Apple cider vinegar? One meal a day? How about black seed oil? Are you wondering if the latest PCOS diet trend is right for you?

On this episode, we break down all the popular PCOS diet trends out there to help you understand what is right for you and your body!

You’ll learn the pros & cons of different diets and trends such as intermittent fasting, OMAD, black seed oil, juicing, and much more!

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Full Episode transcript:

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So I don’t drink it. You Got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your Order. Doctor Ready. Ready? All right. Three, two, one. How do we start this time? It’s been a while it’s been such a, how long has it been like two months? No, no, it’s been like a month since we last recorded episode for the podcast.

I mean, for those that don’t know, we batch record like multiple episodes at a time to make it easier. Also at one point we were scared that one of us might get COVID and that we can’t record the podcast. So we were so scared of missing a potential episode that we’re like, okay, we’re going to record two episodes at a time,

you know, develop some sort of a bank. So just in case one of us gets the vid. We can just play that episode. But luckily, fortunately we haven’t gotten COVID just yet. Who knows by the time you hear this, we might. I mean, hopefully not. We hope everybody too is staying safe, but basically it’s been like a month since we’ve recorded the podcast because of Christmas,

all the holidays and stuff. It’s been hard to kind of find it, honestly, Even if we did get COVID, I feel like we wouldn’t skip an episode. Like we would still record from our beds, Like, Hey guys, by the way, we hope you’re committed. Exactly. We are committed. I mean, we haven’t missed a single episode since the beginning of this podcast.

So the only time where it wasn’t a brand new episode where we did like a best of 2020 at the end of 2020, which obviously I feel like everybody does one of those. But besides that, we’ve been basically having a new episode every single week since the big, since the Dawn of time of this podcast in 2029, 18, no, I’m sorry.

2019, 2019. Yeah. Wow. It’s been awhile. All right. With that said, we’re going to talk about popular trends today. Like the popular trendy diets with PCO. S but before we get there, I actually want to talk about something really fun that Ty and I did just a few months ago or a few months ago, but I don’t know.

Oh, it was in December, basically tie in and I went wilderness backpacking. That’s right. Night camping on a campsite, not glamping, Not glamping either. Not yet. Not glamping either. Cause we’ve done those too. We were wilderness backpacking. Meaning we just put a backpack on you, walk into the wilderness and you put your tent wherever you wish.

And you just live in the wild with the animals. Not that there were that many ads Really exaggerating what happened, but Left to the trip. I was sending gifts to my family of, of what is it? Snow white, the wilderness I’m like, this is going to be me. She was like singing to the birds was not that pretty. No.

I mean, for those careers, we went to Joshua tree and if you know, a Joshua tree has many different trails, they have some places where you can just do like a campsite with other people. Or you can just basically do one of those very long trails. And basically you’re able to sleep in the wild. So that’s what we did. We went on the specific trail for those curious,

we went on the boy scout trail in Joshua tree. We kind of like B hiked, maybe like six miles into the trail. So like six miles away from our car. And then at that moment we just basically set up camp and had a great day. We basically slept just one night. And then the next day we went back to our car,

like six miles back and drove home. But it was a really great experience because like one thing is with camping. It’s not just about like the exploration or like finding lands that you’ve never seen, but it’s really the fun you have of setting up the camp. Like putting your tent, getting the food out, getting ready. I had like bought this like miniature,

like camping stove. So you set it up, you put like the stove on top. We were making like sausages, hot dogs, like, oh yeah, I need It was gluten and dairy free. This was a PCs friendly camping trip. Yeah. Okay. Everything was gluten and dairy free. And we were reading PCO S S O S and another,

like I Was reading PCL’s SOS. And you were reading, Ken’s blowing my way to the top. That’s right. Yeah. You were reading that one and then, but, but yeah, I made sausages and I baked potatoes before we went so that we could just like he did up on the flame that, what was it called? The gas flame that,

Yeah, camping stove was just like, You couldn’t heat. You couldn’t cook a potato on it. So I cooked it before we went and then we heated it up there. It was delicious. Exactly. It was delicious. It was like those small things that you get to enjoy that you never get to feel when you’re at home. Cause like when you’re at home,

you take food for granted, you taking all your bed for granted, because let me tell you one thing, the one thing that killed us was sleeping at night. Cause it was 35 degrees Fahrenheit at night. During the day. You don’t feel it. Even though in the day it’s like 55 degrees. You don’t feel it because the sun is hitting you all day and you’re walking.

You get really hot. But at night, at night it gets so cold and Tallinn let’s just say time is not one of the element. She, it was like, I think it was like 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM. We’re sitting, we’re watching the stars, which by the way, the stars are so crazy. And Joshua, it feels like they’re raining on your head when you’re like looking at them.

Cause they’re so like bright and they look like they’re raining. But anyway, it’s like 8:00 PM feels like it’s 1:00 AM just because it’s so dark. And talions like, let’s go inside the tent. I can’t take one more. I was like, I can’t do this. And it was early in the night. You don’t know how long nighttime is until you’re living outside.

I mean, we think that, I feel like it’s nighttime at like 10 because the lights are on and we’re still doing stuff. But when you’re outside and the sunset’s at six, like it’s a long time to be dark and cold. I just couldn’t take it after a couple hours. So we went back into the tent at like eight o’clock. Yeah,

exactly. And yeah, it was freezing. I had hand warmers. I had gloves. I have a thermal long sleeve and pants. I had a big down jacket. I was in the sleeping bag. I was still cold. You were solared up. And then even when you’re in bed, in the sleeping bag, it’s still, you feel that like cold wind coming through every couple of minutes and you just like,

you can never fall asleep, deep sleep. You end up waking up every 30 minutes every time tying or I move, we wake up the other person. And I don’t know. I think, yeah. I think we slept like a total of like three hours, which felt like the longest night or like we couldn’t wait for the, to come up just looking to get out of the tent and like get out of it.

I can just like, be like warm again. But yeah. Anyway, but honestly Camping in the spring is probably more comfortable. And in PCO S S O S Dr. Phyllis Gersh says to reset your circadian rhythm, one of the best things you can do is go camping. You know, you don’t have any, any electronics, there’s no lights to stimulate you after it’s dark.

And it’s just really good for you to do like a camping trip. Yeah. I Would highly recommend it for anyone who who’s thinking of camping. Camping is amazing. I would do it again, even in the cold, but obviously if we had the opportunity, I’d rather wait till the spring, like February or March. I think that’d be a lot better,

but yeah, highly recommended. Yeah. We’ll have a new podcast intro per like another podcast. We’ll have a next camping trip to Talk about. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. So yeah, obviously this episode is not about camping. You know, moving along, we’re going to talk about trends and such for PCO is a quick little thing just to mention we’re actually live right now on clubhouse.

I dunno if you guys know about this app, like this is not an advertisement at all. We actually just signed up like, like a week ago, but I guess there’s like this app, there’s this app called clubhouse. You basically can go live just like any other platform, but it’s only audio. So right now we’re live on clubhouse. Audio only whoever’s on there can listen to this episode,

basically live before we release it. So anybody who’s interested who wants to listen to our episodes live when we actually record them, like right now you can download the clubhouse app and find us there. I think it’s like invite only at this moment. So I don’t know, again, not an advertisement, no clue. If this clubhouse app will blow up,

but if it does, we’re starting there. Well, we’re there, we’re there. All right. So I should ask you a timeline for when it comes to peace USA and just in general, what is a trend? What is a trendy? Right? So a trend in its definition is what’s popular at a certain point and time. And so we’re going to talk about some trends.

Some of them were like really hip at one point, but some of them are actually really good for you. And you know, it’s not just a trend, it’s something you might be able to incorporate into your lifestyle. So we want to clear the air for some of these things. Some of them are good. Some of them aren’t for PCLs and you know,

let’s start with the first one fasting. Yeah. Fasting. This is one that we’ve heard a lot. Obviously many people ask about fasting. What is fasting? Fasting is, you know, we had a podcast episode on this and I feel like it’s one of your favorite topics to talk about Fasting. No, give it back to me. No, I’m Just saying like,

fasting is really good for PCs. It’s when you eat for a certain period of time and then you don’t eat after that. And a 12 hour fast happens to be ideal for women with PC. Just to clarify, I feel like that was a little bit confusing. Okay. It’s when you’re basically going a certain period of time without eating, that’s like the most,

cause you said it’s you eat for a certain amount of time and then you don’t, it’s more about how long you go up, you go without eating. Right? Right. The general recommendations are like 12 hour, 14 and 16. So like, imagine you eat, you eat dinner, your last meal of the day at 7:00 PM. And then you don’t eat again until 7:00 AM.

So that’s a 12 hour fast right there. Right? Exactly. Fasting can be great for PCs. It’s associated with reducing inflammation, reducing C reactive protein, which is an inflammatory marker and reducing blood sugar and weight. So these are all root problems of PCOS and doing, you know, a 12 hour fast could be really beneficial. We’ve talked before about like how you can increase your fasting,

but it’s not for everyone with S it could be actually stressful on your body. So for example, doing a 14 hour fast or 16 hour fast, I mean, that’s a long time to go without food, but 12 hours is ideal. Yeah. So it can also reduce insulin levels and help with weight loss. So the reason why is because you’re not eating after,

let’s say 7:00 PM. And if you were, you would be spiking your blood sugar, you would be spiking your insulin right before sleeping. Exactly. And that hormone is, you know, going to cause weight gain. If it’s going to be spiked up. So often you get insulin resistance. So you’re reducing the amount of insulin you’re spiking by fasting. And just like having a whole period of time where you’re not spiking your blood sugar.

Yeah. Very ideal. Great explanation. And yeah, and fasting can have its benefits, but as time mentioned, do more drastic to more radical. You go with it. Like the longer you go. So 12 hours a good range. But when you go 14 or 16, for some people that might be too drastic, it can basically affect you start to affect your insulin.

Once you start to not eat for, for that long of a period. But of course you can start with 12 hours to see how you feel. If you feel you can increase it and you can gauge how you feel, you can go go from there. But of course, 12 hours a good, good starting point. Exactly. So these benefits are associated with fasting in general,

not OMAD specifically all mad. What is that? So that’s the next trend that we’re going to talk about? Right? This is funny because people used to say all Madden lives and we had no idea what it was until like a couple of months ago. We learned actually the whole, all the details about it, but all mad stands for one meal a day,

one meal a day, which seems really restrictive to me. I would Be such a Grinch. I would have a hangry attack every hour of the day until I had that one meal. And the is that basically people using the OMAD method, the idea behind it is that they’re likely to lose weight simply because they’re taking in fewer overall calories than they normally would during a regular day of eating That’s right.

And, you know, keep in mind that. So you might be thinking like, what’s wrong with that. You’re only spiking your insulin levels once. Cause you’re eating once a day, but that’s not true. Like that’s not the way our circadian rhythm works. Our body works. Like we need several meals, three specifically sustainable fuel. Yeah. Or else our blood sugar and stress levels will spike.

And we’ll be put into what’s called starvation mode. Our body will be thinking that we’re starving and you know, our blood sugar will rise and it still affects your insulin. Yeah. And not to mention when you’re, when you’re not having enough meals. So if you have your one meal a day in the morning, by the time the evening comes, you’re so hungry,

your body will reduce its metabolism because it knows that there’s not enough fuel reduces the metabolism instead of burning fat, it stores fat and focuses on how to let me make that energy last longer. So I mean, the thing is with these, of course, it probably works for some people, right? That’s where it gets tricky. But honestly, as a general,

Generally it doesn’t, especially when women with PCs are struggling with stress hormones. Once you kick yourself into starvation mode, you are disturbing a lot of hormones that affect your metabolism, your cortisol, your insulin, even your gremlin, like your appetite, stimulating hormone increases when you don’t eat all day and then you eat once. So what happens is you’re like starving.

You just feel starving. You’re starving, your hormones are starving. Like it’s just a whole metabolic mess. Yeah. It’s Possible that it can work for like, for a lot of people. But you know, again with PCLs there’s instant resistance, there’s inflammation, there’s a metabolic dysfunction happening. So those are things that probably should not work with an OMAD diet.

So Yeah. So you want to avoid those metabolic problems and eat three times. And especially when it, how it leads to like it’s been shown that Ormat diets can lead to nutrition, deficiencies that we’ve talked about in the past, how women with peace, yours have higher chances of developing gallbladder stones, because they’re more likely to turn to cutting out calories because that’s what their total,

a lot of times in the doctor’s office by trainers, they’re told to cut calories, cut calories. What does that too? What does that do? It basically reduces your nutrition, the amount of nutrients that your body gets, which will eventually, which can eventually lead to gallbladder stones. So it’d be another thing that can lead to that. Exactly. All right.

So the next trend, this was on Tik TOK. Oh yeah. Yeah. We did a video on this on TOK, but the next one is black seed oil, black seed oil. It was like a huge trend at one point. So many people were talking about it. I, it must be, I have an idea who, but it must be from one influencer,

one person online and we talked about it and then everybody started talking about it because it’s been there for a long time. Like black seed oil is on black seeds or it’s basically made of cumin seed. Cumin seed has been out there for millions of years, for thousands of years, to human, to available to humans. It’s not like we didn’t know about it.

It’s just one person starts talking about It. Exactly. That’s the thing with trends. Like one person starts talking about it and then it runs like wildfire. Everyone thinks that this is going to heal their PCLs. This is the end all be all. And they like run with it. But when we did that tink talk about it. We kind of jumped on that,

Jen, because it is good for PCs and we’ll get into why, but many things are good for PCOS. Like there are a lot of spices and ingredients in the kitchen that you can use to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation. I mean, there’s tumeric, there’s all types of things. So I was like, okay, black seed oil, like,

you know, just another great thing for PCO. It’s like nothing to go wild about and like drown yourself in black seed oil all day. Just because someone on Tik TOK made it trendy. Yeah. So we did do some research about it. If you want to incorporate this into your lifestyle. I mean, it’s fun to try new things. It’s rich in antioxidants,

it increases anti-inflammatory and Ty inflammatory properties, and it can help stimulate hair follicles to grow when you massage it into your scalp. A 2017 study indicated that an herbal hair oil made of black seed oil resulted in hair fallout reduction up to 76%. Wow. That’s amazing. Definitely worth a try if you’re having hair loss and problems with that. And then there was another study in 2017 that showed that black cumin seed oil overtime reduced HBA one C your blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance and stimulating cellular activity and decreasing intestinal insulin absorption.

So it seems to be good for blood sugar control. Yeah. So it is helpful obviously, but it’s like a supplement, right? It’s not like the main focus of any, person’s basically the main focus of how they’re going to reverse their piece, us, how they’re going to reverse the insulin resistance or even the hair loss. Like it can be very helpful in those cases,

but it’s again a supplement. So you focus on your diet and then you, the supplements are what basically helped us supplement the diet. Just like great things you can do throughout the day to push you in the right direction. Yeah. Your diet is like the biggest thing you could do. Yeah. But then supplements and lifestyle that adds like the umph.

Yeah. It goes onto the next trendy trendy drink. You could call it apple cider vinegar. Right. Very similar to how basically on people were asking about black seed oil, a lot of people for a long time had been talking about apple cider vinegar. So it’s a very common question that we get all the time. Can apple cider help make an apple cider vinegar helped me.

Of course it can. It’s a great supplement. Just like how a black seed oil can be. And with apple cider vinegar, it basically helps to improve insulin resistance. In fact, there was one study seven, a woman with PSUs had one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per day. After 40 days, four of the women resumed all the leading and six experienced a measurable reduction in insulin resistance and five had a decrease in androgen production.

So obviously, yeah, all good things. We can see benefits and they say for the best results consume one to two tablespoons per day. You know, you could put these in like a shot, you know, like I can take it up, take it like a shot or put it on salad dressings or sauces, things like that. Yeah. It’s a great supplementary thing.

But again, it’s not the main focus of, of basically your piece us diet and lifestyle, because there’s so much more that goes into it. Yeah. And it’s great though. Like we have some in the kitchen we had just run out and we bought a bottle because I was like, you know, this is really like, there’s a study about this,

linking it with tippy cos and improving PCOS. Yeah. So, I mean, maybe I’ll drink it sometimes in my water or like splash them on a salad. I mean, it’s not, I’m not depending on it for my PCs weight loss journey, but I know that it’s improving it Mickey like a, a consistent part of your diet by adding it to different things.

But at the end of the day, like what really helps with instant resistance is your, like your main control part control the portion sizes. Like what, what I mean by portion sizes, like ratio of protein to carb to help with a sustainable energy. So combinations yet work. That’s the main thing. And then apple cider vinegar comes in as a supplement to help boost those benefits.

So it really helps to boost all those benefits of you’re already doing same thing with the black seed oil and such. Am I talking too much? No, not at all. I just have to call for it. I’m sorry. I was, I don’t want to clear my throat in the mic. I feel like it’s unpleasant to listen. I mean,

you could push it away and then coughing and push away. See, you just have to learn some podcasts. Etiquette. We’re still new. I mean, it’s only been one year. We’re doing it in our, on a couch, but you know, we’ll get, we’ll get a studio. We’ll get to be just like Joe Rogan, the Joe Rogan of PCO.

S yeah. Okay. Next one. Juicing. What’s your thoughts on this juicing juicing. Okay. So I think that I don’t eat enough greens, so that’s why I started buying green juices from whole foods to supplement my diet. And it’s because I really don’t get like four or five servings of greens a day. Like maybe two, like I put spinach in my smoothie and I have a bunch of greens at dinner,

but like lunch, I don’t have time to make a whole salad and do the whole nine yards. So I thought the juice would help supplement. But I mean, in college, I remember people would hop on these trends where they would just drink juice to help them lose weight. I even saw one of my friends pass out because of it. I was like blood sugar dropped.

Cause she wasn’t eating. She was just drinking juice and going to the bathroom. And I’m like, that’s not nutrition like that. You need calories. Like what are you doing? And okay, so maybe you put fruit in the juice. I mean, that’s not good for PCO S you’re drinking fruit juice all day. Like just to cleanse yourself. And everyone’s you,

fruits are so nutritious. Like it has no fiber when you put it in a juice Form. Yeah. You break up the fiber. Plus like of course fruits are very healthy, but once you start to basically add up more than a couple of fruits into one single serving our bodies are not meant to basically absorb that much fruit. Because imagine when you’re eating just one banana,

one apple in your hand, when you eat one apple, by the time you’re done with it, your jaw is tired. Your mouth is tired. You don’t want, you don’t want to eat any more. So you only have that apple, you know, the nutrients from it, the sugar from it, it’s all sustainable because you only had one apple.

Now imagine you combine one apple with another, with a banana, with some, I dunno, some other mangoes, like other basically you’re combining four or five pieces of fruit. Now imagine if you, yeah, exactly. So imagine you were actually physically eating all of that. Would you be able to eat that? Probably not. Right. Because you will get full,

your body will not be able to continue cause you get tired. So the juicing makes it so much easier to eat it. But our bodies are not meant to because it’s so much sugar, so much sugar for, you know, metabolizing. Honestly, I buy the ones without any fruit in it. And you might be thinking, you like greens, they’re bitter.

They’re not your, your palette actually gets used to it. You can train your taste buds so that you’re not so appealed to appealed is that you say you’re not so like attracted to eating juice and fruity things. So you can actually get used to that bitter flavor. I mean, it’s not that bitter, honestly, especially if it has like cucumber in it.

So I highly recommend choosing the ones with either one fruit or no fruit in it and just have them in your fridge to grab and go on days that you feel like you didn’t have enough greens. Okay. Next cutting calories. Oh boy, boy. Was this a trend in high school? Every little trend. I mean, of course. Yeah. But you know,

in high school you’re not like as educated about nutrition yet. And you think that it’s calories, calories out when it’s really about your metabolism and what you can do to improve your metabolism so that you can burn what you’re eating, lose weight, look, fit, whatever your goals are. Yeah, yeah. Cutting calories. They, you know, you can’t sustain it.

It’s so restrictive. And the belief that the only way to lose weight is to limit how many calories you eat has actually funded an entire weight loss industry and turned many well-intentioned people into failed professional dieters and has triggered eating disorders. Yeah. I mean, it was so InStyle at one point to be rail thin and like not eat and then all these, like,

you know, and then that triggers eating disorders and you know, people gain more weight even after cutting all these calories. And then these weight loss companies make so much money. Cause they’re like, well, you know, Jenny Craig like just eat our meals and you’re, you’ll lose weight, you know? And you just create this like psychological problem with,

you know, specifically women, I feel like with the dieting industry. So cutting that concept of cutting calories has really funded the dieting industry. Wouldn’t you say? And that’s what, like, as a, when you said field professional dieters, you know, there’s well, intention people out there who are just trying to get better healthy, getting down to the root cause of what’s happening to them.

And then instead, because of like the common misconception that cutting calories will help you lose weight or cutting calories is a healthy way of losing weight. They just hop on, they hop on that trend in calories, in calories out. Cause it’s so for the people who like explain that kind of stuff, it’s very simple to explain it, right? Oh,

you eat less, more comes out. But it’s really not that simple when you’re talking about a condition like PCO is when there’s a metabolic dysfunction happening. There’s a hormonal dysfunction. The metabolism is not where it should be to, to, to, to the instant resistance to the inflammation, stress on the body. So how do you do that? You don’t do that by cutting calories because cutting calories only adds more stress to the body.

Imagine sisters, like imagine our ancestors, right? When they were basically starving and not able to eat for long periods of time, which was normal back then, what did their bodies do? Their bodies shut down their metabolism as a mode of survival because the body realizes that there’s not food coming in. So instead of focuses on conserving energy, conserving metabolism and focus on storing fat.

So when you cut calories, your body can react the same way as our ancestors did when they were starving themselves because they couldn’t eat. That was, that was their basically their instinct. So our bodies have still had that instinct instincts in them. So when you don’t eat for long periods of time or you cut calories, your body starts to realize there’s not enough nutrients coming in.

It starts to think that there’s maybe a famine. You know, there’s more stress on the body. All right, let’s lower down the metabolism. Let’s energy. That’s make the body tired. So it doesn’t move a lot. And that’s where a lot of the issues come with cutting. That’s a Great explanation. And when people find that they failed at cutting calories and they didn’t lose the weight that they expected to lose,

they hop on the next trend for weight loss or the, the next, like a weight loss company that comes their way. And you know, okay, cutting calories. Didn’t work this, this, this next, next, next. And then we have this like eating disorder industry, like weight loss industry happening, you know? So honestly, unless you’re eating like way too many calories for your body and you cut back a little,

that’s fine. But like, if you’re eating a normal amount and you cut back and it’s too little for your metabolism, that’s not fine. So basically cutting calories, tricky subject, no need to be depriving yourself. Okay. The next trend that I’ve been hearing in my DMS, it didn’t personally happen to me, but I’ve heard people say that their doctor told them having a baby will help PCO.

S and will you like, won’t have PCs after having a baby Have a baby and it’ll get better kind of a kind of a thing, right? I’m like, okay, first of all, many women with PCs struggled to have a baby. Like what kind of pressure are you putting on someone? Yeah, just have a baby. It’ll go away.

And second of all, the PCO S symptoms can be passed down to the baby. Like if you have inflammation, if you have a leaky gut, if you have insulin resistance, these are passed down and your baby could get piece cos too. So I mean like what logic is, what sense is that to say like, ah, just like, you’ll be fine,

go on birth control, then Clomid then have a baby. And you know, your piece of us will be gone. Poof. Like all types of things can happen once you deliver the baby. Yeah. And like, not to scare anyone, but there are some, some statistics, right? So when you’re with peace S when you get pregnant, you’re the woman with PCs are three times as likely to miscarry in the early months of pregnancy.

And then also gestational diabetes, more likely to develop gestational diabetes, which means diabetes during pregnancy and then clamps. Yeah. Which is a sudden increase in blood pressure after the 20th week of pregnancy. So these are just some statistics for, for women who get pregnant while with PCLs, obviously PCs is not something you can cure, right? We can’t, they completely rid everyone of PCs completely,

but you can reverse the symptoms. You can basically reverse your symptoms, roll them And give birth. And now the way Exactly there are many women who are, who are able to give birth with PCs in a very healthy way, without effecting the baby and such. And that just by first, focusing on the peace us itself to reverse those symptoms. And then when you focus on the pain,

see, after that, it’s a lot easier and you don’t have these risks as, as highly associated With totally. And if you haven’t listened to the podcast episode with Dr. Nadia Padagonia, she also talks about her fertility journey and how her in, she didn’t resolve some of her problems with PCLs and then she got pregnant. And, you know, some of her issues were passed down to her kids like metabolic syndrome and she had problems during pregnancy.

And so she talks all about how she, her personal experience with this and how she helps her patients heal their PCs before getting them pregnant. And I think that’s just incredible. Yeah. All right. So that concludes the most popular trends with CCOs. Yeah. So let us know in the, on Instagram or anywhere that you follow us, you guys know we’re on Instagram,

peace, USDOT, weight loss, Tik TOK, but let us know like, which of these trends have you tried in the past? You know, do they work? Do they not work? And what were your experience with it? And before we go to the winds of the week, we’re going to go to our hotline. If you’re new, we have a piece us hotline where basically you can call in the phone number is one eight,

three, three, ask a S K P C O S. The number is also in the podcast subscription. You can leave a voicemail that will play here, or you can leave a text message, whichever you prefer. So today’s voicemail is from sister from this sister. Hi guys. I love you so much. You guys with him so informational and truly,

and honestly, the number one place I look for information and questions online and in my PCOS journey, I’m in my third year and just started moving to a more natural approach. I was on tech for undergrad, at Columbia for the last year and a half. I did lose 25 pounds being on the medication I was on break, but I’m starting to see weight gain again.

And showing my Houston is the alopecia. I feel like nothing is working. I did watch your episode about taking the zinc. So I’m going to give that a try. Anything else you could do to help or suggest for severe energetic alopecia or hair loss would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and love everything you guys do. Bye. Thank you sister.

For all those kind words. I know the microphone was a little bit off with her, with her call, but basically the sister in the call, she was asking about hair loss, how to help reverse it. And Yeah, sounds like she’s really struggling with extreme angiogenic. LPCI where, where you lose a lot of hair fast. And with that,

you know, there is a lot you can do to help with hair loss. And it takes a while. Like it takes six to 12 months to really see that hair growing back. And sometimes when you’re in these extreme situations, it’s important to go to the doctor and you may find that the doctor will spironolactone or some type of medication to help you temporarily with this issue as you,

you know, as you change your diet, your lifestyle so that your hair stops falling out. And you know, of course with these medications, these drugs, like they have their side effects. And I don’t suggest to beyond them forever Spironolactone, just to know, like they say, if you’re trying to get pregnant, don’t take spironolactone. In fact,

when they give spironolactone, they usually recommend going on birth control because it can actually create defects in the baby if you get pregnant with spironolactone. So, I mean, for us, like spironolactone is not like we wouldn’t like say as the first recommended approach because of those risks. But, But when you go on it, you should have an exit plan.

So that diet and lifestyle you’re implementing while you’re on it, you know, eventually when you decide to get off of it, you will have naturally treated that high testosterone, whatever is causing you to have high androgens in the first place. But, you know, to kind of cut your losses and like prevent more hair from falling out, you might decide to go on things like spironolactone or something.

Yeah. But always have an exit plan. Absolutely. Yeah, because the sprint Act-On, as we mentioned has those, those risks. And there’s also like, you know, the diet and lifestyle approach that you can do at the same time, like time mentioned, which is really focusing on the instant resistance. We just had an episode on this. I think about a couple of weeks ago called how to reverse her loss with peace us.

So it’s a very new episode. So if you, anyone who hasn’t listened, please go back and listen to that episode. But basically we talk about the impact of instant resistance, how it can basically trigger. It can trigger excess testosterone as well as lower your sex hormone, binding globulin, which impacts, you know, the ratio of testosterone in the body.

So basically focusing on the diet on the insert resistance can really help. And it takes about six to 12 months to reverse it. So really being, being patient with the results you’re seeing. So if you’re seeing progress, that’s great. Keep doing it. And six to 12 months, it may be completely reversed. Exactly. Yeah. All right. So moving on to the last part of the podcast,

one of our favorite parts is the winds of the week. Oh, wait, we have, we have DMS. I’m sorry. I totally forgot about the DM portion. So what, what were the DMS? Okay, So I did a sticker asking sisters what were some trends that they’ve heard of for a PCO. S and I just wanted to hear what’s out there.

So, I mean, this will be brief, but no sure. Catherine booze says have a baby and everything will be, Oh my God. Literally the last thing we covered, He’ll,, he’ll buy says high fat, low carb. Okay. I like that one. That’s cute. All right. It could be keto. It could be just like,

you know, a ratio that you’re working with, you know, like a little bit less carbs and more fat, but it doesn’t have to be keto. Exactly. Okay. Naturally Tiffany says eating less than a thousand calories a day. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I’ve heard. I’ve heard 600 calories a day, which is crazy, but, you know,

yeah. Sorry. I have to hear that, Tiffany, but yeah. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. Yeah. Hopefully you didn’t like that. And you, you moved on to something that was more sustainable. Yeah. Or you heard this podcast episode and you changed your mind. Sweetie says, eat only one meal a day. Like what? Oh,

the man, I feel you there totally one meal a day. That’s I couldn’t do that. Unless I ate like so much in that one meal that I was sick for the rest of the day. Oh God. No, thank you. Yep. Cecum, Sycamore Grove says lemon and apple cider vinegar cleanse. So yeah, it’s a good, as we said,

apple cider vinegar is a great supplement, but the moment you start adding cleanses and detoxes into that whole thing, that becomes the focus of the whole thing where it’s not the focus. It’s the supplement. Exactly. Like the difference between I added apple cider vinegar to my salad, and I’m doing an apple cider vinegar cleanse. Like, there’s a big difference between those two statements.

One sounds like you’re not eating and you’re just having like a cleansing drink. Another sounds like you’re just having a lifestyle, added it to your salad and you’re moving on. Yep. And then lastly, J K D home says water fasting. So I’m assuming that’s basically not eating anything and just having water. I think so. Yeah. That would be,

that’d be very hard. Obviously you need food, you need nutrients. You know, water does have minerals and things like that. But of course it’s not enough to replace real food. Yeah, yeah, no, It’s our favorite part of your podcast. Now the wins The wins. So if you’re new every week, every episode we like to select one or two sisters from the sisterhood,

from Instagram that are managing their peace, us managing their peace, your symptoms, you know, losing weight, basically showing peace us. Who’s the real boss. Ooh, I like that. Yeah. So the first winner is Dr. Con. I remember I’ve, I’ve seen her name before her name, not her name. Her message is one month and one week of gluten dairy free.

And I have so far and she put some bullet points, lost eight and a half, eight and a half inches on my waist lost 1.4 pounds skin clearing up, no bloating, no fatigue, more energy and no sugar cravings. Wow. And that’s just from one month and one week of gluten and dairy free. I mean, it just goes to show how much inflammation it was causing her,

how much water retention, how much insulin spiking it was causing her and cravings, these sugar cravings going down and just goes to show that it’s something that was, that she was sensitive to. And she only found out by cutting it out. Yeah. One month in one week. Yeah. Great job, dear. And again, I, I remember her from,

from, from our Facebook group. So great job to you. Awesome Catherine. But Rao says she’s also from the sister and her win is I’m extremely happy. I started eating gluten and dairy free a week ago, plus walking three days a week and I’ve lost two pounds. Finally, everything I eat is delicious. I’m not starving at all or killing myself with crazy exercises.

This is just the beginning, but I wanted to share and send positive vibes. Great job, Katherine Love it. It’s honestly, it just shows like what she’s talking about here. I’m not killing myself with crazy workouts or starving at all. Just that’s perfect. Cause of all the things we talked about today with the trends, right? It’s not about hopping on a trend.

It’s just about focusing on a diet and lifestyle, getting down to the root cause. Focusing on the metabolic dysfunction, hormonal dysfunction. And that’s it love it. I hope this was informative and inspiring sisters. And you know, maybe there’s one of these trends that are good for peace to us that you want to hop on that. Yeah, Exactly. Let us stop.

But thank you everybody for listening. Let us know if you guys are going to go camping anytime soon, maybe we’ll join anybody else. When people go on a camping trip altogether, it seems like, gosh, how fun would that be? Your circadian rhythm with a PCs friendly camping trip. Oh my God. That is true because it does, it will really help with sleep.

We’ll provide The gluten and dairy free foods. Yeah. I really like this. All right. Stay tuned for the camping trip. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for listening. We’ll be back next week with another episode and we’ll see you then. Bye. Bye. You enjoyed listening to this podcast. You have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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