Worst PCOS Advice (SHE SAID WHAT?!)

What’s the most incorrect, well meaning advice you’ve received about PCOS?

On today’s episode, we read your responses and give our reactions! Tune in to hear your fellow Cyster’s response on what the most incorrect but well meaning advice they received in their PCOS journey!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to another episode of the podcast episode. So today, if you don’t know what song birds singing, that was luxurious by Gwen Stefani, the old G early two thousands. We are obsessed with that song.

Yeah, I guess like that’s when music used to be shizzle, man, you know what I mean? Like it was so good back then, like 50 set. I remember Gwen Stefani. It’s early two thousands where the shit, those were the days it was, it was a days don’t matter. It’s fine. We’ll still go great music now. Good.

I dunno. Maybe I love Beyonce. So Beyonce is good, but the auto tune, all that kind of stuff. I mean, anyway, what’s up everyone. Hope you’re doing well. It is peace USA awareness month. It’s September. So I just want to give a big shout out to all our sisters for being here for listening and just being part of peace USA awareness month with us.

Thank you so much for joining us this month. We want to fuel all our sisters with motivation to take the next steps to reversing PCOS and living symptom free. And yeah, we have lots of surprises this Month. Yeah, we’re actually doing a very, very special deal with Avast Atol. So we’ve partnered with Avastin tall to give you an amazing bonus.

So anyone who orders or Vassar tall in the month of September with our PRC code 29260, they will receive a two week extra supply of Avastin tol and a two week trial in the sisterhood with every purchase of Avastin tall. So you still get your three months supply vessel when you order. But in addition, you’ll be getting two weeks extra supply and a two week free trial,

all meant to just give you all the tools you need in September to basically tackle your piece, us manage symptoms, lose weight, and just thrive. So Exciting. You know, one day we’ll have like a PCLs concert for September awareness month and we’ll be throwing out or basketball packets into the crowd. I know that’d be great. And just like hyping everyone up.

But until that day we are here passing out two weeks free of Avast to tall for anyone who orders with our PRC code. Yeah. And two week free of the sisterhood. That’s right. And we do have, we have a very fun episode next week. It’s going to be with talions friend and sister. So Leanna and Arlene are going to join us.

We’ve never had four people live or four people in the studio because it’s not going to be over zoom. It’s going to be with the mix. It’s going to be legit. It’s so much fun. Leanna is actually a sister. She has a PCOM. And then my sister is also a sister. She has PCRs. So we’ll be talking all things,

PCO S lifestyle and deck. Our host will be there to support us and direct us. Yeah. It’s a really fun episode. We can’t wait til you listen to that one. And today’s episode, we’re going to talk about incorrect, but well-meaning advice about peace us, you know, at this can be advice coming from friends, from family, from doctors,

from specialists, et cetera. And I think it’s really good episode to start off, you know, peace as awareness month, because one of the most difficult aspects of peace us is that not everyone gets the help that they deserve from their practitioner. Not all practitioners are well-informed. There are great doctors out there, but there are unfortunately some who are just not up to date with so Many are not up to date with PCLs and there’s all this misinformation going around and we’re happy to debunk all the myths and just talk about the,

just insane newness of some of these messages. I mean, What was your experience with, with like finding a practitioner, finding a doctor in your journey when you started? Well, I went to a lot of gynecologists and I realized that none of them were going to give me what I was looking for, which was the lifestyle. Well, like, what are some of the things that they told you the first couple you went to,

You know, just S it’s a hormonal condition, take birth control. We don’t know too much about it. There’s not much you can do. Like, it was very painful and like emotionally painful to not get answers, right. Basically alone in the doctor’s office. Yeah. It was Just a loan. And I realized that the answers I was looking for with diet and lifestyle changes were going to come from a different type of doctor.

So I started seeing naturopathic doctors and gynecologists who specialize in functional medicine, specifically Dr. Phyllis scourge, who wrote PCO S S O S great book. Life-changing she gave me lots of advice, but of course, doing all of the things I learned was what was the kicker like took a lot of years to implement the diet, changes, the exercise changes,

which I only learned from you in fact, and like, you know, the lifestyle. So yeah, It’s very similar to what we hear from other sisters and their experiences at the doctor’s office, you know, feeling scared and alone and feeling like the doctor’s not answering your questions, feeling like the doctor’s not even listening to you. It’s almost like the doctor has made up their mind.

And no matter what you tell them or questions, you ask them, they can’t give you the same answer. Yeah. Birth control Metformin, or just lose weight or any of those, you know, default answers that we’ve heard come from users, sisters. So that’s why we want to start off this month with this episode, because we want to debunk some of these incorrect pieces of advice.

And we also wanted to talk about journey and hopefully to inspire you, to motivate you to know that there are better practitioners out there, and there are ways that you can still improve your piece. We want to debunk some of these things. So you don’t feel like this is the end. And the great thing about them is we actually got all the answers from you.

So we actually went on Instagram. If you don’t follow us, our Instagram is at peace, us dot weight-loss P C O S dot weight loss. And our podcast also has a Instagram too, a sister and her Mr. But on the PCO start weight loss page, we asked you what’s the most incorrect well-meaning advice you’ve received about PCs, most incorrect well-meaning advice.

We’ve got about 20 answers. We’re going to go through each one a little quickly, not to slow down where it’s not going to be a three hour long going over each response, but we’re going to go over each response and kind of talk about them and see how you, maybe since there’s you relate to it. And we’ll just talk about it. Yeah.

Cool. So why don’t you start us off here with the first response that we got. All right. So Dirac fry says, if you eat healthy and workout, you’ll lose the weight. PCLs isn’t real A little boy. Oh boy. Yeah. You know, people Like some doctors or some people think that peace to us, isn’t real because they just want to blame you for,

I mean, for just, they think that you ate too much and then you got PCO S and these, this is the result of just like gaining weight or something like that. When it’s the opposite. If you have a genetic predisposition to piece cos, or if you have, you know, environmental factors that are triggering PCs stress and so on and inflammatory foods,

it will trigger PCO S if everyone’s different, you know? And so it might just trigger PCs. That doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. And I really think that a lot of people just don’t think PCs is real, Honestly, because like, they think that it’s just about calories in calories, out burning calories and whatnot, and that to XYZ. And no one stops to think about.

But how does food actually impact your body? How does your metabolic dysfunction actually impact your body’s ability to burn energy and use it for fuel? How does insulin resistance impact your body’s? Like I said, impact your body’s way of processing sugar into energy. You know, these are all things that are working against a lot of women with peace us. So when you say,

oh, just eat less, work out more. It throws all of, out the window. Exactly. I mean, one in 10 women have PCLs and in some countries, one in five women have PCOS. It’s a lot of women with PCOS. And it just goes to show that there’s no one size fits all approach for a woman, because we have hormones.

We have hormonal fluctuations over a period of 28 days. Everyone is different, you know, in terms of what factors affect us. And there’s no one size fits all. And just because you’re not doing what someone else is doing, you know, that doesn’t mean that PCs isn’t real and you weren’t trying hard enough. And so you have all these symptoms.

Yeah, absolutely. It makes me so mad. I know. I know. And we always see these messages too on Instagram, like the comments that come from sisters who are telling us their experience. And like, we saw it on a live today. It got me so angry because someone said that their doctor told them to just lose weight and that,

you know, PCs is in their head or something because she gained weight. Oh yeah. Yeah. Cause she got pissed. Yeah. It was a complete PSUs is a metabolic disorder. And so you gain weight because your metabolism is in stress. Yep. All right, babe, let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD.

Hey, sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all. Now Open your mouth, please. So I can give you a serving.

Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum cbd.com and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% off. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. Let’s go to the next One. So the next response was from wind B 95. She says, just relax, stop stressing. All you need is a drink.

Wow. Wow. That’s a good, that’s a good one. Right? Do that. That wouldn’t be brought up right there. You know, why don’t you talk about the impact of stress babe, and how that actually has an impact on other symptoms? Yeah. Well, You know, she’s saying stop stressing, but you can’t, even if you’re on like a vacation in the south of France,

like I once was you can have stress because of your hormonal levels. Like if your cortisol is high and dysregulated, you’re laying on this beautiful beach, but you’re burning up inside just like Burt, you know, that feeling where you’re just like anxious, but no reason. Yeah. Like, and that is hormonal. And you can’t just fix that by saying,

I’m not going to be stressed. You have to implement a lot of different lifestyle changes to support your cortisol levels so that your body doesn’t reach that point. And then there are other things like high testosterone that affects our anxiety as well. And so you have to do all of these other things like blood sugar regulation to manage your testosterone. So you can just say like stop stressing.

And you certainly like drinking is not going to help. Yeah. I think I read somewhere like women with PCs should avoid drinking alcohol, like the plague. Oh yeah. It was in a book, right? Yeah. I’ve got to say it’s PCs. SOS. Yeah. Maybe, maybe I’m not sure. Yeah. Not to mention like according to research,

40 to 50% of women have anxiety and or depression. So this is not something that’s like, not real, like this is real issue. So to tell someone to just say, stop it basically like is a disservice and it just throws away all that info, all that data right there. That’s yeah. You know, how about We investigate what’s happening underneath and get the hormones back to balance and then let’s take it from there.

All right. Let’s go to the next response, baby. Nourished by Allie says you can eat more carbs, but only if you work out more. So it basically, it kind of focusing on calories in calories out, or like eat whatever you can work out. You know, like basically whatever you can burn off kind of a ideology right there. Like you can have That cookie,

if you’re going to run five miles Or we think that’s not the right. I mean, that’s not a healthy way of looking at it, right. That has Nothing to do with work. Like your carbs have nothing to do with how much you’re going to work out that day. It’s not like a calorie thing. Day-to-day because It just depends on your level of insulin sensitivity.

Like if you can handle a hundred grams of carbs in a day, then that’s how much you eat. Doesn’t matter how much you’re going to work out later. It’s just how much your body can handle. And of course you can handle more. The more you lift weights and the more you improve your insulin sensitivity. Yeah. It’s about finding your carb tolerance.

It’s not about, you know, going from one like 50 grams to 150 grams to 80 grams. Yeah. Yeah. Just because you’re going to like exercise later or whatever. All right. The next response is from Mercedes nev. Is there like a Mercedes navigation kind of like a user, her name was Mercedes NAB. She says your body can’t lose weight on its own.

Try diapers. Wow. This is something you talked about. It’s so aggravating people are handed diet pills when they have PCOS, instead of talking about metabolism and how to improve insulin levels and cortisol levels, the two driving factors for PCs, weight gain. Yeah. I mean, what is a diet pill going to do for you? I’m so confused. What is it going to do?

It’s going to temporarily make you lose weight. It’s going to make you miserable. It’s Going to throw even to that because they’re so like vague and how they work. Yeah. I don’t know. It’s going to throw off your hormones even more and then you’re going to rely on it. And then, oh my gosh, the yo-yo dieting. And then here we go again.

Yeah. The tricky thing is we all, like, no matter what your end goal is, we all want like the easiest, fastest solution. So when someone says diet pills, it’s so easy to just be like, yeah, like I’d rather do that then, you know, whatever else. But then we don’t realize that it’s better focus on the root cause of what’s causing these issues.

You know, like improving insulin resistance and proving the metabolic dysfunction that actually improves the weight loss progress from within, for more sustainable results. Because what’s going to happen when you get off a diagnosis, it may get worse. It’s just going to get worse. Exactly. Cause you didn’t address anything about PCO S yeah. You’re just ignoring this beast of an issue that takes time and energy to really understand and investigate and just ignore it.

Take the diet pills or birth control or whatever, and move on. All right. Next loves lay allots. She says, drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I mean, a smoothie is a great option for a breakfast with protein, healthy fats. You could add a fruit in there, but not a complete fruit snack. Yeah. I mean, I get it.

It’s nutritious. It’s healthy. You know, lots of vitamins and minerals. Everyone thinks that like in a sizeable is a great breakfast option, but it’s just a lot of fruit, A lot of sugar in the morning. I know. And we talk about fruit a lot and we talk about how I’m eating a fruit a day. Especially if you’re first starting out to manage your insulin.

Resistance is ideal. Give me one piece of fruit ready. One, one for ya. Instead of relying on a bunch of fruit to curb your cravings and stuff, cause it’s going to make it worse. It’s still sugar, you know? Yeah. And That’s just while you’re managing your insulin resistance at the beginning, you just wanted to have like maybe an apple,

an orange is basically you can even focus on blueberries or Sperrys. In fact, cause they have launched low sugar content compared to other fruits. So just in the beginning, when you’re managing insulin resistance, you don’t want to be loading upon fruit in the morning, especially because that’s like having 50, 60 grams of sugar just to sort off for a day.

Yeah. No protein. And that’s going to make you actually have cravings just an hour later. If anybody who has had a fruit smoothie, let us know like comments on our Instagram, do you get cravings immediately? Like an hour, maybe even less. I had a patient who will get lightheaded and dizzy after breakfast everyday, she wouldn’t even be able to get up from a chair because her head was spinning.

And like she had to take care of her kids and this and that. And I was like, what are you eating for breakfast? And she told me, and then we changed it to more high protein, high fat option, like a smoothie with a bunch of protein and fat. And she felt so much better. And I was like, oh my gosh,

like, you know, a bunch of fruit in the morning. Although that sounds like delicious obviously is not going to give you the energy to get through the day and like take care of your kids and do all these things. Yeah. And correct me if I’m wrong. But basically when you have something with a lot of sugar, like a fruit smoothie,

what happens is you eat it and then your blood sugar goes really high. And then it comes, crashing down like a rollercoaster. And that’s when you’re feeling that like fatigue, lightheaded, dizzy, dizziness, and even cravings. Cause that huge drop like a rollercoaster in That book. Exactly. And fruit has fiber and water it. So it’s not as bad as eating like a piece of candy,

but it still is going to give you that crash. If that’s the only thing you’re eating. Yep. All right, Betty, if you keep eating chocolate chip cookies, you’re very, you’re very, or your ovaries will keep looking like them. If you keep eating chocolate chip cookies, you all my God. That’s what I’m guessing. Like a doctor,

someone told them each I’m guessing what they were trying to say. Is he eating chocolate chip cookies? Oh my God, man. That is people Say the craziest things. One person. I don’t know if I wrote this down, DMD me and said, the doctor said stop going to burger king. And you’ll be fine. I mean, what are you saying?

And you can still like, there’s still people who go to burger king and maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat gluten, dairy free at burger king. So even that is okay. It’s just like to, to automatically assume disingenuous results of that and that, you know what I mean? Yeah. It doesn’t at all. Like you said, I mean, I’m joking when I say you can eat gluten and dairy free and burger king.

But like really like if you eat burger king, you’re not going to get ovarian cysts. If you eat chocolate, what kind of stupid? Yeah. My court is all this going on. Christ. All right. Next one is from Anna Jones. She says go to the weight loss clinic to do 30 minutes of cardio daily. Now just to like, I want to break this into two parts.

So Unsane go to the weight loss clinic is just respectful. They don’t have to say weight loss clinic. Let’s Step outside and go for a walk to, but then that’s not what they’re trying to say. They’re saying go to the weight loss clinic. So we know that you went, I can lose weight and do 30 minutes of cardio. Exactly, exactly.

Yeah. There’s a better way of saying it, which I would have said, oh, just try going on an actress, try going on a 15 to 20 minute walk every other day or every day. And try to throw in some 30 minutes of cardio when you get the chance, like that’s a better way to say something to the person you’re talking to understands the point to reason doesn’t feel accused.

Yeah. It doesn’t feel accused like, oh, you’re not trying hard enough. The whole point is if you’re going on active walks, it’s a great way to boost your metabolism. It’s a great way to feel better. Improve insulin resistance. Same with cardio. Yeah. So that’s a better way of, I think giving that information out, the attitude,

the disrespect it’s yeah. It’s just disrespectful. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And the next one is from show queen. She says, try hot milk and pepper for cramps. Or I’ve never heard that one random things like this. I’ve never heard that one Hot milk. I mean honestly like if we, if you’re okay, you need to be careful who you get your advice from because you know,

if somebody who has reversed PTUs they wouldn’t tell you Drink hot, hot Nokia and pepper, which sounds awful impact your insulin resistance. I don’t know what Pepper’s going to do, but we all know what we talked about milk so many times how it can impact insulin resistance causes inflammation. There’s even research studies showing it can cause cystic acne. In fact, there’s even a research study showing the correlation of milk consumption.

And PCLs a study down 400 women with PCOS and milk consumption and they found a direct correlation. So I rest my case. Rest my case, your honor, Wala. She says surgery will fix the problem. Yeah. I hear these stories of sisters who like the first thing they’re told is to just like take out all their ovaries and like they’re not given a chance to do something that might reduce the cysts or Yeah.

And some people are even told that will cure S when that is not true, because ovarian cyst is just one of the symptoms of PSUs. It’s not the main, like, of course it is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. But to be diagnosed with peace S you need two out of three symptoms, ovarian cysts, irregular periods, and hyperandrogenism. So if you,

you can still have irregular periods and hyperandrogenism and have pieced S you don’t have to only have ovarian cysts. So it’s really important to know What do people get off doing things like this. They get away with it. Yeah. I completely agree. Honestly. And then the wallet also sent another response saying another statement that she’s received is donate beef and shrimp because they have hormones and cholesterol.

Well, there, that one is so a lot of like, like beef, you know, from cows and stuff, they can have hormones as a result of all the, you know, what is that called? Like livestock feeding. And like, they, you know, they pump cows, inject them with hormones To make more milk and constantly Make milk.

Yeah. And they give them like steroids so that they have more meat so that they get more from each cow. So there are hormones in beef, but it doesn’t mean you have to completely cut up beef. I think it’s the important thing is to get your beef from grass fed and also like pasture rates, like pasture raised a really important one because they don’t use as much from what I know,

they don’t use as much like hormones and things like that. So you want to go for like pasture raised cows when you’re buying beef, just be careful what you’re choosing. Don’t just avoid It. That’s like, are we just going to avoid everything that can potentially harm peace to us? Where are we going to navigate it so that we can live a pretty balanced lifestyle and be happy with the changes that we’re making that can last,

you know, lifelong instead of being so restrictive, I would just recommend if we’re going to buy a beach, just buy it from better quality. And I guess, same thing with shrimp. I mean, I’m not really up to date on what’s going on with trim, but they are bottom dwellers. So they do, you know, maybe have, well,

that’s what they are. Aren’t they like, like, like lobsters and stuff. They cleaned the bottom of the ocean. So I don’t know, like, I don’t eat shrimp that much. Do you eat lot of shrimp eating here in Derby, but yeah. All right. Next. So next one is from, oh, why don’t you read a bit Daisy Ram.

Oh, sorry. How dare you skip Shantelle Savage. P C O S because your quote unquote fat. Oh my Lord. What a horrible word and what a horrible thing to say to somebody. Yeah. That’s exactly what we heard today on the live who Sits there and the words come out of their mouth. You say that to someone’s face and you think it’s okay.

Like, how do you lay head to pillow that night with a clear conscience after hurting someone’s feelings so badly? Yeah. If you take away one thing from this podcast, or from PCO is awareness month. And I want everyone to yell this out into the world. Weight gain doesn’t cause peace, yours, peace, U S causes waking period. That’s it.

And the story end of the book. End of the chapter. I want to hear another thing about this. That’s the Last installment of the Harry Potter series. That’s it. All right. Oh Lord. What’s next. The next one is from a couple lifts. Next one is Daisy Ram. Don’t start meth. Don’t stop Metformin. Even if you feel sick,

you’re feeling sick because you eat too many carbs. Oh my gosh. I could just fall out of my chair. Don’t just doctors look at the research study. No, I guess not. I mean, I think with Metformin, if you eat a lot of carbs, it’s like hard for your body to digest it because of the Metformin, something along those lines.

But if you feel sick on Metformin, I mean, is that the only thing that’s going to help with blood sugar regulation? I mean, come on there’s research studies show Talking about the symptom or talking about the side effects of Metformin. So it doesn’t mean just because someone has had side effects, but they’re eating too many carbs or eating too much. Why don’t we look at the studies and that they talk about all these side effects And in our subtle there’s a study on an NASTAR talk,

comparing it to Metformin, showing that it is just as effective, but Metformin is five times the side effects. All right. So why don’t we just do a little research and I’m talking to the doctor who told you this, or maybe you can print some, the research study out. If you Google it, you’ll find it immediately. Just print it out,

take it to your doctor and be like, listen, I’m thinking of taking it off the doll, right? My stomach hurts. I’m miserable. I don’t need to suffer. We need to figure this out. Yeah. See what they say. And then you can purchase ambassador, which isn’t an Asana supplement that we love. And I always jump up and down,

scream and yell about it because it’s so helpful because I’ve seen so many testimonials from sisters who have taken it and gotten their periods back, you know, didn’t feel ill while they were healing, their insulin resistance, improve their insulin sensitivity, improve their testosterone levels as a result of the insulin sensitivity, getting better. And it’s just, Ugh, I post the testimonials,

but we have like a whole album with thousands of them from sisters who’ve taken over acetone. Yeah. The next one. And again, we’re reading the most we’re reading. What’s the most incorrect well-meaning advice you’ve received. You’ve received about PCs. So we’re reading. Those are your responses. And the next response is from Nishad who says, just wash your skin properly and delegate rid of the acne.

Oh, well I knew we, everything of that. Why didn’t we think of that? All the people that millions of people, not just with pizzerias, but millions of people who suffer from acne. Why don’t we just watch her? That’s all that has to be done. Like what a ridiculous thing that this sister was told. Oh, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. You were told that in the shot. And it’s, there’s so much more than, Especially with skin and cystic acne. My gosh, it’s more inflammatory. It’s more about what you’re eating and gluten and dairy. My God, every time I have just a little bit like the acne. Cause I’m acne prone. It just flares up. Yeah.

I mean, it’s crazy. It has nothing to do with any of the PR. I have tried every product. Let me tell you, I’ve wasted a lot of money on skincare and realized that you know what? It’s not that complicated. It’s really what I’m eating. Yeah. All right. Why don’t you read the next one, babe? All right.

Echo says, take birth control to get your period back on track. We just answered this in a live today. How birth control is giving you a fake period because it completely bypasses and numbs and turns off your entire hormonal system and takes over completely. And your hormonal system is this beautiful dance of hormones that happens throughout a SP a period of about 28 days where your estrogen’s up and then it’s down and then your progesterone’s up.

And then it’s down. And you know, there’s specific reasons why you need these things to happen, not just for your period to come on time, but for your bone health, your brain health, your psychology, your mood, your bloating, your skin, all of these are impacted by this hormonal beautiful rhythm that happens within those 28 days. When you take birth control,

it just turns it all off. Let’s just turn off the music and put synthetic hormones and just have the same hormonal rhythm. And then we withdraw. We stopped taking it for four or five days. And then that’s where our period comes. And Then we’ll start taking it again. Exactly. Yeah. Those are the four placebo pills you see on like a birth control panel thing.

Then those are what causes the bleeder saying. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. And the dangerous thing is like a lot of women with PSUs. When they’re, let’s say they’re 18 or 20, whatever. And that’s when they’re having their, you know, trouble with their periods, they go to the doctor and the doctor tells them, oh, here’s a birth control.

It’ll help with your acne. It’ll help with your weight gain. It’ll help with et cetera. But what they don’t tell you is you take the pill. Maybe you take it for five, 10 years while you’re taking it. All those symptoms are still there, but there, you just can’t tell because they’re being hidden. This birth control pill. Once you get off,

all those symptoms can be even worse than they were five, 10 years ago because they’ve snowballed. Yeah. And it’s not your fault sister for anyone taking birth control. It’s just, they don’t properly educate you about this. So, and I don’t want to scare anyone who’s taking birth control. We just want you to be aware. So you had the information.

So when you do plan on getting off, you have an exit plan. Cause that’s our number one recommendation for birth control is if you do plan on ever getting off, you want to have an exit plan. So you have some steps to take and you don’t just get off and like get whirlwind. Well, the second you take it or a spironolactone or Metformin,

you should start thinking of what the exit plan is going to be. If it’s, if it’s helping you not suffer like spironolactone, it can clear your skin. It can help stop the hair loss. Sure. Like I’m not telling you don’t take it or take it or whatever you make the decision. It can really help with managing the symptoms in that moment.

But if you decide to take it, think of the exit plan, what are we going to do about the reason why you have high testosterone? That’s triggering the hair loss or the facial hair or the acne? What, how can we fix that? What supplements do we need to take? What foods do we need to eat? What blood sugar regulation do we need to do?

Yep. Next one is very similar to what we received earlier. This one from TB viewpoint, removing the SIS automatically cures. You know, we covered that. It’s not a cure and it’s just unfortunate that they don’t fully explain. You know what that involves. I mean, the cysts happen because of a combination of inflammation and insulin issues. Yeah. And you can change the picture of your ovaries over a period of three months.

Like if you reduce inflammation, if you reduce insulin levels and you get that under control in three months, you can go get an ultrasound and you can have gnosis and it’s possible, but they don’t tell you this. I don’t know why, but you can do this. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. And a lot of patients have, so I have pictures of people’s actual ultrasound.

You have proof of yours too. It delivers so many pictures and photos of testimonials of people with their ultrasounds. So yeah. All right. The next one is tiny. Is your laptop. Okay? Yeah. Time’s laptop just turned off on her so she can’t read anymore. Okay. See rec take it away. Battery is out of battery. You know,

before this podcast started, I asked you, do you need your charger? And you said, no, I, you pushed me away. Battery Oupa Sanuk says get married and have children as soon as possible. Worst Piece of advice, just rush people into life decision. You’re rushing them into like something major like, and your whole life. I mean,

it’s great. If you want to have kids and you should have killed whenever you want to. But if you don’t, if you let’s say you have a plan, not having one for five, 10 years, and someone tells you just have it, you’re going to marry Some random person off the street and have kids immediately because your doctor said, hurry up,

Get out of here. Makes me sick. Didn’t generis. Want around them off the street. Yeah. I just swiped right on Tinder. Married. The first person I met you. That’s what you do. So, all right. We have two more left. Amanda. She says going gluten free just means cutting out carbs. Shake my head. She says,

Yeah. Some people think that gluten-free works because they think that they just cut out all their carbs by going gluten free. And they can, yeah. You’re just swapping carbs, eating potato instead of non gluten-free pasta. Yeah. In fact, it has nothing to do with carbs at all. Nothing to do with them more about actually finding a sustainable approach to a diet and lifestyle is you don’t want to just cut your carbs out.

You want to cut calories. But when you’re removing gluten dairy, you’re getting down to the inflammation. You’re getting down to the insulin resistance. Two of the main factors are piece us. And you don’t feel restricted because you’re still having your, your number of carbs, whatever your carp tolerances and enjoying life. Yeah. All right. Last one is from Brittany Jackson.

She says, doctor emailed me to lose weight and it would help. I was literally 108 pounds and already lean. Wow. Wow. I know. I mean, they can really trigger eating disorders with PCLs just with the language and the, just like being so incredibly disrespectful and inconsiderate of your entire picture of your health. It just triggers eating disorders. Yeah.

You’re 108 pounds. Like why are you saying that to this patient? Exactly. I don’t know. It makes me pick my cortisol. Somebody give me some CBD. Yeah. And sending an email. Like what was the subject line went back when the doctor sends me. Yeah. Like it’s so mean. Like, did they even like treat this person?

Do they look at her blood work? Did they look at her underlying? Do they try to understand her PCO is type, you know, there’s so many layers and layers. Do they know that this is like a metabolic condition? Yeah. Some people don’t gain weight. Some people lose weight with PCOS because it’s metabolic. Yeah. My neck so Upset.

All right. So that’s actually all the responses that we got from your scissors. Again, these are all the most incorrect well-meaning advice that you’ve received about PCs and we covered them all and told you how we feel about it now. We’re not done just yet. Again, it is PCO. So we’re in a sponsor. We’re going to keep the ball rolling.

We got a little bit left and let’s go, let’s go ahead and answer a voicemail from our hotline. If you’re new to this podcast, we have a hotline at 1 8, 3 3, ask PCO S 1 8 3 3, ask P C O S. You can leave a voicemail. You can leave a text and we answer them. We play them on this podcast. It’s also toll free.

So you can call any time. So let’s play, today’s hit it. Hi, I’m a newly diagnosed person with PCLs. I was wondering for the gluten and dairy, does it have to be 100% or can you just cut it out? You know, 90% of the time and still have times to indulge or will sporadic indulgences kind of defeat the entire purpose.

Thank you. Great question. Yeah, It just depends on the person. Like I sporadically indulgent, dairy, but then I break out, you know, so you have to know how much your body can tolerate. Sometimes I hear from sisters who say that they’ve done it like 80% and they’ve seen great results and they’re happy with it. They’ve lost weight.

They feel better. And if that works for you, then do 80%, you know, everyone’s different. Yeah. I think one thing we would suggest is maybe cutting out for 30 days, like you said earlier to be consistent for 30 days. Yeah. So, you know what level is okay for you? Cause you can introduce it back slowly and then,

you know, okay, this was too much versus okay. And this was not good. So you can gauge it that way. So yeah, like Tyne said, some people do 80, some do 90, I think Tallinn does like 99.9. And then once in a while when we’re out or something like you have a bite of this or that, I key lime pie Neighbor’s house and they have this delicious key lime pie from Suzy cakes.

And I don’t know it’s here in Newport beach, but I don’t know. And it’s so good. And oh my gosh, it was key lime pie. So I was like, okay, maybe I can just have like some of the filling, you know? So I just went full I’m. Okay. So far nothing’s happened. We’ll see tomorrow. I always notice because you,

like, you get a little bit of acne under your jawline and then I’ll be like, Ooh, someone, someone had torn a little bit dairy, but then it goes away after a day. You only have like you’re there. So yeah. But everyone’s different. Yeah, absolutely. All right. So let’s go to the last part or wins of the week.

Now I just wanna do a little bit of a reminder. It is PCO awareness month and we’re doing a very, very special bonus. And we’ve partnered with Ellevest hall to do this. So anyone who buys or basketball in the month of September, you will receive two weeks free supply. It will versatile and a two-week trial in the sisterhood. All you have to do is use our PRC code 2 9 2 6 0.

When you order a basketball again, you’ll get your three months supply. But as a special bonus, a two week free supply, plus two weeks free in a sisterhood. That’s right. All right. So the first one is from Anne Giza, Yusuf, Zelle Muhammad. She says, I have a few amazing things to share in one task. One,

I have lost 10 pounds and I’m feeling so much more informed since joining the sisterhood to this past week on day 30 of my cycle, I felt cramps and had back pain. I saw someone shared that’s what they feel when they are operating. And so I decided to check and I was, I haven’t ovulated in six months. So I was so excited.

That’s awesome. That’s amazing. Congrats. You leading. I mean, that’s a sign that you’re doing all the right things because with PCLs not ovulating is really something that drives symptoms. Yeah. All right. It can be so frustrating too, because for six months, you know, imagine the stress that builds up and it’s such a great relief to hear that she’s oscillating,

I’m feeling better. She’s excited. That’s Awesome. Next. All right. Do you want to read this one too? Shit. Yeah. So I read a lot of the responses, but now Titan has a piece of paper to read them. She Can read K bird, body. She’s also in the sisterhood and she posted a beautiful picture of her meal.

She says, this is a delicious Turkey chili. Thanks Tallinn for the brilliant recipe. I have only ever made chili with beef before. And this was really light and flavorsome day three of monitoring my carbs and feeling so much better. Blood sugar feels balanced no more exhaustion after dinner or hunger, headaches at all. That’s awesome. Great job. So I’m happy for you.

And this looks like a delicious meal. Doesn’t look like you’re depriving anything. It looks like something you would make for me, you know? Yeah. B or is it the chili with the avocado on top? Is that like parsley or what is that? Is that a salad? I think I haven’t made this dish in a while. Maybe I’ll make it next week.

Yeah. And by late a heads up for all the sisters and the sisterhood, we are going to be dropping some new fun recipes in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be really, really nice. And we also put vegetarian and vegan recipes for all our vegetarian vegan scissors so that you have support. You have the recipes that you need. So fun stuff is possible.

We have lots of good resources coming your way, sisters. Yeah. Yeah. And we even have a weekly goal plan. So every week we released this a seven day a plan and each day is one goal that you can basically check off. Yes. A small attainable goal to help you move towards reversing PCOS, lifestyle changes. You can’t just start them tomorrow and be perfect at them.

So we break it down for you in this amazing seven day checklist with lots of attainable goals, just one per day. Yeah. And these goals can be something like maybe going on a 20 minute walk or doing one of the workouts and the sisterhood, or just trying out one of the recipes for lunch. Yeah. Very, you know, one goal we want to set you up for,

for success. And we feel the best way is to just take a one day that’s Right. Take it one step at a time sisters. Yes. All right. This was really fun. Episode. Really enjoyed this one, babe. And again, we want to just say happy piece us awareness month to all the sisters, we’re here for you to support you all the way.

And if you ever, if you ever have any questions, feel free to DMS on Instagram. You guys know peace, you start weight loss. And of course we have a private Facebook community. If you ever have any questions there, me and Tanya are always in there in the sisterhood answering your questions. So until then we will see you soon and have a great Week.

Talk to you soon, sisters. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCOS lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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