His & Hers PCOS Friendly Meals

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about PCOS friendly meals that are delicious and fun for both people in a relationship. It’s good for both partners to know how to cook, even if it’s a little. We go into our process and how we do it together!

If a cyster is letting PCOS get her down, then the partner has to step up a little bit, and vice versa. What can he do & what you would you tell him to do to help you?

We also dive into Instagram DM questions and discuss your personal requests on the podcast. Last but not least, we announce the Cyster of the Week with her latest wins managing her PCOS!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on your mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m husband, engineer MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. What’s up sisters.

Hey sisters. Welcome to episode four. Yes. Thank you for joining us. And thanks for all the great feedback on the last episode. Yes, we appreciate it so much. Seriously. It’s so motivating. Yeah. You’ve probably seen our stories are going reposting. A lot of the great things, speaking of which we just try to do an IgE live.

Yeah. Show you guys the first five minutes or 10 minutes of recording the podcast, which we really did. Yeah. And then we realized that the podcast wasn’t recording. So Thank goodness. It was only like four minutes because Tallinn was talking about a great topic. And I looked down at the laptop and I just see a zero. Like it’s not recording.

However, like the IgE live is going and the camera’s recording. I can’t tie ins. And for like a couple of minutes, I just didn’t. I’m like, okay, let me think here. What can I do to fix this? How about I just press record with my left foot? And then later I’ll like loop it in with, okay.

So Then you broke it to me. Live on iTunes. I had to break it to her. I think they don’t want to hurt your heart. It’s okay. We can still, I can talk for days about this, this subject, how to make his and hers PCs friendly meals. That’s what this podcast episode is going to cover. That’s right.

And we promise we’ll get the IgE live right next time around. Yeah, exactly. So his and hers, How do we figure out eating and making an experience out of dinner? Well, both of us have jobs. It takes a lot of effort. You have to think about what you’re going to eat. Wayne advance grocery shop properly, hopefully once a week only so that you’re not going back and forth.

You have to cook clean, set this table, make it nice, eat it clean again. It’s hours and hours of work and think, God, we help each other. I mean, I think it takes two to tango is the correct term here it applies. But for example, today I went and I did some shopping during my lunch break. And I actually put this on the ag story too,

just to kind of share what we were doing on the live. But the thing is me and Tallinn. We had like this, a shared list on the cloud. We have like this notes app where whatever we need, we put it on there. Like for example, spinach, bananas, almond, butter, whatever. We just ran out of time.

We’ll update it or I will update it whenever that is. And then let’s say one of us can go get some stuff. And that list is always available. Okay. If you hear that itching, it’s not a pig. That itching is just our dog. Dog’s sitting next to me. Yeah. So this list on the notes app in our iPhone is awesome because you can tap these like bullet points and fill them in to say,

like, I bought this, I bought this, I bought this. Yeah. Yeah. And it updates on each other’s phones. So it’s like a live grocery list and we can see what’s happening, what we need and so on and see that his work is close to whole foods. So he can go during his lunch if need be. Cause like it’s always instinct and we always know what we need.

Exactly. But it wasn’t always easy. Yeah. I bet I’ve had bad times In the beginning because you know, we’re, we’re both not like used to it yet. We just got married and so on. I wrote this grocery list and you know, now I’ve, I know to write the grocery list in order of how you shop. So produce first meet afterwards.

Like just the order of things at the whole foods that is by our house. And at the time I didn’t realize this. So I just wrote this list, see duck scrambling all around. I was embarrassed for myself because it took me two hours to get all the basic stuff for the house, just for groceries. Because I kept on getting something from the grocery aisle,

like from where all the raw vegetables, the vegetables are, I would get one. And then I would go to the opposite aisle to get maybe like, I don’t know, like the pea protein ripple milk that we love. I would get that. And then I’m like, well, we need all we need over Carlos. Then you go get that.

And then I just kept on doing this dance. And it was just like, It takes forever, but this is experience like you don’t know until you do it a couple of times and then you get used to it. You don’t realize it. Doesn’t always take that long. Now it’ll take us 20, 30 minutes to do all of the grocery shopping for the week and we know what to buy.

We know how to put this list in order and just get in and out of whole foods like that. Yeah. True. True. It’s a lot easier. Now, when I went today on my lunch, on my lunch break, it took me only 15 minutes. Got it, got out and still had time to do it. Like, you know,

whatever else and you know, it’s, it just comes with experience. So by the way, if you’re interested in that notes app, just go to the iPhone notes app and like create a new note and just click the share with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, anybody you want to share with your roommate, even like your parents. And then just that way you guys always know what you need for the house.

And like, it really helps because you don’t have to call. They’re busy. You don’t know what you need. It’s just real easy. Yeah. I mean, this is one of the ways make it easier. There are so many ways to make it easier. And I always hear feedback from, um, sisterhood members and clients saying that going gluten and dairy free is hard because it takes so much time to cook from home.

And it takes so much, um, time to go grocery shopping and it’s expensive. And all of the things, you know, I often recommend a meal delivery service, but sometimes that gets expensive for people. So I try to explain how to cook and eat and make 30 minute meals on my Instagram stories because you know, it is possible to eat gluten and dairy free on a budget,

which we will talk about in the next episode, how we are able to eat for $15 a day, each of us. So that’s $30, total breakfast, lunch and dinner combined, combined from home. You know, everything cooked from scratch. We barely eat out. And like, we’ll talk about that in the next episode, but it is possible to make this doable and you just have to learn from experience.

And I mean, the difficult thing is sometimes like both people come from different cultures and different backgrounds. Like not, not obviously not every guy grows up, you know, cooking or, you know, sometimes like the, mother’s the one that’s always cooking for the son and the son doesn’t really learn to cook, you know? But yeah, like, yeah,

our Armenian source tallying, so like to cook, our moms have to cook our dads, you know, it’s just like that traditional thing that comes home for dinner and then mom prepares dinner. And then, you know, but like, obviously that’s not going to be always relevant to our generation, our generation, like me and time both work just as hard.

There’s no like, Oh, you make dinner because I worked harder or vice versa. No, like we’re a team. And this, like, I would say the same thing goes with like the peace USA in this aspect. Like, like I’m going to support Tallinn when she like needs me. Like obviously it’s not going to be like, Oh, come on,

pick up the Slack. It’s like, how can I, how can I help her out here Was is a struggle for some women who are still trying to figure out how to manage it. You know, you’re trying to figure out how to be gluten and dairy free. You have all these symptoms that are like getting in the way you’re, you may be have depression and anxiety and your hormones are everywhere.

And so it’s important to act as a team or if you don’t have a husband or boyfriend and you’re with your roommates or your family, you know, it’s important to have some type of support from somebody. If it’s not the sisterhood, you know, you feel like, Yeah. And there’s a, there’s a lot, you just look for friends and just good people that you can talk to.

Honestly, just helping to somebody really helps. I started just, just, yeah, just talking to somebody really helps. I mean, research shows that therapy alone is able to like, um, help with depression. Other like, you know, like symptoms, obviously peace us is not the same, like a mental thing, but it just helps to talk about it.

And it helps you feel better and more confident about your situation. Exactly. Yeah. And like another thing I would suggest is like, for your, for people around you, your loved ones, like husband, boyfriend, just ask them what you need from them. Cause that would really help them at the end of the day help you because it’s hard for someone to know how to help you if they’re not aware of what you need.

So that’s just like my, I think my biggest tip to you is just, just tell them what you need and hope that they Right. And we’ll be reading off some of the answers you guys gave me an Instagram stories. When I asked how do you get your partner on board with eating gluten and dairy free? So we’ll get into that in a little bit.

Yeah. But, um, so our process of planning out meals is, you know, I don’t know how to ex like it’s as if I think about food all day, because I’d like to make eating dinner in experience. Just like it has been in our culture and our families before we got married. Like we come from families, we like to sit down and all eat and talk and enjoy a meal together.

Yeah. So I want to bring that into my home, even though we’re busy, we’re working. So I try to make the 30 minute meal, babe. What goes into the 30 minute meal? Not a lot when you’re really preparing for, for it ahead of time. I mean, I think Tanya hit her home when she says she thinks about it.

Like most of the day, because you kind of got to plan for it in the afternoon. You can’t just, yeah. Like you can’t just be like, okay, it’s six o’clock what can we make? Right. Yeah. Right. No, you cannot wait until six. If it’s four o’clock and I still don’t know what we’re going to eat for dinner.

We’re screwed because you have to defrost something I like to keep. So I’m going to give you some tips. I like to keep meat frozen in the freezer, like all different types. Okay. So that at like three o’clock I know what I’m going to make for dinner. I’m going to take one of them out and start defrosting it in like a bowl of water I put like in ground.

Yeah. Or just say, take it out. You can always take it out the night before or just in the morning, leave it outside. And it should thought like, by the time you’re going to eat dinner. Yeah, exactly. So thinking ahead way in advance. Um, so we told you, we start with the list at the grocery store shopping in order so that you’re not scrambling around and you get in and out of there in like 30 minutes with everything you need for the week.

Because when you scramble you panic, you end up buying more than you should. Or you buy the wrong things. You spend more money, yada, yada. It just doesn’t go your way. Always be prepared. Obviously there’s days you can’t be, but just try it. Yeah. Try not to make everything new. Like sometimes I, you know,

over exert myself, I go the restroom. I’m like, Oh my God, I’m gonna try this, that all these new things I’ve never tried before. And then like, they go bad and I don’t have time to figure these things out because it’s a busy week or whatever. So I, my rule of thumb try one new thing to cook from Pinterest or a cookbook that’s gluten and dairy free per week.

Don’t overwhelm yourself for no reason. You can make a simple meal every single night until you start figuring out how to eat and cook. Um, more complicated things. You can eat baked salmon and vegetables with like deep frosted rice. Like yeah. And plus you’re not going to eat something different for the rest of your life. You’ve got to kind of just,

you know, um, Affect the recipes. You always want to know if it’s salmon add a new spice to it. If it’s chicken throw on some breadcrumbs, Totally. You’re going to have some cauliflower pizza that you could have it. Like, again, you can’t, it’s like, it’s not like you have to try something different every time. Yeah.

And I feel like I felt that pressure when we were first. I mean, I love your beans. I start your chili that you make, which I asked for and you don’t make it enough. It hurts my soul. Like once a week I make this delicious sausage. I wish it was once a week. It’s okay. You make it like once every eight,

nine days. I like that average to go down to six or five days, it would really make me out. It is I get spicy Italian style. Yeah. Yeah. And you can always try something different with that as well. Try different little spice or Added butternut squash to it. And then, you know, another time add beans to it instead,

like mix it up. Once you learn one recipe, you can change it up to like three or four different things. Every time you cook it, put a different space, a different vegetable and make a different thing out of it. You just got to stop. See, this is the thing. I make it a big deal in my head. And then I don’t want to do it.

And I’m like, Oh, like, how am I going to make this? You know, whatever it is like soup, butternut, squash soup. Just chop it up and start from step one. You know what I mean? Let’s just start. And the other thing is the staples. Like you gotta buy the, the staples essential stuff that you need for the house,

for the house. Like you always need leafy greens. You need some carbs. Right, baby. You want to explain that? Yeah. So potatoes, they don’t go bad. Buy them in big bunches and make sure that you have them available. Yeah. Rice, we always have rice pastas. We always have like some of, you know, one or two boxes of pasta is always available.

Um, just like these staples that don’t go bad are always in the house. Also like onions, carrots, garlic broth. Um, you can keep in your pantry. When you have these ingredients, you can make anything like you can throw any type of meal together. Um, when you have like canned beans also and frozen meats in your freezer that you can just pull out.

Yeah. So the reason why I’m saying this is because oftentimes we think that like things go bad so we don’t buy them or like, Oh, I don’t have any, anything to cook tonight. Like you shouldn’t say, I don’t have anything to cook tonight. You should always have something that’s preserved. Like, you know, can be. And there’s something that you can like pull something together with Like a backup plan,

like a break, the glass, break the glass emergency, bring the, bring the red cross in and hand out the blankets, Break the glass and take out the can of beans and serve it for dinner. Yeah. Yeah. So what are the takeaways? Make sure you have your staples staples one veggie per day. What? Oh. Shop for one veggie per day.

Right? So when you overbuy vegetables, they end up going bad. So this is essentially the only thing you have to worry about. That’s going to go bad. Everything you can freeze or keeping your pantry. So vegetables. Yeah. Leafy greens. Don’t buy too many. I just buy like some kale, some lettuce, and then not much more than that.

Cause it just goes back. Right? You can’t just buy them all at once. You want Swiss chard and this and that, it goes bad. So you have to get the leafy greens a little bit, eat them in the beginning of the week. That’s always the annoying thing. You know, spinach going bed. Nothing annoys me more. When I see it’s like two or three days pass and the spinach is look looking a little bit like weird.

I’m like, gosh, darn it. Now you have no smoothie or smoothies week. Seriously. I can do smoothie without green. Well, it’s a good thing. Whole foods is right by your work because we run out of spinach a lot. For some reason. It’s not my fault. I can’t buy two bags of spinach because one will go bad.

By the time you finished the first one, that’s what I’m saying. Like you can’t just buy all these leafy greens. So things that don’t go bad cabbage doesn’t really go bad for a while. Um, uh, let me see. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, these cruciferous vegetables that are really good for your hormones. Yeah. Chris secrets. So these are my tips.

Write them down, put them in your notes up. Keep them in mind. Don’t try too many recipes. New recipes have your staple foods. Yeah. Always have meat in the freezer. One veggies for each day. Yes. And make a list of things that you want to shop for it before you go. Don’t just walk in there. Willy nilly hungry and just grabbing things off of shelves.

So let’s read the DMS. Ha. I asked you ladies, how do you get your partner on board with eating gluten and dairy free? Oh, that’s a good question. That’s a really good question. Well, wait, how did you get me on board? What did you do? What was your secret? My secret. Let me think. Hmm.

No, you’re not that manipulative. I can’t think I just you’re too. You’re too sweet to like trick me into having a gluten free meal. Not that that’s a bad thing to do. Ever since we first started dating, you have always encouraged me to try new things. And so like, oftentimes I’m afraid to try a new recipe, like fish sauce.

I just recently cooked something with that. He doesn’t really like it, but, and I was scared to cook with it. Cause I’m like, what’s this going to taste? Like, but then it’s, you know, he’s encouraging and I try something new and then oftentimes it turns out delicious. So what was the point of this? Oh, I did not manipulate you into liking anything because you’re open to most things.

Yeah. I was praised though. Okay. So the question, how do you get your partner on board with eating gluten and dairy free? First sister, she says he was super supportive, said whatever I need to do, he will do too. That’s pretty sweet. Yeah. He has made, he has made cauliflower everything. Little, I follow his steps.

Dang. So he’s actually leading, leading her. Like I did tell him actually, no, that’s not true. You did no. Remember the cauliflower pizza at whole foods that I didn’t want to do it. Yeah. And it was so good. Ended up being bombed. It was so good. She was like, it’s not going to be the same.

It’s going to be a waste of money, but it was so good. Absolutely delicious. He loves me and hates seeing me go through PSUs symptoms. So he jumps on board. That’s sweet. I respect that. That is, I mean, it’s important. There’s a lot of horrible symptoms and if you’re not helping each other cook and like thinking of each other’s health,

um, it’s easy to like decline and just, I can’t do this. It’s too hard. This, that people need to understand that this doing this alone is really challenging. And another like a spouse or a roommate or a sister, family members, whoever cooks for you has to kind of step it up. And if they don’t, then you have to look for support.

Yeah. Other ways. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s difficult when you’re just by yourself and you have to just cook for yourself and like this other person is totally out of your world. So it’s really, really great to hear that there are, yeah. There’s like the, or others or sisters have supportive systems like that. You know, You get DMS from people complaining about the lack of support and how much support they feel by looking at my Instagram.

And I mean, some people, as far as saying that, you know, their husbands have divorced them. Two girls have said that to me because yeah, it’s, it’s like, well, first of all, you shouldn’t be with someone. Who’s going to think of you that way. Jesus Christ. I thought it was through sickness and in health,

like what’s going on? I would never let you know, that’s sad, but you know, women all around the world are listening to us and there’s all types of cultures listening to us. We’re over here in America. But you know, in other countries, fertility and beauty are the most important thing about women. And so they feel all of this pressure and they,

and then PCs happens and they don’t have the support that they need. And I’m just grateful for Instagram and social media. Totally. I mean, it’s, it’s great that social media provides us things where everybody can find support. Like there are platforms and people are watching you. Yeah. People are watching you. People are watching me yell at me. Like I’m in,

I’m in the PCOM, Someone, the Yemen to me, they were like, your funny husband is really making me feel better. Honestly, that makes me feel great that I can actually help. I mean, I’m in it with Tallinn because I really wanted to support her. But now I feel like I’m in it because I want to help everybody out there along with Tallinn because seeing her happy and managing her piece,

yours just makes me wish that all of you like feel the same way too. So like it’s great that people are, you know, have that too. Right. So, and you’re showing that to them. Yeah. So some of the other answers He lets me take total control of our recipes and cook and I cook gluten and dairy free. That’s great.

Someone else says, don’t tell him, Oh, don’t tell him I’m cooking. Gluten and dairy free. Oh, I see. I see. Yeah. Well, I mean, see if he likes it, then you can be like, hi, I told you, but that goes against what we said earlier. No, I think it’s better to teachers don’t mean to play.

Just be honest, if they like it, they like it. If not, just keep trying, Keep trying or you know, you can’t really force someone like you just can’t. Some people are like, leave me alone. I want to eat my cheddar and broccoli soup then. Okay. No problem. I’ll buy it for you, but I’m not going to spend time making it.

It’s true. Okay. Okay. He felt so much better himself. Oh, so he actually liked it. See, there’s a positive story right there. Somebody who tried it, liked it and probably is going to continue doing it. Right. That’s what I say. The first thing is like, if you haven’t tried gluten dairy, you just try it,

see how you feel and see what happens. Yeah. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If it does. It does. Yeah. But let’s be honest. It’s been shown that it does work. Okay. What’s the next one. Alright. We are immigrants. And he feels like diets are too Western. This is common. We just talked about It’s in our own culture.

I will be sitting at a dinner table. Okay. And I mean, I’m not gonna point any fingers, but we’re Armenian, you know, our family is they come from Turkey and people don’t go on dot. I mean, they don’t, they didn’t like go on diets, their generation, didn’t go on diets and Turkey. I feel like generally.

Yeah. There’s no such thing as diet. It’s like eat well, you have to eat Generally healthy. Anyways. I feel like most of the time. Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of high carbs. Let’s just say, but yeah, generally healthy or the army and food is, but yeah, like there’s a lot of this pressure on a woman to be a certain way.

And it’s just difficult for a lot of, you know, a non American cultures to really, um, for, for, for women to be able to take control of their bodies and change and manage their symptoms without their men kind of, yeah. Cultural culture is heavy. Like we eat a certain way with our culture and it’s hard to change people’s minds because they’re so in their roots of like how you should eat,

um, Armenian food or whatever, like I CA I’ve said it before. Like the first time I went gluten and dairy free and I said, no, I don’t want, you know, this, um, filo dough, like stuffed with cheese thing. And everyone’s like making a big deal out of it. It’s like an insult, you know? Um,

it’s too Western to like be on a restrictive diet, gluten and dairy free, but whatever do you that’s okay. Everyone needs to learn how to adapt. That’s what I think. And the last one, when grocery shopping, I let him find gluten free foods. He likes he gets super involved. Well, there you go. That’s like a, that’s a nice little trick you got there.

See, that gets super involved when that’s how I find those. I was just going to say, it’s not my favorite, but like, Oh my gosh, the demand, the demand is high enough. Again, like the Chile, you didn’t notice it, but it’s in the pantry. I’m making you right after this podcast. We’re going to end this podcast right now.

So sit out can go make himself some gluten and dairy free Mac and cheese. Okay. So we also want to talk about some of the wins this week. We have a great win, babe. Do you want to read it off? Sure. Calling, Hey, can I just say, thank you so much. You changed my life. Sorry.

I messaged you so much. I started going gluten free and dairy free, which is hard. Cause I’m from the Caribbean and I’m an East Indian descent. So we eat tons of Roddy roti. Anyways, I started making a coconut and almond flour roadie and converted my husband too. And cut down the sugar. It’s a slow progress. I lost five pounds in two weeks,

but I’m really excited. That’s great. That’s such a great, great story right there. Wow. Yeah, It goes right into what we were saying about you being immigrants and um, people that grow, who messaged, we are immigrants and he feels like diets are too Western. You can twist it, try something new. Maybe it’ll taste good. Yeah.

I mean, this is a great story because like we said earlier, there’s a lot of people from outside America and she is, and East Indian descent and they eat a lot of rodeo. She that’s like in a lot of other cultures, they have staples that are very against what you should be eating when you have PCOM. But she found the alternative.

She replaced it with making it out of the coconut almond flour. See what I think. Like we can all do something like that. See, that’s how it’s done. Just making some, you know, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. See if it works, if it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

But it sounds like this is delicious. And I hope anyone who eats roti, if that Yeah. R O T I Head and tries coconut and almond flour. Yeah. And the other thing I saw that she says is she cut down the sugar and I think that’s like a, yeah, like it’s a big, um, like tip that. I’m sure you guys know about the cutting down the sugar is going to reduce a lot of the inflammation you have in the symptoms you have with PCs,

not to mention like the excess calories you might be getting from like, like whatever the sugar is in. Right. And, um, it just, and like, it takes away all the, like the insulin spikes you get and the energy spikes maybe getting throughout the day. Yeah. Your body will get used to the new flavor of the dish. So after she’ll be like,

Ugh, this doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t have enough sugar, but then you’ll get used to it. Honestly, like you can cut down sugar from any recipe. I don’t care if it’s a cultural recipe or a traditional, like just cookies, whatever. Like you can cut down the sugar and your mouth will just adapt to your taste. Buds will adapt to it.

Yeah. It’s funny because like, when I really started being health conscious when I was about 18 years old, like 10 years ago, um, maybe like 16 or so I, I, I cut out sugar completely. Like just stopped having candy. I cut out. Coca-Cola like all those sort of drinks. And I just had like natural sugar through fruits and like food.

And I started losing all this weight and like, I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. I was actually like trying to gain weight by, uh, working out and like playing sports and whatever. But then I just started losing all this baby fat, I guess you can call it. I don’t know. And like I got slim and just, it’s weird.

Honestly. It’s weird. Like, I feel like maybe like, was I just a little bit like, did I have too much on me? My whole life? Cause I was eating so much sugar and then I cut it out when I was like, you know, 15, 16, and finally like all that stupid stuff. Just that’s I dunno.

I Oftentimes you don’t realize how much sugar you’re actually having. I’ve had clients who are, who go gluten and dairy free, but then they’re like, Oh, I’m not losing weight. So then we go through what they’re eating and it’s like, yeah. Okay. You had a Coke or two, you had an alcoholic beverage that was high in sugar once or twice during the week.

And then you add like one packet of sugar in your tea or coffee every day. And it’s like all of this, all of a sudden. And it’s a list of things that are like, Oh my gosh, there’s this long list. Like you said, you don’t even realize it. And that’s, what’s making you hold all the weight. Once you cut it out,

you’d be surprised. And your mouth, your, your taste buds get used. Yeah. And you don’t realize how much sugar is in a lot of stuff. Like you get a protein bar, you think it’s healthy because it has protein in it. Come to realize they’ve added like 20 grams of sugar to make it edible. And then you’re like, okay,

I just chose my workout. I’ll burn it off. But then with PCO S it’s hard to burn it off while you’re working out because we, you know, insulin resistance and 70% of us, and that makes it hard to burn off sugar. So great job for this sister who won the weekly wins. Yes. Good job sister. So that caps off the rest of the episode.

Thank you. Thank all of you for joining us and listening to this episode. Thank you sisters. And we will see you in our next episode. That’s right. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCLs from Sage one,

Colden alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, Cullerton and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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