Can I have eggs with PCOS?

Do you like eggs but aren’t sure if they’re good for PCOS?

Well don’t worry…eggs are a great component to a balanced diet with PCOS due to their high protein, healthy fats, and nutrition content. Even better is that they can fit into any meal whether it’s a PCOS friendly breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

But there has been recent conversations about eggs and whether they are inflammatory for PCOS…so in this episode we dive into the world of deviled eggs and give you the inside scoop!

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Full Episode transcript:

In the morning. This is your time to refuel, to really generate some momentum with your metabolism and to set yourself up for good blood sugar control. Which means you’re not gonna have cravings all throughout the day. And eggs are great for that because they’re full of protein and protein takes longer to digest. So you wanna make sure that you’re having around 30 grams of protein in the mornings.

It keeps you fuller longer than carbs and something sugary wood. So it gives you tons of energy to start your morning. You don’t feel hungry right afterwards. And your brain works better when you’ve had protein in the morning. You just feel more alert and less likely to use coffee as like a crutch for your energy. Dr. Hoo seal now go home,

girl. Just waiting symptoms, hands them naturally. So I became a dietician. My sisters the best they’ve ever felt. Take a step in my ation if you wanna them around. Take control of yourself. A master You may or may not have seen on Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, me and my sister were making a pie for Thanksgiving and it turned out to be a disaster.

Oh yeah. As it always does. When we bake together, I was outside gardening and I heard yelling like, whoa, Whoa. And as I was running back, I knew like they were up to something like with the cooking. So I opened my phone and I put on the camera and I opened the door to see you guys on the floor like just like screaming,

Crying, laughing because all of the batter that was in the blender was going through the blender and we couldn’t understand like how it happened. Turns out the blender was like loose and we didn’t tighten the bottom and we thought we broke the blender. But then my mom came home and fixed it and it was just like the most hilarious thing. We remade the batter,

the whole thing. Yeah. The inside of the pie. And let me tell you, it was worth all the screaming. It was so good. It was gluten-free, it was dairy-free, it was sweet potato pie with a pecan pie like topping on top. Oh, I love Pecan. And I may or may not have had some for breakfast this morning before my workout at 6:00 AM Pre-workout pecan pie.

Yeah, I Had like a For I expect it. Yeah. I don’t care. It was not high in sugar. I’m not gonna even think twice about This.It’s, it’s a good carb blood right before a workout. Seriously, it was delicious. But that was hilarious. Got me out of Bed to hear you guys screaming, opening the door and like the day we released this podcast,

we gotta release it on stories again to kind of reference the podcast. Yeah. Cause it was that funny. It really was. So I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope everyone made something gluten and dairy free and brought it to the potluck just to, you know, surprise people and blow their minds at how delicious gluten and dairy free can be.

Yeah, right Bill. And on that note today we’re gonna be talking about eggs, which isn’t and a lot of times use them baking, isn’t it? Yes. Sirach is the egg master. Tell ’em so I make a mean scrambled eggs. I mean I’ve talked about it before on this podcast. Possibly I make a scrambled egg that takes about 30 minutes to make,

if not longer If you drag It out. Something magical about them is just eggs. Sometimes I put onions, sometimes I’ll put like sage or a little bit of like rosemary, you know, a little pizazz with the herbs. But at the end of the day it’s just eggs. It’s all about the method. And the method is really cooking in as slow as possible.

We’re talking about three temperature out of 10 on the stove and cooking it like that. 30 seconds on the stove, take it off the stove for 30 seconds. Oh my stir, stir, stir. Put it back on the stove for 30 seconds. Stir, stir, stir. Off on, off on. And that goes on for about like 30 minutes and it’s like a meditation in the morning.

You know what, I like that you call it a meditation because it really is. It is. It’s like if you wake up early enough and you have time for this kind of tom foolery, you can How’re no top. It’s like the best as you ever do in your life. It’s Breakfast. What Sally, you’ve been trying to do the last two days and you’ve done great.

But lemme tell you what, it’s not the same cuz you know what the problem Is. What’s the problem? It’s stirring before you put it on the pan. I know it. I know for a fact You’re not stirring it enough before you put it in a pen. That’s true. It’s like one less dish to wash. What do you want from Me?

Wait, are you putting the eggs directly into the pen? No, I’m kind of stirring it but I’m not like beating it with like a whatwhisk like you do. You gotta like bubble it up. Yeah, not that’s a lot of elbow grease that early. You think I’m gonna do all that? I just finish, this Is not a joke.

This isn’t a kindergarten show, this is real life. It is a meditation and breakfast combined. So I will say that’s great. You can find meditation in daily processes. Breakfast. Yeah. Or your shower or getting dressed anyway to lower your cortisol. Yeah. But let’s, let’s talk about eggs and I guess the reason why we brought up eggs today,

and again this podcast episode is on our blog so you can read this episode if you want to at P C O S weight But basically like the reason we did this episode about eggs is there’s always a lot of either confusion whether eggs aredairy or that there is actually something like a, like a egg sensitivity out there that’s been more common recently.

Yeah. Along with gluten and dairy sensitivity. It’s not uncommon to be sensitive to eggs. I don’t think it’s as prevalent. So keep that in mind. But if you find that you’re still having certain symptoms of inflammation, consider cutting eggs out just to see if that’s a problem for you. Otherwise eggs are super, super healthy and anti-inflammatory and they have lots of benefits that we’re gonna go through right now.

Yeah. To be honest with the listeners as well, like we don’t usually like talk about eggs in terms of like, oh see if you’re sensitive to it or if it’s like a factor in your P C O S symptoms. Usually we actually recommend eggs in your diet because they bring you great amount of protein, healthy fats, really great source of protein for breakfast especially.

So usually like eggs or a great, you know, fundamental source of, sorry, fundamental source of protein in your diet. There you go boo. There you go. So before we get into it, should we answer a few questions? Sure. All right. So our first question is from bronze. She says what happens when you have low cortisol cortisol?

So when you have low cortisol, it looks like waking up with absolutely no energy. It looks like not being able to sleep at night. It is a complete dysregulation in your energy levels and kind of leaves a lot of women with P C O S leaning on caffeine to get them through the day. So if you have low cortisol, chronic anxiety, it’s a sign that that really needs to be addressed and to not just accept that like,

oh I’m just a night owl. No, it could be a cortisol issue. And this question from bronze was on a Instagram post or actuallyTikTok post about symptoms of high cortisol. And when you look at a high cortisol, the symptoms are usually like waking in the belly area, waking in the face area as well. There’s also like fatigue, all day cravings.

And with low cortisol, one thing that’s is also common is, you know, having fatigue in the morning. Cuz when you don’t wake up with enough cortisol in the morning, you just, you don’t have that energy to fully get your day started. You need that like coffee kick, you know, basically to get like Partial kick bed. Exactly. Did you hear about that sister who took ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one?

Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings finally regulate their periods, ovulate and improve their ED quality. Each packet of ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of my acetol and dechy acetol.

This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking AVA can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warm me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it.

You got it boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Next question D Williams. She says what is a P C O S vitamin by The way, this is about, I’m trying to give a reference of times which she knows what the question’s about. This is in reference to the post about A P C O S multivitamin and why it’s important to find a multivitamin that’s catered to P C O S.

That’s what she was asking about. All right. That’s such a good question. So having P C O S means we have a lot of chronic inflammation, inflammation strips us of nutrients and it makes it harder for us to absorb certain nutrients. You’ll find that a lot of women with P C O S are zinc deficient, magnesium deficient and these are major issues for our metabolism.

So it’s really important to replenish that and fill those nutrient gaps. So that means taking a multivitamin that really covers all of our bases. That’s why we included a multivitamin in our metabolism plus bundle. It is essential for our metabolic health that we have these nutrients, these nutrient gaps filled in so that our metabolism can work properly and we can naturally lose weight.

So I thought that this was a great question. Yeah. And very well answered. Thank you. So going into our main topic for eggs, are eggs good for P C O S? I mean let’s really start this episode by saying yes unless you have some sort of a preexisting sensitivity. Sorry, sensitivity or allergy. Cuz when you look at it like the eggs as a whole,

it contains so many nutrients and vitamins. For example, it has omega-3 fatty acids, it has vitamin b12, vitamin A, vitamin D, which is great. Vitamin E, selenium, phosphorus, thymine, choline, iron, folate. I’m reading a list here, it’s Notmultivitamin, memorize I’m egg. Yeah, yeah. It’s chalk full of nutrients and it’s just a great way to start your morning.

Yeah. And one good bonus, good thing about it is that it’s like relatively inexpensive compared to other sources of protein. Yeah. And there’s so many different ways to make it too. Like you’ll never get bored of eggs if you, if you cook like seaduck. Yeah. Different herbs and different ways to make them, there’s like a hundred different ways.

Nothing like an avocado toast as like a complete, well balanced snack or breakfast. Yeah. And when you look at these vitamins and nutrients and just overall eggs, what are the benefits of eggs for P C O S when you look at these nutrients? Well there are six benefits. The first one is that they keep you full and energetic. That’s Right.

So in the morning this is your time to refuel, to really generate some momentum with your metabolism and to set yourself up for good blood sugar control. Which means you’re not gonna have cravings all throughout the day. And eggs are great for that because they’re full of protein and protein takes longer to digest. So you wanna make sure that you’re having around 30 grams of protein in the mornings.

It keeps you fuller longer than carbs and something sugary wood. So it gives you tons of energy to start your morning. You don’t feel hungry right afterwards and your, your brain works better when you’ve had protein in the morning. You just feel more alert and less likely to use coffee as like a crutch for your energy. Yes. And number two is reducing inflammation.

So eggs actually help with reducing inflammation, which can be a cause of a lot of other symptoms like digestive issues, joint pain, headaches, weight gain and fatigue and other food sensitivities. So if you wanna reduce inflammation and you wanna add something to your diet to help you with that, naturally eggs are something that can help. Yes, they’re super anti-inflammatory,

they have a lot of carotenoids and colon in it and you can really benefit from that, especially when you have them every day much better than having like processed foods and protein bars and stuff like that. Yeah. It also improves blood sugar control. So a lot of us, 80% of us with P C O S struggle with insulin resistance and it really contributes to that waking in the midsection.

And some signs of that include cravings and also like having to pee a lot and being really hungry all the time. Having a headache a lot throughout the day just means that your blood sugar is out of whack, up and down and all around and it’s no good for our P C O S symptoms. Eggs, however are a zero on the glycemic index,

which means that they don’t have any negative effect on your blood sugar. They’re just a wonderful source of protein that will in fact help with your blood sugar control. So they’re quick, easy, high protein, boil ’em up, boil ’em up, boil them up and take ’em with you. Yes. And this just goes back to what we were talking about earlier when Ty talked about reducing cravings and you know,

basically feeling full and energetic. This goes back to also like the blood sugar control. You know, 80% of P C O S women, like TAL said, have insulin resistance. So this is like the core of something everyone with P C O S needs to manage almost. So again, eggs coming pretty handy. That’s right. You ask me, I used to boil eggs and put them in a Ziploc mag and See that right there.

That is just, that gets boring after a Couple weeks. I know. But I Boiled eggs In a couple weeks, let me finish, I was in college and that was part of my meal prep routine to help me with my blood sugar so that I could lose weight. And so I didn’t have time to make the beautiful scrambled eggs that I now eat every morning thanks to my husband.

I was rushing to class just trying to like manage my insulin resistance. So I did that Was, that was before your glow Up? I, yeah, it was before my glow up and I also have like a picture, gosh if I could find it, it of a Ziploc bag with two boiled eggs, carrot sticks. And We had that picture.

I’ve seen that picture And it’s, and I don’t know why I took a picture of it, but I was like, look at me, I’m doing it. And I like took a picture And you were like, I’ll share this in the future on a podcast with my husband. Maybe I’ll find it somewhere. Yeah, right. But no, I mean just the thing with the bold eggs,

if you’re taking with you everywhere, like a bag of like a Ziploc bag of bold eggs, smells, beds, it can smell bad if it’s too hot and then like it’s an egg so it’s like plain, you need like salts. Salts and then like it’s just like, you know, you just like eating eggs all day out, you know, need like some variety.

Yeah, for sure. That’s why scrambled eggs or clutch because you can just like throw in anything you want to give it the whole different flavor. Garlic oil, make it interesting. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I was in college. No, of course. That’s why I mean the glow up you got, you had an egg glow up. I had an egg Glow up.

Yeah you went from boiled to scrambled. There you go. Went from, if That’s not a metaphor for my life. Yeah, I Dunno.All right. Alrighty. The next benefit, The next benefit is that eggs can actually help prevent heart disease, which is also important because P C O S women are at a greater risk of heart disease as well.

So with that in mind, again, basically you wanna set your, set yourself up and your diet around healthy fats, making sure they contain omega-3 fatty acids because those are gonna decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure and help prevent blood clotting. So basically help helps make your heart stronger. So eggs are a great source of that and great food Source. Yes.

If you’re trying to improve your heart health and blood sugar control. Just a quick tip, combine eggs with smoked salmon and avocado and that’s a killer combination in a good way. Yes. That’s Italians like when TA makes boiled eggs, she willboil them up and then she’ll put it in a burrito and like cut, cut up the boiled eggs and then put avocado on top,

which is delicious. Yeah. And when we were traveling I could always find smoked salmon with eggs at restaurants. Yeah. So it was, it was so good like for my blood sugar control, Although I will say smoked salmon’s getting more and more expensive every month it seems. Yeah. So is everything. Yeah. Anyways, eggs also help support our hormones.

So we’re speaking of good cholesterol, it helps your body produce the right hormones. I remember when I was first diagnosed with P C O S, I had low cholesterol and my naturopathic doctor said that it is really actually bad for my hormones because hormones are made from cholesterol and there was like an interrelationship there between my cholesterol and my hormones that was negatively affecting my P C O S symptoms.

So in addition to that, there are B-vitamins and B-vitamins and eggs that also help with our estrogen metabolism that’s getting rid of estrogen from our bodies excreting it because the second half of our periods are menstrual cycles. The body should be expelling estrogen. And if we’re not able to do that properly or we have high estrogen, we have cramps, we have breast pain,

fibroids, things like this coming from that estrogen dominance. So it’s really important to make sure that you’re doing a good job of detoxifying that excess estrogen and eggs can be helpful with that. Also, like putting spinach in a smoothie and like making sure you’re having those dark leafy greens throughout the month. So when that time of month comes around and you should be expelling estrogen,

you’re doing a good job. Woo. I love when times throws knowledge. Those are my two shoes. You just go off. I go off feel you like your m and m. Oh you want m and m? It will be like, you Know, I could talk about this all day. I Know this is one subject I can just give a microphone.

Oh look, I’m holding one. Okay. Alrighty. These were the six benefits of eggs and a little recap. Number one was keep you full and energetic. Number two was help prevent, wait a minute, sorry. Sorry, did I move? What did we eat? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Oh, we forgot one babe. Four, five. We forgot number two.

What’s the sixth? Number two, the list was help prevent dry eyes, which is really interesting benefit for P C O S if you askme. Okay, but how does it do that? All right, if you have dry eyes, the X will help. Well, okay, we had, so we had that in our show doc and I think when we made the the show doc,

we maybe put that in for out to expand on it. That’s So funny. I really can’t say that off the top of my head because I don’t recall dry eyes being an issue for P C O S. Yeah, I, I don’t think it is a very big issue, but if you do have dry eyes, you know eggs may help. What is it in eggs?

Is it a vitamin E? That could be the case. Yeah. I don’t know. Do We have any notes on It here? Yeah, I checked our, our blog post on it. Twin we have seemed to forgot about. Well, Right, well scissor, you See how’s going here? So that’s that dry eye. Okay, Cool. Well let’s move on to our,

well I was recapping the benefits. So let me recap one last time. The six benefits of eggs were P C O S is number one, keeps you full and energetic. Number two helps prevent dry eyes. Number three, reduces inflammation. Number four, balances blood sugar. Number five prevents heart disease. And number six balances hormones. Now with that being said,

let’s move on to our winds of the week to finish out this episode. These are sisters who are managing their symptoms, showing P C O S who’s a boss and basically, you know, just thriving with P C O S. All right, so first we have Amina Abdi. She posted a picture of her ovasitol in a bowl and she wrote normal people a fruit bowl,

me Ovasitol bowl. I love it. I actually used to do this when I had an office and clients would come in, I’d do one-on-one coaching and I had a bowl, like a fruit bowl, but it was ovasitol. That’s interesting. And they would like grab a handful like it was Halloween candy and just threw it in their purse. I mean it’s,

it’s adult Halloween candy because you know Yeah it makes you happy like you’re a kid. Yeah, basically. Sure. Alrighty. The next win is from Elsa in this sisterhood. She says, I bring good news today. This morning I noticed that I haven’t felt exhausted since Friday. I still feel pretty tired but not exhausted as I had been f feeling at least 75% of the time since September, 2019.

I’ve even cooked nightly for the last week. At the end of the day yesterday I was coming up the stairs, I realized that I wasn’t holding onto the rail. My lower body joints still hurt, but sufficiently less to not need help walking up the stairs. Although they typically horrible this time of the year due to the cold this morning. The same thing happened to me going down and then back up the stairs.

What’s more, I wasn’t even wearing any of my knee joint sports. I am so encouraged today. I might even try to walk to the end of the neighborhood after work. Things are going great. They’re only getting better. I’m doing alright. Getting good grades. The future’s so bright. I gotta wear shades. I gotta wear shades. I think that’s like a lyric from a song.

That’s cool. That’s so cool. Yeah, but that’s amazing. Aza, we love hearing that, you know, you’re not getting those painful like, you know, sensations in your joints as you’re walking up the stairs and down, which can be a sign of reducing inflammation, right? Sorry. Yeah. That is a huge sign that going gluten and dairy free is a benefit for you.

And I mean, just keep it up. Who knows what else, how much better you could feel. Isn’t it amazing how we get used to feeling a certain way and we just like accept it and then when you make a small change and it makes a big difference, you just feel more motivated to continue and to do more. So do you girl.

Yeah. And also just getting to do what you wanna do. You know, like we want you to be able to walk comfortably all the time up and down the stairs around the neighborhood. So we hope that more and more you’re able to do, to do the things that you want do. Yes. Up next, Julia Workman from the sisterhood, she says Hi sisters.

This morning I woke up and I got my period. I’ve been on Ovasitol since August and I haven’t had my period since July my last month of the pill. But I’ve been gluten and dairy free since March. Eating within my carb tolerance and doing the slow weighted workouts. I am so happy. I’ve been a bit impatient with my progress, but getting my period is proof that these lifestyle changes are working.

Woo, that’s awesome. I mean, sometimes we don’t see the weight loss results that we want immediately, but that’s totally fine because if other things are improving, then it’s a good sign that your hormones are headed in the right direction. You’re healing your metabolism. It’s not always about the scale. Most of the time you’ll see your symptoms get better before you see the scale go down.

It’s more about how you’re managing your hormones, supporting those metabolic hormones in order for you to eventually lose weight naturally. So you got it. You got your period, you’re, you’re headed in the right direction. Keep going. Absolutely. Great job, Julia. We are so proud of you and happy for you. And I guess that is the last win of the week.

Yes. So if anyone here is listening and ready to get started on their P C O S weight loss journey, just like these gorgeous sisters who messaged us in the sisterhood, check out the description where we have the sisterhood linked. We also have ovasitol linked in there if you want more support with your insulin resistance and cravings and period and yeah. And we forgot to announce at the beginning the workout challenge that we’re doing.

Yes. How shameful of us. We have lost half the listeners by now. Oh God. And we have forgotten to tell them the funnest thing we’re doing in the month of December. Ty let ’em know what we’re about to do. So cdac put together a 10 minuteworkout challenge. And I know that in December, like it’s, you know, it’s kind of like the hardest month to get yourself motivated to workout and like try to lose weight.

So we’re just gonna set some smaller goals. It’s gonna be to do a 10 minute workout. And this is a slow weighted workout. It’s gonna give you a quick pop boost of your metabolism in the middle of the day or whenever you do it. I’m gonna be posting about it on Instagram and you can share it with us. If you’re doing it with us,

you can share with us what you’re doing and be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories and use the hashtag P C O S and let us know because we wanna see everything you’re doing. We wanna see your progress as well. Yes. And we’ll, we’ll, we’ll announce it or you’ll see the announcement on Instagram as well about the challenge and what we’re doing about it too.

So you can always catch, yeah. More information from us on Instagram and whatnot. I’ll be posting about it every day. All right sisters, I hope you loved this podcast episode. Thanks so much for listening and we will catch you next week and we will catch you on Instagram stories. Yes. Take everybody. Talk to you soon. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle, pollutant and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.


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