New years resolution

How you set your new year’s resolutions is SO IMPORTANT because it’s really hard to keep it when you don’t set yourself up with the right methods.

This is something that is so much easier said than done. A lot of times we make it harder on ourselves, and then we feel bad when we don’t achieve it. But the truth is, it wasn’t set up for us to succeed.

Trust us, we know. So, how do you set and stick to your new year’s resolutions, you ask? Don’t fret Cyster’s, we’ve got you covered.

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Full Episode transcript:

Stop focusing on working out to lose weight and instead start to focus on working out to reverse P C O S symptoms. Definitely because when you’re working out with the mindset of losing weight, you’re going really intense. You’re running for hours. But when you start thinking about P C O S weight loss, Then you’re more focused on keeping your stress hormones low.

Yeah. And improving insulin resistance. You pick up those weights, you start doing low impact exercises, low weighted workouts, rest in between sets to keep your stress hormones nice and low, and you feel so much better. Like afterwards. It’s like you meditated, you know? Exactly. Yeah. Dr.

Thes into my own hands and thirst them naturally. So I became a.

A three, A two, A 3, 2, 1, go. You started. We started. We started. Let’s start this. Okay. Let’s start this podcast off with the story of T getting lost this week. Oh, that’s Rightt. Oh my God. You’re putting on the spotlight right now. Okay. So we booked a trip to the mountains. I was so excited. You know, I packed all my snow gear and everything, and then the guy called, he said, there’s a terrible snowstorm.

The people that. Previously in the cabin before us can’t get out, yada yada. We can’t go to the snow, so then we decide to go to Joshua Tree instead. Yeah. For those that don’t know, if you don’t live in California, Joshua Tree is like a, almost like a national park area. It’s like a desert. , it’s a desert that’s also recognized as a national park.

Right. And so we went, it’s gorgeous. I love the Joshua trees. It’s like a beautiful desert, southwest vibe, kind of. Yes. It was a nice little getaway. Yes. There wasn’t snow. We saw the snowy mountains, but we just didn’t go there. Yeah. And then, so once we got there, I like unpacked all of the food we brought and I was like, oh, there’s stuff missing like ketchup and olive oil and I’m just gonna be annoyed if I’m like trying to cook and I can’t.

Yeah. Know. So I was like, see, I’m gonna go to Vaughns really quick. It’s a mile away. And it was like, okay, it was 4:00 PM when Ty said, Hey babe, I’m gonna go to Ralph, so Vaughns to get some groceries. And I looked at it, I’m like, do you want me to come with you? Because here’s the thing, it’s 4:00 PM It’s the desert.

We’re not near civilization really. There’s like maybe four or five houses within like. Five miles of us. So it’s like it gets dark, really dark. There’s no like lights, there’s no like street lamps. There’s nothing the, we’re on a dirt road like Yeah, it’s a dirt road too. Yeah. To get to the house. And I told Tom like, are you sure?

Like, let me come with you because. On your way back, it may get really dark and you may just like get lost because the cell service is also really bad. So if you, if you lose your cell service, you didn’t explain all of this. Oh, come on. I didn’t think it through. Oh, come on. I was like, listen, I’m not getting the Can be you, they knew the cell service was bad because you, we had one bar at the home, like you didn’t know.

No, I, I mean, they had internet. I hooked it up. Wifi yet. Yeah. So I wasn’t thinking, oh, come on. Come on. Okay. Okay. Okay, good. So I was like, no, I’m fine. I’ll go. So. I went and I like rushed while I was grocery shopping cause I knew it was gonna get dark. Then I got back in the car. I’m like, okay, the sun’s citing, hurry up.

So I go home. By the time I’m headed home and I’m near the home, it’s pitch block. Yeah. Pitch block. And it’s like now I’m on a dirt road. The navigation’s telling me the house is to the right. When I know it’s on the left, but I’m okay. So I went right, but I can’t, you can’t even see the homes because there’s like trees and stuff in front of the homes in the driveway.

So it just looks like brush, you know, like Yeah. And it’s a pitch black. Yeah, and it’s pitch black. I’m in like a fork in the road. I don’t know which way to go. I’m losing service. I waited like 10 minutes before calling CDAC to try to figure it out myself. But then I was like getting scared and the more scared I got, the darker it got.

And then I called CAC and I was like,

I was very helpful. I like my cortisol was up. Yeah. Like honestly, it did not come back down for the rest of the night. Yeah. The, honestly, it wasn’t Ty’s fault because your navigation basically like, Became wonky. It was taking you to the wrong place. And I guess Apple Maps right there for you. I used Google Maps.

Mm-hmm. when we first got there, so that’s why I think Google was better. Mm-hmm. , apple Maps kind of, oh, I messed, messed up, I think. But yeah, like when you called me I was like, okay, Ty, don’t panic. And the time was like, what if I get lost? And, and then I was like, it’s 2022, you have a cell phone. Something like the car has a navigation.

Yeah, the car has a navigation. I’m sh I’m five minutes away from you. Like in terms of walking. Yeah, like you sent me your address. The, okay, so this is how it ended. So this is how it ended. So Tian sh uh, basically dropped a pin and shared her like location with me and I realized cuz I had service from the home.

She was only five minutes away, like walking distance, so she’s like only like half a mile away. So I gave her the directions to turn the car around and come back. And the funniest part is as she’s like coming near the house, she’s like driving really slowly. So I leave the house, it has like a large amount of space in the front yard, so you kind of like have to walk to the front of the house for someone to see you.

So I turned out my. Let my phone flashlight, and as she’s driving near, I’m like, I’m basically like, as if I’m the Red Cross. I’m waiting the flashlight like, here, here, safety, your, your, uh, emergency helicopters here. Like, it was hilarious. I am never, ever doing that again. Yeah. Next time let’s just go together or, or just go earlier.

I’m honestly not scared of a l I’m not scared of anything. Like honestly, I do not get scared, but one thing I do get scared of is dirt country roads. Never ending dirt country roads where like there’s no gas station to stop at. You’re just going on this road trip. Like, God forbid something happens to you, the nearest hospitals miles away.

Like these kinds of things. Yeah, and I, I know that’s not exactly where we were. We were like pretty much. Somewhere where there were other homes and like it was a town and everything. But yeah, when I see like pitch black in a fork, scary road, scary. It’s not my vibe. It’s not your fault. You’ve never been there.

I mean, we’ve been to Joshua, but you’ve never been to that neighborhood. Like how are you gonna know where to go into pitch Black? So, ugh. Anyway, any who, anyhow, it’s a little fun story for y’all, but let’s go to our, to the main point of today’s. Thank you everyone for joining us. As we are getting close to the new year, we’re pretty much a week away.

We want to do something about New Year resolutions, so we basically created a 10 PS resolutions for the new year, and we don’t want you to literally do all 10. We were thinking you would basically pick out which of these 10 you feel is applicable to you. Mm-hmm. . Maybe for you it’s four out of 10, two out of 10, maybe it’s eight out of 10, whichever ones you feel are feasible, applicable to your lifestyle.

Pick out the ones that you like. That’s right. So these are gonna be something that, you know, you can apply throughout the year. You could habit stack, start with one. Yeah. And then move on to the next one when you feel ready. So don’t be intimidated. These are just some ideas of things you can do to improve your P C O S weight loss journey, or just P C O S journey in general.

Yeah. Let’s get into the 10, um, new year resolutions. Before we do that though, just want to, uh, give a FY to the schwa. Uh, speaking of the new. Starting January 1st, we are launching our four week meal and workout plan for P C O S weight loss with exclusive bonuses only available during the January launch.

Yes. So this is gonna be like a roadmap that you can follow everything laid out for you. We have videos for every single recipe, every single workout you can follow along, um, and downloads for all of the meal plan as well as the workout. and the meal plans have different versions. Oh yeah. Based on carb tolerances.

Yes. So when you enroll during the first week of January, you’ll get exclusive bonuses, including learning how to discover your carb tolerance. And then once you discover your carb tolerance, you’ll know which meal plan to select based on your carb tolerance. Yeah. And for those confused what the four week meal and workout plan is, it’s basically four weeks of meals and workouts.

Basically planned out all for you, and they’re all in video format. So you can basically watch all the recipes from scratch till finish, and you can follow along to all the workouts. They’re all full length workouts with me, T and her sister and friend. So we’re basically doing group workouts and video format that are really fun to basically work out with and follow along to.

And all the meals and workouts are also available in PDF format, so you can have it on the go anytime you wanna just make a quick meal. watching the video and you get lifetime access to everything. So once you enroll in January, basically you get access to, you know, forever your children and their children will have access for generations and generations.

Okay? Yeah. Plus you get that one year access to the sisterhood app, which will be out by the new year. So that’s a great thing too. So if you enroll, you’re getting one year free in the. Oh my gosh. The app. Yeah. I can’t wait. All right, . That said, uh, let’s start our 10 P c o s resolutions tie and kick us off with number one.

Number one, eating balanced meals. And I’m not talking about just clean eating and healthy eating. I’m talking about balancing your plate for P C O. That means a fourth of your plate being protein, a fourth of your plate being carbs, and half your plate being veggies and fiber and a little bit of fat. And so when you start thinking about your plate like this and taking actionable steps towards this, you’ll see a difference in how satisfied you feel after your meals.

So you won’t feel like you’re fatigued afterwards because you didn’t. Protein or you won’t feel anxious a few hours later because your blood sugar’s dropping. This balance of macros in your plate is really important for P C O S weight loss because it’s going to keep your blood sugar stable. Yeah, and I guess this resolution is focused really around looking at your plate and making sure that your protein, your carbs, fiber, and.

They’re all balanced. You know, you want to have the correct balance ratios when you have your three meals per day. All right, number two. So number, uh, the second resolution you can make is getting enough sleep. So sleep is something that so many people, but especially people with P C O S struggle with because a lot of P C O S women, they, they’re tired all day, but then at night, They can’t fall asleep.

This is usually due to a cortisol dysregulation that’s keeping you fatigued, but still not letting you sleep at night. So if you wanna make a resolution for sleep, getting a good seven plus hours of of sleep is a good goal. Of course. To do this, you wanna focus on reducing cortisol, which will in turn decrease fatigue and help with energy throughout the day and actually help with sleep at night.

So focus on reducing cortis. To help you get that sleep for your second resolution. Yes, cac, take it away with the third. All right, so I will continue. The third new year resolution is to opt for low impact exercises. So this one’s, uh, can be a little bit difficult to convince yourself because you know, most of the time we think that it’s all about how intense you go at the gym.

Basically, how hard are you going to burn the most amount of calories? But what we wanna suggest instead. Is to stop focusing on working out to lose weight and instead start to focus on working out to reverse P C U S symptoms. Mm-hmm. , I love that. Definitely because when you’re working out with the mindset of losing weight, you’re going really intense.

You’re running for hours. I used to go kickboxing back to back classes. But when you start thinking about P C O S weight loss, then you’re more focused on keeping your stress hormones low. Yeah. And improving insulin resistance. You pick up those weights, you start doing low impact exercises, slow weighted workouts, rest in between sets to keep your stress hormones nice and low.

And it’s just, you feel so much better. Like afterwards. It’s like you meditated, you know? Exactly. Yeah, because those, those really intense workouts, what are they doing? They’re constantly making your cortisol search, and we, we, we’ve talked about in the past how P C O S women aren’t able to regulate their cortisol levels as effectively, whereas lower impact exercises, they can really help with improving your insulin sensitivity.

They can help with improving your metabolism energy, all that stuff. So, yeah. All right. Let’s move on to our fourth one, maybe. Number four, limiting alcohol. How dare you? I dare. I’m trying to pump it up, you know, I’m trying to not pump it up. . Why? I’m trying to pump it Medium. Okay. I have, I, I really just, oh, so I read P C O Ss sos.

You’re gonna get some, you’re gonna get, uh, some lashback on this. I’m just telling you right now, I don’t here at all. It needs to be said I with you, but, Okay. I’m not gonna say that you can never drink alcohol again because there’s a time and a place to have fun. Of course. But you know how it says on Google that like, women can drink a glass of wine a day or something like that.

That suggestion is so bad. I just can’t, with this suggestion, I cannot stand by it. For P C O S women, and that’s because alcohol affects our liver. And our liver is really important for detoxifying hormones and getting good quality sleep. And it’s gonna make it really difficult if you’re constantly drinking alcohol and you’ll find that it’s harder to lose the belly fat because of the way it impacts our insulin.

Or Li liver are cortisol so many different ways and P C O S, so. Says to avoid alcohol like the plague. Yeah. Because a lot of women with P C O S struggle with fatty liver. Mm-hmm. . And the last thing you wanna do is to put your liver in that position to be even more, um, compromised with alcohol. Yeah. For, uh, some holiday alcohol tips still, let’s say it’s the holidays, right?

We’re around family, friends, you know, you wanna. You know, have a good time. Okay. And there’s alcohol around. A tip if you wanna make a drink is you can use Titos vodka cuz it’s gluten free. And one of our favorite combinations is Titos with uh, it’s basically like vodka soda. So you’re just combining it with carbonated water.

and you can just add a lime into it to give it some more flavor. The great benefit of this, there’s no added sugars at all. You’re literally just drinking water with vodka, but because it’s carbonated, it’s giving you like a little fizzy feeling. Yeah. And then you add that lime boom throwing up branch of rosemary, make it look feted.

Yeah. Time, any herb you want. It’s very like sugar free alcohol drink. Of course, the alcohol turns into sugar, but there’s no added sugar that gives you, you know, extra calories and whatnot. Exactly. All right. I’ve said my piece. She said her piece number five, and please don’t kill me for this one. Now sisters number five is reducing caffeine consumption.

Now, again, like similar to what we said about alcohol, we don’t want you to cut out caffeine completely, but for number five, if you feel like caffeine is impacting you negatively. Now, a couple of symptoms. Uh, one, if you’re drinking coup, couple of coffees. Wow. Sometimes it’s hard to talk English. If you’re drinking multiple cups of coffee a day and you’re feeling jittery, like you’re gonna have a panic attack, anxiety, essentially, then that’s a sign that caffeine is spiking your cortisol levels a bit too much.

So reducing your intake by half a day is good enough. See if that helps or if maybe you need to cut it out, complet. I think all the sisters know my journey. I know I don’t have P C Os, but about a year ago I cut out coffee completely because I did a lab test and I found out that my cortisol levels were a bit high, which is ironic cuz we talk about it all the time.

So, um, I had to cut out coffee completely, which was a nightmare of course in the first like couple weeks. But after the first two weeks, it was honestly like nothing. And then, now I basically just drink one cup a day cuz like I got my body like, you know, off of the addiction. So it doesn’t, it no longer has to like depend on coffee.

So when I have just one a day, I feel fine. I don’t feel like, I feel like fatigued the rest of the day. Yeah. If you feel fatigued for the rest of the day, or if you feel so fatigued that you need coffee, it’s a sign that you have this dependence and this cortisol issue that should be addressed Yeah. In a different way.

Yes. Did you hear about that sister who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have, and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy craving.

Finally regulate their periods ovulate and improve their egged quality. Each packet of Ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myo acetol and D chiro acetol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have. P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking Ovasitol can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue.

So awesome. It tastes like nothing, so just warn me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it. You got it, boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right, so we’re halfway through our 10 new year resolutions. Let’s do a little break right now and do a P C O S Q and A.

These questions are this time pulled from YouTube, so if you don’t follow us on YouTube, just uh, search for P C O S weight loss there and you’ll find us, or just go to C o s weight loss. First question is, how do we get rid of facial hair for P C O S? So that’s a great question because a lot of women with P C O S go and get laser treatments and like all kinds of hair removal, anything, um, whether it’s shaving or waxing, and.

The truth is that if you’re not taking steps to reduce your testosterone, all of that time you’re spending and money you’re spending on laser hair removal and everything will be wasted because the hair is going to come back. So my suggestion is to make sure you have your testosterone under control, and there’s so many different ways you can do that.

I’m sure we have a podcast episode about testosterone. Yeah, well, I was just gonna say, we have a podcast episode about testosterone. As well as a YouTube video about testosterone. Yes. And we also have several, um, podcast episodes about facial hair and hair loss. So if you wanna go to our podcast feed, you can find that as well.

Yeah. And then after you take those steps and reduce your testosterone, then go get the laser or appellation or whatever those, you know, there’s treatments and you can just get that hair removed and it probably won’t grow back. Yeah. Okay. Here’s a fun question for. , can I use a question from China? Can I use peanut butter instead?

I really don’t like almond butter. I kind of wanted to make a note about this because if you’ve noticed, ting always uses almond butter in recipes and Instagram stories, and there’s a reason why we, we had nothing against peanut butter. In fact, we love peanut butter , but ting’s sister is deathly allergic to peanuts.

I mean, deathly allergic, like if she is in the same room as peanuts and smells it, yes. She will, God forbid, you know, go into a shock. She will close up the whole nightmare. Exactly. So because of that, we cannot have peanut or peanut, you know, sourced. Stuff. I’ve also heard that peanuts are more inflammatory than almonds.

I’ve heard that too. Yeah, but you know what do, we can’t do everything perfectly, so if you like peanut butter, then you do you? Yeah. But just so you know, if it wasn’t for our ancestor, we would be using peanut butter instead. So go for it if you want to. . All right, last question from Chelsea Wood Ballroom dancing have a negative effect on stress hormones with P C U S, or does it depend on the specific type of dance?

I don’t think so. I love ballroom dancing and I love like salsa dancing, and I don’t think it’s gonna have any negative effect because it’s a relaxing thing. It’s so relaxing and fun and happy and like, I don’t know if there’s any stress involved with dancing. It’s just really like, like how are you feeling during and after the dancing session?

Like, are you completely out of breath and like your heart’s racing crazy and by the time you’re done you’ll feel like you ran a marathon. I mean, I doubt don’t think so. That’s like a feeling most people are getting from ballroom dancing or like even salsa dancing. I know it’s a bit intense, but like, it’s not like you’re constantly like spinning like, you know, it’s not a fight or flight kind of thing.

Yeah. Like you’re where running you’re, and there you’re grabbing your partner, you know? Caressing. We need to take some classes, babe. Yeah. Are you done? I’m done. Tell the sisters. Prove it. Record it Right now on this podcast. I’m not gonna go on record to make any promises, but I will get it done. You’d be such a good dancer.

I know. I mean, you are, but like I’m just saying, if you took classes yeah. You’d be so Next level. I mean, bts behind the scenes last week we went to, in Orange County, we went to this place, it’s a Spanish restaurant with like with live music after 10. , as you all know. We went to Barona for two months. We’re like, okay, we gotta check this place out.

Um, it was really good. The thing is, one, the food wasn’t authentic at all. At all. It was like a la twist on Spanish food. Definitely like disappointing. Yeah. That’s why I don’t wanna say the name , but number two. The dancing was amazing. Yeah. There was a live band. The people were so good at dancing, like it was so fun.

We had to go back. Yeah. Like I would go back a million times just for the dancing. Yeah. But the food, I would really not go back for. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s continue. Sixth new year resolution. All right. Number six is to try going gluten and dairy free for at least 30 days. This is the period of time that it takes to really see if it’s gonna make a difference in your symptoms, in your cystic acne, in your weight loss journey, in your mood, in your bloating.

And if you see a difference, then you’re gonna wanna continue for the rest of the year, at least to see how it improves your P C O S weight loss journey and all of your goals. So I really. 30 day period of commitment to really see if it’s worth it for you. Mm-hmm. . And then continuing after that, if you find some of your symptoms improving, and don’t worry if you’re not perfect at it.

It took me like a whole year to get used to eating gluten and dairy free. So I mean, there’s gonna be some ups and downs, whatever, but if you see a difference, that’s all that matters. Yeah. I mean, to be honest too, From all the tips that we give and these 10 new year resolutions are of course, like tips that we normally talk about, the gluten and dairy free one.

We always see the most amount of benefit for sisters in terms of like bloating, losing weight, reducing inflammation, reducing cravings, like so many, so many things. But of course, take your time with it. Take it one step at a time and see if in that 30 days, if it does feel right for you. I’m gonna be honest, if you do all of the other.

And you’re sensitive to gluten and dairy and still eating it, you’re gonna find that it’s not gonna have as much of an impact on your journey by, you know, all of the tips that we’re gonna mention right now. So gluten and dairy free is really important to like rule out so that you can see the results with the other things that you apply.

Yes. All right. Seventh New year resolution. This one is one of my favorites because it’s one of those where you can actually, like with a. Added to your day-to-day life. So seven is getting more fiber. Hmm. So fiber is important cuz it feeds the gut microbiome, which in turn improves your metabolism, your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Not to mention it reduces inflammation, bloating, and there’s so many like fiber options that are gluten free. For example, beans, chia seeds, so many veggies, et cetera. Now the daily recommended value for fiber is 20 to 25 grams per woman. So depending on what you’re having now, let’s say you’re having only 10 grams a day or 15.

Try to see if every day you can add, you know, one piece of. . Either fruit or, yeah, like something that adds that five grams of fiber that maybe you’re missing out in your diet. Mm-hmm. , it could be nuts. It could be an extra serving of vegetables in your meal. It could be replacing your carb, which is maybe like a potato with beans because they have more fiber.

It could be one of those swabs that makes a difference in your fiber intake and also your digestion, your gut microbiome and, um, detoxification process for your hormones. I mean, it’s really important. Yes. Blood sugar, I mean, the list goes. Okay. Number eight, loading up on omega three s. All right. Omega three fats are super important for insulin sensitivity and improving our inflammation levels and P C O S weight loss.

This is like top. Important healthy fat for us. But women with P C O S, I mentioned it before in other podcast episodes about supplements. We struggle with, um, absorbing omega-3 from foods like seeds and nuts because we have inflammation and there’s an enzyme called the D 60 D enzyme, and that is what converts the omega-3 into usable form.

And we struggle with that conversion because of having inflamm. P c o s predisposes us to these kinds of issues. Mm-hmm. . So you’ll get your omega three s from fish. Um, nice oily fish like salmon or pollock. And that’s what our supplement is made of. Pollock, a hundred percent Alaskan Pollock. And yeah. Um, I love that part.

Hundred Alaskan Pollock. I’m, I am proud of it because that is the best way for us to absorb Omega three s and we had to include it in the supplement bundle cause it’s so important for metabolism and we struggle with this nutrient gap. It is literally in the top 1% of like the highest quality fish.

Supplements in the world. And I’m not like, we’re not like just pulling that out from our butts, you know, like I’m serious. It is MSC certified, which is marine sustainability something. , uh, certifi Council. Yes. Marine Sustain, sustain La La Marine. Sustainability council, which looks at whether your production is sustainable, uhhuh, , whether you’re affecting like the population of the fish, which we’re not, you know, it, it is the most like sustainable fish resourcing that we’ve like you can do.

And it’s NSF certified. Yes. So it’s a hundred percent pure. Okay. I’ll write. So speaking of, um, omega three, loading up on Omega three s, number nine is actually taking a lab test to see the root issues of your P C O S. Now, what what we mean by, by this is taking a lab test to see what vitamins, what nutrients that you’re deficient in.

Mm-hmm. taking a lab test to see whether your cortisol levels are high or low. Like what, what are your cortis levels, cortisol levels throughout the day. We did this just a year ago, like we were talking about, and we learned so much about our bodies. Like Tanya learned about her cortisol levels as well.

Her estrogen, like she learned all about where her levels were. Luckily for her, majority of it was in the right range. I think the only issue which we talked about on the podcast was a thyroid. Thyroid which got resolved. All of the natural supplements. Yes. Um, so. Basically what we’re trying to say is take a lab test in 2023 if you can, and try to learn more about your body in terms of what nutrients you’re lacking.

What vitamins are you low in? Vitamin D, because 60 or 40% of um, sisters are vitamin D deficient. What about other nutrients? So lab tests would be number nine. Yes. Number 10, learning to manage stress. Okay, so stress makes a huge difference on our ability to lose weight in the midsection. And I am talking about belly fat over here.

The more stressed we are, the more our body hangs on to the belly fat because it’s a survival mechanism. Because the more stressed you are, you’re in flight or fight mode, and that means that your body is going to reserve. To help you overcome whatever the stressor is, and then that slows our metabolism and keeps weight on.

So learning to manage stress is going to be pivotal and it’s gonna be pivotal. Pivotal pivotable. , not only for your weight loss, I infected you with my grammar, but also with yours. Symptoms like hair loss. Okay? Your body’s not gonna hang onto your hair because it’s not essential if you’re in fight or flight mode to have quality hair growth.

Do you know what I’m saying? So it’s like whatever’s important, your body’s gonna hang onto it. What’s important when you’re stressed out is creating more stress hormones so you can fight or flee the stressor. Creates anxiety and you have to push back on that and manage that stress so that your body can prioritize your hair.

Mm-hmm. your weight loss, your whole P C O S symptom. Yes. Picture, amen to that. And I guess a good way to do this is maybe try to have like a, try to have a new night care routine for 2023. Like set up a self-care routine for nighttime when you’re done with like your work is done. You’ve ate dinner, the kids are to sleep.

You know, ev, everything’s chill. You can finally focus on yourself. Mm-hmm. and try to have a routine. Maybe it’s five minutes, 10, 15, and try to start your year with that and see how you feel. You, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. Yes. All right. With that being said, we got some great, great wins of the week to motivate you for the new year.

So I think it’s perfect with this episode. Um, we have some wins of the week from sisters who are just thriving with P C O S and just great inspirational stories for anyone. , who’s looking for inspiration for the new year. Yes. We’ll start with Shelby, Lynn York. She made a recipe from the sisterhood. She says, I’m so excited about this week’s meal plan.

The asparagus bake was so good this morning and it is this gorgeous, uh, picture of a sheep pan with. Red onion, broccoli and salmon and asparagus and it looks so beautiful. Yeah, it looks amazing. Oh, so colorful. Oh wait, it’s chicken. Sorry. Oh my gosh. Didn’t she put the everything bagel season on it? Yeah.

The great thing is like, it’s like meal prepping. Like you can tell from this, you know, tray, she has meal prepping for E for a few days, and that’s the. Great thing about the meal plans is you meal prep so you don’t have to cook every day. Right? Love it. Right. Next one is from patients from the sisterhood.

I love her name. She says, forgot to post for Wednesday wins, but I finally got my period after using OVAs stall since July, 2022. Amazing. So how exciting About six months into it, she got her period. That’s amazing. It usually takes, you know, like about three to six months, so that’s awesome. And I wonder if her name being patient helps her be patient, I mean, in her PCs.

That was a horrible joke. I’m sorry. Patience. Please forgive me. If that’s the case, then what does your name mean? My name’s Siac. I don’t know. Siroc on Ice. Fountain of Love. Oh yeah. Siac is an Armenian name and it actually means Fountain of Love in Armenian. So I’d say you’re a fountain of love. If you’re ever swayed by me or if you feel like Siac is suave, well just know it’s in my genetics.

I was born to to be swabbing. Stop. All right, next. Marissa Manning. She says some meal prep for this week. I had to make some. Adjustments. I came back from two weeks of vacation and immediately got super sick and ran out of a few things. I did as best as I could on vacation, but I wasn’t perfect. I’ve been keeping on top of my ovasitol, got my period on time, no symptoms at all.

I used to get awful cramps to the point I could barely work my desk job. I used to get awful headaches, really bad cravings, and didn’t get any of that on this. Nice. That’s awesome. So it sounds like even though you didn’t stick to the meal plan perfectly, you were able to improve your symptoms and just taking supplements like Ovasitol could make such a big difference.

Yeah. And just having a meal prep helps you be prepared. Mm-hmm. . And when you have to make adjustments, it kind of helps you make those adjustments easier because at least you have something that’s been prepared, you know? Yes, exactly. Yeah. Love it. Amazing. Congrats. Congrats, Mari. All right. So those are all the wins of the week and today’s episode.

Please let us know, like DMAs message us and let us know which of these 10 new resolutions you think, uh, you’ll be trying. And a reminder for anyone who’s interested for the, uh, for the new year plan, releasing January 1st, our four week meal at workout plan for P C O S weight loss, just like we talked about.

Four weeks of meals and workouts, all in video format and p d format, p d f format, depending on how you wanna, um, absorb the material. It comes with a bonus one year, free access to the sisterhood app, which is gonna be launching. In the next week or so. I’m so excited. And if you’re vegan, we have vegan versions of the meal plan as well.

And like I said, different versions for each carb tolerance. And I just wanted to mention one more thing cuz we did mention getting lab work done for Oh yeah. Year. The four week meal and workout plan. One of the bonuses is a $250 voucher for a lab test. Yes. And after you get that lab test done and look at all of the functional ranges of your insulin and cortisol and everything, you have a call, a 30 minute call with a functional doctor who will look into it and yes, tell you exactly what’s going on and what your next steps should be.

Yeah, we should have talked about that because that’s exactly what we did about a year ago. We used the same company. . We got a phone call with a functional health coach, looked at our cortisol thyroid Yeah. And gave us the recommended supplements. And those supplements did an amazing job. Yes. So, yeah, we highly recommend the lab test.

And it’s a, it’s a bonus with the course. Mm-hmm. . Awesome. Well, the voucher is the bonus for the course. Sorry. Yeah. The voucher is the bonus. Yeah. All right, sister is, This was fun. Yes. Don’t get lost in the desert . We hope all of you have a great week. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM us and until next time.

See you on the gram, I guess. Talk to you soon. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle, pollutant and dairy free.

Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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