10 tips to regulate your period with PCOS | Real advice from a fellow Cyster!

165. We’re diving into the topic of irregular periods and the ways to get them back on track. From diet and exercise to supplements and medication, we cover it all.

We’ll be sharing 10 tips that have worked for a fellow Cyster who get her period back in The Cysterhood!

Whether you’re just starting your journey with PCOS or have been dealing with it for a while, This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking for real advice to get their period back on track!

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Full Episode transcript:

Spearmint Tea helps to reduce your testosterone levels. And when you are having that like natural fluctuation in your hormones, certain hormones need to be high or low at certain times. And when you have high testosterone that can overpower the progesterone, the estrogen, and influence your period.
Mm-hmm. and when it. Yeah, so I will say at your testosterone levels play a huge role in your ability to have your period on time, and that’s why a lot of women with P C O S have irregular periods because of having insulin resistance, which triggers high testosterone in the ovaries, and then that like delays your period.
So, mm-hmm. experiment. Tea is fabulous, Dr. See now go
the symptoms into my own hands, and we thirst them naturally. So I became a dietician.
Oh to yes, dear. Yes. How’s your day going? It’s good. It’s going good? Mm-hmm. . I woke up this morning. At five 30 Uhhuh . I was in the gym at six doing my slowed workout, and lately I’ve been really hungry during my workouts. But yesterday I took it upon myself to get in the kitchen and make a pre-workout snack.
Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. . And I made the Chickpea Bites. I don’t know if you opened the fridge and saw them. I did not. No, because I fed you this morning and you haven’t stepped into the kitchen. I made breakfast. Okay, Bob, I feel like fires are being shot at me. Yeah, so I feel good. I feel like well taken care of. I took my supplements, I did my workout, I had my chickpea protein bite, and I’m happy.
I do wanna say like T has been going to the gym at 5, 5 30 in the morning. Consistently for like months now with her sister, and I mean, you already looked amazing. I’ll be like, God, oh, stop. Body morph, body transformation. If there’s one thing about me, it’s I’m consistent. Like if something works, we’re doing it and we’re doing it forever.
Oh, gluten and dairy free. Forever . Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, if I find what feels good, like working out, you know, in the morning this early with my sister, it’s motivating me. It’s like really? Like I’m not skipping a workout because I’m too busy or too tired. Like it’s a thing. Yeah. It’s a regular thing.
Yeah. Feel good. I’ll do it forever. I agree with you. I mean, when, when something feels good, you get addicted to it and you just wanna keep doing it over and over again. So is it working out is the same thing, eating healthy? Mm-hmm. or uh, self-care activities? If it feels good, you’re gonna always wanna do it.
So that’s how you know if you’re doing, if you’re doing it right. Yeah. If you hate what you’re doing, like if there, if there’s a self-care activity that you hate doing Exactly. Then maybe like swap it out with something else you’re gonna enjoy doing. Like Exactly. Give us an example. What’s something you used to hate doing, but now you replace it with something you like doing?
I’ll tell you something. Cycling class. I left feeling exhausted, fatigued, just like anxious. Is this so boring? ? Uh, yeah. To me, I don’t know. No. And like, I wasn’t good at it. It was like hurting my knees and my back and I was just like, Ugh. You know? And they, and then you’re never gonna do it like for the rest of your life.
It’s not gonna be your thing. Yeah. So it’s like, what’s the point? You need to find something that makes you feel good. Yeah. Self-care things. And then like, you’ll stick. Yes, I agree. So I agree. Or like, if it’s something you don’t enjoy doing, like I hate doing my skincare routine at night because I’m just exhausted.
I wanna throw myself in my bed. Mm-hmm. , you have to like find a way to make that thing work. So I put on my show, I look forward to the show. I get my skincare over with, we call it a Day , you know, like, and Italian’s go-to show right now is the Crown. She’s watching you with her mom every single night. Wow.
It’s so. You’re a little late to the party, but yeah, it’s, I’m always late to the party with shows. I know. I get into things years after. You’re You’re gonna be like, what? Scooter games? Yeah. What’s scooter games? Everybody that’s telling . Yeah. Like three years later. I’m asking what? Scoot games and then, what was it, what was the other one?
Game of Thrones. Oh, yeah. Well, that, that’ll never watch watched. Cause you’re, you’re not into that kind of stuff. I’m so late in the game that it’s not even worth watching. Yeah. All righty. So let’s go into today’s episode. Today’s episode is actually, A unique one. Maybe we’ve done it once before, but we’re gonna talk about the 10 tips to get your period back.
But this is entirely based on a message that we received in this sisterhood. So a sister named Jane in the private Facebook group messaged this really long message about how she got her period back and the 10 things she did to get her period back. So essentially, we’re gonna. Read her 10 tips completely from, from her, uh, fellow sister, and just kind of tell you how these 10 tips can, can help you get your period.
Yeah. This is gonna be really insightful. Yeah. And motivating. Yeah. To know that, you know, somebody did this, it worked for them, and maybe if you try like a couple of the tent tips, it might help you as well. Exactly. And you might also enjoy some of these new habits. Yeah. It’s a fun one for us too, because usually we write the podcast.
Yeah. Like the script app, so we can, we. Topics we’re covering, but today we’re just gonna read and go with the flow. Yes. Uh, but to get started, let’s do our q and A questions first. So we have a couple of questions. Uh, these ones are from Instagram at pc os dot weight loss. If you don’t follow us, you can follow us on Instagram for daily tips every day.
P C O S dot weight loss. First question is from Thena Rina. The question is, is hormonal lab work unhelpful if you are on birth? You know, I’ve always wondered the same thing. They say that it’s still helpful and you should still do it, but I personally think that it’s skewed when you’re on birth control.
Your estrogen, your progesterone. It makes sense to me that it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t on birth control, but nevertheless, you should have it checked even when you’re on birth control to see what the heck is going on. I’m doing some quick searches on Dr. Google. I mean, I, I don’t, I don’t wanna say these are any sort of like definite answers, what’s Google saying, but there are some like po uh, automatic populated, um, answers that are saying yes, it can affect your, uh, biomarkers if you’re on hormonal contraceptives, like birth control.
So that’s something of course to check with your doctor with. You know, if you’re gonna get a lab work done, let them know you’re on birth control so they can look at your lab work with, you know, some understanding in case that does affect it. Alright, next, Sarah says, how do you suggest we should take 30 grams of protein?
Do you recommend the protein powders available in grocery stores? So in the mornings, I do suggest having 30 grams of protein with your breakfast. Now, sometimes. Recipes, breakfast recipes start to taste really disgusting when you put 30 grams of protein powder in them. For example, chia seed pudding doesn’t taste good with a huge scoop of my 30 grams of protein.
The one that I use is Garden of Life, unflavored, no Stevia. So you know, so I put a little, and then I drink the rest, and you know, that’s. the struggle that’s so you just have to like drink it next to your meal. And that’s my answer. That’s my final answer. I tried really hard, this is, you know why I sound depressed about this?
It’s because I tried so hard for the sisterhood breakfast recipes to be 30 grams of protein. Yeah. And some of them are, but some of them aren’t. And they’re so delicious that I’m not gonna not put them in there. Yeah. So the solution is to just drink the protein shake. Yes, exactly. All right, so the last question is from Laura.
The question is, do you have any tips for really bad stretch marks caused by P C O S belly? So if you have any stretch marks around, uh, around the belly area for any area or, or, or any area for that matter. That’s the question here. And yes, there are actually some natural remedies you can do. In fact, there was a research study that showed that applying high luronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid to early stretch marks can actually make the stretch marks less noticeable. There are also some other natural remedies, for example, vitamin A, um, aloe vera, as well as coconut oil. Some of these I would recommend looking up like the instruction videos, like for example, there’s like YouTube videos or just like if you can find a legitimate website that shows you the step-by-step instructions, they’ll show you exactly how to apply it to make it as effective as.
Don’t just like, you know, buy whatever oil and just put it, there are like certain procedures in place to, to like do, to help that happen. Yeah. I also think stretch marks are a little bit difficult to fully get rid of. I’ve heard like laser treatments might help in everything, but maybe just embracing. I know it’s hard, but you know, this is part of life.
Our bodies change. We get stretch marks on our hip, on our belly, on our boobs, on our arms, like wherever. And this is part of our experience. I have stretch marks from when I lost weight, from when I gained weight and when I lost weight. And it’s just like part of my journey that I embrace. In fact, I think they’re really beautiful and I’m not just saying that.
Mm-hmm. because of like, you know, that’s the thing to say, like, I really do. I’m. So what? Like, so what if it’s stretch marks? Like I went through something in my life. Yeah. And I came out of the other side and I feel great and it shows. Yeah. And yeah, absolutely. You can like glow right through that. Yeah.
Just if you are taking care of yourself and you’re happy and you’re content, you know, it’s like you won’t even realize it. Nobody will look like, forget it, you know? Yeah, I absolutely agree. All right. Well, let’s go into the main topic of today’s episode. So, as we mentioned earlier, we’re gonna be reading a direct message, um, that we received in our, uh, sisterhood private Facebook group.
This was a message that was sent to everybody in the feed, and basically Jane gives her 10 tips to how she got her period back. Um, I guess I can start reading it in time. You’ll do the first tip. So, all right. The message from Jane starts like this. My period came on day 35, which my period app predicted, which is in a normal range.
So I’ll take it. And she says, my last period of November was triggered by Provera, which my doctor prescribed after two and a half months of zero period. So basically she. Right now, just recently she got her period, whereas before the last time she got her period was through, uh, was through prescription.
So the fact that she got it this time, um, in this way is amazing. And she says, some changes I made since joining this group that I think have made a difference. Hit it. T hit it. T number one, spearin tea. She says. I haven’t been amazingly consistent, but definitely like four to five cups a day and sometimes a bedtime tea that has spearmint in it.
Love that. That’s awesome. Spearman tea helps to reduce your testosterone levels and when you are having that like natural fluctuation in your hormones, Certain hormones need to be higher, low at certain times. And when you have high testosterone, that can kind of like overpower the progesterone, the estrogen and influence, um, your period.
Mm-hmm. and when it comes. Yeah. So without going into too much scientific detail about this, I will say at your testosterone levels play a huge role in your ability to have your period on time. Yeah. And that’s why a lot of women with P C O S have irregular periods because of having insulin resistance, which triggers high testosterone in the ovaries and then that like delays your period.
So mm-hmm. Spearman tea is fabulous. Yes. All right. Second tip is movement walking. I’m sorry I read this wrong. I am really bad at reading today’s sisters. I will leave this podcast now and I will let time take over. I am retiring. Go number two. Second tip from Jane Movement, walking, jogging, and slow way to workouts.
I don’t complete all the sets yet, but when I have more time, I will. But sometimes I prioritize being outside with my dog and probably work out three to five times a week, but it’s becoming more. So that’s amazing right there with the movement, the jogging, walking, and the soy to workouts, Jane is helping her body in a couple of different ways.
One, she’s improving her insulin resistance, which in many cases can be the culprit behind irregular periods. Two, she’s lowering her cortisol with the morning walks or just walking in journal has been shown to lower your cortisol levels and make you feel less stressed. This is. For getting your periods back.
M three, she’s boosting her metabolism and lowering inflammation with all this activity. Again, your body and your system as a whole has less stress on it and can therefore focus more on balancing your hormones and getting your period back. So I love the second tip. Yeah, I can relate to this too. I remember when I wasn’t getting my period for like a whole year.
Okay. And it’s like every month I went by that I didn’t have my period. I got more and more anxiety and everyone’s like, just calm down, just relax. It’s not gonna come if you’re stressed out. And that’s so easy to say to somebody. Oh sure, okay. But you know what? It was actually. , like they were like, I needed to apply the things to calm down.
Yes, I had a hormonal issue. I didn’t have a lot of control over my anxiety, but I went on walks. When I tell you I went on like hours of walks by myself to calm down, like this is no exaggeration. Like every day was like an hour long walk by the. By myself listening to music, listening to a podcast, and actively trying to calm myself down to not let that cortisol just do whatever it wants to do.
Do you know what I’m saying? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Um, even though like it feels like you don’t have control over it, you actually have some control over it. All right. Next. Eating more vegetables, broccoli, peppers, jalapeno, Ooh, carrots, salads, at least one time a day. And fruit, mainly berries, blueberries and bananas.
Sometimes apples. That’s awesome. Vegetables. This is, this is fiber, right? Just like, yes. Just third tip I think has to do with the fiber intake. What would, why? Why do you think. Like it can help, it’s detoxifying excess hormones. Mm-hmm. like xenoestrogens, fake estrogens that, you know, get into our bodies from our environment or products that we use.
Great. Cool. So that’s three tips already. Spearman tea workouts. And number three, fiber number four. Fourth tip from Jane is starting to slowly substitute foods like dairy and gluten, but I still eat my fair share. Just being more mindful and reducing my intake. So this is amazing because. . A lot of times when we talk about gluten and dairy free, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to cut out a hundred percent, um, of gluten dairy in your diet.
For example, some people go 80%, some go 90, some do go a hundred percent. For example, Italian is basically gluten and dairy free a hundred percent of the time. But also some people just go half the time. The thing is, Being mindful of it if you want to reducing your intake, if you’re feeling better, and if it’s improving your symptoms.
Yes, and that being said, reducing inflammation and insulin levels will really help you change the picture of your ovaries and the health of your ovaries. Especially doing it consistently and especially doing it over like more than a three month period of time. If I could just like have everyone get an ultrasound, go gluten and dairy free, and like take a basol on their supplements and all of the p c s weight loss method things, and then three months later do another ultrasound.
I could show you , you know? Yeah. But we have some pictures from Yeah, we do. We have did that pictures of ultrasounds. Yeah. All right, next. Taking my prenatal vitamins. Very consistently. Not trying to get pregnant, but I was advised to start taking them since I’m in my childbearing years. This is really good because I mean, even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, taking some sort of a, not in Jane’s case, you take a prenatal, but you can also take a multivitamin or any supplements that are based for P C U S.
Yes, we have one. Of course. Yes, it’s part of our bundle. Um, it’s really essential because p c s women have nutrient gaps. Uh, we always talk about this. It’s so important to fill in those nutrient gaps to improve our metabolism and our hormone health. Yeah, and the reason why it’s important to fill those nutrient gaps now, cuz you may wanna be like, oh, I’ll wait till I wanna get pregnant.
Or maybe I want to wait until, you know, I wanna focus on my health more. But starting with, even just filling in those nutrient gaps are gonna do a few things. One, they’re gonna fill in, if you’re deficient in b12, which a lot of PCOS win are, it’s gonna give you more energy. You’re gonna wake up with more energy throughout the day, and you’re just gonna have more consistent level of um, or sorry, you’re gonna remove that fatigue from your day.
Two. Another vitamin, vitamin D. Yes. About 50% of P C U S women are deficient. Deficient in Vitamin D, vitamin D. And studies show vitamin D is linked with, um, mental health as well as insulin resistance, as well as inflammation, adrenal fatigue. Thyroid is literally like, Almost every human condition, even consider it a hormone.
Yeah. Not a vitamin. Yeah. Because it has such an influential effect. And most women with P C U S are deficient in vitamin D. Yeah. Um, not to mention like vitamin E or biotin or zinc, magne, zinc, magnesium, like so many of these things fill in the gaps to help with instant resistance. Helping with, you know, like maybe you don’t want to get pregnant, or maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe you just want to feel better.
All of these nutrient gaps, depending on what your situation is, they can still help you. Exactly. Next water intake. Wonderful. We should all be drinking lots of water. Yes. Snacking less and being in more control of my snack options. So that’s a seventh tip right there. Yes. Having a handful of nuts. Um, I think this is really important.
Why snacking less? She, she’s talking about not raising her insulin levels throughout the day. Times while she’s munching and, and grazing instead of eating solid meals and having one or two snacks, you know, eating a lot like throughout the day, like eating all the time. Every hour you’re keeping your insulin levels high and that’s gonna influence your ovaries.
Mm-hmm. your insulin resistance, it’s gonna trigger high testosterone and then here we are. So, and the cravings too, right? Like when you graze Yes. It’s kind of because of the insulin reaction. Mm-hmm. , it’s gonna give you more cravings the rest of the day. Yeah, exactly. So that’s really important. Number eight.
Cool. Alright. Number eight. Jane says, I eat mainly three meals a day and try to incorporate protein, so I am fuller longer, especially at lunch. She says I get munchies when I get home from work, so I usually have something prepared for that time. I swear j i Jane is really incorporating , these amazing lifestyle changes.
It’s like she’s been using the app. Yeah, it’s like she’s been. Really no great job, Jane. Like three meals a day and incorporating protein. So that protein, as she says, keeps her fuller longer, which is exactly why we always recommend starting your day with 30 grams of protein, cuz that’s gonna take you over to lunch pretty easily in most cases.
Yeah. And then, Same thing after lunch. When you have 30 grams, it’s gonna take you over to dinner pretty easily. And of course you should have a snack in between if you do get hungry, like as she mentions when she comes home from work. So great job implementing those diet and lifestyle changes. Did you hear about that sister who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one?
Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have, and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods, ovulate and improve their egg quality.
Each packet of Ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myo acetol and D chiro acetol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking Ovasitol can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue.
So awesome. It tastes like nothing, so just warn me when you put it in a cup. So, Don’t drink it. You got it, boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Well done. Number nine. Reducing my alcohol and trying to be more mindful of how much I actually consume. While this is really, really good because alcohol can.
Make your liver, you know, put it in struggle city. It’s already in struggle city because of insulin resistance and our susceptibility to fatty liver. Then when we drink alcohol, we make it worse and it’s so difficult to reverse that and like make your liver healthy again. So you, without going down that road, just cutting out the alcohol and not drinking it consistently can make a really big difference.
The liver’s playing a huge role in detoxifying your hormone. And, um, drinking alcohol can really slow that down and just not be so helpful. And I love how she says mindful of how much I actually consume because we don’t really realize it. Yeah. What a drink here and a drink there and a little here and a Oh, there’s no sugar in it.
Whoa. Have another shot. Like, you know, it’s, yeah, it like adds up. What’s that? Now you have five drinks in a week and you had no idea cuz you just went out twice. Exactly. I was just gonna say like, that’s when, like if you have a glass of wine, , while it seems like it’s not a lot, if you add it all up, it’s like a bottle a week.
You know, I, I can’t stand by that. Yeah. I mean, oh, like the studies there, like you can have a glass or two women can have a Yeah. You disagree with that one? Yeah. I mean, only because Not for PCs one. Yeah, not for PCs. Women, when you consider liver health insulin resistance, you know, there’s so many issues there.
Like we wouldn’t just recommend a glass a day, of course have drink alcohol when you like in moderation. But a glass a day seems. Not correct for P C O S women specifically? Yeah. If you read P C O S sos, she’s a little dramatic, but she says, I, I don’t think it’s dramatic, but she says, avoid alcohol like the plague.
Yeah, I guess that’s true. It’s a bit dramatic. It’s a dramatic way to say it, but we wouldn’t say that much. Say avoid alcohol. Yeah. You know what? I stand by it. Number 10, reading instead of overly indulging in TV and I bought new facial care items and makeup. These probably really have nothing to do with my period, but since I’m not watching TV so much, I eat less mindlessly Overall, I think it’s improving my mood too, and really trying to keep my stress.
It’s really good. I agree. Like when I’m not distracted by my phone and like electronics and I just silence or like quiet music, it really helps me get in a better mood. Yeah. And Jane ends the message by saying, sorry for such a long post. Well, I bet you didn’t know that this is gonna become a podcast episode , but Jane says, I hope this helps those that are feeling very discouraged.
I was feeling horrible and hated myself when I was diagnosed in. I worried about my health and overall fertility, but now I’ve been feeling so much better and feel like I have a little control over my goofy hormones. Goofy hormones. It’s an amazing story though, James. We’re so happy that you, that you’re taking back control of your body with getting your period back, having you under control.
And just like with all these steps, we know that you’ll, you know, improve. , every other symptoms that you are planning to improve as well? Yes. We’re so happy for you. You’re such an inspiration and I am really happy to have you in the sisterhood with us. Yeah, and for those who are listening, if you are experiencing irregular periods, you can try these 10 tips.
Of course. Like we’re not gonna say like, try all 10 and it’s gonna work exactly like you. Everybody’s different. This is what worked for Jane, and, and some of these tips may work for you as well. If you wanna find like the same support that Jane had and the same. Resources, including meal plans, the learning videos, workout plans.
You can always join us in the sisterhood. The link is in the description of this episode, and as you know, the app just came out a few weeks ago, so you’re able to basically have everything on hand. Track your daily progress with your trackers, know what you, what to eat every day, how to work out in your daily planner.
That will be LinkedIn description. All right, let’s get onto the weekly wins. Yes. Okay. I really like the first one. This is from Sammy Kinan Libby, and it sounds like she’s been habit stacking. Ooh, if you haven’t heard our podcast episode a few episodes ago, we talked about habit stacking, how to slowly incorporate new things into your lifestyle so that you feel more confident about your lifestyle routine and your P C O S.
Habit stacking. So she says, I’ve officially gone totally gluten free for three weeks. I started implementing the rest of my habits weekly. She says week one, she was gluten free and she started taking Ovasitol twice a day. Week two, she was gluten free. She took the ovasitol and then she started cutting out sugar.
Week three, she was gluten-free. Ovasitol cut out the. and drink spearmint tea daily. Love that week four. Gluten free, ovasitol, no sugar, drinking the spearmint tea, and now dairy free. That’s awesome. Yeah, that is exactly, you really listened to our podcast episode. Yeah. The one that came out about three weeks ago.
If, if scissors, if you wanna listen, just call, look up the episode four week to habit stacking. This is amazing cuz you’re, you’re not like overstressing your body with these, with these changes. And instead you’re, you’re approaching it one week at a time. Like imagine one day you woke up, you’re like, today I’m gonna eat gluten-free dairy for you.
Take my we so I’ll not have an piece of sh sugar and drink my tea. Isn’t that so overwhelming? How do you do that? Wouldn’t you be like, oh, this is too much P C o s like this? But yeah, no, but like, when you slowly do it, You just like love it, you feel good and you continue. Exactly. Exactly. Great job, Sammy.
So I, that’s all the wins for the week I pulled up for this episode just because since May we’ve been reading a lot. Well, no. Yeah. Like the main episode was about Jane’s uh, Jane’s win, getting her period back. So since I was a focus, we want Jane to shine. Well, yeah, that end, we, we pulled up another wind, but I can pull up 30 more if you’d like me to time, we can pull up a hundred more.
I know. And we could have a whole episode just reading. I know , but with all that, we hope that this episode inspired you to see other sisters like you who are getting their period back and as well as just like habit stacking and everything. Like we, we really want everyone to know, especially with this beginning of this new year, we want to create more episodes centered around.
The success of women with P C O S cuz we wanna show how possible it is to either, you know, get your period back, lose weight, or whichever symptom you, you may wanna reverse. For example, hair loss. That’s actually another episode we can do soon cuz we just got a message the other day in the Facebook group of a sister who literally took pictures of her hair before and after, um, just recently showing like the baby hairs coming out.
Yeah. And like it’s a video too. It was a video, sorry. It was a video of. Pulling her hair up and showing the new baby hairs. Yeah, this is just something we received literally yesterday. I think we could do an episode about that. We should. Yeah. So if you want to hear more episodes about, you know, the success of women with P C O S and how they did it, please DM us.
Let us know if that’s what you want to hear. And if you have any other episode recommendations, let us know about those two. Yes. Thank you so much for listening, sisters, we hope you enjoyed this episode. Of course, as always, we have a lot of resourceful links in our description. Whether you wanna join the sisterhood, try our P C O S supplements to improve your metabolism.
Take Ovasitol and just get started on your next steps. Yes, take everybody. We will talk to you soon and until, Have a great rest of your week. Bye bye-bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle, col, pollutant, and Dairy free.
Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.

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