Podcast Anniversary & A Day In Our Lives!

It’s our 1 year anniversary of the podcast! We celebrate the last year of episodes and give you a glimpse into a day in our lives!

Since we feel so close to you, we want to give you a play by play of a day in our lives! Tallene shares her thought process behind meal planning and how she creates a PCOS friendly work balance!

You’ll hear everything from the moment we wake up to the little nuances in our day as we walk you through what we do until we fall asleep at night!

We’d like to take a moment to thank all the Cysters who have been listening to our podcast episodes…including our quirky stories about ladybugs and gardening! Thank you, we could not have done it without you!

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Full Episode transcript:

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Welcome to a sister and her Mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m tallene your fellow sister and registered dietician, and I’m Sirak, husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCO as a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. Love break.

Good times. it’s a celebration set break. Good times. Come on. Let’s celebrate. Hey, Hey, it’s a celebration. Well, it gives us the one year anniversary of a sister and her Mister and it couldn’t have been done without. Thank you so much for listening to us for a whole year through this pandemic, yammering, yammering away about our garden,

about our Lives, about lady bugs, lady Bugs and all the random details of the things we’re going through here. Yeah. But thank you so much sisters, honestly, for all the support you guys have given us in the last year, this podcast has become bigger than we ever anticipated. And then we’re going to talk about some of our favorite episodes real soon,

but we just want to thank everyone. It’s been 52 weeks since we last started the podcast, you know, the first episode of the podcast was an introduction to us. And now we’re at episode number 52, which I believe is one year. Cause it’s for the two weeks in one year. Right? So it’s, it’s been great. I mean like,

like I it’s funny. Cause the podcast started like randomly, almost like me and tine were sitting around back like last October, November or so. And I was like tying, tying, like we had to start a podcast. Like we should do this. Like you need to talk to the sisters, let them hear your voice. And like you were being a little reluctant.

Right. I think it’s really important, you know, working together and in marriage that we give each other space to be creative. And even though I was reluctant to do the podcast, cause I’m more like reserved and like, what are we going to talk about? What are we going to do? It just like, didn’t click for me. You were really all about it at first.

So I just ordered the equipment before, even before we agreed Order it, whatever. I mean really we, I think we agreed. Well, we didn’t, I was order number. Like I was, I was going to order like I wasn’t going to wait for you. Yeah. Cause we were like, should we start now? Should we start later?

You’re like, let me just get it now. And we can start when we start. All right. My, my trade was rejected in my fantasy football league Anyways. So I think we do a great job of supporting each other’s ideas. And I must say this did flourish from You. No, no, I don’t want to come off like that.

I just want to say the way it started was I just, like, I just went and bought the equipment and I was like, we just got to start. No, no, we got it started. Yeah. It’s been really fun. Yeah. And I mean, I learned a lot about public speakers speaking, I guess the public speaking, you know,

hopefully we’ve gotten better throughout this year. So if I listened to the first five episodes to now, I’m sure got a lot better. Cause back then we didn’t even have like our, because now we, like, we prepare the show on like our show notes so that we can read all the things like properly, like have our research studies. We didn’t do that before.

Right. Not like the first five, 10 episodes. We didn’t have show notes to kind of like bounce off of, we wouldn’t go into it like raw. Like we would just be like, all right, what’s the topic. And let’s just talk about it. But now we have like this prepared show with like studies all like linked in our show notes so we could just get really into it.

But you know, I think for any podcasts like scissors, if you’re thinking of starting one, you should start one and just build on it. Right? Like as you get, as you get through 10, 20, 30 episodes, you just build momentum. You build like the experience. Yeah. With that being said, I mean, in one year it’s amazing.

We have a thousand plus reviews on Apple pie. Oh my gosh. Incredible. Thank you so much. It’s more than nice to like, if I’m having a bad day, I’ll just go over there and read them. Yeah. A hundred percent. And in the last year we have over a hundred, three, a hundred, sorry. I said it wrong.

We have 330,000 plus downloads in one year we surpassed 300,000 downloads that can not be done without Everyone, for listening to us babble. I can’t put 330, 3000. I looked at. So I looked at all of our episodes and I want to see what is our most downloaded episodes in the last year. Right? Like what was the episodes that were most important to you sisters?

And that was downloaded the most. So are you curious, babe? What’s the most? Yeah. Which ones? So I’m not going to count number one because the number one most downloaded episode is actually the first episode, which is introduction to a sister in her Mister. So I won’t count that one because obviously everyone’s going to go listen to that episode to kind of know what we were about.

So number two was actually the number two episode we ever released, which is explaining piece us to your loved ones. They came out in December, 2019 and it has the second most downloaded episodes. So Relevant to the holidays. Yeah, Exactly. So w we’ve actually done more of these explaining PCs to your family and others, but if you want to listen to the first one we ever did was episode number two.

Okay. And then the next most downloaded episode was episode number seven, gluten and dairy free for PCLs. So as you guys know, that’s, that’s our, our thing that we like to recommend to try gluten dairy free. So episode number seven. Yeah. We dove into science in that episode. Yeah. Remember, and then the next few episodes,

I’m just going to read them in the order of the most downloaded or a piece us cravings and what you need to do. Next one is reversing insulin resistance with PCs. We had gluten dairy and toxins with Dr. Tom or Brian after that was a good one. And then how to work out for peace, us weight loss was number episode, number 14 next,

most downloaded. And then the next two are what type of piece you S do you have episode number 21. And then lastly, how to treat PSUs with OB GYN, doctor Mercy. Oh, that was a good one. Yeah. So that was our top 10 most downloaded, but you have to also alarm The alarm to post that’s. If, if he every hear that on a podcast that’s Tomlin’s alarm could post something on Instagram.

Let me just so, I mean, would that with all the top 10 episodes? It’s it’s interesting. Maybe I should look at like later on, I should look at what’s the most downloaded episodes in the last six months, just so we have updated refreshed look, but I mean, so there’s thank you so much for listening to this podcast. We,

again, couldn’t have done it without you, and this was all done just to help you and all the other sisters out there, like we wanted to create a platform or create like a place where we can really go into detail about certain topics, because the problem is when we talk about anything on Instagram, if it’s, you know, a post that’s,

a video post or a tick talk or something like that, it’s really hard to capture all the details in like a one or a 15 or a ten second video. Like imagine putting everything you want to say in a 10 to 12 second video, same thing with like an Instagram live. You know, we do Instagram lives like three times a week and it’s really hard to one get through all the questions cause we want to answer them all.

But also again, to, in a very detailed manner, because every question is really important to the person asking it. But at the same time, there are 50 or a hundred more people asking their questions. We don’t want to obviously have everyone waiting. So the podcast is the place where we’ve found how to basically go through like very detailed topic with everything we want to say,

let you know all that information. And that this is the place we feel is like, we feel like this is the best podcast for anyone with PCUSA period. So we hope you liked it. We hope that our approach, all these difficult topics was easy to digest or is easy to not once, but like it’s easy to digest because you know, it can be challenging to tackle PCOS.

There are so many different components. There’s so many different things that work for everyone in a different way. And we try to have a relaxed approach approach to it. And we try not to put pressure on anyone to do anything that they’re not comfortable with. And to just try to navigate piece cos in a way that serves you best and doesn’t make you feel restricted or miserable during the process,

because I know there’s some crazy diets out there. Yeah. And with the one year anniversary being, being this week, when you’re listening, make sure you go to our Instagram because we will be having a giveaway this week for the one year anniversary, we’re going to do a special one. So stay tuned, go to Instagram, to see the details on how to win and what you can win.

So we’ll be doing something there. All right. So with all that jazz being said, I think there’s a good episode to kind of go into a day into our lives. I mean, I think specifically Collins to kind of see her peace U S friendly life that she’s built for herself. Like her, her Regina, reg regimen, regimen, regime,

Richie regimen. Okay. Whatever. But I’ll let Tallinn basically take this episode into our own hands. I’ll chime in as best as I can with my own. Hold on. I feel like my daily routine is your daily routine is together all day. I want you to lead this episode and I’ll chime in with my comments and just, okay. So,

all right, go for it. Basically since quarantine and all of this Corona business, we haven’t been able to leave the house as much and it’s made it really important for me to set up a routine so that I don’t feel low and like get into some type of funk. Yeah. And I know this because in the beginning I was like, Oh,

I’ll be fine. I love staying at home. Like, you know, I work from home anyways. No problem quarantine. And then after a few months I was like, Oh my God, like, I literally can’t do this. Like we need to go on a trip. We need to go something, we need to go out once a week,

like what’s happening. This is no way to live. So then, then I was like, okay, I’m not, I stopped going on walks at one point because I dunno what it got cold. And I just got lazy or something. I got out of my like walking routine that I used to have before quarantine. And I decided to do this four week challenge.

And it has really motivated me to take on other new habits that are good for me because that four week period of time of, and the challenge was to walk 5,000 steps a day really made me feel better and feel accomplished. Like I did something great for myself care because after a certain point I was like falling off the self care wagon to a little bit because I’m just,

it was mundane, like being home all the time. Yeah. I mean, everybody has a different in teen like environment or a situation of course, and like are, and your situation was basically working from home 24 seven or like, and it was really, you basically had to make an active decision to leave the house or else you’re just going to be stuck at home all day.

So in your situation, I think probably in a lot of people’s situation, you’re stuck at home. How can you not let yourself get into that? You know, that bad module where you’re like stuck with the mundane things and yeah. Yeah. So creating a routine that supports you mentally and physically and making sure you’re walking is really important. So for me,

like that walking challenge really got me to kickstart even a better routine than I was doing before. So I can handle quarantine better. Cause you know, at the beginning I was fighting then towards the end, I was like, I’m falling apart. What the hell? Like we need to stop this. Yeah. And I think, I think you would agree with this Tallinn,

like a lot of times the key to anxiety and being overwhelmed is actually working on preventing it instead of like trying to fight it when it comes there. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Like if so when I was falling off my wagon of my self care and so on, I was starting to get anxious cause I wasn’t walking and I wasn’t do properly doing like a nighttime winds down.

And I wasn’t like Dell, you know, strictly like putting things into place that would make me feel good throughout the day. I just fell off the wagon. Then I got anxious. So that four week walking challenge kicked me into high gear and I started feeling good. Nice. Okay. I’m motivated. Here we go again with the nighttime routine. So with that being said,

let’s launch into what I do in a day or week. So first things first we wake up at eight Dun dun duh. I wonder, I bet. It’s more like what the fuck am that’s so late. I know Jack used to wake up at like 4:30 AM For years. For 10 years. I was five years. What the hell to drive an hour and a half each way.

Yeah. And then I used to wake up very early too. Like 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM to go work out in like Kickbox and things like this. I’m if I don’t have to wake up early anymore in my life, I’m not going to. Yeah. When we have kids one day that’ll be a different story. And until then we’re waking up at 8:00 AM.

So help me go. And I just want to say we have an alarm for 7:50 AM and I have it on the table, across the bed and the alarm goes off and I have to get up from the bed. Of course, it’s my job. I have to get up from the bed and turn off the alarm and then basically try to start to get the day ready.

But I’ll be honest with you. Even 8:00 AM feels early like now, but we are not morning people. I think If I, when I get through the whole day, you’ll understand why 8:00 AM is important to us. Okay. So, you know, eight hours of sleep is typically how much we get. So we sleep at 12. It’s so important that eight hours of sleep,

honestly like if you I’m dead, if I don’t like sleep is the most important, but I feel like there’s sleep. Like for everybody who’s like thinking about like self care routines. Like give me this lotion for my face. Let me get this, this, that, this, that like sleep is a number one freaking thing, period for your body,

for every single component, like re like you re regeneration of your skin, regeneration of your hair, covering your cells. All of this is like revolved around sleep. So, so good after eight hours. Yeah. And I don’t need coffee cause it’s consistently eight hours. I’m not fatigued. I keep the blinds open so that when the sun comes up,

I’m like gently awoken by the sun. You know, it’s not this, like, it’s not like this alarm blades. You know what I mean? Putting the lights all of a sudden. Yeah. The alarms, like a peaceful sound. It’s not. Yeah. So then the first thing I do, I drink a whole glass of cold water because getting hydrated is the first thing I feel like doing,

you know, I’m like, Yeah, if you’ve slept, you basically going to eat hours without drinking water. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t wake up in the middle Of the night either. So I’m like really thirsty, you know? And it helps with metabolism, drinking, cold water, induces, thermogenesis, like your body has to warm up that water and it increases your metabolism by having to do that by 24 to 30%,

that’s a lot, The same thing happens with the hot water because your body basically has to bring back down the temperature to take your body temperature. So if you have something really hot or something really cold, it will actually start thermogenesis and then increase your metabolic metabolic rate. Yeah. Meanwhile, Cedric has like three drinks on his table. When he sits down,

he has like a hot coffee, a cold. What else? Protein shake. You feel like your metabolism? I know it feels so weird on my stomach too. It feels like I’m drinking like weird concoction. So I just try to, like, I try to down the protein shake as fast as I can get it out of the way, move on to my water and coffee.

But yeah. I like to have like a cup of water or like at least half a cup of water, first thing in the day. Right. So, okay. So I have now I’ve woken up and I drank my water, you know, go to the bathroom, whatever we fix the bed. That’s what we do in the mornings. We fix the bed together or one of us does it.

And this just sets the tone for a clean, organized, you know, peaceful morning. I’m clearing out the chaos. So we fix the bed and then I go ahead and I’m making breakfast and I’ll head over to the kitchen. I don’t have a lot of different breakfast options. Did you want to add anything onto the bed thing or I saw you like Interesting.

Cause they sometimes like, like before time gets up, I’ll get up and I’ll go to the bathroom. And like, if I take too long, you know, I’ll get out and I’ll be like, she made the bed and it feels really nice to look at a made bed. You know, I feel bad sometimes. I’m like, Oh man,

I took too long. Now she made the bed. Like I should have helped or whatever. I mean, it’s okay. We do, we switched Roles here and there Make it because I’m like, Oh, let me make it before he gets out of the bathroom. So it’s nice. I know. And I’m thinking of you, But I feel bad sometimes.

I’m like, I need to help or whatever, but you know yeah. Like looking at a made bed at first thing in the morning. Amazing. Yeah. Highly recommend this to be part of your routine. I know it sounds silly because we were going to get back in the bed or maybe you don’t even leave the house. You know what I mean?

It’s like, whatever, who cares if the bed is made it just for your mental health yep. Makes a difference. And then I head over to the kitchen. I start making breakfast. Now I don’t have a thousand breakfast options because they don’t have time to think of these things. So it’s either oatmeal, it’s eggs or it’s a smoothie. Yeah.

Pick one. That’s it. So typically with oatmeal, I’ll probably do, what was that? Oh, sorry. I’ll I’ll, I’ll make me NCX oatmeal in the pot and then I’ll take mine out and put it in a bowl and add my protein powder to and mix it. And then I’ll add his protein powder to the other half of it. And then,

you know what I’m saying? So your protein doesn’t mix with mine cause you have way. And I don’t. So I don’t like make two pots of oatmeal. I figured out how to like do it all. Yes. I love your process. And then the smoothie, you know, there’s only like one smoothie that I’ll make. So if you ever want to have a different smoothie,

we, we signed up for daily harvest, daily harvest. They send some great different flavors, like change things up a little bit. Yeah. We don’t have it all the time. Like we it’s like we change it up every couple of months. Oh let’s order. Let’s order a daily harvest for a couple of weeks and go with that for now.

Yeah. And they have these great flavors. I just don’t have the time or patience to like put this whole extravagant breakfast together. So they’ve helped. I guess it’s extravagant already. Like I just can’t with like cutting pineapple. I don’t know. Yeah. I mean, I don’t like that stuff anyway. I like our rotation, you know, oatmeal,

eggs or smoothie. And I’m sure as we continue our marriage, we’ll add some more things in there, you know, as we continue and all that stuff, just like one thing about our kitchen is that it’s so tiny. That’s why I just don’t that’s The problem. Like time doesn’t have a big kitchen to work with. Same thing with me. Like if I get in there,

when she’s in there, it feels like one of us is bothering the other person. Cause like you cannot, literally two people cannot Stand and do it coffee. Exactly. Every time you bump it, it’s literally I think 200 square feet or less. I would have to guess actually probably less than that. Like a hundred, like it’s like a hundred square feet.

Our kitchen. I still throw it down. Let’s be, Oh hell Yeah, she does. Oh yeah. So, okay. So I’m making breakfast now while I’m making breakfast breakfast, I’m also thinking of what we’re going to eat for dinner because I don’t want to like, you know, freak out at three o’clock. What am I going to make for dinner?

Sometimes I forget to think of it during breakfast, but oftentimes I’m like what is going to be dinner while the oatmeal’s cooking? And what I do is I have a bunch of different meats in the freezer, chicken breasts, chicken wings, ground beef, steak, pork shrimp, fish, whatever. Yeah. I’ll choose one. And then I’ll head to the fridge,

not head, but like first the meat. And then I’ll be like, okay, I chose fish. What do I want next to the fish? This is the, the next vegetable that we should be eating because it’s going to go bad if we don’t eat it. You know what I’m saying? Like the leafy greens go bad before certain other vegetables like zucchini,

let’s say yeah. So I’ll choose that. And then what’s the carb rice potatoes. What’s it going to be? I’ll decide. And that’s it. So now I took out the meat to defrost or the fish, whatever. And it’s going to defrost by the time. It’s time for dinner. Seven, eight o’clock. So that’s set. So we fix the bed.

Breakfast is cooked. Dinner is planned and pouring my tea, peak tea, you know, no plastic bags, no toxins. I’m starting my day off. Right. Get my PT. And then my in it. I sit down, I turn on my laptop, I’m ready to start the day. Now a lot of people do like the meditations and the yoga and their workout in the morning.

But for us we just leave it towards the end of the day. And that’s what works for us. And that’s why we wake up at 8:00 AM because we’re doing all these things at night, you know, we won’t get into that. Yep. So I just like hop right into my work for now. That’s what’s happening. I enjoy it. I’m excited to,

Yeah. And we like to start today off by being like creative. Like we don’t want to, like, we don’t like to really start off with like a mundane tasks that we do every single day, some big administrative, we like to start off with a creative moment. Like for example, today, our first major task was this podcast. We went ahead,

we went ahead and recorded two podcasts episodes. And it’s like a very creative process. And once we’re done here, we’ll move on to our administrative tasks, which we’ll have more pleasure doing. Cause we just got our creative side, all like energized and out of our system. Exactly. So now it’s time for a team meeting or something after being creative.

So I’ve made posts where we brainstormed podcasts, episodes, developing new projects and then meetings and like things like that. Yeah, exactly. So then at 12 o’clock it’s lunchtime, we literally like we have a lunch. It’s not maybe if I’m hungry, like 12 o’clock lunch, maybe one o’clock if we have to, but again, I don’t make it complicated.

It’s either a sandwich or it’s leftovers. And I like, it’s always a rotation of these three or four sandwiches. It’s either the Turkey bacon sandwich, the Italian salami, the prosciutto. I mean, at times slummy and prosciutto pepper and Cine vibe for me, for you Hammond ch dairy free cheese. I like that one with tomato. Or if I made breaded chicken the night before I’ll make a sandwich out of it.

Yeah. So like, if I’m grocery shopping, I’m not buying all these different, Ingres like this week we’re having Turkey sandwiches done Turkey, bacon, CDX, cheddar, whatever. I love it. Keep it. It’s so important to consider the leftovers. And then the sandwiches that you’ll be having throughout the day as a consistency and not like I have to have something different.

Oh my gosh, no, I have to have something different every single week. Like obviously I can’t eat a Turkey sandwich for three weeks in a row, but yeah, like for one week I need to have some consistency. I can’t be like getting, you know, all these different ingredients together every single day, for sure. So then after we eat,

we digest, you know, we like go on a little walk, maybe get a thousand steps in. We refocus before sitting down, he break up the day a little bit bit. So you don’t feel cooped up for sure. Like if you don’t walk at that point, you’re like going down here. Basically I, once we started doing the creative process and like do a bit of work,

which probably most of the time we’re sitting down or something. Yeah. Like our body needs some movement. Some like our metabolism needs a little jump. Like you need to stretch your hip flexors. You need to make sure your, your, your threat thoracic spine is like, like stretched out a little bit and not contracting too much. You know, all these things come together with that being said,

I’m going to ask you to continue. Cause I any to get the charger for the laptop runs out. Okay. So we’ve gone on the walk. We ate the lunch. Now it’s time to work a little bit more and we want to change up the mood, the atmosphere. So CDI plays some music, maybe some jazz, maybe something more, not distracting,

a little bit relaxing. And I’ll get to creating more content and maybe responding to sisters in the sisterhood or some DMS or emails. And so basically the day goes on and now it’s like five 30, maybe six o’clock and it’s time to stop. Now we have a strict stopping policy, just like we have a strict lunch policy. Thanks to Ctech. Honestly,

the rest of it is all thanks to Cedar because if it was from, if it was just me, I would keep working all throughout the night, answering emails, answering DMS. Like I, before we got married and you weren’t there. And I was just like, at my parents’ house, I would not stop working till like 1:00 AM and I was fine with it.

But then you introduced me to the self care, wind it down and I have become a new person, much more peaceful, much more productive. Yeah. I remember that. Like when we were first married, like the first two, three months or the first two months or whatever, like you kept, like I would be on the couch would be like eight,

9:00 PM. You will be like scrambled up with your laptop. Like scumble annoying me. Cause you would, I could tell you’re either stressed out or you’re like, just like focusing too much. Like Bape turned this off. Like let’s watch TV together as a couple. Or let’s like do an activity. That’s like reading magazines or that’s going to walk like,

this is like, you cannot be working 24 seven. Not just that, not just working 24 seven, but you cannot focus or you cannot forget about your own self care. Like at the night it’s it’s we were talking about preventative earlier. We were talking about how with anxiety and being overwhelmed, the number one way to, to like help with that is to work on the preventative measures and not the,

the defensive part, you know, like not like, Oh, I have anxiety right now. What should I do? Like that? It was all these see help, whatever you can help to, you know, help with your anxiety. But what’s going to help the most is how can I help prevent it? And I think for Utah and probably for a lot of people is like focusing on that.

Self-care at nighttime. Like, are you making sure you’re giving your body and your mind enough downtime. So that the next day, when you go back to the, the job, whatever it is, are you going to be able to be focused? You know, and notice how it’s Good for me, but also it’s good for him. And like,

we are, our vibe is like bouncing off each other. Yeah. And the same goes for anyone who like lives with people, or if you have a family, like if you’re happy, then the people around you will be happy for you or, or they’ll also be relaxed. Like if I’m sitting there, scrumpled up all tense and you’re trying to play the guitar.

Like that’s not okay. Yeah. I don’t feel relaxed cause I know you’re working with me. I feel like you’re going to chop my head off because I’m miserable. I feel guilty. You’re too relaxed. I’m too stressed. Like what’s happened. So we try to stop at like five 36, and then we launch into the exercise. So we’ll do weights.

So for a while we were doing it in the living room and that’s when I was starting to reach my breaking point with this corner. Well here’s well, here’s what happened. Obviously COVID happened. And then we had to find a way to work out somewhere else. Right. And luckily Tallinn sister and her husband, they have like these Bowflex weights, which are perfect adjustable,

really good. And they have like other equipment and we’re going to their apartment working out in their garage and it was really good. And then something happened. They had to renovate their garage. So for like a month or two, we had the weights here and we were just working out in the living room after our day of working. And then like slowly,

it just like, we felt weird at night. Like after dinner, like just sitting on the couch. Cause it felt like we’ve been here all day. There was no change of scenery and it would just didn’t feel like we’re really appreciating being home. Right? Like we just want to leave. Like we want to get out. I was going nuts.

I was waking up like, imagine this, we have a pretty small apartment. You just get out of bed. You go to the bathroom, you go to the kitchen, you make your breakfast, you sit on the couch, you work all day. And then you go to the kitchen to your prepared dinner, sit up the dining table, which is like in the living room to eat.

Then you work out or you work on the living room. I literally was like, not leaving for air. I wasn’t losing my mind. Yeah. I mean like our apartment is about like 900 square feet, which I know that can be like, it depends on each person and stuff or for a couple living together and for a person who’s living in that same space,

it’s definitely like yeah. Working and living in the same space. Yeah. So, so now we go to my sister’s garage to work out. Yeah. And it feels different. Yeah. She fixed her garage and put the weights back and now we’re back to that normal schedule. Seriously. Like I get to go there. I’ll cook with my sister or I’ll work out with sea duck in the garage.

It’s just like a nice little, like you see someone else you’d do something else. And then you come back home and you’re ready for a night time winds down. You don’t feel. Yeah. Like when he, when we get back home from the gym, it just feels like, Oh, we’re home. Let’s relax. Right. It doesn’t feel like,

Oh, we’re back here again. It doesn’t. So that’s all it takes like 45 minutes of leaving your house is all it takes you to not feel cooped up in this. And like having walks between your tires throughout your day. Yeah, exactly. And then we go into dinner. So now we’ve exercised, sit our cups in the shower. I go to the kitchen,

I’m going to start preparing dinner, which I’ve already thought about in the morning. So it’s not like I’m scrambling to figure out what we’re going to eat last minute now of course like every day is different. I’m not perfect. So sometimes I am scrambling, but most of the time, I’m not sure which is ideal for anxiety. So exactly. So I’ll chop the veggies.

I’ll play my show, Wendy Williams. I love her and Adrianna Adrian, Adrian byline from the real, I hate her Love and hate. I drawn whatever, whatever you like, you like complained to me about her, but then you’re like, I love how she does this. What is it? All her IETV is. Ah, okay. I love the real.

And then so sometimes, well I wrote this in my notes because when we were working out at home, we had 62nd rests in between each set. So I would hop into the kitchen, chop a vegetable hop back into the workout. So I was able to cook at the same time when we’re working out at home to get like, no, do not multitask,

like try to enjoy the work And, and making dinner portion too. You can enjoy that too. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So I, while I cook, I like to make stories. So now this might sound like it’s not work, but for us it kind of is it is work because I’m like thinking of the angle. I have to write words,

you know, with the brand colors and you know, like there’s some thoughts. You have to really stop what you’re doing for like five, 10 minutes to put all the words on the story and like, pause. Like you have to stop everything you’re doing that dinner basically gets delayed. Let’s just say 15, 20 minutes. Cause we’re doing the story.

It extends the dinner because I want it to look great. I want it to have, I want to have like some great content that entertains you. So dinner is working Planning. Cause I do the same thing too. Like I’ll, I’ll make some stories while we’re making dinner and then it’ll delay it, you know? But at least we made something.

I love it. Yeah. That’s our, that’s our job. So like now we’re like working again after the workout. Yeah. So, so dinner should take 30 minutes to make, but that, you know, filming and things like this, it might take longer. So I only make one new recipe each week. Every dinner isn’t like this new complicated thing.

So that’s also like one of my rules, like don’t make, But you mean like, so let’s say, let’s just say Monday through Friday you’re making five meals. Okay. Make different meals every day. But that, but one out of the five will be something you’ve never done before. Like we made pork line the other day. Yeah. Which was,

I didn’t really like it too much. You know? It was better than like the other time we made pork one. Yeah. But anyways, so I don’t, you know, when you’re going gluten and dairy free, don’t feel like everything needs to be this whole new thing. Like try something new every week. If you feel like experimenting. But if you do it every single day,

it’s a little overwhelming. Yeah. And then we’ll watch a show during dinner or we’ll just talk lately. We’ve been watching everybody loves Raymond’s One of our favorite shows for sure. But we just finished the season, the whole show. So like now we’re like kind of looking around, we love curb, your enthusiasm, the office. Those are like our go-to like nine,

nine. Yeah. And like, I dunno, like it depends like each dinner is different. Like sometimes we’ll like we’re so we had a long day. We’ll just like, we don’t want any noise. We’ll just turn off the TV and talk to each other about our day. Or sometimes we’ll like, turn the TV on, but like not really watch it,

but like looking at it to laugh. But at the same time talk to each other or sometimes we just feel like watching TV while we’re eating. Cause we’ve been talking all day and we just want to like watch something and like get our minds off, off of whatever and like be with each other at the same time, you know? Yeah. So like every night the,

the, the feelings a little different, you know, exactly. And sometimes, okay. So this all sounds lovely. And Dan, he put, sometimes dinner is so good, so good that I’ll overeat it. Okay. And this is like something I’ve realized that’s happened throughout our marriage for the past year and a half because I used to not cook as much,

you know? Cause I didn’t like, obviously we weren’t living together and now that I’m cooking, I’m cooking like things. Yeah. You haven’t had the chance to do that. Yeah. Like tacos, like we always used to Armenian food. Like nobody’s making tacos, you know what I mean? So now like, Oh my God, I’m so excited about it.

And it’s new. It’s different for us and I’ll overeat it. And that’s where I’ll kick in the opacity. Now I don’t take OBA salt twice a day consistently anymore. Cause my insulin resistance, it’s pretty under control. But nights when this happens, I take it because I know I’ve overeaten the carbs. I’ve just indulged in my school, cooking Your dinner is so good.

I usually almost, almost always have a second plate. Like not full second plate, but like whatever. And then it’s too much, you know, I, I don’t feel I could either. And I’m like, man, give me some more basketball, but you know, I don’t have overstock like you do. I’ll sneak it into your wall. Alrighty.

And then the, lastly we have the winding down the nighttime, Right? We wash the dishes. Everything was okay. No, let’s make it clear. Hold up. Cause you say you make dinner while I shower. I don’t want it to be thought that I do nothing around here. Okay. After dinner is done, I clean up everything. I take the plates from the dinner table.

I take to the dishwasher. I wash everything so that Talon can rest because obviously she just made dinner and she deserves her rest because equals half, it goes both ways. Right? I feel like takes out the trash. I feel like if you have a, if you have any partner, if you have a partner or something, it’s like, it’s a good balance,

right? Like if, if you’re the one who cooks, then let him clean or vice versa, whatever. I think it’s a good balance. Not that you have to do that. Maybe you have a different method of like maybe you cook, he cleans or whatever, whatever the case is, do what you guys feel is the best. But this is just art.

It’s a way too much for one person, you know? And I feel bad. I’m like, I’m not going to let her clean after making me an amazing meal. And my appeals are so amazing. And this is my payment, my payment Cleaning the dishes. That’s true. That’s true. That’s an expensive meal. Yeah. I would say the first thing we do,

right. We sit down on the couch. No, no you garden. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. You step outside that this is the 20 minutes where like he’s outside, I’m inside, I’ve showered, you know, maybe I’m reading something, whatever. Or I’m still watching TV or something. Let’s see. That does the whole gardening bit. Yeah.

I go outside and look at all the flowers I’m like, is everything cool? Is everything show. Yeah. And then like maybe I repop some dead leaves or some sh some stuff like that and watch your show or I’ll watch something on the phone as I’m doing it. And then we’ll also like at, at this moment, we’ll, we’ll take our CBD because it’s right after dinner.

Right. Like to take the CBD after dinner. Cause it helps absorb it and stuff. So it kinda, it kind of sets the tone to kind of relax a little bit. And then we get into our Wim Hof method. So like me and tie-in love meditation. And there’s like, obviously there’s different apps, but one of our favorites is called the Wim Hoff.

It’s spelled w I M N H O F F method. And basically it’s like a breathing technique that really helps you to like breathe into your diaphragm and helps you like hold your breath and kind of like control your breathing. And like this 10 minute exercise. And it just really helps with like anxiety helps you with relaxation, helps with getting oxygen into your,

into your souls, which is, which obviously will just, you know, help you relax. Yeah, exactly. So the CBD and the Wim Hoff now we’ve like launched into relaxation time, sit out quicker that lights the candle dramatically. He starts playing the guitar. My guitar out I’ll make more tea. Maybe, you know, I’ll start reading. I love autobiographies.

That kind of helps me detach from reality and like jump into someone else’s life, which is great for like mental health Readings, autobiography I always have. And I’ve read so many at this point. Mariah Carey, Lucy, low ball. What you’re reading Shares right now. You read Omero Monroe, Oprah. Well, so I feel like there’s a couple more.

What’s your favorite? So far? Lucy, what about Jo Malone? You were crying. That was your favorite. That was her c’mon. That was her favorite. Yes. Joel Malone. You were crying. You were laughing. You were like Laughing, crying like a lunatic while I was thinking, See, I could look over one second. I’m laughing and the next second I’m crying.

Good. That was a good one. And then with the T though, would like to put like a relaxation tea. Like I like the peak tea has Rishi tea, which is like a mushroom for relaxation time. Likes like the hibiscus tea or whatever. Yeah. Get that cortisol nice and low and just get ready for sleeping. Yeah. Rose hip.

T’s great. Yeah. What else do we do? You stretch? You do the inversion table. I should, but I don’t tell it in my autobiography, In the inversion tables like this table that helps you do basically stand upside down. It helps to like stretch out your spine. It’s really good stuff. Yeah. I do my stretching, like the foam roller.

I like to like use this form roll that I had that really gets into like the tight muscles in my back. And then I like to, at some point, at least put like a TV show that we can just like watch as we’re like on the couch. Cause like, I feel like I don’t know. TV really helps me relax. Like when we watch something until like,

I dunno, nine, 10, 10 30, 11. It’s a really good way to relax. So I don’t lately we’ve been watching the, the assassination, the assassination of Gianni Versace, which not a fan Talia has not liked it. It’s too much murder Way too much for a 10 30 at night. I thought it was going to be all about Versace and Donatella and all these interesting like style and stuff.

But it ended up just being like a murder show, like about people getting murdered. Oh, I’m not a fan, not a fan at all, but I did love Emily and Paris. We watched them In Paris. That was good. That was really good. Were Marvelous, Mrs. Nasal. Wow. Can’t wait for that to come out again.

Yeah. That’s a good one too. And then if like sometimes no, we will actually like get hungry and stuff. I know. We, we like to talk about like, try to avoid snacking to label. I mean, to be honest, we probably end up snacking couple of times a week when it comes to we try not to, but it happens and that’s okay.

Yeah. I mean it’s fine. Yeah. I mean some of our favorite snacks, chocolate, dark chocolate From trader Joe’s, you know, those big blocks they sell. I love that. Yeah. Break them up into small blocks. I have a square being field chips. My favorite for sure. Hands down. But there’s a difference between the snacking that we do and terrible cravings at night.

Yeah. Yeah. We don’t like, it’s not like, Oh my God, we’re still hungry. Let’s just like eat something. It’s more like, Oh we’re relaxed. Let’s have, let’s enjoy a little bit of, yeah. There’s some flavor. Yeah. It’s doesn’t flavor. Let’s say I have a little snack kind of a kind of thing. I think Because then that’s really important to know,

because if you have really bad cravings at night, it’s a sign that you have to look and reflect. Like what did you eat throughout the day? Did you have enough? Did you eat protein? Did you have too many carbs? Did you have too little carbs? These questions you should ask yourself. But if you’re just like, Oh, I just want a little square of chocolate or whatever.

Not a big deal. Yeah. Yes. And I think at this point it comes about 11 and 1130. We had like a rule now that we’ve said, okay, we have to get in bed by 1130. So this means basically we all get up over time. We all, we get up at like 11, 15 from the couch, you know,

clean up the area best as we can. So I think time like sleeper stuff. And I have to basically clean up everything clean in the morning. I clean up most of whatever anyways. Yeah. We clean up and then we get into bed by 1130 Italian. Doesn’t like her face stuff. I don’t know what she does. Like putting oil and all that shit on her face.

I’ll put my lotion on my I’m not gonna lie. I have like this cool little lotion for men that I put on my face just like helps to, Oh, come on. You moisturize. And then you smell like blue algae when you come to yeah. Weird, weird moisturizer. Anyways. It was, I put that and then we get into bed by 1130 the time.

And I will like probably chit chat about something for like five, 10, 15 minutes as we like slowly fall asleep. And then we also have like, we have like this Google machine, whatever Google mess or whatever it’s called, you know, you talk to and it like, it gives you answers, right? Like one of those, like Alexa is whatever you want to call it.

So I’ll tell you, okay, Google play some, play a river or something. Play, play the sound of the forest. A lot of times I’ll do that. And it’ll be like these birds singing or whatever. And then it will help us to fall asleep. And that’s pretty much it. Yeah. That’s the magical part. Yeah. Oh,

I didn’t mention anything about dry brushing, which sometimes I do it on and off. It’s great for lymphatic drainage, you know, detoxing your hormones. So you get this dry brush and you dry, you brush your skin without, and you know, not in the shower, it’s like dry do brush your skin towards your heart and it helps circulate your hormones.

And I also put on like an exfoliating serum right now. I’m using Monday born and I do the Jade roller. And I like pressed that in my face. I haven’t got the roller that has like needles on it, the micro derm roller. And that’s really good for expediating and I’ll do that before I sleep as well. Nice. So those are two of my favorite like hormone friendly things.

Well, I’m glad. Yeah. The things that you like and you like to do. I personally, I love people who have like these things that they like and they like to. Yeah, I guess yeah. I told you this the other day. I love your corks time. Thanks. All right. So with that being said, we don’t want to just talk about ourselves.

We asked you sisters, we said, what is one thing in your daily routine that you can’t live without? This question was on Instagram. Wow. We’ve got a lot of answers, A lot of the same answer. And I’ll tell you what that was coffee. Yeah. So there was so many, Yeah, the first three people. So the first person Tanya said coffee,

Amber, Amber NAS said coffee, Sam, Rudy said coffee, but she says, I know I should stop. So with the coffee, we don’t want to like put any pressure. Like if you’re drinking coffee, maybe you drink it right now. We don’t want you to spit out your coffee right now while you’re drinking it. It’s more like, you know,

with coffee there’s caffeine. And we know that caffeine can increase cortisol. It can lead to feeling that that jittery feeling like I’m getting multiple trade rejections on my fantasy league. Anyways, I’m sorry. Getting notifications as a coffee, you know, it can raise cortisol a lot of times, you know, when you drink multiple cups of coffee or just one,

you get this anxious feeling like your heart starts speeding. You feel like panicking. Like something’s gonna happen. Sure. A lot of people have felt this way, including myself and I don’t even have peace us. So with that being said, we try to recommend not drinking as much coffee, perhaps drinking decaf coffee, which one have the caffeine in it.

So Reflecting on what routines you can add into your day to help you feel like, you know, you’re eating enough, you’re having your lunch on time. Your blood sugar is regulated. You’re exercising, you know, slow, weighted workouts, not too intense where your cortisol is going up. You know, you have your nighttime routine. Like these will all affect your fatigue the next day and make you not need the coffee in the first place.

For sure. Definitely agree with that. All right. Continuing with your responses. Next person is Stacy causon. She says exercising. I couldn’t agree. Cedric is like, yeah, he has not gone missing miss a workout once. Like except our honeymoon. Yeah. And even during the honeymoon, I was walking around the Island looking for a gym and I finally found one and they were saying it was $35 a day.

I was like, get the hell out of here. But anyways, yeah, like exercising, I basically exercise like five times a week and I have to get that five times in. And if I don’t, I don’t feel the right. I don’t feel the same way, but that’s just me. It doesn’t mean the same thing for Coleen. Italian works out three to four times a week,

which I think is really a good amount for her. But if she does less or if she does more of that stuff Through her one. Yeah. Same thing for your sisters. If you work out two, three times a week, that’s great. If that’s what you feel amazing with, then, you know, you’ve found what works for you. Great.

Who’s the next one? Baby? Sailor. Moon lover says CBD oil. And Lavasa tall. Love that Both. Well, not both, but that’s I do CBD up myself and you do both or do you do Tanya? Jamie? I do. Without you knowing lovely. Entropy says chia seed tea are those interesting? Yeah. Quirky, but cool.

Yeah. Danny loves his fresh filled water bottle on my way out the door. That’s great. You know, like making sure you have your water before leaving the house. That’s your routine. If that’s like the, you gotta have your water before you go somewhere. That’s smart. I do it all The time too. I use, I have this huge green water bottle right across.

Right. And I take it with me almost. It’s like my baby bottle. I take it everywhere. It’s so aesthetically displeasing anyways, where Kathy Pell says prayer. Love that. Keeping gearings anxiety in check with some prayer or some morning yoga that he might dream says. Yeah. Close ed says wa wa walking away, Waking walks so morning walks. That’s a hard one to read waking markings.

Yeah. Wa awaking walks. That’s a good one. You know, when you wake up with that, get that energy flowing with a walk. Yeah. Randy Page Avast. I’ll mix in decaf, green tea affection. That’s pretty good. I love that. Woo sisters. I hope you enjoyed hearing all about what we do in a day. A bit longer than I expected,

you know, as we were going through ideas, it just, it’s just fun. Sometimes they explain your day and yeah, I thought that I wouldn’t have a lot to say in this episode, but there is a lot, I’m kind of like, didn’t go too much detailed either. Like we could have really talked a lot more about, I dunno,

the candle that we lit or pieces of cheese we drink, or like all this stuff. Like there’s a lot of like nuances to everyone’s lives. You know? Like that’s why we want to read your responses and know what your sisters do, because we’re very interested. Like, what is everyone doing? Are we doing the right thing? Just, it’s just fun to hear that being said to close off the podcast.

I remember one year anniversary. Thank you everyone again for listening, which before we close off, we want to give to two wins of the week. Two sisters who’ve been managing your PCs like a mouse. First sister is Leanne Johnson. She says I had been doing gluten dairy free for four weeks. Now I lifted weights, slow reps, five days a week and walk for 30 minutes every day I lost,

I lost 3.2 pounds and 15 inches overall. I’m amazed at this progress proof. This works and the scale lies, take pictures and measurements. Ladies. That is where the true results are seen lies. Yeah. Because a lot of times the inflammation retains so much. Yeah. And I just, I don’t understand why there’s such a big difference. Look at that 3.2

pounds, but 15 inches. Yeah. That’s amazing Waterway. It’s a lot of the inflammation coming down because inflammation can swell up in different areas. It can make your skin swollen. It can make different like organs and things like that swell up. So it’s really, it really shows that reducing inflammation, that, that just a diet and lifestyle Producing your insulin levels by going gluten dairy free and doing those slow weeded workouts will reduce inflammation so much.

Yeah. Great job, man. Very happy for you. The next one is from a member of the sisterhood. She’s a new member or she was when she wrote this Eli LA says, hello sisters. I’m happy to be part of the sisterhood. I have one week into this program and I am just OD at everything I’m learning my life. My body is starting to make sense.

I’ve incorporated heavy protein breakfasts, regular yoga walk, run, weight training sessions and gluten and dairy free foods. I excited to keep, I’m excited to keep this up and see improvements. I just have to remind myself to keep consistent aim to making this a lifestyle change. I’m happy to be here and be part of the journey of self enrichment. And I love your mindset.

Yes. Because if that’s your mindset that seeing it as a journey of self-enrichment and wanting to make a lifestyle out of this, then it’s just going to take a couple of weeks of consistency and it will be so much easier to make this a lifestyle, like give it four weeks. And it’s literally ingrained into your lifestyle. It’s so much easy to fall easier.

Yeah. As we talked about it in the past, it takes about three weeks to form a habit. So just continuing with that consistency and like Eli was saying amazing with her like that, that mindset of wanting to be consistent, aiming at a lifestyle change instead of the quick results, which is I think a very, very good mindset. So great job you like,

and we’ll talk to you in a sister. See how you’re doing. Yeah. Woo, woo. Longer than anticipated episode I had to get in all the detail. It was great. I love it. And I mean, I think we should say it one more time, baby. Woo. Thank you so much for listening sisters. Yeah. I am so appreciative of everyone who has been following us and listening to our podcast this past year.

It’s just such a blessing to have you engaged and you know, hearing all of these wonderful testimonials from everyone who have applied a couple of things that you’ve learned from this podcast Seriously. And it’s only been one year. I’m very excited to know what the next, next next couple of years bring. Cause we’re not, we don’t plan on stopping this ever.

Like we’re going to do this for a long, long time. Yes. Yeah. You’ll be hearing about our daily routine in a couple of years and you can compare how that’s changed. Maybe that’d be a fun episode. We can compare it to now. Yeah. Awesome. All right. So thank you again for listening. We’ll be back next week with another baller episode and as always stay tuned to our Instagram PCA,

start weight loss. And if you’ve enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review and we’ll be back Next week. Talk to you soon. Bye. You enjoyed listening to this podcast. You have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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