Why am I always tired? + Carb Tolerance + Guess this food

Do you feel constantly tired no matter how much you sleep? Or maybe you have no energy during the day but then can’t fall asleep at night?

In this episode, we give you 5 main  reasons why you may be feeling tired all the time with PCOS and what you can do to improve your energy levels starting today!

We also answer questions about carb tolerances, how to eat fruits as snacks, and much more!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free!

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Full Episode transcript:

The thyroid, it kind of regulates your metabolism. And if your metabolism is slow, when you have hypothyroid, then you don’t have a lot of energy with thyroid issues. You got to like talk to your doctor, get that under control. Sometimes if it’s really extreme, they can give you medications. And of course going gluten and dairy free can help as well.

Because if you’re sensitive to those foods, basically every time you eat it, it’s inflammatory your body and tax it as an invader and also attacks your thyroid molecule as well. Dr. Shu, my own hands and Well, three days in the Barcelona and our heater has broken Shivering. Yeah. It’s pretty cold. I’m sitting on a metal chair,

you know, Airbnb with the cheap, cute furniture Freezing. The repairman came today, like looked At it and he was like, no pussy play. It’s going to come back another day and bring a new thermostat thingy. Yeah, I think so. I think though, we broke it. Totally. I think it’s our fault. How, how, Because how could I have Put it on 30 degrees Celsius for several days in a row without turning it off?

Yes. How does That break In 30 degrees converts to 80, 85 degrees. I think 86. It was not 85. I Know it wasn’t like really that it wasn’t working that well again, it’s an old building. It’s 300 years old, the pipes or the, the akward aqueduct on the ducks, the ducks, that duct system. I want to engineer.

I should know what these things are called. It wasn’t very efficient. So Italian literally put up, put it up all the way to 30 degrees Celsius, which at the time I showed them, the conversion is 86 degrees Fahrenheit The conversion. And I didn’t care because I’ll tell you one thing I was freezing and 26 Celsius, wasn’t cutting it. So I said,

EPIs raised it to 30. Then the damn thing broke. I knew this would happen. I really did. I was like, we’re going to go to an Airbnb. We’re going to do our best. So there’s a heater and there’s wifi and all these things. And I know we’re going to get there. And none of it’s going to work. It’s like 80% is working.

So here’s the thing. The heater broke. The wifi is a little like, eh, you know, it’s not the best wifi in the world, but you know, we can’t complain. What else? There’s a washer, but no dryer. We, we, we asked the Airbnb hosts. Oh, like there’s a washer dryer. Like, cause sometimes have both.

Right? She’s like, no, but it does have a centrifuge, but it’s so European, you know, like only in Europe you would say centrifuge cause in America, like you just say it spins. I know I only understood it. Cause I like, remember that word from lab in science class. Centrifugal force. Right? Yeah, that was so funny.

Oh man, we’re having a great time in Barcelona nonetheless, by the way, it’s freezing because in Barcelona it’s, it’s literally, it is like 50 degrees during the day. And then at night it drops to like 40 degrees. So imagine not having a heater. Yeah. I think everyone can imagine this, except for us who are from California and like spoiled with our heater on 77th and all day.

Well that’s you again? You go away to the mornings, but then you keep it on to like 1:00 PM. Yeah. Well what’s up sisters? We’re loving Barcelona. We went to a famous park today called park. Well, it was really fun. A lot of walking we got last year. Totally made it out time trip, like 10 times all on camera.

You’ll see on YouTube. By the way, if you want to like really experience this travel that we’re doing, I highly recommend go to our YouTube channel piece, us weight loss. We do PCs, informational videos. And now we’re going to do PCs videos with some traveling incorporated into it. So it’s going to be really fun. Yeah. Okay. Well today’s episode though.

Are you going to quiz me? Yeah. So today’s episode, we’re doing the fun game again. Guess this food we’re gonna do a little Q and a and then we’re gonna also to why sisters can be tired all the time. So we’re going to give it some of the reasons why you may be feeling fatigued throughout the day and what you can do to resolve those issues and have more energy and like yeah.

Fix it. Yeah. I can’t wait to talk about that because I’m going to do an analogy with jet lag, jet lag and PCRs. Yeah. Tali and suffered from jet lag for about five days. It was kind of annoying towards the end. Like, cause I was like, okay, like I felt like I was taking care of a toddler who was like having like a tantrum every like every day,

Every day at 6:00 PM, I was falling From three to six. It was like a taller. And then you would take a nap at six until like 8:00 PM, which is not the right thing to do. I stopped doing that. I stopped napping. I’ve never had so much trouble acclimating to jet lag. I will say like, honestly this was crazy.

Yeah. And even now that I’m not, not being and I’m like sleeping at like 10 or whatever, I’m still struggling to fully sleep for eight hours because my body’s like, no, it’s not nighttime in California. Yeah. Wake up. We slept good today. Yeah. All right. Let’s get into the game. So if you’re new to the podcast,

this game is called guests. This food, it’s a very PCs, friendly food or ingredient. It could be a spice. It could be a drink. It could be basically anything. And Tyne has no idea what it is. I’m going to give her some little tips along the way about like five, six tips and you at home, you can guess too,

feel free to yell it out. Even if you’re in the office, it’s no problem. Just yell it out. And the sooner time guesses, the more imaginary points you get, so you can lock in your guests and I’ll continue with my tips, but you can change once you do it. I have to explain every time. Cause you always forget.

Oh, how dare you? Okay. All right. You ready? All right. So I always start off with some history. The first tip is ancient. Romans associated this with the goddess of Venus, which is the goddess of love beauty sex fertility. I’ll explain later why that is. Okay. All right. So you don’t know, I’m going to say pomegranate,

but I’m not locking it in. You can’t just give a guess and not lock it in. No zoom-in sisters. You see earlier, she said, I know, I know the rules, but yet she still just throws out a guess. Cause she thinks this is some sort of like, does it make it? It just said something to lock it in or else this game is pointless.

If we can just throw it guests every time you can say, oh, everyone knows. I’m joking. Sometimes people think I’m really serious. Like I’m just, I’m a joker jokes go. I’m drinking my decaf coffee here. Trying to trick my body to think it’s real caffeine. Can you just go? The next tip is it’s plant-based but composed of 23% protein.

Oh, next one. Perfect. It can be used or it’s going to get you so good. They can be used as a coffee. Substitute caffeine free. Since the late 17 hundreds. This has been used as an alternative to coffee beans. Yeah. Yeah. No that dude. Yeah. No protein. It’s a drink. Okay. We’re going to continue.

Well, they ground roast it. And then from there they make the coffee, like whatever this is that I’m talking about. They ground roaster. Okay. That we’re going to continue. She has no idea. I should do something where if you get it wrong, I get something just goes. What’s the point in me making this as I’m sorry. Sorry.

Next one. Studies have shown that eating this can significantly reduce your LDL cholesterol over time and contribute to better heart health. I bring this up because heart health and PCs can be correlated. So know what this is. It’s yeah, it’s very common. We eat this all the time. We eat this all the time. That’s right. I have a lot of recipes in the sisters with this.

Okay. Continue. Okay. Okay. This one’s a little bit still a little bit difficult, but after these two, it gets easier. It’s full of essential minerals like calcium, copper, iron magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and one of the best sources of full eight, which is great for regeneration of cells. Okay. So no,

yes, no, no. Okay. Right. We have two more. These two are going to be easier. It’s a popular legume. Let me say legume. Legume like Hume Lego, man. I have no Idea. All right. And the last one that you’re going to bury it, this one as an Armenian person, it’s used to make hummus,

Garbanzo Beans. That’s one name for it. Chickpeas. Coffee 10. Yes. Threw me Off. Yeah. Well that’s the whole point of the game is to throw you off Like chick pea coffee. Look it up. She’s typing sisters Feet. Since I’m telling, I looked this up since the late 17 hundreds and ground roasted chickpeas had been used as an alternative to coffee beans.

So if you’re looking for a caffeine free substitute grab some could you Imagine, Oh my gosh, don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting to anyone that they should go and make chick pea coffee and get rid of your decaf coffee or whatever. Like if you want to keep doing yoga, I’m not trying to make anyone stop drinking their coffee and have chickpeas.

I’m just trying to say, I just want You say, stop drinking your car. I’m going to be bold and say, stop drinking Coffee. We’ll stop. Overdrinking your coffees. All those, I will say, Tear the whole thing out. You don’t need it. What is that Interesting? We’re going to talk about fatigue in this segment and I’ll tell you how you can really get some better.

So this is going back to one other thing I said. So I talked about how the ancient Romans associated this with the goddess of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty sex and fertility. The reason why is because it contains phyto estrogens, which are plant compounds with estrogen, like effects, therefore it can help improve sex drive. However, you gotta be careful because too much consumption can actually do the opposite.

So in just like anything else in moderation, this can be very helpful. And as we mentioned earlier, it’s composed of 23% protein. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce your meat consumption, or if you’re vegetarian is a great alternative, it’s really good for heart health. And it’s very nutrient dense. I mentioned it has all those essential minerals. So it’s a great option.

Sisters Add hummus today. No, I feel good about it. There you go. There you go. Or do you feel, you know, you just ate it like an hour ago and you still get it wrong. You ate this Today. Easy. Not gonna make it for you next time. I’ll just like start with the hummus one first. I mean the coffee Tip really threw me off.

Oh my God. I’m getting the chills. It’s so cool. I won’t get a sweater. No, that’s fine. Okay. And let us all sisters, if you like this guest, this food segment tire loves it. I think this was, I think this one was a special one. The most fun we’ve done in the past, right? Yeah.

Yeah. This was, this one was really fun. It’s hard by the way, for me to make this game up at the, really do my research and I always change what I’m doing. Oh like you have one thing in mind. You change It. Yeah. Like for example, with this game, I started with olives and then like I was trying to dupe and there was it wasn’t that fun.

It was that new something else. So yeah. All right. Let’s go to our Q and a. So we have about three questions today. Let’s start with the first one. Sam, Sam, Sam 1106 says wouldn’t you feel even hungrier after eating fruits. Sometimes that’s how it makes me feel. So then I eat more than I should, which makes it so much tougher for me to lose weight.

Yes. So when you eat fruit alone, your blood sugar can spike and then crash and then you want more fruit and then spike and then crash. And it’s like, you can’t stay full for very long, especially if you struggle with insulin resistance, not ideal to just like eat a bunch of fruit as a snack. But what you can do is pair your fruit with,

for example, almond butter, like an apple and almond butter. I like to get fancy and like smash raspberries and mix it with peanut butter and make this blend of deliciousness and like seeds on top for more healthy fats. So anyways, my point, eating fruit alone, not as productive as pairing it with a healthy fat or protein. And if you can’t have nuts,

you can try other proteins like egg or prosciutto prosciutto and like peaches dishes or like berries. Yeah. Yeah. So I don’t suggest like in a soluble as a snack. All right. Next question. And if you’re wondering where we’re getting these questions from it’s from our Instagram account piece, USDOT weight loss audio do is just leave a comment on one of our posts.

That’s where we grab these from. Or if you want to send a DM as well. We randomly grabbed these from throughout the Instagram page. So the next question is from menu or Roger you, she asks, how do we learn our daily carb tolerance? That’s a great question. It gets a little bit complicated. So basically in the sisterhood stage four,

we talk about how to discover your carb tolerance. And what you want to do is track your carbs each day and try to eat. For example, your you’ll start with like 150 grams a day. See how you feel, you know, are you fatigued after your meals? Were they too much carbs for you? What was the feeling with that? Where you bloated whatever,

and then slowly lower it down. Don’t just like suddenly cut out your carbs. Any like 50 grams a day. Nope. Start with one 50 slowly, lower it down slowly and every day, evaluate how you feel. And we have like a worksheet in the sisterhood where you can see, like, it asks you, did you feel fatigue? Did you feel if so,

lower your carbs or raise your carbs. It’s a daily Carb. Yeah. So you can really understand how to discover your car. And then once, you know, cause like for example, I eat like a hundred grams of carbs a day or 120. And I know that like, I’m going to feel some type of way. If it goes above that or below that I’m going to feel hangry or cravings or like dizzy or whatever.

So this is really important to know this about yourself. And you get used to knowing what a hundred grams looks like and then you don’t have to track anymore. Yeah. And if you want to learn more like in-depth information about the carp tolerance we highly recommend and the sisterhood at stage four, you’ll definitely have more information there, including a couple of downloads,

the carb trackers. So highly recommend. If you’re looking to find a carb tolerance, join us in the sisterhood. And of course you always get to ask us questions anytime you want. And the private Facebook group. All right. Third question Mama via says, where are your pink sneakers from? Well, that’s about the Instagram post with the workout that you were doing.

Oh, there APL APL. So if, and if you’re looking for any like sneakers or shoes for working out, I highly also recommend no bull. It’s spelled N O B U L L. And they make both men’s and women’s shoes, but they’re, I kind of got tired to go ahead and try them out one day and they make really, really good running shoes,

really comfortable, also stylish. I personally they’re my favorite. Go-to like I’ve had them, their workout shoe for about like three, four years, like the same exact one. Cause they’re super easy to clean. You just like brush it with some soap, like a shoe soap, whatever you can buy. And like they completely clean up perfectly. So you can just keep wearing them for like three,

four years. Cause they’re really good quality and like yeah, like And stable for your foot and really good for weightlifting and really good for just like a sneaker, like Walking, running, all that kind of stuff. Yeah. For sure. No one’s Running Well, no people can run like jogging and stuff like that. Yeah. That’s true. Sorry.

Come on Toby. You can do run with PCs. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance,

we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tall. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a basketball can be super effective in treating insulin resistance,

starting from the root of So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right. So before we get to why you may be feeling tired all the time, let’s go to our wins of the week.

So these are fellow sisters who are managing their peace, us reversing their symptoms, basically showing who the dang boss is. Ms. Wicked says, thank you so much for your videos. I quit dairy and gluten and sugar for three months. Finally got my period today. I haven’t had it in three years. You changed my life for the Best.

Amazing, amazing. So happy for You. Great job. That Is so cool. Three years. Oh my gosh. I can’t even imagine this. Yeah, but for you it was one year, right? Yeah. And you’re like super stressed out the whole time. Every month you feel worse and worse. Yeah. It’s like the panic. Yeah,

totally. All right. Our next winner is Shaniece. She says, so I was diagnosed with PSUs back in September of 2021. I started taking Vasquez hall shortly afterwards, yesterday I had my blood drawn to check my glucose and insulin levels in September. My insulin was 35.9 and my glucose was 107 today. My insulin levels are 18.4 and glucose is one or two.

I’m still pre-diabetic but we are getting there. I am beyond excited. I’ve lost over 10 pounds and I can actually see and feel the difference. So good sister, as you’re saying, you’re, you’re getting there, right? So it’s not about snap and you perfectly like fix it or you’ve reversed everything. We’ve gone to exactly where you are. It takes steps.

It took time multiple years to get where she is today. So you’re taking amazing steps. We are proud of you and keep doing what’s working for you. 10 pounds. Wow. Co-author Berghain sets. Ah, I’ve been doing gluten dairy free for almost two months. And my period came today within 35 days. The first time it has happened naturally since I was 12 years old,

I’m now 33. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. Grateful for this group. I even got pregnant naturally in 2020 had a beautiful girl last year. So, so glad I found this group and I’ve even made some really great friends here. Thank you. Telling for building this community. Can’t believe I’m crying about my period right now. So happy for Oh,

that’s amazing. And that’s a message from the sisterhood. I’m so happy. She’s made such great friends, you know, in the sisterhood because that’s exactly what that community is there for Seriously two months, my gosh. How much, how, how much you’ve done in just two months. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So let’s go to our main topic of today’s episode.

Why you may be feeling tired all the Time. This is a great question, especially Cause we’re tired right now from this long day in Barcelona. All right. Dr. Phyllis Gersh says that women with PCOS are in a constant state of jet lag. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t reverse it, but that is how it presents itself. Right? So when you’re supposed to have energy,

you’re fatigued. When you’re supposed to be tired and ready for bed, you have energy. And it’s just the opposite of what needs to happen. This is because our hormonal rhythms are out of whack. And when our cortisol in the morning is supposed to be high, it’s actually low and we’re fatigued. And so what can you do to get that under control?

There’s a lot you can do. And a lot you can think about. And so we’re going to go through a couple of those points right now. So the first point is your stress hormones. So specifically, or one of your stress hormones are cortisol hormone, which is, has a direct impact on how they affect your energy levels. So one thing that we talk about all the time is cortisol dysregulation,

but what does that exactly? So when you wake up in the morning, your cortisol should be at a all time higher or all day high. And as you go throughout your day, your cortisol hormone is supposed to go down and in the evening should be at the lowest point in the date. At that point, your melatonin should then be all the way up,

therefore telling your body, okay, it’s time to sleep. Then in the morning, again, the same cycle happens again. Your melatonin hormone now is all the way low. Your cortisol hormone is now at the highest point, that’s supposed to be how your cortisol hormone and your stress hormone is supposed to basically regulate throughout the day. And that has a direct impact on your energy levels.

If you don’t have enough cortisol in the morning, then you’re going to feel fatigued. You’re going to feel tired. He’s going to feel sluggish. So same thing in the evening. You for cortisol, hormone is in low and your melatonin isn’t high. Then you’re going to feel energetic. Instead, you’re going to feel like jittery and you’re not going to have to fall asleep.

And even when you do fall asleep, because your cortisol hormone is so out of rhythm, you’re not going to be able to have a good night of sleep. Therefore you’re going to wake up feeling tired. So it’s this really like, I want to just say really horrible cycle. That just impacts so many women with PCs. And you just constantly feel like you’re in jet lag.

That’s what Dr. Fields Gersh describes it as. And that’s a great description because you’re just like tired during the day about The nap. And that’s exactly what jet lag is, right? Your jet lag. When you have jet lag, your body has no idea what time of day it is. So therefore it’s like your course of homeowners at the wrong level at the wrong time.

So that’s, I think exactly what she’s talking about. Yeah. So then the next reason why you might be feeling tired is over-exercising. So what happens when you go on like really long, really just like taking it to the next level hours at the gym, back to back kickboxing classes, whatever day after day, your cortisol elevates. And then it,

for Pete limited with PCs, it’s hard to bring it back down. So you might find yourself like in your car after your workout, having anxiety or like, can’t like, relax, you know, can’t even drive. Like I know people who have said this, I’ve had it myself and I have a friend who has specifically said this the other day about how she like gets in her car after her workout.

And she like, can’t even drive. Cause she’s like so anxious and like all over the place. Yeah. You should feel like you meditated after your workout. You should feel strong, relaxed, clear, not like frantic and hectic, but Calm energy. And so that’s how you know, you’re doing good for your quarters. Yeah. And not just that,

when you overexercise, it also puts a lot of havoc on your entire body system. So if you’re constantly, over-exercising day after day without your body recovering, your body’s always in a state of trying to recover. Your body’s just exhausted is trying to repair the muscles in your body is trying to hydrate the muscles in your body, but it can’t cause you keep on exercising and he just doesn’t know what to do.

So literally your body is overworking, trying to compensate for all the exercise. And therefore you don’t have enough energy left for your actual day and your body. Yeah. Then we have low thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism. This can trigger a lot of fatigue because the thyroid, it kind of regulates your metabolism. And if your metabolism is slow, when you have hypothyroid,

then you don’t have a lot of energy. It’s awful like with thyroid issues, you got to like talk to your doctor, get that under control. Sometimes if it’s really extreme, they can give you medications. And of course going gluten and dairy free can help as well. Because if you’re sensitive to those foods, then every time you eat them, your body is attacking.

Well. I mean, it’s like, I can really go down this all about talking about this, but basically every time you eat, it’s inflammatory your body and tax it as an invader and also attacks your thyroid molecule as well. So really important with that to get it taken care of because you don’t want to struggle with the symptoms of hypothermia. Yeah,

definitely. Get your thyroid levels checked if you’re constantly tired. Cause it could just be your thyroid. One of the reasons that you’re tired all the time and highly recommend taking a lab test again, we have a lab test and the description that we find to be very helpful. It also comes with a $50 off voucher. So highly recommended. Next one is your insulin,

insulin resistance or your instant hormones. Yes. If you have insulin resistance, your blood sugar isn’t being regulated properly. And when your blood sugar crashes, you’re going to feel fatigued. And I can definitely attest to this because if I’m not managing my insulin resistance, I start falling apart. So exhibit a moving to Barcelona recently, it started falling apart. Why not getting good sleep?

It’s bad for insulin resistance, not working out and lifting weights bad for insulin resistance. I’m losing muscle and I’m fatigued and I get cravings and it’s annoying. And I’m like hangry instead of just like mildly hungry before lunch I’m hangry. So I am jumping back on the wagon and I go to the gym, getting better sleep. Now everything’s going to be fine,

but I know this about myself. I know what’s going on. This is why I brought opacity ball with me so that I can avoid these problems. And it’s just part of life and having PCOS. It’s a lifelong thing. If you know your body, then you can take care of it properly. And if I had not skipped the gym the Buick before we got here,

cause I was like overwhelmed, We on your pack and you had no time, like it’s not your fault at all, A 30 minute workout for sure. But you know, it was so much happening. Like you can’t blame yourself for that. And then lastly, and this one’s also really important being nutrient deficient. So a lot of sisters can be with nutrient division due to multiple reasons.

One of them can be under eating or it can be that you’re just not eating the foods with the right nutrients. Or maybe you just need some extra supplements, right? Not absorbing nutrients because you’re eating inflammatory foods that make it hard like gluten do. Yeah. The make it hard to like actually absorb the nutrients in the foods. And so comment like nutrients that people can be deficient in that can cause tiredness are,

for example, iron B12, other B vitamins as well, magnesium vitamin D omega-3 fatty acids, potassium carbohydrates, and there’s others as well. But those are some of the main nutrients that if you’re deficient in, they can definitely cause fatigue throughout the day. So again, getting lab work done to see if you’re deficient in, those can really be helpful.

And I will say Taking CPD before you sleep will also help with your fatigue because will help you get good quality sleep and then wake up feeling well rested. Yeah. It can help with your stress hormones as well. Bring those cortisol levels down, help you sleep better for show Pass out at dinner. If I took CBD right now, Not do not do,

do not take CBD for meeting our fellow sister. We cannot be tired for this time. No, I’m so excited to be so Funny. Nine minutes to get ready and Be there. Yeah, but we’re, we’re semi ready and just like a 10 minute walk and it’s gonna be so fun. It’s going to be so fun. We look really forward to it and we’re going to definitely like post how the dinner goes with our fellow sister on our private Facebook group in the sisterhood.

We’ll definitely share on Instagram as well. Look forward to it. And it’s going to be really fun. We’ll let you know. Yes. One point they wanted to say is like last week at the end of the podcast episode, we said chow. Cause we were trying to be like Spanish, but then we would immediately realize, okay, it’s not chow.

It’s adios. Yeah. So I had to like cut that out. Embarrass ourselves. Oops. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you have any questions for next week’s episode, feel free to drop them on our Instagram PCO assault weight-loss and we’ll see you next week. Talk to you soon. Audio’s ideas. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCOS lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again. Ah,


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