15 tips to grow hair back with PCOS!

15 tips to grow hair back with PCOS!

Many women with PCOS experience hirsutism, which is excess facial and body hair growth. A lesser-discussed symptom of PCOS is hair thinning and hair loss, otherwise known as female pattern hair loss. 

Hair loss can be an upsetting and unsettling experience for anyone, regardless of gender. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom!

Let’s explore the reasons why PCOS hair loss happens and our 15 tips to grow your hair back with PCOS!

See how Stephanie reversed her hair loss with PCOS!

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Full Episode transcript:

So Stephanie Maas, she is a member of the cysterhood and in the private Facebook group we have lots of messages of like progress and questions when people need help. And Stephanie Maas went in there. She posted her hair loss progress. So she saw that her hair was falling out in big clumps. She did a bunch of different things to help reduce the rate at which her hair was falling out,

which we’ll go over. And she showed us how her hair loss declined over time with photos and she’s like, Look, like one month later, this is all that’s falling out of my head after I shower. It’s incredible and it really is like such a drastic difference. Dr said, You now go home girl. Just lose somewheres into my own hands and them natural.

So I became a dietician. My sisters the best ever. Take a step in my direction if you wanna them and take control of yourself. Join your sister. So Ally is exhausted right now. We’re posting a pumpkin carving party tomorrow with family and really close friends. And Italian is already drained for more morning workout time. What are you gonna do to prepare for tomorrow?

Oh listen, a lot of families coming over and I’m trying to make this holiday season really fun and like interactive. I feel like when there’s activities that you do, people are often like, you know, it’s more memorable than just like eating and sitting and talking. And I think pumpkin carving is like one of my favorite things. It is a really fun time.

I’m not gonna lie. Yeah. So here’s what we’re doing. Okay. So I’m tired because I’ve been waking up at five o’clock every morning this week. And actually I always do to workout. But then today I went to Trader Joe’s right after our workout and I bought a bunch of cheese, cheese, dairy, free cheese, regular cheese only. I know which ones are dairy free and basically,

okay, What if you were buying like all that cheese, like the real one and like a sister saw you at that moment. I Know, right? What Do you do? How do you Explain yourself? Pumpkins and a car and cheese. So I’m making a graveyard charcuterie board. I ordered a skeleton, like a small skeleton. I’m gonna put it on a slab of marble that we have and I’m gonna make this charcuterie board and put like salami and it’s like stomach to look like guts.

And then I’m gonna put, I’m gonna make like crosses out of the cheese. Some of them are dairy-free. There’s like a dairy-free dip, There’s hummus, there’s options for me, but like there’s also regular cheese and it’s just like a mishmash. It’s gonna look like a graveyard and I’ll post it later. Nice. I Mean, so I’m really Excited for anyone who wants to do like this kind of a party.

It’s really easy. You just, it is. It’s bring your own Potluck style. Yeah, potluck style and everybody brings their own pumpkin. And if you have like a backyard or an outside area, it’s a lot easier cuz you know it gets really messy. Just invite some people over. You know, everybody pumps a car, pumps a wait, pumps a carbon.

Everybody carves a pumpkin. Wow. And then you can vote at the end of the night. Who has the best pumpkin? Cause you better darn know Italian. We’re gonna vote at the end of like, I’m gonna win Again with, And I don’t care if I have to defeat some kids. Stop Being so competitive. There’s like 10 kids coming. I’m not letting,

let Them win. I’m not letting an eight year old make a better punker than you’ll play Them much right now. Wow. You make me six play that much right now. All Right. Okay. All right sisters. On today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about how to reverse hair loss with P C O S. It’s gonna be a great episode. We’re gonna give you some home remedies,

some really great tips that you can get started on today. First we’re gonna get started with like some of our q and As are questions from fellow sisters. So these questions are actually being pulled up from TikTok. So if you don’t follow us on TikTok, go there. It’s P C O S weight loss. The first question, I’ve been seeing this so often recently,

I don’t know what’s going on. Someone says, and I’ve seen this multiple times, you look like Ekin Sue. Do you know who that is? Google Images Ekin Sue and that’s Spelled e Oh my God’s so pretty E K i N. And her last name is Sue s u. Who is this person? I do not. Are you serious? Multiple people are saying I see every day.

You’re Kidding. She’s really pretty but like Well and she’s Turkish. I mean we’re not Turkish, we’re Armenian. But that’s interesting. I do not look like her. Look at this picture. She’s like a model. You’re a model. I know, but I don’t look like her. You look like her L. Just kidding. All right, well that’s cool.

Okay, thanks so much. This photo looks like it as Photoshop or, Okay. All right, next question. What face wash do you use from Jenna? Oh I use derma. Oh my gosh. Dermalogic glycolic with glycolic acid. I really feel like glycolic acid is the savior for people who have sensitive skin to acne. I mean if you’re sensitive to or prone to getting acne,

not necessarily if you have sensitive skin, that might be a different issue. I don’t have sensitive skin so I use glycolic acid and it is really helpful in clearing my skin, especially if I do a double wash, then I put some vitamin C cream and some moisturizer and once a week I do the goop glycolic acid peel. It’s just like this pad that you like wipe on your face and you know you leave it on,

you don’t take off the glycolic acid and you leave it on overnight and you’re like a glow the next day. So I’m definitely doing that tonight. We’re having a party tomorrow. I wanna be glowing cuz I’m gonna dress like Carella. Oh we’re doing our costumes tomorrow. Hello? Oh I totally forgot about the costume part. Oh, Sea Doug Time’s in Ber.

And I’m gonna be dressed up as a domination but like a full donation like onesie. So it’s gonna be embarrassing. I was actually thinking oh tomorrow where are my nice khakis that I just bought recently with like a nice shirt. Now I come to realize I’m wearing a dog outfit so it doesn’t matter Anyways. Well then next is Vivian. She says can I use Acetol with metformin?

That is a great question. I would consult your doctor about mixing them. What can happen is both are really good at bringing your blood sugar down so it might be too much. So really consult your doctor, see how you feel. That’s not something I can really decide for you but I have read that it’s okay to take them together. Yeah and you can always contact,

like if you’re thinking of of buying Ovasitol, you can always contact their support team. They’re really good and they have a lot of experts on their phone lines who can give you some advice and, and also as time mentioned, you always wanna make sure with your doctor when you’re mixing up a, you know, a supplement and a prescription together. Okay,

we’re gonna go onto our main topic of today’s episode, which is how to reverse hair loss with P C O S. We know a lot of sisters struggle with this. It’s one of the most painful symptoms there is with p c s because you know it kind of like, you know like it, it destroys your confidence, it makes you feel less of yourself because you can see in the mirror like when you’re losing hair and of course it’s like something that can give you anxiety.

But before we get started with our tips, we do have a inspirational story of a sister and we have some pictures here of a sister who reduced her hair loss. This is so awesome. So Stephanie Masia, she is a member of the sisterhood. The sisterhood is our membership site where you can access lots of information about P C O S weight loss,

our five steps to P C O S, weight loss method and also recipes and workouts. And in the private Facebook group we have lots of messages of like progress and questions when people need help And Stephanie MAs went in there, she’s so nice, she posted her hair loss progress so she saw that her hair was falling out in big clumps. She did a bunch of different things to help reduce the rate at which her hair was falling out,

which we’ll go over. And she showed us how her hair loss declined over time with photos and she’s like, look like one month later this is all that’s falling out of my hair, my head after I shower. It’s incredible and it really is like such a drastic difference. So I think this is really inspirational. She went full force, she spilled all the tea in the Facebook Facebook group.

But it’s great because when you try to grow your hair back it takes around like six to 12 months and oftentimes people get discouraged because that’s like a long time and you know six to 12 months of consistency. My hair’s not gonna grow back, I’m not gonna see results fast enough. But if you look at it this way, look at the rate at which your hair’s falling out and how it improves and doesn’t fall out in such large clumps,

then you feel much more motivated to follow these tips that we’re gonna go through. And to kind of read her message, I’ll go ahead and get started here. She says Hi sisters, I want to show you guys the NSV I had this week, which is a non-scale victory. And she says the picture with the most hair loss was amount of hair I was losing for two months straight one month ago.

I had the most stressful job of my life. I neglected myself, I cried all the time. I felt on edge and like I was gonna explode every week. I ate horribly. I no longer exercise, my sleep was bad. I ended up quitting a job I put in my two weeks and I had nothing lined up. Luckily I had a job offer and quit for a much better company.

They supported my career and got a good feeling about them. The second picture is from two weeks after I quit my job I started Rosemary oil scout massages around this type. I was washing my hair every three days. Third picture is three and a half weeks later and the other picture is from today. And basically in the pictures which we’ll share, you can see how her hair loss is reducing over time So we can share it with some of the stuff that she did.

Yeah, What’s her first tip? She said she washed her hair every two days instead of every three days so that the D h t wasn’t sitting on her scalp for longer periods of time. Hmm. D h T is a really potent form of testosterone. Your body converts testosterone into dht and when it gathers around your hair follicle, it shrinks and the hair follicle falls out so you lose hair.

And so that d dht is actually in the sea bum that’s secreted on our scalp when your hair gets oily and the longer it sits on your scalp, the more your hair will fall out. So that’s not say to say like it’s good to wash your hair all the time three times a day, but definitely every other day could help reduce the amount of dht exposure and hair loss.

Yeah, she also did a rosemary oil scalp massage. She sprayed her hair with rosemary water spray. Let’s go into that cuz that was one of our like, I mean like we’re kind of like mixing up our tips and her tips into one. So since she mentioned the rosemary oil, we can talk about that cuz we actually were gonna talk about that ourselves.

So rosemary oil is actually widely used to prevent hair loss, re reduce like split ends and stimulate hair, hair growth. It’s actually been used for like centuries which is interesting and it’s interesting that we don’t really see anymore as a hair product. But basically in a study they found that the effects of rosemary oil extract and monoxide on people with genetic androgen related hair loss,

they found that both treatments resulted in a similar efficacy and rosemary oil was more effective in reducing scalp irritation. So they compared rosemary oil to minoxidil, which is a prescription and they found that they both had the same results in terms of reducing scalp irritation. And here’s how to basically use rosemary oil for hair growth. You can either find the hair care product that’s already formulated with rosemary.

A lot of companies do this, A lot of organic natural companies do this. Or you can dilute pure rosemary oil in a carrier oil like, like coconut oil. And this basically reduces the potency of rosemary oil cuz by itself it’s really potent and it can like cause skin irritation. So you wanna mix it with coconut oil or judge java oil. So a mix around five drops of rosemary oil in their coconut oil.

Massage it into your scalp for five to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can do this a few times a week. Now there’s also another option with rosemary and that’s just getting the rosemary oil and mixing it with your shampoo or conditioner. This basically ensures you’re getting the benefits of the rosemary oil while washing your hair. Probably about two to three of rosemary oil per one product.

Like per one serving of product I guess. Is that how you would say per one almond size amount of product is how it explains you here. So yeah, that’s basically how to use spear. Okay, let’s Go back to Stephanie. You mean Rosemary? I’m sorry a rosemary. Rosemary. So if you, just to piggyback off of what Cdac said,

if you have not purchased rosemary oil, get it on Amazon, get that rosemary oil. Yeah put it in your coconut oil or whatever other oil you have. Olive oil maybe and just massage it into your scalp. Yeah, every day or every other day. Alright, so she also drinks spearin tea twice a day, which is great because spearin tea has shown to actually reduce testosterone and help with hair loss due to excessive D H T.

So basically the study showed that if you drink two to three cups of spearin tea a day after three months you can significantly reduce testosterone levels. Start growing it in your backyard. Girls. Yeah. Okay. Yeah it’s is for us Rosemary and spearin. Yeah like it’s so easy to grow mint both of those. I’m actually, I’m actually about now that we got that new container,

I’m gonna buy two mint plants. Okay good. Because mint’s tough, you can’t just put it in the ground or else it’s gonna start growing all over your backyard and never stop for the rest of you. Put it in a corner that you don’t care about. But like if you’re putting it in a container like a raised bed with other plants, you gotta stay really on top of it cause it’s gonna take over pretty fast.

Yeah but it doesn’t matter cause you’ll be drinking it three times a day. Yeah, yeah. Maybe it’s a sign from nature And you can also take it it as a capsule, like a supplement little sneak peek. I shouldn’t do this. And times didn’t look at me. Right now we’re in the works of a Spearman supplement for next year Supplement. I thought we were doing the tea.

Oh we were doing the tea, right? Yeah. Oh I’m so sorry. I forgot we were was in discussion. It was just, it hasn’t been formally Yet. We haven’t formulated. Well we’re currently looking at if we can do like a packet style where you just put the packet of the Spearman tea into water and you drink it or if it’s a supplement.

We’re looking at the both basically right now. Yes. But it’s gonna happen probably next, like early on next year, maybe like February or something. Something to help you get that spearin tea in three times a day without a problem, without having to like boil water and go through all of these steps if you don’t want to. Three times a day.

Yeah. So okay, What’s her next one? Rose hip tea. So she does a lot of things and we’re gonna list a few more to help reduce cortisol. She drank rose hip tea which is great for your adrenal support and she drank it twice a day unsweetened. And she made a large batch so that she wouldn’t forget to drink it twice a day.

So I think that’s wonderful. Yeah, she also drank a lot of water which is great for your body. And she took some supplements like vitamin D excellent and fish oil, Omega-3 fish oil, which is also really good. Yeah. For your body and your hormone health. It Looks like she was on some elevated levels of vitamin D three. Like it looks like she had a customized supplement plan based on her testimonial she says 50,000 IU of vitamin D three,

which is a lot, Probably definitely need like blood work to Confirm. Yeah, for sure. She probably got blood work and her doctor prescribed like a very high dose of vitamin D through that. Cause I wouldn’t recommend take a for everyone to take a very high dosage like that. Yeah. But as for omega three omega3 fish oil has shown to help reduce androgen levels.

Yeah. So we definitely included that in our metabolism plus bundle. Yeah, I have linked it in the description as well. This is an essential supplement for P c s women. That’s why we included it in our four core essential supplements that we created fish oil for sure. So I’m glad she was taking it and it was helping with her hair. Did you hear about that sister who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one?

Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings finally regulate their periods ovulate and improve their ED quality. Each packet of ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myo acetol and de chiro acetol.

This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking of AOL can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it.

You got it boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. She also went gluten and dairy free. She said a hundred percent gluten and dairy free. And that’s gonna help with managing insulin resistance, which we’ll talk about later. It’s gonna help with managing inflammation. And then you know, all the plethora of symptoms that come with both of those,

which can be, you know, losing hair. Keep in mind that inflammation and insulin resistance are just a formula for having high testosterone. High insulin levels trigger high testosterone in your ovaries. And when you target that in so many ways, and especially by going gluten and dairy free, you are actually like treating that root issue of your P C O S symptoms if you’re sensitive to gluten and dairy.

So it’s really important to figure that out, cut it out for 30 days, see how you feel and see if it helps with some of your symptoms. And then next she said 10 minute meditation in the mornings. I used to not do this and this is really another great tip because this is again gonna help you reduce stress, help you start your day with like a better mindset,

which is gonna be really helpful for your cortisol hormone throughout the day and just feeling better about Yourself. Yeah, she did a lot to reduce her cortisol because having high cortisol can increase androgen levels too and high androgens means high testosterone and hair loss. So all of these things it’s like, it’s not to say like I meditated so my hair start stopped falling out.

No, she did like 15 different things plus the meditation so that her hair stopped falling out. So yeah, it’s a combination of habits. Yeah, she also slept eight hours. Yeah, I was gonna say re related to habits, sleeping eight hours, making sure you’re not like, you know, under Screen all night not sleeping. This one’s interesting.

She said she started using a new hairbrush. I, she says I bought the wet brush specifically made for thin and fine hair. Interesting. Have you heard that to? No, not I haven’t heard of the wet brush, but that’s great. And she changed her shampoo to something called Pura door thinning shampoo. It’s a blue bottle and she lets the shampoo sit on her scalp for two to three minutes while also having her conditioner on her ends.

So that’s cool. So really just taking her time, making sure that she’s treating her hair correctly. And then she said she also paid attention to negative thoughts. Yeah, so this goes back to like reducing cortisol. She did cognitive behavior therapy for two years. So she said she feels like she had the tools to turn things around with her mental health.

So when she was going down a negative thought pattern, she was able to turn it around. Yeah. So like I said the the meditation, the rose hip T all to reduce your stress hormones and also being able to turn around negative thoughts so that they don’t drive your cortisol through the roof and androgens with it. Yeah. And she linked all of her favorite products,

meditation from YouTube videos, all the things that she basically used. So if you’re in the sisterhood, definitely check out those links. You can speak with Stephanie directly to maybe get some tips from her, more information about what she did. But we can kind of expand on her tips for some things that we also recommend. So something you can add to your diet for example is pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds actually can be really beneficial, not just for giving you sustainable energy, reducing cravings, but pumpkin seeds have been shown to increase hair count thanks to the, to the mix of iron, zinc, magnesium, beto, cytosol and essential fatty acids. So it’s really nutritious and it provides a nutrients that are really important for growing your hair back and also blocking the,

the dht, the really potent form of testosterone that basically causes the the hair follicles to like to fall so reduces dht and helps with the nutrients that are beneficial for hair. Yeah, I sprinkled pumpkin seeds on everything. It is a D H T Blocker. Especially when you cook, when you like, kind of like cook them on the pan for like a minute or Two.

Some salt and sage. Yeah, ye y And then managing insulin resistance. Yeah. So, Huh. I think you just want the palmetto sa palmetto. Oh SA palm meow is a supplement that’s also gray at blocking D ht. Yeah, it’s a plant with small berries and it’s packed with a lot of health benefits. And it’s similar to pumpkin seeds because it has that five alpha reductase enzyme that blocks that enzyme that converts testosterone to dht.

Yeah. So it’s also great if you’re really struggling with hair loss, you know, layer that into your supplement routine. It could be a great addition. And then back to insulin resistance. Yeah, like I said, insulin resistance triggers high testosterone. So there’s lots you can do to manage that. This is like the least sexiest like advice because you know,

when you talk about managing insulin resistance, it’s not like saying, Oh take SP tea or saw palm meow. You know, those are direct when we’re talking about managing instant resistance, of course there’s so much that goes into that. Of course we have the resources for you to do that in, in all these different podcast episodes that we’ve done on our Instagram,

on our TikTok, YouTube and then of course in the sisterhood where we have all the plans laid out for you. But with that being said, managing insulin resistance that, you know, translates to making sure you’re regular, you’re maintaining, you know, regular blood sugar levels. It’s not up and down throughout the day. It’s not a rollercoaster of really high and then really low feeling tired,

feeling fatigued, which is, is not your fault, but you know, at, you wanna ma you wanna start managing these so that they stop, you know, happening consistently as you start managing it, the consistency of it happening, the up and down and feeling fatigue will start to to to fade away. And then you’ll get more and more energy If you feel like you don’t have a lot of control over your appetite or you have cravings throughout the day that are really just like DR.

The driving force. And it’s really like not a matter of self-control, it’s a matter of hormone health. If your insulin’s high, then you just don’t have a lot of control over your hunger and that can really affect your blood sugar and testosterone levels and everything. Yeah. So in this type of scenario, which most women with P C O S who are recently diagnosed and haven’t done a bunch of changes yet,

I highly suggest trying ovasitol and we’ve linked it in the description. Yeah, we always do because this is one of my favorite supplements for P C O S paired with proper diet and lifestyle changes and everything else that you’re doing for P C O S Ovasitol can really help with reducing your cravings and allowing you to have more control over your appetite and not feeling like you wanna eat your way through the fridge.

Cuz that’s not your fault, that’s your hormones. And so this supplement, literally as soon as you drink it, it’s just like a powder you pour in water. Soon as you drink it a minute later you’re, you’re not even thinking about what you were craving anymore. Yeah. It’s like a B eight supplement. It’s not like a curb craving like nonsense thing.

Absolutely. Absolutely. So to kind of summarize for insulin resistance, you want to, you know, find your carb tolerance instead of just cutting out carbs completely. Again, reducing your gluten and dairy intake. That’s gonna help with insulin resistance as the studies show taking ovasitol great supplement to, to improve insulin sensitivity. And yeah, we hope that kind of captures what we,

what we mean about managing insulin resistance. Again, we have more resources for you if you just check the description of this episode. But with that being said, I think it’s really important to just kind of end out this topic by saying you don’t have to accept P C O S hair loss. It doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. You know,

there are a lot of different treatments, of course there’s a natural, there’s the other ways, but these natural remedies that we talked about during this episode, thousands and thousands of sisters have applied them and have been able to reverse their hair loss. So we just want you to know that it’s possible and we don’t want you to be, you know, feel down on yourself because we understand,

you know, like how you may be feeling, you know, of course I don’t have P C s I can’t understand cause I’ve never had P C O S, but you know, just, just want you to know that, that we understand what you’re going through. Yes. All right, well to end the episode, let’s go to our wins of the week,

Shall we? Yeah. Our favorite part of the episode, this is where we read sister testimonials of sisters who are reversing their symptoms, losing weight and just showing P C O S Who De balls. Who de Balls. Helen says my win going on a family bike ride, which ended up me pushing my bike with my six year old, with my six year old’s bike placed on my handlebars and her sat on my seat for SI four kilometers.

The reading right now Tell, I felt energized, no shortness of breath or discomfort in my stomach. I felt great a month ago. I would have felt rubbish and it would have set my anxiety off and then I probably would’ve been snappy at my six year old. But I was grateful for the slower pace in chatting to her one-on-one. What? And explaining,

explaining to her that mom is feeling is fueling her body. Right. So I can be more active and supportive to you. Why I’m on the journey, after all is for them. Oh my gosh, that’s So cute. I know. I thought that was so sweet. I thought that was so sweet. Cause you My heart. Yeah. I’m sure a lot of you listening,

you know, like you’re doing this for yourself, of course for your health, but I’m sure there’s someone in your life that maybe you’re doing it for as well. You know, like maybe it’s for your parents, maybe it’s for your kids, maybe for your partner, you know, You know what I mean? Yeah. You just want to, so Can be a better version of yourself and enjoy each other more.

Yeah. Not, not that it means that P C O S makes you, you know, a bad version. It’s more about like just, you know, you Wanna feel confident, you wanna feel patient. I felt like I was like boiling inside when I was struggling with high testosterone and hair loss and things like this. I was just like always snappy,

like could not sit, relax and drink a cup of tea. I was like on fire. So yeah, For sure. All right, next one is from Liz. She says, Hi, I’m new here and I just started doing some of the workouts available in the sisterhood this week. And I just have to say how amazing I actually feel after doing them for the first time in a long time.

I don’t feel exhausted after a workout. I feel like I get a good sweat, but I But don’t need a nap after. Thank you so much. I’m excited to continue on my journey and get control of my symptoms finally. Amazing. Liz, I’m so happy you’re enjoying the, the workouts and the sisterhood. Can’t wait till you download the app and actually get to have a workout player with you as you’re working out.

So, great job. Great job sister. So proud. Woohoo. All right, well I guess that’s today’s episode, Stress level one through 10. How are you feeling for tomorrow’s pumpkin carbon party? Zero. What am I stressed about? I’m gonna make some flower bouquets and a cheeseboard. It’s a potluck for crying out loud. You’re gonna set up the tables outside?

No, no. I’m gonna go watch college football and you’re gonna be at home doing everything. All right. I don’t even watch college football actually. I honestly feel like a lot of stress with things like this is really fabricated in our heads. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What is there to really, what’s Worst that Could happen? I could honestly be so stressed.

I really could like, I could be like, Oh, and I have to work and I have to do this and or I could just be like, It’s fine. Yeah. Like what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing. There’s a pumpkin outage and all pumpkins are not available tomorrow. What’s the wor It could rain. That’s pretty bad. But there’s cloudy.

It’s still like a tent. It’s cloudy with more rain. Let’s be Cloudy. It’s October for crying Out loud night time anyways. Who cares? Yeah. But yeah, I think it’s gonna be Fun. What is the worst that Well, we’ll let you know next week while Record our podcast. Oh yeah, exactly. We should give update, but I want,

you know, I will be so helpful tomorrow. You always Are. Bill, I’ll be thorough. Thorough. You just don’t let me know what you need. Right. As long as Sunday I get to watch my football. Oh, but ah, I bet you Sunday’s cleanup day, isn’t it? Well, yeah, but it’s not gonna take that long.

You’re just gonna hose down the backyard. Okay. Right, right. What’s the big deal? Okay. It’s the worst that could happen. What’s the worst that can happen? You can’t watch Football, Everyone. Hey sisters. Stay tuned on Instagram stories. Yes, stay tuned. We hope you have a great rest of your week. We love you.

And talk to you soon. Bye Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the Sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle,

Glutenin and Dairy Free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.


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