Why women with PCOS should consider CoQ10 supplementation

CoQ10 – or Coenzyme Q10, is a tremendously important nutrient, required for cells to function at their optimum level and drives the conversion of glucose into energy, all of which are important to improve metabolism, hormonal balance, and insulin resistance!

In this episode, we talk about the specific benefits of Coq10 for PCOS women including:

– How does Coq10 work?

What PCOS signs & symptoms can be managed by CoQ10 supplementation

– How to pick the right Coq10 supplement for you

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Full Episode transcript:

We’re going to talk about the benefits of coenzyme Q 10, because it is a well-known supplement for PCRs women. And that is why we’ve included it in our supplement bundle metabolism. Plus, this is one of the four amazing supplements that we have selected and done research on to make sure that is something that is really highly researched for PCs great for our level of inflammation and just overall something we should be taking every single day and co Q 10 is one of them.<inaudible> my own hands.

And with stem naturally,<inaudible>, You know, what do wasps do? What do they do? All they do is they terrorize people come in their faces while they’re eating food like prosciutto and they get to swing at them. They are a negative impact on the society. They just are. We don’t need wasps. Wasps. See, you hit that wasp in,

you know, it, you hit the wasp and it came back to bite you to sting you, you smacked it. And then it came with its friends. Okay. First of all, just to give some background into this, I’m sure if you listen to this podcast, you probably see our stories on Instagram at PCs dot weight loss. And we went to a pesto making class,

which was amazing. One side note, the teacher said there will be a winner at the end of this competition, or there was a so-called competition. There was going to be a winner and there was no such winner. He’s like first place, we’ll get a bottle of white wine. And I’m like, yes, let’s do this. But in the back of my mind,

I even told Tallinn, I guarantee you at the end of the class, he’s going to make everybody a winner. Obviously everyone paid good money to take a pesto making class, not to be a loser when they leave, There are winners and then there are losers. So I went through the whole thing, made the crap out of this pistol and I put my blood and soul into it.

And then after we made the pesto, he of course announced that, oh, there’s no winner. Everybody’s a winner, all this jazz fine, fine. And then they brought out like prosciutto and like some snacks, basically like lunch to eat. And that’s when the wasps start to come. It was like a few wasps start to come. They’re like hovering around the food.

And of course you have to like, you know, wave your hand at them. And it’s annoying, right? Every five minutes or every two minutes, there’s like wasps. And it’s not like a big wall. So it’s like a small wasp. It kind of like, wow, how many times am I going to say wasp on this episode Anywhere to say wasps.

So at this point I swatted a wasp and I kind of like, you know, hit it too. And I was like, yeah, you take that. Your wasp, take that back, go back embarrassed to your family. And then the wasps came back with its friend. Cause it’s a no good wasp who can fight for himself. It came back with his friend two wasps.

They came At Sea-Tac. Both of them came directly at Sierra and one of them stung him. Literally he came to the table, they came to the table, two of them. And when at my arm and bit me on my arm and I smacked it off and a little bit of sting, you know, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s a little pinch.

It didn’t really hurt that much. We don’t need wasps. Now his arm is swollen. My arm is swollen. I have a bag of ice on my arm right now and that’s my life. And on that note, ladies, let’s talk about co Q 10. I do want to say I am joking. I know wasps provide some sort of environmental balance to the world.

They are predators to some insects. They are prey to some others. I know there’s a point to, and there’s a last time I’m going to say, I know there’s a point to wasps. Oh, see, it’s going to be okay. I promise. All right. So once again, we’re sharing a mic sisters because we only have one and we left the other one at home because we didn’t want extra weight.

As you saw on Instagram. Last time we traveled, it was like six luggages. This time, it’s two and one small one. But today in this episode, we’re going to talk about the benefits of coenzyme Q 10 for PCO S now I’m sure you’ve probably heard all about it or have heard it being referenced because it is a well-known supplement for PCRs women.

And that is why we’ve included it in our supplement bundle metabolism. Plus, this is one of the four amazing supplements that we have selected and done research on to make sure that is something that is really highly researched for PCOS. Great for our level of inflammation and just overall something we should be taking every single day and co Q 10 is one of them.

Ours is a special complex. And we’ll talk about that later. And it’s increased absorption and all of the benefits of the one that we have selected it is third-party tested and all those wonderful things, just like the rest of our supplement line. We’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this. That’s why it’s taken so long to finally come out with what is it going to be September?

Now we started in the beginning of the year, but yeah, it just, it took some time because we wanted to choose the supplements that are re researched for PCO S we wanted to choose them in the right dosages that reflect the research. We wanted to make sure it was highly absorbable and all of those wonderful things. So with, on that note,

let’s hit it. Boom. Yes. So first thing I’m sure. You’re wondering what is coenzyme Q 10 also known as C Q 10. And this is essentially a very tremendously important nutrient that’s required for cells to function. Sorry. When I say tremendously, it just sounded funny. Like sounds like Trump tremendous, but it’s a tremendously important nutrient. It really is.

And it’s required for cells to function at their optimum level. It essentially drives the conversion of glucose and to energy, which is used to power metabolism and muscles. And this is something we talked about recently, we had a Dr. Lauren Kelly chew on the podcast. If you listen to that episode, it was all about talking about metabolic dysfunction and metabolic health and how those are connected to essentially blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance.

Yes. Now co Q 10, isn’t only a mighty weapon for energy production, but it’s a great armor against free radicals that run havoc in your body and causes chronic inflammation and deterioration as we age. So with PCOM, a lot of us, all of us struggle with chronic inflammation and the things that we do, like going gluten and dairy free and working out all of these things and now supplementing,

they all help reduce that inflammation. And that’s so important because with, as we age, it can snowball into other conditions. So here we go. Yes. And just a quick summary, essentially, the, the roles that CEO Q 10 is again in metabolism, energy production. In fact, Joe Q 10 is known as a mitochondria and nutrient, your mitochondria are the energy centers inside your cells.

This is so interesting because I feel like we’re in sixth grade science class who were learning about the mitochondria to cellular<inaudible> plants. Look, remember all those things about cells and it basically, it plays a factor in the growth and maintenance of cells. It has a role of an antioxidant. So it benefits Emirati fatigue, health plays a crucial role in the reproductive system.

We’ll get to that. So it’s all around a great nutrient, especially for PCs woman. And since we’re talking about that, let’s talk about the specific benefits of SCIO Q 10 for PCs. Alright, so let’s talk about the benefits and what the studies are showing us. So studies show that co Q 10 can improve metabolism and hormonal balance for PCs Windman as well as women who have insulin resistance.

Hello, that’s us. New research is showing that Koku 10 may be able to help lower cholesterol and insulin levels in a random trial published in the journal of random, Random randomizing. I like to make things concise when I talk, when I’m like reading a note in a randomized trial, published in the journal of clinical endocrinology women with PCOS received co Q 10,

a hundred milligrams daily, while another group received a placebo after 12 weeks PCs women who took the Kogi 10 saw significant reductions in glucose, insulin metabolism improvements in metabolism and total LDL cholesterol levels. Raise your hand. If you have insulin resistance, you feel like your metabolism is slow and chronic inflammation that’s us co Q 10 has also shown to lower the inflammatory biomarkers like C-reactive protein.

I remember when my C-reactive protein was like 20 times higher than what it should be, and nobody seemed to care except for me. And so that’s why I found the naturopathic doctor really looks into the details about this, but it was really high in the beginning of my PCs journey. And because we all struggle with chronic inflammation, it’s super important that the supplements we take address this And another factor is a fertility.

So as the quality of a woman’s eggs declines, as she ages, there’s also an age-related decline in CRQ tent utilization. According to a study published in the journal of fertility and sterility, decreased energy production in all sites with aging, maybe related to deficiency of SU Q 10. Additionally with time, eggs are exposed to more damaging oxidative stress due to free radicals.

As an antioxidant stoke you 10 has been linked to improving air quality and oblation by repairing the free radicals. Also several trials in mice have found that administration of co Q 10 resulted in a significant increase in all related eggs and related to that increased concentrations of Q 10 in the body are correlated with higher grade embryos and better embryo development in IVF. So basically all around is been shown to improve fertility and can be a great supplement for anyone who’s trying to conceive.

I think that’s great to know because a lot of us or are thinking, are we going to struggle with when we want to have kids? You know, if you have PCOS, it’s well known that sometimes it’s a struggle because of insulin resistance because of inflammation. It’s hard to get that quality eggs. So when you’re supplementing with cocuten every day and you’re reducing inflammation,

you’re improving your insulin sensitivity. And the studies are showing that it helps with egg quality and oblation. It is going to increase your chances of having a better pregnancy outcomes, co Q 10 supplementation for people who are on Clomid for ovulation has shown to significantly improve their ovulation and pregnancy rates. One study showed pregnancy rates were 6% with Clomid and 37% with Clomid and Coke U 10 together.

So that’s really important to note I’m out of breath. Yes. So all we talk about all these benefits, there’s benefits all around for peace to us women here, it’s metabolism improving basically how much energy, how much calories your body’s burning per date, it’s improving or lowering inflammation. It’s improving insulin resistance, all the underlying factors. And it’s also helping doles who are looking to conceive.

It’s improving fertility. So all around, even if you’re not for example, even if you’re not trying to conceive, even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, it’s still as beneficial because it’s going to help you with your peace U S weight loss journey. It’s going to help you with your insulin sensitivity. And for those who are trying to conceive, it may also be a great option as well,

but remember, to always consult with your doctor just to be safe and to be sure if it’s right for you. Now on that note, you may be wondering, how is RCO Q 10 supplement different? What does RCO Q 10 supplement provide? This is the juicy part. All right. So there’s a lot of Coke, U 10 supplements out there,

and it gets really overwhelming because it’s like, which one should peace U S women be taking ours comes with a vitamin E blend. Vitamin E is involved in a lot of metabolic processes in the human body, as well as immune system function, which is essentially your immune system fights your inflammation, but it mainly functions as an antioxidant that halts the production of free radicals.

So it basically stops your body from producing that chronic inflammation that vitamin E co Q 10 is needed to regenerate vitamin E after it has neutralized a free radical. So together the cocuten and the vitamin E fight disease causing free radicals. Wonderful for peace cos as our body is producing inflammation. So supplementing with Coke, U 10 and with vitamin E blended together has shown to decrease inflammation.

In fact, there was a study on PCU, us women who took Koku 10 and vitamin E together over an eight week period. They supplemented with cookie 10 and vitamin E and experience and improvement in glycaemic and anthropometric measures, which is metabolic related measures, BMI, weight, so on and so forth. And the women who were assigned to the supplement alone,

just taking Coke 10, they didn’t see as much of a result. So it’s hypothesized that the CO’s supplementation of cocuten and vitamin E might have a strong synergistic effect on metabolic profiles and co supplementation may work better than just taking cocuten alone for PCRs women. That’s why ours is blended together. We have the cocuten and vitamin E in one supplement. So these are,

this is why it takes such a long period of time. Basically, we were there, we did so much research. We did so much digging into the research on PCs women and for each supplement, how can we make it better? How can we make it more bioavailable? How can we make sure that the effects of it are even better than what each supplement provides?

So our goal was to not just create a supplement line where it’s like, oh, here’s vitamin D or here’s your cutin. We want to create the perfect supplement that was better than anything else in the world, or else what’s the point? Why are we going to create another duplicate over another supplement? We want to create the best of each thing. So that PCs,

the PCs population has something that they can always look forward to or look up to in terms of quality and, and being researched. Backed. Now another factor would seal Q 10, that it’s actually hard for the body to digest and absorbs your cutin at an optimum level. The reason why is that SHEEO Q 10 is fat soluble, meaning that it’s recommended to take with a meal containing fat to help to absorption.

However,<inaudible>, it mimics the body’s natural process of fat digestion with its patented VesiSorb technology, which means that it improves a bioavailability and absorption by 300 to 600% compared with standard oil based CEO, Q 10 supplements, basically three to six times more bioavailable than others, co Q 10 supplements. You would have to take 375 to 750 milligrams of a standard Koku,

10 supplement to absorb the same amount of cocuten. And just one of our 125 milligrams soft gels. And when you think about it, like in the study is they were using hundred milligram soft shells, and they didn’t have that vest absorb technology that we’re using for absorption. So when you’re taking 125 milligrams of our supplement, you are absorbing 125 milligrams. So basically this powerful antioxidant co Q 10 is designed for maximum absorption to help you fight inflammation and improve insulin resistance.

These are two core factors for metabolic health and PCs, weight loss. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So again, all these factors are a reason why it took us so long to design our supplement line and basically come up with the best version, the best formula for each bottle that’s that comes in this bundle. And one thing we haven’t mentioned yet too,

is you’re probably wondering, okay, is this verified is all as information verified and yes, because our products, our supplements are NSF certified, meaning that they are third-party certified by an international organization known as the NSF, which provides the strict, this guidelines for public health products. They basically almost adhere to the regulations that, or to the guidelines that the FDA provides.

And some things that they do for example, is we actually have to send each of our bottles into the NSF laboratory where they go ahead and they check for label accuracy. For example, on the label, we put 125 milligrams of CO2 10. They get the bottle, they get the pills they test in the laboratory. Is it actually 125 milligrams? Is it?

Yes. Check mark. And does it have vitamin E as it stated here? Yes. Check is, are there any contaminants or is there anything in dirt that’s bad for a person to take? Nope. Okay, great check. Not only that they go to the timeframe, the bottle, they go to where these products are manufactured to the factory and they verified that the factory there is using all the precautionary requirements to make these supplements.

Are they washing their hands? Are they wearing full suits? Are they putting masks song so that they’re not breathing onto the supplements? Are they basically following again the strictest guidelines when it comes to making supplements? And one thing that we’re proud of is we’re the only piece your supplement line to actually be an certified and follow these trig guidelines, because we care that much about the supplements that you’ll be putting in your body that you will be taking.

To be honest, the supplement world is wild out there. You could be taking something that isn’t NSF certified or third-party tested. And it actually isn’t what the bottle states it is like, could you imagine, like you really it’s so possible if you’re not careful with which supplements you take and which brands that you go with. I see a lot of supplements out there.

And frankly ever since I met Sierra, he has been the supplement, a sewer, the king, I thought I was, then I met him. He like does used to do so much research before taking any supplement because there’s just a million versions of one thing. And what does that mean? That means that some of them are not up to par are not good quality supplements.

So you have to be careful. And I mean, that’s part of the reason why, like, for example, Obasi tall, we didn’t make an also tall supplement, like separate from Mombasa tall, because it’s already perfect. Like, you don’t need another version of it, you know, once you do something and do it right there, doesn’t have to be a thousand different settles out there.

Studies show it’s 40 to one ratio for PCs women. And that’s the one we have. And the same goes for these four supplements. We’re looking at the studies, what the studies show, where improving absorption, we have them, third-party tested to make sure they’re exactly what they, what we say they are and what we think we’re taking. And that’s it like you don’t need to do anything further.

You know, that’s the point of our supplement bundle to just take out the confusion of it all and just tell you what a PCs woman needs for her metabolism. And it’s totally true. It is a wild world out there when it comes to supplements. And I think one day we’ll do a whole podcast episode about what to look out for in supplements, what to like make sure that each supplement contains in terms of their certifications or the testing.

And we’ll talk about the regulations because there’s a, there’s a lot of, or I should say the lack thereof over regulations because the FDA doesn’t approve supplements. They only provide guidelines. The only thing FDA approves are drugs, like prescription drugs that get prescribed by doctors, they don’t approve supplements. They only provide guidelines and sometimes regulate them. And that’s why it’s really hard to find the good supplement because a lot of supplement companies get away with doing things to illegal activities or illegal things that they put on their bottles that they shouldn’t put on there.

And they get away with it because it’s really hard for the FDA in general, to, to look at every single supplement out there and regulate them and tell them, Hey, you can’t say this, or you can’t say that. So we just want you to know that we went, we went above those measures to make sure that what we put on our bottles,

the formulas, everything that goes in there meets the guidelines. And yeah, that’s, I guess all we got to say about that. All right. Time for the juicy parts, the wins of the week, these are messages we receive from sisters in the sisterhood about their progress. It’s super inspirational and just so lovely to see women with PCLs thriving. So we want to share them with you.

First one is Jessica Suarez. She says, hi sisters. I started my gluten and dairy free lifestyle about a month ago. And I’ve been feeling great. I’ve lost 10 pounds, which is amazing in itself. Every time I step on the scale. Again, my jaw drops in surprise. I’ve also felt more energetic and I have a stapler mood. I will definitely be continuing the dietary changes and implementing more slow weighted workouts.

I also want to try cutting out my caffeine. Please let me know if anyone has tips. Thanks so much.<inaudible> for all your hard work to inform sisters on exactly how to take care of our bodies. We are so happy for you, Jessica. It sounds like you are following the PCs, weight, loss method and thriving. It’s always a good sign when you lose weight and you feel better and your symptoms improve at the same time.

Remember making changes for PCOS is long-term and you want to do something that feels right for you. Absolutely. Absolutely. And Jessica just want, take a note about your question, about how to cut out my daily caffeine consumption. So whatever you’re drinking right now, let’s say it’s one cup of coffee a day. Try to cut that in half to half a cup of coffee a day.

And then after a week, cut that in half and have basically a quarter cup of, of a coffee a day. And eventually your needs for coffee or caffeine will go down because at the end of the day, our bodies get addicted to caffeine. Just like for example, a drug, you do more caffeine. You drink for a longer period of time.

The more your body gets dependent on it, like as if it’s a drug. So when he cut that consumption half and half or a long period of time, you will see that your cravings for it go down as well. And our next one is from Elizabeth, from the sisterhood. She says, Hey, sisters, I want to share my wins for the week or better to say the wins.

Since I joined this amazing group, I reversed almost all my symptoms. Plus I lost two kilos within three weeks of going gluten and dairy free, and also doing the workout from the website. Scissors, keep on going and to not give up. I love that Elizabeth and I love your inspirational message at the end. Keep on going and do not give up.

We completely agree and honesty. We’re always very happy to see when someone sees like these benefits, especially when they immediately joined the group, because we know how, or at least I can say Tali knows how hard it is to try to manage your you symptoms for so long and not see the results. And we’re here for the, exactly that we’re here to help you find it finally found that find the steps finally found pine fine.

Finally find the steps to get that weight loss journey. Kick-started so, so happy to hear that, Elizabeth. And we’re always here for you. Thank you so much, sisters. I hope you enjoyed this episode, learns a bunch about co Q 10 and wasps. I hope you were inspired by these sisterhood stories and I hope you join us in the sisterhood.

We left a link in the description for you. Yes. And to all the wasps flat there, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for you, son. Don’t mess with me. I’m crazy. That’s too much. It’s too much just going to say thank you for listening. And if you want to learn more information about our supplement line, that’s going to be coming out in the next few weeks.

Just check out the link in bio. There’s a newsletter that you can subscribe to, to basically be the first to know about it. And yeah, it will be, it will be coming out September 19th, stay tuned To Liz sisters, Take care. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site,

where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle pollutant, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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