How to Work Out for PCOS Weight Loss

Did you go hard as possible at the gym and saw no results? With PCOS, there’s a reason why intense workouts can be ineffective in weight loss and actually cause weight plateau! 

We cover all the reasons why and how to actually work out for PCOS weight loss on this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister! We explain why certain forms of exercise are better than others and if cardio or weighted exercises are more effective for PCOS weight loss!

Some topics we cover are: how to pick weights, what muscles to focus on, workouts to start doing immediately, and so much more! Sirak even gets up to show a couple moves during the episode! Your going to want to watch the video version on YouTube for this one!

Tallene provides her personal journey of finding out what worked for her body and how weight training helped her! Sirak gives his tips and even gives you a quick start-up guide on working out!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

You got a wasp in the house, like Be birthday to you. Happy birthday to.. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks baby. I appreciate that. Hello sisters. Welcome to episode 14. It’s my birthday today. He’s 29 years old. Yes. And I appreciate every year and I think I appreciate all the birthday wishes on Instagram and everybody so far.

So let’s just do today’s episode. I mean, Today we are doing an episode that SeaTac is a master app. It’s a perfect birthday. Yeah. Yeah. Does, I mean one of the best episodes by far, I think one of the best top three it’s we’re going to, it’s going to be about how to work out for PCs and weight loss.

Yes. So we’ve always talked about how, you know, doing certain exercises in different methods, you know, how does it impact on your PCs management? And you can actually be detrimental if we’re going to go over those kinds of things and, and why, um, some forms of working out are better than others. Yes. And some of you may be at the gym right now,

listening to us in your headphones and we appreciate it. And we’re here to guide you. Yeah. Before I start, I have to give a shout out to Tallinn. Thank you for the amazing gifts earlier. I just opened them like maybe like half an hour ago or so. Um, one of them though, I want to bring this up so I could like recommend it to the sisters.

Obviously this is not an ad. I just got it as a gift. What was it called? Daily harvest. Yes. Yeah. It was like a, it’s like a, it looks like a smoothie company, but basically they send you the packages in like a small box. Almost looks like a, like a, yeah, like a cup for like ice cream,

but it’s like decently sized and it’s basically all the ingredients you need for your smoothie, including like, let’s say pineapple, Cocao a protein. like other adaptogens. Yeah. And there’s like, like possibly like iron tying was telling me they have like 10 to 20, like many different combinations and options. I thought they were pretty low in sugar too,

because It’s all natural sugar. Yeah. I still think some lower than others. Yeah. Some are lower than others, but it’s still like 10 to 20 grams of sugar. But it’s all coming from like the banana that’s in there, like the chunks of bananas. And like, in some of them there’s like, you know, dates, you know,

all of these have natural sugar, but the important thing is there’s no added sugar. Yeah. If you like to have smoothies in the morning and you want to mix things up, I think this well, that’s why I got it for you because you wanted to, you were sick of your smoothie. You add your protein powder and your nut butter to it.

And you’re like high protein milk. And you add that piece cos component to it. But this is like the flavor, the bulk of it. You know what I mean? Yeah. The other thing that tying and got me, which I really liked was the it’s called a soul. Right. Um, thing. I don’t know what to call it.

So imagine like a foam foam roller, but this is like taking it to the next step. It’s like, it’s pretty cool. If you Google soar. Right. P S O and then right. R I T E. You’ll see what that, what that looks like. But it’s like a, it looks like a V shaped thing you put on the ground and then like the two ends really hit your back nicely.

And like any other muscle areas. It’s really good for like getting rid of tension in the back, getting rid of scar tissue. And I always wanted one time. Got it from you. Thank you, baby. Yeah. It’s whole thing. Sounds like an addict. I know we sound like we’re doing ads, but we’re not. Well, I’m just happy.

Like, you know, when you’re like a little kid or like you get gifts and you like, Do you know this? Does this person will pick up the truck in the back? Yeah. Well, I mean anything, any gift that we buy each other, it’s usually revolving around health. Like last year I got you and I, um, a day at a float tank.

Oh yeah. Remember this is, this was like a tank of water with tons of salt in it. And it’s like a pod basically. And you lay in it flow and then they close it and you put like, you know, buds in your ear so that the saltwater, Alright, love bugs buds. Right. I thought you said bugs for a second.

Yeah. Bed bugs. And you’re like, well cotton or whatever. And it’s like, it’s, it’s black, it’s pitch black. They turned off the lights in this tank. You’re not touching anything. You’re not moving for like an hour. It’s what’s it called? Zero sense. Sensory. Yeah. It’s basically supposed to get rid of all your senses.

So when you’re sitting in this tank, you can’t see, you can’t feel really because the water is a temperature of your skin. So it just feels like you’re floating. You don’t know where your fingers end and where the water starts. Cause it’s the same temperature. And then there’s like a bunch of like, uh, Exxon salt in there. So you’re getting all this magnesium and like,

uh, it’s really beneficial for your muscles to like, to absorb that, to recover and for your energy levels going forward, like in the next couple of days and weeks and like really other beneficial thing is like, it’s for like, it’s a meditative meditative, like session two. Yeah. One hour you’re in the dark. You can’t smell. See.

And you just like, like, yeah, you’re focusing on yourself and you’re just like meditating and silent bouncing. I love great. And like, so it’s just great to like, do things like this to recover your body and like, make sure you’re caring about yourself. Even if it’s like one thing a day it’s that’s that’s Yeah. I mean, working out is an example,

going in the sun after your workout was an example of like self care and taking a moment to, to like, just come back down from, for sure. Hype of the whole day and everything that you have to do. I love it. Well, your birthday is next week. That’s the funny thing. Tallinn and I birthdays are one week apart.

I’m a simple woman. So it’s annoying that my birthday’s first cause you could like basically hit me up with like bam, bam, bam. Why don’t you follow up on that now? No freaking it’s revenge season now until it makes sense. I’ll tell you what I want on this podcast. Uh, no, no, no, no. It’s going to be a bit too much pressure.

And then if I don’t get it, then people are gonna ask you, like, if you didn’t get that, cause I have found something better. I think it’s an experience. Salsa dancing. Oh, he knows anyways. Okay. This gets no. Oh, let’s get now into our let’s transition topic. Yeah. Working out is salsa. Dancing.

A workout can be anywhere. So working out for peace, us and PCO is weight loss. Now like we’ve been talking about for, uh, for a while now that intense workouts are not really recommended for, for PCs workouts. Timeline. True. Yeah. Start with Often times we leave the doctor’s office feeling like we have to do whatever it takes to get this weight off.

And we’re so determined and they said just lose weight. Okay. Now let’s hop on the treadmill and never get off until all the pounds shed. Okay. I’ve been there. I’m sure many of you have even like orange theory cycling, um, cake. But I did all of these kickboxing, whatever these high intensity, long exercises for, you know,

it’s a lot of intensity the whole time. Um, basically pumps sugar into your bloodstream and you’re supposed to burn it during the workout, but you can’t because we don’t have good cell metabolism. Yeah. And to make it clear, like I know we say intense workouts, it’s hard to understand what that is. Maybe intense or so we’re talking about you’re running,

but you’re not only running. You’re going above your steady heart rate. You’re pushing your heart rate to where you’re at. You’re breathing harder. Like you’re having a hard time controlling your breath. Those are the moments where your body realizes that you’re having a hard time breathing. And then it pumps all these stress hormones like cortisol and tells your body, alright,

it’s fight or flight time. Let’s do this. And you perform better because of it. However, because um, you know, women with peace, yours, it’s not, uh, it’s harder to manage those stress hormones. So you’re not able to balance the cortisol levels back down after your workout. So instead your stress levels are increased for a longer period of time.

Unfortunately, uh, dis um, creates more inflammation and creates weight, gain, weight plateau, and then you get more issues. You don’t, you feel tense almost like you’ve had too much caffeine. Cause it’s like stress. And like, it just has a worse impact for your PCs. And you explained that so well, cool. Thank you. If you’re on the treadmill,

listening to this podcast, get off. Yeah. Well, so one thing though, I actually wouldn’t recommend treadmill like those electric treadmills, because when you’re on a treadmill, you’re not really running. What you’re doing is the treadmill is like this, this thing that’s moving and you’re just jumping in position. So like, it’s not like you’re pushing the ground and jumping into it,

like jumping a little bit in the air to go forward. You’re not moving your body. You’re literally tapping the floor up and down, up and down as the floor underneath you is moving second. You could still run. Um, if you, if you want to run, do steady state. So meaning you’re going at a steady speed and your heart rate is controlled the whole time.

And you can do this for a lot longer than you could an intense workout because your stress levels won’t increase. Yeah. Like a jog if you’re keeping it at a steady rate. Yeah. I like that. A short jog. Yeah. Yeah. It does sound. I like to go on walks. Uphill walks. Yeah. Uphill is good too,

because you’re engaging the thigh quads, the quads and the thighs more. And you’re really making the muscles work more when you’re just going up a Hill versus like straight or even downhill to downhill actually engages more muscles. It’s uh, you don’t realize, but when you go downhill, it engages more muscles because your body is now has the balance and hold your way back up down at the same time,

it’s a lot more muscles engaged. Yeah. Does it hurt your knees? So running on concrete can hurt your knees and joints like ankles. I always recommend like Toronto run on grass. It’s really better because the impact is absorbed by the grass and isn’t combated it doesn’t hit back on your joints. Whereas like, you know, that’s, what’s what happens on smell.

You’re like always running and that impact is just like jolts your joints. I’ve seen runners, um, run barefoot on grass before. Yeah. Yeah. Like the barefoot portion is really good for functional stuff because like sometimes shoes it’s it’s because like it’s distinct surrounding your foot. It doesn’t give your foot to the flex. Um, the flexing, it needs to like engage certain muscles.

So because like a lot of times with these Nike shoes, the soles are created in such a where like disengages, like maybe like some of your functional muscles in the foot. So as, yeah, as a result, it’s just barefoot lifting weights. Yeah. Yes. So when you’re barefoot or yeah, like a flat sole, your bought your feet are able to like stick to the ground better instead of a raised soul.

So when you’re working out, you want something like lifting, like not necessarily lifting shoes, but they’re also called like functional workout shoes. And like, it really helped you like, just work out better without, um, having things like planning for. If you have that, um, many times it can be resolved by changing your soul by getting a custom soul.

So I highly recommend if you’re suffering from that foot pain, my mom just got that and I recommended the same thing to her. She put it and now her foot is like completely completely healed. And like, I’ve heard this same thing from so many people. So before we go way off track with shoes and souls and stuff, what workouts do we recommend,

baby? Like why? Oh, so we’re saying don’t do intense workouts. Yeah. So like we said, you know, those intense workouts, just going, I want to reiterate this so that we can, you know, once you know, this knowledge is power, you can apply better workout routines and see better results and feel better. So again,

when you have PCOS and you’re doing these crazy workouts and you’re pumping the stress, hormones and sugar into your bloodstream, so you can burn it during that workout you because we have impaired cell metabolism and you’re trying to heal that we’re not able to burn that sugar during that workout. And instead our weight stays the same and plateaus, or sometimes it even goes up,

which is what happened to me when I was running a lot or kickboxing a lot. And um, it’s like really discouraging. And you might not even want to work out anymore. Like you just want to give up after several years of this. And it’s unbelievable because everyone is like work out more at cycling and go, You can take so much out of you in the UFC results.

Do you feel like, ah, forget this. I don’t want to. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, people, I don’t blame you if you’re discouraged. And oftentimes that happens with PCs. There’s so many times during your, like my 10 year period of time that I was trying to figure out what to do for PCs. There were so many moments where I was like,

I just want to give up, like, what is even going to work? Like nothing anyone says is working for me, you know? Yeah. Yeah. But you know, again, don’t give up, keep it pushing and yeah. PCs friendly workout. Yeah. And what, what is that that basically entails, um, now adding weighted exercises into your routine.

So yes. Which you want to do. Yeah, exactly. Pick up the weights and now let’s do some weighted exercises instead of doing those intense workouts. That one thing that Tom like always suggests on her Instagram is by first starting with the legs, like specifically thigh workouts. Exactly. So that really targets insulin resistance. Yeah. When you’re doing the thigh workouts,

cause it’s the biggest muscle in your body, your thigh, you’re picking up the sugar in your bloodstream, burning it and making it into muscle. Instead of doing like a long run where you’d be dumping sugar into your bloodstream and not being able to burn it because of impaired cell metabolism and the more muscle you have, the less insulin resistant you will be.

So this goes hand in hand with diet change and all of these things, like just the way you’re working out can have impact. Yeah. So focusing on your legs is a great start because as Tom mentioned, it’s the biggest muscle. So you’re going to have a big impact on picking up that sugar from your bloodstream. So going into that dough, another reason you,

you want to focus on your lower body strength is because this is going to is going to have a huge impact on your health as you get older. So one of the biggest impacts on mortality, meaning like how long we live and our health when we’re older is your lower body strength. Now, why is this? Now? This is where it gets really interesting.

I love this. Tell us the juice. So as you get older, it’s really important that you get up from your, from where you’re sitting, right? You want to move. However, as you get older, that becomes harder and harder to, to, to do. Now we all know we all have grandmas grandpas I’m sure were, as they got older,

unfortunately we saw them like they had a hard time getting up. Right. So what would happen? You would always see them sitting down and enjoying the party and like they would be smiling, but like they would just be sitting most of the time. So like, why is that? It’s because it was hard for them to get up and walk around.

And most likely because their lower body strength was never that strong because you know, they didn’t think about that. Now we know more. So like research has shown that when you do have lower body strength, like a stronger, lower body strength, as you get older, people live longer because you’ll be more prone to standing up to walking. And this just by standing up,

you’re going to be doing more exercising just by walking because you’re going to be burning more calories. You’re going to be healthier. And that alone without trying has a huge impact on your health. So just keep that in mind, sisters is to, as you get older, just make sure you’re, you’re like a squad singer. Your lower body workouts are consistent along with the rest of you.

What are some lower body workouts we should do? And before you launch into your great exercise recommendations, let’s rewind. And remember that time that I tried to do the one legged, um, remember when we were recording and one of the workout moves and you’ll see this in the sisterhood, it’s actually going to be posted in one of the workout videos where I had to stand,

stand, like sit in a chair and stand up on one leg. Do you know how hard that is? I know I had no idea. I thought I had muscular legs and I think I do, but like maybe our chair is just deep and like, Whoa, I mean, it was hard. And I did it like in front of you,

like 10 times, it was like this, just like this baby. Like, and you’re like, I can’t do it. You guys, you have to try this. It engages everything, your thigh, your back, your butt, everything. It is hilarious. Yeah, we should explain. So this, this is a whole like, so basically let’s get into like what workouts are going to do for lower body.

Well, squats is like one of the basic fundamental ones, but so we did a whole workout series, only using a chair. We want to make it easy and simple for anybody to just start doing leg workouts. So this is a video right now that we’re making for the sisterhood where it’s a, you’re just using one chair and you’re going to do your whole leg workout using that.

And they’ll talk the workout at times talking about is she sits, you’re sitting down just like you would, but you put one leg off the ground. So let’s say you put your right leg above the ground. You can see me doing this right now in the video. I’ll just do it right now. Oh my God. So you put one leg off the ground and using just the left leg to stand up,

you basically stand up. Can you do that? Oh wow. Of course he can. So you do this for, you know, however many reps and sets recommended and like it really, after a while it starts burning and like, it’s a great workout, but Tom couldn’t do it at first. She did it, but she had to warm up To warm up to it.

Whoa, WhatsApp, Which is totally fine. The whole point of like the number one thing I love about like weighted exercises, like weightlifting in general for me is the progression and getting better when you can’t do a certain way. Even if like lightweight, like there’s certain exercises where it took me a while to do even 10 pounds, because they’re like, you’re working on these like important muscles.

And when you see that progression, it makes you feel amazing. Like, Oh look, we’re registered. As you increase your weights and you get stronger and stronger, you start feeling like, yes, I’m doing something, you know? And just so you guys know, we’re not recommending like weight lifting or like body building. Like you can do that if you,

if that’s what you want to do. But like, we’re just talking about like doing like 10 to 15 pounds, sometimes lighter, sometimes a little bit heavier, but the whole point is to engage the muscles, not like, you know, gain a tremendous amount. If you’re afraid that you might get too quote, unquote bulky by doing weightlifting. Listen to this.

The reason why, you know, you may feel like you’re starting to look more bulky when you do intense workouts. And I felt this way when I was doing kickboxing. And it’s because when you’re pumping a stress hormone called DHA into your bloodstream, it’s like the SA acts the same as testosterone. And that starts making you get symptoms of having high testosterone,

including looking bulk here, including facial hair, acne, getting worse and hair fallout and, and, um, things like that. So the reason why these PCs friendly workouts don’t trigger that stress hormone DGA or, or like blood sugar issues, which contribute to high testosterone is because they’re slower. And we have 62nd rests in between sets, which bring beer,

stress, hormones back down, and then you do the next set and you’re breathing throughout. And you’re not like totally out of breath dying. Like while you’re doing the workout, pushing yourself to the limit, this you’re healing your hormones during the workout. Like it’s not about calories and like burning the most and sweating the most. Yeah. And you’re sustaining those hormones at a perfect level.

So after your workout, you don’t feel like it’s, anything is too high or too low. Exactly. And going into that, let’s talk about some of the research behind this. So the research actually shows that your metabolism stays higher after a weighted exercise first as a cardio exercise. So what does that mean? It means after your workout hours, after your workout,

your metabolism is actually still higher than it normally would be as if you did a cardio workout. That’s awesome. Because we’re trying to heal cell metabolism to lose weight. Yeah. So one of the, one of the, um, side effects or symptoms of PSUs is the slower cell metabolism. So just doing this alone is already helping your symptoms. So another,

um, fact is that, um, Oh wait, actually I should mention, so the research that showed you burn more calories or more, um, your metabolism is higher after a workout. If you do a weighted workout, some use, some cases has shown that for 38 hours, the metabolism was higher versus cardio more than a day. Yeah. 38 hours.

It’s crazy. And it’s one to 12. Tell us more sisters often tell us, um, asked me when can I incorporate cardio again, if I’m like, you know, transitioning into weighted exercises. And my answer is, once you feel like you’re ready to maybe after three months or something, you can start reincorporating the cardio workouts that you like doing because,

um, but you have to monitor your symptoms. Is, is your weight still going down or like maintaining where you want it to be? Do you feel good? Are you fatigued afterwards? You would know best. Every body is different. There may be someone listening out there that is not impacted by cardio the way that most of us are. And so it’s up to you to decide what you what’s best for you.

Totally. And it with cardio too, you have to go really intense in order to lose weight. And that’s not. Yeah. It’s like harder to Carter. You can really. Yeah. Like the thing is with cardio, you can, you can burn more calories than, than a weighted exercise in a, in a certain amount of time. But to do that,

you have to go really intense. But as you mentioned, that intense part is not good for PCs, but you know, if it works for you, you should continue to do it, but just be mindful of like those different symptoms and, um, just make sure you’re doing the right thing for your body. Right. Um, and another question that I often get,

and I just thought of this because we’re talking about cardio and stress hormones is what about belly fat people? Because that’s where we accumulate our weight. Oftentimes with PCLs it’s in our stomach area. And you know, what happens is when you’re pumping stress hormones, especially cortisol, you end up storing fat in your stomach area. And that’s why like, no matter how hard you cycle or workout that your waist doesn’t seem to be going down,

it it’s all just going there. And I know that Struggle is real. It is hard. I know, but the one benefit of weighted exercise with it, with that in regard is that, so when you have more muscle, it actually increases your metabolism as well. So yeah, and this equals equals to resting metabolism being higher. So when you have a little bit more muscle,

it’s not just your metabolism is higher when you’re working out, but it also, um, it makes your resting metabolism higher. So when you’re just sitting at your chair working, or just watching TV, if your metabolism is higher than it normally would have been maybe like four weeks ago, when you weren’t doing your weighted exercises. In fact, there was even another study done for 24 weeks where they did a study on a weighted exercises on,

on women and men. And they saw that their, their metabolism, their resting metabolism specifically for men increased by 9%. And for women increased by 4%. That’s great. This in this alone, imagine on a daily basis alone has a huge impact because as time mentioned earlier, cell metabolism is lower because of PSUs. And this has an impact on other symptoms.

Give us a couple of moves that we can do in home. Maybe you can explain it through the podcast. We like three moves that you could get started on in terms of weighted exercises. Okay. I love it. So first things first, you don’t need much. You could work out at home as long as you have like adequate space. So if you can go to like a big five or Walmart and you store Amazon get five,

I wouldn’t recommend, I would recommend getting like five, 10, and then maybe an eight pounder. So like two fives and two 10 pounders, like dumbbells. So now when you’re at home, you could, you could now basically do all like the basic workouts. And if you don’t want to get Dumbos, you don’t have to either. So first the biggest fundamental you want to start with is squats.

I know like that’s like a workout that everybody knows, but it’s fundamental. It’s a fundamental one. You don’t use weights at first. That’s fine. But you plan on eventually building enough muscles. So you do use weights. Cause that’s also so important to build muscle. That’s the whole point, like building the muscle is the point. If you’re not losing,

if you’re not using weights and you’re just like doing the move over and over again. And yeah. Not like getting a little bit sore afterwards. It’s not doing that. Yeah. I mean, you can even grab something in your kitchen or like in the living room and the bedroom find something in the house and water bottle and just like, put it over your head.

That’s not going to fall and hit your head obviously. And just like, you know, do the exercise. Right? Okay. She interrupted you. It’s okay. You brought up some great points. So basically start with squats. Now it’s squats are really important. Why? Because not only is it engaging your legs, your glutes, it’s also working out your abs your back your shoulders.

Because when you keep this weight up and your back up as you squat down and up, your body has to hold itself in balance itself. And the only way to doing that is by engaging your back and your core to keep everything up. So that’s why doing your squats is like already a great start for your entire body. Your body’s going to be like,

Holy crap, what are we doing? Let’s do this. So next. Do you want to focus a little bit more on your upper body? Because if you’re trying to lose, like we mentioned with the piece, you, as you can, uh, develop more fat in your belly section and it’s harder to get rid of that. So you still want to focus a little bit more on the upper body too,

to make sure you’re, you know, proportionally working out the entire body. But don’t forget when you work out your legs, you’re still going to be able to lose weight everywhere. It’s by working out the legs, it’s going to pull energy and resources from the entire body. Not just like where you’re working it out. Exactly. So for upper body,

you want to focus on your back because your back, you know, composers like most of the muscles in your upper body, along with your chest. So doing stuff like I always recommend China, like pull yourself up on a bar. I know it’s really hard to do. I’ve been trying to help time do that. But the reason why is, I mean,

think about it. You’re hanging off a cliff and you need to survive. You need to pull yourself up. You need to be prepared for this anyway, starting slowly by even like, just putting your feet on the ground and pulling yourself up, just using, just using your arms and your back is great. Develop those back muscles. Some people don’t have something to pull it themselves at home.

What do you think they should do for like an upper body workout? It’s okay. That’s okay. You can still do an upper back workout or back workout by doing stuff like dumbbell rows where you know you’re yeah. Or like your face. Yeah. You’re you’re you’re facing down. You could always Google these things, dumbbell rows and you’ll know. You’ll see,

based on the video, what it is, I’ll do a quick one on the podcast right now, Bend over, grab the weights, pull them up. Like you’re pulling up grocery bags, grocery bags, or the kids and squeeze your back. Do not throwing anything in this workout. He always wants to throw something. I swear, but It’s a great staple workout for your back.

We’ll really develop those lats. The middle traps. Okay. Wait stairs. Give us enough. There are, uh, the chair one should be the third one. Yeah. So Stand up one on one leg. Yeah. Starting by standing up from a chair with one leg is great. That worked so many muscles. You know, not just my leg,

like I know another favorite is Belgian lunges. You know, that’s where you put one foot behind you on like a re surface. You squat down and up like a lunge. That’s a good one. That’s a great one for a lower body. You can do always do chest presses laying on the ground. So I highly, highly recommend you don’t do like chest,

like any press from a bench instead you lay flat on the floor. And so when I say a chest press or a fly, I’m talking about when you’re laying back on the F on the floor and you’re pressing up with your, with your arms, you know, it’s great for your shoulders. It’s great for your chest. And as I mentioned, this is a big portion of your upper body.

So you want to work that out just like low weights, like five to 10 pounds, but doing it on the ground is really beneficial because it prevents injuries. Your elbow stops when it touches the ground. And can’t go behind your back. When you go, when it goes behind your back on a bench, what that does, it is opens up your shoulders to injury.

So now you’re impinging your rotator cuff. You’re stretching it back out. And it’s gonna eventually, if you go too heavy or maybe do the wrong movement, it’s going to injure that area. I know it’s happened to me when I was a lot younger. I’ve had, um, shoulder rotator, cuff injuries. Luckily like not like, um, too severe where I needed surgery or anything.

I just needed to like, you know, rehab with my son over here. But I learned, I learned I haven’t had any injuries for the last, like five to seven years. Do you choose weights? I’m sure sisters are wondering. It’s like, where do you start? How do you know? It’s the right weight for you? It’s not too low and it’s not too long.

I love this great question. You should ask these questions. You know the answer. I just want you to say this to everyone. Okay. So with, uh, with weights, S let’s say the workout is recommending. So like with our workouts, we say, do three sets, 10 repetitions. Each that means you’re going to do 10 times for that one set.

Right? So if it’s like a squat, you’re going to do 10 squats. Alright. That’s one set limit. Let me rest one minute onto the next set. Let me do 10 more squats. So w how do pick the weight is you want to pick a weight where you can only do 10 squats. So what does that mean? If he grabs 10th one?

Yeah, You’re done. You’re like, you want to drop the weight? Yeah. So like you do one, you’re the one to, okay. This is fairly, fairly easy. I can use three RS getting a little harder. Five art. I feel the sweat. Seven. Oh, Matt. Alright. Two minus nine. Alright. Alright.

One more. Come on 10. Alright. Drop two weights. Perfect. 62nd rest afterwards. Yeah. So, Oh, go ahead. So, I mean, do you remember when we did this for the first time and the 62nd rests? I was like, okay, now let’s do jumping jacks. Oh, you don’t want to read this. It was the first time I introduced you to it.

You want to do some sort of circuit or some hit training or something? I was like, no time. This is the time to rest and take it easy. Yeah. It’s like meditating while you’re working out. Yeah. Slow movements, you know, you’re, you’re feeling, You’re breathing always at a steady rate, fueling it. Yeah. You’re having a conversation with your partner.

And then, then you’re continuing. That’s a good point. When you work out together, you get to have a conversation through the, through the rest times, but not too much else. Then the workout takes too long. We’ve learned our lesson. I know sometimes like, we’ll talk too much during break times about like, Oh, we should do this or that.

And they’re like, Oh, w we waited 30 seconds too long. Let’s go back. And then, And then it adds up in the workouts an hour long instead of 45 minutes. By the way, you don’t need to work out that long. It could be 30 minutes. You’re good. Like, as long as you’re doing weights and you’re doing it all properly,

you can do it in 30 minutes. Right. We had the, we had like a four week meal and workout plan. And in that workout plan, there is like four workouts, three to four workouts per week. And each workout was only 30 minutes. It could be longer if you wanted to make it longer, but it was only about 30 minutes.

And so many people saw results. We have testimonials of people losing weight. And just saying that like, this is like complete, complete, changed the way they looked at how to work out. So just know 30 minutes is not too little. We have proof that 30 minutes is all it takes Seriously. And that of course is coming back. Yeah.

Yeah. We’ll come back in may right before the summer. So, you know, you guys scan it all back in depth, but so going back to picking weights, as I mentioned, pick weight where whatever the repetition is, it’s gonna, you’re going to stop right at that end. If it’s, if it’s too tired to go on, if it’s too late,

by the way, it’s okay. Let’s say your first set. All this was too late. I could do like five more, five more of these that’s okay. Duel finished that one on the next set. Increase the weight, or maybe vice versa. Lower it, whatever the case is. Exactly. So I covered the frequently asked questions. Yeah.

We’re working out. Don’t you think? Sure. I mean, if, if anyone has any more questions, you can DM it. Yeah. That’s true. But also, um, don’t forget with weighted workouts, you always want to self care your body. So yeah, making sure you’re stretching properly things like yoga. Yoga is great to get rid of like,

um, what’s it called? Uh, scar tissue, scar tissues, like fascia, fascia, all that develops from sitting from working out from anything you do in life. So you want to always massage. I get a massage or maybe, or yoga itself is great. Yoga will like, as you stretch, it will really help get rid of those,

those kinds of tissues that develop The best part. You come home, you take your shower and then you get your foam roller out and you stretch. I just watch TV and relax. Yeah. And, um, just the note about stretching so that you, you want to make sure you stretch, right? Like this is not very, very, non-birth,

there’s a difference between stretching. So there’s static, stretching and dynamic stretching. Tell us more. Yes. It sounds very exciting. Doesn’t it? So what’s static and what’s dynamic, static, stretching, stretching, static stretching is when you’re like sitting still and you’re just stretching your, your arm, right. You’re just like really stretching as deep as you can,

but your body’s staying still as you do it. Static, dynamic stretching is imagine you’re like moving your body around to warm it up. So like, let’s say, like, if you’re watching on the video, I can show you better than describing. But imagine like, instead of stretching your arm at once, you’re going like this, you’re just like kicking your arm out a little bit,

just to warm it up, you know, get it going, get the muscles going. So what’s the difference? What should we do? So before you work out, you don’t do not want to do static stretching because when you do static stretching, you’re stretching out the muscle too much. So it’s losing blood and you’re, um, it’s almost like a rubber band.

Let’s say you’re gonna use a rubber band. Do you want to stretch the heck out of it before you use it? No, because it takes the strength, the weight, the same thing with working out. When you stretch out your muscles too much like that before workout, you’re losing the strength that you’re going to have in the workout itself. And it also causes,

uh, um, makes you more prone to injury, like, or prevent a workout. Yeah. So exactly perfect. Head-on you want do your static stretching after the workout? Because during the workout, you’re, you’re getting blood in all these muscles, whatever you’re working out, when you, every time you crunch it, every time you squeeze it, blood is rushing in.

So after your workout, you want to get the blood out. You want to stretch it, let the muscles breathe, let it start to recover. So you stretch it out, nicely statically after a workout, maybe you’re laying on the floor and you’re putting your leg, you know, above or in front of you. And you’re like holding, you’re trying to reach your toes.

Something like that. Like status’ slowly stretching those muscles out dynamic where you’re, you know, like doing these like jerk movements to like, get, get like blood into the muscle and things like that. You want to do it before your workout. So maybe like you’re in the warmup area of the gym or at your house. And you’re just like, you know,

like maybe just lightly moving your legs, you know, swinging your arms, rotating your shoulder, making sure that it’s fluid. There’s, there’s blood in there and it’s not like cold, you know, you’re not like starting up the engine and just going to 60 at once. Right. Okay. Now that was very helpful. So I hope you feel motivated to work out after this,

to work out the way that will improve your PCs symptoms rather than make it more, um, more inflamed and more difficult. The tough part is, yeah. The tough part is that we’re also addicted to that feeling of working out hard and like feeling like that’s the only way we can lose weight because you get addicted to that feeling that like rush fooling and you think all this is the way I’m going to lose weight.

If I don’t do this, if I don’t feel this, then I don’t get, yeah, it’s an addicting. So It’s not your fault. But like, but once you know that, then you can say, you know what? You get this. Let me figure something that is going to give me results that I deserve for the effort I’m putting in.

The hard part is like changing that habit and making yourself not feel that way, because all it takes is you to do that for one week or two weeks and you’ll start to see results. So we hope we covered everything. If we didn’t just feel free to ask us and on Instagram or in the comments anywhere, but now let’s go to our win of the week from our fellow sisters who are managing their piece,

us like a boss. Yes. I have one from the sisterhood here. Um, Himmel I think that’s her name. She says, Hey, Tallinn. I joined the sister last night. After coming across your page, about two months ago, I was so excited and couldn’t believe my eyes. When I saw the love you spread in the community. I couldn’t sleep until 3:00 AM and now I’m so sleepy,

sleepy, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m super excited on this journey, all this while I thought I could not manage viscose after joining sister. And for some odd reason, I’m a hundred percent sure I can do it with you guys. I was telling my very supportive husband, how much I appreciate his support, but I just need that push that go.

That it’s going to be all right from someone who went through the exact same thing. Hence the sisterhood coming from. Yeah. And then, you know, it’s a long message, but she says, it means a lot to me. I don’t know how to thank you for all the positivity and motivation. That’s what we’re here for. Sister is the motivation,

that information for you to feel empowered, Make you stay up all night, still you reading up everything and you want to talk to everybody. Seriously. I love that. I’ve been there excited. Cause I want to play video games. I stay up all night. You’re excited because you finally found something that makes sense that you can relate to. That’s not telling you to like,

go, go, go, worked out. Let’s do this. Try that crazy fad diet. Yeah, totally. And a great bar. There’s a, there’s like a area for everybody. Like there’s these different stages. Not everybody is at the same stage. Great part is we have like a different area, topic area for people to talk to. Like if you’re in stage one or stage three,

we have a group that you get together with them. Talk to each other and like, you know, have their same, have the same resources, different resources for each type, Um, stage of the sisterhood. So if you’re in stage one and you’re newly diagnosed or you’re in stage three and you just started going gluten free or you’re in stage four,

just started going dairy free there’s information in each stage to help you. Because you know, like we always say one step at a time. Even when you go to the gym, you don’t have to be perfect. Or even if you start the workouts at home, it’s just like one at a time. Yeah. This goes to PCs and working out.

You don’t have to go and start going crazy right away. You build yourself up. You know? So that’s the same thing with the stages you want to start where you should start. Don’t just jump into it. Thinking you’re going to run with everything. Yeah. There’s a journey. And you’re going to eventually you don’t get there. All right, sisters,

it was so nice chatting with you. It was very nice. And thank you again for all the birthday wishes and all the sweet things you guys said to me today, it makes me feel great. And don’t forget, you can always reach us on Instagram at S dot weight loss. Our podcasts one is at a sister and her Mister, you can watch this as well on YouTube.

I did a lot of movements today. Definitely going to have to see some of that on YouTube, but we hope it was good. Thank you for joining us. Yeah, take care. Bye bye. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from Sage one cold alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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