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Welcome to the first episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, a podcast where we manage the PCOS lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. In the first episode, we, your hosts, discuss our first date, how Tallene introduced PCOS to Sirak, and how it has impacted our marriage since. We’re also giving real advice to cysters who submitted their questions on how to manage PCOS in their relationships. Tune in for more! Follow us on IG @PCOS.Weightloss @acysterandhermister. Watch each episode on YouTube!

Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m celiac husband, engineer, MPC, U S personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

All right. Our microphones are set. God knows it takes me about 10 minutes to set mine up. What’s up sisters? What up sisters? We’re here on the first episode of a sister and her mr. Seadog. This is Tallinn. Most of you know, Tallinn from her Instagram piece, U S weight loss. She’s helped countless of your sisters and many others out there.

Um, her lucky, fortunate husbands see here with you Tallinn, why don’t you give a little introduction to our sisters and tell them about ourselves. Hi everyone. I’m sure you’ve seen us on Instagram story. My husband teaching me how to work out and do all these cool things and our dinners and everything. Uh, my name is Tallinn. I’m a registered dietician and you can find me on Instagram and we decided to start this podcast because we wanted it to be an extension of Instagram.

That’s right. Yeah. We get a lot of great comments from you guys. Great DMS, the Italians account about you guys love the content that she puts out there and especially the content about us and our life. So what we really wanted to do was create a podcast that showcases our day to day lives with, you know, just what we do,

but also with talions piece us and how we’re able to manage it from a day to day basis with no real issues. You know, I know many of you have told me in my DMS and everything that you find it hard to apply the PCs lifestyle. When you have a spouse or a family to feed and eating gluten and dairy free is kind of difficult to get other people on board.

And, you know, sometimes we just want a supportive community out there. So that’s what I’m trying to bring to you to help you figure out ways to apply it to your lifestyle while living with other people. And so I feel like we do a pretty good job of that, cause he was so supportive since day one. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I would say I’m supportive,

but you know, that’s because Titan has always made it easy for me to understand what PCO is is right. So yeah, we’ll be here to talk about our day to day lives. We’re going to give you guys a quick introduction today about me and Tali and how we met, you know, our little, all our little quirks about each other and you know what we do,

what we do. You guys can get to know us before we start on our next few steps. That’s right. So to give you guys a quick introduction about us, uh, Ty and I met on Tinder that’s right. Tinder is a magic land where it happens. So yeah, it was about a three, four year, three and a half,

four years ago at time. And I met on Tinder. We swiped right. As they would say There, I was sitting on my couch in downtown LA swiping on Tinder when I came across your cute face. That’s true. And you know, we, we had a date about a week later in sunset calc in sunset, uh, Hollywood, California,

and To dinner, like a dinner date, It was called church and key no longer open, unfortunately, but the memories are still in my head. Yeah. I used to, I used to go on like drink dates with guys. Cause I was scared to go on actual dinner dates. Cause there’s just too much. Like now I have to tell them you’re gluten and dairy free.

And like, what if they’re weird about it? What if they’re just weird in general, you don’t want to spend a whole dinner with them, but with you, I just like jumped into it full force. Like I’m so shy. I can’t believe I did that. I know you Tallinn wanted to talk to me on the phone before we went out on her first date and I was like,

yeah, that’s not going to happen. Let’s just first go on first. Like who is this guy? You should know a man, especially. Okay. Right now. Just so you guys know I’m 29 years old, times 28 when we met, we were 25, 26, no person or no guy wants to talk on the phone to someone they don’t know yet.

I hadn’t met yet. Talking on the phone is valuable time for a guy that is like gold for someone in the 1940s who was like, you know, trying to make it out in the West, you know, four, four. So for me, I was like, yeah, I’m not going to talk on the phone. You really sound like a great girl via text for me.

Exactly. I can wait to now, uh, go on the first date with you. Then on the first day there I was sitting in front of the restaurant waiting for you. And I remember sitting there being like, what am I doing with my life? I’m on a blind date. I don’t know who this guy is, what I’m sitting outside.

Everyone can see me. And then you walked up to me. Yeah. I kinda like jogged up the stairs. And like, I was like, what’s up? You were so sweet at first, but you were just really quiet. Yeah. I actually had prior to this, about a week later due to being sick and going on an airplane, I had some sort of ear problems where I couldn’t hear well because of this.

I was super quiet. I had to yell like the whole day was quiet, which is completely the opposite. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like exactly. If you guys know me, do people that know me, I’m actually very loud and I’m kind of like kind of get like the center of the attention in the room sometimes. So it’s not like I kind of like duped her there,

but it was by accident to me anyways, we had the first day and it went great. Not to mention, we talked about tie-ins piece us, not by like, not that it came up just out of nowhere. We were about to order the appetizers and the drinks and telling just kind of hinted that, Oh, she can’t have gluten. And I was like,

and I write right away. I asked all my why because I was, I was health conscious at the time I had been for a while and I said, Oh, I don’t, I’m actually trying to avoid gluten as well because of the inflammation and causes, you know? And she was like, Oh, I definitely got an interest. I got her interest right there.

It’s like, I did research on her or something, even though I had no idea Hooked me right there, he was super supportive. And then she explained to me why, and about how peace she was, um, effects, you know, a lot of women in America and in the world. And she told me how, you know, the,

the symptoms and the causes it can have with, you know, many aspects of a woman’s life, you know, right away. I had to like step back a moment and be like, wow, like, so you really can’t even, uh, eat normal or think about the stuff that everybody does. So yeah. I had like a different approach and I think that the way I presented it to you was so confident,

you know, because I had been dealing with it for long enough to feel like confident about how I managing it. I feel good. I found what’s working for me. So when I said it to you, it wasn’t really a problem. And so you kind of took it as like, Oh, you know, she has this thing and she’s handling and that’s it.

And we, we moved on from it. We ordered gluten and dairy free and it was fine. Tomlin’s first drink that I ever got for her. I mean, this is important. Cause guys, you know, get guys, get girls drinks, you know, it’s a thing, guys. Some guys are prideful. I take pride in getting a bill,

the right drink today. Me and time went out to dinner actually. And I went through the wine list and I got her a white wine. That was, you know, all these piece, us friendly, But on our first date, Because she told me she, she can’t have gluten. I had a conversation with the bartender and because I knew this bar or this restaurant,

they had the special gold pineapple cup. You know, the ones that every girl loves right now, the huge ones are gold. Whatever. I still have it. I mean, you bought me one, But anyways, I, I asked the bartender, I’m like, can you please make a gluten free drink? I had to explain to him what that meant.

I know that Tito’s is gluten free. Cause they made from potatoes. Yes. So he made it, she was like, Oh, what’s happening? What’s what’s what’s on there. And I didn’t tell her. I was like, well you just wait. And the guy brought it. And I was like, here you go. She, she loved it.

You know? I think I had her in the bag. It was so cute. It was really cute. Very thoughtful gentlemen. Like it was perfect. Yeah. That was a great time. We, we like, we like ate up the food. We afterwards went out to a bar, you know, just talk most of the night, you know,

it was a really, it was a really, uh, get to know each other kind of night. It wasn’t like we went out, Oh, you wanted to marry me after that night. I knew you were special. For sure. It’s hard to say like, Oh, I like the whole cliche story of like I knew she was the one I had from the first time I laid eyes on her.

You know, like, obviously you caught my attention from the first moment. You were very different than most girls. I knew that, but like I knew after that night. Okay. There’s definitely There’s something going on. Yeah. There’s something in this soup then I’m gonna take a sip of Yeah, definitely. But I’m just lucky that I was able to be in that place in my life where I was confident with PCs when I met you,

because that set the tone for everything else. It’s hard when you’re going gluten and dairy free while you’re already in the relationship, because the guy’s like, what are you talking about? What’s going on? You’re still learning. Can’t explain it to them. The, hopefully you can, you ladies can share this podcast with your spouses or partners so that they can start understanding PCs and the lifestyle.

The tough thing is not only getting someone to understand and support you, but also you have to explain to them in the correct way, you can’t just be like, Hey, I can have this or that. And F and M and expect them to just be like, okay, I understand. And I’m going to try to help you. You know,

like you have to kind of, um, not force them into a corner and also let them eat what they want to eat. And then let them kind of come around your way. Like Tali never tried to force me to eat a certain way. Even now that we’re married, you know? Uh, so you guys know we got married about six months ago.

We’ve been since in June or late may and it’s been great. Uh, since we got married, I really haven’t felt much difference in my diet day to day, day to day, eating Tallinn does do gluten free most of the time. But you know, doesn’t make a difference to me because I don’t eat that much bread. I love to have You still get your,

I get him regular bread. Yeah, I get, we get, we go to the farmer’s market and we have, we get this special sourdough bread that the guy there makes himself amazing. And you like cheddar cheese. So I get slices of cheddar. Yeah. That’s where like sandwiches, you know, I like to have, I like to have a Turkey club sandwich or something along those lines.

It goes perfect. But besides those kinds of things, I don’t suffer. Yeah. Not at all. I, and I feel like when I make something that could have cheese in it, you can still add it on. After I make it like a soup, a chowder, I mean, whatever. Like the other day made a Mexican style soup and you put cheese on top Cheese is cheese.

I’m not dying for cheese all the time, cheese, a place. And if I see cheese one more time in the sentence, I will not eat cheesy. Then pasta for that, I bought high protein. She said, listen, there are a lot of gluten free pastas out there. And a lot of them are awful. I don’t care what anyone says.

They fall apart. Reheat. I made NeoCon. Oh, is that what it’s called? New Yorkie. Capello’s right. That’s the brand. It’s from whole foods. It was delicious. So good. I knew things together. He’s open to it. Right. You’re open to things. So, and I’ve shared my favorite, um, uh, gluten free pasta.

It’s the shell ones made from chickpeas in the shape of the shell and it’s called bonzer I believe. And it’s delicious. It is the only one that I recommend. But anyways, so back to the point, getting people on board and sometimes, you know, with family and stuff, they, yeah, like you said, they don’t understand you. You either explain it and they still don’t understand.

And then you have to take the initiative to cook for yourself and do what you need to do for your own body. And that’s it. You kind of have to think, you know, you gotta make it right for yourself. Obviously you want people to support you, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you and you gotta take it in your hands to kind of prepare the food you want.

And people will eventually come around and understand, like, that’s just that that’s just, you know how it is. Exactly. Yeah. But you know, man tying still being married, like we said, the gluten and dairy free life or the peace just life as well. It doesn’t affect our lives too much. We went to dinner today. You know,

we had a pretty good dinner. We had some brussel sprouts for appetizer, had some, you know, Callie flour. Steven brought out like a complimentary, um, little dish for us in the beginning. And when I said I was gluten-free, he put, you know, it was like this not crumble thing on the lettuce wrap that he put for me Actually on time story,

maybe you guys caught her or not. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know who the real fans are just, so that explains how we are, you know, and we know in the future, in the part, in the podcast episode, future episodes, we’ll talk to you guys about how we are with day to day and what we do.

But besides that, we’re going to have a lot more other topics. We’re going to talk about research and articles about peace U S woman and how it relates to women’s health currently. And, um, how it relates to you. Girls also we’ll talk about different topics like in the upcoming episodes. We’ll talk about cravings, Exactly going gluten and dairy free,

how to go grocery shopping and save money and budget and how to cook from home. If you want to start meal prepping, um, lots of great topics to help you guys really adapt to the gluten and dairy free lifestyle and manage PCLs in a very doable way. Yeah. And we’re also going to take some DM questions, uh, from Instagram, you know,

we’re going to take some poll questions. We’ll ask you For our Instagram story. Larry’s responses a couple of times when it’s time that some poll questions and asked you girls, Hey, what do you guys do when you have, you know, some really bad cravings? You know, we got some answers, like some people, like I take out the Bible and read of first hilarious,

you know, we totally get you get what you guys are saying. Sometimes I have peaches. I’m going to say that a hundred times in this podcast, but I don’t have peace juice, but I get cravings for certain things like cheese and, you know, bread and whatever. What have you. So I totally get it. So it was funny when we did some questions earlier in Instagram.

So we’ll do some of that. And you know, we’ll even highlight some sisters who are doing great in the, in the sisterhood and Instagram who are falling taller and you know, it’s gonna be really fun this podcast. So the advice and help you on your way to be, to send me a testimonial that I can read on this podcast as well,

eventually. Yeah. Yeah. So before we go, what are we doing this weekend Weekend? Um, on Saturday, I’m going to take a cooking class with my friend. We’re going to learn how to cook a Thanksgiving meal that at laptop, well, they have cooking classes. It’s not completely gluten and dairy free, but it pretty much is most,

you know, most of the cooking classes. So this is like a fall theme kind of dinner. Is this going to have this involving Turkey and other, other poultry dishes? Yeah. There’s a Turkey dish, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, like from scratch, mashed potatoes, all of the good stuff. I want to be able to make it really good.

Cause we are hosting Thanksgiving. By the time you ladies are listening to this podcast, you will have seen on Instagram story, my beautiful things to me, You’re going to see what we did. It’s our first year living together. And it’s our first year hosting Thanksgiving. We’re going forward. We have big aspirations. That’s right. We have big aspirations.

As you guys, five days apart, people are like, what are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Really? We’re just so good at hosting. We have a great history, Honestly. And we’ll be talking about in the future episodes, how we host. Tom’s a great cook besides being a piece, us guru. She’s a great cook.

I’m a great griller. I have a smoker. We just know how to get it to you. And I’m also a hard worker. I can move things, big objects around for telling you she needs. So we’re just great team when it comes to hosting. Yeah. I mean, somehow we managed to make our guests eat gluten and dairy free meals.

Without noticing Many times they people come to our house and they eat a GF and a DF cluneal we’ll call it. But that’s great. I’m very happy. You’re practicing. You’re kind of training for doing good. Um, and then yeah, at night we’ll visit my parents and then Sunday we’ll be doing some recording of some workouts and some other things related to a course that will be coming out.

Maybe in the near future. Even you guys may have may or may not have heard about it. I don’t know You a LA like a rundown about the course episodes, but ladies. Yeah. Oh, and not to mention Sunday it’s football time. Oh God. But yeah, that’ll be fun. You can hear him like screaming about football on the background of my stories.

I’m trying to cook something on a Sunday afternoon and there’s one thing behind the scenes, like tearing up the room. I look forward to this one thing in the fall. I can’t go outside and play sports because of the weather. Let me just enjoy this. Enjoy watching sports a little bit. So yeah, that’s our plans for the weekend. Sounds fun,

but will be us guys. And I think that that about wraps up episode one of a sister and her Mister. This is just the first one. We’re going to have so many fun episodes coming to you once a week and you guys are gonna love it. We can’t wait to show you guys more. Thank you so much for listening. Stay tuned for our upcoming.

That’s right. Please remember to subscribe. Leave a comment. Subscribe on YouTube iTunes, podcasts, wherever you are. And we’ll talk to you guys on the next episode. Take care. Take care. Bye bye. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of S from Sage one called and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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