But even doing that, you can do it at a meditative slow pace. Like, I mean, I can fold laundry while SciTech plays the guitar. It’s relaxing to me, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Great point, babe. Yeah. And one thing you mentioned was a CBD CBD is great. It really helps with one anxiety. One there’s studies showing helps with anxiety,

depression, but obviously it can also help with sleep as well. And yeah, if, if it were looking for any CBD out there, as you guys know, pure spectrum CBD is sponsor of the podcast, but it’s one of the CBDs that we really like. And the reason we like it is it has a full spectrum of CBD, meaning it contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are going to give you the full benefits of CBD.

So there are not all CBD is created equally for that reason, a lot of CBD companies in order to make things cheaper and cause a mass production in order to make it cheaper, they’ll filter out some of the beneficial compounds. So you’re not getting the full benefits of CBD. So for that reason, we like pure spectrum CBD. And if you go to a podcast subscription,

you can go there to click the link and order yours with our, the sisterhood code for 10% off. Beep why don’t you tell them about the time you put me to sleep? So you can play video games, go on, tell them, I think it was like eight 30 or something. And like, usually we take our CBD around like nine or 10.

Cause like after half an hour, it really gets you tired. But this one day I just kind of wanted to play some video games. And time was just like sitting around the couch, not doing anything. So I was like, let me just put this girl sleep. Oh my God. So he came Over with like the strongest CB. It was not the straw I just gave you CBD without asking questions or nothing.

And you just took it. You didn’t ask you what I’m saying nothing. And I knew what it was not don’t don’t don’t make me, maybe it was. And then I fell asleep in like 20 minutes. I was tired and I felt a little guilty. I’m not going to lie. I was like, did I just drug? I think I was tired already.

Yeah. Would that being said, CBD is great. You can go for any CBD that you like, just keep in mind though, the full spectrum. And if you want to use the one that we like pure spectrum CBD, you can find the link in the podcast description. Now, next one is not working out like crazy because intense workouts, they’re going to spike your course of hormones.

And we talked about the impact of cortisol on sleep earlier. And also you want to not work out too late because if you’re working out, let’s say like past, I dunno like seven 30 or 8:00 PM, like close to your bedtime. Then as a result, your heart rate, your metabolism, your cortisol levels are going to be at a spike level because that’s what happens when you work out.

That’s why you get like a sense of energy after your workouts. So you want to avoid the workouts too late and not making them too intense. So moderate exercise. And then like we said earlier, consider maybe a high protein snack, some collagen in your tea. That’ll help stabilize your blood sugar. If you have low blood sugar. Yeah. I’m also watching the sunset just when the sun is setting,

sit outside for like five minutes and just watch the sky and the colors change because all of those colors, yellow, orange, red colors, they trigger the melatonin. They trigger melatonin and shut down cortisol production and they get us ready for bed. You feel more relaxed? Maybe go on an evening. Walk. I love a six o’clock walk before the sun sets.

I really do. Yeah. Yeah. It’s amazing how our bodies, like over years and years, they’re able to make these adjustments and know like the sun that red, yellow hue giving it the, you know, melatonin, like, you know, it’s very interesting If you’re struggling with sleep a lot, Dr. Phyllis scourge says a weekend of camping outside with natural light will help you get more grounded and reset your circadian rhythm and make you want to sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time.

Isn’t that interesting? That’s what happened with us. Camping reset yourself. Yeah. All right. So we actually also did a poll on Instagram. If you don’t follow us, go to a piece, us dot weight-loss. And we did a poll there and we S we asked you sisters, do you struggle with getting eight hours of sleep? And the results you’re probably not surprised.

73% said, yes. They struggle with getting eight hours. And 27% said no. So we, we, after that, we asked what helps you get better sleep. And these were the responses. Tanya want to start it’s Nina says, sound machine helps her. Ooh, sounds that, that kind of stuff We say, we tell the Google to play the sound of water.

That’s a sound machine. Yeah. We have a Google machine and it plays like a river or something and it feels, sounds nice. Yeah. Samantha Brown says weighted blanket. All that to keep you warm and stuff. I, if that was a weighted blanket, the weight on the blanket helps you sleep. I don’t understand why, but yeah, not to keep you warm necessarily,

but S Andy says reading before I sleep. Oh yeah. Love that. It’s always helps me relax. My brain just gets bored from the reading and gets tired, but reading always helps. Yeah. Mada feed Gabby says, modified. Gabby says no electronics an hour before bed tea and a good book. I couldn’t agree. More Salmon and hot. Selma not.

Hi. What’s up Selma. I see. I know. I see her all the time on IgG lives. She’s a great supporter of assistant and Mr.. She says peppermint oil diffuser. Oh yeah. Peppermint can be relaxing. I don’t Know why I said, oh yeah. Like I know something about oil, but it just sounds like very nice.

Let’s see, Hannah bear says consistency. A nightly routine. So with you, yeah, for sure. Kayla Bishop says CBD. Yes. And Lizzie says a good workout during the day and mummy two hours before bed. That’s my one to camomile tea. I’m sure many of your sisters know camomile really helps with relaxation. Of course. You’re going to, you’re going to go for the decaf option because you’re going to drink a mossy at night.

Yeah. But yeah. Oh, great. So let’s go to the wins of the week now, Ben to it. Yes. Yeah. If you’re new to our podcast every week we celebrate a sister, actually, most of the time now we celebrate multiple sisters. Yes and no. I love it. And we celebrate their wins with peace, us managing their symptoms,

losing weight and so much more. So I guess I’ll read the first one. Maybe you read the next one. After the first sister is Mickey from the sister from the sisterhood. She says, celebrating a small win today. I haven’t touched my scale in months still. Haven’t by the way, look, she says, well, not me, but after trying on old pants,

I’m so sorry. Okay. I’m going to start over again. Okay. Celebrating a small win today. I haven’t touched my scale in months and she puts in parentheses still haven’t by the way. But after trying on old pants that went past my waist and buttoned. Oh, like the pants fit a lot better. Yeah. I might be more inclined to get on the scale this week.

This was my first consistent week in the gym and doing my slow way to workout since joined the sisterhood. It feels great. Great job. Love that. I love that. Yeah. You don’t like you don’t have to weigh yourself. Exactly. Exactly How you feel or how your pants fit or whatever you look in the mirror, you feel less bloated.

Yeah. It’s not about the scale Scale. Just adds that amount of stress, pressure, stress, like something that every morning or whatever you’re going to do, it’s like, oh my gosh, I’m going to, I know I never check anymore. We recommend chicken like once a month or something and yeah, I never see you check It. I just look in the mirror.

I’m like, all right. We’re good. I’m good, mommy. Okay. So next Naomi. No, Boonton in the sisterhood again in the chat forum, she has shared with us, Hey sisters, I joined the sister had last week and just wanted to share that I have been diligently following the seven day lifestyle checklist, including taking opacities consistently every day.

I just want to pause here and say that in the sisterhood, we have a lifestyle checklist for each PCLs type and that’s what she’s talking about. Okay. She says, I noticed some amazing changes. I noticed a huge reduction in cravings and increase in energy and have consistently kept off one and a half pounds. I know this isn’t anything dramatic, but I feel great.

And I am one and a half pounds later. I have struggled to lose any weight in the past. For years before discovering the sisterhood, I have also been drastically cutting down on gluten and dairy and finding gluten dairy free alternatives. I would also love for sisters to share some of their favorite snacks, delicious gluten-free dairy-free snacks or alternatives for some extra ideas.

Thanks sisters wish me luck. Amazing. Oh, that’s great. And it, it’s not a small win because for so many sisters who are struggling to lose weight after trying so many restrictive diets after cutting calories, after doing everything and they don’t see any results. And then to finally see you losing one and a half pounds, that’s a huge win. So sister,

congratulations. I’m so happy for her. And If she says she joined the sister last week, so it’s been one week. So that’s great. You want to see one to two pounds of weight loss per week anyways. So she’s on track. Okay. Amazing Job, Naomi. And if you’re one of them. Yeah. And if you’re wondering about the sisterhood,

it’s our membership program, where you’re able to learn how to manage a piece of us. We have a five stage PCs, weight loss success path, where you’re basically able to one discover your PCs type and then go gluten-free, dairy-free learn your carb tolerance, which is obviously really important. Learning your carb range for PCOS and insulin resistance. And lastly, stage five,

or you learn how to work out for PCs. We have monthly workout programs that change every month. We have a recipe section that’s all gluten and dairy free for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And it’s based on your carb tolerance. So once you select your carb tolerance, the recipe section updates automatically to give you the right servings, not to mention.

We also have our private Facebook group where you’re able to ask us questions and chat with the other sisters and share your experiences. And we have two live calls every month. One of them is a Q and a, and in the future, we’re actually having doctors join the Q and a to give their expertise on specific topics. And we have one live workout every single month with us.

So he could do the workouts with us and you know, have fun. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. Yeah. So fun to see all this progress. I love hearing about it and sharing it in Susie. We could sit here for hours and like talk about the testimonials. Seriously. We take like screenshots of every single One and it just whole album.

It’s an amazing thing to see too. Like all these sisters improving, getting better with their piece us. Cause that’s that’s. Yeah. That’s the whole purpose of this podcast. And everything we do is to help sisters improve. So you can join us at PCO, us weight, And you want to say it to anything else about it? No,

The, I mean, it is so much fun in there. Come and chat with us in the chat forum. Yeah. And don’t forget it is a three-day trial. So if you join and you don’t, it’s not what you want. It, you can always leave before being charged or anything like that. See if it’s right for you. Yeah.

All righty. Then this was a great episode. Thank you everyone for listening to this episode about PCLs and sleep and how they affect each other. And we’ll be back next week with no. Yes. Talk to you soon. Sisters, take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site,

where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again. Ah,

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